02-20 The Nightcap with Ryan Gates Hour 1

Tuesday, February 20th

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How bad. Would you welcome this man is gonna have the impossible. To know about what today. Ron and geese to. Little. Especially dirty hippies here on the forefront of the human drama at bats the nightcap with Ryan gates is focusing tale moment and concentrate that's okay. Doctor. On WGR. Sports Radio 550. All right what's going on. Ryan gave us hang out what you hear in your favor behind the board. Again tonight says it's not an extended version and I kept your regular standard version of the nightcap reader and WGR Sports Radio 550. And it's. We will have coverage later on. The quarterfinals. Of the Winter Olympics in men's ice hockey as Wright's team USA. The and keeping up with the man's ice hockey. We'll have four years here on WGR 10 PM. It's time time is the puck drops for that game and we'll have coverage for you rate year. On WGR I was watching the game last night's four goals five golds. Four in the United States against Slovakia. And Craig Ramsay AK professor X who Derrick he finally got his first look at him last night and he actually agrees with me that's. He does bear a very strong resemblance to professor Xavier you sound like I don't agree with anything so. Well not they don't agree with everything saved me but probably agree with most at stake as arm. But it was very. It was very eye opening it's a slight bow wow yeah. I like the pointed ears and just the very bald. You'll already we have a phase you know he's he's got the whole look going for you won't see him tonight will be. Will be different coach yet lien against your sacrifice to care that yesterday and it can now offer a bit of heartache here. I got us despite them scoring five goals in net gaming and Slovakia. I still think that the but the offense a style of team US Sander had coached an anchor now is small offensive. In the way that you don't wanna look at it and it's infuriating more than it is actually successful. I mean. When your. Working where if some college kids combines. Whiff. Besides a few guys have obviously Brian Gionta and some other guys who have had. A handful of NHL games may be couple hundred NHL games but they're you know thirty plus years old. I think it's gonna be a little difficult to really get a good offense rolling. You're rolling with guys that are pretty much on the same level safer Ilya Kovalchuk who's that guy that. Shows up at your pick up game and he's like a friend of co worker who doesn't belong there that's the only anomaly here. Most of the level playing field and at the same time I'm watching this game last night and pinging myself. This team is frustrating mean within the sabres. Okay that's just flat out wrong there's your hot take that's just flat Iran because that is that's just absurd. It probably does because you're so beating down by the sabres there's no frustration locked inside of you you're just now. No I was I was yelling about their power play yesterday saying oh my god move your feet. Here in Tokyo on a bigger ice surface you have to make them chase you have to make them. State. And they weren't doing it the goal that they had on the five on three it was a bomb the dust has to players' jobs. Talking about the sabres Mittal team USA that your gnome two. I'm talking about the sabres that you're known to all you got a lot I have trashy they've been all season long I have no re overall out of frustration to to give out to dole out for the sabres and now taking around fourteen yeah and I are taking nineteen USA who I mean c'mon it's not their fault that's the NHL. We'll look into that a little bit there was an article on ESP and today that's I thought was Greg Rocha and ski for relief formally formally talked daddy. He posted an article. About. A way that there could be maybe compromise for the IOC in the NHL moving forward. With what could be what the hockey tournament to book like. China. And 20/20 two and that is what I think it's a really Smart idea and it would be good for. The child would be much better for fans because really who are that the the people who lost the most in this deal. It's the fans who don't get to watch really the bus to the biased play each other. They get to watch means no offence to to bright Gionta are Derek Roy your Matt Gilroy. Game Marc-Andre grainy honey and you you don't have to watch though the Boston Dustin. Really the most exciting players especially on team USA is trying to not show who is a college and he would fit the criteria. What Bush's key posts on ESPN a login to that a little bit later on who won't beat. Pretty hockey IV in this first hour talk about the Ottawa Senators apparently. I would be. Completely stunned and shocked if Erik Karlsson mistreated by the trade deadline. But there's some more rumblings about how. What's going on there insider trading iron insider trading way if Bob McKenzie peer in the broad and Darren drier. The hockey insiders. That came out just a little over an hour ago and there's a little conversation about what it would take to. Get Eric karlson and in May be what you would have to take back in a deal at all. Like that as well at 8 o'clock will be joined by Luke easterly of USA today of the draft to wire. He just recently did a full seven round mock draft. You wanna talk about a lot of work. I mean I'm not a guy that does mock drafts Derek is is a guy that does mock drafts are remember