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Thinks he's John Murphy jail. By apple auto parts. This happens one bills drive to ever show resentment at auto parts good afternoon everybody Jabber B Donald Jones remark. One buffalo studio on the front and the airports pro sports training center. Here for the next three hours talk about the NFL. And the Buffalo Bills good afternoon to you good afternoon do you battle don't they haven't seen it about a week and two weeks. If Rite Aid the it's. With the day eleven days and see what. I was sickened about. One. You know you'll slop over on the couch holding my insides and that's abstract I had the. The great game a lot it was a good game and you did you have a BYU is it. That way no way no way when that figure out of the flu. Yet and I'm still cut get over but you're okay we're sickness and sort them they're looked fantastic by the way thank you really depressed desperately return of the show that's gonna mean sometimes you gotta let yourself know that you can still do when you don't do with that often. Sometimes you just wake up you like you know. It puts on them on to secede if I still yet but I doubt about it. I think you do especially based on the reaction of the investigators rebellion. Andrew Peters followed around if you look from sort of celebrity at that they're gonna ask for autograph so. Really tell you why put this thing on you know I have it Warren when I was playing. Uploaded in my custom suits. And that was some weight on over the years since playing and I've gotten back into the gym and lost like twenty plus almost 25 pounds that's where. In the last two months. Get yes and I was like you know let me try this lunacy but it did and I could fit it was it was that the point before I start working our act and even button and it's up or any of us are familiar with its exit. And I put it on them like why actually it can fitness thing again. It looks great hockey boys look did deteriorated you know kitchen on the topic matters to move a little weird to hear those guys both she wears suits tomorrow. So when a guy's let you guys who worsens tomorrow and see which one you does it better add you to a noted in other listeners. And hours and the reason why it took this job part of it is I don't Wear suits. And if you watch and amnesty you'll see how good Donald Jones looks. Hopefully if you're watching and listening you'll be into the show got a pretty good show planned for you we are in the depths of the offseason now. We are between the in the obviously the Super Bowl. With the next big event coming up the NFL scouting come by a couple of weeks away and but I calculation Donald two weeks from tonight we leave for the come by and you and I. Our producer. NFL scouting combine our coverage will begin on the 28 to February. Will do the 28 the first in March the march 1 march 2 from the come by and Andy you were there last year at some. Today to seem to have everybody in the league is there so we need to be there but there's something about it's been closed today and media room that you kind of I get a little claustrophobic. I mean you know you can't really move in there the editors there's so much going on between all of the different teams in their different. Radio shows or TV shows whatever they have going on then you have to be is being said in its own network and serious eye exam all the big sets and and you see. Yeah all of these different reporters walking around here everybody is trying to get the story you have coaches and GM's walking through everybody has. A certain time that they have to be at the podium and then you see the players walked in and when the players walked in. Everybody's eyes are on the players and it's it's it's a different type of atmosphere to be in the senate stands. What their two weeks two weeks away it will be leaving for the combine on the 27 broadcasting their from Indianapolis from the Indianapolis commit to center downtown on the 28. A February the first and second mark so a couple of weeks away in the meantime we thought. It would be good idea to spend the next couple weeks assessing. What the Buffalo Bills that position grouped by position and that's what we're gonna do over the next two weeks take one position group per day starting today. It kind of analyze you know look at contracts a little bit with you get your thoughts on. That's essentially you know breeding what people down here and maybe what's out there for the bills to improve upon we're gonna do that. During the course of the day today we promise to do this yesterday we never got to it but there's a very interesting article on ESPN what you don't have in front of me somewhere that you have in front of me somewhere. About offseason priorities not for the bills up for these individual teams with for the league. What does the league have to do to straighten itself out here it is it was written by Kevin Seifert odious Meehan backed out. The NFL's top ten offseason priorities what does the league get to straighten out. Now that we're into the offseason concussions. Catch rule. Any other rule changes. National Anthem how to handle that go through some of that you don't talk about what the league has to get straight. Over the upcoming offseason. That's coming up at 2 o'clock today. We're going to be alive would bills' defense coordinator Leslie Frazier he will join us in studio coach Frazier and a bunch of other bills coaches are volunteering today for. About tight state community meal at the buffalo city mission Texas started right now and coach creature will join us after that. Talk about what the bills coaching staff is doing today at the buffalo city mission Serbian Valentine's team meal that's a good way I mean these guys who. Who worked incredible hours and the coaching staff take time about today in you know in the offseason to do something for the community and it's going to be great. I mean it's and this is a busy time for them and yet I think some people and might not realize how busy these coaches are right now. There's a busy time for them because they are actually looking at a lot and and you know the scouting departments they get out and they look at all these kids but the coaches have to look at him as well