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Jeff Murphy Donald Jones from our one buffalo studio here that's basketball was big this year around your Donald elected duties is lest I kinesis beat Fairfield by. Like twelve it was tied at halftime last night Katzman he's Islamic fourteen in the last fifty via surrogate kinesis minute hundred. What does this Jews over the simply. Youngstown State and they were I to Liza wanted to thank you modeling you're welcome there were lights out yet inches of rain in normally. You know I know. You know they are rolling your tickets that were in the season tickets but I olympians now so yeah opening them to do a little bit better able now but you know we're getting. Closer to March Madness yet closed March Madness on the bodies of 16 and rogue boat for seven road tonight at LaSalle. You'd be against Kent State you'd think he'd be able then there about a fight tournament content I mean all of these teams buffalo right now is on the map. Yes it's on the mat and even last an Olympics. And you. A little bit last week that it that's a little bit I mean I Ted today every now and an ally the snowboarding at I'm like they have right stuff them. For some reason I watch is caught early. Yet for some I don't know why though. I really had no clue why I've gotten in to watch and curling maybe because. You know how is considered a sport but it is a sport and I like. What is going. I wanna do it actually wanna. You are currently places around here aren't really actually buffalo Niagara on the Lake Ontario big curling zippers up there yeah well people look at. Bowling I think people many people go you know tonight out of its social element I know. I'm trying to think where they had I think they have it down it. Can outside and I think even at river works if currently you can rent ice and I just wanna do like the little boom thing one time. It was sweet but I do have to listen to. And I alas it was on this morning and and the people streaming in in the background I don't know to sanctions from the front. This is one loss but I deathly like the snowboard and watch these people that I in the air into all of those raise the says he may talk about it's very windy out there. Right now so to the fact that they're actually still lineup like that is treason there decrees. He started up in the Olympics approach what some of that little bit and go. You know scheme Leo I'd need to be paid that's yeah. All right so we're talking football and where it got through position by position group over the next two weeks leading up to come by. What an a for new. What is the strongest. Position group for the Buffalo Bills right now what do you think. 8030552. Free 1888552. By fifty we think it's defensive back field. Even with some prominent free agents coming up. For the bills are Twitter poll 75% of you think its defense and backfield. 12% say running back 8% say other. I percent say office of like. In its interest in Somalia Twitter responses. People responding. To our tweet. If Blake says it's gotta be the running back position every week opponents stack the box and focus on route. Picture anyway in this team doesn't win much and engine of the car she eighty user engine is the most important but is that the strongest position group. That's the question yet she eighties dynamic he's great one of the top running backs in the league behind him. You know the bills had trouble keep people healthy last year and a pretty good debt. Back up blistered by the end of the year was Turner's cadet who suffered a really bad injury in the game and when that. A Christmas the and then you factor in the pull back their two DiMarco had a decent year. I think. You know we're talking about this right now the strongest position group on the team you'd have to say. Is the DV because you know at least that you have to read those guys still on the team. He did gains might be here might not be here you gotta figure out what's going on with that four point. But if you look at the rest of the guys. The rest of the groups on this team looked at running back. Obviously you know about this film equivalent who you have behind you don't know right now that's a business and they need to address here free agency or the draft. I would think they would do it in the draft. Quarterback you have no clue what's going on the quarterback position my receivers. Everybody's a freeze it there on that side often the line I mean you'd you'd. Pretty much know what you had there and often the line but you got aired would now. Not going to be here anymore you would think Ryan grew with step into. Who knows that if that's going to be the case and not right tackles and a playwright tackle. Right guard who's simply right I mean there's a lot of question marks at the offensive line defensive line. There are a lot of question marks there linebackers are a lot of question marks defense to back is the strongest group as you know for the most part who is going to be on this Ross there is no one position that you have to sell. The tweet from team any 22 says where is none of the above we put other there's only because. But he says there's holes all over this roster. All right would his guard Richie isn't getting any younger nobody at running back behind an aging cheek. Defensive backfield the salad with hide for your treatment nobody locked up behind that lots of work and change is needed I agree with that team any 22. Lots of work needed this Barbara Walters this because. We've said it since late last season. Put an analyst yet they have a long list of personnel needs nobody disputes that I agree with that. Changes whether needed or not changes are gonna come all the roster I believe also. I think they did it pretty good job of Philly and a lot of holes last offseason with a lot of what you're guys those