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John Murphy Donald Jones imaginable beer would is upset about that. I started last week at the projects rose Saudia hasn't missed two games since the bills' season and he's a huge. Louisville basketball. Minds and he's gone back home builders more games or as little upset about than having a case. Maybe we're distant and the search out Michigan senator and one time I got a bit. I you know that created noted how we do do it do it time advocating that as our national championship. I don't know what they do it in Michigan debate gate back and. 89 I don't know that no big deal was made I think it Disco says make it right. And in the all time list. I don't because I mean it no moral victories we lost the game yet. So I don't want the trophy lost to a team with. Players who were illegally record true true true and I knew about the game because of that but ultimately you still as a coat is so much pride and it's elect we still lost the game. And so I don't want that trophy. I don't want that to stay hand me down trophy on that right. I mean you know I'm allowed that it and I coached pretty well I don't he would take that that policy. I'm looking to see it what it says that would champion is. And 1989 Michigan. When they had me when native advocate. This is interesting because it. Need I know posters in your I know coaches and I know how. Date date and right now I want and so around one rather now you might get some coaches that feel like he cheated I wanted to. He teaches them and may be coaches like them but you know my batteries and you know thank you. No a I don't think so anyway it's an interesting twist that Google has to vacate. We're out here to talk about that the ordered talk about. The Buffalo Bills with the franchise tag day also talking about some of the bill's second your players who do you think will make the biggest leap forward in their second year. Give us a call 8030550. Till three. 1888552. By fifty Alex Pollock from Clarence New York lawyer now action on the year. Hey John I actually the week earlier. Premiered they're likely yeah and Dawkins was probably the most supportive rookie go in the net or altered the rookie sophomore. Think everybody call in and talked mainly pick marijuana might become. The very valuable piece for us especially with Preston brown free agency looming. Yeah get a lot of play time on the field that's here. But when he was on the field I mean he was great not to take place in instinctive. Pro football focus all of them. And with age back there between Alexander and Humber are really big man a lot of good comments thought especially on the survey by. This thing up and let them. Okay yet so you switch your vote from Dawkins to a meant a lot on a lot of it quite frankly deals with what happens I believe whatever Duke Preston brown now I really doesn't round when he homered to. And he talked about a lot agent doing you know hundreds gonna be here if present rounds and I hear. Could you see them moving. Even Lorenzo inside of Lorenzo. The snow showed that he can move around and Mikey in the playoff games can you see him in the inside now now I'm a tolerance and I don't know that that would be that's. You think in the history of amid a discernment. I know he likes speed at the linebacker position. I know that in the room those show he stood at some juice left in the tank it's mostly in a playoff game. But for me on the outside is staying I just think that they want some young guys. And some guys that go asylum asylum some guys that hovers like a C Milan know. Being on the outside more than being on the inside. So I'm not sure you know where the rental fees and I would like to see Lorenzo was hand in the dirt a little bit more than he did and he was last year though. Because when he gave us at the end of the season he starts to put some pressure on the quarterback and we know when he was. The year and directs the last year and directs with his hand and their obviously want to probable one probable VP elect to see him rest a quarterback. If the insects. We'll see we'll see whatever depressed and this is an interesting report Preston on a series sex him NFL radio last night. This quote is the bills are reached out to my agent. Which is as mother and somebody else threaten the bills are reached out to my agent and that's where I wanna go that's always been the number one choice but we all know this is a business and you never know what'll happen. I just love Western New York so hopefully I can go back. As good as you can expect from Preston brown to the stage right watts combat loves it loves playing here know that they as a role to play it becomes back here I would think. But so we'll see we we propped us up last week and I don't want overplay it but there is a question of fit for what the bills wanna do defensively were Preston brown I'm not sure he is their perfect prototypical. Middle linebacker inside linebacker I really am not sure I'm nuts and he's not. And I think he was productive and certainly attentive and had his best years of pro this past year. But you see the perfect fit. I think pebble go into how much money the bills are willing to offer Preston brown what he. That was his mom out of the end of the come on she. Dare I always knows that happened that become my enemy they talk to agents and everyone at the time Miami sees a part of this team so she might be out there. But in terms of fit. I think Preston and play middle linebacker here and I