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John Murphy Cho presented by NAPA Auto Parts John Murphy and Donald deals from our one buffalo studio. I don't gives ignite a little firestorm yourself I want your compare to say after the Mark Jackson and Tyrod Taylor. Reiterate what you said you said that if you choose between the two. You would you would go Tyrod Taylor is over to saint. His between the two rather keep a guy who. Has played in this league and you know at least weaken doing nicely. Rather than. Traffic in like Lamar Jackson don't know what he can do in this week and you say he's more dynamic than parents have a I mean in college you can say it is it is fast you can say he's run around he's made some plays he has made some throws that you don't know what he would do here in this leak you know so you're talking about. Bringing in the same type of player and you don't know what that player can do I mean it just doesn't yeah he has a funny yet and I think that. They wanna get better at passing. Is it is the great thing to have a guy looking uses legs yet it's also a great thing to have a guy who can really. Due to a lot better passing and has not something that you know. What happened from the Mark Jackson right now you just don't see you you've seen him run around a lot and make plays and be a dynamic weapon. That's why you have guys like Bill Polian saint switch them over to wide receiver. You know I mean you know I sayings which we need to rest these quarterbacks over the wire receive you SanDisk did. In these factory can throw from the pocket or wherever cases they're looking at the Mark Jackson little different way. Not and I am not saying you need to switch them over the way receive announcing in his you don't know which you know if you don't know. Let's get a viewpoint from our next guest he's senior writer for CBS sports that time he has written about polian comments. Maybe like to weigh in on Donald stake will Branson joins us on the subway fresh take might do well aria drummer Pete got don't turn buffalo we appreciate you coming on the show. Never brought guys they're drew well a draft news. We're Ruder than mine that's really not Bob and I got back like on route got ever cited. Southerners believe in that in my life protecting me ask your curtain all right I'll let. Dead by now including yours or was blogging about her a contract. Yeah I'm living history. It's a glamorous life of the NFL the national and a little right exactly the group rest and take you can't jump in on this polian kind of got things started yesterday. Claiming that. Lamar Jackson is eat in accurate. That he is slight short and slight and be better off at wide receiver my partner Donald has some reservations about it too. Where do you come down on the Mark Jackson is an NFL prospect what you think with. Well in capacity prospect for one brokered or explosives and I I've I do. I I would rally you know what they can see a lot of Sinaloa Mark Jackson that are Mickey. You're Nate but I still think it's hard to figure out really terrifying. What he has the ball in the hands right he can. Make anybody miss in the open field and I understand the construct of you wanna have this guy with the ball in his hands more often. What I don't understand. The idea that you'd think somebody is too short to play quarterback and therefore they either play. Wide receiver especially when it 63. Which is plenty tall enough to be accord regularly. Yeah I think in the back I don't get is why you would want someone to switch from being a quarterback prospect to a wide receiver prospect. Several. Months before you get drafted in either the first or second round like the Mark Jackson would not falling. Out of the draft. He's not the default date through the draft he's gonna get paid handsomely in the world they're trying to make him a quarterback. If you were to wide receiver reverted strapped sucks so that's a little weird to be. But I do agree with you if they're constructs that. But more Jackson as a typical prospect of going down. And I think between would you look at this draft classes here guys look larger accident got talent but if I draft them and I were you ever coach I have. No desire to play them in the first year article more Jackman best serve. You're going to Wear regular in the war. Or you're in good it was Cleveland hitters and that is the murder of better in front of him where he can hit. And he can learn and he could take a year to study your offense. You'd like to export the dynamic player he approved last year but there are reservations about how you'll do immediately step in and try to broaden and. Dad and I agree with you there he does need to go somewhere and see it because of the fact that. He hasn't really had to read in a so defense is or anything like that right Sophie comes in and as a starter Dayne one. You have to imagine he's going to rely on those legs like he did a college because he has a cabinet had enough time there really. Learn how to read an NFL defense is not gonna slow down and everything is gonna be moving so fast for them. That he's gonna say what I can just take off and run and that's