when your contract Europe they found some guys who play a little bit they probably have to commit. Little bit longer than that but sure that's why there were going through this there are. Holes all over the roster I think this goes to. All over the right there all over the Ross soon. And this is this is right now. It's not like they have this crazy amount of money to work with in terms and phrases to you know you have a good amount a trapeze mr. you don't know how to rapids and M and now for you. So when you look at free agency. Got a bunch of free agents you don't have much money to work with I think you're gonna start to see some guys gave its nuclear some guys take pay cuts here in the next couple weeks. So you got a lot of work to do. It really is a lot of work to do on this team a team that was nine it's that it didn't they made it into the playoffs. But they were nine it's that so they need to get better all over the roster you know so. There's a lot of work that they need to do and a lot of things in the defeat era. And yet figure out this defensive backfield some of the creates its gains when a job centuries right give us your thoughts at any of the slides open at 8030515. Tall pretty from outside buffalo 1888552. By fifty deedrick is outside buffalo is in New Jersey hello Peter good to hear from out bear. And that well it is to be on the show and it to a had a chance that you you guys today. Maine now I am glad you're not an agent. Of one of my players it's Allen owner. Because the big game I mean there's no way I K 99 dollars a year. And I know the agent government do its job is just really are I'm John it is really art. To pay that and why I think. That that number estimation off is because last year the market was set. Bite Gilmore and we're right and then everyone else kinda. Feed off I think this year there's not one. No one near the caliber of it would wanna say about the font nowhere near out of nowhere near eight people out man to man corner. Who who can play. And lock up number one digging in the lock up from one receiver. I don't know I was a you'd ask him to do you want to book so would you pay in my memory that's what the problem you know I mean I've. And then and then what I think of it. Arnold Donna your maverick that maybe don't miss the plane. The dear Leo what all the contract was up. The year before the end of what would increase in pay all these guys 101000011 million packets might well all male organ was Leodis because. You know that he is that the market is not. What happened. Following years. The level how it went down from the year before. So we older kind of crop you know guys like would that there was another guy cutting its same kind of likely oldest. Mail it and an upside here are well what are I think Leodis I'm up for four years five million I've been happy about a year yet Kamal we'll get beat the moment like that. Well you know I think the market will dictate that we could be wrong now you can be very successful. Had a eager when they are here like you're wrong and also. And the plan B I think if we can't sign up the game. I think is only the the Elmer on the Mercury cornerback last couple years that Britain bookmark I think the guy late. Between your old light on deck weight loss Chicago. Acting you know I can come here to get at that would department or or or get out. They certainly aren't and well what you're thought. What are pretty strategic broader principle Camara who you know 28 is not the ideally each season I'll buy you need to be talking about bringing him in here you can be talking about drafting one. Bring him in here. Let him play for another two years something like that some short term deal. And and hopefully whoever you draft and develop assume be a starting corner for you here's a Potomac Mars is a name that. That would make sense he won't have to break the bank for him at all it's not like he's been out there have been pretty horrible season or anything like that BJ gains as an either but the market does like Egypt Egypt was saying. It did take it dictates a lot of different things that dictates. We're guys end up getting paid how much guys are getting paid and you talk about the first wave of of corners. Like Stephon Gilmore like these guys who truly lock down corners a guy like. Did the kid down and and in Jacksonville he's gonna get something 167 double. Dave Ramsey is again it's something like that number one corner money. Stepped on last year got it. Josh Norman F fifteen million a year right now. So both it and double guys it looked at as the number one guys are getting fifteen million dollars a year in corners are so important in the game today the next wave guys aren't like a low in rye these guys that he didn't. Nine million dollars a year and a from a if nomination. Imus are but this is. This is what my guy needs to get paid his numbers are comparable. To these guys right here. As his what is in this is the team's record when he was actually in the lineup. So you wanna turn on the film you wanna do whatever this guy can do it off for you you got to get him nine million lousy it has to saudis agent state. Only do you sound like an agent where you're drastically and only an agent and always at Augusta convince it to red checkered you know that your. But treaty gains not yet but you owe me the money you I've heard that there is I think he's he's. Present laws always gonna come down to his value went into it we're talking about his projections in numbers based on what guys got paid last year and all that stuff. Who knows if I had teams a lot of teams this say we don't think it worth that type of money and you end up resigning with the bills for a lot less. And that's a kind of happened like that with certain guys that you think manatee is going to page and then all of a sudden they hit their