02-27 Executive Director of the Senior Bowl Phil Savage with Howard and Jeremy

Howard and Jeremy
Tuesday, February 27th

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About a place like awful low place that I hadn't been able to utilize Tyrod Taylor mobility Germany in the act. You're getting guys have been out alive or moving up its image up that platform. Buried them related Tyrod it well you're all getting I would much more willing to push the ball down the good news much more willing to risk. Obviously you know there's a double edged sword there but maybe you can immediately major offense more dynamic they have a better wrap all of it well you'll virtual. They have been selectmen DT scouting talent this last week some Lamar. Norris finish you interviews when it comes to draft coverage Democrat myself I forgot to I was wrong and Paul Stastny have been talking about the rentals. And not getting first round picks. Stastny I thought it turmoil he is a US face so he went to Winnipeg and there was a first round pick involved in that conditional but still the first round pick whether it's this year or next year to his condition attached but staffing did fetch. If for tropical heat. Center that we near trend right so he's a center. But OK so yep I really wanted to break it down rental wingers. Did not differ from pick other than Rick bench he's 32 Stastny is and he but the that they got out they got a one from Winnipeg. What was it it's. If it's a top three this year it becomes a one and 2019 if it's not a top three pick and they get when panics first round pick this year. We were talking about it and McCain 8030550. Will continue to take your calls on the trade of Cain. And the returned the Jason Butler got four Evander Kane and whatever else on your mind that's cool too. We are as I said talking a lot about the draft the com I'm going on this week ourself punch it was on his way to Indianapolis today to cover it. Were joined other day on the yet AT&T hotline. By Phil savage former NFL scout format they'll GM these days he's the executive director of the senior ball just got an up close and personal look. At some of the quarterbacks in this year's crop and he's with us right now Phyllis Howard Jimmy good morning thanks for coming all of us today. Good morning gentlemen hope you do well to weather stark break. Yeah except there. Just we've they have no snow Phil Egypt we declared winter over it hasn't snowed in weeks and it's gonna be 55 today so we're all good. Good deal yet if you say we won it I I've guerrilla comported talking about quarterbacks because you had. Some big names down there at the Senior Bowl report given to some specific guys with you. The overall group including the underclassmen who were not at the senior ball. As the as a former GM as the guy who scouted players reliving how would you classify the group of quarterbacks in the big picture this year. We'll go over the last armor when we began to put our watch list the other at least being able course. Our primary concern over rising seniors but. It was a prayer after being down with Manning passing academy and soon. If you're going to be the number of underclassmen like don't or won't. Doc Allen from Wyoming and obviously Josh slow and you know wait for. But mark Jackson's removal that would all in all of this draft class so. We are all going into the U it was going to be all a deeper Iowa. I would say that would break points level while offensive that is. Very good block. You won't comment on what moral social or squatters. Almost that the forces that round I think there will be some going to be some cost and I did. You know there's currently partners graph that ultimately my. One day I would say that's the point is that. Satan is normally most quarterbacks are going to see over hot over sole. Look there's a lot of talent in the that every single guy not want ought quote cold and so. It's going to be no you bought you know a lot about those. According approach well how great they are our. They're sort of beaten up. Mossad on grass I couldn't tell how great losses in the expenses and so. The remarkable for all we thought it was that it will discover and that we won't get them on the on the call. Okay when it comes to picking guys apart. Let me start or baker mayfield who had a nice week down there at the Senior Bowl but you know that the the deal on him everybody will bring up his his lack of height. How much of a concern would that be for you if you're heading up an NFL front office for an organization right now that is in dire need of a quarterback. I think a lot of it is on my offensive coordinator quarterback coach. Crowd and the bad. And credit could mean. Poker main quarters is a couple no one they'll let you know certain moral that absolutely is verifiable. True. We've got a bit of a proponent orbit that's what got ought to make that there's this successfully effect and they feel. The other party and the Bible I mean he's gotten in the player about it and this. I couldn't football when the moon or. Walking down note on the move. Edits on a production and Oklahoma. But who can bounce on over one. Because quarter where a number soon I don't know where recruit. Typical college spread offense that they're not a conflict here you know what it is though you. There's never felt so. I'm more we want all of I would say of those you know federal law known or known or admiral won't work. It's good quarterback but it's not winning color. And her a lot of Al lot of personal people like wolf we're within the plot was months old it was a political year ago. But the reality of it is it's not a accommodate. Your office or quarterback did little more over a long cruise because. You know you can the oil and chin but you gotta find needed the right environment works only include the war within. Okay same perspective. As a front office of value later. Let's go to Josh Allen who had a had a good week I mean had a a tough first happened came out look really good in the second half of the game. But again from your perspective you know everybody will talk about his completion percentage and his accuracy or. Maybe lack of accuracy how much of a concern is that for you. Well for Josh Allen I think there. It's your debt. You know all I could say hey we know what is there is that what we think we've become an eight and the cold or mark because. There's no doubt it's not so long came war on Tuesday's practice. Of course they outlawed here. And eat. Let them go all the way for me it was so I'm really not ounces the Nokia and other it's a home at all you know with a grounder. How I had wanted. You know a lot of the guys who is well. We'll often see who didn't go well. You don't own fault and probably four welcome. That is now all hands on I into the athletics. By the fact that they're growing on my mother worked with all these are. Monitors so that oil is because that some kind of new policy went into it was a on here. One moment if you put the body of those cool that he might very well when you're well. And in Brooklyn new equipment or both and the I look at Clinton on the very opposite. But weather condition they've always. It