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Howard and Jeremy
Tuesday, February 13th

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An area this once it opens up. Three seconds ago it's live back in this case. Okay. And two who was terrific and made critical saves at critical jokes is. Blackhawks fans. That was in Phoenix Blackhawk fans to travel. Booed the Blackhawks off the ice on the road. And Chicago Blackhawks Twitter seems to be getting. They've reached the we've won a lot of cops what were mad at you stage. I I'm not sure. An oilman your your boo your team off the ice when they're the road team yup. I don't know. Sure if I'm comfortable with him that seems rather odd that so it's going along way to grew. You guys traveled here to Arizona where let's say I lived I'm a transplant at Chicago win and I'm gonna boo you off the ice in Phoenix and I acknowledged that that's. Besides you'll. He did win three guises come on really. Three cops you should never boo the Blackhawks. I don't care how old are young you are for the rest of your life as a hawk fan. I don't think you should ever be just a just yeah relax wait a minute win the lottery and play you know another twenty games outside next year and win the lottery. I'm gonna blame you if there Wendell picked here's what's gonna happen if they were in the lottery they will immediately change the rules again. Because the NHL does not think of the things that will happen. When they changed their rules and only upon realizing they've made terrible changes they say oh we shouldn't comment this tending to have with a playoff format once they get their heads around square. A quick thing from last night I did send a breaking taxed to the thirty club. That the coyotes were winning 41. Now I'm not gonna do that every night. Our hearts are new at the same way now is the best closer there's not really erase now. There's not a guaranteed spot I have gators sent her I am not locking on every game night for the coyotes know I watched those games. On the edge of my seat. And I was just the basket case rights and rights nowhere near we were invested in a potential in equipment and guaranteed return yeah and this time around I kind of sent it out as a joke like innocuous on this every night but. Want to let everyone know the coyotes were winning last night. You know what it is for me this time it's. It is at it like a city it'll never I don't it it'll never approach when it was back then. I'm telling I cannot say the Arizona Detroit game I ate that night they came back to win in Detroit. I was a basket case I mean that it's funny I think that can laugh about it now is very stressful at the time but dobbs. I think back on and it was I mean you talk about emotionally invested holy smokes and those games till I was we're watching Edmonton Oilers games do now and I was in your thirty club. And I'm on vacation in Arizona on your tax and we about a high scoring Edmonton I think Pittsburgh game on a Saturday afternoon. But notice this year I mean for for the last I would say for the last month. I have not been actively seeking coyotes results no one I commend the work in the morning and we have to get ready for the show. And we're doing you know get headlines ready for the updates and all that I felt they would there's a look at Arizona played less than it they lost gut or immigrant they're are they one good laws bad. Out I'll be curious enough to check it. And I will be glad when they win but I saw they beat Chicago this morning I thought that's at oak coyotes. But I don't I don't check the standings every day and fire I I memorized the comedy schedule a few years ago I could even tell you they're playing in their next game at this point. Not an Israeli there's there's no guarantee I it's funny I know I there's a lot of in the south and really buy into you think about some of the guys on that team. That we remember Mario cabello that's the one name wanted to bring up you know why he's in the Olympics all night I think he's on team Canada I was looking over. Olympic rosters the other day. Is he is only seventeen USA USA on our I news in the Olympics thank you Britain. I was looking over rosters the other day US and Canada just seeing who was on the team so I have an idea of who's playing him in the US this first game is tomorrow morning. And I saw mark arc of bell and I thought pods coyotes. Cool thanks mark I mean like third and there were guys on that team that you would never know from Adam. But we remember them because of the tank here and because we're rooting so hard for the Arizona code used to win are you wanna know who else is playing in the Olympics that rests on the coyotes team and tank here. On on US or Canada or so I Carlson no somewhere else okay episodes don't you rosters I'll give you hints he was part of me quote unquote big trade everybody was hyping it up as a big trade from the one organization. This is Marty he wrapped Mark Ingram has. That was was that that was don't leave the building the caps have yet to announce that the yeah. Yeah I have but but anyway. You know it look at this. If the sabres finished last great but it's just not it's just not the same because there's not a Garrett there's no guarantee that that you're going to get. A guy that the franchise and there was that year so it's it's just never going to be that never heard very very different. But quick tweet from JR and let that go coyotes yes your right to be be increase your iPod yet. JR. Rights and we're gonna fight out of Kirk cousins is out to break the bank Ortiz out to win with a team. If he wants to win figure he goes to Denver the cardinals of the bills