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Tuesday, February 13th

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Jabber B Donald Jones and are one buffalo studio on this. Tuesday in the offseason hip to be joined in studio by the defense of coordinator for the Buffalo Bills getting set for his second season as DC for the bills have a to have coach Leslie Frazier with his coach good afternoon picked up by. You're just back from a trip with several members of the coaching staff. To the buffalo city mission tells with that was about the. It expires must and and the coaches to go down and mechanic give back to our communities out. You know we would there servant who I'm going to lunch hour. And we'd give it up responsible is some guys were and kitchen. They were part of the group feels cooking the food and prepare and it. And in that we had another group that was outside serving of food on the floor now's particle conservative food so. Odyssey to smiles and have the conversations with the people were there it was it was really special time can you tell us who was in the group that actually. Well they accounted prepared to move force so it was more of artists put it at a late in the day ahead in the so. We have probably would veto a great idea to have some Marco is cricket Brad those meals at the city mission especially this time of year cold winter days. Is critical right products. No doubt mean what what they're doing that this emissions is fantastic meaning they're serving three meals a day to. Those little less fortunate some homeless. Some or an illness it's which would've been sheltered at the facility so. To provide duels measles and could be with two officer of the public in net passes oust then what was the menu. Well we had a little bit of a mixed they at some Turkey. That's corn at some potato head real nice dessert that I cannot. Wanted did that that must sell so. It was it was a good meal lower growth. You know it for me when I go back home or are you going to certain excess in inner cities. He sees certain things and you just feel for people right and and when you do something my would you guys do today kind of sometimes you get out of perspective of the bigger picture in life Frey and when you do something like what you guys do today kind of puts you back in that sense of man I'm truly blessed to be where I am coaching men and to do that influence the exact. Right not I know us assessed as and know our public causes it is widow of the U. You sometimes. If what we do for a living and you can get so caught up from what we do win and glamour of it and all the things that come along with it in. You know he is this kind of puts you back in touch her reality mean there are some people and now world literally struggling disorders that are allowed supply us to be muted. To go and give back in the serve. For a Baltimore's joy to me I mean it. You know La Paz the comments from the people that would they're happy to see us there bills plans but. You know it was reciprocal majority we felt as a servant in the Buena Park of today. No laws or special and you have to think. The Google family along with some McDermott articles for allow must have been of a coach to go now on this surface. It would of a busy time now with the draft and free agency coming up as well. Whose idea was that do this if coaches involved with the sins actually I think limb than the Boston team chaplain the person put together. Included Austin a lot of times it's our players and right now and community and he felt like this is an opportunity for the causes to serve and already did you think is more in the future or things like them lifers coaching group by the players are out there right I hope there is a mean it. Meaning you you you'd like to feel connected to the community and it's allowed us to do to do that and to get out in six of hands and and and and smile and serve so I hope it happens again speak to be connected to the community coach Aaron it is to be PO a couple of gifts nights ago you're just your way -- be fields you'd obviously you're digging into this Butler community re elect Alia this is a great place to be it western new York and you know as you know we get the best fans in the country so it's a great place to be in. An on night we just out enjoying ourselves just add some entertainment and it was a it was a good time. Was it effectively do you find that hard to do I mean. Every prep everybody knows efficiently or do you find it hard to get out into the community especially just on hang with the wife and have a normal night. You know it comes with the territory in the dollar as you know and you know the people doing good though when we're out in public even on that nightmare in about it recognize me they were really positive. And of course did that way we finished our season had a lot to do with that let's do it but it's been positive positive tell them public. With coach Leslie Frazier the bills that defense of coordinator. I want to ask you a couple of things including the Indianapolis Colts did you actually go offer an interview and that we can with them but did I was out on Saturday met with their general managers some odor of a top brass and it was a good experience and you know frank in the plugged in the position really kept him great guy great friend as well and of the critics' fears may but I'm looking forward to our 2018 season near buffalo when a lesson you interviewed for coaching position oh boy has been a while there's no it is little so it was good to. Get that experience and and and in the back through McGee in the degree. And so it was it was it was good luck. The does it changed since the last time you interviewed the do you see anything