one time. In here in it was before this show I think it was plan. I was joining me Kiely on Saturdays when Nate was on eight to attack and before insight high school sports before sports talk Saturday's. Believe it would really get together and you do some things in the one time. We tried to do a mock draft like a live mock draft on the year. And I was OK word. I'm gonna prepare for this summit do my mock draft and maybe I'll have to ship some things around. Depending on how we're gonna do this in my mock draft. And I got to a ball pick fifteen. Of the mock draft I was like you know what screw this. Well what I hold the line on anyway isms like OK I'm a look up on nfl.com. Who look at this the titans need to guard moves so. I'm a pair them up with Jack McClinton and see. That's seems like a good idea. I won't have any insight and for me I don't know anything selves okay. Got to. Part it really does take its whole when you really try to put everything together and I imagine with the work that Luke does. Seventh round seven rounds. There might also be trades and if you try to mock a trade off. Yes all of the Archie man I tried doing it and ball you know what I'll wait for later to try to make sure my head doesn't explode by them. Yes so what we'll get whipped look at around eight. Two to get his latest mark drafty he did have a mock draft and it's different now has several mock draft is different from. One that he had previously posted that had the bills moving up to number five trading with the Denver Broncos and getting baker mayfield. But this one has a different result for the Buffalo Bills would get to that around. 8 o'clock UB basketball is on right now you can check them out on ESP and 1520. If you listen to the game. And they're also streaming on ESPN three if you have access to some sort of technology. How much in the stream right now. You know I'm watching as Miami Miami of Ohio. Misses a shot but there's no there's no scoreboard on the bottom of this ESP and rebroadcast. So I'll get to score updates as we go along here blogs are as of right now on an. Struggle with that. A little bits and not I guess a huge game for UB. We just have to keep in mind for Edgar remaining games they have on Saturday. Men in the game 3:30 PM against the Ohio bobcats and alumni arena. I'm planning and trying to use to hit that. I'm on Saturday. Watched if they won three of their last four games here starting with tonight's bull. Clinched the number one seed in the Mac tournament that guarantees that spots in the ninety. As I was saying last night I don't think that's obviously it's never the goal going into a season. The way that UBS played throughout the season. I think. Okay. You're still Mac team and get to the night T that's that's. Pretty good first season that's pretty good for you be too. But I definitely think they've got their their eyes on the biggest price. Being the NCAA tournament so they went three of the next four they at least lock up an NIT tournament berth you see some post season basketball. And still they would have to get through the Mac tournament because that will absolutely be a one bid league and if they lose in the Mac tournament anywhere. They pretty much Kestner. They're dancing shoes goodbye well what might help their dancing shoes to win the shooting right now. Yeah I see according to the Twitter they've hit their first five shots of the night in the lead Miami of Ohio twelve to seven with 1537. Remaining in the first half to to Jordan. With five early points hash tag UB arms up. But can get yet so Walt we'll keep you posted on that all night all right cell. Insider trading coming out there is some news on the Buffalo Sabres in that as well. Darren drag her saying that there's at least one to two teams at site offers to Jason bar troll. On Evander Kane but the sabres won more picks and prospects. In it. A deal but it's turning out to be more clear assets. Solve the wall see what ends up being the final results here. I'm okay whiff. Getting pull air assets. And kind of went over that last night a little bit I think I'll prefer to get some of the younger players. That maybe. There already. In development. There a few years in the college they're few years her junior career. Donor may be a young NHL player I would be OK with that kind of deal depending on what it is obviously. But that's that's the sabres portion. Of what's going on whiff. The trade deadline but I want to focus on a little bit is the Ottawa Senators because I think they're super interest in right now there in this state. Where dirt and transition and really they may could be Eastern Conference finals last year they make it to the make it to game seven. The deep have a great run in the playoffs. And now everything's coming and Don and all the sought and Erik Karlsson and is his name is being brought up in trade rumors hands the senators. Are. Listening to teams right now about what it would take. To get Erik Karlsson. Which is completely absurd because they're Carlson is the top 3-D. At the end of last year before. Wall while he was playing with his ankle injury. In my personal opinion he was the best player in the world for a portion of time. You don't want economy David being in the playoffs Eric Carlson in the playoffs. Had the biggest impact on the team and was the best player in the world for a short period of time in the he has. A chunk of his ankle taken off. He's gotten medal in his foot now and it's taken