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Here's presented by James. Concussions said. Welcome to the end to ins investigators against the gators. Cup is Sony announcement I was thinking I was gonna ask you something else river right off the start Andrew Peters Craig survey. We are alive on them easier Sports Radio 515 Imus is a game day to. Sabres are hosting the Tampa Bay Lightning and two of the best players in the game one the most dynamic duo is in the game. Could drop and then goes and will talk about that word live under the age here five if you know MSC. Revs is available on Twitter. Aggravate 52. The show is at the investigators IMAP beside Craig what are you up to you watching and in the Olympics before all. The old Mac there power powering up powering down rebooting yeah in and it's not working but you haven't. I just can't see what I wanna target here well Titus. You said two of the greatest players players in the game in your mistaken on that I didn't say two of the greatest players in the game he said maybe the most dynamic duo in the game. 12 punch their. I think yeah it I know they played together but we're vote that would vote that got its back stop and marina. Not bring it last night we possibly could we BA. Quoting me from yesterday yes I am Hart trophy can Hart trophy candidate. Why not right. I don't he's gonna play it didn't let in the week when last night against the leafs they lost last audience strong. So all in and all seniors and the best goaltenders in the league sometimes political and Batman. Yeah I guess I guess I have higher expectations Writely you wouldn't see Carey Price slip now one and it is in his Hart trophies. Tight season. I that's that that's not true organ have guardians and thirty we can ask him if he's gonna wanna have that one back you know Marty ball always wants to give one back to the goaltender. Write speak and given back to the goaltender I you know I got to go to the grocery store alive so I gotta tie yesterday. And I feel like I don't know I'm I I'm not bragging about this I'm flattered by it but I packed and eleven because it doesn't. It stopped yesterday by a woman at the grocery store talk about our show. You would your computer wanted to hit mute reds got all these pop what's going on right now it's all over the area right now so that lady's stops me at the grocery store. She said I gotta tell you you guys to a great job I sit thank you very much ma'am so what do you like most about the show she said. On my career and he he reminds me of my husband. I said it really in what what are outraged so well here comes. It will Alter. She's very grumpy my husband's very grumpy but he's easier to handle because he's so handsome. That's as that's so are you admitted to me that Craig and her husband are equally is gone people tolerate Craig because he's and be handsome and she said yes absolutely. Actors on my merry way. It is a wonderful time. So I thought I'd share that was the thanks that makes me feels doesn't matter does it make you feel better like does your wife get a little jealously you know Valentine's days writer on the chorus all right you know like this you know what she has access to special and the Chicago. How lucky this year. Like in all I have to imagine that every day's round Tuesday in the today houseful. Very possibly can be. I I came knocking on television or do you have do you make plans for the big day and all you guys have atomic kids run around and you've got a lock going on but I mean do you make time for the special moment or. Are you guys kind of at that point words like. It's so it's mid week I mean I don't have time to do that this economy looked like calendar here yeah. Yet the calendars. Is definitely full time there's no doubt about that. It's. Alright okay so let's make some time here USA women's hockey. Beat them away are not the band. But the Olympic athletes of Russia. And you wonder that hit pats. Who five nothing beat down I've not I think you have the same thing app for candidates who was not was defied nothing I think you have the Canadians beat Russia also thing. I don't know the answer to that question that I watched I watched the rid of the the Canadian baby Finland for one can't. And five nothing beat our narrator yeah. This this this battle is going to be an epic. Battle between the US Pincay and dying to tell you this I I watched a little bit the Canadians play. The Russian team and I'll tie the their hockey that that hockey is still fun to watch. They're very physical they're very skilled these women can play the game they can shoot pass is six very very exciting. It's incredible hockey and they face off against each other preliminary round on Thursday. So it says it's a start time twelve and my time 22 tan I mean that's Tintin. So catch it yeah I would definitely wanna watch that and that's that is that it's always and you don't want in the end. That the thing about the the women's US Canada game is that they know hole. The rivalry there's an old there is no it doesn't matter if one player retires and moves honors and on the team every year every time they play when those four nations cup or wherever they play each other yeah. It is like it is here. Hatred will dinners you 01 there's no pro leagues really for them to go back to a mean there is but they're not making the millions of dollars and it's not the same discussion we have. With the man. In the Olympics is they have these pro contracts these women this is this is there. This is the pothole of their hockey career and they play it like it is absolutely. It lets you be worried about you're wondering assessed I see sports rivalries. Out there sports altogether. Is women's US Canada hockey. Without question because it's been a two horse race for for so many years now. Yes there are some comfort countries that have made huge strides you look at Canada played death Finland. And beat them 41 they used to be Finland ten nothing in fifteen nothing. That country there's countries that are really starting to develop women's hockey. Right Palin. You know either even rusher right now Sweden there there's an inert I noticed on our way but you know what no disrespect but for years to come whatever