there. You know so this is a busy time for these those you see them all in here working out on the regular basis every day. There's still having meetings and all of them all personnel meetings if it as they have to talk about. Their team and what guys they might want to bring back what guys they feel like they need to bring back who we talked about free agents who will be coming back or or not. Free agents out there and open market as a scouting departments and they go out and a look at all of these guys that will probably be free agents coming up here next month. Well the the coats is that here asked to assess all of those guys that seat all that might be a guy that that can fit into this system you know so this is a busy times for these codes is they don't really have an offseason to offs so. Assessment is where the air at an assessment is where we're at. As we were through the next couple of weeks here in the show. Leading up to the common coaching staff privacy rule Albie out there come by governor up in a couple of weeks and a lot of doctoral position grouped by position group. Which you wouldn't get your thoughts on how these groups stacked up you know the bills' roster pretty well at your. Listening to the show watch in the show and of the show you know what's what's out there you know what the you know what the bills have in store what they have returning and maybe what they'd like to add. So we would start today with one position group but we do wanna start today it would also kind of an overall assessment of where they are at. That is a long way of saying index or political. What is the strongest position group. On the buffalo bills' roster today we offer a couple of options Korea on Twitter. Maybe you'd like to weigh in of this what you think is the strongest position group on the buffalo bills' roster. Is it defensive back is it running back shady McCoy and the others is an offensive line is it something else. Give us call the snow to think 8030550s. And number outside buffalo told recall at 1888550. To 550. The early returns and actually almost 900000 votes in a Twitter already. Strongest position group on the bills' roster this should come as no surprise 76% of U three quarters of you say it is defensive back. 12% say it is running back obviously McCoy. And the rest of you know the back ups and pull back. 5% obviously the office of lines 7% say something else. Let's don't you think the strongest position group on the bills' roster would love to hear your voice in 030515. Told free from outside buffalo won 88 by fifty to 550 I think defensive back is right now I think it is the strongest it's driven the but he. I mean most people would not too. It then that you can't dispute the some people with a it was offensive line how peninsula that you had too many pieces of flux throughout the course. Of the year moving pieces around things like that. I think the DB's were the most consisting group now they did have that period of the what three games where or four games and they weren't really getting the turnovers. But for the most part those guys made plays all year whether it's Korean turnovers interceptions. Trading fumbles and in those guys are getting sacks on the quarterbacks mic and a lot of tackles when the team wasn't tackling as well as an entire defense a unit. You DBs were making a lot of gains saving tackles and things like that so yeah I think that is the most. Complete blow them do the best or strongest group on the team right now. It's a big difference it was a big difference though with EJ gains in the lineup with him not in the line and now the fact that he's going to be a free agent here assume. Don't know what's gonna happen with them on the open market but to talking about a team that was what 83. 84 and including the playoffs when he's in the lineup. He's a big piece today that they hopefully they can bring him back this message you have him back there's definitely the strongest group on the team. Let's hear from you the full lights open 8030550. Tool free 1888552. By fifty what do you think is the strongest position group on the Buffalo Bills. Roster. Let us know what to think he 8030515. To 031. Excuse me it'll 30515 to free 1888. By fifty to five PQ where can do it on Twitter vote on Twitter weigh in on Twitter a couple of tweets are a major daily tweets in defensive backs if you include the safety position. We do. Ritual eatery goes tweeted has to be defensive backfield despite that. I don't know what it's totally garrido is there a law that rich bitch homey. A Reid knows that it has to be the defense back feel despite the desperate need at number two corner gains will be gone. Bold prediction there yeah it is highly regarded in fact I think that's on the as the number two. Maybe in the number one most potentially most highly sought after and free agent which is not sit built like a shut that door and prevent. You know prevent somebody else. From CNET. It goes to show you. How life is really about timing I mean come into this season birth while this whole defense the backfield was. You know anything about your donors are probably the weakest position group right exactly you know anything about meaning going into the season you had Ronald Darby on the roster. He is traded away you're like what you got a rookie. Playing at corner. You have two guys planners say you haven't played together you don't know anything about this in the back that you bring immediate gains and Iman are so many people saying. Who is AJ gains independently traded BJ days this guy is nothing compared to Ronald Darby and and allies who knows if they are different players as it is what it is so now he has a good season. And is going to pay any. Regardless if it's here or is somebody else. That is gonna get paid because of the timing of his season now and in it's it's a great team and am happy for. Net or two but it is it's tightening in in two regards as you point out Donald it's a year ago we would've said. We don't know they have their product gonna lose. I begin to lose some fun Gilmore and we thought Ron Darby is going to be the roster a year ago who's gonna play safety we know. In a year later so that part of timing is is there and also for gains it's it's great