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Investigators and appears Craig prevail who just joined me. WGR Sports Radio 515 MSG. To get started to do it I'm. If you get after it began each know were working on the name right now. Did you really totally feel out your brother to see if he knows the name of the guy because I'm getting tweets right now okay that are saying we have got to get the pooch on that show and type something. And tell you right now if he gets sleepy with you or he gets testy on common and over the top just like you did for me when after right when after Ryan always. Remember. Thought Brian hole like the dirty shot me you know exhibition game. But you're just making your swing you know what you're making your statement. I know what's and had nothing to do it making the statement it just has to do it you know like you you're the guy. That made everybody on our team feel comfortable. Every is that not true Sweden on Valentine's eve to listen. You made everybody feel comfortable. All our cupcakes. And make them feel comfortable and strong. And I think in and in your job yet it has to be. You have to have some guys that collectively wanna try and help PO right. You were to let go all right I appreciate that I'm nine appreciate and I can't ever perhaps in the schoolyard when you're going to learn have a bit of a cupcake myself you're damn right ago and a couple school okay school here let me tell you some right now you walked into the schoolyard -- years. Your. Guy Lleyton he's got like six guys behind him. That happened I was alone at a time to meet to. It's always better having guys that that have you back I got I got caught alone one time. Trip across in the wrong parking lot and yeah yeah that a few those that happened I got I got a couple good shots and but I left I left their battered and bruised dad picked me up from school. And you just think you're gonna get an earful rightly you know he's the last scene nearly QB. You yearn. You know yours scuffed up enough at a black guy my sweater was torrent. You know like the school called in all like it. And my dad gets in the Carney looks at means like. Shots. That you then you know I mean and you'll learn your lesson the hard way I mean. Simple as that community and if that. It's guys we we mean. We've added three out of four at the gators Andrew Peters trigger date WGR five feet the animus you got to remind everybody. If you don't have anything going on. You want who I get out have some fun kids without kids whatever you choose to doodle about blue pond hockey tournament is back again this weekend. February 15 to Sunday the eighteenth so there is alive and there's a zip line of rock climbing their beer. You know drink responsibly but there's beer down the river works as places are pretty cool they've done a cool job. Building this back up so in any lesson. Well you know anybody in the pond hockey tournament or not there's action going on stuff going so. In a goat go check that out and I play in this couple years ago it's it's fun occupant and more importantly. In others there's beer and a good time there's a band I mean who doesn't like a winter fast. We have a roof over sometimes. Fair enough sounds good to me 7 o'clock part drop tonight we don't have an appearance tonight but he. You text me last night's and we got to do this payers and I'd tell you it's not tonight it's march ideas that might rather. Didn't know that you know that do which is real my brother's at school right now is teacher up in north BA he just basically stopped class right now and answer how the new chief flight. North mole they are molding are used brains yeah the north made huge question Mark Luke rather. Yes. What do you say it worked on these Texans right now so we're gonna drive north. And we're like we're goodness corner of the putrid gonna jump out of and excuse me the future Utica used to bully kids of wondering. Things like that all right terrible RE dot sabres tonight Tampa Bay town 7 o'clock park drop no eichel. I see those three dots buzz and over there I just a look if you're excited about him as are you writing a story of what this. It is the three dots mean going for awhile but anyway. You know I actually really excited about the life that they fired up today. Why there's no Jack and. Exactly. And you know Ben who we ought. Has played well with O'Reilly got Sam Reinhart who's got O'Reilly is hot right now. We need the Larsen we need the common bill line in the Wilson line to really. Give us energy give us energy in that line you're most likely to be playing against the big boy linemen in Tampa Bay on the other side they've got to get it done. And I am really super excited about this Rodriguez post doing Kane line. I know that Rodriguez can really move he's a great skater. And he just seems like he's confident right now he just seems like his team is. Every time he plays he just seems to be getting a little bit more confident. And I'll tell you this this last line which I don't see as the fourth line anger gets in jobs and and Baptiste. This is the line that has some speed they've got some grit and their game. I'm really excited to watch that line after excuse me I'm all confused you're optimistic great. Because we know what Jack and do we know how good Jack is he's he's a special player but you know what. I'm excited to see what this team can do without Jack eichel. We know