and how many teams are in the running for Kirk five if you include the jets and browns. I'd say it's more than five I'd say it's ten. And I think. Am I wrong to fight if I I don't wanna be like a jerk here are you Debbie downer. I'm not gonna include the bills and if he wants to win Buffalo's on the list to deal. If he wants to win Minnesota it's a nerd is well aware of really short list yeah very shortly there's usually teams that don't have a quarterback. But don't win all that often. How many teams are right let's look at that the potential suitors for cousins Denver even Denver they are coming off a 511 season where their defense. Dropped. Yup it did their defense has been their strength it was not as good as it was a couple of years ago it's. The cardinals had a bad year I'm in the and the coach and the quarterback are both gone right you still have been bills bills might be a decent candidate but I don't. I don't view the bills as. Cousins comes here because he wants to win here Amber's going through the NFL standings to seeded teams that might want Kirk cousins and who would be on it's it's. It's Minnesota. Who else who gets no bills to note teams that you've got to go. That causes going their because he wants to an art team that would would be akin Kirk cousins ready and I'm gonna start from the AFC east. Bills in output among that list the jets you're not putting them on that list. Odds are you're saying teams work consular zealous and can win I'm going there because I can win there before that let's just go to how many teams will be interest yeah okay that's fine Miami no no bills jets. Yes sure can't buy you AFC west Broncos yes three no raiders know chargers should note chiefs. Steelers know ravens. I don't think so yeah I don't know I think is Demi that unless they just were just cut Flacco and go it's time to move on the angles now. Can't that's our boy Andy Dalton you can't get into an adult browns shirt yes that's correct for. Caring Jack's titans colts and Texans know that divisions sat the jags well I shouldn't run to Jack your rejects could be they could they could cut. I bright. Five what's his name portal will issue five okay. Eagles cowboys Washington giant no no nobody there I don't think the giants would spend a 140 million dollars anchor 'cause they did they were draft the guy. Vikings sure Detroit no Green Bay no Chicago now. So what are we at 60 yeah saints. Looked like breeze out and be back Panthers falcons blocks. I so six CE run into the problem if you are race Dodd. Cornerback. A lot of a lot more teams want you. Then a stud cornerback quarterback it's a big contract in his big country prices means you've got you got some great teams that are on different time lines like. Kirk cousins might be better than their car but their car sign now and you know the raiders are gonna. They're gonna of rules there are car for a couple of years and see dollar echoes the ravens in any mention them but he Dong riding with Joseph Flacco or. You know yeah you should have looked up dead money and stuff like that the same could be said for Andy Dalton well what about the chargers they know they have to move on at some point from Philip Rivers but is this the movie you would make you would be more likely to say. Let's see if we can where they at seventeen I think in the draft but if we can get a quarterback I don't know that they would. Philip Rivers is not done right now they're not gonna turn around and go they Kirk cousins how would you like hundreds of the million dollars up thanks. But that's the thing about it if you're on that timeline yet the ravens have like 28 million that cap with a couple Lycos looks like it happened. If if you're on the timeline where like the chargers you're more likely to say are able reversal played out a draft got behind him. You're the only time you'd be in the cousins kind of camp is if you. You just don't wanna do that you don't have a guy actually if you the bills you don't have a guy and you might not be able to get a guy. Think that's the second right the second part is the key part. With a lot of guys don't have a guy it's how do you get them are you in a position to get him. Cleveland doesn't have to necessarily break the bank for Kirk cousins they got the number one pick in the draft so they can get their guy. You know the giants even to say a lesser extent. The jets in the Broncos Broncos and jets I should say Denver five jets at six both teams are all in position. To get a guy they would probably love in the draft so maybe they don't look at it and say we've got to spend a ton of money on Kirk cousins as I said I think. You know the whole thing about. We're gonna find out if he wants money or he wants to win. I think there's one team if if Minnesota is willing to give him. Maybe it's not the highest contract in the NFL maybe it's who knows maybe it's less than drop low but still upon a money. If Minnesota's singed and Kirk cousins they're willing to pay him a three that's a no brainer. You know I I I would go and go and he look he's been in the NFC right so he's familiar with the conference he's not. Changing over to the AFC knows all the teams over the other conference. He unless he thinks why don't wanna be in the division and Aaron Rodgers but it's still not like you're going in the division with Tom Brady who has on the AFC east for seventeen years I. I think there's one team on the list of guys if you want to go where he can win that's sure the bills made the playoffs. OK but I I don't know that you look at the bills and say their employees. We're glad they ended the drought but quite honestly look at that roster there's holes all over