him a little wild to give pac bodies still only 27 years old he's gonna be owed. A jar enormous deal. And the senators are. In a state where they fighter their team president. They're CEO goes down there's rumors of that team is about to be sold. So there's there's a lot of different things going. Hands. Eric Carlson what these guys are saying on insider trading is if a team wants to get it. Eric Carlson they may also have to take the Bobby Ryan contract. Back with and Bobby Ryan he's thirty years old keys. Had two awful seasons. And he's under contract until twenty to 42 with a seven point 25 million dollar cap it. We have a John enormous cap hit. And it's it's not going away anytime soon I checked out the buyout for a hands. It's it's prohibitive because you're paying him still three and a half million a year you still save a little bit put down and the four years following that your pain. One point eight million for essentially nothing will be a jock a giant by. So I start going back I looked at appeared Dorian who just received a three year extension from this team. Appeared Dorian hasn't really been on the job too long for the Ottawa Senators. He took over for Marie when Murray had his health issues shortly passed away after that. And it's he's been the GM sensed that he took over in April of 2016. And Dorian is one of these guys that you look at some of the deals that he's made in his time as GM and you questioned. Just. How did he get an extension. Jim Benning falls under this. Your wondering how he gets an extension by. He gets an extension and he got Peter shall rally I think he's got an extension but you look at what he's done to Edmonton. And you think that Edmonton would like to have a clearly tailored call on their team right now. To play on the left wing with. Comic David. But steady ship away for Adam Larsson a defender who has struggled and he come back the next year and you've flipped jordin however we Yahoo!. And he's not having a great season he's having a pretty good season a bounce back season from what he had last year. And you would think that one of these wingers even both of these wingers would be pretty useful. And I know there's capital Haitians especially when you're thinking about comic David making twelve and half million dollars they just played beyond tries idol. Eight and a half million dollars for the foreseeable future so that's two guys got locked up on your cap. 421. Million dollars in just two guys. And what eventually what Taylor all be worth and what of actually Jordan partly be worked as well. But you would think that one of those wingers would be pretty useful to have on this team in May be they would be in the basement back in the basement again. If they did have a guy like Taylor Hall riding shotgun with. Either. Economy David or beyond. What either of those guys but anyways I'm not. Dark carpenter rant done on the Oilers. This by appeared and Dorian key you don't have a great history from his time what he's taken over. For. The senators he takes over an April 2016. And he starts. With the draft and at the draft in 2016. He trades up one pick he swastika with a New Jersey doubles in order to do that he gives up eight twice 163 round that. Which seems like a pretty hefty price body gets Logan brown instead of Michael MacLeod and to be quite honest I know Logan browns are a good player I really don't know much of anything about Michael MacLeod at all. But they bolt out pretty good steps in their junior career in the doesn't always translate. But if it doesn't seem that necessary unless you're absolutely certain that Logan browns can be taken by an. New Jersey. In that spot. And that so dare pursue art is a guy that has talked about is being. On the trade block for the senators as well. And that senators acquired. Their desired. A few months afterward or eons rain. Started over the senators. And he trades meek is about Asia for Derek are so hard. Meek is a bandage at the sixth overall peck. In his draft year. Andy second round pick in this year's draft the 2018 draft. For Derek Rashard any 20187. Round. So you got medianews about it yet now who signs going over to the Rangers. Has produced much batter. Then they're so are dead there was at the time worry about what meat is about as general is going to cost for the senators. But. Derek start as a five million dollar cap hit about a jet ended up signing a contract extension. For five point three million dollar so do you figure out how to keep. For so hard and make everything work there. I think you would have been able to figured out would meet his advantage dad who was at the time 22 years old and your training for a forty Euro player. Now. This is where. Was was last year worth it and was the team that you were last year. The team that you. Clearly did end up being that team this year so I think that trades pretty pretty terrible. I think meego is about as jets probably got a pretty bright future. He's still only 24 years old put up really nice stats this year. Much broader than what for some cards producing assets and maybe is a product of the team thoughts. SARS thirty years old and he gave up a player that was going into the prime of his career. For a player that was really going to be exiting is in a short period of time and now you're you're already shopping that player. The other thing about the senators is. They don't have. A draft pick in the first two rounds of this year's upcoming draft. They