tournament it is year after year world championships whatever they do or whoever they continue to build it will always be a race for bronze you know who golds silvers is you know what that teams who looked like a question. And you should want that game to look like that I mean you should want that will push other countries to just try to get better to beat what do you do it's like the way we talk about. Build in the playoff. Format for the NHL you know. Win your division so you have to you have to build your team in order to beat the best team you know and I mean and that's what. That's what did dominance of these two countries does for all the other countries that forces them to get better so you don't get embarrassed night in and and a it's like it could be embarrassing. Well you know what I don't buy my son is my oldest sons and all four. He's in minor bantam and buying and its idea there he plays against some girls not a whole lot of them but some girls out there that are playing. With the boys and its body contact its physical. And I'll player right now there's some girls out there that are absolutely fantastic. On believable they're sitting there they're just as physical as these boys rate now went. Hockey I Q their shots their passing. This is the future of of US hockey and and paying Canadian hockey and you're seeing these young girls develop in. In in the boys' league sky is there there are good enough very very good. Well the thing is to is Canada and US every year they have their favorites for the Olympic gold from the man favors for Olympic gold for the women but this year's wide open for the man. You know and I mean like that's that that's what I had flipping over the men's side of things which starts from not mistaken Thursday I think the US. The US kick off and they play the abuse for a rebate card. Here. And then and then and then I know. They plea tomorrow. They play tomorrow men place slot a Slovenia sold. I should be interest. I should be inched. I don't know anything about the again and you don't know what you're gonna get I would imagine that to be a lopsided game should we not so Rodham I don't know I don't know how how lopsided these games are Brian Gionta is gonna have seven points in this game. Is a beast that idol X. I I don't think so I think that's so this Olympics is going to be. Going to be exciting for a lot of different reasons I don't think you can pick a winner right now I don't think you can pick anywhere from one to six. Yeah you know candidates going to be fairly strong US is going to be fairly strong you don't I think Russia is going to be extremely strong. Because most of the most of those players are coming from the cage almost operating countries Sweden series weekend when they have so many great players playing that Swedish elite league and playing all over same thing in the end. In the Finnish league encounters. Those leagues are outstanding you can see a lot of players currently outburst on the scene in the NHL. I believe that this is of vary vary good showcase for a lot of these players. That get to play on a bigger stage there's going to be a lot of people watching and it if you're if you're a mid twenty type player that's been caught up in Finland Sweden. The Russian leagues and just haven't been able to make the move. If you represent yourself well. I mean your on the big stage in the world right now there's going to be their house to be I I would find it hard to believe that and Amman there next season we don't we aren't talking about some no unknown player. Not a guy that's been in the NH on a cardinal Brian Gionta and I believe he's going to be in the NHL when he comes. When he comes back over to decide but. I mean. Like he's you know you look at the there's going to be storyline is going to be guys that pops on the scene kind of like that look like Chris Lee. That play in the world championship it was like 3838. Years old I'm goes he's dominated the world championships and all of a sudden you know NHL teams are interested. It. So it's going to be a great showcase the oil play that aside believe that there's going to be a couple NHL teams out there that are gonna look at some of these players and say while. He just completely dominated in the Olympics. Under these conditions. This is a guy that we might wanna pick China. Interesting. Should say that Andrew Peters Gregory vague and the gators relied on WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSG interesting you should say that this is a guy that we might wanna take a look at as Jack back allow lineup Tampa Bay in the lineup you know there's going to be scouts in the house. To watch and see what the sabres have to maybe pluck off the roster for playoff run. Gap or a key piece I mean there are some teams out there that are looking. Jack's out so I mean these guys I think this is going to be different hockey team I think they have to play don't you have to play different. When you lose this player a year or 21 minute a night guy who he listened he's been possessed in the pocket time. And thank all over the ice so I mean there's a lot of ice to go around but I guess. This is gonna be different hockey team that we see tonight in the savers especially against a hungry Tampa it's yeah I let our team that plays its neighbors. I'm talking constantly repeating. Is that the kind of year it is that time you're dead Tampa Bay's looking at this as redemption from last night and maybe to free points and I don't ever wanna be viewed like that that's about it it's not a good way to be viewed here player on the team. Yeah you know I a I think when you what happened when Jack came out last game. Bunker at two games eagle on Boston. Ryan O'Reilly played more and then into. Last game Ryan O'Reilly played 2648. As a forward. That's insane amount of minutes. To be logging in and Ryan O'Reilly for the stretch run here with Jack go to lineup he's gonna be relied on quite a bit to up play a few extra minutes. But is it gives like we said before an opportunity. For some players. To try and take a bigger role. And this is what you want when a big player goes down like Jack cycle you can't go and replace some. But you have to go and show that you can be a big part of