02-15 Intentional Scouting: Episode 5 - Lamar Jackson

Nate Geary
Thursday, February 15th

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He intentional. Scout. We need to hear listen I'm just the being re young guys that thinks he knows. It's an inside the pylon marks trophy you know I'm just another washed up quarterback trying to make sense talking about. Coming do you live from Kate's mom's basement appears intentional scouting. Are welcome in two. The so I don't know I'm actually running out of numbers but a five episode five. 50 consensual scout your duties here I I've got a couple of I got my normal gas. So it was still lick is licking your wounds from me. Maybe the most. Puzzling decision on your. Player who has had so much that you'd eaten for two years now. Don't throw the sidewalk. Yeah. Yeah that was fun wasn't it although I gonna say I'm not gonna get much sympathy from. Our beloved listener base who are probably. Laughing along and as I'm talking right now which is fighting plus now with our guests as well I'm not realize is tonight so we just. Yeah you can get very many Cindy from either of us truly puts out Carter Aaron has. Aaron thanks for joining us and we. Along down. I say all odds and really all. Lamar being made the most in a while welcome aboard. A you know we're I. Yet thanks boys I mean you give army act Connor. Writing at Hendrick or not so how little side project the jet. Because I just can't get enough misery of men. Well I hear you there in this is sort of like an AFC east it's distinct podcasts go on here because you are sort of got everyone that matters is who cares about doll so. It's let's sort of get into this all the cops are guys. And I don't start. They're obviously done. You know you were out as a player like yeah I guess there are a lot of player out here are sort of your elevator pitch on our. Yeah no doubt it I think you nailed it the beginning that this is a polarizing class because every time we talk about where we see it all right whether Josh Allen or Arnold wrote out here. Now we have Lamar Jack which I did that or you. The robber in the lap I had everybody's at all. You need you know take off uses light at bat and I think each game in the it would on the because he was a different players that took a young player but not a lot of room to grow. And the most important thing Lamar Jack and that he's gotten better and all around game. Year after year I think when he won a high and eat how to came on he had no where was a ports are every order yet. And then you look at him and coming. Up I. In his coaching staff brought a mission or that this guy I eat. A college player Horry or gadget or this guy is they order act eat at her. Our position and I really what I'm really mark. Get away from Ian elect runner and all that up there. You had pretty good mechanics and yet they're really impressive are a lot. It throws into tight windows and are you are out. When you look at mark act or be outlawed or where are nowhere. Yeah our yeah I mean I feel you probably share similar feelings now. Nah I'm right there with Connor and I think what's interesting is. It you sometimes. I almost feel like you get lost in that dynamic nature of his abilities as a college football player the that we almost or some people almost sort of ignore our. The fact that. You doubt this is a quarter. You know he's dynamic explosive. Game changing the football on a chance to order in the open field and more Don Don can be defenders miss electric when you watch the football hands but watch him in the park. This is not a run first player this is a guy who's back there fighting in the pocket look at Mitch rose particularly in scrambled for situations. And by Carter said he needed treacherous and his team from you know last year at this past season in terms of making claims from the market throwing mechanics I think there are some issues that you get in tune with news. Don't even in his lower on like she says she is is a time into trouble. But from what his knees are he's pretty. We mechanically has ordered and I think when you talk about his arms straight she can make downfield throws he can it throws all levels of velocity. He's an accurate because we should percentage of the British and I've been detained there were times and was flicked on by the guys around and there's time when yeah sure he missed some throws. I don't think he's in accurate passer. And our group and their. And so look I'm with car this is a guy I look at this class habits of the ironies right there in the next what what guys which we've already talked. This is a polarizing class Irish notion of leading quarterback prospect is even the queen has got on the field. Think Josh Rosen like I do they are still issues there were Lamar Jackson launch in the next sort of guys at all he should be in the mix for a first round. Whether that happens it's that classic where overseas should debate with Josh on another weather that captured it. Yeah it. Polarizing because I think you can really say this whole class other than Rosen and maybe did two top guys in and rose an internal which I think most people will. Agree are your top two there are people you know we actors Estonia he really likes mr. Rudolph is one of those guys so there is some debate about the top you but I think you look outside