timing for EG gains. He's not the only one hitting the free agent market series right. That's some pretty good snaps a lot of playing time for the bills he is up there free agent market I think Leonard chats at. Is key guy yeah it's a very good nickel corner for the bills a cold Anderson to Marco Thomas couple of seat he's. Also as of now anyway scheduled to hit the free agent market league year begins about about the way. Thumb so. There are defensive backs who could be out there on the open market and the bills may have to you'd think they'd wanna keep some of them I would think gains in jobs are to be at the top of their list. But as of right now is that the strongest position about the bills' roster we think it is you may feel differently 8030515. Toll free 1888552. I think you've got to look at these big changes. Top to top three sought after corners and the you're talking about him possibly being in the reins of Stephon Gilmore in terms of money. Somewhere out there you know or close at least that item was the number one I think. Between Yemeni deeply. They were wanted to open those guys act crazy contacts he's talking about each day gains getting paid. And people hate this and we go through this every year. When you say do the bills wanna get into that ballpark in terms of paying easy games he's a big part of this team last year. But do they want to get into the ballpark if it starts to get up there. You look at coach McDermott and Brandon dean's track record in terms of DB DB is a very important to the team but we know coach McDermott likes to be able to get pressure. What the front. You guys up front. We he likes for. His front four to be the strongest part of his team in the linebackers to be the strongest part of that team you see them let Josh normally go I mean I wasn't his call but. That's something that. I'm sure he was in on news that defense coordinator they led task normally go when he was the highest. Our store yet highly sought after corner in and that free agent years that he went to treat to see so. Is it gains might be a guy who they want to bring back what. And we don't wanna give into that ballpark in terms of what teams are gonna painted. Right and and it's a question of value for the bills and for everybody else really. The question of how much value do you put an EG gains look you need a need you know the won loss record is out there obviously. A strong a point in in his on his behalf. But you really wanna make him huge highly paid quarterback is he worth that is he among the best corners in the game would anybody argue that EG gains he. The top twenty corner in the league I don't doubt that very question it's a great question. You've got to look and obviously his his agent is gonna argue look at a record when he was in when he was out. And then you're gonna have teams that will argue well he he got banged up he was he was out a little bit this year so. Yeah casting director but let's let's also look at this the injuries that he's and you look at the stats and people say well. You look at today it is people were testing to devious and the bills actually put to Davey is sometimes on the number one receiver out of each day gains wasn't following the number one receiver I mean these are all things that teams. Are gonna argue. When he's talked trying to get that contract but ultimately I think he's a big piece of this team. People might say he's a system corner he fits well into his own type of scheme that they were playing here. He's not your typical cover man to man lock down corner who that guys typically the one that gets the top top dollar. But he de Gaines is that they gonna get paid. Hopefully here if not you semis campaign. Our bodies it's by attract a much unity as a a projected. Number for EG gains average annual salary you ready for this. Now nine point three million who would you pay DJ gay is not only agreement money stray cats on the is according to my activity. Fourteenth ranked cornerback. Free agent market I guess I think his previous contract used regularly. 581000. Is actually he. Men problems talk about it. Here in the copper bulls seriously. Average salary twelve million this is from Mike unity it's Patrick Logan Ryan average salary ten million. Kareem Jackson average salary eight point five million David Emerson average salary eight yet eight point five million. So they get him you know again based calculated values as you know. That they don't want to do it it's by directness and put their comparing EG gains production with what the market might bear and the average the base calculated value they have three G gains. At age 45 which. That in this a lot very young four years 39 million average salary nine point 79 point three million. Did you get that. You think is gonna get that from from somebody I hope that they can came here to you also have to look at it ought to pay him that much. I think he's a big part of the team I think he's a big piece of that tackling type of quarterback that coach McDermott likes. You know what once again I think he coach McDermott likes. He he wants the front seven guys to be the strongest part of this team. He doesn't want to have to rely so much on those DBs into those guys got to be good and I just talking track record with coach McDermott coming from Carolina. Look at it like. You got to Davies is on a rookie deal right and he was a later cars there yeah right so that's not even a quarter of this team is -- and in attain. Getting up into those numbers we. In a few years we'll have to pay to Davies like right now. We can go ahead and give easy games this money and we won't be dumping that much money into that the quarterback. Lot of money what do you think who what's the strongest position group on the bills' roster. What do you think it is really talk about defensive backs in depth today we think it's the strongest David loch for on the Levin as they go ahead what do you think. Our court. I spent Quebec. We liked it. Because. What it Burton poirier was all over the field. They can tackle. And end up allele. The biggest wait was up there. You can tackles and on the been in good shape since when does. That add up a lot of times. Yeah I think it is too I think defensive back is the way to go