this team moving forward in this is a great opportunity for some guys. You say some guys but let's focus on Ryan O'Reilly specifically I mean if you look at it. It's his team now. If Jack's off to the side I mean you talked who's that who's the one guy that if were in the locker room. And you're young pop and you're not you know 34 year old Gregory pay you look you're looking around or your eyes are right on Ryan O'Reilly. Yeah he's he he's a guy that could very easily be an option for captain he's a guy that is now starting to put points up he's playing really well at a slow starts of the season. But I mean he's a guy that I think right now is going to be looking at this saying OK look for short time this is going to be my team. I want and I listen and directory to wheel routes that I want him to feel that way. Players that you need to guided do that pars and a rumor also gonna be looking for guidance yours some youth in this in this locker room you're going to be looking for guys to step up. You need some of the older guys to step up guys like Ben pulley on this is his time. To really establish himself. In a bigger role more minutes we need him to step up he's a thirty year old guy he's played in these situations he's lost top players on his team before. We need guys like that that really step up we need Sam to continue to do what he's done. And the past ten games because he has played. Probably. As as good a hockey as he's played all year long in the last ten games we need him to continue to try and elevate his game. This might sound completely twisted and it's not intended to but it did. Like Jack's absence should I don't mean make guys happy but it should excite some guys because there's new opportunity. There's available opportunity for a guy like Julio ought to mean you don't think that you'll think that a guy like pool and god knows it goes into a game he's having half fast game that he can. They just get sat in you can give a few more minutes to Jack gave a few warm and it's to a guy that's going. I mean I don't have that option now there's no looking down on the bench and saying like. While we're down by two hopefully jockey rev a sub getters within one or an outline I mean there's none of that I mean now is it kind of is an. I see this and I don't know that I don't know. Unless you've been put them in an op in a position to take advantage of of an opportunity to really identify it by. This is of this is a time where I think guys concede even Larson a Gergen says in the absence of Jack. Should it puts spotlights on so many other players think we're all so attending including your defense including your entire. Team defense and how Phil how we coach is a game and how he manages the bench he manages ice I mean. A lot changes when your star player goes down especially when your plan against a team like Tampa Bay who. Let's be honest they have the ability to come out of the play on fire tonight put up six or seven goals. Well I think specialty teams are gonna be key for the sabres with no question because you know if you're gonna be in the box you're gonna pay. You're playing against the number three power play in the National Hockey League they're loaded everybody knows what the Steve stamp coast to draw off the master cough. You know Victor Hedman on the point Tyler Johnson he's got Tyler Johnson you can just go down the line they are loaded. With offensive skill that's why they're third in the National Hockey League. If the sabres are in the box ticking on discipline penalties like they did last game they're gonna pay. But if they can play five on five it gives them a chance to at least try and you know. Play well but you're looking at a Tampa Bay lightning team that's been eating teams up all year long five on five. This is a big task for the for the sabres tonight let's not mistake. When you when you lose your your your top player. You can't replace them. But I believe that when and I've been through this before when you lose top players. Everybody seems to. Be more engaged in the game because you understand that your your missing a big guy like Jack and you're not relying on them. You are now saying OK I've got to do my job. And be a little bit sharper and sometimes teams have have more to the more success when the top players out. Canes a guy we're we're talking about the game tonight Tampa Bay's in town 7 o'clock park drop you can see the pregame show with Marty and offer. At 630 can actually catch Marty right here 1030 going to be joining us with the morning skate update down a key banks and we're gonna find out what the lines are. Probably gonna see Robin -- in that other goalies have gone down around the league there are some tenders needed around the league maybe this is a guy that they might key in on. But of entertains a guy I mean he's just got to continue to try to play through whatever points slump he's in it and just play a physical brand of hockey. With Jack out you're gonna need a lot more pressure on nine skating and speed is it as as Jack goes you lose speed in your lineup but canes a guy that I mean in game like tonight that can add a huge impact. Weather is on the score sheet or not is he can play tough against all these all these star players Tampa Bay's got a ton a star players. Very little push back type guys that yeah that he might want Cain should be licking his chops as saying I wanna be. Bullied and where you elect Cain has been a little bit snake bitten he hadn't played his best hockey in the last couple weeks. You could see the emotion when he scored the other night. To bring it to 54. He was just off winter there are a lot of his way to the world you know. I've entertain just needs to Oden play his game everything else will work off how he'd. All the little details that he does his fore check the physical maladies that going to the net getting himself in scoring areas he's going to be playing probably with Ryan O'Reilly. For that adoration until Jack comes back and if they can find some chemistry and Italian Ryan Riley's one of the best playmakers and passers in the game. This week if we could see some fireworks because you know he you also have a Evander Kane. That is now on the number one power play. He's