03-04 Sports Talk Sunday with Brayton Wilson HR 2

Nate Geary
Sunday, March 4th

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Are expecting a per hour still sports not sunny here on WGR Sports Radio 550 break we'll sit with you here this morning is Jody the Osce is away this week he will be back with us. Next Sunday here on WGR. 8030551. Triple 8550 to 550 are the numbers if you wish to join us. This morning dare Kramer's running things on the board press' Mike it's Mike's in Florida this week. Yet church. And help. Oh at how this gets to skip by he gets to skip all the snow that we just got it up by the way how was getting stuck in the hinterland I'll tell us the first time I got to CU since Thursday. How I describe that so a lot of snow I was probably very start so here's so here's what kind of happened with me on a Thursday going into Friday Thursday. Of course Donna Donna spring mill it started snowing. At around let's say 5 o'clock it started to pick up pretty quick. I got Coleman around 7:38 o'clock from my job. And I ate shoveled off of our little front pattern forever doorway there's about 45 inches of snow on the ground I was just like I tell you don't this is that this continues this way. Shouldn't be all that and right. He had no my wife was with my parents up in buffalo. That night and she calls me around court attendants use a slate K were heading back spring gore right now souls he soon. All right sounds good. Turns out they get home at around. Quarter to midnight. I hear my life open the door she walks in and she said you're not going to work like what are you meet. It just took it she's like it just took us two hours to get from ball below. Says Springdale because the 219 was close we had to get off go around and go up and back in down all through backwoods country. To get home. And I said well. It probably won't be dad and I think it's horrible and the drive from spring go back to my house right live wasn't exactly pretty but I thought you know. Also get out they'll be just fine. I'll be okay to get out. Says that art well I'll get up at 330 like it normally do Seattle roads are see what's going on outside that'll make my decision from there. Let's Jake got up at 330 and it looked outside. There was a two and a half foot snow drift in our front door. I was like OK that's that good a look out and our cars were buried under about a three foot drift and house like. I don't think meeting out they'll and I both the Doug driveway and I was just like yet. I we didn't get ploughed out yet and I just was like no there's no way and getting out. The road that I live on wasn't implode so I was even to try to get out of my drive I think and make it halfway out in and get stock in it would've been worth even the effort. I would've beaten you here here and if you would attempted to me I I knelt do you deathly would've. While dummy over here thought. Oh hey it's not doing too Backus here in our hammer studios. There was no snow until around like. Needy ego clocked me BE thirty started coming down league very lightly. Ground is still warm you know it's not even 32 degrees and they knew myself well this isn't so bad and not thinking about the fact that. You live in spring bill and that's going to be the end of it. Now so I go up that night and then that text that's sent to you that says call me at 4 o'clock regardless of your decision while I looked pretty stupid. Yak it was certainly I think it was certainly a day where the snow fell little heavier than everybody expected I mean it's it was heavy snow yet another shot. Nice job by the record breaking power. Not yes yes when a storm Howard certainly took its stole. I mean I went outside to shovel it afterwards like early it later on the day when it may be settled a little bit more. And I'll play what it took me over half hour just to get the chance the shot myself out get a path to my car. It's like image for writing get it out of the driveway and I ended up to a nap but still. It certainly was not a snow that. I think anybody expected the little heavier than. I certainly thought it was going to be and which is lucky I got out of just lucky I was able to make it to work later on in the nighttime at my other job on Friday itself. Yeah that was great day great day there is a great day Friday I was able to to kind of being a little bit and catch up on some team with rounds actually and sell. I'm Mike integration back in two with the normal realm of society is is finally taking place where. I've pretty much caught up on Star Wars. I'm so Prada U I I got the chance to watch new hope thanks to you Z I let you let me borrow your your dvd there are still have to get to roll one and then the eighth one. Blaster and I. And with the game throws were on the final episode of season seven so then we're pretty much caught up there were just waiting for season eight got to think next year at the pictured January forever something like that so. I'm kinda like Jeremy ware he's got to wait for west world it's like gotta wait another year for west world there for me I gotta wait another year for game of drones. Come on and and armies of the game thrown out presidency well welcome to modern suicide