and I think even with those free agents and they've got some significant. Free agent quarters EG gains letter jobs injuries right. Called Anderson to mark or Thomas also upcoming free agents this year I think they chrome I think they believe they probably think they can hold that group together. The fact. No inside information but I would not be surprised if gains as. Is a priority almost right now you know ours giving talks going with EG gains region Serena what are we need to do to make this happen in his age is gonna put it. Those numbers on spot track NC you need nine million goes here to make this happen at the witches. Braves are this is what you need but it and you look at eating gains compared to a guy like Logan Ryan. Those same type of guys write the same type of player mode Ryan was never looked day in New England as their number one corner. They had Malcolm Butler and lo and Ryan they looked at Malcolm Butler as the guy. We saw what happened in the Super Bowl which is the owner of the store but then they brought in Stephon Gilmore felt like he was battered and lo and Ryan and let him go down in Tennessee he still got me. So you get you have to imagine eating gains is going to get some money here. Because he did you may play is all you and he wasn't. The guide Macon interceptions he was the guy make in those short tackles the guy making sure please and every team like the corner like that at cornerback and cover but also get up there is because Knowles and and tackle. They're gonna pay any easy games like nine million dollars a year I think this is kind of what you have to live what as the market and and you know it's crazy because we always get into. Talk about the wanna pay that guy that type of money the market. Just dictates that stuff you know also it you gotta be willing to do is let that talent though and open to getting one in terms of traffic. Or somebody else lower on. On the totem pole in terms of free agency but he's a big part of this team and I think you can afford to do. That is the biggest question. Do you put more priority right now we're talking about babies today is really dvd but the you put more priority on eating gains. Or Preston brown. What are those whose didn't pay. Me Baltimore probably get eight. It just depends on which one is going to pay here and with one of the that you pay both here. How they did of people I think at the press and is gonna gain somewhere five million years something like that. He's he's a leader he's been able to show that he can play in so many different defense is. I think that's huge for any team here or somebody else so I think he's gonna get paid. And at the easy games gonna get paid I don't think you can afford the papal those guys because you have holds up really upfront you needed fine. Other outside linebackers you need to find more defense alignment. Our receivers all the stuff you got a lot of rapids understand that part of it but. You got to bring some guys and to free agency. I don't think you can afford to people the tools. Let's go to think fault lines are open what is the strongest position group on the buffalo bills' roster we think it's a defensive back. Most of you wanna put a poll say defensive back in with that. We will breakdown the defensive backs a little bit the deeper at 8030550. The number to call toll free from outside buffalo took 1888. By fifty to 550 talked about the three Arab pre primary. I'm restricted free agent coming up deep into backed. The bills do have a three solid building blocks under contract but this is what they have coming back and the safety position is is seemingly pretty strong with. Pro bowler Micah Hyde coming back 82 tackles five interceptions by pass break ups last year he's given backers circuit near the Buffalo Bills. Safety Jordan Boyer coming back with a solid your five interceptions 3 AM coupled with sex including one touchdown and of course the rookie we talk about quarter to Davies white. Pretty good group to build upon you we need at least. You two other viable options a quarter I would think to get a another boundary corner and of course the nickel quarter. Other two that they have the unrestricted free agents coming up. EG gains Leonard Johnson at a that your reached right is that is a priority free agent for them to re side but I think the other two going to be. Topics of discussion gains and and I think Leonard Jackson gets overlooked is about as he gets overlooked I think absolutely right to media have in terms of to look at is projected Patrick numbers for him. But I can find it. Let John and I think it is. You know valuable part of this defense is this year. And a I think they miss him if you were gone they have to. Plugged a hole we talk a lot about you know plug holes and a edit to the list. Good job depleted a one year deal worth 855000. Dollars a great. You know a great pick up for the pills last year ranked 53 by. I'm doing the right Leonard Johnson I believe he's complicated his ranking at that position and its. It's a different position obviously because he's a nickel cornerback Adam boundary corner don't have ranked put letter Jackson I think. Merits a raised its this question how much it'll take place the got a lot of good production I would jets and the Specter right. Did they didn't and Leonard Johnson. Is now who knows some awesome team could go out there and say look we'd like what you did there we wanna pay you come here. I would think that his best value would be here because he knows coast McDermott coach McDermott miso is Lyndon Johnson really got here. Keep on Seymour was in there but it seemed like Lyndon Johnson went right into that spot and those because coach McDermott. Had that prior relationship with him down a Carolina so I would think if the bills offered him somewhere. Three million years something like that. But it Johnson will probably. As you got to think about this and and this is something that I'll always tell these players is they get into free agency. You always wanna get some money you really do wanna do it's a money. But at the same time I've talked to so many different players at colts' other teams and I like to Austin state as a state. Because the grass isn't always greener on the other side you go