gonna be given an opportunity to play on the number one power play with the top guys and I think that could be a factor too since December 22 it's been about. One need 22 games for Cain but it was fourteen games prior to the Boston game. Where he had scored a goal in fact when we talked about this it was like twelve games or something without a point or something like that but. He needs Z heating up at the right time he could become if he keeps. If he keeps going few more points few more goals big performance now attracts absence. He could become a top rental. And he's gonna be given more opportunity he's going to be on the number one power play he's most likely to be playing on the off side. Are in the one timer situations so. This is this is something that. You know Vander is is probably licking his chops right now. He's licking his chops to be given a bigger opportunity. To play first line power play he's going to be the big boy line that's going to be put out their score goals. But we need him to perform if you don't have your top players performing offensively. They may get in trouble here operate out misses this is. And listen let's be honest view where every gets treated to if he gets traded but you have to assume he's getting treated but it. He's not going to be playing with Jack Geico. I mean he's not going to be playing with a guy even close to Jack's talent means or doesn't he have to show. I mean if your wife the looking I don't know the lineup here on daily pays off as accurate an operative came with a Riley imponderable lost Marty in about ten minutes here that's gonna stick. That's a third line on a solid team. That's a third line. Talent forget about payroll talent you know on a third are on on assault team takes Saint Louis for instance. Right that's the role McCain's gonna be playing those of the players he's going to be playing with. So without Jack in the lineup you get to see what Cain is all about without even knowing isn't playing them. For awhile anyway. You know they can still you know be on the ice the same time but there's no Jack for him now I think it's in the is a great opportunity for him. We use that word again just to show what he's all about. And O'Reilly in a Riley's playing well too I just think I just think this is the guy that is going to get you the most of the trade. Who is that Cain. No question I mean no question that he's gonna be moved I don't think that's it's it's not even it's not even a question mark key he will be moved. And I I'd be interested in knowing how many new more moves. That Jason botulism is is looking to make so when you look at the trade deadline and all the list of the trade players. He's not looking at those guys analyst Jason marshals looking at future considerations. You know draft picks trying to continue to build the war chest of players. Who's going to be up and coming. In the future. But we need of an hurricane right now without Jack cycle. We need him to step his game up we need Ryan O'Reilly to continue to duke is he's he's been playing pretty well we need samurai and heart to continue. To stay sharp and and be a factor out there is I think he's played exceptionally well. You know Gergen send Larsen and Tyler postal could be a line. For this this upcoming game. You know we need them to be we need to we need offensive output from somebody. But we also need to play real solid defense because were world obviously without Jack we're depleted offensive team. But if you play real strong defense keep things as close as he can I think that we have the guys that can get this thing. Still think Cain is the opera poplar right now I mean we just on the list of ten guys on the list in nine of them. Left wingers the other one is right defenseman he's ranked second overall in the build tree yeah that might that might and might it might green. Listen there's there's a lot of there's a lot of very interesting. Players on on on trade list. And and again there's a lot of left handed shots like. You know Evander Kane Patrick maroon Mike Coffman grabbed her. Like grab owners got 2324. Goals Max catcher Eddie we know he's been thirty goal scorer for the last five or six seasons now. There's a lot out there I mean these are all left handed shots that are in the top ten. Jeff Skinner. Now on the market. That's interest. Very interesting that the big thing with him is he's he's still gonna be restricted free agent. I how much you gonna have to pay Jeff Skinner. In a long term contract. Yeah because might produce offensively playing in the long term contract and here's the kicker you have Casey mills that probably coming in next year cheap labor. You know I mean yeah there's. Jeff Skinner is absolutely the kind of guy is not kind of guy he wants to on the wing with Michael in right hurt next year. Yeah absolutely yeah Howard I call your candidate you have paying a bit a lot of money for him. He's produced offensively quite a bit in his career. How much pain. How much you know have to pay him yeah. He's coming off a five point 75 million dollar deal if you go look up his statistics. He's he is. He's you know. He's done he's faired very well. In the last number years producing goals. He's he's a very dynamic player but in today's game he's only 25 years or feels like Jeff Skinner been in the league for fifteen years sixteen goals and 33 points if you. Last year you had yeah your last scenario really you know are really you know Libya that are really last year hit BP. 3737. Only 37 okay who is the leader last year in goals 44. Because he draws 44 now you need to hear how you understand how inconsistent and he's been hurt. He's inconsistent anger anyway how much you really you know pay this guy so he's he's having it down here in a contract year's minus 21. I mean so like I wanna try to lower that price as much as possible so I'm just trying to sort of the against the mean I don't know what he's looking at. Six million dollar players you seven million dollar player. Could you afford to have them on here I mean you look at what Chicago at a Pittsburgh as on their roster when they won. They have their ten million dollar player in. Malkin he's nine point seven. You have year nine million opener Crosby's eight