different in terms of what a team might be long before now. Vs what you do what they might have been for the past. Not so much in every situation is different I mean we're all familiar with the things that happened with Indianapolis prior to. This interview process so they were for sure you know looking for integrity and leadership and some little things and I think most teams are. But sometimes they're looking for something a little bit different but. Not a whole lot different what I don't put in the past there were situations just a little bit different views interviews as you said the camp came out of nowhere just days. They QBs it's sufficient time to prepare to feel like you had your docs and orders into the standard. As best as you could you know it's a sort Wendell to get prepared because it does admits in his nobody really saw a comment. But to do best you cannot separate time we're all probably won't assign Tom Tom all the luck timeline and you go put your best foot pool. Coach and it's going to be a situation like that it's often said you know others like legends about. Coaches who were hired to. Coming in with here's my coordinators Anders is due is it essentially or do you think maybe they're looking more to get a feel for how you might. Act as a head coach what year what year you know it's demeanor might be is it. What's accommodation they definitely wanna you know see how you gonna handle some things and in my case. Little bit different because you've not been on the silent before as a head coach so you have a have a field. But they really wanna see your staff they wanna see the guys who are really gonna. Insured through gonna have a chance to be successful that staff at the big deal as we all know cause as the head coach you know you're managing and tired it was hard to. Focus on just one segment of the football team you need to menace the entire team and if you don't put together a good staff you can get cooled in a lot of different directions and in that kind of takes away. You bill to be a good it coat how hard is it Ford island phrase right now. Who has the job. To go in there so late in the game went to a lot of coaches have the jobs. I think a lot of would have been known you know what Chris Ballard to general managers and the rest of organizations got a laws have done up to this point where free agency. Lawler would they don't address the biggest thing use. But frank is a similar Nicole to stand up and a lot of coaches that are on the market that would have world markets they their forwards ago weren't there in or near arm process was was happening. So that puts a little bit behind eight ball but just do with some good coats there well there as far as you coach it's got to be typical I would think that. To put when the call comes say what if your head coach. You can't just ignore that right and and and in your case how do you approach you've done it before yeah you've been successful coordinator obviously been probably for a long time. But is it the point where you can never say no no thank Hewitt that that is it and look at it that. Well done at this stage in my career in my life. There are some situations. Potentially signal to because it's. Some situations a better and others all 32 teams are not the same and a nose for the fantasy to National Football League in this case the net. Oh there's you know that the three of us as three is 32 different entities they have their own ways of doing things so. Some situations a veteran nose and at this point in my life in my career. I would have to be careful about it yes that is verses. You know and opposites which when you might signal. The two need to do your homework now. You. Maybe Europe six a seventy in the league. You might say yes to everything right but every job is not a good job there too good position to be comfortable position for you. I like the job that I have guessed was most important that I do a good about Graham and everything else will take your miso. With Leslie Frazier the bills' defense of coordinator. Let's talk about the job you have in the deep that you have you've. I assumed out with the season about a month behind has gone through your review of the 2017 season what did you think your defense what you like that you gave him won't elect emperor. Knew where excessive won't that a process and watching tape and evaluating our roster and you know we. There were a lot of things as we go through tape that are really like what we sold Tate and obviously some things that you want improve won't there always will be. And us the back to we would protect the football away as well as we do it. To hold the number teams that we yield on the seventeen points of the way we did throughout the season was impressed. That three game streak where we really gave up a lot of yards medals part period off part defense part team and fortunate for us our guys have enough grit to persevere through to appeared. Come out on the back in go to on the Kansas City come away would have great because of effort that kind of propelled us found six games of the season to get Plano works so. There were a lot of good things that happened and we had a ball and roll but the good news is our guest came out of it and it's been a strong. You know how is what's it like for you as a coordinator when everything is going. The way you want to go defense of the you've taken a ball away making tackles and then all of a sudden. You have a stretch of games were like we can't do anything or I'll only call here where what is going to do with them like these. Our man you talk both rested because there tends Zaman. When I called distant past this worked against to play it now now working there illegally discredited yet you