there there is a lot of aid the next three and there are been reworked it. Are Jackson's sort of in that conversation because I don't think I am. I I'm Daryn with him as a quarterback Warner UN draft I do think there's a lot of room to grow as a passer and that's where I think we need our pros here's the lowdown. Do little gap. So. I okay we'll mark that's 63 contest of the intangibles those two things that people look at the height weight and size. Those you can check box the size of the quarterback says. You like to see yet you'll be sealed glass from which is a problem that Gil spends an issue of the X years I knew it. Tyrod Taylor not be the largest quarterback so he checks those boxes they're twenty to seventeen what I enjoyed at least what's his at least slight improvement. In his. Accuracy numbers and are you mentioned are the sort of how those numbers are little deceiving and I think that's right because this is a quarterback with you. It's dropped percentage across the country last year market right up there did not get. On a wide receivers this year or last year he played with my in order he was an eight. More of our high school in Michigan and you sort of say just on Iran and could be better and I think may be his numbers would prefer and that's crazy to say considering how dynamic all these numbers of bank as a passer and Iran let's start there are 117. Your thoughts as EU Nady. Growth in the past team first and and and sort of another guy that we get through years of solid start to. Yeah and I think you are an important place to start with them is that your he's run in a body retrieval system which is you know has roots of that aren't Perkins system. Like you see New England like we're gonna get to the new bills offensive coordinator it's sort of that roots in that sort of tirade written this past off its. You can say if you wanna use that sort of catch phrase pro style offense that kind of what he's running and one of them that are due east go from Britain interceptions. A series of on line at a huge huge. Page where brick small town. Broke out his six interceptions in a phone Trudeau's playbook and I'm like. You know working through the progression reached their full field progression reach which been asked to me and makes them our play of clay base so he's not to swivel one read and throw type guys are one read and run type guy he's running grossed out on to urges a more spreads. Style attack. And we get to the drop of the six interceptions he true this year. One of them was on a clear drop it was a perfect read her for thrown in agriculture or right on the numbers as I actually saw you know two years ago he was more of the herbs could find one reading coach Ringo. Tribute to read and talked type Claes. Now he's run in more of a pro style offense if you wanna use that term. He's been asked to do a lot more like arsenic or more orders are issued a really prove that this secure that can come into the NFL played well and I she demonstrated. It's easy to sort of look at his chief from two years ago when he won the guys have been saying this guy I don't know complete quarterback national strategic Tomlin really go through but he was asked to do this year. From a mental. Process and standpoint. You come away with the fact this guy has everything you need a quarterback in the NFL whether he'll get that opportunity. You know trying to Lyndon spot will do our offense to skill set. Much like we saw the Philadelphia used to wouldn't force the playoff matchup charmed with ultra right it. They shot all forces have what you wanna run that built an offer to Iran that. Lamar Jack far too similar structure setup situation. To be able to flourish I think it's a quarter. Honored it let's rewind to point sixteen year when he really comes on the scene I am reminded of that Clemson game against Shawn Watson where he went toe to toe with the shot Watson the next game and if it works for a flu keep playing at the end of the gamers like she doesn't sell out now. He's likely would end all be an. Different how all these clubs and lose in Duluth so look at 116. What did you see Ben. That you saw Ian. Yeah I think he was a guy that when he would drop back he would look for an. So comfortable how lecture what they knew it beat anyone Ed. And you would make up and eat this wanting does really well that on watt. Really well and didn't get the credit or EI. RIR. And now you'll look at all not Ron. Immediately there because they're on the move mean their writers they're expanding it. And we ought to look dude got off and when you are and haven't you get a really good job of more around are getting in our. A lot of that you know that you got. A wild they. All are like kinda guy. You know really edit it and grow a lot of that all our I think you look at this year's data how old are. Struggled. You had that little. Atoms off your shoulder one or in art and never panicked I bet. We're really impressed the most years that they okayed that the guy we can work it. They're not you know in the though it were. Re in order you have linebackers and out by our. Linebacker. In the week. Over the years but there are were air leak. Those guys are already an optional and they run with a guy like that which Jack aren't sure and work. And the running on it are they almost make you'll eat. Being