yes it's it's great to be back in modern society but you know. As Harwood stayed. You guys have electricity down in the hinterlands. So yes I'm I'm all caught up I was able to catch up thanks to its in my inability to get here on Friday but. Seemed like everything went well on Friday itself are good morning EO 30551. Tripoli by fifty to 550 cell. Right before the break. We we played a sound from baker mayfield and baker mayfield. I love his his confidence that he has going into the come by enemy right and his first press conference there. He said something to with the similarity of you know. You've got three years of footage on me you know what else laughed approved so he's he's set to come by he's just going through stop. Going through everything and in the needs to do a meet he was even going to the Senior Bowl which one of Thais don't necessarily do especially if your top quarterback in the draft to meet some guys say. Why do I feel the need to go to the senior will he went to the Senior Bowl he put on a good show during the work outs. In the game he played limited action but he didn't really need to play all that much. He goes that come by yesterday he throws he does all the work outs he he worked out well. And in the throwing drills he looked really good. He's making the throws he a couple of times he got a couple throws that got a little bit away from him but even then. He still was hit throwing darts he's he's just got such a good army just zips them in there he doesn't flawed a lot of balls. He's an electrifying player and for good reason there's reason why he won the Heisman Trophy there's a reason why he got all the notoriety that he did. There's a reason he's probably going to be top ten pick in the NFL draft this year. I don't know hollowed teams see him falling out how people see him falling out look for other top tent. Out of date seem falling on the top five. I mean. If nothing changes in that top five order. The Broncos are five. The browns are one in four. And then after that is the jets six. And there's a handful teams they. Could still draft them but and I wouldn't see it. Eddie got me thinking. Eight really got me thinking yesterday especially watching guys like rose and watching guys like mayfield throw the ball extremely well and it just watching their and their film from the year watching some highlights in getting the chance. To really kind of get. The final evaluation and with the the interest that teams have got around leap from the bills potentially moving up a mean it was Benjamin Albright who. For support the bills are are looking to trade up into the top ten presumably to take the top quarterback. With that I just watching that and having that thought the back in my mind I thought okay. If the bills really want to get their quarter wreck did probably need to trade into the top five to get their top guy. This could be the year to have that word need in a sentence where it's like trading into the top five to get a quarterback. It's really sold on one of these guys you need to get into the top five you need to trade. And that's kind of where I wanted to take the direction of this next this next point is. Do you want to trade into the top ten top five to get that quarterback pours a morbid need free. And for me lately. I mean watching rose in watching mayfield. Produce a way to do it. I just keep thinking man if if a tree is there you need to make that move. You need to get out to get into the top five you need to take quarterback like Rosen like mayfield. Those guys are available and you have that option to go up there make the trade. Just. Sanded and make the call. Tell people hate. We're moving up working at our guy we want to get the guy that we want and more make him over Golan. I just I just like we'll both of those guys bring to the table date they should. Go whopping get. One of those guys. And I know some people are still high on Tyrod Taylor some people want Tyrod Taylor to stick around mean he's the guy that broke the plane after he's the quarterback that helped lead the bills hoops to break in the drought. A lot of people that are just like you know I'd rather stick what tyra I want Tyrod to stay. You don't need to trade up to get it dial Tyrod sit and you know what I have the reins for another year let Peter and sit behind them. Why not but I'm just again it's sort of the same thing with like. Lamar Jackson for me with Tyrod Taylor I'm not comparing it to because I think Lamar Jackson is a better quarterback in Tyrod Taylor but. Tyrod does not have the consistency to be a standout quarterback. Day in day out gaming game out he doesn't have that consistency. Lamar Jackson. He could put up some consistency it actually makes some good throws and is a great all around athlete Tyrod Taylor is a good athlete. But I seen. Less. Consistency from Tyrod that I do with the Marchex. So don't throw that out there is if the bills. Our eight a spot where they can trade up to get into the top five and taken rose in army field. Do you want them to. Al take a little further do they need to go up and get eight top. Quarterback like mayfield or rose at Eagles real fight 51 Tripoli by 52 by fifty let's go up the full