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Tuesday, February 13th

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Wow. How we Simon and Sharon likes that little hole but there's an awful lot of talent in this class I'll open them up. In this class that we don't usually see meanings and back like a little ball like white guys who don't have the same clothes as the first round guys but my goal in the second third fourth round there kind of interesting also think it's an intriguing here you need to morsel to. You've got three viking quarterback that I honestly could be available you've got equal have a situation with nick poll that you MVP of this year Super Bowl. Pre great playoff either growing. They all the I think for the first part of the year we've got a little bit of an intriguing free agent quarterback. Or non WG ER Sports Radio 515. Mike Maalox yesterday company said there didn't strike me until just now. He's the beginning of that he says there's there's depth in the quarterback class that we usually don't see you know some intriguing guys like Lou fall yet counterpoint. There's always death there. What this year has his top guys yeah. Because EJ Manuel what event depth in this class and geno Smith and Ryan and it noted in the intriguing depth guys via free depth guys are always there are just this year. They're pushed down and sitting behind six other potential for routers are singing about this yesterday actually heiress I was. Like I nordic give you the answer because it's instant trivia Alpine. I was debating what I wanna use it there tomorrow but I was thinking about you know we could see five. Quarterbacks taken in round one. 44 going for sure maybe five maybe six B six. Did you know there's only one time in the history of the draft six quarterbacks went in the first round was the class 8383. Yeah. The last time five quarterbacks went in the first round 1999. OK I don't I can get all five that actually wasn't trivia our I'm not ready for it but I was thinking there's at least four. He means the I'd have that many quarterbacks going around one point it's it doesn't happen that often. There have been four occasions since 2000 where four quarterbacks went round one. That's going to be instant trivia but I don't have clues ready so don't start guess what's going to be it's trivia the four times since 2000 I'll be eighty years I'll catch federal court that and you just tell me who quarterbacks where the went around one of those years optional if you like to play around I mean I have 99. 99 is couched McNabb Smith McNown and Culpepper right yeah. So that's the last time five guys what the first round and I was five when the top eleven. Thirteen thirteen and they're all gone by third bite bite. Or maybe it was all it was in that eleven to thirteen range I think Culpepper. Or no McNown my Dick whatever and went on I think was eight to the Bear's main point is there are all gone in the first third in the first half of round 15 guys. No I don't know that's gonna happen this time you could have five guys going around one. Sounds like Lamar Jackson would be the fifth guy and where he goes who knows statement downed selected twelfth well OK so five and twelfth. UCL a in the top three I think right 12 and three guests. Smith McNabb bend Kouchner and well couch McNabb Smith. So I was thinking about that last night and all these quarterbacks and then. If somehow. Mason Rudolph goes in round one there's your sixth guy in the first round of of the draft for quarterbacks. And that would tie the record for 1983 but I think about this. How bold. Would it be for Brandon dean to move up into the top five to get a quarterback pretty bold OK but what timing be. Perfect for him to do this right now like it like I was reading a couple articles. RJ RJ white CBS sports dot com had a piece up about. You know what what you know mock draft and team to a bit of all that he had the bills moving up to two. Go to making a trade with the giants and at number two taking Josh Rosen with Sam Arnold going number one Denver moves up to number one. They'd you know Chris you know big trades teams would love to make Denver goes up to one they ticked Arnold bills go up to they take rose. And that I thought espn.com they had a piece up their NFL nation writers had. One bold move reached team Mike wrote back as the bills writer Prius conduct on his ball move was move up to three. Trade up get up to three. Take the quarterback you want to or at least the one you can get at three. In the draft and I thought you know what I guess I guess that woods sure I suppose going from 21 to three is a bold move. But it's a perfect time for Brandon being to do this you know they don't have to worry about all hands on deck we have to do everything to end the drought they did. So you don't have that albatross hanging around the organization going into the 2018 season. You don't have to make moves or think about roster decisions based on we have got it and is freaking route you can make moves based on. We want to put together a team that's going to compete for like ten years and you do that with a quarterback. He's in his second year your common off the playoffs people are feeling good about you would Sean McDermott to an extent. It's a perfect time to move up in the draft it's it and and do whatever you have to do to get the quarterback as opposed do. We can't do it now we need to minute we got too many holes we gotta get all these pieces addressed because we have to do everything to end the drought. I'm in my fourth year we haven't had a winning season yet we have to win right now this is the time to do a public move up and take a gamble yeah and less. You are afraid because you think that if you do it it will undo making the playoffs if they draft. EJ Manuel or J. P. Losman or you know whichever guy it is in the flops. Then you are now known for drafting the flop and you took a playoff team in the eyes some and took a playoff team and said adding to it you. You know you went with a quarterback route you went for the the home run which I don't have a problem with but if you try to keep your job and try to stay safe then you just wait