trade waive her 20s18. Peck mean the first. Round pick that they have to the Colorado Avalanche Indy Mac machine trader earlier this year. They traded that second round pick as I mentioned earlier in the meat is about gentry. So. There herb lull in the standings. They're probably gonna be they're gonna be a lottery pick probably a tough time tech and that it's gonna be going to Colorado. Because. You decide to bring in metro shade and ship out Kyle terrorists. In do a much different things Matt meant to Jane's good player. But. It's screams that. There is no direction. For this team or at least there wasn't. It appears that maybe they are trying to figure out their directional little bit. But they're trusting a guy who. Has made some pretty dubious moves. And the past tool. To make these moves into get this team back. To what it once was. He brought India aren't enough he did figure out a way to get rid of that contract which is. I'm not gonna call brilliant guys bought. This pretty good but typically cap yeah I think you get a dual credit for that. Now it's being discussed that in order to get Erik Karlsson. Bobby Ryan would have to be included in that deal. Hands I understand. You've definitely as the senators stand. As the team just in general EU want to get out from under that deal as fast as you can because. Bobby Ryan is a guy that and he signed that deal he was producing very nicely in the two year science. He has thirteen goals last year in seventh so far this series on injured reserve right now. And it doesn't appear that he's ever going to be the player that he was while he was in Anaheim. But if you are making that deal for Eric karlson and including a guy like that decreases the value of that deal. And you're going to want to really. If you're trading away a franchise defenseman like that. You don't want at least a match to shame like return you're gonna want that do Sheehan like return. In the net Touche deal the avalanche. And the one. They were getting ripped apart for a very long time. On how they were running their organization and how much of a joke they work and they've managed to turn it around this season. What Steve that's an aberration but it appears that you know they got rid of do Shane and that allowed Nathan McCain and Q absolutely flourish. So it appears that it was one of those addition by subtraction moves that allowed McCain and to step up and be the guy. He was a top three peck so you let him be the guy and maybe it turns around a little quicker but. If you're gonna include Bobby Ryan on the deal I just don't understand. Why you would want to lower. The return that you would get for. Eric Carlson it still would be a hefty return no doubt about it. But you gotta be looking to be getting multiple first Rahm tax. Multiple later round picks young. Prospects young age already players I was reading on one blog about. Just may be a dream scenario because I'll think this trade would ever happen but just one that made sense for them. And be kind of package that it would take to get Erik Karlsson. And it was with the Tampa Bay Lightning and the lightning would be giving up. McAllister good job rating points and a couple first rounder is in May be another prospect or another pic what's that. And that's the kind of deal that they're going to be looking for they're going to be looking for young players are going to be able to stop in the lineup right away. Young players that in me read next year the year after that. They could be there or at least be on the rise up to the NHL. And that and draft picks to supplement that is well on those draft picks wouldn't be worth as much. Because of the fact that it's gonna be the Tampa Bay Lightning in. In this fairy tale scenario they have Erik Karlsson and Victor had been in Nikita crucial Rolf and Steve stamp coast. Unity. Sort of be pretty good inept it's gonna be well every year. But then again you throw that Bobby running project in this and if I'm Steve Eisen and for Tampa Bay announcing. Non giving you search of them and yeah if I eat that campaign on my gave you that guy. Right if it's going to that's that's why. It confused I understand okay let's tie this anchor of a deal but. There's going to be a different way that you can get that anchor off of your team and maybe it's you. Trade Erik Karlsson in the offseason. You get a huge package forum. And then you use one of the pieces of that package to send to another team was a sweetener. To. Take out Bobby and what does is essentially the same thing. But I don't know I just. I would think that whip Eric Carlson. You wanna maximize that value and you wanna have that trade where it's okay we got rid of Eric Carlson but look at everything we got in return. And then maybe you give up a piece after that to say and we also Barrett Bobby Ryan. But. It's just. It blows my mind sometimes that these G islands. Get extended. And Darcy were gear was around here for very long time sixteen years. But he had a good amount of success. I guess you could say that Dorian had good success last year but he look at another trade he made going into. Going into the B deadline last year where they give up one of their high end prospects to bring in. Alex burrows. Alex burrows is 36 years old this year. And you're making the push and there's a wild affair for these kind of players in the playoffs. But man this is just not the guy if I was senator stand. And that's something that Joseph always does to me