somewhere else and you hate and you're just following the money. You just hate playing there under that code to whatever the case may be you don't like the city whatever it is so I would think that men are Johnson. His value and then you look at big picture will probably be best here knowing that he can step right back into that role and be a key guy. Knowing that he if he did gains is here next year who knows maybe he can even step outside and play some boundary corner if need be. I would think this will be a very good fit for a moment. Leonard Johnson I think is is going to be important to the Buffalo Bills oh and certainly 855000. Want to it you'd think letter Johnson now who's been in the league about 67 years to be going to his seventh here I believe this coming year. You'd think that term might be important namely for three years undrafted go into a Tampa Bay and then bounced around the patriots in the Panthers and then to the Buffalo Bills. You think he would probably be looking for more than it certainly more than a one year deal and certainly going to be more than 855000. Dollars but I don't think he break the bank. And I do think he will have some value to the bills and there'll that defensive back picture when they you know start to assess price tags and all these guys the value of these. Yeah M and Johnson is a guy he's he's I think he's going to be paid their nickel corner. It's so important in today's game because so many teams are going with three wide receivers. Or even being able to cover a tight end that's really splitting out as a wide receiver something like that the nickel corner. It is very important in today's game and I think that he was a big part of his team making plays for them all year and I think that relationship. That they have with him coming up from Carolina is being I think he's going to be at our top priority for them. I mean. If you have a nickel corner that is not good enough a slot receiver can eat you up. On any team a slot receiver can. That can help to cover those. So we're talking about what you think is the strongest position on the Buffalo Bills as we start our group by group review of the buffalo roster heading into free agency in the draft. Wanna hear from Cuba that at 8030515. Toll free 1888. By 52 by fifty. And taken deep dive into the bills defensive back what they have what they need who might be out there we've got some folks call it an of that. Let take your calls on this as well you know maybe got a suggestion for somebody to add to the deep it's a back field it was a problem lights open 8030515. Toll free 1888552. By fifty bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier majorities that. 2 o'clock today for now a lot of talk about this deep of tobacco for the Buffalo Bills from now until then. And hope you're able to participate on the telephone but. We're gonna come back with more discussion on this including who might be out there what do I do the bills' season tickets for 2018 are available now it's our new Daniel on the ticket office today she said the response is good. Now the season tickets are available you can reserve club seats by over the Buffalo Bills back them tickets. The club to get renovated to it's going to be a whole new. All the look inside the club if you want and not club's season ticket got a call 1877. BP to keep in reserve those. On the website but season tickets available value Jennifer's lowest 33 dollar to gain. 330 for the season. Lot of benefits be the season to probably get invited to exclusive event strip parties tree can't prevent to get bills box. Access to an echo red zone game pass and a whole lot more call 1877. BB tick season tickets available now with a 2018. Buffalo Bills port talk about defensive backs more talk about the strongest part of the bills' roster when we come back Jabber B Donald Jones it is the job repeat show presented by. NAPA Auto Parts were company alive from one bills drive. This is Buffalo Bills read. John Murphy she. Talked at football Jabber B Donald Jones from our what Buffalo's if. Do you evidence to us we've talked about we actually yesterday pestered Utica get a couple minute rip on hockey which they. Yeah a little bit yeah all caught up in whether Michael should continue to play its. The but yes. You know losing. An awkward. I know that when I'm hockey. He's a huge. Huge you know I want to hockey game. And definitely like and they like there are definitely on the played like things. That you went to Florida. And went to I think that's what the that known it was but it was good. They were talking about that the bills' roster where a couple of weeks away from the com but you know the coaching staff and the scouting staff has been artwork try to assessing what they have. What they need to get your input on this what is the strongest position group on the buffalo bills' roster that is our Twitter poll. And we're happy to hear from you on Twitter or telephone like. Recorders is 76% say defensive back is the strongest position group I'm inclined to agree I think Donald is as well. 12% say running back sever percent as something else in my. 5% the office of like. So to think 8030552031. Eat eat eat by fifty to 550. Couple of tweets on this issue may acute care suspect shall teams. In particular. We're gonna have to go as we go through position bipartisan group over the next few weeks Betsy. Gotta be date for special teams you'd be sick that day Collins now. But that's special teams if you cares Schmidt and how you were both stellar this year all we need is a minor upgrade dictate it punt return kick return. That's it to nick Sally tweeted I wanna see defensive back field effected change drastically as so many are going to be potentially be free agents. That's kind of what were wearing it here Danny tweeted tight end play. Thomas O'Leary Lee. Call that the strongest position on the roster. I would now when I think. I think clay and O'Leary. Owen Thomas has potential athletically you'll still learning to build its potential. But I think. Charles clay and nickel area are good players definitely -- plays a guy who was a big piece of the offense. I was glad to see that they actually used him a lot more this year. And hopefully they can do the same thing next