free agent market. And the first day goes by NATO gave aid and second day goes by. And once you get past that first week that whole wave of first. Those first created to go on now you find yourself time it's trying to find something and you take four million a year five million years something might have a shorter term. Deal. I think easy gains because the quarterback position is so important. Because the team's record was what was because of he can cover you he can cover but he also comes up and tackles and I think that's important as well in today's game. So. Yeah he's gonna begin somewhere 89001000. In this is what it is and I don't think the bills will want to entertain and I think they'd rather bring in a Vontae Davis a principle more one of those type of guys that you might be able indeed. Probably the same amount of money to pay Linda Johnson. Let's go to take the bills what's their strongest position group on the roster what he do about some of those defense to back to your free agents gains. Don't overlook letter jets centuries right is in the mix the safeties called Anderson to Marco Thomas polite to open 8030515. Tool free 1888. By 52 by fifty let's stick call from Dexter in buffalo go ahead Dexter weapon in the Arab. There's a lot of make it Ahmadabad Tyrod Taylor what it would sure go ahead let's. I have a lot of include terrorize them meet Don understand that there. And when you're going to have instances proceed in Iowa I've had had a receivers to really work with. Grossman would literally. Well wouldn't first I want to boo he had Sammy they're the high is our commitments and legitimate sale. Just then they hadn't had anything to work with. He's pretty good read but I don't know many Cordoba expected to mark with a group of receivers that grounded out to us. Well he did have Sammy right and that that counts for something I would think the couple years with Sammy Watkins. Yet don't know we would dispute that the bills receiving corps this past year and even for most of the 26. Team was not that you know. Top ranked in the league but there are. You can make individual. Judgments on Tyrod Taylor's play based on his plate not necessarily who's throwing to him. What we've got three years of Tyrod Taylor which I think we know who he is now regardless of who's around him I don't know that it. You know what he's saying wait drafted receiver premium receiver Willie Mae Tyrod Taylor better sure it would. Sure well will he make Tyrod Taylor the cut a quarterback that can win consistently. I don't there's an appearances they've. I think. Tyra teller I mean you have to really go in and break down film Dexter and buffalo and just look at. Certain things about Tyrod Taylor but I don't even if you bring in premier. Why receivers. He's a guy yea can throw the ball deep that's his strong. Suit yea he can he can run around and he could make plays for you but they're just too many plays left on the field. And so I just don't think. That you can consistently win games like that when you're leaving so many plays on the field and that's why you find yourself. 31 in passing and I just think it's been. I just think when you laughing because on the video side we show that plea from the Jackson gave every time he actually. I X it's funny when it is naive and the reason did he cracked the head with a spell it. Exactly yes that guy cracked right to they have so that no flash. Crazy. It was blatant it was ridiculous that's one loss in. You know and squeeze out announced profits but. It was crazy I yeah you're right I don't give it every time you don't ask him at about literacy Jarvis Landry a culinary. Tyrod. They're ago was. I mean there were points in the season there was a reason why they put. They'd be instant. There was a guy isn't because the offense just could not function and you had teams saying. We want to force our toe to be a quarterback that you add teams that are coming out saying that that means they don't think that you can throw the ball and you had teams consistently the last few years putting so many guys in the box I don't care who you have planned my receiver I'd get to you have you all have years you're number one guys out there. You still gotta be able to make plays you still gotta make the girls. And it was just too many points and throughout the season where did. Out of tyra talk still early years but again you know again you know in the playoffs people like Tara like tyra and I think they got to try to do better. Of a we're talking a lot about the bills offseason plans go through. Position group by a position group over the next couple weeks leading up to come by to talk about. What they have what they needed separate. The leak has some work to do also like we agree that now the super bulls we could get behind us the league has some work to do the NFL there's. It Eckstein peace when I was application dialed New York Times it was sort of a a pre super bull review of 2017 of what it meant. The NFL and all of the issues in all of the controversy. I edited she conversation with a friend of mine in Florida. But I was off about the team's schedule I guess bills in NFL fans who. Totally. Upset about contractions the east obediently. There are issues that at a felt faces and they're gonna hit some of them are gonna have to be addressed in the off season when I go through some of these issues with you don't know sore. Listeners that home you rings up let's note to take a lot of it sparked by the so post written by Kevin Seifert on ESPN the NFL's. Top ten offseason priorities. And what has happened over the next few months this stuff. That dealing with team by team who's gonna get better who's gonna get worse with coaches what quarterbacks were players but the league itself top ten. Priorities for this offseason in no particular order let's talk about some