02-24 Intentional Scouting: Episode 6 - Sam Darnold

Nate Geary
Saturday, February 24th

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The intentional. Sky out. We need here listen I'm just the angry young guys that thinks he knows. Yes and from inside the pylon Mark Schofield beyond just another washed up quarterback trying to make sense talking. Coming do you live from Kate's mom's basement. Tears intentional scouting. Welcome me and we got another. Episode episode six of intentional scouted me your remarks go field. Of course as always in our guest this week Joel Marino from a fan or exports also. Seen herself over and Scott and Joseph thanks for joining Marc and I evening to agree on and. My pleasure could be on your good to talk quarterback I would want to one of the best in the business Marshall Field either guy will pick his brain. Off the record a lot of times on the back so it we do to get that conversation out here in the open and it here. Yes exactly and mark you know I don't really have anything to talk crap about this time because you know obviously a guardian drastic move this epic Super Bowl loss so I guess we just start at center. We can definitely start this woman concerned I'm ecstatic he's we've got to those guys in the room now. I think. This it's a good time to be. To be talking quarterbacks at least because from Google's point you know you Google buys and so as I like that. So gentlemen obviously we start out free podcast I give your sort alligator. I. And those guys are you Euro you know your two and a half minute assessment here of about US. Yes osu and Arnold interest in football player. A lot of people think it is potentially the number one pick in the draft and I can see why they would think this is a player would. They're my everything about him is probably how well he easily feel how well he anticipate them. Leverage is gonna be an early windows are gonna be and make good decisions with the ball and I know that he's a little bit careless with the ball. In the pocket all kind of gobbled that are earn. But I don't think you make bad decisions when rose and accuracy that we you. I am. Problems with the ball placement will get into some of the Pacific on that more and in a bit that really all I'm answering an eye on the way he read he can do and understand where. On the big garden really like you guys that. And really get out moving more than that are outside the pocket and got you beat a one Iran like those and about. Are the things that I don't like about emerges. Really hidden and wire group. You know you talk about what were you could talk about arms and in early release and although I mean you're you're not gonna find a list of quarterbacks that have been at all. That early all the way he doesn't look at them on gated rowing boat we're very into that well we're we're almost all the roads are all within the arm and very new long needed and what it really does it really invite covered them all and it makes it difficult for him quick or old all you know and UConn where. Are you moving to his right or left in he did he do it in the ball out or someone in the eighth and really kind of low and let down. Yet you got a call so I have major major concern about where he is mechanically and I'm not sure that it it met in my in our. And you know what you have to do you have that out and and the Asian and Redd could make a big investment. Either with I draft pick giving up draft pick me people will give up into the range we're Andorra and ago. Do you eat and hit it you are irritable because that they are you've got a guy that really understand at that game contest you can really do a lot with. If not that you could it be the next guy and a long list of quarterback with really bad mechanic I never got it right so. We're we're kind of lie to me I can't yup I've earned. Very very concerning I don't you lot of guys that are oh those are. Yeah Markkanen I think that's a pretty. Seek consensus on the player that anybody's really get more into those mechanical issues let you know from afar. Mark you don't give us you know you're you're off the cuff your aunt. Yeah and I think Joseph touched on a lot of really though pertinent point to when it comes to Sam dart which remembered that the storm last year we're headed into the combine this time last year Donald was talk. Of last year. He's ever gonna say that this is going to be the guy has sure fired like number one overall pick type guy a franchise guy ever reduced look forward to that he could go to the Kama that he would come on the courts for the draft process and here we are. After season which. He regressive but I think it's traders say that he still does some great things at the quarterback position. And there's some talent there that is undeniable Joseph touched on to bide his points with them the anticipation. We talked about it with rose weird how I was on -- now which guy you know one of Kyle in his right hand man basically Joseph we're talking again about anticipation quarterbacks. Arnold doesn't actually well she's she's leveraged identifies creased now he's one of those quarterbacks will roll receivers open he not a she wrote type guy he's pretty advanced in that regard to cure this or that stands in the downfield vision stands out as well