line to its code to. I define my mouse here. Mom elsewhere are you there we go go to mark in Jersey City market morning you're on WGR. Paper or it's mark. Pretty you're pretty you're. You'll do they need to they need to control over a decade. It or Opel that I've not heard in the question book. You know what happened with the older certain pass by you can although that that great old or class that's stupid to be all the way it. Pittsburg and then the quarterbacks in the giants might take one but I don't think they will so reverse. Guide. And they're gonna get more. Because those things are attracting after the bill. And this is what happens right one of that they always want a little bit but not that high of what hang on to sit and not what happened years go by users aren't that decades. And there's still no quarterback. All of a couple of things I didn't get to help their when the screen in each. People that wanna give out on a path for not having believers Kurds recruit talent around him who who the Carson went quote. I ever. Don't remember that too well that the young people wanna condemn. I thought perhaps and good talent votes two. Last I heard quarterbacks and receivers better. Not the other way around right it's stupid tango on the Mark Jackson as disappointed as I want and people know we weren't able to startle. All I was I was disappointed I didn't see Jackson won or only make no mistake that's gonna be part of his game. And he did he chose not on and Arnold now with all the men its it could be just what we're talking about he woke you. How competent sound bottle on the kind of just. What was shall somewhat that piece you just you know that well but it is just about it very it didn't sound which along. Cattle cattle like Tom Brady when he's just like our shots you know I'm just so great to have. You know wonderful teammates. All that. All I'd poll opposite would probably not confirmed that they're right right. Your what like you were saying before Oregon Portland peace deal. Those two tickets for those to go or they I don't care what your weapon the whole one particular treat you right. Right exactly oh hole from out of it now that people are wondering are you about this. Unacceptable go get the quarterback let's watch some joy at all I want to thank our yet. Yeah mark apps Lee thanks again for call and always a pleasure talking with the yeah I mean again just. Knowing what the bills that had for years and in the past history with guys I mean if if the bills get the chance and they have that. Partner when that they say all right. It's the Broncos that Broncos say okay. We got Kirk cousins. We got the top we got the fifth pick we don't need a quarterback right now but. We could certainly make something work let's say they want to make a trade. I mean obviously if the bills. It's probably get a take king's ransom but I am almost at the point right now where. Do you need a quarterback you need to get the guy he need to get your quarterback for the future for years you can rely on. If the bills really feel Josh Rosen is the answer or bakery field is the answer go shopping get up don't hesitate don't wait. Don't second guess yourself just go up and get your god. I'm really sickening and I don't talk more about this I'm I'm. I'm pretty sold a goal and upping getting but the top quarterback and mark makes a good point we've been waiting for this. And I mean attacks are brought it up the bills look the last time that they had a chance with rivers Manning and Roethlisberger they settled for JP and you know. We know what happens we JP. Trade up and take the guy that you want and and that's kinda were on that right now again Tyrod Taylor people love him because. He's he's an athlete he's a really good quarterback and a lot of people say well he doesn't get a chance people don't give them a chance they they don't give him that benefit of the doubt. With the lack of weapons that he has and all that we know the list we have a list of of excuses for why people like Tyrod Taylor. It's been that way for the past three years that he's been our quarterback. But at the same time. That consistent he has never really gotten any better from Tyrod Taylor that per share was like I opening where it's like okay. Maybe Tyrod Taylor something but then the past two years we deathly CNET okay Tyrod Taylor has some shortcomings and you know is he going to be that core read the future. Probably not he could develop into what he hasn't done anything more to show that he can develop into being a franchise quarterback for this team. I'm told the on board with the fact that hate. You haven't had a chance to draft a top quarterbacks since Jim Kelly region Khaled was probably the last guy who. And obviously he developed into being a hall of fame quarterback but. Jim Kelly was made the last or read the bills drafted who actually had some notoriety going into the draft and years later in that first round yes exactly. Which at JP lost and was a guy who was kind of it cut a crapshoot but a lot of people said he could be a first from quarterback. Policy. EJ Manuel had no business being taken in the first round of the draft it's trying to beat the other quarterbacks that