was in the same boat that will allow but he got the false Ballmer or these guys. All we know there is some concern about the outcome. We're with Phil savage executive director of the Senior Bowl here on our AT&T hotline. The the other guys that it you know if you want to death of this group and together for for the sake of time here Mason Rudolph who was that the Senior Bowl but unable to take part because of injury. Lamar Jackson Josh Rosen Sam Donald I read I think that you had said leasing to Arnold and rolls and at a Manning academy do you have any thoughts on that group before. Well you know excellent arm of the and other cold this is well equipped. In saint so well for their own. Yahoo! Google and there's always the US and over the last you for the offer. Or indirectly. Owns certain possibly calling out. So again the and some quotes from involved there. The man for his own golf when. There's proposals could move the corn ball and I. Or call the board by the time it's the end of the political I would not be dark quote from the report you're we're. In the group that there is some concern about the Oklahoma skirting the idea what was in those who walked a couple of bought. And you can get a dive into that data bases someone in the in tangible Lugar. Our organization. And workers. Our own side in the public. It one dollar and I think the people you know it will help you if they can. I've got to hold on let them make that determination on your own. And I as a as a work elsewhere and so on. But they Rudolph. Classic rock. Six. Almost say he's I'd like. Get you on screen is real good score Google bought in terms of mobility. I've but I take it you know I don't sort of from the first Clinton probably more effect all walks somebody. But he's definitely. With what mark actually probably the one I'll call them all the science and civil law in court. Two years ago and now lives in this past year there's no denying. That it would probably the fastest. Quarterback Evans that since Michael Vick. He's taller than there. And probably. It's there than on although not as accurate outfield is Michael you want police inadequately. You know certain round table with limited and group size ability and the other you say no we don't currently have enough time. That really invested work with them behind me with a clear win now. Phil what should put yourself a bread and beans shoes right now OK you're you're looking for a quarterback he's talked about trying to find a franchise quarterback. We've talked about the guys that are real police to the top portion of the draft. You've got 2122. You have two picks in round two. You have teams ahead of you in the draft that are also going to be in the market for quarterbacks pending what happens in free agency. What kind of a challenge do you think it is for Brandon being if he needs to package and move up how high should he have to get up what kind of a challenge would it be. To move up and get a guy the identifies. The got a lot in this draft class. Whether certain number of Auburn you know outlook for themselves and certainly. You're involved in didn't you call and we'll do that well it's a sudden he that are out there and there are everywhere. Garnett who parallel. With Coke personnel department worker on the current. Quote current oracle old. We're evaluating your mountain. We have all the power out themselves in the last more and more conference's draft class small. What are those who co Mueller was moral gorilla ought. But in comparison between what a tightwad or live furcal singled him home or on my order north though it was a could cause or. Kate why have our current date that are out there are new Mason Rudolph could probably yeah. Get all on one more or wants to go to. Well quarterback it slightly more. O'Connell on murder was her. Over the quick when that he worked our our game in my feet both the they couldn't say he isn't it you know aren't going yeah. It appeared that are in order or you use it. Nobody could and there have been more I think he hurt his back separated when he went Goer I thought I Iraq. Well I think got a equipment the court ordered them over with OK he. Patent that we have to make an example Juan is. Or already are I approach. It. As a group. The color like Taylor and don't who has not left or coworker. I don't think fill that everybody is an Indy for the combo line from a team perspective. What are what are the most important things you took. Out of the com buy new is is it interviews as it is live meeting these guys face to face especially when it comes to quarterbacks and trying to figure out. How these guys Altec. What are our I don't know the article ran because. For birdie you have that kind of the world and I. Think we're trying to. Does this stop on a former I won't trigger some. Situation. Going on workers aren't golfing great group whether that's almost. Our IP you know people particularly important. But we aren't required its music to whether it's little or technical court the court for talent. It's her own cup and Paul Kirk neither could group. Part of being here with the color purple and open up or all the a prospect if you look all that big brown label. Oh evaluated. And if so there are obviously you know on big fat old. Now that you could lower oil and I. So you know for me here. Quote but you won't work or they couldn't political brain the in his corner personnel there and the Coke. Earlier perhaps because the harder and it clear signal at all clear almost. Who was already gone in the last month in the corner. Few years color integrated in color or good for me it's critical. If you're with the union. Admiral McConnell really evaluate defining hour. More talk over brought back. Bill thanks thanks for giving us some time thanks for giving us the insight on the quarterbacks in this year's draft as well. OK I got a pretty cool and I guess all I can say a bit lower beyond the quarterback will take rape he got to look. Her vehicle wondering growth in the air or a little milk. Where the children who he predicted in getting. We'll have record programs are being you know that in the movie and see where that might go and then ultimately you have a lot clearer picture won't. Critical become looser. Okay one quick question then yeah you you may be a come up with another question. I'm gonna assume they're not gonna give up a Brinks truck for Kirk cousins is their guy beyond cousins that you love and free agency. He I don't know that I was able I would ever be warm up and I think that the court and the walker our notebook. Although there may seek to quote there from the ban on our lives sailor they've got to make some of those incidents. Ironic Taylor a school or more peace could. Burton beat other quarterback but perhaps we're beyond her cause the could mean that the determination and they have to make it as a backdrop is poor or the fact that he's there and garnering all the building. In the form of the vehicle that they think they can attack and her. My thanks again Phil appreciate your time today. Medical savage former GM in the NFL longtime scouting director with the ravens now the executive director of the Senior Bowl.