yet figured out now. Force of plus we get it figured out our guys got back on track plea will down the stretch and they went to Jacksonville and reapply well there as well also. But that was a Pelz at a tough time but as you know angelenos will. You go boost in cycles like that don't season with a BS the early part of season could be emit light. You don't want to be an important number. Of values figures. Imports of we found no way you about it I'll get some. But I think of the New Orleans gave a lot is maybe the toughest game and I walked away from what was it November 12 member bit. Yeah I think it's November 12 pick I thought I can mean it's a good battle that's super bolted I mean that's how good the saints were that did you have to be like. I have no buttons to push here at on how to slow these guys down is amazing. Yeah they they had a really really good office fifteen minute your defense really came around and they struggled early in the season down their weight so. They did a great job and and you know office with a quarterback that they haven't. There had coast as a great so was will scheme and so. Good job by them but let militarily with force if possibly rebound and have found a way. And I've said this a coach McDermott we talked with have a couple weeks ago. That morning the Kansas City game. The season was kind of on the break you have gone either way and in a way it went is testament to use your coaching staff and your players right four wins in the last six games of the year. On no doubt about it mean. Cases seated they were desperate to get a win and they they're playing at home and we know how tough it is to win it narrative the meanest introduced in the eighth and so obstacle appeared. And hold that office to attempt points off our defense depleted witty dated. And but for Davis went to come away with a pick in the two minute you. Mean that was cute on the road to the plate like an account you know. Most of that for all these cities but that appointment call this when last we Africa and there and but but you know that that happens sometimes and at that thing news. Our guys a testament to their character. You know were preaching them with talking to about you can use with two on tape they'd done it will before. And for a reason we have these lapses so you know you've done it before so I knew wade missed get back to doing it way too early in the season. And Canada who you lean as far as the player ranks you know any level of your defense that. At a right the ship that they can pull things together who you who did you find yourself sane you gotta help lead. Well how for sure along with the regions mean those those guys were key to. Really taking charge in the locker is one thing for the coaches to be talking about what we need to do it. Have you leaders with in the locker room echoing that same message revenue in court against difficult to stand. Makes a huge difference and I've been situations word coaches and one thing you know leaders say something different. That's an abacus both fortunate plus we have here the leaders who. Really bought into the masses and it would carry it to the players in the demand. Perfection on the practice field which allowed you play well so I'm so we're fortunate because les. Is it hard for for you. And a guy like Lorenzo was dating a special teams. Makes a lot of plays a special teams player who can come down he plays linebacker but he can come down and really help out and the rest is are you just kind of find some times where you want to put him in the game. There are some times there were some time early in the season were trying to figure out you know what's the best thing have them. Morton lob acquisition of your more involved in the past Russian as the season went all we review found on and its with him and but store use them better placement and really on the stand what is lucas' work and that helped us the play but also of them restaurants coach of wonder in your post season analysis of your defense. What you thought I mean you're the well I guess we all knew you wouldn't be a heavy set team but what you thought of your past Russian and maybe generating. The need to pass for a shift to what can you do there. What do scenario we definitely improved on that was not really up to par plus we were able to you know get the takeaways with interceptions. But it wasn't always do to pressure on the quarterback. Our Gaza of backing a rude to rooted jobs of growth on America's but we need to improve. I'll pass rush of being able to win with four you know we did bring obvious exit the apples would arm where our pressure on the quarterback but. When we look at free agency this offseason we look at the draft that's an error will really wanted to address a sick and a lot about that. It was before the final game against two in the Christmas he gave anyway. Bill Belichick major secondary you're safeties a huge compliment and if you cut that about. How George Boyer and Mike I'd have like an uncanny ability to kind of be in the right place at the right time. Do you got a lot from those guys we're saying. A year ago we did always gonna be playing safety gear and put those two with what they did this year yet they were outstanding fools Michael course being named that Pro Bowl that Jordan mania at a Pro Bowl season as well they did a terrific job and in outsold it two Davis as well yeah as a rookie coming in what week axed him to. Do a lot of things you wouldn't ordinarily ask the route could do with a B match in a phone receiver or Trout from the receive with the ball game. And then when EJ gains was healthy played very well forces but also so. But our safeties they really did a great job would make it hard quarterbacks you'd