a good runner or it any going to make iron at eight another guy and more you'll. When you look at more peace deal you declared that showed your intro all a lot of that is due to timing I think one real IR Allen or. Just had to ask all you know all we kind of any kind of grow and what Jack and wrote a lot the into the window like I read your show he can make the ball and I think when you were what eight beat it beat her so all of our. You can really straight you are because. Are so mark before we knew that I thought outlook one ST GE T specific questions and certain you market in terms of timing in those windows roads you wanna see. May need to. I think pretty regular U wanna see a quarterback's ability to make those throws in college because the holes in those windows are are are tighter at the next level is this in mind it is laid the ability duty window a window or brilliant talented guy that. And NBC windows but I also mean those are Ingrid rose rare brought Guile and not a bad shoulder because I don't want one. Everybody's all my. Bills. And there was a lot of the bench and and I guess I wasn't as. Well as other board because. Obviously the criticisms I don't he's not a guy that really a lot of base when he is playing and he's not as he got nobody is matchup nightmare programmed all I was outside shoulder broke actual role. Sideline he's very difficult player to match so when you're talking about not only those I mean red rose a little owes back rows. Already seat. Jackson sitting in the next look. I think that that. You know he's got the ability to make those sort of window shot throws. And he showed that over the past couple of years and even some of the games where he Schroeder's chief struggled in 2017 and you can look at that I'm seeking work didn't have the best team obviously. The sort of lose. You know in almost blow out fashion that but there are samples early enact Abraham you know. Throw into tight windows from a sort of an eight polish routed to tight coverage whether it's one. You a couple of zero examples against consummate initiation or blacks he urged Richards had. To make a throw under direct arrest where schedules watchers receiver who just couldn't come down that I think there's on TP. Enough evidence that she can do this up to the next level and that's all you wanna look for because you started the tree and not scheme and it's very similar to each shot blocks and last year where. We're not a ma'am what she's not thrown well sort of to the boundaries are challenged muddled field and it's really actual percent hundred reps in the boundaries neediest drought here bare metal. As an apple bought a evidence and Abbott and make those draws on a piece you still saw flashes from being able to do that and I think it's the same and Marchex. Not asked to do on there's a lot of some time in schemes stuff the boundaries or shop which on actual stuff so stuff outside the numbers. Nice stopped over the middle of the field shows you don't make Oscar was not on your real look at pork is you have the ability and you tell me what this guy and you can due. So Conner for you my question goes to you who. I guess his ability to step in that maybe not right away. But I firm he did the biggest thing between rookie quarterbacks in thirty year correct his second year is always an interest in year to me it's sort of hard year to evaluate because everyone's expecting that support don't always get it. Sometimes it's not years he says really are from the first two years really comedy and you have something near French are or act but. When I look at him I think. Juror off two years ago in his rookie year where. It was very plain and simple because they are hard and you knew how much are struggling. Where did terminology of the options with your ability to command an NFL hoddle who run an NFL offense and make decisions are I checked into a better place because. I think one of the main things that ends are all over the past really a long time Mir is. Order wrecked it has EOK. To go up and check please that line of scrimmage and you can't really say enough how or does have a I who got the brains beat out there and I think Lamar is that guy. I'm just wondering what your needs are are are his ability to comment in an offense ran up. Yeah I think you're very situationally I think that toll quarterback. Jimmy. The current and and I know easy to pick on brown and we knew a lot but when you look at shock right here. Everybody that rode up shark riders and knew what his award were guys that. Let's say he wasn't processing. At all or what got one year old and don't yet the current and her name but he also had a really brought. A lot of help. And it let it turn over that agent aching back. And then you go on to Cleveland and did not get any better you essentially you're around whether it on the you'll you'll on Il. You don't want to happen any young quarterback you hope it will Mark Jackson or any quarterback at especially guys like Lamar Jack and Josh Allen and Arnold guys that are that our law. You hope that ego some where may be likened to war or where are your. And learn all that and worse all year old also got to you know and really way I can't or half. Ordered it how'd you like him get up you on Iran. And take on it your where we know that. You know it would also