the place and it was Sean McDermott you know we're we're. I think a lot of people are happy with what happened in year one which Sean McDermott. But they're still questions about his his in game decision making I'm sure there still people who are angry he benched. Tyrod Taylor for Nathan Peterman and now. So there's still plenty of questions even though the bills are coming off a playoff spot you wouldn't I wouldn't put them in the category of oh yeah I'll let that I wanna win buffalo yeah it Buffalo's definitely. Definitely missed the playoffs next year. You know they they got pretty big X they are pretty lucky. The couple lots of snow game to the colts you know they got Indy Dalton fourth and whatever would have been. Throws touchdown pass or else the ravens win that game of the bills don't and the drought so I would not put the bills or anybody in that the jets or any of those other teams in that category Denver I guess would be my second choice. Because there but but again you know pure and up. Pretty good division. With a defense that might be going backwards so I I think there'd be number two behind Minnesota and address those guys stroman. You just lay the south would text or German rights and went 97 made the playoffs for the 31 ranked offense mature for 31. In large -- apart because Tyrod how are you guys not including the bills is team he'd come to to win. I'm not saying he what if the if the Bill Simon he's gonna say he's here to win if I am. An impartial observer. At cornerback looking at the teams that want to win but looking at the teams that woods would sign me in the vikings are very clear. Want to win really appealing yeah and I think the Broncos are higher than the bills even old I would say that even though they had fewer wins. And I would say the Broncos are higher I don't win by the way. If Jacksonville calls they go up to the top of the list with Minnesota sure that's that's 88 top of rank that he spent a super strong running game at Jackson wants Kirk cousins. In that division even with a healthy Andrew Luck. I think Jackson will be a great place for Kirk cousins if there and should paying and that kinda money you know like I if I'm cousins I'm I'm thinking I'm going in right away and I'm winning that division. But the more on we're talking of this more than bills kind of sound like. A good spot it would make sense on a couple of levels just for time lines for cousins timeline for their own timeline for the coaches timeline. If you were imminent there to open up the browns have org. Mean the jets I don't that the jets are hard devoid of talent can ask your question with the bills sure OK I also look at the browns are far away from winning the bronze at a pretty good defense. The bronze went on sixteen I know but. I just I don't do they're a position to do put oil that division that Baltimore's come down in that Roethlisberger is at the end of his career in that if you get things right in Cleveland you can turn around and get to the top of the division. I don't know cousins thinks about this and I do. What about the division like I as they set a moment ago at Jacksonville calls and I'm Kirk cousins. I'm going their thinking. I'm going to win the division next year and I've got a pretty good grasp on and I think even with Shawn Watson in Houston and JJ watt coming back. I feel really good about my chances look at Kirk cousins at the bills call this Kirk cousins staying. Well now that the bills have meat were beating out Brady. Well I mean you're still if you're if the bills are calling and you wanna win you're still look at a public all okay yeah but that now we're pocket wild card. When what are the chances Kirk cousins is the difference between the bills actually being. A legitimate threat to beat Tom Brady and win this division I don't think that's the rates. So if I'm cousins I'm going to a team where I'm looking at a going I have a narrowed chance of making the playoffs it is a wild card spot. Until Brady and or ballot check retire. I just wouldn't put the bills are high on the list it in terms of a place for you know you can win yeah I forgot about Jackson's life just. Keep forgetting that maybe they would walk away from portals that if I'm cousins I hope the jags in Minnesota both called my agent. Cousins to Minnesota there's attacks and good luck 'cause the Minnesota helps the bills with a draft because it puts two of the three vikings quarterbacks on different teams. Thank you play this out little bit we've been hoping cousins goes to the jets or to the Broncos because then they'll draft a guy. I'm not sure if he goes to them the vikings let's they are that means Keeneland and Brad for bolt out and they keep Bridgewater workers the Contra thing. This keen M prevented teams from drafting when I don't think so though and his act as well rapper present injury prone. And you look into reproach Bradford would prevent me from draft he has a history of injuries death and recurring injuries on the same injury I. I would still go get a guy I would look at either of those guys it's might. My tenure answer at the positions take take quarterback you're in your your war room your draft room whatever you've got to board up your saying. If you take if you get Sam Bradford case scheme are excuse me yes Sam Brad order. Case keep him are you turning to your your scouts your personal people going OK fellas take quarterback off the port we're done we're not having considering quarterback now. Both are nice guys those faults same thing if you got nick foals I'd wouldn't look at nick falls as my tenure answer and say. Maybe I wouldn't maybe we don't in the first round but well and that