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Thursday, February 22nd

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Joining us on this the subway Christie outlined. Longtime friend of the show he is senior writer for Sports Illustrated in MA QB that the NFL for more than three decades. At to have Peter king live with Peter John Murphy instinct as here in buffalo thanks for joining us today. Or while look at boats in our of our quarterback you know that's how we do here in the winner. That you you've talked about corporate you out of our quarterbacks in the this week Monday Morning Quarterback. Posted to put up on MM QB in the the went at the top Peter I think you know that you said that. You can't remember a year with the same level of depth at quarterback both in free agency. And in the draft I'd never seen anything like this right. Yeah I mean free agency. Started in 1994. And you know I look back some years where the draft had 45 guys or our quarterback picked in the first round. And I try to match them up is. You know that year and who was a free agent starting quarterback in free agency. I mean first of all there's only been 45. Yield. Good quality caliber starting quarterback ever available free agency wherever local team. You know Drew Brees is the one who comes to mind. 2006 don't seem eager and Portland but mostly. Quarterbacks you don't mow and so effective group Greece could move right out he will. And the fact that Kirk cousins who. You know as in the outside your real last year's NFL would eat a little basically in his prime. And yet he's got to sit by the fact that. He can move in this crime I think says that that ought. The class of college quarterback Erik. You know termed what really makes it difficult year is that. Every one of the college quarterback. Somebody said to me the other day. Director cup scouting pertinent he seemed set to meet. I'm glad we don't need quarterback this year because. A lot of these guys appeal every single one of them has significant problem you. And so. That's why accurate they'll. Sitting at 21 and twenty crew. And you say man we really like whoever is that you really like structure Rosen. You know the crazy thing about it is that. You're hitting it 21 and 22. And you used the old draft trade value Turks. You know to move up into the top five. It would take more than. Just 21 and 22 right like you you you if you added up. Yelled a point in this is not gospel by any stretch but if you're headed up the points per picked number 2122. In the bill like. And it got that 96 pick they got the last pick in the third round nice if you yet if you total. Those three picks to get hurt the value for it almost be Bakley equals. The value for the fifth overall pick in the Denver so take note. If Denver and let it cover create an oil what you read it younger. And he wants multiple multiple picks up high and maybe they'd be fit but I think. You're really not going to know until. After free agency where you billion. Yeah. Pete I think you're right we're talking to Peter King from Monday Morning Quarterback and the I agree that you had its fun I think for you guys as one of the times in a year when you can't get to play general manager and and actually see. Whether it comes to true but. With this got to protect all you got to predict almost all 32 teams I've been a real proponent and I've said all along there's no way that the top five. Maybe the top six are gonna stay pat I mean those are ever sixteens are not going to be the ones taken I told everybody. All our listeners forget all the mock drafts because trades are gonna happen Cleveland is not gonna need. Both those top five picks and they're going to be able to you know they've done that for three or four years straight got paid for you know picks for players that kind of thing so. I just don't think they'll all those teams are gonna pick those places. The interesting thing about Cleveland is let ship date for the sake of our. That they picked Bradley shop the aperture from North Carolina State eager want our four. You know you would be hard pressed if you see that that think any team in the NF LX op. Because they have better book it. Apps roach then that the Cleveland Browns I mean China really China stands alone this year right never know guys are gonna make it or not but. If you're Cleveland on the one hand you say. You know and we would really love to monetize that or pick in yet maybe. Three picks in favor of prop forty year fifty which I our athletes think they could do. But you're if you're if you're John Dorsey also. I think you're also saying what am I gonna get a chance. Should take another great pass structure. And in other words you get the best pass rusher in the draft two years general I mean really part of it aren't Cleveland. I am not thinking about a trade because. You know that happened to Cleveland at least in my opinion. Like I mean if you're being at a brown. You know every October 1 they OK it's perhaps the you know it's been many