really how well that well. Because nobody really knows it I am so. I think with Jack in the special when you look at bill or back. Out. Kerry he would tables in the do you when you look at Alabama they didn't know a lot of run all edit or Alabama or. Noticed our run in a company. Go to. An eagle running the ball all Jack jaguar unit you're. He can step in right way to get him on the move in action you can't feel. Like vertically. So situation 08 well you never want to ask quarterback coming in and beat a beer and everything on back. You know a little bit of that happened on your course there is absolutely a player. Which way more here than most I have. NFL 2000. Mark I'll go back to you what and it's difficult because now as you mentioned don't really know what it was gonna be doing we don't know you you mentioned some of his principles and how much you expand Don. A little bit about talking about. Especially in Minnesota this year with you look over what he's gonna do with whoever is going to be and what he did last year went well this has his right. And of course Doug Peterson in Philadelphia I just look at. What is gonna be the height of passing concepts that are going to media allow him to flourish. When this either way you put it are gonna be a guy that there's going to be alert and her. Is that there isn't every quarterback I think. I got its at least familiar with the language accustomed to perpetrate offense he at least in my opinion might have a leg up on a guy like standup. You know and I think if we sort of try to straddle the or what bribed able will be great to buffalo I think you're gonna see some sort of similarities to issue two issue on Alabama this past year and international changed it because no table comes from and are Americans just and that's what his background is you know kind of help would run in New England over the past couple of years that's. Very much quicker trio has rooted is sort of often Republicans are there's going to be since he familiarity I believe he's. Now between the march accident potential marriage wish I'd give it might look I think we can forge a goat he sees them you aren't a vertical shots and passing game you know what a three by one vertical or articles on a two by two time you're going to see some time in route to the boundaries. When you're trying to take advantage of whether it's for three on the outside and hired the guys. The Danish decent sort of West Coast air raid content type. Of things mix and whether it's doubles slant whether it's mashed. Whether it's in a golf. I mean I think it won't be familiarity to this book if that's what. Mark Jackson comes out of men's open buffalo to what he's running college or actually built an off homers point. If you sort of structure and often focused on the run game. Using these core concepts or Mark Jackson is extremely familiar where he can step in and play right away. I think you'll be sort of a good show X amount so I think you don't go hired O'Brien being able. You don't make me sort of warmed to this idea Marge actually could come and read a way of Sherri early and in his freshman Chris for the Buffalo Bills. And have some success is familiarity breeds success at the quarterback position you know with the cards you're going to run you run them your entire career your theory that which were such a bucket. Start of the she's an Al Smith that general what nick forced it down the stretch when you're running stuff you know and love you're going to be better. Encounter for you is there a system coach you know selfishly you'd like to see a player like Lamar Jackson go to maybe. Utilize the most of what he can bring on the football field. What I keep preaching it in his wanna see all that really be a good back saying run games so why Ellen yeah how they. How port Jack go out with weight portal will obviously probably the worst starter in the league but entering they have like eight. Handle the load and ports so much attention and eat at get more out on the open. I think we actually there actually a little bit because. He's so dangerous or think when you go back the UN. There or where. He was getting shot down he'll keep hitting them and that was in the base or at. But if you wanna arid and oh yeah you wanna help our quarterback wanna see the run and the girl wanna work. Wanna work shallow out. But you'd want a shot down you'll generally what all. The guy has ER make weight and they wrote. Get him a vertical threat and and defense honest because. One we are going in the article that we yet I'm. Coaches become so conservative that is actually a quarterback because eat. It up at the article line and they. And it just keeps everything so right so when you show that Europe where the ball down you'll. Make your life a little Europe. Yet not happy it's a great point let's let's go into are those focus our last segment here gentlemen new rules that gains. Kyra I'll start with you so. Looking at this from the bill's point of view let's talk about value because what we know right now the bills. Are slotted into its first 22 overall pick in the draft. Your thoughts of if our Jackson remains that the order Google's don't. I decide to move up in this guy at a read on and summer and they're. Your thoughts on the value or Mark Jackson at twenty. I have no problem with that at all I'd