when we always talk about the senators on this show. It is meant if there's one thing and that I would not want to beat is the Ottawa senator fan. Because you don't necessarily know what the future of the team is in the area. Indeed GM is. Lack of lead down yet the GM is bad and then you have the owner who is. Generally known as being cheap. When it comes to paying players at all. I just. We've got oh hole in the the sabres issues here and it's gonna start with what the return is fur Evander Kane I think. And I I imagine. As we went on throughout the season and team was having that incredible start of the season. The asking price goes up. And there's no deal to be made and I'm I'm. I'm wondering what the the returns going to be and I have a feeling that and is not going to be super impressed with what the return. Ends up being four Evander Kane anymore. And thinking about that it just makes me. It can't be like last year at the trade. Last year at the trade deadline this team is trending downward. It didn't it wasn't going to be a playoff team. And it's. Nothing happened there was no movement and I don't think that's going to happen because you do you have a player like Evander Kane who's available. So I do expect her to be. Movement with the team. But can just not have another. Year like that I know you don't just make moves for the sake of making moves. But when you have UF days that you can ship off somewhere. You just have to do it especially when you have a team that is. Second last in the league you get value for anything he possibly can get value for. I know I said last night I don't wanna wait around don't give me between nineteen of the 20/20. Third round pick. Mean Eric fare was traded today from the trial Maple Leafs in the San Jose Sharks for 20/20 seventh round pick which seek the slowest part of my yesterday. Just your future considerations just for the future considerations tag. Let's don't even towards all we'll get the the seventh round pick and Tony Tony just that future considerations I feel future considerations is better for the player. Van that the 20/20 seventh pick a draft pick in three years in the seventh round. That is done now selling for a guy was barely playing and H del Toro. Yeah him. That's impressive yeah that is the the sharks you know. Those guys. He's NHL teams to get those veteran guys down there before the playoff experience that all of that it'll 30551888. 515. To 550. Phone numbers hear your thoughts on that any thoughts on what the return could be for Evander Kane. Or. What the sabres should be doing at the deadline I think everyone's pretty much of the same mind they're sell off anything that you can sell off. If there's a player that's not on the long term plans. Get rid of them. And give value form because. It's now a new rebuilding process under Jason bilateral. And that's Olympics discussion as well covering up that article next segment. A in idea from Greg Rusedski of formerly a puck daddy now yes Pia and about a way to make the Olympic hockey. Great again. The suit and I kept us WG. It sounds like he's got at least one scene that is pushing hard on him and interest from a couple others so that's good preview right back in it yeah veteran like that in it it's gone well I think that's a look at that delicate interest and and. That's Greg customs of the athletic on with how words Simon yesterday. Talk about Brian Gionta. You see him in action tonight Tintin. NBC sports network you listen to it right here on WGR as well. And yet instead of giving up a 20/20 seventh round peck. For Eric Fair you can bring in Brian Gionta for free. Because that cost so much money to do to bring in a veteran type that. All right so yeah the the Olympics are on site guy. The Czech Republic playing in the United States ten nights. For the the opportunity to move on and face. Russia. Right now right. You got determined I'll pull Greg and it is Russia that they would I think that they would have the Paul Russia plays a game two but. It's highly doubtful that they're going to tool news I think they played against the likes of. Norway. Yes probably going to be. Oh win for. For Russia house. Follows a betting man. In hosting about the security but why is everyone always say. If I was a betting man I would bet on whatever what are if you are about a man. Then they would just say I bet on or they would say hundred bucks on this right now. Yeah I got a point I guess that's that is the easy answer there because abiding men out cut those statements shortened just. Saves on the about it allies knew exactly add that I mean they don't yes it is it's. OAR verses Norway. For the opportunity. To. Move on to the semi finals which is Czech Republic vs USA in the our side of the bracket. It is Sweden in Germany. Verses. Well and Canada and Finland in the you'll they'll battle he'll know by tomorrow. Who is going to be. The two teams in the semi finals in the United States. Gotta be honest if they end up. I don't expect to see them in the gold medal game especially because I'm expecting them and Russia to compete in the next round abatement and the bronze it's. Pretty good job from what you're seeing from the team at the beginning of this tournament all right imagine this article from Greg was she in ski. Yes Pia and talking abouts how to to get the the players some of the players back to the Olympics hands. Very the IIHF. President Rene fissile Keyes suggested. In under 23 tournaments. That. Would