case that figure out of the question now we're talking about really or maybe maybe you wouldn't do it in the first round may be one of those teams to look at it and say. Were you know we like case keep them we don't have to Denver doesn't Denver got case keyboard the jets you know what. Not an elite level guys but we'll make it work with him and we don't need to use five or six now on a quarterback I don't know. I'm not sure if that would if that would completely taken out of the mix Mike writes in one of cousins once the challenge of beating Brady twice a year and I think that's a pretty specific thing to want a guy a me personally. I wouldn't do it. But then again that's me Mina funeral for people who write and he we he wants to win it all that stuff. Would you go into a division that has been owned by a guy for seventeen years. And is gonna retire eventually. But if if he's if he plays still as mid forties he's got four more years left I I just don't think that is a factor for dialect they might not. I think about it they might not. But I think you know that that does limit your chances if you're going to seed the division to do the same team which has basically happened here. All right time of the game show that included Kirk cousins a few weeks back guests the prospect. Yesterday was Jim McMahon. I thought some of the ones that we did last week. And I forgot them again I wanted to tell you the guys that you missed I have little complete list miss you miss Trent Dilfer yes he's the law Trent Dilfer was offered short never would got we got an audio clue that's where milk hyper says in my. Raved that the colts or who drafted him that bait he was all upset that the COLT passed on passed on Trent Dilfer that's right the colts passed on Dilfer took somebody else and that's when he ripped into the colts on not knowing what the draft is about is still neck and yeah. I sort of when I guess the prospect. All right here's the number 13 guys from the station to gas the prospect. I was the prospect prospect who got drafted in the MLB before starting college. However I decided to play college football instead of pursuing a baseball career. Item being a four year starter in college story for nearly 8600 yards and 79 touchdowns. My first three years of school we're seller going 33 and three in three bowl wins I also ended up finishing as the top five Heisman finalist is a junior. My senior season was a struggle at times story for the seventeen touchdowns and 23 interceptions and my draft stock dropped. Despite the drop in my sock I ended up being eighty late first round pick in the NFL draft. That John David Booty. Late first rounder based drafted by Major League Baseball organization before he went to college. When was Drew Henson drafted. I don't think Drew Henson was a first round for round. No he was drafted and you supposed to be really good and you never panned out. Late first round pick there are greatly. No I would but it was Chris Weinke drafted. Then. He didn't have a band was a year though I don't think they were you on the highs refusals like twenty won the Heisman yeah he won a Heiser got it back. Annan had so I guess I would have anyway but go ahead and if it's wrong externally to late first round quarterbacks are singing the basic all Teddy Teddy Bridgewater was a late first round quarterback but I don't think get a bad first you are bad final year. 26 search and back the memory banks who's taken late first round. It's easier over the top the first round of the end the first front as were it's difficult. He. No car would have been top of the second ranked their car or second round. I don't know Tim Tebow old did not have a bad final year that's from Ron tweets that in. You said guys senior year was what more interceptions than touchdowns right at a terrible senior. This time next clue might my guess is Drew Stanton and that's wrong right after Stan. He answered. Yes to weapons and old drew terrible wrong Chris lanky. Like credit remember Chris Weinke play baseball. I think he wished her preacher were drafted a guy that OK here's the number two. On the day I was drafted I became visibly ill when I was taken after a quarterback that ended up playing a 129. Teams in the league and finished as a below 500 career quarterback. In my rookie season I started the season it was a and I became physically ill. I was I was seeing as obsessively L I was upset OK yes society because. Because somebody was straight ahead of mean. Ended up being a sub 500 yeah a bomb. OK okay and you wouldn't know when he was a sub 500 dollar not a dime of what he was up visibly upset that this guy like what you're up there before me got jumped right. In mice rookie season I started the season as a back up. But took over the starting role by week's six I was selected to probe all my rookie season after throwing for over 2200 yards and loving games. And was named rookie of the year. Over the next five years I led the league in passing four times and made a Super Bowl appearance the senior I was named the MVP. I also led the league in touchdown passes for three straight years during for a combined 122. Touchdowns. Are so this is not brand and we we got a lot of Brandon we can tax. The guy I want an MVP award and made the Super Bowl saints got to be Aaron Rodgers I suppose baseball are now. May be Aaron Rodgers first round pick upset in. As a guest from Texas I really think those characters. We also did Aaron Rodgers already in gets and we did a Super Bowl MVP. Note that no MB regular season MVP and then made the Super Bowl. And Little League in passing for years and are 44 years four out of five years as VP. What this is had