he's. Ability to find open receivers to work in the structure play. And either when he forces or like extend in the pocket who do good job keep those eyes downfield. To make plays in scrambled real situations one of those quarterbacks that. You he's got what it enough to do things both in the run game when he had. But it's a lower body that really concerns me which were gonna get into and that one. I can live basically where is beyond elongated delivery because they are correct me if I would've made that work it's the lower body which is not a mantra. Yeah I mean there's certainly no doubt about that let's get into our meat and potatoes let's get into the load out the little dab. Tomorrow I'll start with you obviously had an ethical problems this great. Two years basically what I served thirteen starts and 26 in his eyes freshman season. A sixty Sox basically career 64%. Which is percent that's a pretty nice percentage. Playing in the pac twelve foot. Considering that and nothing else I mean. This is based numbers are really nice is obviously especially near 3000 yards just over 3000 or 31 touchdowns nine X. You mentioned to do regression this year he certainly didn't regressive the archenemy you went up. All thousand yards. And one additional game so the yardage was there touchdowns down interceptions in those are things that that are polluted air wick the progression from. You mentioned it they may be that's where we should star this rumor is with the footwork 27 games. So pretty decent sample sizes in it and that went seven games. Everybody in CSE inconsistencies. We're. Sometimes. He flashes the ability to beat AD soundly Canaccord and that's maybe what the frustrating part about Arnold is is it really to me is an inconsistency issue and obviously you mentioned it collectible issue on Europe aren't what we're means. You listen to evaluate him. Yeah and I applaud bit of the mindset that. Mechanics really are not a problem for a quarterback and two to become a problem many here sort of what I mean by that it's this wet through this Patrick Holmes. You can put the football where needs to be what needs to be there in sort of the realm of the construction and I'm here what looks like four or Massey. Edge of the got a little control emotionally Arnold as responsible. Where each one needs to be there. That issue would Arnold is. And they're issue which you and there's sort of from this from the same sort of problem it's the left leg or will the left it open earlier times step in the locker Thompson canceled due ball. Edit in action it is a loss here and at all. If you speech and working in and shortly step away from start. To ball accuracy and lost. And so. Would you look through like I have allergies all vision such great dozed out right to lose intersection interception and control we did mistakes. And of shoddy for work and those footwork issues and talk about. They show up on a lot of these interception whether it's. The ball not be works supposed to be loose and lost your combination to not crawl you don't you may talk a boat. The huge percentage 64% it was really you dream a completion percentage in accuracy Barack pushed percentage don't equal proper ball. So the fact that he's completed a good number ass that's one thing play. Footwork problems have and acted where the ball. And up at times and at the issue for me. If he fixes of what works and I'm OK with the sort of loopy on motion is you can make or NFL Russell Wilson's Carson what horses and to a lesser extent and success. But or this problem he's gonna fix that first you should work out for years now he's worked Jordan Palmer there working on a ton of what works. I'm usually not interested she quarterbacks throw the call by beacons. What happens a coma for quarterbacks is more. In the white board session in interviews these guys that's the meat you know it's what they do that we are very interest as she is can't look like in Indianapolis. So Joseph built off that day and in junior talking about Arnold's Fo work is it concerns you dead. Because it. I agree with mechanics especially our mechanics and wanted that. More now order but I believe our data harvesting this is real change. Where is this you more of a two point or is this more of AD are habitual or because like trying to change Ron motion changing work. This to gain is sort of due process and it took aspirin Coco who won two years to win Indiana alone so it has a lot at Oregon you're likely to be. In what we're. Yeah it's it's gonna have to be appointed them names and you know he's gonna be successful at the next level this is something to get ironed out and Omar little really nice job of I'd be telling you used in and out of taxes accuracy. And industry commentary got a are are there right thing. You know what it comes down to me also how has dropped. Are out of sync wit the progression on the field and in and like mark and he's working against him out because nothing's a rule that we'll lying didn't. In when you have made eight and with the football you have to really sure bait and you're like. It made those. Those decisions and create those quick lap or providing balance eight to deliver the ball. Really really well again I mean in down you know that boat into the pocket and when when he's rolling in