point seven. You know six million dollar plan castle you've got a high prices on Christie go high price in. Your goal is that almost four million ain't. You've got the tang at seven you've got another coal for you got ego. Listing guys on there. But why can't why could they afford to this is exactly the type of player that you want to turn which treat me and reform. A tree mile and a right now for word Jeff Skinner right now tomorrow morning. Now he has new Lander it's just I know what Skinner is. Skaters left Winger. While he scored a lot of goals mr. Only need to know. He's he ease pretty solid player I just don't know how much you're gonna be paying him he's gonna he's gonna want. A boat in between six and seven million dollars all day long and I just don't think that we we here in the. I would like to do more homework as to why he's not producing offensively is that the team is the injured is he'd been you know and I mean like obviously all those things that wanna figure that out before. You acquire him you have to do that but I guess I'm just saying that that's a guy that is very intriguing because he's an RFK. Yeah because it not for that kind of money. That's it that's just me I know we had a great season last year 63 points and he had 37 goals. But. Wrote his career. He shows that he's kind of in between a what a fifty. And a 6060 point player on average. And this is what I love about our fan base to that listens to our show and they want to prove us wrong. Auto while won't trade Skinner within the division no you're absolutely right auto will not trade Skinner within the division. Jamie you tweet us anytime somebody if you are you are gold. Yup yup Sony's intelligent immunity plays for Carol. There you go lightly and very dog it's all good man we make those mistakes it's what we do around here where the investigators and accountability is part of our brand. We'll be right back Marty here are coming up speaking of accountability we're gonna ask him what his plans are for Valentine's Day you know he's a romantic guy. But the French acts and you know like probably the French why name him. You know he's a very romantic guy with eyes like that he's getting a chat with Josh George is George is probably telling them right now. He plans for well guys do their Marty's. All right when we come back here final Marty's do about times today. Who's in net the lineup all of it right here in the theaters WGR 550 an amnesty. Welcome back to the investigators presented by Deng concussions that are Andrew Peters trigger favored joy laying there on WGR 550 an amnesty by mark damn bare rock and Marty beer on his down on the bench for the morning skate update. And must feel like it's clockwork you know once Marty it's the best the boys know the cameras on. Marty they always watch her show him. No they watch our show but they were definitely listening to rock Iraq. College conversation during the commercial. We're talking about the bachelor last night and it had a couple of guys there and around and make a comment on when daylight included in lake in. What happens during the show so the boys are definitely paying attention to what to what we're stand well let's do. The TV I saw like get it it allows your time just going to dom dom land for about. An hour to where you don't have to just really think about anything real. Well I actually thought two hours show last night as too long like. No I've it was sit down on a house so thin only 8 o'clock comes around we're. We're kind of catch and a bachelor and then I thought at 9 o'clock it was gonna have no it's going until 10 o'clock and it was time for all that you know everybody to go to bed at nine like hey kids let's go. Yet some of them shot I hear so I picked the second half and then I started watching the Olympics because I want know what was gonna happen. So we got two hour show is a bit of a long stretch there for effort a bachelor but. Yeah so I have no idea what happened in the end there I just icing the first hours so lie no spoiler alert here. It's getting to love it done for me Marty I mean there's not enough Cox wrote ruthless girls laugh they're all like are all being too nice ball girl looking for low. He's cap it all the right places as you know the reality TV is the best place to find love. Yes that they're all looking for love and now they're like. These girls are supposed to be like competing against each other and they're all like so how was your Dade Daria yeah feeling about your relationship with and where it. Which aria and all of that and I. Would like there's no way you and I if we were on the bachelorette will be talking about hey PD how's your relationship developing now with. With the girl all right thank you to be like I'm not talking about that which you unlike. During they've fallen off here and get married so I it's it's like getting. A little less a little low and. It the role sciences. In my opinion pat answer affect every single I don't know I mean it to me it's absolutely it's embarrassing and it's getting this time a love on the show to Marty. Let's talk about the game tonight so any pairings. One. No I indeed nothing is gonna change I think that now obviously Phil Housley wants to see RS service line and has got to respond after a bearable. Terrible game probably. Is worse than this season against the Colorado Avalanche it wasn't just on five on five it was on the part ways made some mistakes. Though Achilles made mistakes he was day it is sat down for the last sentence seven minutes of the second period. And in his first shift in the third period got scored against. I scored against litter and entered as well so. Yeah I was on the ice for all five goals against seven of the nine total goals so yeah there was some maybe some. Small positive out of it but it was a bad game for a stolen. You saw his demeanor in the locker room after the game he just basically Duckett said it's on me I need to be way better. I make bad plays then I can't it's it's not acceptable so. That nothing changes Sunday according to what I've got here in front of me you know we're gonna have bull you witnessed the linemen Casey Nielsen. We scored its first NHL goal which is really cool is going to be what Marcos