we have a Jack we know we haven't Jack for years to come and Jack is just. I think Jack's just a touch and on on on what he's gonna do in this in in this league. But I like when you put lying together and you're sitting there looking at the line to saying hey. These make sense this looks good. And that's what you want moving forward now they've got to go do it against a powerhouse in Tampa Bay and don't you think a little bit that at least I have to believe. That this this mindset is. Real that with your best player sorry your most your star player your most sought after player whatever you want call Jack your team. Is out of the lineup don't you think collectively as a group they wanna show that they can win without him. I mean and in some way shape or form. I'm not saying like hey we don't need him I'm just saying look it's not just Jack on this team while they were winning which. You know that I'd be a battle that morning and want to had a losing season with Jack in the lineup final Jack played very well and he's a dynamic player and everybody that plays with Jack has had success weathered it and McCain on one side. Then you bring up postal and he has success and and you bring up Rodriguez in the no well I do that when a team like buffalo is trailing they looked a wine guy. And hope that he can. So did I ai is your round and you're trailing right now in Tampa Bay who you look at a lot of different guys all you're looking at it could drop you look at it stamp goes that was your big boys the other guys you expect to get it done but I mean in in in in their car look for error that people are luxuries. And buffalo doesn't have Jack in line. Yeah we don't have Jack and you know what. What I see in the lines that that perform tonight. Let's let's let's shall we can do this is exciting for this hockey team. It's creative thinking in my opinion when it might might mind comes great ally companies and their needs to be a collective by Ian. So what in the last game that we played against Colorado. We had half the guys going and the other half were completely still on the bed sleeping in pregame nap. I'm looking forward to what on the roster here's the fourth line but I'm looking to looking forward seen you said the Rodriguez Cano post line which I agree with completely because. This is gonna allow Rodriguez to shine a little bit more. I think he's getting put an offense of but still. A guy that needs to be accountable defensively because he's most likely you're to be playing against the top line. Cain in a post soul okay I know that post was at sixty points asleep you know McCain as a sniper. But I think Rodriguez on that line has the most skill and he's the most skilled I'll let her out of the three and what would happen that if that line right there. Just started to get too little fire that they start to have a little jam and their game homes you're saying. Kirk each. That's what you wanna see. The Gergen sin Josephson. And back tees line. I like that that make up oval line yep that's the real steel shipped the Swede in the middle tees we've chosen. Swedish. Argued that you're that lets we will find that one out but are on the the F Gergen sin and now about tees some some speed and Baptiste is being great I mean when he's in the lineup be brings speed and energy even if he's not scoring any sniper all is all lies whole career even in the American League. He scored goals as goal against Vancouver this year. Is a goal scores gore gets a breakaway. And then goes in and makes a nice move I mean he's he's the guy that I am excited about. So you're at you you're the one who said to me this morning do you watch the trial Tampa Bay game last night. My answer was no what did you first and foremost able to game wooded it house. Tons though feed bowl. OK now you bring in and you take noted Nolan. You put in Baptiste. Baptiste is a rocket on skates this ticket score. He's a shooter but he has got tremendous speed in his game. This is what we need to see in our guys here tonight we need to see short shifts super high intensity. And see where this takes because this this line operate now without Jack I'm like hey. Ryan O'Reilly playing outstanding right now. He's probably playing the best hockey he's played all year Sam Reiner is playing the best hockey that he's played all year the last 1015 games he has been very very strong. Well now you have been Leah and Leah. Read your big boy game. The guy's an outstanding skater probably one of the best on the entire team he's got a great shot bring your jam. Bring your GM in your musicality to go along with those guys coming in Italian Don King I don't care automatic in my coaching pool got that would be my challenge to. Seagate arts and I agree shot he's got great speed he's got skills he needs to get some grit and and and Al. Asking him to go run Victor Hedman everytime I know it's getting the team and yet aggressive and win pop idols. That's going to be one heck of a line if they can just read it's. 200 pounds I mean man. He has the ability heat could be he should have been dominant in this league for years I don't know hole. Why Ben Cooley Ott has not panned out to be the guy the fourth overall pick mean. Yes I can't figured out he has got literally everything. Everything gold form when it comes to toolbox. Speaking of toolbox martyred Iran is down now at the rank and he's not the toolbox he's with a new