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Howard and Jeremy
Tuesday, February 13th

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Paul Hamels CN either beat reporter Kirk a team that has known her and they use. So ridiculous how many people he has blocked on Twitter over the most particular please keep it being committed to grow up he's got a little bit if. Don WGR. Sports Radio 550. Does not fall into I think polls gonna go slow a couple of easy rules one don't swear curse and don't make fun of players they get hurt. And and no no cracks about Iowa State. And may god I think he's got to separate the rules for me so I got evolution I've got one rule to come to Twitter which is if you van blocked and I may say that about myself as well you probably deserve it. I like when people like when someone's block they go to the other people on the station to ask us to help continued on block that. Families involved stuff Paul at a moment because he'll be at the arena tonight they were playing Tampa 7 o'clock. The lightning played last night so the moderate other loss to Toronto for three Arizona beat Chicago if you care about that stuff. Commission is speed Fairfield 8163 degrees and are tied for first in the Mac. With rider at twelve and two there's a report the colts will be hiring Jamestown native nick Syriana you as you offensive coordinator he would work for frank Reich. Olympics Khloe Kim seventeen year old Khloe Kim wins the gold in the women's half pipe aerial gold. Won the bronze USS six medals to Alter all all told three gold. US women's hockey team actually check this they're actually playing right now over ESPN 1520 against. The Olympic athletes from Russia does USC is up one nothing auspices of warm up game. Or discount discount countless countless other are right yeah preliminary round grade B Finland it together they close game yet Scioscia that you today against the way our quick thing about Khloe Kim. The youngest break youngest American to medal she was. She would have metal maybe in the last Olympics but she was too young she was thirteen and they didn't wanna purchase again in the Olympics amazing story I choose that good yet you're more right outside I watched her first she fell on the second run I didn't hear her but her first run. Scored overnight to three she was phenomenal so does the stuff she was doing in half by open. Seventeen that's great. Coverage of current 2018 and WGR brought you by north West Bank make the switch to northwest to get back to letting. And by your local Geico agents Tim lynch in tunnel under Scott Altman and west Seneca Paul's on the eighteenth tee up like you he'll also block you can make fun of his flow. I've learned that over the years to life idol try to make fun of that good morning mr. Hamilton aria. Florida when the the day I joined would've liked to use that as long thank you Greg I think that if I appreciate that a a it's not that I'm special think of all the Fuzzy pictures you've messed that hey that's ever come here every. Like water true right she comes our bowl like got the shakes it's not my rob sheiks already I do Paul I don't know why just that I have the shakes I'm not sure what the deal is far from about at all. No I was gonna say if you. Check out Paul's article he's got article up will bring this up in the discussion Jeremy can chime in with which you and ask him but Paul's got an article up at WGR 550 dot com if you're. Needing a little pick me up when it comes to the sabres who isn't these days read Paul's article about what's in the system it'll make you feel better. How come they haven't made any trades yet. We're waiting now. And make some trades. And if he's got well it was two weeks yesterday's. It's total oh almost two weeks to to do it so. You need a partner. And there are some teams that don't know what to do it yet. They don't know if there buyers sellers. You know and so you know some some teams you're waiting on that and botched might be waiting on that he might not like the offers these hats on Evander Kane or something flowing as well. There are two or three teams that really haven't decided yet what they're going to do before a deadline so why don't we let them decide then maybe we'll get a better offer tepid deal. That's not a good enough interval we want trades we can talk about them on the show what else there to talk about them and trade deadline right now a golf cart but if they make the trade now on their over with and you're not gonna talk about moving up but that will make all the trades today. Make the first one today and and you know space and make another one. Day. The roast is Thursday may be next week you know just got us based. They can make thirteen straight one day until that point six girls haven't I haven't checked the rumor market lately so I did see a story today about Rick Nash. Apparently given the Rangers the list of teams chi he's either got to Listerine can reject it or game made the list of teams you'll accept a trade to. To Ronald apparently one of the teams except the trade to. So does Rick Nash become like the hottest commodity on the market I think very. Probably would be either going to be between him and came to running on what what a team needs needs or something like that and also. If you can get Nash off the market in at least. That would give fodder oral starting point. You know if if Nash gets treated fairly quickly. And he has an idea that that's that's the market a little bit so. Right now the market hasn't been sad soul. You know that that might work in the sabres advantage of our our nationals rather fairly quickly. I mentioned your article I I had a chance to read it. And I did feel better so thank you for posting it. But but you know any basically that the premise is the coverage not bear and Paul writes about the different prospects that are. Some guys are Rochester some guys are in college you mentioned will Borg and he's going to be playing for team USA. Tomorrow when they open up their Olympic scheduled against Slovenia. But Casey Nelson is a guy that I just. Never really think of and that's the first name you put in the story why why do you think he's a guy going forward. He was a guy that I least talked about attorney Khamis and they are with the premise of don't give up on this guy. I mean because I remember going to a Rochester game last year where and Cooley was playing and the heat team coolly by far the best two players on the ice that wasn't even close. And ire I remember when he first came up I like some of the things they saw you could tell he was getting thrown around you can tell you need to get stronger coming out of college. But. And he's done that mean he's worked on mapped that to make himself stronger and you know with Chris Taylor in Rochester this year has done a great job with the prospects are you know he's really blossomed and he got the opportunity to command first two games didn't go real well but he's got this footing he's got his confidence and the other big games he's played