when you get in trouble with these quarterbacks in the you've heard different things like that. There I think they're like you can get to this situation. You know and operate as they do Arctic verses over lately compared court pressure brought by. You could I could theoretically if you're working with desperate to win right now you can construct an offense around or Jack black and he would be potent and dangerous. I think that the group probably catch up equate to the scene in which we do have a disservice if you wouldn't be we wouldn't be learning. How to make a terrific read and an out of it and out of their strategic that the way to eat eat too. To become effort that level quarterback but I think the cop into Michael Vick and Michael Vick is that it. I mean you're seeing that the way to eat through the deep ball up quickly with that armed rebel field. It really good role on the wrong enemy he's got he's a special talent. Like a lot of these guys it's all about where it landed in your target of a perfect. With will Brentson senior writer for CBS sports Mecca but what about Donald contention that with the bills. It might be better off to steepen Tyrod Taylor round pick them a lot of money as opposed to you know taking a chance on the former Heisman Trophy winner with what they give it compares. What are the parent don't what what the bill wants to be U 2018. You know if their goal. Is to once again be a playoff caliber football team that I think they're better served having Tyrod Taylor. But it is here the people Buffalo Bill love Tyrod Taylor. There's little weird relationship. And you're there. They're probably issues of both sides there where our operator look at return to get say if you have so every time thickened. Be an accurate quarterback who then turned the ball over and make big plays before someone. Yes the one around here pig is if you're prepared for what it with you know we're gonna happen get it. You're opening electors Europe perhaps a way it is is better for the fact that point but. It's the building turned to win it would be eighteen that they are better serve that entire arc error percent of them are. And well do you what do you think Lamar Jackson into going or coming off the board. Once we get to the draft he said he's not gonna fall out of the draft I can actually see him. Sliding to maybe not sliding but like the back back half of the draft maybe somewhere like the Steelers or something like that. Read an early in the second round of the. Yeah I think it's on the table for him to go in the second round I had a goalie Adam off this morning. Published a little while ago and have him going to the same what that it would be managed to hit the has. It was just Sean Payton can do you know. Being creative on offense is ability to work with them and and and our trade him and he would have to start early it is true breeze that was sort these are the idea there. It would present all Peco the second round and in particular the locker registry it's this this is supposed. I'm not old enough to say dapper audit. But this but in the if the government all over here is that the that they're your Europe. If you're gonna put most remarkable. Free agency draft combination of quarterback. Group that I I've ever seen I mean you're you have. Kirk cousins who is your record in terms of city created he has an interpreter at quarterback under the age of thirty with all the health intact. You're you have a barricade in the cared who won his grievance and it will lead intrigue other teams and the bridge quarterback and then you have physical loaded draft. I don't know that we can definitively say how many quarterbacks over the personal but I think I was the governor Warner half I would take over. And I would insist Rick Lamar Jack in that regard their. In that door you're the back in that first round and the reason why accurate either walk the larger actually. Do wanna give them a first round if you trade back through the first round to grab. Or advocate the Steelers and pick them up or your parents typically be the heir parent. According the first round and get their pick your options and I think that's so critical for these guys you know. Received their abilities that the reds can do after your optional workout might put a pretty I get that yeah or are competitively portal and that's. Perhaps the sub optimal place to be here in particular in the fifth the figure out if there's a better or. Quarterback out there created the Dickens in it is the current TV your try to control quarterback for longer that first round bottom of the purse is so much. Athletes different the top of the second term and long term control so I would anticipate that unit nick actually goes. What about that and the rest of the guys in and we were talking yesterday about this. And Murphy we might talk about the last week but do these guys. Are any of these guys in your opinion Brooke days are new the rookies did a one starters guys that you can say man we got a trade up we get that guy because. He is a franchise quarterback for the next fifty years did you do any these guys make you feel that way. I think the rear of the guy