bills took the first round I don't think that I don't think anybody else has spent. They are very extensive history Null but I mean even that they've taken some second round guys had taken its third round guys but stressed I mean. You'll get this chance every once in while a special with a quarterback class that is here this year I don't some people consider it well you can maybe wait and get somebody else. I don't care if they really like rose if they like mayfield and they have the chance to trade up to get one of those guys you need to make that the you need to make that the go to Gary here on WGR Gary good morning. And the more morning. All of them are good RR Taylor though he did what he is nice guys but did not vote for the result is. What year you know. We need. From Aruba. The quarterback. Here if we don't hear what the future. We have to agree with you make the world in whatever they. I'm over that or. Thanks Gary appreciate the call yeah I mean. I've got the chance look at pictures draft class I don't dole will careers the one name that sticks out will hurt out West Virginia right yup yup he was a Florida transfer are focused and in the lays in yeah stage of the season yes so that's in retreat he needs you however he does. Coming off a broken it yet this is the year for me this is this past that yet if you're gonna get a top guy. I mean if you're waiting at 2120 to maybe the best you're gonna do is Jackson Rudolph. Josh Ellis probably gonna go in that. Probably I don't know eight to fifteen arranged I don't think the browns are taking Allen number one I know some people have Alan first overall to the browns. I don't think that's happened. Also draft nerd in me ranked in the north right Philly okay the other name apparent. Yet it did. OK because I don't doubt with them I thought was gonna be a guy but he must of state he must decide it's in a figure or parent. Okay yet as those guys Finley that I that I watched a little bit this year I got the chance to catch gamer to of his. Seems like a decent guy didn't really do much to stand out the games and watched him but there's potential there. Very clean very clean yes I will say that he deftly looks like the clean pocket passer guy that can throw the ball real nicely just. Very mechanically and here's and here's a phrase nobody likes to hear taxable property while. Yeah I know with everything happening here but I mean. This this past to be the year I mean what are you gonna get a better chance maybe that sure there's another got it stands now but. If the team that is down at the bottom wants state quarterback. I mean. They're gonna take a they're gonna take a quarterback I mean there and again as mark said there are bunch of teams out there that need quarterbacks probably for the future. Ravens are a team that has been speculated to maybe be interested in taking the quarterback in the first round. Maybe that's just a smokescreen maybe that's truth I don't know. The it's Joseph Flacco certainly has been the quarterback that I think that they've wanted him to be. That's inspect and not since the contract not since the Super Bowl I mean blight. I mean. Flacco is a guy that. May be on his way out the Steelers might want another option behind Ben Roethlisberger for a few years because bank big Ben's probably gonna retire soon jaguars saints chant are only as well jaguars probably not just because they just did reapply portals what is it could take a look at it they could take a look at the options. It's a team friendly it is very scenic friendly they can get out of Beasley Connor Rogers which reports you is on with a Bulldog earlier this. Fantastic interview touched on demand and major part that you know come you know somebody and he said about the score necklace is deep. And these words really resonated with me he said there are at least three guys. That he feels will maximize their potential and really be the signal callers that we suspect that you know that franchise changing type. And as many as five can beat it. So it's not just a deep class it could be spectacular. And those words really stopped the music if you got a guy get ya especially. Could trade up. Again I I keep thinking the bronco the Broncos or even the jets are going to be heavily united Kirk cousins I swear Minnesota if you mix in the headway with him. All I'm gonna hope I'm never gonna know Minnesota's here sir Evelyn de icing because they just went to the NFC championship game. But again the Broncos. Have a altogether except for the quarterback right now maybe their running game is not as great as maybe it was a couple of years ago CJ Anderson. We stood at I mean we all thought we Newell was with him but turns out Knoll. But again. It's just never know I still think the Broncos are going to be heavy fever recruit for Kirk cousins I think it comes down to the Broncos the jets and the vikings and he goes your three teams are Kirk cousins of the net. I'd I'd certainly don't want no part of Kirk cousins not that I don't think is good quarterback I just think that the salary cap hit that he's getting that he's going to get. He's just gonna beat. Which is gonna stricken the bills it's gonna be a cap stricken thing for the