more interceptions than touchdowns as a senior and a senior in college. All right how about. Written and a felon VP. Late first round. When I was home. One is Rich Gannon. Drafted. Rich Gannon was an NFL MVP. Yeah. He let it could it lead league in passing mobile congress. Story. Rich Gannon. He's a tough one. Three when they get there getting here Matt Ryan RA's third overall. Whaley first Robinson. Dimmer and dimmer known Cameron wouldn't play baseball aren't the and Dan Marino. Every don't you know I was drafted for Major League this fourth round by them so easily royals I 1979. I didn't get a job get treated in Dan Marino I didn't realize you presented he's late first round we have lets your reason my immediate but it immediately appeal and made a Super Bowl right. In Marino for. So the best baseball arguably the best passer of all time one's seventeen touchdowns and 23 interceptions as a senior at Pitt well yeah. And what the Clouseau would have had it was just use the last quarterback taken in the cards for the rest. Draft classes vault on what was his completion percentage zone a couple of channel. We just pour overall these stats and they go here's one of the best ever and the he was terrible this final season your season got it here he completed 57 point 6% while passes 5757%. Is legitimate number I get as a reason not to draft Lamar Jackson as Josh Allen to. I Josh what's Josh Allen's career completion percentage Wyoming is in around 5758%. Hit a I think Marino 58%. In his senior year 57 as a as overall. You can't draft that guy. Dan Marino was drafted ahead of Don Mattingly Josh Allen is 856 point 2% completion percentage passer and in his career Wyoming. Meant to go to one. Dan Marino right Paul Hamels and up next as we wait further sabres to go scorched earth with a couple trades at Emory ranked. Got Al's got a new start you offer she ready Don Mattingly was drafted nineteen rounds after Dan Marino cool in the baseball draft. Paul Hamels CN. Either beat reporter Kirk a team that has known over and it's. So ridiculous how many people he has blocked on Twitter over the most ridiculously stupid thing continued to grow up keeping it a little bit. Don WGR. Sports Radio five it's. Paul if I think polls gonna go slow a couple of easy rules one don't swear hurt it and don't make fun of players they get hurt. And then no no cracks about Iowa State. And may god I think he's got to separate the rules for me thought I got evolution and I've got one rule to come to Twitter which is if you van blocked and I may say that about myself as well you probably deserve it. I like when people like when someone's block they go the other people on the station to ask us to help continued on block that. Families involved stuff Paul at a moment because he'll be at the arena tonight sabres playing Tampa 7 o'clock. The lightning played last night so the moderate other loss to Toronto for three Arizona beat Chicago if you care about that stuff. Commission is speed Fairfield 8163 degrees and a tie for first in the Mac. With writer at twelve and two there's a report the colts will be hiring Jamestown native nick Syriana you as the new offensive coordinator he would work for frank Reich. Olympics Khloe Kim seventeen year old Khloe Kim wins the gold in the women's half pipe aerial gold. Won the bronze USS six medals to Alter all all told three goal. US women's hockey team actually checked that they're actually playing right now over ESPN 1520 against. The Olympic athletes from Russia to his legacy is up one not the auspices of warm up game. Towards discount discount countless countless other hour right yeah preliminary round grade B Finland together they've close game yet colosio that you today against the way our quick thing about Khloe Kim. The youngest break youngest American to medal she was. She would have metal may be in the last Olympics but she was too young she was thirteen and they didn't wanna purchase again in the Olympics amazing story if I choose that good Dexter or right side I watched her first she fell on the second run I didn't hear her but her first run. Shorter overnight three she was phenomenal so does the stuff she was doing in half by open. Seventeen that's great. Coverage of current 2018 and WGR brought you by north West Bank make the switch to northwest to get back to letting. And by your local Geico agents Tim lynch in tunnel under Scott Altman and west Seneca Paul's on the eighteenth tee up like you he'll also block you can make fun of its flow. I've learned that over the years to life idol try to make fun of that good morning mr. Hamilton area of Florida when the the day I joined Twitter block views he regrets want to thank you Craig I think if I appreciate that. It's not that I'm special think of all the Fuzzy pictures you've messed act okay so we're clear everything. Like water true right she becomes our bowl like got the shakes it's not my problem sheiks already I do Paul I don't know why just that I have the shakes adventure with the deal is far from about at all. No I was gonna say if you. Check out Paul's article he's got article up will bring this up in the discussion Jeremy can chime in with which you and ask him but Paul's got an article up WGR 550 dot com if you're. Needing a little pick me up when it comes to the sabres who isn't these days read Paul's article about what's in the system that the it'll make you feel better. How come they haven't made any trades yet. We're waiting who did you know. And make some trades. And if he's got well it was two weeks yesterday's. Is total oh almost two weeks to to do it so you need a partner. And there're some teams that don't know what