02-12 NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock with Howard and Jeremy

Howard and Jeremy
Monday, February 12th

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Works well on one work for me I think decree on this seekers. They are seeking. Some sort of they're speaking more it just. They're seeking how to be a better person. Wait for a husband. Father like I just think that she can get them stopped and they're reliable and on words. When you're around the best one. They're a great listeners they're asking more questions all of that while it was filed by the way it can and expand. In India rajat rose. I would easily decide their vote. As speak. As yogi Roth from the pac twelve network and us. Elite eleven quarterback coach former USC player. He has coached in not just watch but coach full sand Arnold and Josh Rosen at the elite eleven quarterback camp spoke to him. Friday of last week if you missed that on demand great conversation with yogi could on the c'mon before it went surfing. Spencer's three studies that. When he or text -- all right I'll answer I'll get up early and go serve that's my plan. On our AT&T hotline. Helping is gone surfing alive I'm not honestly sure we're Mike lives but maybe is going surfing Mike Barack NFL network. Joining us right now Mike it's Howard in Germany will you be going surfing after this interview. Probably not this month to report back on the war in the draft we. Little busy thanks I feel like you're. Like you spend pretty much every moment of every working hour for you in your home office where your tape machines are breaking down film all the time. That's kind of inappropriate. Comment at this time a year and and really what happens like art in around July. Would be upcoming senior class. And it kind of book holy encompassing job in. Ironically probably my job security because all the Tony Romo will the world become now in position where. Not one trying to draft they always looked at the boot from where the bailout money. You I don't think you'll be surprised that being on a talk show on buffalo we're gonna talk you about quarterbacks a lot. First it isn't hardy Mike as you look at the group of quarterbacks as a whole. What do you think of this year's class. I would called entry. We learned in that they'll let them all accountable over underclassmen. But there's an awful lot of talent in this class I'll open to depth in the class that we don't usually see. Meetings and back like a loop ball or like white. The guys who don't have the same clothes as the first round guys but Michael the second third fourth around their current interest in ball. A wanna get some of those guys but first wanna start with the main guys as you again look at the the top guys in the draft. The most pro ready guy right now Mike and again this is. Through early through the draft process that hasn't been the com buying you're still doing all your film work but at this point who do you feel is the most pro ready of the quarterbacks. Well let me put it what. Josh Rosen from UCLA. Is the most pure pro war that I've seen in awhile that doesn't mean he's about quarterback. But as far as. Talent as far as an ability to make every reward balance accuracy at all three levels he's outstanding in and it here. Playa like football mean he's your guy. Now and I don't mean that'd make it to him all the same people football beautifully I got up onto questions about whether or not he could survive and and o'clock. And that becomes an completely. Legitimate conversation as to okay. He's not as athletic as likely that he he was good tennis player to cutie looked athletic but he can't get attic crawl. He also on the very funny when you combine goes through you worry about or ability. In video of your order. 2016. With the shoulder and ended this year he has two concussions. So regardless of which quarterback you guys wanna talk about today they're gonna be some potential of the I don't want and there's going to be a couple concerns on the other. Is there OK let me flip it in the other direction is there a guy you look at that you say boy you know incredibly raw. But upside the ceiling is tremendous for this guy. Yeah I mean I think to keep from Wyoming jockey Alan he's kind of popped fall ill and if you give a brief capsule on him. He's coached by the same head coach. The coach of course it went at North Dakota State ironically. They're both six foot 5237. Down. They're all really good aptly matter back. But there's all by outdated Josh Allen is a better athletes who court who went with a bigger or. So physically I'm saying they eat better. Again just physically and talent. He's just as good or better the court went could've been the MVP of the NFL which you're you're who now court to let. CommVault in the beating of an interview like Peyton Manning Tom Brady. Matt Ryan to read you just go in court when it is immediately. And I don't know jock realities and he's he's much more law that went. Coming out of college but is upside as of. I thought it was instinct. You and and the rest of the guys and NFL network Mike watch in the Senior Bowl practices and the game on Saturday. But some of the throws that he would make now another throws the new guys and I'll point out he would miss some throws. And then there are others where he would just show off his arm strength. But but I'm curious he did not have a productive your stats wise at Wyoming you mentioned whence Wentz had a very productive college career. And some team's success to what are you worried about Allen not having great numbers at Wyoming this season. I'm not worried about is overall moment aboard about one number Nazis career at number which he's 56%. Now he only threw the ball 249. Times in his collegiate career vet hurry the world went. Almost every other quarterback in the draft that rolled it over how the car. So you're looking at a limited repertoire rose and at 56%. That's my biggest in the big question I have on the unified from. He still has its virtual. News OK I very rarely do college quarterback with poor accuracy numbers all the but. Fell. And increase the percentage used by five to 10% which is what it is gonna have to do to become a successful quarterback in the NFL. And airports apparently break him down as to why. It is now or 56%. In and port of audience. Each from his footwork is he I think he gets himself in trouble. It. Appropriate that horses feet underneath the beast so athletic he thinks he could make a lot. It really well at all or platform and the ball comes out wild. You want. To I think he's an app we built a little bit from the ground up. Like how much of this process is scouting not only the player but. A value waiting whether or not he had a good coach urban coaching stuff I think about Josh Allen I think about. You know you've got six different guys it could could go on the first round six different coaching staffs in one of the things I read a lot is