and say. You know that's it's too rich for our blood we've got too many needs on this team news you do the slow build nothing at the quarterback wouldn't be also a slow build but. Yeah I mean I don't need much convincing if they do it that's great if they stand at 1241 get one of the guys and I'm OK with that too so. You know what has started to happen by the way we have entered. Baker may feel that number one. We have ensured that time of this pre draft process where baker mayfield is being mocked mock drafts. At number one I wanna say consistently. I've seen it in five or six different spots now. That baker mayfield should go number one pro football focus Sam months and wrote number everything says baker mayfield should be number one overall. Here's Elliott Crist who writes for DFS daily fantasy sports podcast and yet our our pod dot com this guy's doing a lot of tape study he's screaming it baker may feel should be going number one sole home. Mayfield was maybe he's around it's point and then maybe he's fifteen maybe 501. OK I want one. And he's this year is that Philip forever seat in rivers there are actually comparisons between these two when it comes to fiery personality and rivers is an insane person. And Nate field appears to be similarly. Motivated like that and I don't I don't ever remember being a problem for rivers I mean he's. Not the same person of course but the job competitive fire is definitely there for him so if you wanna make that comparison it possibly could. But mayfield won. No one of the browns do if they want to Arnold the train trade the Tate. Dark they take mayfield and say to the team whoever gets darn old's gonna get this guy and for somebody to trade up and where they go on where they are they where how far the trading down to the giants won startled this couldn't flip flopped with the giants will you pick you would you would just say don't Weber wants baker may feel like who ever wants this guy we want Sam Arnold so you call the giants' number two to America I'm not gonna bite okay called it. Colds that number threes if somebody's got an offer for their nets then you call yourself a number for him right that's how the. Denver that's there's that's BS sports dot com draft Denver trades up to one but they would there and they take well they picked Arnold mantra that they they be trading up 21 to get mayfield. Who they sought the Senior Bowl up close and worse in the last few army of Jill Brown's you do that you would be you know maybe playing yourself here if you want a guy you should probably just taken yet as opposed to not taking him but then again. The giants and chargers that's all that once they took Eli. And said somebody get us reverse and let's swap. They did not take rivers of course they were number one. And they took Eli Manning only to then trade him building I'd worry about is it Cleveland does that or they didn't trade out and there in other try to play around with the quarterback. If they trade out of one and they move down to somebody go up. I headed to Cleveland flurry and say you know what may feel about the port let's go to Adam and then they don't get you know that that would be. While that would be I think lake here would go on fire. But in Cleveland starting to see it though. Number one baker mayfield I don't remember the last time baker mayfield was mid may do and I'm sure when the season began he was that there's no way which consider that high. May be I mean really when was the last time you saw mocked that baker mayfield wasn't and popped and I feel like he's. Been top ten fairly consistently. You know old go on back before the bowl game maybe may be back. Towards the end of the season like he's been a guy that everybody's been talking about. In the top ten I think for awhile and you know what it I think also the senior ball the invitation in the Denver Broncos want mayfield on their roster on the Senior Bowl. If he wasn't top ten by that point about a lot of mocks just chart putting minute five and connecting dots is saying what the Broncos love mayfield he's owning in the top ten and they put him at the five spot. I hadn't. Now the one the going number one overall it's probably a byproduct of the shows of the Senior Bowl has a good Senior Bowl. And I think teams are gonna like the guy I don't think teams are gonna walk away worried about him after their one on one interviews video almost a little bit of what I I finally got around to listening to your. In a Buick yogi Roth yesterday. And that's one of the things I thought was hinting when he was talking about Josh Rosen wait till teams start talking advocate yet. Football he loves football how do you phrase that he loves football buddy loves other things in life to. And it doesn't mean he doesn't wanna win at football at just he understands that there's a life beyond football and then when teams talk to Josh Rosen. They'll understand that he loves football and he wants to win in these competitive now and he's the kind of guy that can lead your football team because he's always looking. For more information and always asking questions and wants to be what was the seeker eases seeker I thought that makes sense when you actually meet the guy. I face to face look at him I'd I. You can get rid of narrative that's out there about a particular individuals it is funny that as soon as you can track to be of a rookie symposium to prepare you for life after football. Hey you're gonna wanna plant pro life after football yes and here's Josh Rosen who's like yeah this month left and football and evaluated say when this cute I thought it was originally told the story about would hurt bilateral they would at spring break yet what will at some point a break they had keys in turning in New York City talking to be righty stocking the executives and business people because he wants a life in business after a football when. You know a lot of guys a lot of students on breaker Ted Koppel or Florida and get allowed on a beach somewhere partying and he wasn't doing that. He's thinking about his life after hockey which I thought was really interesting and again. It it's not something that would sway me I think the baker