to do it yet. They don't know they're buyers sellers. You know it so you know some some teams you're waiting on that and botched might be waiting him that he might not like the offers he has on Evander Kane or something flowing as well. There were three teams that really haven't decided yet what they're going to do before a deadline so why don't we let them decide then maybe we'll get a better offer to have a deal. That's not a good enough interval we want trades we can talk about them on the show what else there to talk about them and trade deadline right now a golf cart yeah but if they make the trade now in their over where opinion or nothing to talk about moving after the double play that make all the trades today. Make the first one today and then you know space and make another one. De La Roche is Thursday may be next week you know just got less space than it. They can make thirteen straight one day until that point six girls haven't I haven't checked the rumor market lately so I did see a story today about Rick Nash. Apparently given the Rangers the list of teams TI he's either got to Listerine can reject it or game made the list of teams he'll accept the trade to. To Ronald apparently one of the teams except the trade to. So does Rick Nash become like the hottest commodity on the market I think very. Probably would be either maybe between him and came running on what what do team needs needs or something like that and also. If you can get Nash off the market at least. That would give fodder oral starting point. You know if if Nash it's treated fairly quickly. Then he has an idea that that's that's the market a little bit so. Tom right now the market hasn't been sat soul. You know that that might work to the sabres advantage of our Rick Nash moves ever fairly quickly. I mention your article I I had a chance to read it. And I did feel better so thank you for posting it. But but you know any basically that the premise is the coverage not bear and Paul writes about the different prospects that are. Some guys are in Rochester some guys are in college you mentioned will Borg and he's going to be playing for team USA. Tomorrow when they open up their Olympic schedule against Slovenia. But Casey Nelson is to god that I just. Never really think of and that's the first name you put in the story why why do you think he's a guy going forward. He was a guy that I least talked about attorney Khamis and they are with the premise of don't give up on this guy yet. I mean because I remember going to a Rochester game last year where and Cooley was playing. And the heat team coolly by far the best two players on the ice that wasn't even close. And higher I remember when he first came up I like some of the things I saw you could tell he was getting thrown around you could tell you need to get stronger coming out of college. But. And he's done that mean he's worked on that to make himself stronger and you know with Chris Taylor in Rochester this year has done a great job with the prospects are. You know he's really blossomed and he got the opportunity to command first two games didn't go real well but he's got this footing he's got his confidence and in other big games he's played twenty minutes a game he was going up against the best players and Tarvaris. And you see he's he's very liberally well I mean with a Bristol line is having his problems since the all star break. He's been paired with scandal mean going out there against the other teams are better players. And doing pretty well with. Outside of truly is their next best bet are among the players who were still or currently in Rochester or even. I'll open up to the whole system as you mentioned Morgan is there next best that beyond goalie. I Morgan might be one of those guys he plays an awful lot with Saint Cloud and I did get a chance to see him play against the eventual. National champion Denver team last year. And he just played it on it had you been over thirty minutes he was on the ice and scouts just raved about him how good he is in the next thing you know he makes the Olympic team. And that couple college players made the Olympic team but it was like a a lot of them did. So that's how much you know they really liked him in you know he was a fourth round pick. And if if he were to make the NHL and be. Useful to the sabres. The west fourth round pick has been useful to the sabres was markets fully you know if you if you wanna go before that it be 2005. And Chris Butler. And that is one of the reasons why this team is where it is. It's not because it hit the number one picks oil is partly because of the number one picks have been up and birdied either. But it's because. You know once they get out in the first rounder too they don't get guys who wind up on the team. And today they were developing them I think the biggest thing is is Rochester they didn't care about Rochester they just let that go by the wayside in. They were developing it wasn't a winning attitude. And all of a sudden bot throw came in the decided you know this was what we did in Pittsburgh. Where the age felt he was a winning team in the developing team. And then those players became Pittsburgh Penguins they kinda came up as a group you remember how. With the lockout manic and and roll way in. Miller in that group all came up common build out costs that they all came up together. And you know that's that's what he's looking for any less than half an off season. He's been able to turn Rochester I know they confiscated the little bit lately bedroom you know it doesn't goal. This swimmingly all 82 games but overall. I mean. In a half a season they've got that club bureau. Is. Good