that. When your college quarterback you don't necessarily always get the level of coaching that you probably need because. The college coach he needs to win games and send you along the NFL to pure raw and if you have bad footwork while. And that's your problem to figure out in the pros and is is that I think that talent value waiters will talk about in a meeting like K he's got bad footwork but. And his coach does know what he's doing her Scotia and invest a lot of time in an. In that regard. I don't think it's about in his case coaching beaten her credibility goes to saint coat. It Eckhart who went Greg doll. So from my perspective it's I think what happens from time especially I think it's less about the code to. And more about the type offenses their client however. Gotcha element to the Internet quote dial offered under her. I think it's more that he's so athletic and he want to look employees currently quality. That sometimes equal with the concrete platform where he thinks he invaded it. And in good vehicle to pick Gorman an opposite political. When I was in college the first two games I played by in Europe where Pittsburg in Stamford no two quarterback. Out in Marino and John Elway. And cut. They were stopped wanting Colin is cute dorms but. Like mull speak or quarterbacks they thought they could grow from cover your weak at the mall like ninth time in now. So artwork. We anticipate. Make rule book or guide goggle go to Indy he improved their footwork immensely when they got into foul ball. I think if I had talent he's got an awful lot of work to do. But. You know when you look at it outside its staggering. Might Mike Mayer Willis is joining us a medical that we're Mike at the bills don't or can't trade up there at 2122. We pocket well who's left if they want a quarterback and they can't move up we talking Lamar Jackson Mason Rudolph would one would both be there. And what do you think of those guys. I really hurt. This extensive bike I mean I I. I just say I person wouldn't give them a 140. Million dollar and its judges that America but got a couple people texting and tweeting about cousins. The thing about cousins as he has to choose due to an I'm not sure that the bills have a situation it. You know the Kirk cousins might wanna chip one of my wanna pick. Well I wrote that out there because I think it's an intriguing either you create more open. You've got three viking quarterback bit and ethically could be available you got him in an equal have a situation with Nicole. It even the CD MVP of this year to Cripple. Creek great play all keep it rolling. All the gory at all. I think for the first current year we've got a little bit of an intriguing regency quarterback Orkut at the port of this conversation. You guys are play lofty. You know keep what you bring up. And I and by the way out on the believer in your coat the EM. I think Brandon being shorter tied it and I think they know what they want. So when you are looking at some peace. Other quarterback. And we can go back the draft but. You know is they could make he'll go look it into their locker would be the first thing I would think about just watching the moves they made this year. Com. And I like bigamy built player I wanted to or by Dow equal to about six weeks ago when I was highly skeptical when it when you. And I came out to go well I got beat. More respectful to keep this skit got big arm he and place. The road not to run I was. Really competitive there's a lot alike about the equipment deal. But what you've got to kind of swallow whole package got to be aware of the other things to a cult that. You know we quit I spoke briefly about Josh Goldman earlier I don't and you know it it some legal all gone now. I'm around and did he get to a more attacks in a McEnroe. Or go polar opposites but both intriguing. And developed a lot more well Mark Jackson thing you're here well done Michael Beckwith the first overall pick in the draft yours ago I. That this kid has issues. As is just as they have with Aaron marker while running ability than Michael Vick is and he's armed he's just as quickly as does big Michael quick. And he's not very accurate when he makes a lot of stake in the past scene but he's the most electrifying running quarterback I've seen maybe in my life. He could make plays in the NFL don't block them late immediately. Now the show on the more polished role but. If you're gonna make plays that way and so the couple local home like they can convert rock band. In commit to this key concern could beat gore will be questions. But he's been great he's a playmaker got a put on a different cat when you look at him and witnesses who were gonna pay. And vendors may well. Who was a pocket quarterbacks he's got a good but not a great norm he's got Konerko content on. Which is more than an opinion so he's accurate at all when level might be the most accurate people quarterback of the graph. Not great escape ability. Again he's another local guys can an awful lot and has got up a with anticipation. Timing and accurate. My one of the thing I had my final thing would be beyond day one. You know I know Mike White has had a nice Senior Bowl. You got Kyle long putt I didn't have a chance see Luke flock although he was the was in practice during the week. Beyond day one if its date tour day three and the bills wanna address quarterback you got intriguing names. Yeah I knew I think you hit all three of them right there ever a thought Mike White folk who lives. You know the tape I watched before I got who's suitable only chance to watch too would be. I thought he was one of the college quarterbacks that we would anticipate could. And accuracy and Nikko Cooke went all in net cream bowl and typically aren't clear talk about the big warm gun went. The guys that don't happen big all of its ironic they're don't want that the word and eat at a well with the anticipation and dime. And vocal guy authority app that they can grow until the bleep hole with a sea of both of old guys I believe are purely interest I like they have a lot and then you mentioned blowout at. Who had a big senior all evening and Lola that it doesn't do anything that overwhelms what does it seem pretty well. I think he's probably going to be more but they re guys. Aren't. You know we just went for about nine quarterbacks. And about where typically in an NFL draft only while their quarterback drafted them that he Africa over the last five years. There's nine of the twelve right there when. Well as much time as we spent with quarterbacks like the bills are probably right they'll go and take two defensive players at 21 and 22 so. It could be a tackle that load those who they needed defensive tackle. So the right thing Mike thanks again I I appreciate you giving us some time and your swap this time a year which request so. Thank you for taking time off and talking this up here in buffalo and enjoy the whole process. They I would well right trap.