of them concussion policy. Kevin Seifert writes this must be an annual task for the league is technology improves and scrutiny increases. There's no more existential threat to believe that bring help. Reporting concussions wrote to their highest total this past year 281 sensibly be in release releasing data. Reported abductions which obviously means that you know being reported more often there's all protocol in place. Would you hold would you agree that. Adjusted to concussion policy is the biggest threat to the league long term don't leave the. I think when you look at. The overall pitches concussions in general. Are the biggest threat to the league because. This is not just the NFL you're talking about you're talking about parents at the Little League level who were saying my kid is not playing football. Because of the contestants I don't want my kid playing football and so you don't have kids starting out younger playing football like they always have. So I think because today you're gonna get less and less people actually playing the sport which could be a threat to do the lest lest people that wanna watch people get knocked out in the games and things like this then when you have. A few different instances throughout the course of the season where it just seems like these teams are putting these guys back on the field at risk. Fans yeah I mean we watchful ball for the big collisions and things like that but ultimately I don't think. It leaves a good taste of fans' mouths. When you look at it and you like you guys are completely put these guys back out there on the field they you know that players want to play. Regardless of how they feel out there on the field they want to play because they feel like a bomb that I airplane's somebody else and take my spot so the team has to protect the players. From themselves and I think that leaves a bad taste in bands now so again I think concussions and its policy right now. Is it bad. It is a bad thing for the lead in the league needs to crack down more on these teams that break those rules. Be added late to set records and you know this league added a third independent neurologist at the stadium site in fort watching from a centralized position in New York City. I think the league is aware of it I think the league has taken steps I mean what could this happen and it you gotta gotta take a step back and look at the long view. Players have adjusted their aiming point and it was right high hits are really you know what will we see now it's like ball. That's too high that's a helmet to helmet hit that took a shot to the head penalty. Fine suspension. That wasn't the way it was 810 years ago right players the the league the play has been adjusted which I think. Is is you know you can say is that enough that's debatable but I think the league is that it's been pretty proactive. And tried to eliminate helmet to helmet hits and hits today ahead. The help with technology. If they exhausted what they can do to improve have a technology I don't know it's very scientific. Very technical but man mark council's right in the forefront of that. It would seem to me that based on a bill that their helmets are different now but I think there's a maybe a cap. No pun intended how much protection you can get from a helmet when it comes out. Ultimately these players are getting dinners fast right and there are running into each other at full speed and so you're gonna have to pass and I've. I've said this in the past different people the only way you can really in the contestants they did take the face mask off the helmet. Because guys will dive in the way they do meet these beat beat it all the time. Because they wanna protected pretty faces a radical change that is a huge that is a huge saints you know but. If you had to face mask and helmet. The players are gonna run into its edited in a diving on it and and players' skin. When you're in the game yeah act and change my aim point. But things happened so fast where it is system happened some times where guys are gonna go helmet to helmet and you don't always have those concussions this year was what the highest. Since the NFL begin releasing this data in 20122 yards and 81 that reported concussions this year. Mean that's that's a lot and this and their report I think as a said more reported because there's more people look important in the success of the hard to say whether there actually more contractions it is and I would I would say. There's always there's always going to be so many contestants anytime you get hit in a football game. And you get up and you fill a little bit woozy you might be able we'll man those are hate you might even be able to play through a little bit woozy this and let that Wear off. That is the that's I think that's right you should not would give up and be busy at all you know. And by the way and the oldest in some respects is is on players do to protect themselves right now to know that about woozy about a little bit. Light headed after a hit I should step out for awhile nobody wants to do that there's money at stake careers its stake. But there's got to be I think I've yet that the leaders to adjust concussion policy I submit that one of the adjustment should be better education for players is that. What do concussion is what it feels like and what you're proper steps are taken. They also have to clean up you know the way the neurological observers handle it although pull guys out you know to be debated and try to take it. The playoff game. I watch them play pivotal objectionable. And I can remember but though. Yes Abbie you've got to make sure that when. When players about the the processes uniform throughout the leak I can see that is that is a pretty good adjustment that we could do it yeah I would say it's number one priority. Is it that you used