draw that both hall and ask you about risk the line and EU three is a terrible game and Phil how's Lee says. Preparation. Maybe maybe it's preparation. Now is he just. Tossing that out there house Lee is not one to do anything to criticizes players publicly but when he says maybe it's a players' preparation. I don't know that that's like antenna up for me a little bit makes me think about. When Jason Marshall I think of of rest mistress flying and you know Marie. Obviously liked him Garcia obviously like them they drafted in the signed to a big contract extension what about Bob trolling in in could risk the light and be someone that. I know they need help on defense of the idea of trading away your top defenseman is crazy but I just one of them out one over all the Blue Line altogether. And if they might have concerns about him in that department in the preparation. They may have concerns and what does that mean does that mean he's now putting the work in off the ice you know. That could be may be what he means that he want he would like to see Bristol wanted to put more work in in on destroying it now apparently there's a number of things that could mean. And so again I think their could be probably concerned that. I don't think botched roll would be actively shopping Bristol line in he's I think they feel that. They probably can get it out of him in and help him turn the corner so. I don't. I'm a little piece of untouchable but I don't think module is seeking to treat him well. It's funny if that Jeremy brought up the overall 'cause as you're talking about Nelson that we spun into Borg and and there's Cooley who we all anticipate will be here. I started thinking I think an overhaul the defense again because they overall this year they brought an end Jeep and they brought in scandalous they brought in volume. George's is going to be gone I don't know what they do about Bogosian but I mean the guy's never healthy. And I was wondering Paul if may or may be Morgan's out here next year but if if it's got to that high on him. You'd think bottles got to be factoring him in short term it's he would be here somewhere would they overhaul we're talking about another what three new starters on defense next season. The probe into Morgan's case and I think you probably wanna get a modest thing clouds stayed after this year because it's his junior year. And you know one of the mass and around what that free agency stuff. Paul no college player role ever want to assign your operatic affect affect. It's itself and I'm Marty got that I know members signed minerals metals that never well right yeah AND well you talk about odds Jeremy whether it would it would have been how many college players have actually taken the route of free agency there have been drafted in the history of the NHL and beyond that go to like first rounder is because usually if if it's done it's done by guy. Think Peterson are these are you able to get him. Pretty much halfway there in the cyclic. Well I can just finish in the do whatever I wanna do which you know makes sense to keep a guy Collins all time. You know he's developing and he's might decide isn't EG which I don't have a problem with but anyway. Near San middle stats case having it's ridiculous yeah it was a fourth rounder. And you know as as I said I think it wanna get a modest saint cloud state this year so a dispute that wouldn't be there. For that would be an option for him. Now if they do get a lot of saint cloud state knowing Bob troll I would think you know they would want him to turn pro and be in Rochester next year. And that did you know just learned a pro game like Nelson has I mean. Nelson. If he's 25 years old I mean he he he they got him out of college and by the way he is assigned Leo. Of Marie I mean Murray got CJ Smith he got that and I Nelson coming out of college. There were other teams that one of those players and he was able to get them to sign in buffalo so. You know Murray had his detractors that he had its problems but it was it all back I mean it was like every single thing he did was awful. There were some things he did that the that are gonna help the sabres down the road to. Paul's articles up we've only scratched the surface there's a whole bunch of other guys he brings up in the discussion. There in the article I should say so glad check it out it WGR 550 dot com thank you mr. Hamilton and thanks for unblocking me on Twitter. But I did I don't remember doing it I'm anticipating and do that today Paul because that person kind of disregard that type of thing and I'll pay you. They care thanks Paul Paul brought to us on RE TT hotline by. Woolsey and NG Buffalo's workers' comp attorneys working hard for hard working western New Yorkers my Texan that Al Roker on The Today Show introduced the US hockey team. And introduced Bobby Gionta. Close he got beat be in the first now it and says plucky underdog story group a rag tag guys that shouldn't be here like give his name wrong. He got you got the right did he could it. Gotten that could call them Stephen Gionta. That probably is better. Then Bobby GO yes a colleague and maybe he's got a stomach ulcer by your brother's name like yeah I know what you meant you know why am maybe it is a younger Gionta there is no doubt. Alia my parents called me by my other Brothers name my mom has to go through like the order and I'm thirds at Steve Jeff Howard but by that I can I do really quick release liner notes could become an off. And put it relates to dance. It's like when Pierre McGuire called Sam Reinhardt CME Reinhart nobody in this earth called Sam Reinhart Sammy Reinhart. San Sampson pierce got that special