actually like a lot when you look out at all real your job throws and Arnold. Josh Allen. And you know built and baker may feel those poor guys are going up there in this strapped whether you wanna except better it probably aren't how shall. After that you look at a Jackson is easily the most talented guy it's not even close I know people Armey. All ran I understand what they're what those guys near early EUS. While actually. At first round rate would you commit her round. Game changing straight and when you're looking at that bill. You never wanna say he cannot or miss especially and it does seem like they have rebuilt in the right direction that the last year Jack you have a happy to treat white and seeing some good things out of it may 088. You can almost yeah I hate the risk of jacks and at that YE has. The value does really and I probably India only per round wire and that we're sitting. And I do you think there's a huge can't you all there the question is are they going to be seeing that all day. Will take this guy and will be laughing everyone else later on a quarterback ball learn a lot about all. Her. Amare for you waited for the bills fan who says you know what good is it true one difference is harder you know doesn't make the bills to stay 21 to quarterback like Omar objects because he's not he's basically like tyra to release candidate goes yeah. I'm dead at the suspect is that's that is what our. Yeah and I can understand why some might sort of have that sort of you know surface level. You know expectation that you know we're just get another Tyrod Taylor here the first round I think. What goes fans who might have got to continue to sort of understand I admire him you Lamar Jackson is already sort of on our our. You ought perhaps Tyrod Taylor as sort of a hockey progression style passer gives her arms definitely this year we're Tyrod Taylor was one reading ago. And I think Lamar Jackson is already advanced me on that route for a man to stand point and you know to underline this point cheese. A little bit more you know he does it sort of tagged with that label that's all he's a runner he's got to talk to go. One of the interceptions you tradition against Wake Forest is a third are when situation flushed out of the call to write about the decree grass in front of he could've easily run for for a out of this was original you can run for us he was. So determined to make you throw downfield in this sort of scrambled for a situation when he ended up. Forcing a throw make an interception. For B that was one of those plays where you learn more about a guy's mental process and how he's grown into the open approach to give him on a mistake like that is we're only what's. This guy still wants to throw. I even in this situation it's Richard a clear path to at least for now mark he wants for a and so I'm. Like Carson I'm finally if he's there are 2122. I think you go ahead and take if you wanna be she needn't come back later on maybe you know lately too early injury knowing treated like a RG three Kirk or situations recoveries or won a double counted get. Like a Mike waiters and later in the draft that beauty human. White and march action you're pretty much gonna come out of that room with a quarterback I think Lamar Jackson would be the one to go at it when that job early on. But if you wanna do that fine she's on the board were want to read to your cat in a great at the quarterback position. And that's I think the most important thing our before I let you down and O'Connor iPhone or think he I just interest in the want your opinion not quickly. What about your thoughts about. Whether the pills should. Valued trading up in this draft may be its youth three or somewhere in the top two are pretty thick cornerback in this draft are the quarterbacks in this draft were. I think they should I think they have so much and or to make a move we know they're 213. Uga this year no matter how that we're all so. I've yet seen her do it you wanna come up and go you're diner strap you look at that. They're clutching the strap a call they're gonna auction. A look at. Build out their raw or what you sow sedition auction there overall election now what is the brown you don't want it they get it and order actor. Or Ed giant and it ain't a bad. Well it possible so I was the bill and you can go up against Josh Rosen at number three which I'm sorry we are all. That's the route I would say or they ordered that you've got. Unlike either of those topics are kind of one more time tell the people where they can find it. You know that Connor. All the writing goes under and bricks or. And Scott tell tell people how people are defying defy me at march over the on Twitter. Inside the pylon dot com you can find these videos about the talking warm all these shows and YouTube dot com back in shine upon on Russell host the law on features podcasts you wanna you know get a little shake and Freud so to speak you can go to the post super well episode and you know. You can be invited inside the shack cafe as you can you can take some sort of sick satisfaction from it. The which you know. I might do all right gentlemen. They you gotta for joining us and our thanks as always I will we backed with episode six we haven't decided yet who it is not on the market soon. I basically listening to our our.