allow all. Teams to. Some some of their younger kids their prospects. Much there's already some rind not always the prospect of the Boston Bruins unfortunately. If you've been watching him play because he looks absolutely unreal he's second in the NC double team goal scoring. And has scored four goals in the Olympic tournament so they found another one apparently seem to translate to the NHL but it looks. Pretty certain that they've found another one they keep doing that it's unbelievable. Every year it's like OK as Boston finally going to be that team that takes a step back and they are gonna stop being good note. Never happens they're always just they're always just good. It does how does help that I you know a an up getting rid of natural. That does help that absolutely. Did help but OK so there's there's that idea that was already out there but Bush's key what you suggest is a 25 and under tournament. Which would allow players. Like a Jack Michael to participate in the tournament next time. So players to. Where young and has gone on at this time like Austin Matthews Jack Michael. Don't Larkin quaint collar. These would be players that were allowed to participate again in in under 25. Tournament setting so pretty much he uses a lot of comparisons to oh. The agreement that. Thief and it's the IOC came to. What if comparing and taking players from different clubs because that is always the number one concern. And I think one of the main reasons why it was a concern this time around is because of the injuries the broken like that John to bar has suffered in the previous Olympics. And if you're an owner of the team. You're essentially loaning your players over to compete for their country. That's good for the players the players definitely want to do that. But as an owner Europe kind of looking at these guys as an investment. Especially when your paying them. Next year. For instance next year it's going to be your pain economy day the twelve and a half million dollars Jack Michael ten million dollars when you're paying these guys that much money. You're gonna be concerned that. Your investment is being put into danger. You know I'd feel bad about their quote unquote concerns that they didn't try upon in the Al world cup of hockey honest. And don't get me wrong I love what happened with team US and into North America. And the fact that you know why do you think they did try to on the World Cup hockey house because it was profits for the NHL itself. And because he knew that their players aren't going to the Olympics yet but I don't don't don't Clinton. On these concerns. To me when you be I mean that is a that's that. And that's. If they aren't getting any money I IOC so if they have a tournament where they make money. They're getting money back for that investment under it's a glass of a concern you're getting some money back when you're not getting any money back under a sink your money. I don't hear anything but the owners being concerned about player injury when they give us a tournament before the season when they're making money. It's different. When they don't get any money from the IOC well that's not letting our players go over there for free essentially but again it just tell me it's about bottom line and I don't do that of course it's about bottom line and I don't think it's about bottom line Derek do you live. Now I I I tell us about her bottom and kind of not like the bottom line terrific. I don't care about the concerns of their just you know what can make some money just you know what. That's my way of sand talk has aren't whatever he socialists. Courses let America. What is the bottom line I'm just saying don't tread upon our league owners don't tread upon an office ought to want my player getting hurt when it. Does nothing for me there would just what would've also not done anything for you they still John to cars getting hurt in the world couple pot. Yeah. Every single time he and I understand what you're saying. But it's wrong. We have John made money on NHL doesn't make money. From the IOC when it comes the Olympics and I and his hero his job at a piece of pie. Yeah of course we've all owe them a shot. But let's not act like Gibson of course about the bottom line. Of course is about the anyways more on this article so. Essentially. You have the the 125 aspect of it so you still have the combination. That that's been the best part of the United States team this year is watching these young players kind of develop into bigger pieces unfortunately will Borg and hasn't seen the ice for the United States. But you're not going to be having the Brian Gionta is. Mark Arco bellows. These guys that have have no John Welch yet these guys have had their shots in the NHL already. And it could become a way for new stars to be born in the NHL. I mean you you look at what team. Brian Miller. Became a marketable star in the NHL. Because of his performance in the year that he was having in the 2010 Olympics. TJ Yoshi I would say. Last soul but he became an American hero and icon. Because of his performance against Russia in scoring and scoring four should uncles. So if those players can. Create these moments where they become larger. That and not white but that is huge for their country. And you get those moments that fans can connect to. It would be good to be able to do that for younger players and be able to groom stars that way. Create new stars what he you have to Sidney Crosby he