know we we look at. Coach McDermott and haven't looked Heatley and he wants a guy like who keep me but I think and we have friends on the rental feels like Preston is on his way. To a boutique sleeper Preston. Lost a lot of weight show that he can go asylum asylum maybe not as as basses boutique Lee but we all know that. You you'd have the physical tools but then you also have the mind. And the mine I think Preston is improving every year in terms of how Smart instinctive he is at the middle linebacker position. And be enabled it to come downhill made tackles and also local silent a silent enemy tackles the ample open those things and you also have defect that he can plan them and appointed different defense is for you. As he's shown throughout the course of his young career. And and and at this thing ultimately as the quarterback of the defense and I think that's important for coach McDermott especially not knowing if how wins is gonna come back and not make you leaders who were up there in the middle of the defense. Our body. Mike you Nady was in last week. Did it really you know we talked about some of the where's the market valuations for players needed and everybody. But he's got a much more complete listing of market valuation appears somewhere and I believe he's got pressed him rounds in nine million dollar a year. Yeah I think that's. Right that's what the bills hoping receipts actually what the bills are equitably. 99. About. Let's think about it but. At the same time I think there's more value. And post McDermott's defense. At the middle linebacker position. There and at the cornerback position corners there are very important but I think they feel like they did give a guy for cheaper. Because date date the front seven of these defense I think is the most important part of the defense. And I think the last year last year the way played outlook based happened throughout the course of the season you have to be able to adapt. But I think ultimately the design of Leslie phrases defense current coach McDermott a defense of minded coach. Those guys wanna be able to play football with their guys up front the front seven the front four are very important the linebackers are very important. The quarterback positions. I don't think they put. As much high stopped on those guys back there you wanna ask you know once. But maybe you wanna be able to draft those who want to have good young players back here rather than paying nine million I was feeding gains. I think they would just rather pay Preston brown and timely enough. It's going to be interesting 8030515. To 031888. But 52550s. We get through some of these phones job calling from locked or go ahead John welcome here on the errors. Our guys return caller with work right now actually I don't play the break up as actor well on. About Jordan Matthews you don't think we have a possibility of bringing him back because. First three seasons he actually had a pretty good years first year he had over 800 secondary wood just short of the thousand. They're here at the over under and last year you know he cannot. You know got a bad situation got hurt especially here's ill play it through an injury or you know. Happy you know that you've entered a not fully you're you'll kind of hurt him in that you know get injured later in the season you can hit that shot column back you know the play without. Al well well look and say I'm Donald was saying on the embassy next year actually have yet the level out standard and Eliot hot little bit out. In an the Joker allow you guys so to slightly better to sit back and talking about that it's. Okay and meant on this nature's look if we're a little bit and being around little bit you guys still see me a little bit. But yeah deftly in this. Your humor all anonymous hero in his eulogy work these little voice. The putter veterans day is little fee and you know. Little hands. Flailing all around and all a problem. His first four I don't know who knows Lou away from. Sergeants in the middle you know and says forget what was first point is to be forgotten all Jordan Matthews. Yeah. I don't know it's all money you know at the right price to admit easily backed Richard Reid. Yes I think in the right price and. And Jordan Matthews right now he he's a guy who it's a tough situation for Jordan Matthews right because he was a guy who caught the most passes. For the eagle or maybe second most passes for the Eagles that they i.'s records. Last year in this past season. He comes in and use your thinking like he gets traded here. And you're like a cage or math is going to be the number one receiver here. And then he had some some good gains of better games for them but never was really giving the ball that much because of the style of office that they were playing because of may be the quarterback not. Not throwing to those guys as much. And then he gets hurt it art's wife sue got hurt the first day here that he got hurt again he ends up on I probably got hurt in Atlantic gain. Comes back. Still have legacies was still not as many balls as I'm sure he would like. He gets hurt again Eagles on IR has surgery right so if he's even help the he has to go into it in his mind. Yeah our break the bank. I'll go back and break the bank right now because of the season that I just had so how duel one year let me prove it and just general myself. Get through that season make a few million in one season and then next year. I hit a free agent market again and I can break the bank openness I would