so you know I just. It is gonna have to be a major pointed out this and I think that it. It's one of those things where it is make or break him and so when you talk about you know the model I met their coach is really get to go players and and I'm you know what what it gonna take them but I knew her wagon and you guys they have their anger that dumping that Beckett be correct and I think. Note the com Byron yeah get a little bit of the need equal to get as old day. But IBM did date you know when you're not liking it too late in the ball are lined up and you're you're gonna leave her back to whatever is most comparable that when it all comes out and that's why I'm gonna I'm gonna know her a color correct it or not it is one of the ball I mean so no use of recombinant protein are going to be. The real crap gonna be in that in actual line. And they are girl in 08 that this has become second nature and didn't earn it probably has all light and exactly how it is right now so it's really real learning how to ride a bike in in the big. At or imminent and beat I hammered out. Tbilisi with the UN and let's sort of move upwards let's move towards that arm which they use spoke about arm went when we started off here and an I guess my question to start this year would be. Are you in the mindset that it Jian min coach in franchise who plans on. Drafting Sam Arnold. Should be OK which they hit as it currently is and not eat or organization that red eye to eye with the idea. That you're gonna be in May mean who borer I don't know. I don't really know what that's what's the word I would call you improve their pitcher Andy making moral this the shorter. Com. I just don't know with him like it Indy I just think with DR motion the mechanics such a subject and here are a do you worry about maybe trying to change this aren't. What I think. Mark's point when he says this you know it's only an issue is it an issue well yeah we've got initially you're I mean it's one of those things where. Because it is elongated throwing motion you really. It's obviously. In concert with the issues with the work. In the situation. 40 god that America Branyan well. And so on the fact that it is you've naked and you end. You know would come down to is if that eagle on the in his throwing motion it does because really kind of in order all gonna go in in and buy coverage they get. The catch like well you know our Bob and on the ball gonna get there well you're really mitigating any any preparation their neighbors. I've gotten all you are because we recovered so easily drawn their and I think you know it company that you can probably get away with in the pack well but. When he's playing in the NFL these guys are lightning quick and they re back to school at and are able to really get that. I can't point such. Heated and you don't really be a problem random. You know I think just. Because if you want gated in it that it did invite the pressure but it gives the lush with her or can't get him quicker so now he's in a situation where you go to got an elongated throwing regarding our own work. We can't get the ball off quickly. And it allowing the Castro get their a couple of get there so hopefully that'll give give a look at it not an idea why they are too big concern and you know it is always getting word needed to go all the time in and it wasn't a problem then I'd say OK while you know look at are probably. Even winning with it by. The reality of these he's not and it is acting in an attack Logan are gonna you and affecting me in a. Well yeah there's a lot about Denmark. What I guess for me to think that I see is a little bit of morals I DC and I think. It's that hitch well and the ball just lower your elbow and it's sort of exactly what you see with Arnold and what I wonder is at some point because I saw this with or. This season. And be anyways there is at least a noticeable dip in his velocity of all there's a noticeable dip obviously the accuracy from when he first human league and they are eighteen were. So you are you worried about what tinkering. You do ultimately you worked Arnold as a cancer as a medical. I mean there are some concerns with white you know reconstruction of Rhode motion by you have in terms of you we lose velocity that he has because you know some quarterbacks look at Kevin Hogan for example Hogan needed to sort of have the wind to get any short of the loss. Well it was forced me off roads and yet. She did notice that and the other could be shortly I wind. San dar with the tinker with it and you know. One thing to sort of mention here the associates are playing quarterback this off or. Use a wide back when he started playing next plans sport I squeezed past while players are always patiently. Provide I did my math right and not a math which is hunkered screw this up but son played quarterback salt or high school and you know the times I caught easily get six years insurers in the quarterback I've technically got more experience. Position and are awful. That's why we're talking life you know he's got I told form so maybe it will be opted into them is on. Forged into his brain by. 1012 years in the positions. That's one of its own form but to sort of build off of what Joseph was in a really important want to drive home in Georgia really good