bills in I don't want any part of that so. Are if you're on hold hang on there will get your calls we get back in 030551. Tripoli by 52 by 54 sauce on it carries long next here on WGR. When you are becoming any good GM wants to you know she she would you feel phone calls from owners so from his peers so why wouldn't ours who outsmarted us regular guys distributor called see what's up. That's Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey. He holds the first and fourth overall pick in this year is NFL draft well we don't call. Hit job that will with the first pick I think obviously he's gonna stick it meter stick with it and probably take a quarterback Sam problem I'm guessing. And then with the fourth pick things could get interesting I mean he can keep intake sick on Barkley p.s available at the giants don't get hammered even the colts don't get him. There's there's a lot of options the browns could have they certainly need to retool on offense their defense was surprisingly good last year even nine bass player fallible. Might be me to Fitzpatrick ran out job if Barkley is not there to jail yet you just take it out point. Or you can traded away Sonny got mad at me because like I said it was probably gonna cost a king's ransom to trade up from 12122 into the top five. They're just like wallets probably get a caution out of that it's going to caution it's gonna cost you probably bowl this year plus one next year plus your second row earners you know if double. You know what I'm gonna dig into the the big jumps the one that might stick right now mostly in my head. It was to draft the wide receiver but Atlanta trading with Cleveland in the top and Julio Jones bright might be the most compatible we can get right now on the tech. I mean I certainly think the bills are gonna have to give up it's obviously bowl picks 2122. It's probably next year's first rounder. And when it comes to the second round picks or whatever else you got to move. The second round picks is probably going to be one this year one next year maybe you just never now. You never know what. Teams value with their trades mean for instance the bills gave up a lot to trade up to get Sammy Watkins from nine to four. That's certainly was too much. And then that again. The data gets some teams. Might not value it that much they might not value for a whole. We certainly to trade down from like 45 to 21 and 22 would it would probably take a lot. Here probably give it up next year's first round you're certainly given up both first rounder this year they have. And I would doubt given up more than just that second rounder maybe even third robbers I don't know. May sack area like our Ricky Williams sort of idea for trade were you trade the entire draft class to go move up in the draft tick one player. Certainly not to be anything like that but. The price to get up there will be costly. Feels real fight 51 Tripoli by fifty to 550 couple people on the tax line saying that Barkley is is that while Barkley is. Hall of fame talent the browns would be dumb to let him slip and number four. He had a good come I'd put up really good numbers and that the four yard dash he was a freak of nature in the bench press. So while Barkley certainly. Is. Is he comes as advertised. By the way here is a package. Hears that package from that treaty rate to lay on me are right itself. In order to move up to six overall pick Atlantic gave Cleveland five total draft picks. Number 27 that's where they had to leave from that round in 2011. They'll see you at first round pick in 2012. They also gave up. Second and fourth Olympics in 2001 and and the fourth round pick in 2012. Had to yank him yet he'll give me that deal I don't even care you throw on another piece in there. I am just to get fully on board and that was to go from 27. To six that's a bigger jump than the bills have to make yet the top five yeah I mean I'm hold only a totally up for what ever takes at this point. I know it's probably gonna be a lot like. You might even be able instead of saying next year's first round pick maybe say 2122. Dubious second or fourth. Let's make this deal happen. I think whoever is gonna be target might dictate something different markets are wide. There's a blueprint. Referred getting from the twenties to your top tests certainly adding that's a blueprint and I think you need to early so probably a little bit more acceptable blue print media are you in those fourth picks are probably get a for the bill's attorney to like. Third pace or. The second pick in next year's third after that house. He's we don't know yet exactly cushion you know. Are you on board with trading up to you wouldn't meet the bills to trade up I mean I think that's that's something that. You know you certainly want the bills to trade up but now do you need the bills the trade up especially if you get the chance to get the chance to trade. A guy like. You know a trip to get a guy like Josh Rosen or baker may feel eagle real fight 51 Tripoli by fifty to 550. Some following along with a lot of things that's going on Twitter right now. We got a tweet deck open up here and vida de. Due to big. Big dude. Did bad just a pull up Haiti's. His side is real