sniper. Defense defenseman sniper for the team Casey Nelson's score goals first HW ninety. Marty has a minute start to hear let's check that out. While guys I am wit the guide that you guys gave a standing ovation on national yesterday they wanna make sure that I that you know that their PDA and ribs. Stood up and give you a standing ovation after your first day and a toggle and so let's talk about this you. I'm scored this shorthanded. You know defensemen don't usually support the attack in the and that way so what went through your mind right before. The play happened you decide I'm just gonna go for. Yeah I had a lot of room so that is jumped up and play in the in the pocket and just the steps in that room and I just kept going and I use it just dumping and you know as as a defenseman Ben and just decided to go there should. What about the celebration like when you saw the puck went in then and the eighty's you. There was it something that like not her out of body experience knowing that you escort if percent toggle. Datsyuk it the sixth and actors but he knows. This is obviously the most special but that. Let it build up there have been doing haven't read my element you know it's. That it happened. Playing pretty well in that. Obviously and only guys have been that defending well you've been getting some points so but not your facing a deadly lightning team that's completely different that. The avalanche you know company's fast it went that it Hopkins was the challenge for UN and skinny on offense against. Their firepower up front. I'm just like any other top players again take their time and Spitzer it. That's indefinitely just got to. If things a little quicker I think Ken it's now the shut down my weekend and we need to stand there and that's if we get any admin actions but anyways these yet they're doing their retirements this that civilians and. If you see room Walid jump up the ice and and try to get that streak going a little bit and catcher and I. Coach said don't do it again shorthanded of the fan first okay. I'll look it will put IKEA side obviously the dad stripped and the Mansur strip was this past weekend your dad was around. What was that your family your mom was it sets you freer vertical but just too inexperienced. Going on the road Richard. Adams and. You know it's special we don't need to get to see him too much here in our hockey season that they're pretty busy that. It's nice to have a mountain. Special in the stands for matters of. But he you know come from Wisconsin. I doubt that you Wear Red Sox fan but being in Boston he has got to experience a little bit of which Fenway is all about and so. You know was there a something cool that you learn about you know being in Findlay are. You know with the dads and seen the the building like this. History there. And news that. Think that most definitely was with that it is for him and is now. That it takes its. That there about it's very special hours there's some different things especially. It's the machine. On certain period months and I took away that tend to think about it. Now it is his Rico in they keep builders the it. It. A good one last that question here and now does media two part question but are you a fan of the bachelor. And while Dexia make it an easy because we got about a ten minute or your girlfriend is okay what does he think about this. You know I don't accident doctors this season. Disease is give me many updates but since then and she's. So. Thank you got a center attacks after the morning skate when you get home today and say al-Qaeda boys on the investigator who wanted to know what's been going on Ari. And his decision in the hometown dates are coming up and these she's got to give you so you can't you get caught up in and you can watch it and then we'll talk to you about it next. Now. Thank you good like to thank you see guys back to you and next week he'll give us the update on the bachelor so that will be perfect. All right there's one thing and never do an interview when I was an and it talked declare. Admit that I often thought. I. Sorry. It's Andrew Peters Gregory A investigators WGR 550. And amnesty that was case in Alison good man right there. Doesn't watch the bachelor which I appreciate but is it funny goalie the guys always downplay the body and had. What do you guys always downplayed their first first goal like I don't know I mean I I would I just want him I told them they never do that again. Caddie hears it felt. About going wide and yet and shorthanded yeah shorted dad wraparound goal by defenseman. When's the last time that's happened. It would be years. Shorthanded goal. By a rookie defenseman. That would have been years that's like Natalie. And I catch case don't ever do it again and listen I I said the other day he. Read the play. And meet the right read by jumping up in the play at the time he had he you can gain an uneven Russian. He did a great job I mean I have nothing wrong with this. Nothing wrong with this it was a beautiful first goal for Casey Nelson. Who remember that goal for the rest of his life without question and you know what I can tell you this he has played very solid. And his time up here with the big club. On pace like it. Where he's got three points in like that twelve games he was playing a full season he wanna carry them to want the kid to carry the park yeah absolutely you want guys like that jump in into