mayfield I don't know I I. How many people are still out there going baker made focused on humans now he's not even Giles said yesterday ultimate are not in a giving the pass from the tax line. Argue that maybe after the con line and and the interviews if word gets out that teams really you know hit it off for mayfield we can stop the discussion speaking to make me feel I've got an idea you have access to. Six and sixteen. And. Is that child willing to Wear a wire. Speaker may feel the starting of football camp on March 15 wire yet. Does a great way to scout him right. You have a kid like plant somebody yet twelve year old appeared GM you roll your son or your nephew or your door you know he needs. What wants the speaker mayfield football camp. You lot you enroll them. You put a wire on an and you Scott Baker mayfield and his football camp. See what kind of advice giving key to see how he is with kids is the Alley is as an administrator you know or be awesome. If he behaves like what was it yet Peyton Manning on the Saturday Night Live skit yeah. He's like throwing balls that kids these yellow anatomy skirts and it is abusing these little kids at practice it's a hundred dollars underdogs for a four hour camp. With individual instruction from baker may feel hundred dollars is gonna be a millionaire in a couple of month you're probably gonna plagues pay some employees that are gonna help your run this. Hundred dollars for four hours and that's worth a point five dollars an hour to be individually instructor but make me feel. Individual instruction and wanna know what I'm getting in on this 250 kids so much attention is gonna teach kids how to grab their crotch at that can dozens. Yeah I might be might be corrupting the minds of young children in and the process today at camp flag planting. I don't know it's it's all this all the rest of young man. Thought Jeremy thing right now right logo I did see that in wonder what this gal what a team. Wanna watch how he did that. They wanna know everything they can hurt her or it's his first football camp by the way to ease he only doing this because he's trying to look good. Or does he wanna give back to the kids you know Norman Oklahoma. Is it only the first time because previously he couldn't do it because if you didn't before you charge money TNT double its rights lawyer. Just made me wonder about this the first since the first person wanted to first make a make a couple OK okay I mean I can be we can all be skeptical when it comes our business I'm gonna go with. Not he's doing this for PR no. Now you think is that it's entirely possible that. The agent says that's ritual both all the football camp have teams think you're really nice guy or maybe he is a nice guy. And the point is what one way we can show me your nice guy let's get to a football camp I mean they get that that's how. A lot of these guys start foundations is they're motivated in some way and an agent or someone might nod to miceli yeah let's do that lets up a foundation let's let's get a good cause for. You know you to rally around and you'd always pump because it's good to give back and you're the kind of guy that would wanna get back now that it's disingenuous just this. You know somebody lead pushing you in that direction might be. I don't the dean I don't think he needs to do it. The football camp idea again I I think if there are teams that aren't sure about him honestly. It could be more teams were about Josh Rosen the baker mayfield are really do. And make an egg again and I'm so article back to last week but that you brought it up with with yogi Roth. OK so mayfield was. The testosterone was flowing you beat Ohio State he throws a flag in the logo. Rosen is an independent thinker I think that would scare more teams than baker mayfield grabbing his crotch or planting a flag in the middle. Of the field that Ohio stadium. You can look at that you can you can actually mean you you should look at that and as a as a GM or scout and say. Miss this kid wants to win. Badly and he is like over over over competitive. I don't know why that. Would scare teams as much as Josh Rosen an independent thinker. Think he's gonna question authority. He's gonna wonder why you're doing certain things she's just not gonna conform. And do what the coaches wanted to do and be the leader of this offense the leader of this team he actually has the mind. And he might think. Well this doesn't seem to be the right approach this doesn't think he might question some of the things we're doing I think he would would just. Throw fear into front offices in the National Football League far more. Then baker mayfield and his antics after wins or during games whatever I just. I don't think that's going to be an issue dog going forward I think I'm and damage to DC well when talking to be in the rooms obviously. But if any word gets out about Rosen interviews and what teams think of him I think he is the one guy. Who would scare people more than anybody else because you'd worry about it just falling in line. Aunts and doing what the coaches and the GM and everybody in the organization thinks is best and you've got a tow the company line and you got to. Sign off on the company line because you're gonna be our franchise quarterback you're gonna be the face of the franchise this guy's gonna go what may be number two to the giants but you'd think. Nowhere outside of the top six. If I'm taking the guy in the top six and he's the face of my French as you'd like to be. Confident that he would just quote sees things our way you know and I don't wanna say it mouthpiece but I guess I am but be beat kind of a reflection. All the coaches to keep everybody you know to leave the room I think he would be the most scary guy for anybody in the National Football League. Of those quarterbacks. Just going to lose some tax throw quick someone asks won't take the bills to get the twentieth pick and keep 21 point two. Question. One why would they move up one spot while at all. Just you want the three in a row always want to know what qualities 122 and when this one in right. What is as the Bruins have. Why do you want number warning is there a reason