and LA again and and fought in and Victor and keep it together. So that seems to be the same thing now. Up front. It's a completely. A change from what we've seen. Rate now we're according to the morning's game we have been why apple got on the left went all rallied and Sam right art is gonna put it right. We've got event McCain on the left would Ivan Rodriguez and cattle also. We've got that's got Wilson with Larson and common build. And Jurgensen. Would Josephson and that these. I've surrounded ops or a lot of changes up front obviously some some guys aren't Jordan Nolan is. Looks like you'll be the odd man out they can out of line up for me that these. And and Jurgensen it. Went Josephson and that he's going to be on the fourth line so high interest thing this isn't there and we'll see what happens. I like that lineup yup it you know what the lineup actually looks pretty darn god yeah I mean I guess party line which came in hopefuls. Marty you have the number one team in the league coming in their full power they've got all the star studded status. How are these guys preparing for this game isn't that what is the game plan what is what they need to do to be successful. Against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Was deciding game last. I had the Toronto Maple Leafs against the had a Tampa Bay Lightning it was a very fast Bay's scheme. It came down to goaltending in the end. Fredrik Andersson played a really good game but at Toronto Maple Leafs. And it was a 43 game I think that's left Steve for Tampa Bay. And a so so game I mean it wasn't is that he's been so good this year. So that's the big government so you know another change that I haven't even mentioned but. It looks to me like Chad Johnson is going to be playing in that tonight's a night shadows played better of late it started with a nice when in Calgary. I goes in the Boston has a good game in Boston as well so he's gonna get a chance. Against firepower Tampa Bay Lightning here I'm so I mean his job is going to be to be. Just the first tired again at that you want to win this game against Tampa Bay especially since Tampa loss last night in Toronto. I judge Johnson is gonna have to be wanted to doctors stars of the game. To get the sabres a chance at all and cell sites and now. We side against the Colorado Avalanche yet the sabres didn't play a good game to give up at 210. Early in the day endemic in the game pad they were not good at all but in the end. If Robin Lehner makes one more save and save that I've talking about is that analysts fifth call. It was just a nothing shot from the half wall daddy didn't catch what is club. And it fell down for a rebound goal if he makes that save we're talking about maybe a 44 game in an overtime and you know you don't know what happens that saw I think that's what you you gotta get right now you got to get some saves and when they win. It gets saved this court. Four goals a game each of their last three games the sabres did we can't think that's happened a lot busier so they do need that is solid goaltending as well. We are getting the Buffalo Sabres morning skate update with mark and beer Ron sabres host the lightning tonight 7 o'clock part drop sabres game night at 630. On MS she was Marty and tougher Marty are two parts to this question number one. Do we have an injury update. In terms of the severity on Jack's ankle and number two. Yesterday Craig and I had a very heated debates. Supported by some fans on both sides. Curious your thoughts aside your tweet just keep pastor kind of chewed me alive a little bit yesterday. But yeah you you came my defense and guys want to know. I believe they should put Jack on the shelf depending on the severity of the injury for the rest of the season. I'm curious to know your thoughts for first injury update and then now what you think they should do with a. No injury update we got the update from Phil Housley. The morning of the Colorado game it basically actually was in the morning that. In all 430 or whatnot but he basically said it was going to be four to six weeks right now. High ankle sprain it could be more could be lasted all depends how the ankle reacts to treatment. But the second part of your question Beattie. I'm from which you find out when I think. But Jack was heard Whitney left ankle high ankle sprain to start the season and he knows when doing games if you missed a missed when he when games this year. It would be six games left. To do regular season and that is if you know you have figured it a lot more games all it's a much more condensed. Scheduled at it is usually in that started the season so. It misses when he four games he's left with three games right so is that it. OK or is it. You know. Fine with me to let him play the last three games if he's a 100% that's fine. But you'll all that when you're coming back from a high ankle sprain you're 100%. When you come back and eyes Jack was that a 100% when he came back after missing when he won games. I would not put that money I eighth and last it was a 105%. And does that mean. Not only does that allow him to not be eating 23 weeks into it and testing his ankle. Win at about 60%. Just let them heal completely. And look at next year and look. At summer to be able to get stronger faster guy and now and be better for next season. The thing to do is if it's five or six games and he feels like he's pretty good and and genius comes calling anything Jack we want you to play. In the world championship. And it feels like you know it. I wanna get my country is this opportunity and won the world championship. And then your ankle not a 100%. Pressure on Jack but pressure. In on him making decisions so ice conference this season and you take out of the the questioning as well you just let them and yield. And watch the game like players say they learn so much by just studying the game at the you make a sport that's that the coach had that on them in the press box. And build the coaches on the dad's already seeing is that cycle is what the best player in in and likely right now of the different view a different perception think. I have that on them up in the press box for the rest of the season and have them disgusted Siewert this this is