twenty minutes a game he was going up against the best players in Tavares. And he east peace faring poorly well I mean with a Bristol line and having his problems since the all star break. He's been paired with scandal mean going out there against the other teams are better players. And doing pretty well with. Outside of Cooley is their next best at that are among the players who were still or currently in Rochester or even. I'll open up to the whole system as you mentioned Morgan is there next best that beyond goalie. I Borg and might be one of those guys he plays an awful lot with Saint Cloud and I did get a chance to see him play against the eventual. National champion Denver team last year. And he just played it on and had you been over thirty minutes he was on the ice and scouts just raved about him how good he is in the next thing you know he makes the Olympic team and that couple college players made the Olympic team but it was like a a lot of them did. So that's how much you know they really liked him in you know he was the fourth round pick. And if if he were to make the NHL and be. Useful to the sabres. The last fourth round pick has been useful to the sabres was markets fully know if you if you wanna go for that it be 2005. And Chris Butler. And that is one of the reasons why this team is where it is. It's not because it yet this number one picks oil is partly because of the number one picks have been open birdied either. But it's because. You know once they get out in the first rounder too they don't get guys who wind up on the team. And today they were developing them I think the biggest thing is is Rochester they didn't care about Rochester they just let that go by the wayside in. They were developing it wasn't a winning attitude. And all of a sudden bot throw Kaman had decided you know this was what we did in Pittsburgh. Where the HL team was a winning team in a developing team. And then those players became Pittsburgh Penguins they kinda came up as a group you remember how. With the lockout Manning can and roll way in. Miller in that group all came up common build out costs that they all came up together. And you know that's that's what he's looking for any less than half an off season. He's been able to turn Rochester I know they confiscate the little bit lately bedroom you know it doesn't goal. It's swimmingly all 82 games but overall. I mean. In a half a season they've got back locker room. It could draw that befall one ask you about wrist the line and EU three is a terrible game and Phil Housley says. Preparation. Maybe maybe it's preparation. Now is he just tossing that out their house Lee is not one. Two would do anything to criticizes players publicly but when he says maybe it's a players' preparation. I don't know that's like antenna up for me a little bit makes me think about. What Jason Marshall I think of of rest mistress flying and you know Marie. Obviously liked him Darcy obviously like them they drafted in the signed to a big contract extension what about Bob trolling in in could crystal light and be someone that. Mean I know they need help on defense of the idea of trading away your top defenseman is crazy but I just wonder about one over all the Blue Line altogether. And if they might have concerns about him in that department in the preparation. They may have concerns and what does that mean does that mean he's now putting the work in off the ice. You know. That could be may be what he means that he want he would like to see restore want to put more work in in on destroying it now apparently there's a number of things that could mean. And so yeah I think there could be probably concerned it. I don't think botched roll would be actively shopping Bristol line in if I think they feel that. They probably can get it out of him in and help him turn the corner so. I don't. I'm a little piece of untouchable but I don't think module is seeking to treat. Well it's funny if that Jeremy brought up the overall 'cause as you're talking about Nelson and we spun into Borg and and there's Cooley who we all anticipate will be here. I started thinking I think an overhaul the defense again because they overall this year they brought an end Jeep and they brought in scandalous they brought in volume. George's is going to be gone I don't know what they do about Bogosian but I mean the guy's never healthy. And I was wondering Paul if may may be Morgan's out here next year but if if it's got to that high on him. You'd think bottles got to be factoring him in short term it's he would be here somewhere would they overhaul we're talking about another what three new starters on defense next season. The opening in Morgan's case and I think you probably wanna get a modest thing clouds stayed after this year because it's his junior year. And you know when he messed around with that free agency stuff. Paul no college player role ever want to sign your operatic affect affect. It's itself and I Marty got that I know members signed here hurdles medals that never well radio AND oh you talk about odds Jeremy whether it would it would have been and how many college players have actually taken around a free agency there have been drafted in the history of the NHL and beyond that go to like four rounder it's because usually if if it's done it's done by guy. Think Peterson are these are you able to get him. Pretty much halfway there in the decide that. Well I can just finish in the do whatever I wanna do which you know makes sense to keep the guy accountable time. You know he's developing and he's might decide isn't EG which I don't have problem with but anyway. Near San middle stats case having it's ridiculous yeah it was a fourth rounder. And you know as as I said I think it wanna get a modest saint cloud state this year so a dispute that would be there. For that would be an option for him. Now if they do get a lot of saint cloud state knowing Bob troll I would think you know they would want him to turn pro and be in Rochester next year. And that did you know just learned a pro game like Nelson has I mean. Nelson. If he's 25 years old I mean he he he they got him out of college and by the way he is assigned Leo. Of Marie I mean Murray got CJ Smith he got Newton and Nelson coming out of college. There were other teams that one of those players and he was able to get them to sign in buffalo so. You know Murray had his detractors that he had its problems but it wasn't all that I mean it was like every single thing he did was awful. There were some things he did that the that are gonna help the sabres go on the road to. Paul's articles up we've only scratched the surface there's a whole bunch of other guys he brings up in the discussion. Air in the article I should say so glad and check it out it. WGR 550 dot com thank you mr. Hamilton and thanks for unblocking me on Twitter. I did I don't remember doing it I'm anticipating and do that today Paul because heroic person kindest regards that type of thing and I'll pay you can take care thanks Paul.