quick he's six foot five I think it was 3113. Awaits something like that. He 511. At the forty yard dash that's in which is incredibly impressive for a big guy needs Iran pain though is. Pretty big to Eddie eagle like 62 buddies 308 and he ran a 491 unofficially the last I saw. Those numbers are credible. Peter bay also mean he's done for the day apparently according to Kimberly Jones radical network he's done with a hamstring. Arnold that's a huge concern or whatnot might be related might be. The veto today. Did 41 wraps on the bench press 20. Do X Ers and bolts of 42. The debate is a monster. As it. And a lot of people are saying his name and linking him to the bills the minute that used the meant that buffalo traded marshaled ours soy death the minute that happened mock drafters like. Debated bills the evaded bills and some people leave and has still have you are can donate at that point he's not make it the bill hang onto the 22 pick. And the east when he want to trade out there hanging out at Tony to being there half. Yet now I need to run paint maybe is a chance to fall in there but. Mean even that for Toronto in a row for 91. That's really impressive something that was sticking out their John ledger. Everyone's friend and ET scouting are gonna love that I'm not here he's been on every show on GR. John Legend said he's not your typical Alabama big dude defensive lineman not like a Marcel Darius he's not a model ours is not. These typical. State popped Alabama defensive lineman he is an explosive guy. Yeah. There's some good defense of tackles in the straps are you Maurice Hurst. That's gonna hurt just because of the heart condition and it's not our own hole. Bad that is first concern obviously is indeed hope he's OK yes and that he is able to play footballs are sagging off certainly some teams do get a first round town date to ya. 'cause I'm sure that if he's cleared and the play. She's gonna be some some teams that pass up on him and that's just part of I don't know I don't know he's he's certainly was a good talent. 8030551. Tripoli by fifty to 550 do you need the bills to trade up. It's it's a if you want them to do you need them to. I know some tea of some people have said no I don't want them to trade up to stick with what you got there's other holes the fell. I mean at this point man and the way that rose and mayfield has. Not only all season perform but the way that I'm hearing them talk in the way that they present themselves in the way that they throw at the come by yesterday. Sign me up sign me up for trade up I know it's gonna take a lot to trade up to get but the franchise quarterback for 1015 years. I know some people said well you know your comparing trading up for wide receiver to training up for a quarter wrecked it's if I understand that. But jones' free jets wide receiver. What you trait we're trading up forward doesn't necessarily matter because it's the picks in the distance that you have to go to do it yeah you have to convince a team hate. We wanna get up here. And you'll be picking all the way down in the twenty right and you get two picks in the in the first round to even if it's 2122 it's still too addicts know it's. It's too roster players what you're picking does not matter here right. What does matter is the market dictating how many teams are willing to try to trade up and how far you have to trade up for the app I mean I still think. I still think if the bills get that opportunity to trade up. Random beating Nathalie to I think he's going to do it but I really I try to need him to do that. I need a franchise quarterback we need a franchise quarterback analysts in a brand of being talked the other day from the com by when he was on what Howard Jeremy in the morning. Hear what he had to say hearing the way he was talking about some of the quarterbacks and who was planning on talking to and what they're looking for. It just seems like to me that that Rosetta mayfield have the make up. To be what the bills want a franchise quarterback in what the bills are looking for for the future of this organization. Josh Roseanne in bakery field are the two quarter Rex to meet. That stand out the most in being leaders in in. Having that character and having that quote unquote DNA. To fit as the franchise quarterback. In buffalo. What brand him being was talking about the other day with harbinger. Of course. It still is how I'm and it I'm a throw this out there it's still a process they're still the process of evaluating. Who's out there but to me I think brain ambient Sean McDermott ball realize. That sure Tyrod Taylor was adequate and he did everything he could that they asked them to. And they still got the playoff slasher which was remarkable which is a blessing because then. Just imagine if we're going in this year and we just missed out on the playoffs run Yuri eighteen at the drop. They'll be tough to swallow especially with the way that the season was going to lash hearing in you know you bench Tyrod Taylor pretty computer an appearance throws five interceptions in the one game. There's some other teams that you know Hayden will put us wonder New Orleans seeker even early on with the Panthers sacking more it was 93 had multiple chances to win in. And yet stinker. The jets stinker true very true I mean there's just. There was so much last year that could event. But in the end. The bills make the playoffs and the drought and now the bills have 2122. They're looking to trade up I think this is the year that if you want to give up a king's ransom to golden gate your franchise quarterback in those god you believe and there are some names out there that are certainly intriguing. Even if it's dark it like let's say the brown state Rosen number one and then you can trade up and has topped by the end choice of startled hander. Mayfield. Man I mean if one of those guys are they air and you draft them do. It you can trade up to get them you do it. 