think that the bills might approach it that way. He should approach it that way gamble on himself and come out and have a good season I think he's a good player and I think you need to have a Jordan Matthews if LP. You need to have him around as he can do a lot of damage were underneath. Love his leadership ability as you know and I I'd love to have him be a fifty year in and you know be part of the mix it received the got to get better. Maybe draft somebody get that speed guy we talked about the need more Lindsay Jones Kelvin Benjamin Becker in the year but I would love to take it. You say they'll come out of money which threatens that's Zack who's that from them to just money. How much money does he want Izzy healthy number one but then how much money. Does he want that I can't see him saying most players are saying yeah I wanna I wanna get paid wanna get paid. But I don't see his value right there on the market right now. On the free agent market teams are done SH and we gave you never know. But the rest and to do it. But we can give you seven million dollars in I don't see death for him right now I see him somewhere. In approving a deal because he was really injured this year speaking of Jordan Matthews bill also tweeted out today congratulations to Jordan Matthews I'm getting married. Did you know that looks like he got there yesterday to now I don't know that he got married I know that or employer got man that's all I saw suites. And I saw someone we made they had a picture of me captioned. Staff her injury. Yeah for an interim forum Micah Hyde as a pitch attitude and for my side is did they look like and don't mind to me to meet its users to buy skiing guys by. Expect if pat. Everybody was decorated very arrogance and concede aspects of the case Preston brown linebacker let's again as I said. It's spot trek market value for Preston brown you sit down. This is our body might unity we enemy here in the studio. He puts us market is free agent we know the press room market value was four years 33 point eight million average of eight point four. Million per season which would rank him seven among inside linebackers. Comparable to. Who a little bit less than Christine curtsy. A lot more than Zach brown lot less than Alec Ogletree. But more than victory and so that's what they got Preston brown. Right biggest thing seventh ranked it's and and I think so here's the thing with Preston brown. That the bills want Preston brown and him saying that they have reached out I think it's mark for the bills to reach out right now and try to get something done because it's. And you hear press this and I love to be back. But I think ultimately if Preston is is I would think how most players think I wanna hit the free agent market analysts see what it's like for out. And then if it doesn't work out with some guys it doesn't work out the way they think it's gonna work out. Then they end up coming back and they might have to take some less money but. You're talking about Preston brown a guy who has shown that he could he did really quarterback to defense them one a guy who has shown that he's personally complained multiple. Multiple schemes and got lost weight for you so they he goes silent a silent. You look at the stats and is doing has been up in the top ten in the league in tackles the last couple leaders in a row and the biggest thing is that he's adorable. This dude is not miss games here in the NFL and that is so valuable for any team. Especially at the linebacker middle linebacker position where you need for that guy the quarterback the defense so you have to imagine that oil in the market. Teams and look at it and say. Completely the and we can pay him because you know he's gonna play we at least you you can. Based on past history has been does not get into like debt. It has not miss games and he can do all of these different things for you if we can go ahead and pay hints of the bills need to try to lock him up before the free agent market opens. Sounds like according to Preston brown that's exactly what they're trying to do we'll see how that works out the report from my Preston's. All an interview on series sex and NFL radio last night that the goals are reached out to his agent so that a year ago right in that scenario and it's it's a we don't know if they've. Reach out to EG gains nothing from that but those look like the two key guys have their own right gains in Preston brown and the fact depressed and acknowledges they've reached out means. What does it mean means were thinking kind of the way they are right we're speculating on who will be the priorities all along we speculated. EJ gains in Preston brown so. It Preston says they reach out to his agent that means they're thinking that way as well so it. Yeah I think those that are those the top two guys that you have to worry about in those should be a priority and they're gonna be the top two guys in terms of money. It when you talk about the returning guys those are gonna be the top two in terms of money guys that are gonna get paid you have to wonder. Are the talks. Have the talks begin with Kyle Williams you have to wonder because you're bad decision has come down here very soon because. You got to figure out number wise how much money do we have to to pay Kyle is how much money is he trying to get paid if he wants to come back here. So you know those two of the top and then right after that is Kyle Williams. And then I think you can look on the often decide electorate map views