02-26 Sabres general manager Jason Botterill on the Trade Deadline

Sabres Hockey
Monday, February 26th

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We don't take your coverage of sabres GM Jason bottle keeping center. Did you find the market for him was more difficult than you thought it would be and is that a reflection perhaps of other teams perceptions of personal issues he's gone through. His career. Well I think as you saw throughout the market today. It was a difficult market for for rentals I think the players. The younger players only accidentally cut a good report players with term so Decker reward. But it was a scenario where. You know we a lot of proxies is up there there's certainly a lot of interest. But I think you saw with the rental market for rental players it was a more difficult market in previous years. Look I think it is situation where. When you're looking to acquire a player. There's a lot of things are going to mayors certainly talked Justus on the personal level out of anger. I think they talked about this there are here in buffalo. The bottom line is is so I think it. The market dictates where you're going to be able to get up there and necessary where they're looking at a lot of different things on. What's but what's right for their clippers are situations. Jason don't know. When it comes to rentals. Some some people or question and making comparisons to. The Rangers picking dealing Rick Nash was also for boss and believing that they got a better. Return on that and asks the question is who speaks of confusion over. The first round conditional pick what yours is lose in this both picks what your your it is. And what approach that was conditional. To him to offender resigning with the sharks. Yet it's our first pick. In 2019. It. Will remain a first first pick between nineteen. If Evander resigns with sounds a sharks picture or the San Jose Sharks close on the cup. Yet the comparisons from. What the Rangers got a knack for fish and he was also players in the market she said there. Wherever bush goes through you know what you saying. That the market was. Was more difficult and McCain can you explain what yours look I think it's it's difficult to understand what teams are looking for for a specific need. Ticket they could go to market depth Boston coach Crennel that they were cooked for more right where there's there. You know it's despair when we start out the talks with team as we look back on past years on what players. And at that risky situation what they caught him. In the open market com and did those are where discusses again and the same thing where. Restricted to talking. Have dialogue with print which all teams bursts are in the playoff teams to sort of see what the best offered before. And ultimately we felt the best situation whisper to make do with San Jose. Jason was put out there you know what you would like to have received from man actor. Or was it accurate go the information that was without their number one and number two. Was it just always a conditional pick me could you never no matter whether we're talking three months ago Orton now get somebody off that word you know if that's well first. But this. What would you can you elaborate on what you felt was discussed what was it Leo I have hurt I think Tia sent it reported that you wanted to first you want the player you wanted. I can't exactly. But I just to note the information they've drawn up there you. And you know it's like you're asking for the moon and that was that. But it's a scenario where we've built. We respect what a better race as a player we think he's a prima player. Communist scenario where we talked about that if teams as a starting point for for discussions and then it gets a scenario where. Canvas in the market seen what the market is what are teams willing to pay. And ultimately. That's where it comes up. From a standpoint of over the last couple months. On where rat we certainly had a lot of pictures of what discussion. With different teams the bottom line is that we've had one legitimate offer forever and that's what we worked off of it with cells. You get Nickels and underscores why did you treasury signed. And and how are out that he handled this whole situation clearly so for awhile they got going lately with how to handle it for the last couple months. If it's safe from a production standpoint slump a little bit but directive been under a lot of credit I thought throughout its entire process play hard. That's being very difficult situation. Talking to immediately date talking about these questions on and I thought it happens all the treatment well and and excited about his opportunities San Jose. And hopefully allows them to. Get to the playoffs and go with it was only cups of we can keep the first round pick. But. You know it was a situation where. You know we we just felt. We that's good dialogue with a better agent over the over the previous couple months what security situation was out. On but the bottom line is as we felt wherever autism organization we had to make changes. And it works at that route and a couple of tropics we're sort of opening generation terrorist issues hearing now. But it's. As a result of where we are understandings. We have to reject Burris issue the group that we Everett now's not work. Kind of along those lines. In a broader sense. I am an expansion would wonder. How far away are you. How long is useful thing. Take it as a way to. Gauge that. Don't know specifically but we're used to meet you more. This organization it's a difficult situation. We can all. We almost out whoever you look at the status that we know where we are Anthony's a lot of improvement this organization across the board. And the beauty of our league right now it's a very competitive league but you can look at teams such as Colorado such features it can make it just quickly. But it's going to be important for us we have debt reactors to developer young players with an organization here we have to we have to keep it keep our players healthy. On that we do effort now right now every in every organization has trees you know it's not as an excuse it's gonna happen. But we have to have more internal competition. We have kept players aren't so roster