who. You have you have to take this thing definitely and I think they have to Arnold has got the best combination of healing and for all these. To me Arnold startled were fraught with beautiful winter. I'll Booker. And if you're if you could say aggregate jockey Alan. But did you watch in this. Kicking their content could last week you are certain that the Beckett but I can get Dicey. You know Josh Rosen. I that you're Netscape or category and it I would baker NATO. Air you can meet meet me in W version of this talk a lot there's. This the regular. Not safe for work urgently do. Does the things on and off the field that you would rather hear for a search quarterback not do what you just finds a way to win can make all the throws. To play different types of offenses. And is is that the guy that you have a theater that they wanna on a football game is at the college level I think that civic. A lot of times we ignore that sort of stuff becomes active fires you know we. Collectively order were Russell Wilson that we collectively recorder would patrol officer and there's a good proven wrong pretty quickly so there are three guys I would say. Are going to be quality starters in the league here of course where they Italy and can change that and it. They can Rudolph be prepared me to go on carpet which are kept GPS or accomplice. I hear a lot of good stuff about making Rudolph duke and NC kill the court higher than people expect. And that Labarca active in jockey Alan that you real wild card where. Educated they're being you know all pro prop here quarterback given their talents. But you just don't know how they're gonna develop and at the end of the day we don't know any of these guys collect your car for a period of God's protection. With will prince and he is CBS sports senior writer. Covering the National Football League east and in some subway fresh take out like it what you came out I think are of your today with a mock draft. Opera you know the and we early in mock draft season but. Your rack draft includes the Buffalo Bills leveraging. Some of their premium draft picks to move up to number five and treat would Denver talk about what you know what you mocked what you think it is plausible that. Yes that's good ideas the idea there is that these rockers have. Daughter to create the and they have we and Kirk cousins away and I act after the jet for the favorite but I still think here's. There's a lot of work that the bank is not in the bar that aren't necessarily. And and we're we're with Kirk cousins. On the roster the blockers have to make sacrifice. Look at all that the brokers had to make sacrifices that included very easily. And coming here wolf. All their defense to save the money cap space they didn't cut and legal standards into mayor's promise. Because you can't get a protect quarterback encountered after top receivers it's so hard sell and so they go to the drastic and our. We got its premier peck. RT got a quarterback. We need more bodies is there anybody out there who could use a quarterback who has multiple picks in the first round that might match up with number five well. When you break it down under the old draft trade very short. I get to that it's not conquered other work but. Do you still use it. 4122. And seventy warned. The reported between one point 256. Given to the Broncos in exchange for number five and number 71. But the bill still have there at the fifth overall pick. They would have 12 round pick your original one and not a third round pick coming out of it as a person to person hears second and 13. And then move up and get jobs Rosen. It was a quarterback sitting their forums. Annika or defer it first quarter records still some premium picks and that in their second or third day in Denver if so at a lot of gap as a result and so I think. Separate situations that occur buffalo. You have to entertain looking at the draft board knowing you have that type pathetic. Four in the top 56 that's a lot of ammunition to get up there in a year where there are a lot of good quarterbacks. If you're good at eighteen you have quarterback especially in the I think this. That happens it's well range are going to be willing to trade down and try to acquire more assets it's it's pretty good spot in the. And and you've got to. You the first two picks in your mock draft Donald go on to the browns and and you got to jets go with Jack shell and so. Rosen would be the third quarterback off the board go to the bills at number five in your mock draft. And it's it's it's a move up that doesn't require maybe that the sort of price that many people thought the bills might have to to pay eight to move up to number five. Right I mean some people think it is to start talking about next year's premium draft picks me using big get that done with the what they're there to first when he won 22 and one of the second. Well I think we lost that. Well that was the question though is I tell you enough and you don't forget all because I effort and rated recap and if you went up now yeah. It's an XT Mac draftees that will Branson has try to reach them. Contact with a Arnold he snapped number one on the Cleveland. And