your targeting number point just to have another for shrimp a year ago that lots of holes I assumed. We've got lots of holes let's get another first round pick merits not move up and give up. Let's gain another first round pick look you can get defense to tackle linebacker wide whatever you can knock off three positions. Maybe that person also hopes there's quarterback that dropped its warning. So then you go quarterback. And you still have two more picks to take care about the needs on your team. I'm obsessed with quarterback they have to draft quarterback because that's all I think that's everything I think about every waking hour. And I can obsess what I get obsessed about something I'm not like you you obsess about a lot I have a smaller window of obsession. I really pick my spots I can't think of anything the quarterback. You know constantly draft free agency. You know of this team if you take Denver co signed Kirk cousins you don't need to draft the guy. Brandon being asked to take a quarterback in the first round and he's got to do everything in his power to get the guy he wants because if not IE I don't know that I'll be able to put two words together next football season or April when he said the going to be tough. Able 3:7 being the Friday morning after the first round of the draft. Now this it's an ups I just I can't think of anything but. Yeah yeah there are other needs on the team bright I couldn't tell you about anything but quarterback and that's all thinking about. Well the the offense that that the change in the bill's office got a bunch of stats of the day for yet all got a couple the next ten stats I wanted to their credit and or talked to Ben Baldwin coming up at 8 o'clock vented apiece for football outsiders. He asked the question do you need to run to set up play action. Think about delicate one of them the things you're taught early on you Ron and then you go play action and you set up play action by running it. And he has found that through the last seven years. But there's no connection between between teams that run it more or run it better and their success in play action passes. Seoul and cut he's gone through some stuff it's one of those things like. That's nothing to defense wins championships I think out of the womb with a doctor slaps you. Right after defense wins championships I was told you run to set up the pass via you runners up play action for your right run run run had play action so that we'll talk to him always found last seven years there's also some stuff here. You know the best thing the bills are doing this next off there in this next season is not being coached by Rick Dennison. Not Rick Dennison. Here's my first stat of the day for it to Shawn McCoy his percentage of snaps that are in the shotgun by season. Twelve point twice thirteen 81%. And 72% and 2014. Yadda yadda yadda it drops every year but this past year he had 17% of his carries in the shotgun. And what the league has figured out a lot of the league has figured out is that running the ball is easier from the spread when you put more people on the field. I've got here yards per carry by personnel grouping guess what yards per carry is the lowest. One receiver in three tight ends or whatever like him yet. Two receivers too tightly the more spread out you get I'm sorry one running back and three that are more spread out you get. The the that are in a better you are right and running the football dec injured I'd I would your opening up the defense you've got the little people on the field right whatever and here are the bills and Rick denizens world. Bring it on ponds at tight ends and running conservatively so we don't know much about the new offensive core may. Earned his tendencies yet. But I'd stick with at least I've got that at least I have an offense that is not Rick Dennison a DV a bonus stat of the day. Because our eyes saw us this morning there's a couple of pieces up and nfl.com a series of pieces with next gen stat. And one of them was the top ten most elusive running backs and I thought okay for sure LeSean McCoy is going to be on the list he's not. He was in 2016 but he's not and here's what they wrote one of the most elusive backs in 2016 averaged three point 96 yards after defenders closed within a yard. While he still enjoyed a fine season he was far easier to bring down this past season. His yardage. Fell to 3.2 nine. The drop off between the last two seasons one of the largest among backs with over 100 carries in both here it's this despite the fact they point out the bills' offensive line. Allowed back to gain zero point 69 yards before defenders close with a New York that's the second best total in the league behind the saints. Despite that we're poised numbers individually and fell from 2016 to 2017 their point being. He wasn't the elusive guy he was in 2016 for whatever reason didn't even make the top ten last. I would say it's because they're often of their offense. While assuring the offensive line could I guess push people Lotta the way for that point 69 yards when they did close. There's probably less room to go gonna Kazaa there's I've got all your big personnel and they are you running out of they're not running on a shock when you're running out of you know normal formation so I wanna put that on. Trump put that on the offense a lot of what they did is on the offensive design which you know we kind of knew from the start wasn't going to be good. So that's there's a positive sign I saw that and I thought is that I would were does that a troublesome indication that. Is this the first sign of a drop off and running back that a guy like McCoy is losing his elusive in this. That the you know the defenders are yard away in the bills are still good in that area plot for whatever reason his numbers individually had dropped. Stat of the day brought you by a express mark not your average convenience store text or rights and. I'm confused you want McCoy and the shock on or note yes you want shotgun you want spread read you want no more big people. You want to know more personnel with three tight ends on the field trying to run for three yards because. In our league is have much