correctly point out. It is as. Have received reports that it's an existential threat it's not so much. Improving the game next year or the year after that but long term health of the game and kids being able to play the game is widely. It is a threat. But there I think it's it's a complicated thing that involves. Helmut technology. How tackles or me how players are taught to tackle and how it's that are actually handled the protocol program. Lot more issues on this ten offseason priorities for the NFL we'll talk more about that we return including the catch rule would do with petrol. Don't seem to be that would be pretty high in the NFL what priority right now all of a sudden because before you left you like I hope these games knock them down as well. And there was there was intimidated in this a couple of minutes on that art we'll talk about that you can join the conversation as well the lines are open what would you think to be the top of the league's priority list for this offseason. The NFL and individual teams that the Buffalo Bills. Give us call 8030550. Toll free 1888. By fifty to 550 we're back with more than John Murphy show from one bills drive. This is Buffalo Bills three. Returning and today had a cold but sunny day in orchard park New York John Murphy Dow Jones wrote one buffalo studio two weeks away from our comeback coverage. And then Indian a couple of weeks you're able to connect gotta I gotta do some work on some of these prospects. Yeah me too over the next couple weeks yet do some homework start seeing what's what I mean. You have what it will positions when you have first in terms of what they need bills. Meaning you go out they mile but. And winters was able to rank them and escort wrecked the quarterback he just because it's such high profile thing and yet in need here. Which is about to say they'll use that you know one of those first routers or combination of them for a quarterback but yet there at the quarterback position which ago. Defense he refers to a defense line. Front seventy. And then receiver yes definitely. We got a lot time to get ready for the cabin we're opposition group by a physician group over the next few weeks talking today about defensive backfield which most of us think is the strongest unit appeared happier. Whelan and if you'd like eagle 30515 to free 1888552. By fifty. Partly white issues also started talk about that. Offseason priorities for the NFL occupancy previous paean wrote about it. And enhance concussion policy puts them at the top of his list of the year ranked of this offseason priority the catch rule. The couch rule what constitutes kept yes noticeable weakness that please please please let us about it that at a controversy weeded. Seems like they got it right I guess in the suitable. But it it was not without the usual agonizing delay and discussions and second guessing from network officials you know I. There's a couple of different issues here you know completing the process of the cats survive in the ground. Buzz words now that will seem to think we know. The difference between. You know breaking the plane of the goal line as a receiver and a runner that's been an issue in the post season. I don't know Donald you know what I think I wanna quote Kevin Seifert said. He broke his groceries paean. He says as far as catch ruled offseason. You know do you fix it he says don't make it. Worse he says the best she can hope for is maybe not making it worse the commissioner's party said they're gonna review what constitutes a catch of the gonna make it more complicated debt to me would be a problem. And Kevin secrets is calls to return to what the NFL used to do. Ignore the fundamental change prompted by HD television and replay technology. Yes that yes it's the replay its HD. You know it is it backwards thinking to say do away with that in in the game better I don't think so. I do not think so I think at NC for goes on to say you know the current role leads to a handful of paid scriptures in return for a vast majority of clarity. Yes there are head scratches there are ones that stopped the game and its tracks. With announcers in and viewers in every day vaccine was at a catch I don't know gonna have to look at every play let's spend the next five minutes debating. Let's talk about deputy complete possession that he survived the ground. That he break the plane was the runner that he established itself as a router before it got to the end zone all of that can be eliminated my contention is by. Eliminating the use of replay. You know I'd even eliminate used to replace a text no cuts to meet that would be the solution Wetherbee and this kept it secret points this out to. It HT view of a 1980s game by the way the game was pretty good in the 1980 style and you're in swat league close. Pop pop pop up right where you born AD and yet. The game was pretty good in the 1980s pretty good now but pretty good in the eighties soup at receiver rates and HD view over 1980s game there was no way to either. Would reveal more previously I've noted shaky catch calls campaigns realize yes. There were always debate catch no catch but the call was made on the field in real time without the lanes without second guessing without heads graduate wondering. The he survived the ground was he a runner or receiver. That's why I say do away with replay at least in terms of establishing kept you know kept to meet fixing the petrol starts. With eliminating the use of replay technology. I think it would be heard BC that's before. I would either eliminated or if you're gonna have replete keep it real time. Keep it real stark as the stars. Of that it's hard for me to think that the NFL. When technology is his movie I handed forward forward every day basically. But they're gonna go back on it is hard to me why did you gonna do I'll look I don't