argue group to get the best pick in the most thick. And you know it's just it hit the browns have had that they beat Hewitt number a high draft Chile. And at some point you've got to stop saying he'd get a stop playing monopoly. With the draft choices that you got it great players. And look I have no idea what or he's gonna do. But I you don't just knowing him knowing how much you love that meat potatoes but you're. I had I'd I don't know why would it Bradley children but man how would be happy. On Bradley shut eager wonder what that's my gut feeling. With Peter King a Sports Illustrated MM QB has senior writer talking about the draft talk about quarterbacks if there are we. Are we safe in assuming that the first shoe to drop Peter would be Kirk cousins may be cousins to Denver you. You've got to go on there in Europe Monday Morning Quarterback post this week is that the first again as they happen to get things moving do you think and quarterbacks probably. You know not necessarily on because I think they're gonna be some teens. They're gonna land tanner and because it really hour. And pain thirty million Bart occurred your a year Kirk Kirk of and so. My gut feeling it there might be a team or two out there as a payload. We're gonna try to go anything repaired. And were gonna go all in on trying to get him her eighteen million a year were gonna go to tried it yet. Artie Tina you know for for good money. Arab but not obviously Kirk cousins money. And so. Eat you know look I think one of the things that you're going to see. In their dirty for cousins is that. I think in that legal pampering period Eric. You know. If they're the most broken rule in the NFL. In the NF trophies they're the rule that that prevent teens from having any conversations that agent. You know on a lot of these things are not no we ain't. Conversation but they definitely yet communication dull. But I you'd think that. That you know they're gonna know all Kirk cousins and an awful lot about what he'd want to do. You know before we even get to. The first they create premature they could mark fourteen. Peter King joins us from MM QB that aside dot com. The bills and you're big you've gone through about a dozen quarterbacks in your Monday Morning Quarterback post. You have the bills winded up with the Josh Rosen is your gas. Tell me about that and the bills can't expect to see Josh wrote down there at twenty what are twenty erected at the league to move well. That's my gut feeling you know I don't know I didn't see it Alter I have no idea or. Get drawn me here that are green bikini and like jar pros are. I do know now. But bite you think you'd think there's a couple of things in play. Let's just say the bills don't yet a quarterback of the future recreate your feet and I don't know they Weller not maybe European locally. The parent and go hard after you might sell well but. Let. Saving need a quarterback. After. The first five weeks of free agency. Took me I think they have to do you know. Error basically sold in on the guidance they really light. And they've got to do whatever it takes to get. You don't know you know I don't eat at the bills. In the next year two or three they're gonna have a top ten draft. So it is the year because you have the you have the rapt capital to move up if you meet if you need to it is the year that you figure which one of these guys you like you really try to go hard after getting. Yeah upbeat jobs I was gonna say the real key to this whole thing and I've I've we've been talking around a bunch of different things about. They're getting whatever quarterback falls down to 2122 if you are forced to stay pat. You've got a lot of time you know I've always put him the big premium now on the rookie class is that these teams. Draft. There it almost for sure. Those players that over perform their contract. And that means you've got a more capital to spend and bolster the rest your roster seek get a big of a team built. They can really play and then as bill's fans saw last year kind of frustrating. When yours feel like you're only one or two quarterback plays away from behind. A you know a week in week out winner. Yeah that's book but I will say this I don't have a problem plane any price for quarterback if he plays like a rookie and over performs that contract if you pay guys thirty million Claes up to a win in the super. But if he knew they guy ten million any way over performs it. You're still get value at that spot so how do you draw that line and what balance you strike particularly in free agency when you can always have to overpay for those guys. Well it's gonna have to take two to tango I mean. Kirk Kirk and I am multiple people who're gonna pay him going to be willing to pay him a huge sum of money. And am so I don't know where he can go but my whole issue are 'cause is that. You know I think this is going to be all that much about him picking year. If you picking him. So that's why at least in my opinion. I don't. I don't believe. That it's going to