more success and the bills have had more success at text threats and CJ Spiller monster year that's the spread that's that's chance. Don't give those guys room to make decisions. So I'm excited about. A different offense I I don't know if it's gonna be good. I'm just glad it's not Rick Dennison because to me that was set up to fail. 8030550. We were talk about the draft but I'll I'll throw this open to free agency to when it comes to the quarterback search this offseason do you want brand being to be bowl or play it safe. And in draft it's very simple bold move up you know give up whatever you gotta get to get in the top five and get one of the top guys in the draft. And they said it can be beyond that to you could look at bold as lets you know open the Brinks truck up for Kirk cousins. As opposed to play it safe and find a need. Lesser freeagent. Option for the bills were bridge guy for the bill's lawyer. Hoping a quarterback falls to 21 and so should the bill Giambi boulder should he play it safe when it comes to. The quarterback decisions they're making in the off season. Eagle 30550 Jeremy mentioned Ben ball when he's going to be with a some football outsiders today. We'll talk about the giants. At Q and the jets at six what they might be thinking with quarterbacks in the draft and free agency. Ralph back channel join us from SN YTV at nine Paul's gonna have the latest on the sabres at 730 because they're playing tonight against Tampa. Apple's got an article up about Jason doctoral and his plan which includes winning in Rochester that's available at WGR 550. Com when we get back dog Marron has lost his crown all the jokes we tell. He's not the king of the upon. Some advanced stats and by advance I mean like summaries took the time to do it. We got to make fun of somebody else has had no other coach in the NFL that's taking it upon. How much bigger I think he's a dynamic like the fact that he had to walk on two different schools who worked his slip into a Heisman Trophy that's fantastic I know he's watching some will be coming from the wrong way but I like him it sinks I think we Drew Brees there. Undersized guy also saints are gonna look past the guys that maybe isn't quite as tall as it says yes to be. I loved about that this is overall ability to move in with pocket obviously can throw the football that's good I think I'm glad I could get really bothered about. It. I mean every connection possible the saints will draft him because their quarterback is also not Paul isn't. Right David Karbala and NFL network now the sabres your action tonight let's get some headlines 7 o'clock game at Dickey banks and it'll take on the Tampa Bay Lightning the lightning played last night in Toronto and lost the leafs four to three. The leafs have won eight of their last nine games they're worse it's physics six points back. They're closing in on lightning which means that Toronto and Boston. And Tampa these three teams one of them were two of them won't get screwed by the standings at least have 73 point six points back in Tampa. Pay the coyotes won last night and group call. That's more aware of that isn't isn't really is a comedy and where will they like the same family. Our coyotes are counties where rules are like our woman I mean where things are not real also know. But our coyotes and wolves they also will there was a there was a movie about one in London they need song out of how to tell wolf. Next to a coyote. OK the difference is a coyote appears to be much means year Manger a connect the you know or smaller. You know how all the same. No probably not I think the critics have like a weird bark. Yes thirties or they don't howl knows it's more for wolf it's more of like Yelp. Yeah a couple of morally Yale on a map to work my Yelp wolves are much bigger. Okay and coyotes and I got to work which is why the counties where earlier in the standings and in the walls are. No legal you have won a study the analysis of the coyote be sure to come out to the hinterlands there's plenty of them out there you know you'll you'll find him at night. We ever got this we don't coyotes and foxes in the year but I'll I'll come up. Let me know how they sound so like into a coyote Yelp on the show. Of that and look your best Cody Yelp what what are they telling Yelp. There really high pension light. Yet the idea that's really its ago. Small dog Barney and they do kinda have like a hollow but it's not like it's now lake Howell that like we all can elect a Knoll. I got that that's a cool hole yeah that my days and hit the high notes that that line Mormon like global financial. For a I'd. Anyway Arizona beat Chicago. The hawks have lost six straight what else college hoops less likely she's beat Fairfield 8163 degree is tied for first in the Mac. With a twelve and two record the cult's reportedly will hire Jamestown native nick Syria honey as offensive coordinator for frank Reich. Johnny men's health says he's being treated for bipolar disorder. Hopes to get another shot at the National Football League from the world of the Olympics Khloe Kim I saw. While tour for three runs she ends up winning the gold essentially in her first run last night won the gold medal at the women's half pipe seventeen years old tremendous performance last night. The US now has six medals that its fifth most. And programming note in about 25 minutes over and ESP and 1520 you can listen to the US women's hockey game. They're gonna take on. Organized athletes from Russia right away our. I thought it was Olympic Olympic athletes are right now organized well that we organized but Olympic athletes of Russia 7 AM ESP and 1520 Emily falls or from Nichols. Is on the UN it's US women's hockey team so good luck to Emily. And the US women's coverage of Korea 2018 and WG are brought to you by north West Bank. Make the switch to northwest to get back to living also by your local Geico agents Tim mentioned tunnel Wanda and Scott Altman in west send. The king of punts is Jason Garrett. One I didn't know this but. I resigned yesterday markets Mosher on. To moderate from police reported no host of lockdown cowboys the cowboys more than any other team on fourth and one or 