could step in to situations when. Jack medical or the coaching goes down with entry. We have to work players that are rate from Rochester. So it's a scenario where I don't have an act on entry and you look for what it is. But this is the process that we go through right now and that's what net outlook Tuesday. In three years were going to be competitive it's important we go through process here so your hero or the team. Jason you mentioned that this was such a situation where a lot of improvement needs to happen and the market dictated that players would term. Seem to know the biggest turn what was what's the temptation to make a big splash with a player with term to get another trademark. No we shall has some discussion without. From but I think it's a scenario where it the trade sign and trade deadline day is so built up. On but it's not the only time to tax it make it justice your team that's good conversation and understand what the over is we're gonna continue to donate some of our younger players that we have on our team here. On I think our conversations set up well for the draft in the summer we're gonna Rupert him academy certainly make adjustments to our group. Jason just one thing to follow up but just on the specific but it the sharks listed that fourth rounder is 20/20. You guys do between what is that isn't when he nineteenth with grounder that it is 20194. Rounder. It would be content if it's a scenario where the sharks have that if they want to push it off the temperature often become author Robert. A and just in overall and we closer any other deals. To us or anyone else in our firmer the players yet. There's it was a lot of discussion with the other players. With other free agents but it was a snow were we to have the offers. For travelers with. We've we've made one move. Two questions and I'll start this with deep community organizations. Seem going to Rochester to buffalo. But it's still a report to Rochester right away on down is clear that. Obviously has a connection to some reporters and orientation than Boston University connection there where current president's skill level certainly is hockey sense. You know you look at flasher success yet America are quick we seek treatment which appears to. It's Sarah there with tried to bill brought to disrupt. A winning environment down there to certainly help appeared on the run. Were hopeful once he gets into organization placing games that he'll be in the mix for call. Second question for going back to. Kings game there's yet so it. The press box saying the war and stormed out your level of frustration is sees this worst scenario that you envision when you took over as you know. We take overs GM you're you're prepared for you know you always try to. Hope for the best of the you have to be prepared for all of the spirits and you know there's there's things that it's more we're not happy. Were not happy where we are partners this year. And there's things that we have to go vote to change. A different situation. In LA get. One of the biggest disappointments for me right now is our home record it's unacceptable. And I was looking at that game very close because if you remember that elegant that was gets game. How appropriate a skit game. Dow starts. So you're looking for response. You're looking for performance. And I understand where we are from the skill level sometimes and that's on management to prove personal. But from a compete standpoint. Preparation we have to get better as a position ourselves. And I liked some improvements that we've made you look at our power play. Especially and that's unfortunate that Jackson tree but I thought the power play Jarrett really took a step. On my look the last few weeks house Democrats play it I'd look at our road record it's equally competition these small things are great seen improvement. But we have to have a better group. Homeless. Jason you said a couple minutes ago the vendors of premium player. By the same time you made changes is if it strikes me as very. Bizarre that. To make changes on a bad team you get rid of one of the best players without attempting to sign. How much of that decision to not sign him came from ownership how much it came from you. Zero for. You made the decision solely to not. Move toward resigning myself. And the people that error my management group and it lever for us. It is us so we Jews say that it Vander was simply too negative influence. In the room to go forward with witches that narrative it's around the entire hockey world. I don't know what your response from people saying that. Its decision scenario where Dave Vander. To our situation with our effort and some of the rumors and stuff up there for. He counseled very well and interact with us but the bottom line is this where you were working this America world. You understand what we have on the books for some contracts that are still here. He also understand what contracts Communist the next starting next year. You also seem. But some yes and I'm not putting the blame all on a better case. I'm putting you know there's a lot of blame to go around court to step. Management players we have that answer situations the bottom one just mix that we have right now is not working. So we had to make adjustments and so. Yes Vatican was betrayed because very look at some aspect that was very helpful for our position. And throughout the summer here spring and summer will make more just over six. Did you send down Nelson Baptiste make him playoff eligible yes we don't they've both will be obviously back here. And now buffalo but all of them percent down. And it will be eligible for America the what's. To Jason where's the balance between getting rid of US phase that you have been and not make it move because there's people out there who would say why would you not deal these people for anything you have talks about some of these players and I guess. When you find that counts. It was scenario where we had a lot of talks with different. Teams about some of the players but the bottom line is offers out there for. Some of our for our free agents so there's a situation where we've made the decision. To scenario that there at the management team and look forward. The report to next couple weeks.