'cause. Up against Tyrod and his mean he's a good dude Tyrod a good dude and he certainly can play quarterback. But he's not the consisting quarterbacking need for franchise quarterback he's not a guy that you could rely on for the next ten to fifteen years. Go out there Q your franchise quarterback the guy that's going to be here who's gonna be a staple of this team for years to come. You get the chance to trade up. In the draft and go get your guy and have them here for ten years fifteen years and he is the one. I'm a mean looking back here. Do you just say art that was worth it. I think I need it yes. Obviously there's the risk though it's just like well you know you never know what happens if they. If Josh Rosen you know he gets cleared but he ends up getting more concussions that he gets injured again and that's and he ends up being a guy that never really pans out. Well let's say baker mayfield yet he's he's a guy that was really good in college but can never transition to the NFL game. Certainly there's a risk with any quarterback the day I mean. There's. I mean there hasn't really been an insurer. Fly year. Prospects and Roger air and assure part all know once slid to its more like this into the twenties and still is a one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Andrew Luck might have been the last one where it was just like aria. This guy is a no brainer no doubt he's going to BA franchise quarterback he's going to be the real deal and even then Indies ruined his career right so far right he's just got to stay healthy if he stays healthy I think. I'll talk about the fact that rank bricks and Britain all around him right right right greets him was terrible yen that that's true. But really with with lock. And he he's the last guy he's the last guy that is that sure fire think none of these guys this year are sure fire things. First say but I'd say it Rosen Rosen might be the closest thing but even then. And this quarterback class that the detail of that they have is just so enticing. We're late we got to come back we'll wrap things up we come back DB cannons coming up with fast tracked after this you're listening to WGR. I won last segment here on sports talk Sunday on WGR break Wilson here with you DP can't will be coming up with a WGR's fast track coming up next. Saw and Jody VS will be back next week after. Sitting out this week he'll be back and we will continue on next week with more sabres bills whoever's going on in the world of sports coming up. Next week were here were alive nine to eleven every Sunday break here on WGR. So we don't 30551 truly fight if the to fight fifty. Let's not let's grab a nick here will quick Vic your on WGR you've got about thirty seconds go ahead. I got my job I thought that rock with trading don't want to get. They shack outback and I don't know where they're out there and I also stroll court glad an anti Iraq categorically it would Celek they haven't got. A quarterback to go our way that you don't I'm addict that's a good trip to a suspect aren't aren't they go out there. Deb thanks nick I appreciate that yeah I mean. A trade with the Tyrod Taylor and with courting Glenn and it I mean according Glenn might hasn't really I'm not short tyrant news barely on the market is at this point I mean certainly the bills it seems like they're studying the report was is that the bills were set on. Keeping Taylor and I think it was you know wrapped for the reported that they were set on keeping him giving him the bonus and and making a decision after that. I mean. Yeah sure I mean I general public keep them around. It's just it all depends. All pens I mean maybe I'm OK with if the bills draft a quarterback right away and you wanted to sit behind a guy you keep Taylor and let him sit behind and just work. But then again at the same time if you're getting a guy and you feel he's ready to golden what do you need Taylor for. The experience. I don't know. Just did it's very odd to me but nick thank you for the call thanks everybody for top upper Chiming in this morning we're back again next week. Jody yes you'll also be back next week and we'll have another edition of sports sock the Sunday coming up every Sunday nine to eleven. Dave Buchanan with WGR stash track coming your way next. He's got Nate Ryan on and he's also got. Michael printout from the Watkins Glen he's the president of Watkins Glen that'll be coming up next on W just bash tracked right here on to our WGR.