Dionte Thompson those guys. Are 8030550. Toll free 1888550. To 550 talk about Preston brown now it's the revelation that. He has had a contact his agent said contact with the Buffalo Bills about resigning here precedence is that obvious first choice. Philadelphia which second year Buffalo Bills which guys coming off the rookie year. Have the greatest ceiling of the greatest room for improvement to be major contributors and 28 to fault lines open eagle 30550. Toll free from outside buffalo 1888550. To 550 Donald might switch gears a little bit and of this capture attention and NBA atoms overs says the NBA is considering receding it's playoff. To make their term at one vs sixteen other words get rid of east and west than a writer Michael call Angelo. For a touchdown wired on USA today says the lead the NFL should do. He says it's actually easier and more beneficial for the NFL. Two seed one through sixteen. Still provide some buys for division champions. But make you know add a couple of teams right it would be edition of form or wild card teams from twelve teams right in the sixth or did there's sixteen total. Or yeah four more teams. He said the league can still make everyone division champion potentially the wildcard the next four records. It keeps teams you know in the hunt obviously. And but they haven't quite that big so the top four seeds are apps are the division champions would be one through four. The top records there get a bye and then you got twelve teams play you know games. You know one through sixteen basis what you think that the favorite. I like I like it because. There years that you have and in this is you know there was something like that. There are so many years that you had teams that are like a unique and I'm a settlement the bills today and that end up in the playoffs and on and cease apathy you look on NFC side. And there are teams that probably could've really would have gone in ahead of the bills because they had a better record in the bills they didn't end up and but. And that's the and that organization like man we just had a chance to be in this thing I like it is is did you. A chance to have the teams with a better record all across the league knew you had your divisional winners and all that stuff. But ultimately the teams with the best records make it and if you're not a team with. One of the better records and you don't make it and I mean it just makes it for me it makes it more fun. I think I would object to would be adding former teams and I just think you know you want a watered down via. The field I think it should be hard to get in these in the NFL players. It was damn hard for the Buffalo Bills for seventeen seasons to get in the Afro plants. And our this year yet I don't quite want a watered down the field anymore. To add those extra teams but. Did you do it and with you know the current twelve team format. Wipe out the top yeah I mean I don't know why he said to ads for. More teams from me you can do with loyalties I. I would've been okay with that so and but it would eliminate conference's right in the play often so you wouldn't necessarily have an AFC champion and NFC chip. Mean you could have Philadelphia Minnesota inseparable when everybody be OK with that. I don't know if I would practice a morbid traditionalist in that regard. I mean to eliminate AFC presidency yet Geithner. That would. Definitely changed the way you look at him being in the indeed you have to look at. But there's a lot that goes into that an NBA can get away with it a little be easier because. They don't have to. A it's where they don't have the Eastern Conference. Playing on one channel vs the Western Conference final another right so you're talking about TV deals and everything that would probably have to be reworked. Beat is AFC play the CBS in playoffs and everything throughout the regular season. The and as he plays off fox playoffs and everything so you just do now two straight up the best teams. That's gonna have to be worked out when you talk about the clubhouse there and property of the public receivers that. Distinction. It it can be fun but I know there's a lot of logistics of that to be worked out it. Anyway interesting proposal would talk with you about bill's rookies going into the second year in got to Carlin started out. Preston brown John in buffalo go ahead John you're on the Arabs. There was for did not know Don was leading or you don't. We don't. Well I gotta go back home and got to go back home to the Stanley. Missed the Fed and the S and some some some family members that there were things that I got him back so I'll still be around don't you worry about it. No matter where you dollar until. Lorenzo will find me. Yes he will once what are. In my inbox in my text messages and everything just talking terrorists and NI a your front door. OK with them. I got a question I regarding Preston brown I remember last year. After. Well who can it go at the end of two people got Preston brown who that it's not build the build up at the weekend echo. They let him go and I don't believe he got offer more than breed or million dollar what's the different between debt and Preston brown. Well the difference is I think Zack has them. Some off the field things it just wasn't a fit. Here and I don't know if he is fit really around the league for a lot of T you know yes and things that. The had to deal with off off the field he wound up I just looked it up with that one year deal with Washington. Were 2.3 million and spot