year. He might be in a situation where they ask in the technical. Resentment Tesla play yet accurate one of those guys on that friends of cap casualties that guy war they did they approach go to them and say we need to take pay cuts that we can add some talent around you. He's been paid a good amount of money years I think that are productive the he has been productive yeah as a productive. I just think 49 catches always fifty catches you always go ahead and ask and in addition they use them a lot more down the field use them a lot differently. And not a lot more but a lot differently than they did last and last it was all like hitches curls this year was him on the move re detestable all the still run some big plays down field. He's a big part of the offense that moving forward so. You just always got to go back to the business side of things and they don't in the states V I know you were productive but we need to do this got to go to the offensive coordinator the new offense coordinator also Wednesday. What are your plans for audio outs valued put them here already I mean did you know community leaders show you something. That was today we can live with nick O'Leary. And we can go ahead and and do something with house ways and as. Today the focus is on the defensive backs were happy to hear you but what you think the strongest. Position group is on the roster in particular defense of backs. 8030515. Tool free 1888550. To 550 that Joseph on the line from Rochester Ochoa welcome back. I guys orient. And I don't disagree because we keep expecting when you're reached Israel off with a product on the kicking team. I was to get hard line heard about this and often overlooked are kicking game was great how are only fifty errors the American role was in the opposite player of the week it to one as the team's players. It missed me extra points in the Hart the capable of swirling winds. It's at least a little point in our kicker is that a doctor has a point in our party well as well but I mean. How's the with a great pick up and we have other different areas that. This strong argument Joseph you're special teams is. It's an interesting group and really talked about we always talk about when you bring a special teams you always talk about the kicker the partner and maritime. And obviously those huge parts of but to also when you talk about that seemed to doubt that the entire picture the entire team because there is key guys that have taken a lot of plays run down the field making tackles we're Connors and things like that. You look at the patriots and have a guy Slater who's pro bowler every year he's. Always a key part of that that team will win four we always known they have they always talk about. The next man up they haven't been able to a next man up Matthew Slater out there and doing so you gotta look at the entire picture. When you talk about special teams and not autistic because even though the kickers were very very good this year. Yet at they're they're a couple of course special team owners I think that the bills and I think Humber was strongly original web strong specialty Burt. You know and so Lorenzo yet now do those guys get priority when it comes to free agency I don't know I mean I think that might be. That an afterthought but it down like you know if you wanna build your. Eleven on either side of the ball often to deepen its first. But you can make a strong argument the special teams was via was the strongest unit of the Buffalo Bills will get special teams gives call 8030550. Toll free 1888. By fifty to 550 pat on the line from north got a lot of hello pat welcome here on the Arabs. Yeah frequent auto Laettner and a frequent caller well yeah ethical. Strong argument was such things like all. Not nice million dollars. Yeah don't force. You between political and our quarterback but there. You know all while we're out talking tomorrow. Yeah I mean. He's been. He's been a guy who the patriots. Felt like he was a key part of their defense. Really every year until this year. Because it is show when they didn't wanna pay him. That right there was a sign and they brought a Stephon Gilmore paid him crazy money after. But knuckleballer was a guy who made to keep plated two win in the Super Bowl he's been a guided they actually put on Antonio Brown. To lock him up with Antonio Brown he'll file Antonio Brown the entire season if you. Are they guided they locked up on a guy like Antonio Brown they feel like you're good enough to play in this league now the reason it in play in the Super Bowl that's a whole different reason they try to say it was mats of stuff we don't know. That is struggles are there right now I don't know what happened here before it made any strong bid for welcome Butler went down what went off and then we heard different reports of he had a bad week in. He was late to some meetings stuff like that even saw reports that some marijuana stuff so who knows what went on there when you know coast McDermott's high value on character guys. But there. Malcolm Boller probably gonna get some money got out here on the open market site how much money is he worth. Yeah I think he'll get interest. The bills need him let depends on our thing else shakes out with the wrong guys gains Leonard Johnson etc. I never thought I mean even with his great Super Bowl plays iconic Super Bowl player never considered him to be at a news one of the top ten digit gain review. I in the unit he just he he made that play. In the comparable and it can put them on the map. And he was a guy who did very well. Certainly seemed as though I still never looked at him as the guy. Who was a top in top in corner and I felt like teens would attack him at times and say look we can attack knock Butler. And for me as a receiver I'm looking at corners and who they like that it does not that good you can really make plays Malcolm Butler but. We all know it's about timing and he'll probably end up giving some money out though if he will be in the range of nine million like easy gains might be in the range of it all those guys in the same rains I'd rather have easy gains here. Then to bring him up. There are some interesting names out there though when it comes to. Potential left free agent corners