job and you back off more. When you couple that elongated delivery but the fact that he does tend to sort of bird dog route they're down routes. So not only are these evil gated emotional you know slowing down the process in the release time conservatives charge it's great eyes are ready leading defenders will. So you put that last. Also gathered you've got a potentially bad situation. Or. Age is a bad combination I think it's a chance to clean up and do wonderful had an impact on and I think is important to try to clean at a because otherwise your. You know each to turn over machine type situation. At. Yes and I don't know I I can say from experience because it was something that I myself sort of dealt with from. Arm playing an assistant in high school where I was in triple option in which was right on you know went to the spread rolling calm sort of be. Complete polar opposite offense and when your forced you are. The case for Arnold's not to be changing. Any. Is pro style offense is gonna be a little bit different for me and an apple outlook which gets that NFL how. Is it timing and rhythm based offense may be what Arnold at least at first might have the most success and like a stick with you on this rumor but. You know for like I said for me it was those timing routes that. I thought were more difficult for me because you have to to sort of add. Your arm and bat is an angle we Rhode. We went deeper and the only time we got. Is that an ammunition and so what are you mentioned is anticipated timing being right or good so I'm just sort of aren't really what our best it's into. Guy a new this is where I really sort of struggle -- -- find the best sort of schematic fit for him because you know hey Joseph mentioned this earlier when we were talking about his footwork and there were times you know what he's brought charges out of sync with the rock concerts was asked to throw so any sort of like timing and rhythm based office while he is good in. Anticipation. That might not need to sort of -- schematic form even worry is right now know maybe he could get there are too short a queens what worked tightens -- and emotional little bad he could get there eventually. So I can't actually honestly. You know which would more downfield passing game where Tokyo is I don't want you get emotions like that or not reliant so much time and rhythm and you know you really short of ask you have more assured me to have switched and she rose tried asking some guys open you know he'll have to. You know you some anticipation on those and to Jews that are in the future I remember the base is probably is best. I also think should reverse red air raid West Coast I actually just doing. That could probably work because when you make in the short yet for the time their original. But you get a couple of where. Quick game stuff yeah the elongated motion for war it's not as critical. But again and I'll I'll say this a truck I've really struggled in funds with a bash team and tram I'm really curious you rejoice. Joseph what do you got to say I also want to singers awesome maybe his vessel conversion. Yeah I hear I hear a lot of that they can carry mark. Outlined very they're about you know severely to let go up until now. Everything worked against him in that time Indy theme I don't buy I had to pick out an air Oreo and Marty didn't. Really take advantage of his inability to all of on the field vertically and really into great seeing him. And I understand how coverages. Are going to. Are the route that he's. Gotta make at a given way and and you know give him and really are ridiculed and in. Hopefully you've got a good offensive line that can hold up to meet you able to really got to go in and make them grow on me I get. Don't let the least of all the evil that in their Oreo cart. Joseph opt for this duels focus vehicles filled gains. I think it was midway through the season where there had been a couple of rumors surfacing. The bills really liked seemed. That they had been sending us outsourcing play USC. There then this idea that navy he's the top target or you're obviously a lot of rap and while. And the thought that I think at first I was. I don't know I was real excited I just didn't see him as we. I mean he's six or wreck Purdue and I don't think he's the sixth or strap. I'll but he certainly wasn't there is one of the guys and did you right away because. A lot of what you just on over the last minutes so year of all of those odds and just playing the position. He got what are your sort of worried. And maybe more so because this drills and purgatory that sort of at around his position that you're going to court for however long and Kelly I'm retired so your thoughts are and it bills. Have decided that seemed Arnold is the best quarterback. That I had been key to go up and yet. Is that a a move. You would fully endorse or move that I feel like your problem is he knew where you would be really really you really Oxley. Well I think. We gotta start the conversation is I believe the bill do like him to Arnold and here's why he bit right. You get this. This well on the right type. Mentality that Sean McDermott preaches and you know we when we go to build one you know lack of better term is good boy even the bush. And you look at baker. You know then