tractors. No estimate for him but their estimate for Preston brown. Eight point form it's almost four times as much look Preston brown to better player than. That's a numbers aside the day he's he's a better player he's a better leader. I think Zach. Zach is a guy who are wanna see it was an instinctive to do as fast as the track runner you know in the he always talked about Ingram Micro 44 or something like that. He played better on. Is sure just how present round is a guy who really works a guy who's really Smart a guy who does an idea hurt a guy who was a leader or your defense when you look at all those different things a guy who can play in multiple defense is. He looked at all those different things and I think teens will value that more than that in just a short talent. Sack the office. Fills in background I think when he came here. Couple of seasons ago now came here primarily they thought as a special teams in contributor net conceded that clearly. But didn't get paid you know really having 2.3 million is a back up for Washington. This product update you got Peabody is worth. The rest I think is worth more because. Is more to offer these teams to fair question Rick take a break we're gonna talk more about this Preston brown and his report that the bills have been in contact with his agent. Also Qatar which second your bills rookies last year have the most to contribute this year. Like to open 8030515. Toll free 1888550. To 550 it is John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts alive at one bills drive. This is Buffalo Bills radio. I've Tuesday afternoon from one bills drive John Murphy Dow Jones and are one buffalo studio little rain little clouds outside near an Orchard Park. We are we Kuwait essentially from the confines battle I'd be down there at the NFL scouting come by the beautiful Indianapolis starting next Wednesday week from tomorrow. The interest in drive trying to get pulled over Hayden Victoria come they got all the bolts at Joe's here right beside me when is it when is that it starts tomorrow. I feel like I'm last year that entire week that they did the boat so it rained death and was on one yet. It's in the move it does not spoke to. Me I usually look at and then lined up Pittman reports. You know this hero or a look at boats and apps in a money team. That's him yes and stupidly that but it might well. Violent. It's. Like he and I know when you have a house always do with the death. I'd last year. You did you backyard bird death a long time until the venerable new backyard. I was whose yet hot those preakness. Timmy is not as on now to reject ambient. Slight aren't and he's done now. There was money that mimics a hot tub in the backyard see you can see you can go outside still sit in it and he'll agree. It's in the it's not like you know we'll see in your chimney or roof. I mean. Actually couple years ago that it looked like look at its ups in my group had people I think real old man's man appropriate at my vote go over the room. There's my vote it's a roof instead. Of sticking to spending free agency starts in March 14 which is a couple of weeks what's tomorrow's state. Rose 21. Neighbors or three weeks away from tomorrow free agency the tea drinkers are too few days before that. Legal tampering. We're talking about the bills and what they should do Preston brown was the did the day on tyrants know. March 16 I think is the deadline. Them and that's when they Omnia. The Monday that it won't do that is to me wealthy. Your thoughts on free agency your thoughts on which set in your bills players rookies last year at the most to contribute. In the upcoming season stake if you calls on that issue will go to. Robert colleague from Oregon hello Robert all the way from Oregon to welcome to show it and. Big bank so I can play on goggle up I was very excited yes rejection came. But. I looked we talked about right Robert your your trip to Jacksonville for Morgan yeah. They're calling look forward to being an actual this year probably looked for a touchdown that we can tendency bills touchdowns with the ups. And a lot of new law being screamed I'm allows yet Google with its. I hope we take care of Dominic not yet but it. A look at last year and I see you know we miss Tom Watson in the homes. They look solid OK we'll move forward to this year that the plant crops and got tremendously lucky to get in the playoffs. And we traded for Myanmar still and I don't think we adequately replacing him. I understand that there were reasons for those strange but it at a look at. Possibly having. The course of forty million dollar in debt cap space this year for our team. And knowing that we have a possibility that a limited amount of draft picks with the trainer for over a big time quarterback. I think that all of our twenty to seventeen rookies must grow a locked and crew more this year I think. All the way from white to delay so they have to step up. Some of them have to be higher levels started in the reduced pressure in a real opportunity. And I think that at the very minimum it put a lot of pressure on backlash as well of course I'd like to hear more from you guys about. How much pressure does the state of our roster terms of the salary cap space and the dead cat money. And possible limited drastic play on increasing the pressure on the urine and lashes for a class. And by limited you're saying because they're gonna use a moderate to move up to get a quarter. Yes we well. If you ain't so it queens. We looked at their