that the bills that might be able to go after if they have to replace CD games but it Johnson Malcolm butler's one of them there are others as well. And you know white outline it with the bills have what they need as far as the pending free agents Malcolm Butler. Likely to be out there Kyle Fuller from the bears I like him more than it like Malcolm Butler which I'm Melvin from the colts trimming Johnson. From the rams who has been I think. I mean traditionally overpaid that he interest media much in big splashy contract for him lead us. Is it worth it for him I don't know what do you think about those have. So we just talked about mark bowler Kyle Fuller is an. As he's an interesting player I don't know I think he's eating when they're getting more. David Kyle Fuller. I haven't watts I didn't watch that many bears games this year and even be able to devote. It's he assessment on on Kyle Fuller. I just think I'd rather have easy gains here aside Melvin was a good player for them he was hurt when the bills played them I believe it is at about two young guys who were playing. So. Jermaine Johnson I don't know about or some this unknown to made Johnson has been a guy who got the big splashy contract. But there have been other players out there in LA. What made a lot of place. And so I think they're gonna be willing to let him go now hoping the rams a wanna bring him back especially not at that type of money. How much money is he talking about getting I mean that you talk to my guy who had a big splashy contract is he going to distinct thinking he can get that type of money again. I don't think you can. So. Maybe he can be gotten them. I liked how Fuller and not these great but I think you know former first round pick in the use middle the first round couple years ago. Hasn't been isn't I don't think fulfilled exactly what the bears thought they were getting but. I think he could be a guy who could commit start for you and maybe get a pretty good price in a couple of his rookie contract. He. Well look at it is that average salary has been about last year one point three million. Last year free agent coming up one point seven million what's his cash last year you know if you get Kyle Fuller had decent price. And if you lose EJ integrated BG games but I could see him as a potential villain there now. He could be gone from one point. Maybe three for many many years in my day yeah he can be gotten beat I mean look at this this system. And say. Do we really need to page eight games at that moment. Can we afford to let him go in another corner coming here and do what he did gain speed the sheer force may tackles wars. Make some big plays for us we know to Davies is the number one corner. So do we really wanna pay EG gains nine million dollars as he considered the number one corner on this team I think to Davies is. So. You're looking at a system that they played they played man but they play a lot of zone as well and just track record. With coach McDermott I'm always gonna go back today I think they will. Look at each day gains I would like to have you back here but I think they'll look at and say you go ahead and and let him go you can bring somebody else that can do what he did gains need in this system. And focus on the front. Set and that's why would you see despite track number the projection of about nine million dollars based on comparable. That's out of whack I think I know it it makes sense but I don't know that there's value there nine million a year for. EG in semi they'll sort it out there's somebody will the bills are somebody else. But some went to pay any digging nine million a year. You know to. Yes you don't go chase that money I don't think as much as you like the player I don't think so what about wanted it. Free agency free agent easing of policy. At the. I didn't answer he each year we came in around the same time they might be there weasel the path our path of an employee is hazel. He in Easton so we're definitely values over old. The united earnings. At the Vontae Davis in looking at now probably getting on the other side of his career other side of of the bill. How much money as each time he RD gotta be touch it right in Indianapolis how much is he trying to do it. How much says he who have left in the tank he's another guy who was hurt this year a lot didn't play much this year so. Can he come in here and and be productive for you can stay healthy as another question can he stay out these passengers in the past. Get an industry to bottom. Medically cleared now for physical activity after having surgery to repair a cord injury suffered earlier last year. Five games played to pass defense this past year played through the injury had the surgery has been the medically cleared the guy who has made. Lot of money former Pro Bowl performer. My impression of him as a tall. Definitely key court is calling you corner I'm playing against them. When he was down in Miami before he went to the colts and they had a whole group puts all the key corners and I'm amber face and those guys like me and he's been at all you know but he isn't a guy who's had some up and down years and he was a first round pick. He did have Pro Bowl year but he's also has some years where teams would attack him. And I remember I remember going into games thinking we. We can attack this didn't even know is at present we can attack like those changes direction issues yours yeah pathology corner on they can do it changed directions like that so. And ultimately for for me when it comes down to and I think those McDermott is like this. They put a certain value and postings are like this but I think coach McDermott is really like this they put us and valuing certain positions. And cornerback position is good is those guys were this year. Do we need to pay nine million dollars a year for a corner in this system we know that we wanna be able to depression with the guys up front if you're gonna pay anybody it's going to be linebackers. And is going to be. You're defense affront defense events especially as stresses we got to be able to do it to the quarterback it's a quarterback that we can get to the quarterback with just a front for the the guys in the back in won't get interceptions. And s.'s come