watch for the technology and know they don't but I just people why. For the actions it hits the that is spectacular catches the athleticism. But it turns into a game and said our hope the replay it works well today I hope we get all the right calls on replete nobody's watching game because of that effect I would submit the other way. I think gains driving people away because they think. I don't even know it catches anymore. It's gonna go to replays over and over again regardless of what's called on the field regardless of whether you Zimmer Larry's ever a point to the end zone. Signals catch Kelvin Benjamin I would submit that replay and the in innumerable delays. Associated with catch no catch him replays that pushes people the way that draws people of the game so why can't you walk away from the technology why it is an issue. I have no problem with them walking away from the technology is it's hard for me to think that they will walk away from the technology. But I have no problem with. You wanna say you know what on these cats is we're gonna leave it up to the officials on the field I'm I'm totally fine with that. Go back high school let me that this is a high school do it it's the big make calls and I'm sure there are questionable calls. All across the country naked and act as that ball that kid did catch that ball. And the rest got to make the call they got to live with it and everybody else has to live with that is well when we have to watch it. A million times it makes it harder to live with it especially if you come back and everybody's like yeah it did wrong. You just watch the same replay that we watched and you still came back wrong with that. I think that fixing to catch rule commissioners are said of these advocate offseason priority it will be an offseason priority. Obviously and others appointment idea. Haven't secret in this post the end of those top ten. Offseason priorities re standardize. Replay they had a consistent replay that he even though they centralize that in New York City. Right they took everything out of the hands in the pace the field. And and now it's supposed to be one standard at work that way. The work that way at all it was uneven application of replay. Cavity rates. Replays Goodwin used in the appropriate tactics correcting these mistakes but will ultimately be drugged out. If it used to read or fishy close plays out of frame by frame basis. That's how they're used it and now frame by frame. Did the ball moved slightly unique accounts worth about Michael's old frame by frame it. Portable although maybe market advocate. Entertainment anybody. Is not. It's that to me. Yeah Austin's very jenkins' play that he not break the plane was not clear to make and I you start off frame by frame. The rain here and historical frame by frame. You start look at it possible blow the ball I think you rule in the game rooms by navy game and you ruined the characters you ruin the athleticism that's been displayed there. You'd do user you're relying way too much on technology. At the ref can't see it. And that's when it didn't wreck the standing right there yeah literally right there if he can't see it. He can't hit a bubble. Is it gets there now you got to go to to different camera angles to see if the ball moved it's midget evidence you know honestly did you shouldn't you should be don't let the rest I don't what I understand is things like this. They are taking out of the rest hands. Why you do and you did the arrested being paid to refereed the gate. Keep it in there and let them make the decisions on the field they need just as much pressure on me why Ted trying to take so much pressure on the senate got a lot on their plate. But something like attached no cats but after dealing a plea you're the rough I understand you wanna take these guys Danson and ends on off their plate I dipped. That's not a has nothing to do with the actual game itself. But you wanna take away the cats no cats and put it back into New York. And all of these different camera angles not let those guys make the call on the field if they're wrong they're wrong the fans it's got to live with it there right there right advances got to live with. Top offseason priorities for the NFL what do you think he should be gives call 8030552. Free 1888. But 52 by fifty a couple of tweets on this front references I like it grew to replay but if they keep it. What do you think of a replay shot clock thirty seconds of him make a decision that time the plea stands. And Brian Amal and civil between the replay will never go away. What people believe that says here's an idea of making a time limit and you cannot reverse it in sixty seconds in the Costanza would replay began they had a shot clock they had a 92 limit. Now they do is go beyond that people who just ignore. I wanna give us a replay will never go away why is it's art. It's hard to think about what to think that is the way. I don't know why this is hardly technologies move forward to think that they're gonna totally his to win with. And I and I also announced said this before I think. Because that. There the whole Microsoft deals and all the best of goals in tuned to the replay in the that this is the Reeve is a replay they have Microsoft on the hook all that stuff but they there's money involved and stuff that they won't. Want to do away with I think you'd be better for the game went way it is likely to open up a doctor determined this is my campaign. Will you keep campaign in at I would be OK if it's in real time the replay you know if you want alas this thing in real time because. If we're all watching in real time. And you catch the ball and and we're all saying he just caught that meaningful global cross the plane. And you wanna say he didn't survive the ground like detects that. Zach hurts me in that they ended up calling