scores the game winning goal against. Ryan Miller in 2000 time he was already Sidney Crosby right. He was already a star in the lead. OK so that makes him a hero he was already here on Canada. That that could change anything for Sidney Crosby got a boost his stock and all he already was who he wants purity thwarted Ryan Miller. Shot to verifiable. Where the buffalo exactly. So. Vis the other ideas and Derrick brought the world cup of hockey. You're still able to sell that tournament if you're the NHL as the boss of the cost. You can still have Sidney Crosby compete in that tournament and OK yet the the Olympics is no longer the bows to the dust but it's a way to. Groom younger stars. To let those. Kids. Compete for their country in the Olympics which is part of the dream growing up especially. All of these kids now all of these kids who are coming in the NHL now who have always watched NHL players participate in the Olympics. That was part of the dream being able to represent your country in the Olympics. They've watched it says they've been alive. And this was a year that was taken away from man and of course. That's. Part of the appeal of course being in the NHL getting paid millions of dollars that's nice. But that's certainly part of the appeal to is. Get represent your country you don't Wear your callers. All these kids go to the world juniors talk about how much of an honor it is if they were able to do that again on the truly the biggest stage. They were above that and you do have that one point. Give out some concessions. To your players. To grow. The game the good lord I hate these people. Get a 30551888550. To 550 talk a little bit more about this and then in about thirteen minutes. Luke Easter wing USA today the draft wire joining me to talks on some NFL draft some football. We'll get to that coming up at aids it's in my captor Kramer behind the board is trying gates on WGR. Things have picked up this week no question about that I believe the Jason water all. Has released a couple of offers that you might consider but it sounds like there could be more player involvement. Posted picks and prospects from Buffalo Sabres are more interested in draft picks or pop pop shop there's time to. Deadline on Monday in the interest will increase. All right that's insider trading Bob McKenzie. Downturn there's learned tracker. Care of Ronnie was there to. Talking about the Evander key trade sounding like as of now it's a little player oriented. Jason doctoral trying to to pull out some pecs hands arms and prospects as well. There's six days a smooth it out yeah I know there's six days smears six days but TNT to a deal. TNT blow up. Ike gathers there's that I just think there's also six days Bernard team to say okay are now paying that tumor gonna pay a different team. Lots to bring in someone else. They're talking in that insider trading piece how there is double digit teams reaching out to the Rangers about Michael Ratner. About five or six reaching out to them about Rick Nash. So I don't know it's just. The longer you wait I I just teams could get desperate near the end. If they miss our Rick Nash Michael grabbed her Mike off men because there's rumors connecting Mike Coffman and Saint Louis. Only that connects in senators were. Terrible already. Why. Dorian in banning. They would be prime prospects to overpay for something like and Evander Kane. Well particularly Cain being from Vancouver riady got yacht. And Jim Jennings and dope. Sure. All right that's not the world we elevenths though that's why I'm lamenting. A look at. Arts so you know we've got the the idea of an 125 tournament maybe in 123 tournament and as I was saying in this article. Which I'm referring to from Greg which in ski. Yes Pia and he talks about. Also. In in fifa they have the three over age players. Wedge a lawless. Different countries to have some of their their star players participate as well. Hands. So he could have teams like Slovenia. Where I was a coal tar is from. He would be able that continue to participate as an overreach player. To even out competition all bets. Allow him to to allow Slovenia to have their they're bass player in their history of the country. Well done to have. Talent and also when it comes to goaltenders that would be helpful because a lot of goaltenders and maybe you wanna be hopefully make for a more entertaining tournament. But typically goaltenders they turn to reach third their primes their peaks around 2627. Years old maybe even a little. Right around there. Sort of all the battered goaltenders to be a part of it as well but maybe I don't don't like that part of media would like to see. The younger marks an experienced. Goaltenders in the tournament because it would make it more interesting. As we see more goals. The level we'll see where this all girls. We'll see where it goes pads. It's gonna be the year is going to be part of the next CBA agreement is figuring out a way to allow NHL players. To go represent their countries I think the NHL PA is going to be interest in taking an odd because they know. That their players are interest in that and they want their players to be able to go represent their countries. In a 30551888. By fifty to fight fifty. Com next Luke Easter wing of USA today the draft where he's going to be joining me. And some draft talk the com buying coming around next week we'll hear his thoughts and it to his latest mock draft column acts the nightcap you'll see to WG.