out they want this system the beat you not talking about a Rex Ryan defense where. We wanna locked up man a man you going to island you're going you're islands and those guys keep Kate. You talk about a system with a mixture of zone and man. They want it pressure on its way on the tables this Patrick number EG gains. I'm gonna double check but it says nine million expert I mean he had he had Robert Woods. Right around where Robert was very much and I was shocked by that yet have ever been shocked by that. But c'mon and that's a lot of money you do as a nice player this Alley cat this keystone you know and make it more more money and of those making more money some players. They get paid in all it's gonna take its were. One player. To break the bank and then everybody else is like yeah I gotta get paid so if Logan Ryan in those guys that make it eight. Million plus a year he delegates is gonna say I want that nine million a year I gotta get that at least. Where and take a break talk more talk about safety too we come back bill seemed set. At safety maybe a couple decisions to make we want their view of the fault lines open in 030515. Tool free 1888550. 2550. What's the strongest position group well the bills' roster is effective that's of back to how they set up moving forward with a free agents they have maybe design and maybe some of those out there. Give us a call it a so today it's John Murphy show from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills radio. With more John Murphy she. On the back showed Jabber B Donald Jones from our one buffalo studio and a victory in itself I. Think that. Literally destructive talking about that the best part of the bills' roster we're gonna go through this now the next few weeks position grouped by position group that is right up to come by week. Strongest we think it's defense of backfield what do you think it'll 30515. Tool free 1888. By fifty to buy fifty the building blocks of the Buffalo Bills defense of back Cuba I believe. Are the safeties and corner to Davies what quite obviously going to be around this is something they have. This is something that they entry years from those groups but that group rather. The defense of back to have a right to this is quietly gathers uncertainty about Leonard Johnson need to gains you've injuries right called Anderson it's remarkable Thomas Mara. Out there going to be up there it theoretically but those guys are the building blocks acting Micah Hyde toward employer to devious way that's what they have and I think. I think that's what they're set up pretty well those are all three obviously young players who looked like he could be here for a good long time ago grocery. Those that are going to be here. For some time to employers are guy. Who's gonna have a couple more years as some that he can these play like he. Has played mean it is going to page Davis you know about days. I think right now. You'd be looking at a guy like easy gains saying you know we could afford to. So let them go is not that he's not. Particularly a building block of necessity defense of backs you can afford to bring somebody else in here to Davis first round draft it he's a guy I was gonna you want to viewing a team for a long time. Micah Hyde very good player personal can come down and cover tight ends and cover those slot receivers. Havens are employers the same way in those dudes are all also on the back in the net they NCAA they are. The building blocks of the back in the defense at this point you need to work on the front in the defense need to work on the linebackers need to work on the offensive in. Defense that tackles in this got to see what's going on up nearly even Powell. Kyle Williams right so. You look at those three you're gonna be here. That other corner is a position that you might look at the states should be. We got a Stacy at that position because we got to make sure that we solidify it was we will we need to solidify upfront and SED tackles these incidents. And on and what allows the bills are believed to state is you put it cheap at that position in the other corner. Is there scheme a little bit too you know and they don't need. Shut down lockdown. Man corner index that would EG gains what's that's why his. You know the copper bulls I think are a little bit out of whack they needed goods sold corner good tackling salad zone corner who knows about it. Drop you know drop in the coverage knows how to come up in and play the run. A knows how to support in all over the field and a and it got to be Smart guy obviously play a little more zone than man and so that would seem to me like it might be easier to plug that hole if infect EG gave it away yet. I would think it's just because of this. Because he felt like we can let us know and ago. He's. He is allows guys who wants to be your number one cover corner. He wants to get paid like that and so yeah he's going a million years did her. You can go ahead and and get to fifteen million dollars and years somewhere else we don't need that we need to be able to get pressure affront to because of their scheme. They do that's why I think it'll play as much value. Terms of money dollars on the cornerback position. Today it is I think they would pay because he was it traffic and if he can he's a player like he did this year you give pro bowler every year. They consider one of the better best corners in the lead. I think they would keep him here buy easy games they brought in via trade so I think they would just let him go and bring some mighty Allison Petit. What do you think what are the bills strongest position group gives you call 8030550. Told freed from outside buffalo 1888552. But fifty and how well are they set up. In the defense of backfield will discuss that with you as well also we return for the second hour of the show wanna take out of the league wide look at some of the issues over the I guess off field off that necessarily upfield but league issues that builds issues. And what needs to be done by the NFL during the upcoming months of the off season. All of that coming up when we come back John Murphy doubled don't just get started at one bills drive John Murphy show presented by dep auto parts. Live from what no driver buffalo new country.