that one a touchdown but the Jesse James one. Pittsburgh or New England they did open those guys actually made a full ball won't you can see that in real time. Let it happen in real time though the whole goal frame by frame in slow motion because now you second guess yourself and really did officials. In their gut in their hearts delight me and an army the right call. Yes they try to tell us that yeah official in the government and kept tried to show us. Got beat down check with my partner tried to show us I got this threat the overruling any. Out top ten offseason priorities for the NFL he would act like this one. Unify the intimate experience this is what the writer captaincy directory is via a new approach to unified Vietnam experience. To take one of three points the league could voice clear support for players making social statement. The leak could prohibit all at the demonstrations. And require strict stand at attention or it could scrap the platform altogether and keep teams in the locker room. Those are kept secrets ideas. I'd I don't think this is a priority at all will be unified at the patriots keep as is hope that there's that a outside influence that. Mixes into the ruptured again I think it's working fine. I think it was working fine it wasn't that big a deal until. Outside influences me to be. And so I think I don't think that's a I don't think it should be a priority because he does not have to run with the it. Really has. Until people interfere and start to make a deal than you know do we you know out of the flag by love to see everybody do it I hope they do. If you feel strong enough that you don't want to okay it's I guess you're right about happy about it but no it's not a that dragged down ratings that would. Thanks a lot of people try to tell them it was certainly I mean ultimately the NFL so the eyes rated. So on TV Asia people are still Watson and people still love it and this whole Anthony experience. You know is news. It is it's hard because. It's at the end of the day you're talking about freedom of speech and players feel a certain way about what's going on. Outside of a football what's going on in the world in this country and soul. They did that to stand for something that's going on in this country you know and and everybody's gonna have their opinion on on if you like it or not and that's why this is America because everybody has their own opinions. And you're not gonna get everybody to agree you know but this is not a big issue in the NFL I don't think it is it is not top priority and. What are the offseason priorities will get to your calls on this and we return Donald Jones Jabber PW live from one bills drive is John Murphy show. Buffalo Bills read. We have more of that John Murphy she. After being Dow Jones we've got Leslie Frazier bills defensive coordinator schedules up by around 2 o'clock those coaches making it. Trip to city mission today we'll talk with coach creature but that. What are you about a couple of issues were talking about what's the strongest position group by the buffalo roster we think it's deep it's a backfield that. Maybe at some ideas on how to keep that group intact and also NFL. Offseason priorities we've talked about a couple of Houdini at the experience of replay and catch no catch. And of course we started out talking about the concussion policy. Your thoughts at any of this gives call 8030550. Toll free 1888550. To 550 joke on the line from Rochester hello Joseph weapon of the show. And number. Shall turn I think the plan to bash is the strongest area. Shaq and Saddam. I agree with the caller or the person who says. Replay will never go away and I know that Japan's TV years by double why we'll never go. Well since you're here in my logic in and Donald are not old enough to remember and tell and I'll replay but you and I would. And and valued example on the Benjamin catch some controversial on the back in the end zone. Let's just say that there is no replay and that their initial call was he was out of bounds. We would have watched. And time from home seen don't want a touchdown. And the outcry it would be that much greater. Debt and caught stealing with replay. Sure what's difference you know it's you know well but can you in orbit and televised you know little bit commentators there and I. Play acting or you go home ten times over. Elise replay of the whole produces at tickets call correct and and you know the speed of the game that the essential and I see. Everything from every angle and everything is is bang bang overweight at. I just think that replay has eight place. I just switched it oh were all that you'd set what was the big issue I would say the church is an issue. Because it's complicated if fishing officiating the game right now. It's all overly complicated they need you get football back to war to kiss principle. At all. Are yeah I mean I agree media that Joseph and I think elimination of replay it that much is limited I guess to catch no catch Lebanon Lebanese should replay would. Would make it simpler get it back to the basics catch no catch to feed abounds in possession of the ball catch the cycle through treatment for an. I think that's that's a lot easier to actually call for the most part in the whole surviving ground thing. That is really where it gets Dicey. But when he was saying there is. You still gonna be watching the game on TV there's still going to be appointed. Cameras all throughout the stadium so. When we're watching that you know that television crews gonna show what a million times anyway and in the outcry the fans are going to be like. Allman who terrible we have replay the media but it. That you never gonna satisfy everybody I mean that's there was outcry when they overturned account and don't care to its terrible we every play in the overturn what it looked