12 or three. On the other side of the fifty between like the 35 in the 49 the no man's land warrior warrior obviously supposed to go for it. Dallas had seven plays like that and punted six times. Really feel that's too high enough percentage Philadelphia had eleven plays like that they punted once. Three passes seven runs 81 downs Dallas seven times crossed the fifty he got fourth and 12 or three punted six times. Meant what you can do view as you know went for that and try to get points instead he punted so much I don't know I'd I'd I'd I didn't know that he is and that the cowboys are. More Ponte then Doug morrow and saw all these to dug around. You know what you need you to wake up and see this and think like no it's gonna I've got I've got upon all show him a show them. I'll get to the 45 more often just like him pot more the next summer training camp the new quote will be if you're up to me I would just plug him. Instead of I would just maybe it never throw the ball and ulcers this maybe you learn something from their playoff win where they go the only touchdown scored on fourth down and you wonder if he decides you know what. That was a good as the right call a little cool little bit more via net and it was a surprise call to enter through they threw the ball to. Does that have McDermott's Rendell does know and that the bills actually was in here how often they did it the bills were very Ponte in these scenarios. Miles to go back and find them again it's in my likes and my iPod to my electorate. Of waste fire here so the bills the bills had five plays of this nature and punted three times. Five plays between the 35 and 494 and 12 or three. They were all for five and getting first downs but Iran wants it passed it wants it and get it and they point to three times. So not. Not great not great Bob Nardelli knows 60% kind of a high percentage. I just I just as soon fourth 12 and three you'd. It's go for all five times I mean you're in plus territory you don't get it the other teams got the ball on their side of the fifty yard line thruster defense makers stopped at all act one of those punts what about on the colts right what was it fourth and what on the Clinton won. At the forty yen one AB. You know you think that have that burned into my memory but I have been the playoffs they don't have to. Print and you know that's nice. So anyway. The may involve an 8 o'clock and that the giants' story coming up at 9 o'clock and Roebuck you know I'm in super entry to find it with the giants wanted to. But look around the league and whatever one's kind of saying about this class it's a it's almost like. They move the draft a month later. And this is one of those years where they didn't need to do that right now everyone seems to be ready for the come by and ready for the draft in rep. But let's let's get some possible mock drafts going north find out who's going where. First pick dot com great place to kind of play around with this stuff so I'm you know we're waiting for the common we. Starts on what then 972727. And so since they will be there the day after the NHL trade a month and you know that the the thing too about the draft like the remember free agency will go first free agency in the trade period opens up in mid march and the free agency trade period will affect. What happens in the draft when it comes to quarterbacks that AJ McCarron ruling this week could affect the draft and what happens when it comes to quarterbacks that McCarron is out there who knows. For sure cause and is gonna affect it I mean wherever he goes. You know that that team is what the gonna spend a first round pick on a quarterback especially if it's the the jets the Broncos one of those teams that are in the top six and we bank on them taken a guy. That the problem again and I know. You in Europe stupid Heinz. Brought this up an idol last year's draft without even knowing what the standings were going to be was the number of teams in need a quarterback. Pro football weekly I subscribe to their draft notes that they send out emails every now and then little little articles warrior and the latest when they sent out was. You know ten teams in need a quarterback and could use the draft to find one and it's it's the ones we've we've talked about and look at how many are ahead of the bills Cleveland. Arizona Denver jets giants bills vikings chargers jaguars patriots okay well. All of them much C six of them I think are ahead of the bills and that's a big problem with this whole discussion of of the bills in the draft and Brandon being in. But the the going to be able to get a quarterback there are so many teams ahead of them where you can make an argument that they should could. Take a quarterback in the draft or what have to you know somebody behind the bills tries to move up ahead of them you know get people will call us or tweet us through Texas it's a guys it's just. It's not worth the gamble. Let's that it 21 will hope somebody falls to us okay what do Jacksonville moves up you know what if Minnesota. Well if the future for Google signed one of their three free agent guys who what do somebody behind them moves up ahead of them and tries to get. What a quarterback that still on the board right. I think that's the story of free agency in the trade period and what happens with quarterbacks there since that is gonna happen in a month and a half before the draft. I can't wait for that and it's gonna have an impact on on what's happening with the draft of what what the bills might be able to do. And who that might be able to get so there's a lot of stuff that's gonna be I think it's a fascinating offseason. With the fridge and quarterbacks. Does point out. When was the last time a guy like Kirk cousins 29 years old three straight 4000 yard seasons. Hit the open market. And you know the guys in Minnesota you know again there's an asterisk but Teddy Bridgewater. Could be a free agent if they rule. That he's allowed to hit the market there's some controversy about his contract the candidates thought is right so really I think this in terms are. The draft and the guys that are out there in free agency. I think it's a fantastic offseason in