the rush adding off if Clinton now is in now the time to at least see what like eight. If that's maybe what he has or what he did when he was in Minnesota. Adam yeah. Let him go and also right he's also been very solid defensively he's played twelve games rate now he's only minus one everybody on this team his dash fifteen plus. He's he's played very well and his twelve games that he's been called up and down hopefully he can build. Off of that because he's given be given opportunities playing with Marc was and Ella. That's that's. What are your big boy area hockey players ratepayers or he's gonna how of an opportunity to play the twenty plus minutes a night. And he's doing a good job rate now. You know using this this time dead. To show he can play. He didn't he didn't have the strongest showing last year when he was in buffalo and then you know back in Rochester I mean good year this year when he was he started. Which Hitler assessment yet forces embryo that one game rated two assists against Pittsburgh in his second gamers I mean assists his first game. Killing two assists the second game of the four points in his first four games. There's an unrealistic and all indications that that's when he got to hold rate of Minnesota state right. Got called up played seven games that forces. They played well played well. You know it's having games was a plus plus plus one had forces. But the next year when he came in. He started the season with with buffalo. You Figaro. The role speed and and he went to the minors. He had a real nice season started again this year and he's been a call up its second year. Role and you can see that his teams of all these he's a much stronger defense. All right it's 1125. We're gonna take a break and what's coming up on the rest of the show were to go around the NHL we're gonna do some buy sell trade find out if old man river. They team Neil James Neal will be traded. And the Toronto Maple Leafs there's a team we haven't talked to Tom about this year we think our bottom you'll do this here is much we did last year. They beat the Tampa Bay Lightning who is in town tonight liking our 7 PM park drop. 630 pregame show on MSG where the has to gators won MSG in WGR 550. When we come back around the NHL buy sell trade and don't forget. Brister thomas' recap from the future at 1152. We're back with more of the institute's. Peters and great weather day. Welcome back to the show the against the gators Andrew Peters Craig Rivera a thank you Marty thanks Casey Nelson. For moon. Take your time to join our show right here on WGR 550 and MSG 7 o'clock parked truck tonight Tampa Bay Lightning aren't around. And the pregame show is at 630. With tougher and Marty on MSG summation you checked that out and Shearer. I'm sure you're gonna hear and as you (%expletive) about Kudrow opposite coast. Because they might be the most dynamic duo. In all of hockey tower by sultry trait would you buy some trees that. I'm gonna buy that yes. Yes I think so very much I think to a trough is one of the one of the best players in the game today and then you throw in a little sprinkle of a stand coasts. On top of that I mean the sky daughter and Gordy Yoni Gordy watch John Gordy watch Brayton point watched bass let's keep he's probably not dying and we're not that we haven't even that we haven't even talked bowl. Whole lot we haven't talked to vote call lord we haven't talked most honest and meet and scoreless ninth. We're talking big boy ET big big boy hockey team that is a deep. Deep and you'll look at their fourth line. Corey caucus on the team too by the way too much teachers there's mental note he got a daughter show. Throw little kudos to Corey Clark are phenomenal. Career can the issues and then. It was bounced around the NHL but finds himself on the best team league plan a good role. Was in Tampa Bay years and years earlier than he got traded to liked. Two auto. Was at the Ben Bishop trade did you. I think doubt was the and bishop you are here on fire yes he was treated he was having a great here in Tampa's first year remember the no a lot of rookie of the year. Type discussions he started in Ottawa. Started in Ottawa was traded to Tampa Bay. Came to buffalo. Went went to Ottawa or went back to Ottawa then went to buffalo I I can't I don't know but either way he's he's he's back in Tampa Bay and he has nine is six schools 24 games. It's pretty good pretty good. Point it Tony on pace for triangles season right. Pert pretty close yeah right there yet when Eagles season that's good stuff. All right so let's do that though let's do our buy sell trade presented by buffalo sports go to buffalo sports on McKinley parkway. We can buy sell and trade new and used equipment and don't forget Richard Thomas and the recap from future for the game tonight. Coming up an 1152. So I saw trade Brian Lawton treated out yesterday reverend rusher for anyone guys familiar Brian Lawton is on the NHL network former number one pick overall back in 1981 to. 34581. Some hack yeah. I am starting to hear the name James Neal on the trade market as we inch closer to the trade deadline Neal as the UFA. He has 24 goals one more already than last season. And is on pace for 36 total this season multiple teams are interested at this point which blows my mind. Because Vegas is on fire but I believe watching Vegas a lot because one of the big guy in the team has brother limitless