although. River. No hold no debate no are you. No because we're ignoring the towel no it's very unlike you well you have to understand I I had the the argument we had yesterday. Was a vote if Jack is a 100%. And they're six games left. 100%. And I would say yes absolutely. But if he's not a 100%. You do not play him. That was the argument yesterday but as you also know that. I mean after that injury being a 100%. It's usually two months. I think it's usually two months may be even more to be a 100% look and as a player. I would tell you this. I broke my collar bone trade deadline day I 201112. Season right so it's like every have to when he twelve. They told me it was going to be ten to twelve weeks ten to twelve weeks my season was over. But in my mind in my head. I was like hey if we get to the playoffs and we make it to the second round there's a chance to. I could be you know ready to play again and I was a back up so you know my season was over and but I didn't want to believe that. And so that's the player's mentality like Jack is probably and I wanna come back I wanna play. Ten games if I can I wanna play two games of my camp but. Really when you are on the other side of things and you can see it with a little bit more perspective. There's no reason just you know and it's not foot by I mean. I wanted to have that discussion receive faster because I wanted to know you know the difference between football and hockey there's a lot there but I just say you know wet. Let's just call it. College spade a spade let's call it quits for the year and let's look at next season and that really start on on the right foot no pun intended. Well it also gives Jason bought thriller an opportunity to really see what he has on this team moving forward. It gives other players are bigger opportunity to step up and play more minutes because. Jack I too was playing 20/20 two minutes tonight or that house to be filled collectively by a number of guys. They're gonna have a bigger opportunity to showcase themselves and that's where you wanna see what guys gonna step up. Absolutely I mean how I look at samurai and hard man was he ever good with Jack and needs to come in net. I had taken the next step right well hey here's a big challenge for Sam stand that I can. Continue. Playing the same way that I've been playing for the last three weeks. And now and be able to do on my own and sold up to me is a very important part of this development. And seeing if he's capable of thinking god next up. We saw Ryan O'Reilly I'd have one of his best game of the year against the Colorado Avalanche so that is a good sign because. Obviously. Or Ryan started the season slowly. But the leadership quality and what he's been asked to do on any given night is is so important to this team so yeah there's definitely a lot that you can. You can learn from and you can just from from the way dead the rest of the team is gonna respond to to Jack's. You know injury and then not being in the lineup. OK Lance romance what he'd do for our Valentine's Day. Why I mean I don't know I'm expecting like. Getting a lot of love from YouTube over the air so you tell me. I mean. From Valentine's Natick. The chocolates are nice and net in owned a dust bomb. Treatment for a little lady that's nice do but you know. YouTube. Movie and you just get you know the popcorn and media you know a glass of wine get the fire Golan. Popcorn in line just like. Barry Franklin and Mardy and chill baby that that's the way it works Netflix and jail. Popcorn and wine. You're one classy guy. With him you know and mice not on the couch. I ever snuck in the back you pick up a new wave back these are our of their body. It. Daycare and I expect glitz and Friday morning from you guys yes look you are you talking anybody later on. I Dem gonna try to get back gates mills and I don't know I got to sneakers vendor I'd try to make that work. But hopefully we can talk to Jason Nelson about his first NHL goal and then you know that that's trip and everything so yeah and I'm gonna try to grab a. Make sure you tell him that the investigators. Did a 10 o'clock form yesterday on the show we actually. Their round of applause for Casey Nelson's first goals of beautiful for schools to make sure you pass that along with some. Enthusiasm. And not pass messages along what you did Kyle post. And enthusiasm. Enthusiasm. That's that's the difference right there whichever one you want Marty as long as non negative how's that. Sounds great okay I'll pass along the message. All right C a Marty thanks. Marty here on in the morning skate update down the key banks that are and good stuff from Marty always and taken off with about served as a surprise is that Marty watches the bachelor. Not whatsoever okay good all right how many get out of here before you start to attack me Andrew Craig thanks Marty will be back any as the gators right. After these messages to be GR Sports Radio 515 amnesty. Hockey talk that she adds this is the investigators. With Andrew Peters and Craig look. Welcome back to the investigators into Peter's Kregg pervade thank you Marty again for the morning skate update lava Marty joined the show and any capacity. Whether to joke on here between you and I having a monitors having him in studio Marty's tree. We're live on WGR 515 Imus humid you're tuning in you probably know that when I got to mention here. Is it Labatt blue pond hockey term in the back with a bit of a twist and it's at river works. If you haven't been here been river you've been to the you know yeah there. You have been there places amazing okay so they have the pond hockey tournament on February 15 the eighteenth. That's this weekend live bands is gonna receivers alumni there here's rock climbing zip lining. On beer. Hockey and listen with a plea in this thing. So play this. It's fine and it's she mean by that it has a little bit of fire to it I mean this is probably why don't play man's plea of any capacity you eat cookies but that matters is always you know. It always feels like guys take it up and knocked from the know that you played at a certain level whether it's OH OH LE CHL Europe and HL. Doesn't matter any time that like you know. They they wanna play harder 'cause I