terms of the quarterbacks search. Text or rights and guys I'm beginning to think cousins of the bills is a real thing looks like a lot of people are connecting them what are your thoughts in my neck I haven't seen much of that there and I don't wanna say I'm not taking it seriously I just don't know why Kirk cousins would choose the bills. You've guy. A defense that's okay. You have a head coach that isn't that well known and offensive quarter coordinator that's. Now I can non thing he's not well known right in the league doesn't have a massive track record of success. From skill position standpoint your receivers are sorely lacking. Why a community can connect because the bills and payments on money but other than that that the bills don't appear to me to be. But plugin Kirk cousins in win the east and he might think that's what the vikings are plug me in and his team will win a suitable possibly. Or he could think Denver is closer to that Denver's defense has been good for a couple years now. I aid. Not thing can't happen I I'm not really thinking it's an option penalty to bills are gonna pay that much money for him and I don't think he would. And less fickle as the number one bidder and then I would still say do you think he wants to do it yes he says it's not about money. That he wants to win and you know you can always say well it's always going to be about money sure. But if it's 26 million year vs 2.5 million a year. And one of those spots he feels he's got a better chance to win or one of those spots has better state income tax you know could be a lot of different eggs I don't. I don't see the cousins thing happening here. I haven't seen anybody can I don't know the person texted and said I've seen a lot more. I haven't seen anybody connected then the latest article I saw today was. Jason lock in forest CBS sports dot com he makes the case that he that 'cause that you go to the jets I have seen the bills getting cousins there is one point in your bowl techsters just made it. He is number one. Faith based cornerback full two and a tax or writes in the head coach's faith guy and cousins and polls are. The country skies and a McDermott could yup that's right that that's that's a good point and that's. Adrenaline under sell that well that's one of the things cousins talked about the you'll look for his connection with the coach and the GM. And then the scheme in the coordinate all of stop but he did cite. Just me. He did cite how he feels he would connect with the head coach that the guy you're gonna be working with that's the guy running the French as I haven't seen much of it I still don't. I still wouldn't expect. That the bills would would give up that kind of money to get Kirk cousins it. Then as you said there's two parts to this one with the bills. Be willing to offer him the contract that you know many people are suggesting he's going to get which will be more than what Jimmy grapple got. Which is just over 27 million dollars a year if you get beyond that let's say the bills as an organization sign off on this and say. We love cousins we're gonna offer the big contract the pull up a Brinks truck might be actually two of them. Then you have to get to okay cousins is on the open market he has his pick of the litter and there won't be a shortage of suitors. Will he pick the bills that I don't know amid upon him. If Minnesota's calling. I'm jumping on the vikings offer I wanna go to a team where I can be in the playoffs right away and the minute I stepped foot on a deal with them I've got a legitimate shot to compete for champion and. In addition that they're offensive coordinators are guided just won a Super Bowl nick pulls John people applauded for the pointed out right so that that that's what I mean when. How much does Brian Cabell moved the needle front and a felt freeagent. They do have a Michigan State connection cousins went to Michigan State in her and brand able is that Michigan State. Long before that but I got so they could just you know walked in room likes Mardy in the in the W humble. I got I got running backs younger running backs in Minnesota I've got talented wide receivers are better wide receiving corps that I haven't buffalo. I've got a really good defense. I've got an established head coach. Who knows how to put together really good defense is it they're just a lot of the I don't worry about the bears I don't worry about the lions can I be Darren Rogers in the packers'. I think if again if Minnesota was calling and I think I would consider Denver although. You can make the case that you know Denver's now on on the way down a little bit you know because their offense has struggled in their defense wasn't as good as it was a couple of years ago I I think Minnesota wants him. And I don't know that they're gonna wanna spend that kind of money. I would jump at the vikings offer if if our Kirk cousins and they were on the phone. 8030550. Join us 888550. Q 550. It is a hockey game tonight remind you about our Honda promotion your chance to hopefully win. New Honda it's the Honda dream go promotion WGR 550 dot com register right now because you have another shot to win. Tonight if you're picked as the Honda dream goal listener of the game in buffalo scored the 550 mark of period number one. UN in new CRV with a three year at least there is no purchase necessary it is absolutely free if you registered do so it WGR 550 dot com. This is our Honda dream goal promotions courtesy of the greater buffalo area Honda dealers don't settle for less than a Honda. They might be open for business a little bit at number or because there are enough good quarterback in the draft that they are probably will be a lot of interest. In that pick from a quarterback's standpoint maybe even if they want Barkley locally so I you'd think that it will get and the tension. The Cleveland plain dealer the browns beat writer for the Cleveland plain dealer was ominous yesterday as we. Start talking about teams ahead of the bills. In draft order but not specifically just about the draft I mean nick what do they decide to go quarterback in free agency which would take them out of the draft picture so Cleveland was