and watch Vegas. He doesn't change he's kind of a guy Blakey I think they can win without. I think he's of there he is he's not a selfish player but he's. Kinda does what he wants on the ice he for checks when he wants he back he gets off when you know that the other teams you know making on a rush. You know takes long shifts and meet. Like I think Vegas would be a better team without James Neal start because I. Think they can get something why and I certainly don't agree with that I certainly don't agree with that because when you're taking your second leading scorer. Goal producer out of line up you've got to you've got to replace him. The question is what do they house. Moving forward. On this team that can replace James Neal did you know if you. Moved James Neal at the deadline you're going to get a really nice return. And I think this team is not just thinking a vote. Right now. They're thinking about the future here there this is an expansion team they want to get better not for one year they wanna make sure that they stay on top. For years to come and I think that you have to make real tough decisions some times. I'm a little bit surprised. If you're asking me. I'm surprised that James meals name is coming up now no now they're second in the National Hockey League exactly. And guess what he's minus three last game he's minus two a couple of games before that he's minus 3-D game before that. He's minus one minus one minus one minus two minus four and there are still the best team in the league. If he has. With the goals that he has now and he has like 4850. Points in the one dimensional player he's a shooter he's not the same genes nearly wasn't Dallas. It's not even close to seemed James really wasn't Pittsburgh he used to play with fire he used to play with Jamie used to be a big body checker is not in close second the pretty boy. He's more worried about bogus airlifts of warmup that he is about how the team's gonna Dora the team plays in my opinion gains in the RE warrior talking about. Darker hair. I mean you Regis the 24272140. 21 in forty games when he seven in 59 games 23 in sixty having games 3123. This year is 24 that this course every year. This is in and seen me insanely. Gifted hockey player and went pitch a burqa when Pittsburgh traded him for Patrick or Christa was the last picking Crosby draft Pittsburgh got better Nashville didn't get better Nashville what the finals last year lost in the oval teen. Look he leaves Pittsburgh gets better now he leaves Dallas Dallas got better. He goes to national they leave they're better now than they were last year at this point is is there a wild card number I believe they can they win their division they're going to tolerate this guy. They're gonna trade easy betrayed and I'll tell you why. They're gonna trade on and they're gonna choir without question first round draft pick they are gonna they are going to get. Eight hop and prospect. First rounder and it hopman prospects for James Neal and you know what. They might sign a Mac at the in understate the free aids crisis something I signed here. To hear on this team he doesn't have to be that par. Just saying he'd be great complementary polar but Vegas is going to be better than with him being their key guy. Take him out of the key guys situation. But my team like Saint Louis on a third line role. Or on any other team on a lesser role I don't know what you're gonna get them as a player I'm curious to find out but in Vegas he's producing because he's getting the ice time and they have no choice but to play him. But I'm anti something if he's not there I'm Italian that team's going to be better by subtraction which is no so buy sell trade. Various trade teams you know before the deadline. I'm gonna sell this I don't believe that they're gonna I. This is a really really tough situation because I think that thinking a lot form for the future but I believe that. Vegas right now is sitting in a situation. They're their second. Or their first in the Western Conference. Why would you trade away teams. Wanna get to that position where Vega says they wanna get to that position being the top team in the western hockey league. You should be thinking let's try and win a Stanley Cup. You expedited. Your your thought process times ten on this hockey team but this is a very good hockey team I would be looking to add to make this team stronger dispute they can do. I believe I'm I'm buying this because they probably amassed teams in the only to what would cost to keep them in for how long after the season if he's if we keep them do that deadline you know they probably through number Rodham and they went. C you're darn. He's looking for probably 66 and a half million bucks I wouldn't and I wouldn't given more than he's making now five rate now and he's thirty years old he's gonna be lucky to get a four year deal. And he'll probably be around five and half OK so more names on the trade docket and the trade bait lists for Dubai sultry presented by buffalo sports dirt start is worth a first round pick and a top prospect. Reason why Rouse you this. TSA has peer LeBron reported on Monday that senator senators general manager peer Dorian who just extended by the way three years. Is asking for a first round pick. Eight top prospect any third piece to sweeten the deal for Derek priests art. And people Barbara Boxer was asking for king was the work. Selling