they're not checking that box and we've heard Sean McDermott they that. You want guys that they're in above the bar our allies and if there are worker you know bill don't give them to do what they want to do well all. And our older guy and all the right things will early lead and within the crime. And those intangibles the leadership Gilda. You know what we'll get a life so for those reasons I really do I got buffalo don't like and Arnold not exactly why they probably all like 800. Now do you think about what ball what would happen due to position themselves. And Arnold a cookie or anyone wanting to win. Having to move all the way up in the cops who were reader could get them you know at a price tag or guy that. You spoke at 1 o'clock minute about all the concerns that go into it and we we knew how would. During how would be appealed like. You know I I'm not sure that this really worthwhile investment. Given what pop will have to give up eagle Bittermann in you know don't the last thing buffalo need to do is to get another quarterback that. Is he going to take into that next level and continue to be stuck in the actual ever. Oh average quarterback lay in no I concur and Arnold. Is going to have too many you overcome not entirely he reaches all capacity you know then you're talking about. A guy with a ton of upside that can really take it off and knew I. I got a lot to Campbell a lot give up and in the land it would be rap while we're peaking at quarterback needy teams early in price tag but it would they do. I'm not I'm more. Mark I can tell you from my point of view that Derrick Rose Arnold makes. I'm Thelma pop out that battered the sort of highest level of brilliance that your gonna see from. Our guys like some of the throws he makes this simply outstanding throws that are. Really even far outfielder just sell well he's such. That he's able to cut off is always something on his his changeup is beautiful and beauty. Where I really started and Joseph you probably you know back and who is what I'd be most remote is an is the whole leather and December hands and Arnold grow into the mile per hour winds when it's eighteen degrees are so. Jackson needs something and I'm very were. And it ultimately might come down to a question of value aid. Should she was poured into the point you know you're kind of build off that well. Given what it would cost to go get dark you might have to get to. In the draft and that's up again. You're gonna have to give local problem given up those 21 routers and other future first rounder. Or law for a guy that we Drew Brees of age issues. Now and I don't wanna do this I don't wanna sort of put the hex on you guys buy good effort Josh Allen faults into the team. Like are you war com will even with the lead off the boat Josh Alex would have in the teens the door to get him daughter because that Whitney Josh Ali can certainly survive who wins and yeah alarms and number I. It doesn't certainly have the touch with him to Arnold has that's what might meaty issues and Josh Allen both. When it comes to an issue of sort of the value between where you have to get our overseas. Where Allen might eventually fall to a meaty Italy as arch sixers. That's a little bit different yup that's questions now circle at my yeah Howland has issued shoot we are the Brett. Bly. The cost benefit Ashton and you know. And all this the Sam Donald's to us people who believe in San doctor that the key might be the best quarterback. I mean the great Matt Waldman. You know he French east cognizant of all these issues we've talked what he shall think look there's more art than Cheadle and Sam are so he sort of still believes that. Even with the flaws and warts the red flags review or columnist or great quarterback not just a question of is he a great quarterback yet to go to get a more secret quarterback should artsy and all. Yeah John I mean I don't know what you. I am all our Allan that Allen had nine compared it to Arnold Q I I think kind of value chart maybe not. Exactly what those cans were hoping to move you know Connolly at an odd way but I tell you I feel a lot better in terms of what. It's high or Latin. It. While at home and oh million mark if you looked at it. This is home to another podcast right in the middle and is not yet. I did I yeah that would put the accident believe the odds are cock fully cognizant that Josh out has fallen to the age of thirty were not accepted it. Don't just have. Yeah series. You're. I would feel better about that to be honest I think that's best case scenario for me but again. You know he's not just an attorney did you drop hopefully you guys don't throw it away now. Yeah. And it's another podcast you might know Joseph tell the people of where they could find your work and or the. Yeah we've got a lot of content come through and right or are common all over and he beat out about common the best way to. Keep track ball that is is through my Twitter handle is at. The humor and. All right beautiful until next time we got to eat alkaline hears you to give us his Mike White hot scorching hot takes so love that. Will be our next episode of course you can check all of our episodes at. WG RI com podcast section hundreds I mean you're are so feel intercourse children you've been listening to courts.