I can see that don't include action on the attitude that right near as weird I keyed into. I don't really you know and nobody knows analysts he's got talent on that I agree. Coliseum on I think when when notepad or put them mock draft Bowden said that. That ass town was one's gonna go number one. I didn't think that. And right now number two and this is not just based off the C able I think when you look at his take from this season. Panel thinks doubts have him going that high and I've had a chance to speak to a couple is gasses and what they did this is not. It disable is not we did see anything Senior Bowl week that we didn't see out of him. During his season during his senior season so I mean there's nothing different here we seen all of this stuff throughout the regular season and I think that he'll end up. Being like the third or fourth guy I think I think you have to Arnold worked I'd necessarily third report. No quarterback and so you sort of forget what is step number two overall is down I'll have that I think Arnold is gonna goal number number one at the rules and be second quarterback. I think a team will take speaker may feel I don't care about his height what has happened on the field or on the sidelines off the field I think they're gonna take him because of that that passive for full ball and that will to win. And that it factory at a couple teams that passed up on them last year. Now think teams are gonna pass up when that this year and taken throw he's accurate you know the only the only thing that you can really say bad is. Things you've seen off the field and his high. But quarterbacks have gotten past that and the kid is an actor playing Oklahoma is he's not coming from. Mount union you know his kid is is coming from a big time school big time program. You can make of those who I think he'll be the third quarterback to go and ends ask Allen might come off the board as the fourth quarterback the. Vick will Brentson as the meat on six rate after buffalo the jets well Larry back within its sticker everything bloody nose and everything also there. You know act and act water like it if you're hearing your question. I don't because they're I'll like it I hear people. Affected repairs to your phone hung up my arm a replica of those of my question is now the question is. You've got the bills if they make this trade that you talk about in your mock draft it's the price doesn't seem that steep we've heard. You know people talking about will the move up high the bill's gonna have to give you know deepened in next year's first round perhaps you don't see you using the trade chart that valued chart. But does that is that applicable when it comes to quarterback moves like this. Yeah apparently an outlook. Gartner. There that can't sit he get there five there. In the rockers. Find others here are two of the people who wanna try and jump jet. But in the eastern or their cousin does that. You're in this hypothetical rockers do that the jets are much bigger threat to get a quarterback it's sick that maybe or a little bit more. Who'd compared the numbers. If you look at what skipper could walk away where you they would have 2122. It's six and zero part second round pick your topic about or pick. It between forty and 56. You're in what I think it's actually pretty he could count to draft the restaurant that he picked the side of the ball. It would make a lot of sense of verses as quarterbacks are pushing quarterback in the a lot of opera climate I think civil put you'll down it's a good spot for you might remember. In this scenario where they have a quarterback and they need to defensive help and offer our help. Prepared to be able to sit back here kind of what got guys that all down later in the draft. And I and I think it would you look at the blockers roster in this particular trade they need more they would need more help interpret GAAP. It would be willing to make that move with buffalo I don't. Buffalo have to dip in the next year's first round pick and let me wanna get all five. Or less to just get you know really crazy out there and Anders. Big time auctions a lot. And Rosen is the immediate prospect starting prospect what do you think. Yeah I'd yeah I think reality unity self. Certainly you all it's our fault. We we all have faults. And I think all of its you're gonna. Step I don't vacancy. He. At all true out of the gate but I think renews its record guy with a lot of arm. All people reading Peter is enough can make all the road. You can comment and and socially on an offense. And be a starter for per day watered it. The I loved what doctor Allen also meant it in your YouTube Y a lot like the word. 00 but you also wonder how you look from gave war yours if they want starter he's a question that that's a galactic it was a giant. They have Eli Manning I hit baker says the browser coherent Arnold but you're prepared they could figure all love and Alan duke and I think it really leaves. Date field and drop rodents and here either for the Broncos or the popular content support is still true that. No well I think two things. The most interesting. Theme in this draft or at least