those. Although the serpent in the playoffs so I Guinness all this all so. I think there pursue art is a really solid player had an opportunity to play with him. In Columbus. He's a very gifted player very Smart he's a good solid second line center. I'd just don't believe that he is get garner that much a mom. Trade value of maybe it's a ploy by Joseph Torre has there won't give regarding getting our blog editors grounder yes for our I don't think you're getting a top prospect with this. But he is a solid player there's no question he is they vary very solid player I just believe that. You know what his last years stats yet fourteen goals and 39 points. That look like a top and second line center do you 39 points at which your third line players yet. Toronto or make a blockbuster deal before the deadline topic number three on by sultry presented by both sports Ronald make a blockbuster deal before the deadline. No I don't think they're gonna make a blockbuster but there are certainly going do to I think pieces. To their puzzle. I think they have an extremely strong team how vote cobol William Neil winner in Mitch martyr. Mitch murder was having an incredibly. Bad season in his second year. At the start of the year. And he is just basically gone on fire. Both William Neil Lander and Mitch martyr both have 45 and 43 points. I mean either they're getting it done there in Toronto under very deep hockey team James van Riemsdyk Cotchery. Hi amen Patrick Marleau is chipping in with eighteen goals Tyler both Zach. I can see them looking to try and move Tyler bull is back at the deadline they've got maybe even. Leo calmer off. I've I've been told that they're there possibly looking for a suitor for Matt Martin and their tough guy. They have some kids in the minors that I think can get it done right now came Casper and Eric happen in a former first rounder. That was traded to Toronto. He's up and this guy should be in in in the lineup full time they just don't have room form right now. I do believe that they're gonna be looking for a big a big boy defenseman on the back and I think that's exactly what this team needs. OK so let me ask you this would. I think it's going to be a defenseman. I think they're gonna get a free acquisition without having to make a move of Brian Gionta for some reason it feel like that's going to be landing places close to home. Couple and a half hours from Rochester he knows Lou he knows you know like he knows that hole. Just seems like a good fit for GO I'd known nothing just throwing that I just think you'd be good fit. But I think they'd still like one more player like that but I just what about a McDonna or what about even all of Brickman Larson. I mean those to me would be blockbuster deals if they were going acquire and I was in Jersey. When you've got to understand something when Lou admiral was in a position to believe he can go for it he's going to make a move and yeah I was there the year that we acquired and I local child. All right now if Lou Amarillo. And Brendan Shanahan feel. That right now this is the time to go wall then you don't think now would be oh I'm I don't think it's right now there's wide open. I do not want idle right now I think one more year. Giving it one more year to Austin Matthews Alex knew Lander the Mitch martyr I believe that. In a year from now this team might be a team that's going to be one of the top in in in the east. Date need a big boy defenseman in what you just named is exactly what they need. Ryan made Donna from the New York Rangers but that happened to go to hockey team. I wouldn't say it I wouldn't say how many pieces are blockbusters when there's multiple pieces. Involved. I know that the Rangers are looked at trying to get their name can be considered a blockbuster if you take Gallic McDonough who's that they've given name the captain of the Rangers yeah movement the deadline and insert among the leafs yeah. Mean that's a big name move that's a big move yeah. And and it's exactly what they need like. A Morgan Riley I Jake Gardiner their their beautiful skaters. If you are as excited about the trade deadline as we are we are going to be on all five hours on Monday the 26. Snow. Nature. You know you're looking for some trade deadline non action call us sweetest twos and turns on whatever you want to do to him by sultry presented by buffalo sports and I think trial will make that deal but. Patch ready mechanic will not return from the road trip with the Canadians the Canadians on their way to Denver where it'll go to the play caller on Wednesday. And they play air zona. In Las Vegas and in Philadelphia before returning home. Montreal and the Fed on February 21. Sold do you think deals happened with Montreal while they're on the trip. If you're really angry with some players you'd trade and while we're on the ropes and after all the way home in the kind of make things confusing. Form or do you wait for India home and its settlement mean I do lawyers are just that just to throw Hughes rankled timeframe and get pursuits ready. Mean you really wanna screw these players out tradable either way I'm gonna buy this her during an assault the story. Both patch ready and what can act will be in Montreal after this road trip because there's five days. From the time they get home to the trade deadline that's an enormous amount of time. I just find that that patch ready is a very very