be a situation. That. That. EEE you know that the bill. Are the real record and no I think they'll you know few days very early on in free agency which wanna if any of these guys they are in play for. And they don't love any quarterback they have them I would not mind punting on it really. And basically saying okay where you're gonna be where we are 21 and 22. And take. You know I repair order the I think baker mayfield of the gauntlet or whether it be you know Mark Jackson or or. You know hope whoever whoever it is I think I think that the worst thing you can do is ol' paper guy. Well. And it's okay over paper that you love in my opinion but if you're trying to win and a guy and the day you get him in the building. You don't sleep well at night. I think here I secured UT with his. There can't live like that if there anything out at Peter blessing we got for you made a recent trip to Indianapolis where you were with the like the town hall meeting for the colts. Steve's old teammate frank great to head coach down there now. Everything hinges on lock Andrew Luck coming back and I don't get the sense that anybody quite knows what to expect from Andrew Luck even frank breakfast at the impression you got down there in the. I I I think that what secret Ballard who moles who probably has more knowledge than anybody in the building right now are yeah. Is. I would call him extremely confident. That luck is going to be okay. So he passes that. Confident about the frank Reich and frank Reich in turn eight confident that he's gonna be neat going to be playing opening game playing well but. You know I. They don't. You really don't know in all got archer for that right up right but. The one thing. You guys are probably got it at that that I found is that. I have had so many conversations. We were right and you know in the bill got good this year inspected the LP a bunch. Margaret partner of the year in a it's out this week but we've talked so much about buffalo. And that I will never forget. Right before the game. Against the Houston Oilers. On Saturday. EEE I had a long conversation. On Saturday before that he and whereas the entire free oral was Spain. Man Kelly's outfielder in trouble. Bert Smith got three broken career builder in trouble then it's not plain pills during trouble. You know all this stuff happened. And you know that day war fair because I mean you're only the front nine die anyways. Yet. I'll never forget meeting you this meeting we hear that day that you said. I don't mind frank great playing in this scheme because. I know or that it is the kind of game. That he will play well in that area very thoughtful he's deliberate he's gonna make the right calls. And no matter what happened in the game. He's not gonna beat panicky. And it's from Spain. How right those were turned out to be served the interception problem at all to start the third quarter you're down 353. And I asked them the other day I said. Craig I want to know if you see Bubba McDowell running for a touchdown. And your feet stands at the same time getting up and walk in yet to 353 what do you think any here. One plays the time one play at a time. I know as they announced thing and I would. Assume we're gonna be a good golf. Here. Yeah out but I think he was. I think he was so. Yeah he was he was just so we'll get our only think you could be focused on that point is that. You'll everybody on your teen or everybody in the mean and that even though like 99 and a half percentage. You're a loser might be real darkly. You got plays that next play like it's 1414. And and every play matters from now and that's exactly what game and I think I think honestly that's how we coach to right he coached. One play at a time and not going to be afraid. Of any I think I think it's her out even now everybody in Indianapolis. You don't want to basically. Paying jobs we came from. Whatever it is the State Capitol is there I mean I think at the end of the day they had a guy who's there and I really like for. I agree with you paid night and I make jokes about you know what we're thinking at halftime of that camera free threw that pick but by the same token I agree to I agree completely with you because. He is a quality guy and guys like me and Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas and everybody on their roster who is near and dear frank when he was a player here in buffalo really has pegged him for this exact role. A long long time ago a couple of decades ago we we force saw his ability to be head coach in league in and finally he's gonna get a chance to do that were. Yeah there are some guys some guys eat you really hope. One day of their life their gonna get a chance to be a head coach I can think of a budget I ever got that chance. But I really. Firmly believe. That. That this guy hey. You know was meant to do this at some point that he can do their job. Peter thanks for this good talk we go we get a chance stark again thanks. Eight these are great really appreciate economically I think.