quarterback we're limited in our resources led cheap. You know Ricky talent Brett we are you have a bunch of folks that were wrong when your deal that would have to replace when it cap space some to put in a band sang a whoever let him step out. Yet no question about it Robert and that's good forward thinking. I would think and I know that's the bills are very happy with what they get out of their 20s17 reckless and have no I'm sure they have no reason to think that they. There boom wouldn't I mean look you can't forecast preakness for all of them but. I'm sure they're thinking. They're tracking in the right direction these 2017 picks in it it's it's Dawkins it's Peterman I think they feel pretty good about. It is taleo will play a little bit last year is really all of them I think they need more from C Jones but I would think. Is that pressured to expect more no I think that's natural course of things is that is the course of things it's. It's pressure when you when you make the playoffs there's pressure on you next year to make it again and have a better and better season in nine it's that. Mean that's is what it is in and the fact that. You have rookies that played well. A good amount rookies that played well again it's pressure on those guys they set the bar. So now people are people are expecting for you in your software a year to have an even better season. And those guys understand that and it's not even like the pressure is something that would give it to them because all manner had a disease and I got to have a better season this year. Every year in this league you know. I got to play well BO because. The guys up front or the guys. Upstairs. The front office guys the personnel guys they're always looking for the money that it's cheaper the news and once during a second yeah yeah there's somebody that is cheaper than I don't care if you are. If you came into this league undrafted you're in your second year. You make it a little bit more money that you did last year and there's some idea that they can bring in. Undrafted that is cheap and you always look it was a money cheaper so you always had that pressure on you is not just the bar that she's sick in your first year. There's golf from Manny in amber go ahead Manny your thoughts on this issue. Second your players are gonna contribute. I'm. Due to could be yet Twitter. Questions a little bit harder to understand if you're seeing that they don't. And that's NATO military tray away. Is not the guy because he played so well then you get a deal will be got to go would give him because he did natural. I think what he can do. Next year end. Depending on how to build stripped it stayed just a rookie that they don't wanna start right away. And they get the guy you are a veteran to pick everybody up like Patrick. Pyramid lake as well because starter this year and he made really do well with the proper. Our offensive coordinator. Keeping guys picked a block when deeply about a team with the two best rushing defensive end and put a pin and the NF LMR. I think the government could do very don't Java and if you play well he indicated would contribute the most. Yeah that's the argument for a happy plays well it certainly would be I would submit that Lotto and Dawkins would also. Be in that category guys who are potential starters. And I think the opportunities start is probably. More real for met a lot of Owen and DN Dawkins and it would be for an a computer and I'm not ruling amount as a starter if he is starter they needed to play well we need him to. And Needham to improve no question about that but I would say because I anticipate that Lotto and Dawkins are going to be starters that those two are the ones that. I would focus on as the guys who have the you know the big ceiling here the biggest jump they can make a necessity. Yes because they're going to be artisan from day one I've you'd think it is going to be starters and they want. They were rookies now you're you're in your sophomore season news you can go to a full offseason program the weight programs diet all of that stuff. And just getting used to the new system everybody's getting used to the new system that's the only thing well not mono because he's going to be back messes them on the offensive side. That's only thing that you worry about. You know with a guy like down Dawkins is this is a new system so what type of running game we gonna be playing you know what type of passing game we going to be planned what type of blocking techniques are you asking of me from the office according to but other than that. Those two guys because again I think B Dayne wants starters they're gonna happen biggest improvements. That take. I'll hear from. Tyrone hello Tyrone welcome to show here on the air there's good afternoon. How old are played on and Lamar comment is that shackle option. The trees are still essentially are rookies went through. They can they had like a pass and people. And body of work on the field. Are things that need to be trillion dollar could help or. And thus my question to you guys mourned is that if you think the bill should look for our defense that any draft. And to help help what their defense that actually rushed. And also all. A lot of BR. A lot of the reports coming out a ball quarterbacks on the watching the B eventually. PG Derrick orbit in the market action because talk about the market actually almost. And pastor political panel market action according to go along on all the quarterbacks with the hat on this wanna