up top. And a little later this morning we will talk about the giants and the jets and giant threat to. Jets are at six rounds back you know join us at 9 o'clock from aunts and white television in New York. There is apparently a pothole. Car on the two and ninety. Underneath the 990 overpass. I'm Mike Schultz from tweeting about this as another driver and gone over it it is in the middle lane. On to the 990 overpass easily a foot wide and probably five inches deep. And Mike says it was so jarring he surprised he didn't break any teeth. Having that one of those yet thankfully now just a little they're they're a whole bunch of ones that there is there's a slew of potholes on on the street there were relive they they just. Whatever last. Warm stretch we had they are out there Phil and all the pot holes and then of course in other all back again and you know the whole bunch of them though. But I haven't hit the one where you know your car disappears. Where you can build a house in it now that thankfully so that's on the 209 the west under the 990 the be advised. Through a picture of not all the driving from that that wanna see like with your passenger. Yeah but you got the slowdown that you know what don't do it it seems to be a lot of work don't they added they need now we're talking pulling over walking out onto the road here right exactly it's exit a bad idea. Quick thing for Mike Pereira the Eagles were in illegal formation on the false touchdown reception. Roots. Thank you for not calling him back yet. Mike seriously beat the NFL had a great Super Bowl maybe it's best ever and what there were 11100 yards and a 150 passes and no holding calls and one punt durst. My campus that actually that that a number of times a defensive holding has been called in the Super Bowl classic seven years doesn't call. Yeah. It's almost like in the Super Bowl they have a decision let's let's put the flags away. Let's let them play it's funny because going into the game there were talk its stake or to pressure teams that there were talking about how his crew. At least he when he supervises a crew were among like the top five in most penalties called per game on an average basis and apparently they decided. You that they decided the league told them they boys pipe down a little bit in the Super Bowl cut its lasting and it was opened yellow flag imagine if they'd call that back though and it would have been on. He says it's a judgment call yes Mike Pereira does but that of the doubt judge who was a wanna play on the side of the field it's his judgment. And L Shawn Jeffrey was close enough while he wasn't he was wrong. This is what I could perhaps it to a nicer franchise. Right. It's trick later going to run trick type play you have to be lined up properly can either of six memo line he can have an eligible number lined up at the end which was the case. What ever. Imagine losing it on pay. L Shawn Jeffrey was six inches too far from the line of scrimmage that's illegal formation pretty sad these rules that I'm sure they are built in for the integrity of the game. But it's really hard to understand. Who could care about that. Yeah cause Alexander gray line this is illegal formation and the timing and or whatever the receiver didn't the tackle wasn't covered up all the different things that brittle hair dye. And as it is there. As an honest question I have as a non football coach them the never designed offenses at. If I don't think fans care will if that rule or go away and I'll show on Jeffrey were allowed now to yards instead of one yard would the sport of football be ruined would offense just ceased to exist would have voted. Implode in a yeah a world of looting in touchdowns or console easily his defense would notes doing what would. We'll be the problem I don't know I'm. Honestly I'm too busy watching the tackle to see where is what's the rule where is. His hip is in line with the centers waste the waste is in line with the ball you know when news you can offset in pass protection and the tackles got to be lined up at a certain spot or else you get a penalty flag on that I I'd. I don't know of the game would be ruined if you again I. I don't coach I don't drop taxes in knows this is where someone can tell us why those rules are important but I don't know the game would be ruined if a player was in covered out popped up on a particular formation but that was a cool play in the Super Bowl and have as they said there's any franchise that should be screwed by a play that that should have been called. Illegally. I'd let the patriots it would get him and maybe the fans will be complaining today about that Aaliyah evident from the all time. We were talking earlier about Brandon being this morning eagle 30515 how bold or safe should he be. When it comes to the quarterback plan this offseason draft free agency trades whatever. You can let us know. Got to treat they have to be bold trade up it may fielder to Arnold whatever it takes a rookie quarterback we'll have a lot less expensive contract and capped it and Kirk cousins. And can set them up for the next ten years you can build the rest through free agency in the draft in following years so bold. Are safe how she be play everybody's terrified that's of this comes out to I'm not terrified everybody's afraid of everything. If you don't want cousins it's because you're afraid it's too much money he's not good okay that I'm afraid the Jersey this whole. Every obviously knows the entire offseason is is run by fear. What are you wanna do. Humphrey says the guy under the fear but I don't wanna do while I'm afraid of passing on quarterbacks my fear is not drafting them my fear is not. I'm afraid of cousins because of the money were talking about and I get it it's maybe some people feel exactly the reverse. Third rate of money but if we blow the draft were screwed for five tunes and I get it. I'm not afraid of that I I would be afraid of giving a 140 million dollars to a guy who isn't that great. Eagle anyway atrial 515 to join us 888550. Q five. Paul's gonna join us at 730 we are talking more football at 8 this morning Ben Baldwin from football outsiders will be Willis as well on WGR.