position. Team and position is the giants sitting at number two and you look at them. With gentlemen saying that you know Eli Manning is our quarterback not sure how long he'll be there moving force do you think at some point they wanted to draft. The heir apparent to view our man. But also. Acting sick mom Barkley is a very very interesting prospect and it's hard for me to see. Him falling out of the top five as as desperate as these teams want quarterbacks. Say clown Barkley is a very good running back and I think the giants have to have one is so long that they will take you long look at trapping sequence. I think you're right and it is that we are literally thought I guess because it looked like. Go to quarterback and have a value that you go that they're gonna go early you go to gonna put other players on the board but I cannot fathom the situation. It was this draft unfold and they called Barkley and Bradley. There should be is the best player in the draft. And fire a little that fire and experience that a lot a lot of room to its seasons I think sharp and cynical Barkley have to go in the top five. Does that negate the that is only three of these. You have 45 quarterbacks yours early it's interesting at an erected giant are are delayed because if they decide they want to have a quarterback. Group under you are getting we don't know how long you gonna play that they decide they want our quarterback and all the sudden it's tightened things up. I would be surprised at all it says hey look. You know the cowboys drafted. Kelly has got immediate impact got to you know and and day in the office who their leaders to get more to the they've been let to prevent. Remember let your they'd get away and rapid creek McCaffrey and number eight overall and I think they called order pretty clearly is I love for exactly that. What is it more complete running back it is certainly get over the I'm afraid you're strapped the fact that I. If people these you can make an impact and I think. Everybody to go to their governor is completely out of great rejected because I've been was put Bradley shop and play them as well so. I agree completely I think it's giant. In a traditional there's probably AptarGroup quarterback but I wouldn't be surprised all. This is with we'll Brentson he's on the subway fresh take out I'm with a CBS sports dot com senior writer I just wanna have some more posts that you put up recently that's about. The polls Bill Polian is saying again only male I knew yesterday September a year goals he would listen any offers for polls unless they started with. To never once in two and number twos you think he's off base there and infect you point out and recent posts that. Maybe the Buffalo Bills and put together a package for nick falls although you kind of advised against it is that right well. Yeah or other government report other bit. That you can ask for your oil dispute here so you'll put your all of us here. That have to respect the field obviously do I don't think the browser illustrate their 21. Who is. Vera for their fault. And I think it's both Cleveland and buffalo. Would see their cities that a way where it's what increased fares if there's that's not your distracting at all no disrespect to. Bill Polian is all favor of it and a legendary yeah output. If anybody you know more pics here first and your second predictable. That they are basically be very upset and I think they're all there. Good quarterback who is really streaky quarterback and had. Tremendous vote clearly they're all they're tied the record for bird sucked out of the single gave a patrol you got the senior director for. Most through that are under pressure ratio. But if you're given up orchestrated all you're asking for riot and your overview of your price yourself. Out of the markets are still anticipate that'll be eight I think it's a ticket we're eagle look at that you can church for an injured person went. Well wrestling and I know you cautioned earlier about saying there's never been this before there's never been that before I've been around a little while. I can honestly say I have hard time recalling any. Offseason and he run up to the draft and free agency where there's been this much. Intrigue about quarterbacks both veterans and end you know potential good solid rookie quarterbacks it's it makes for pretty interesting. Offseason that we have going on right now I think. What they were picked on that I was looking for here. Validation. Point that it's there you're more quieter look forward olives. About. But I think. You're right thank you. Talk about it with the court agreed intermittent defected to the Iraq oil law could be created but he got back repeal impact it will agree. In that they are no after the protecting. Your breathing keeping appropriate. You can create your. We didn't anticipate your start back here entirely possible that that there's someone like they're. Cardinals of the blockers get really weird and antlers reader free dollar now. He estimated that the leaders there about the course. I mean. Going to be fun well thanks for this thank you China some excitement as we appreciate it ever heard Carter.