like you know what would be. There would be Obama is not well liked about the trend on non compete bearing the mark actually like eat picnic. Though these guys can actually come and in the league and actually contribute. Op they know what little Marquette is the mostly more exciting quarterback to condition your draft well. A look at what our problems we Peter's which guards at the same on home ovals who barks. Okay well thanks to arrowhead. In terms of Barrett. Not to restore. About there means that they physical guy he kind of reminds you cargo Jones. But he can coming here and make some things happen we know we as the date strong arm. Haven't to me out I haven't watched him enough to even given a fair evaluation. There now Lamar Jackson on the other and as a guy who is dangerous now obviously you draft and knowing that you're getting a mobile quarterback that you really have to teach. How to scan the field I'm not even saying stand in the pocket. You'd you'd have to teach him. The sense of scanning the field going through his progress in making the reads and making the please. When the play is there to be me and not taking off using those legs all the time not that you wanna change his game. But you want for him to be able to go to progresses. And make plays and that's something that you draft him knowing that you have to do the Houston Texans. Strategists on Watson knowing that he he needed that he needed to learn how does it go through progression. And make plays and until he got hurt it was looking like man this kid is good it is gay can really play in this league no see he can. Duplicate that in his second year or did better than state help the in his second year. But when you had these mobile quarterbacks you draft them knowing that though delay is that they have. Great weapons. Those are something that you want to teach them not to around them so much only when you really need to you know and and we had some mighty yesterday. And Stephen I was talking about this and they were like the mean. Jackson wants to stick with tyrants it. An and and it's it's a valid argument I think. Mark Jackson. Has shown that he he makes. I don't know if he makes more Rosen Tyrod Taylor tyrants noted who has played in this league a long time yeah not gonna turn the ball over if you're gonna draft Lamar Jackson day he's dynamic. But he my coming here in April Morissette Susan's parents him. You know also. It for me. I think if you're gonna do if you taken about the mark Jackson's demise of the statements. Bomb on this other issue about check Lhasa I think it's a little early to. You know you cities trending downwards Shaq started ten games last year when there was an a total. Washout for nameless you got ten starts. And yet six starts in his rookie year needs to stay healthy needs to be more productive. It would seem that check Lawson is a better fit in this defense masters Stevenson was in his rookie year but he certainly has to be more productive. If they're to get better front seven wise. I'm not looking to throw guys out and I think there were a couple of questions from Jack Watson last year that indicate that. You know as he matures and I believe he needs to mature. Is he matures and gets no more costs in the plane in the NFL he could be at a pretty good player upfront. I wouldn't. Close the book project lost and yet I don't know that the coaching staff as yet either. Like to see more absolutely. And start with and seen healthy deficit and start him last year. But now. Pulls these days you you want for amnesty the you need a forum on some more and to be honest with you mean he has you're talking about a guy who in his first year wasn't playing way. He's used to play right in any comes back this year and he's back in his defense and they didn't produces like you want him to. Had some injuries and then he was out for you know the rest of the season. So I don't think it's you can close the door on him yet now he's just too talent to come out out here. You gotta at least give one more season. Under another year in this defense where you know K he knows what he's supposed to be doing now that he's comfortable in this defense. And then if he's the same way and he's not produce and you can start to think about that I think you got to give him at least some of the unit really good news. It'll be a third your guy won and over new second year guys rookies last year real look at for the biggest jump up. Maybe it straight white maybe it's in an artfully worded tweet that we got out there and are wonderful but as though to take on the telephone mine's 8030550. And told free from outside buffalo. Excuse me 1888550. To 550 back aboard a moment John Murphy show from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills read. With more John Murphy she. Back Donald. Could be accurate when he you're in semi all of these tires need some practice. Of these I mean is we're gonna break. I'm wrong but. Get a lot of tweets here. About Lamar Jackson you know comment on its dispute with. Tyrod Taylor. Vehement draft mark Jackson's personal I don't even think. That. Mark Jackson will go in the first round. I don't I think that teams will take those first four quarterbacks. I think that Mason Rudolph when that didn't drafted before Mark Jackson he would be somewhere in the second round. Just because. Day he's a dynamic athlete but they're. The teams NASA reporters people who really cover this thing's doubts always talk about and you got up and broke from the pocket and you