key hockey player and all of us. There's going to be teams that are very interested in his ability to score goals but right now. The market is saturated with left handed shot goal scorers Kahne grabbed her. Half men patch ready Al Chan yuk Nash I mean it goes. On and on and on and on and on and and until the dominoes start to fall where the first team is the one that says okay. This is how much the markets bears for these guys and then there's going to be a trickle down effect. So I mean right now. I just don't see I think there's going to be fireworks. On on trade deadline gate because there's so many left handed shots. I'm I'm gonna trade this just because I really want pack two ready Europe can active trader while there on the road because you know kind of you know. Pick up that creates. There's nothing worse than me network Marshall like how much of that sect got traded there in bag this. He was out the night before is not feeling very good today yes the file all the way backe which you do when getting on our on a term that is got to pack and he's doing a long trip. Well couple days that would deadline deal GM doing that I think you better pack Kevin Boyce can go out awhile for the GM doing now I've known GMs not doing anything he has now have zero communication with any players in the team. Let me ask you when year I trade deadline time. And you go on to game. Road trip that's maybe five days long. What do you do a problem Rochester Americans tracks is full from the old days in case I got sent down because nobody was traded very for this guy yeah. Warner normal players do all I'm sorry what a normal clothes let's categorize them like that they Brock closed an answer to the range that you're entering a couple extra shoots you bring a couple of years your packet for long term. You know change if you do get moved that's just basically what you do so. I don't see a patch ready your mechanic going until basically. Create trade dead line we are going because registered ominous is coming up at 1152. So the longer we go last time during and after that recap from the future coming up here sabres. Hosting Tampa Bay Lightning 7 o'clock park drop. Game is on MS gene WGR 550 Marty and doc first 630 pregame show. And I will be right back here Richard Armas recap for the future investigators liven WGR 550 MS chief. Hockey talk. That kids these these these investigators. With Andrew Peters head grade where. Now it's time. For recap in the future sabres play tonight so it's tomorrow morning tactically unions to gators. It's a beautiful Wednesday morning Jeremy Roenick coming up here a few minutes and I got some other guys coming on the show but are more importantly sabres played last night Tampa Bay Ole man river. Four we get to JR would be got a stable now want. And Tampa Bay was in town weren't they yup. But the ball ladies came out the play and it how boat Jack Johnson last night. What did you think of his game. I was worried that they were gonna have to pull Herschel harder. You poll will be going and we horses that I want say what was I watching us and I thought maybe going in that game might have been a tough night for a ride Friday. I I wish I was very nervous to vote the game last night big boy can't be team come in and lost the night before against try army please. But a tire right now they're still licking their wounds because the Buffalo Sabres did some special. They played together as a unit they had. Outstanding goaltending from my Chad Johnson early because Tampa Bay how did how hard that that team come out last night. Could add four fiber off the bat they weathered the storm is what they did. And you know what they got some timely goals they got some timely goals obviously other Rodriguez line with the postal and game. Game changer game changing line those guys played absolutely fantastic. Another big goal by a Evander Kane he's not before the deadline heat up and that's what we wanna see so. They went they went. RA Jack's absence not necessarily. The showing last night. Sabres beat Tampa Bay lighting was final score gonna camera number three well sleep late in the third 31 unbelievable job by Chad Johnson. He just absolutely stood on his head. And he he eased. The pan back Chad OK. I wanna seriously have this conversation more maybe tomorrow about Jeff Skinner I'm intrigued by the ol' Jeff Skinner conversation. That is on the trade market are FA at the end of the year. I think I would pay him I think I would treat a Carolina. While he's in the games change straight into. Speed and scale. Was Jeff Skinner have scanners 25. He's not an RF main the end of the year he's got another year's steal that almost six million. So he's a former what was he 67 pick overall seventh overall I mean you know you throw mile an hour the new lender may Lander was seventh pick overall is a left handed shot you can take you live in her hand. And second two seconds to learn more really. Really best hitters scored 37 gold last year you know those guys don't grow on trees. And we'll play tomorrow what one LC uniform but you know what I think I am I think it started off on the right on the right spot there with on the Lander as you get to take a young kid he got to wait four to develop into Jeff Skinner. You insert Jeff Skinner. He's 25 years old he's five years Maurer odd developed six will be back tomorrow JR's on the show it's the gators WGR 550 and MSG.