02-13 Ryan O'Reilly Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Tuesday, February 13th

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Rhyme with tonight's recipe about the same as the Boston recipe of media to me look like you guys play similar games against two very good teams out. Yeah I was it was it was very similar thoughts out. So mentality from the start. You know in new team coming off a tough loss and having played last night just kind of stuck with their game plan. Now that's a good really good hockey team owner put the short and it could maturity and you know the composure ones and how about bouncer and we got hemmed in for a bit in panic. When they scored our political and there. It just kind of you know we stuck with it. Businesses is nice suits that's good lesson for us you've been on fire from a fifteen games now and you talked about we just went down that you're gonna get more ice time you're gonna have to do more you've done that not only. Offensively but in the defensive zone to talk about your game and how it's evolved especially since check in now. Yeah oxygen and while mice which I think. You know just how it helps fund and not feel nor going to be out and be back with their quick he's a refinery element. At this you know my lines and playing great you know this king salmon. And Danny they had played outstanding and they can place him causing turnovers that just as healthy easy on the puck easily find find them in your own possession. That's we want to see you know we're offering now on you know it comes down to who worked more on preferable. So. Yeah assistance and I think we think we're prepared component and I think once they're the boss more but. You know me and older the big guns big plays that they want Iran and I thought we could do the job take animals away and sits there which line do you know it's big saves for us and keep. But the block and had been I mean you went right out there and you know he's got a big shot. Yeah action action wasn't expecting an issue that I assumed today she's been women thought he was gonna go down could drop their part. Yeah I just you know like me blocked Tipton and talk about what. You know that's not the toughest on guys making huge auction. That's yet to do sometimes more so no evidence not chair Michael on the power play but yet I thought he did a nice job over there in place a jacked up. And the power play you guys pretty much stayed in the zone and all three of them. Yeah thoughts you haven't seen a great player and you see you there he she's got great skill to an. And I thought really good job we we know if the stuff up from listener her best player most dangerous player and we also contribute that more or you can just see that stay in intensive. Mistake and one of the time they hadn't been affected to keep going. It's. Yeah I feel it you know to disqualify an apple we're confident now. You know it's just you know just. Keep working hard and you know I'm in the action and makes him think he built and that's that's obvious that this it. It's been a good buildings here guys haven't won a big crowd tonight how much sense the energy. From the crowd noise the silent treatment goals that you gave him something to cheer for the future. It's nice I see him it's great and you know maybe deserve a lot more you know it's. Announcement this point for us at home so far and you know we're trying to turn around and this is a good one tonight to show that. And we're back and Romans working hard and you know we've and we want to grow this game here one. Make this an exciting doing the plan and it's it's nice to see them.