got to throw from the pocket. So with that being said I think teams will overlook Mark Jackson and sorry as dynamic of an athlete that he is. When you look at how teams really look at these quarterbacks they feel like you need a guy who can throw in the pocket. So with that being said. In my comments on. You know you're gonna keep if you're gonna draft a guy like Mark Jackson you my I was looking Tyrod Taylor here's a thing. Yeah and people are saying it you're you're a fool if you think that Lamar Jackson. Or Tyrod Taylor is better in the Mark Jackson right now in the NFL. Tyrod Taylor is better than Mark Jackson because the Mark Jackson hasn't played in the NFL yet you don't know what you need these guys Indonesia though so you can't say what his duties better than this guy now you can't say that they haven't played yet. Mark Jackson to get any of the film and totally. Does fallout. He can also in the NFL and I think if he can do the same things that he did in college in Louisville. Here at this level and they totally shut it down so. The you can't say that he's better than Tyrod Taylor right now he can't you don't know what how do these at this. Polian set up a firestorm right now it is comments you guys know what and I didn't speak out now we can talk about the only and said yesterday as far as Lamar Jackson quote. Short and a little bit slight clearly not the throw the other guys are the accuracy isn't there. I don't know if anybody would go to war with the accuracy issue. And he's certainly not the thrower book you know the top guys top three or four guys in the draft short and slight those 63. Wednesday's short known as six batteries in my face I enemies not he's not beast and not let him know. OK you know black he's on the skaters out when you look at it spilled. I think ultimately. The Yankees in that in and here's another thing that really worries. These NFL audience if you drafting a guy in the first round. Especially these mobile quarterbacks. These guys and it didn't hurt. You know even Cam Newton has now changed his style because he's got hit so much that he's a bigger. Physical quarterback he's big like LeBron James so he can take a lot more hits. Then a guy like RG three could but RG three when he started to run around and he got hit what happened. He was done he never was the same anymore. I you look at other quarterbacks it wanna run around they get hit assessing these these these ski any type of guys. They get hurt and teams are really scared of that you know I'm taking you in the first round I need you to stay healthy I don't want you always just run around outside. Not sliding thinking that you can take hits and and all of a sudden you get hurt so I think that. He's gonna end up sliding I think he's gonna slide into the second round and a team will take him you know but I don't see him. The guy was gonna end up going in the first round I can be totally wrong because. He's a dynamic athlete when you. Talked this doubts and you talk to different. Personnel guys and obviously when you listen to national reporters everybody says. You have to have a guy who can throw from with in the pocket and a guy who can stay healthy. This caller wants talk about the Mark Jackson Erin for a excuse me Aaron from saint Catherine's Ontario go in Aron. And a gentleman maker I've gone. A on the water park on a few of salt comments about mark I mean I'm Donald would keep the Tyrod Taylor twenty plus million a year now going forward. What. Inning the first Michael Mark Jackson and having them out the rookie contract and then spending your money elsewhere and they did you not know lion or linebacker position. And clean the outside and obviously in the Mark Jackson Jackson you or in orchard and get with Tyrod and I understand it. It is reform team authority bared he's been comparable emperor. Three putt here now. I just think that you're gonna you're gonna move on from Cairo I'd. And I understand they're similar players by. You're saving a lot of money by assigning them helical bar and focus your attention Amaro and an article which between the Peters and then. And the Mark Jackson and and in this current. Yeah I mean when you when you ask that question would you would you rather pay a guy like Tyrod Taylor vs. Vs. When when. Your quote when your team is what 31 and pass see yours did last almost dead last in pass and a couple of years in the room no you don't wanna payday quarterback. But ultimately. You do you do want a guy who you can trust. Can make all the throws from within the pocket and a guy who you gain you'd you'd never trusted got to stay healthy but he's a guy who's. Macon throws with in the pocket not trying to run around all the time NASA and Lamar that's the run around all the time. When you quarterbacks get out their image. Defense is what to want to tee off on those guys you know so you have that where. So. I mean when you phrase it like that day you rather drastic Kate and hope that he can develop but do you feel like he can developments and it. We're gonna break when we come back we're gonna talk with a special guests will prints of CBS sports. Dot com covers the league and he's got some interesting thoughts on nick falls on the Mark Jackson have a number of issues around me and it felt about some of these ideas off him. He's got he's come up with a sore right after the top of the hour which is coming up next. John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts we're live at one bills drive on Buffalo Bills radio.