think they assume they have to play harder against you in order to get the park. But in reality if they knew how much we really cared. They could just habit with the here. All checked needle hackneyed don't pretend you really want to grind against me it yet. A cross check right in the lip and they deserve it everything in play for the puck for thirty years there's no more fight you now if you that you want it. It's we're out here for free you can have it yet and the X. I cant I how many times Utley looks like a lot of fun it's normal but have been down to river works. I mean. It is the economy's last summer time to the winner time I've been a private events that are. It's unbelievable to places don't party a heap of nothing going on yeah there's always events going on down there so go check you know so little about blue how many Timonen. And all he was I think there're wilders to weekends now. So they did one last weekend was a law. There's a ton of teams like over fifty. I think there are over if I wanna say there was like in the sixty range. Maybe even hundred teams there might have been a hundred something teams in the one tournament the one year and all this has been going on all over. And if you look I remember opening the hockey news. The Bible if you wanna call that art world but the opening the hockey news and I remember looking. Pop in Huntsville Ontario. We're your Hearst is I wanna say on that lake there. The shoveled off like fifty rings and the Hadley the largest pond hockey tournament on open ice like that when they do in Minnesota. Just like the one they do Minnesota. Attack via the mystery Alaska. Does get better now it doesn't I it is that they are better and like all these outdoor games they talked it does it renders out because it's freezing cold. But it that's the outdoor hockey that we're talking about we were kids rate I mean it's not there's little better hockey. No better hockey than being note in in freezing cold weather dressing properly and just going to go with your buddies. No coach is behind me on it entity canto drag can't get it deep and go whereas you know at all ticket idea. Can't you got to make and get it deep to lose the park it they are now if you're not too dragging that's when did you know. That's I mean it's all a vote being creative. To vote just going note and having just pure fun with your buddies. It was the best part of my knee my upbringing is being oatmeal during accused user pure. Bullets I loved it the best you ever seen in outdoor market but upon are the best thing. It was almost like routes through always drops c'mon it was the best thing but it was kind of like the worst thing. We had this guy named the gooch. And I would have been I would have been I played against the huge from the time I was eight. I am tired right now. And neighbors they just because I have no we called the gooch and he was a mass of human being on skates and he. I we were I was pretty good little players soul you know I was like yeah you know 9101112. The all the way up to like in an in in my early teens thirteen years old I'd go to their outdoor rank sites and the entire Saturday I. I went there at 9 o'clock in the morning. Mom would packed meal lunch gives media a dollar as you can go on by hot chocolate and chicken soup for 25 cents. I spent the entire there and my mom would dep pick me up like 6 or 7 o'clock at night. So I spent the entire day at the go to our rank. And we we we were just dangling around for hours and hours and an acute showed up. And that's when you through all the stakes in the middle. And he got some key aide who's just kind of rifle and sticks left and right you know. Okay have a rather let let go back in a beaver tail hat and all of a sudden you see that gooch is stick go to the right you like please please my sticks laugh please go to the right I don't wanna be against the gooch all the side true. Every single time my stick went to left. Al player right now it made you skate faster. Because if he got you. You're gonna get injured. Real or nobody Jonathan. No he he was basically you. Pat 22 years old and this was the Stanley Cup he went there and he was crushing kids that were thirteen years old. It was scary but ultimately it made us better because you going to the corn you better have your head up as he's gonna nail. It was unbelievable or an outdoor rink hockey it was it was awesome I just absolutely loved it. To them figured. I'll never forget my brother what what's the due steering these two we get him on the show. IQ do you think you'd be able to come up with the guys in the real namely what will what's his real name is sadly is that league players here I do I view my brother who is a couple of years older than I was. Might. Knoll. The pressure brother right now what is the future Israel name. I'll do it at the break doing at the we're gonna let nobody else like I know I've never even. You know because I was so young I never. I don't secure water Will Smith them right you don't wanna go back to the schoolyard. Years later when you're Kregg prevail the mark shark Canadians knocking out guys like rob ray. Things like that you didn't wanna go in there and be like. They gooch. Have a one more shift. No because IE I believe thinking back in the days. He probably would still pound me in the in my prime. They do which was the biggest man in the history of hockey. And I got to play against him in small town in north bay on connect rink. I think you and I need to do our own on the bench crew with the gooch. It was awesome this sober in my friend's got her time is awesome I'd always have to go over it's a make you know everything's fine you know just you know appeared to stay away from home. No way I was I was and I was in deep with this guy. He made me a better player. It's the gators Andrew Peters trigger day and trigger very stories about the due to make this a better show when we come back more preview of the sabres camp debate tonight we're gonna do our buy sell trade. Marty's gonna try to talk to Casey Nelson who's now goal scorer he's double score in the NHL also and and has played well played very well in his in his call. All right unbelievable celebration. We'll be right back here investigators.