relationship with compel apparently cut the cut to close this stop don't stop calling Sam Reiner Sammy Reinhart. When we get back the one on one like holiday football outsiders in from the one about. We have one about Alia a center and I'll shoot the Marlins did I'll do my yearly this is who the sabres should offer sheet and they want to write you have a serious wind I've got a stupid line it's not something the Marlins decided to do or not do next season. Ben Baldwin football outsiders coming up at top of the hour on WGR. It. But he is now known he would opt out he injured a lot. But we hear yeah yeah. And the guy. Here I don't care to me you'd all be better protect you in aggregate what. It's not it could offer. Did you eat like we didn't work its victory. The lack. Not know it. Our white aligned holiday brought about the Amerigroup why maybe that we're 21 of the week is set to read a 120 in the Scott OO to 699 for a 750 milliliter bottle. You can see all of mayors would be specials at their wives dot com it's also brought to buy. Premier gourmet buffalo is craft their destination if too quick wiser than you can do your trick one I'm gonna whine about me. Not when we're talk about Kirk cousins and destinations I left out an entire division. I forgot to bring up the NFC west which includes Arizona so then that's another plus so someone emailed me and said we forgot the FC west that's on me so that's at least seven. Possible teams for Kirk cousins the other line is what do they lamented their mascot race. They have a sea creature mascot race they decided to drop yeah basically Derek Jeter has bought the Marlins or been a part of Marlins simply to destroy them from within. Hate. The mess. Mascot races sausage races mascot races president's race is a slow and why did it and Billy the marlin race against three other mascots I don't know how. And you go ahead that's one of Billy the marlin is in the on the races now he doesn't seem that there but if you're doing a race if you wanted to do I don't know doer rates were below the Marlins it I don't care act like races it's fun it's funny. I love it it's good I hit sort of things I enjoy when wanna see. With the various Pittsburgh Washington Milwaukee wherever they are now bonds obviously my line is this I got a tweet from. Zach who wrote in. The with a with a link to it Willie Neil Lander goal that like offer sheet. So here's my yearly plea. Yes please NHL teams and please don't let the Toronto Maple Leafs have so many good players for Sochi where there are negotiate. Push. The leafs. They have all right face status would need Lander Matthews they're gonna have to pay Matthews it's on the Lander he goes to this offseason. Will be in our FA. And yes the sabres should offer him a ton of money. And forced police to matches rekindle the robbery appealing Chris good Chris Ballard after the after his press conference and just like. Well rivalries back out again he had 61 points last year he's on pace for more than that this year he's picked up his game there's little to trouble. One point. Offer sheet offer sheet. Willie knew Lander absolutely somebody. Please. You are in competition gentleman. You are trying to beat the leaks if they match it that means they can't sign somebody else because you pushed the price up. The top gonna hate competitive sports would be competitive with good news shake hands and say I won't push Hewitt and contracts. Better forget it that's tomorrow that it summer actually offer sheets mile and of course not that you're gonna say forget it there. Of course. Pay for your break you know reasonably Smart tactic to push her opponents or give a great player at a price of you know what the first second third round pick which isn't even that much. You would definitely trade off first for we knew Lander and then put the fire for you to trade up for second and third formula under which take it you know. Sherwood. Commodity trade Joseph firsts he's really good then you can play with a brother and well Lisa this match all day perfect now the elevators if that's your now they're paying more than they want to do you're gonna mess up their salary structure because they have to pay Matthews and if martyr makes that more chillier counterpoint. Let them pay him like Nikita could drop as Macon four point six million dollars a year in Tampa because nobody had. What it took to challenge Steve I've children. Before we get to break we are going to be talking football in a moment with the Ben Baldwin from football outsiders but we are close to selling out the roast. So if you don't have your tickets you do not want to be shot out ladies and gentlemen Murti. Cleared out all the VIP tickets and a cleared up we sold out the VIP tickets but you still get in today's event itself. By going to my buffalo perks dot com. Hourly report having a great crowd there on Thursday night Fred Jackson getting roasted I think it's going to be fabulous where we're excited about that. Speakers we've lined up. And it's just it's it's a fabulous night it's the meal at the dinner it's the rose to its hang you don't although W your on air person I was going to be there it's the auction of memorabilia. It's quite the affair if you've been you know what I'm talking about out of that tell you that it's worth going back again but if you have never gone. We still do have some tickets available but I don't want you to miss out so don't get shut out when this events sells out. Go online right now get your tickets take your friend your family your friends whoever you wanna take. My buffalo perks dot com but these celebrity roast of Fred Jackson which is Thursday night. At the grapevine bank.