be known what were dorm when you. Think we finished maybe. Third his fourth big plays allowed a league we were normal one and passes noble forty yards and leave. A lot of it was due to reduce the play of our safeties disguising coverage most of Gaza and to make and things look like what they are you know quarterback thinks is going to be the safe and also the single vice Versa. How long does it take you obviously played UP. How long does it take you to figure out it doesn't really do that disguising coverages is not all the bees not all say these are good enough to rotate. And not give it away and I mean and there are certain quarterbacks that will that would teach you to do what Tom Brady's notorious for getting you royalty. And he knows exactly what to do so how how long did it take you to figure out these guys really handle to door and act and I can rotate these guys if I want to. You know we were you know old season offseason. Last spring we can had a field that these gas had a feel for what needs to be done because. If you can you can practice it and you can drill it but as you know though when you get and gain to have support it whole look. No it's all guys don't have any panic. The Philippine gotta get down so it you. Know as the codes on the but the guys that can help the poise and just hang in there. Then you have a chance to make things went with the aren't you have a chance to get some innocent that we do is better to let with the bills defense when you unless the creature I don't talk about individual quarters but. I wondered do you have like a prototype quarter that you like in your defense. That is in his own a quarter what does it mean when you think of you know this is his own court what do you look at. Well ideally you know you like to give a guy with a pretty good height you know we'd like that you guys. Five team in about 61 I mean really be good applause. You liked for the couple good for the time of the speed and quickness. You also like form. The football instincts. That's a big deal that core state. An and the other part of it is. The football intelligence. When you can talk to him about football and he gets in the course of the game when you've got to make adjustments. You're not afraid to do because they're sometimes you but to get the game plan and guess what they're doing some toll dip it would. You talked about doing a week you've got to just for the football intelligence on the part of its O. Those are some ingredients that we look for the worst count and BBs in front of course. You have your prototypical DB I'm sure there are times where there guys who're. 595 to him and it can and I really like to ski short. But I like them. How do you doctor Davies here Africa. I didn't know about today's how do you trying to make those decisions based on if you. If you wanna keep decade or not because he's sure. Right you take a look at his production it's always backed debt into the gas producer and even though he may not have the miserables that you save our idea. You can't did not take his place so you mean you've got to let that gap plate as he makes plays you know your regard as a fact you may not have. Some of the measure was that you you look for the position if that's the case of these playmaker. We want marching. Coach that the games are the thing in the season is the thing with this time a year disquiet seemingly time a year a wonder how much. Do you think you're job is involved here in in helping scouts you know scouting talent going to come by a couple of weeks. How much how much do you invest yourself in in this time of year in what's needed that's. That's a good question because and an NFL today I mean it's really become a year round job when it comes to. Free agency in a drought in like right now part of what we're responsible for his coaches. Is identified the right freeagent stick a particular view possibly on our football team along with the draft picks so we're working. It would our scouts on identifying the right guys that fit our system. In what we're looking for both Caracol wise and talent was so. We are heavily involved in this process know their cats and us up all summer work they've done back in the fall and even a year goalies juniors and seniors that are coming out. And now we've become almost like scouts this time of the year as force I did a fine and and and figuring out which doesn't fit us. You guys went down to the C able do you like to get out to meet these guys one on one does he might have hide whom you know you would think man like this can and our defense. You like to get out there and see him face to face him and not just let the scouts do all that work on the road. I like to get out in the cinema so first. You know it's important to me to get a feel for the individual you know how we do know. Wow what with his background. Just. You know how I handle certain things and asking some pointed questions and just get response side. You know you'd you hear from the scouts they give their opinion about a clear and talking about him but. It's a different thing when you ground you work them out yourself. Use tennis to talk to him about things that are important union listen what's important in him. You can get a feel for tonight is going to be a good fit what to do. Coach thanks for this congratulations on the acted the community meal the large cities served its city mission where you Wii U the coordinator of the defense of coaches and as well today. Als I'll just have been out they were probably order me around a whole lot more now don't know what to do the role reversal from this serious puts activists and congratulations on the community meal the buffalo city mission the bills coach is volunteering down there.