like to be catch it does. Still look like to be kept to me that you know mostly and we watch that a million times there on the west us while we're talking about this replay. I just think there is gonna have the replay I I'd rather than just dutiful than in real time. And not go frame by frame with this thing do it in real time and let the rest say it as. Here's what I'm talking about what's on the NFL's play what is to be solved what is the offseason priorities for the National Football League in the months ahead. This is an article post written by is being decked out Kevin Seifert consider a targeting rule. Like college football. The Steelers Bengals game lead in the season. Kind of brought this up the rule will call for a mandatory ejection of a player who hits to defenseless receiver in the head or neck area at the college level. If it happens in the second half of the game it's his suspension for the first half for the following game. The rules had mixed success in the NCAA. But I think I like the targeting rule in college football I think it would go a long way. In the National Football League to eliminates a little more violent hits the target somebody up I that'll only be get a penalty and fifteen yards and you know there is I guess possibility. For ejection they rarely use it. But I think you know it's separate penalty targeting you targeted that guy up by that's a penalty your reject I like that. I think I'm I'm said this in the past that it felonies to go to the targeting rule because when you are finding these guys who are making millions of dollars nobody wants to lose money. But at the end of the day if it's a 151000 dollar fine to a guy who's making nine million dollars a year minimizing whatever. I'm Cuban if you have a targeting rule and you get ejected and that ejection means it's gonna be suspended the next game as well getting checked. But the eighty it was a game check you miss a game. And that's that's a lot more than just fining guys because it's so mean. It's called what it is certain guys don't really care about the fine right and lets you start to find them over and over and over and and you start to see in the plane not you exactly dive from a game. And suspend them they'll think about it this messy they're maliciously going in his time there are some mighty bill think about it because I don't wanna do is suspended now and that's about it. The league stats there were eighteen this qualifications. In the league wide in the 2017 season. If you have a targeting rules start throw players out death initially specially they'll be more of anymore it's debatable. But I think it's worth it to pre unity really sit employer's safety I think it's worth it you know I really do it means or guys. Be in disqualify him pulled out of games so be you know give pulled out of a game and lose your game. Guys don't want day and then if they do it again when I gave you is suspended for multiple games. That's how they should do. I think it would be a lot it would have a bigger effect. Binges fining guys because tummies are you guys really don't care about polls on this call from Georgian Cheektowaga go ahead Georgia in the year. Hello Georgia you there. Just to watch George. We've talked about this Georgia he's there he's done let's go to work David camp more I date. What they are spot on with the replay because with the new I every single out shaking every catch you look at it. It is. You know any can't be overturned in my opinion. And think about Dwight Clark catch you know like not catch. You know what that was not replay that was overturned that was a big play in NFL history on it yet but hopefully by about I don't know. Let you know we're debate at it will ruin metal moment. Yeah you right there have been moments ruined already you know and and by the way. Just as replays not infallible the human IA officials live officials calling in real time that's not infallible to you there will be calls. That you will say oh man replay would have got there right absolutely but I just think it for the greater good of the game. That every replay would open it up to okay that's a call on the field I can live with a let's move. I just that you be a better game and as you point out David's. That was the way it was for a long time nobody complains about. The caliber of the game or you're right nobody you know. I think you'd be hard pressed argued that. The level of officiating is better now the unifil though it was 2530 years appropriately. I really do and I think it's that it the argument would be will replay is how does he have a better officiating games I would say that's a difficult argument to make a doping unit it. I think people are always going to complain. Regardless by people complain because you called the cats where you didn't call the cats but people can get over it over time. If you just let the rest doing on the field if you actually go to replay and we watch it ten times and you come back a student wrong. You know it's hard to get overcast like me it has lasted this many times you if not more. You might it lasted more to me and you still got this thing wrong so just let it be what it is on the feet. Are we gonna continue this discussion top before we go to break. Mohamed Massaquoi and yes did you know it was an ATV accident now he has had his hand at its who yet. And even them Sports Illustrated did. Solve. Or break. Gonna come back talk more about offseason priorities we'll talk about the bills of what's the strongest part of your unit which you use another team is strongest part. We're gonna talk with Leslie Frazier bills defensive coordinator about a special trip the appeals coached me today to see you mentioned plus other issues all of that we returned Jabber B show. Presented by dep auto parts from one bills drive. This is Buffalo Bills radio.