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Howard and Jeremy
Monday, March 12th

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I think he's probably looking toward one or two year deal to prove himself and wipe himself up pouring another big payday are you are still think it's gonna be around 151617. Million dollars either but for quarterback that's that's what you pay for. You know I think that Teddy Bridgewater and you can specialists that we think about buffalo lives and that possibility there how he can come in and get a real chance to prove himself and have an option to actually move on from Tyrod Taylor went good good about it I think that that marriage makes a lot of sense for me. John Marino from San wrecks we're talking about Teddy Bridgewater one of the guys. In the if we think in the free agent market we're gonna talk a little bit more about free agent possibilities with the contact period opening up today the signing period on Wednesday. Let's get right to the AT&T hotline few gates from ESPN is standing by feel that Howard and Jeremy here in buffalo good morning thanks for coming all of us today. Good morning guys that are you happy create your week day before free agency we gotta gotta get your thoughts on on happy bill's trade Tyrod Taylor. Going to Cleveland Friday and the 65 overall pick in the draft coming back here to the bills. Feel let's start there let's let's get your thoughts on the trade did the the bills made with the browns. You know I would stated I want to start by praising Reagan beat bill general manager because I think there was that long standing. Dealing with in the NFL that Tyrod Taylor was. Not going to be on the bills' roster by the under is six million dollar roster bonus was cute now. We understood there was growing sentiment that perhaps he would actually stay on the roster the team. Was amenable to keeping keeping them on the roster and that they actually parting ways after paying that six million dollar roster bonus but. But the buildup able to do is. Acquire a guy people trapped. Pop the third round while also not committing long term the Tyrod Taylor which clearly that he was reticent to do. Some might argue that teams should help on the that Tyrod Taylor I think it was I mean abundantly clear how. This current build administration felt about Tyrod at the long term picture will rack so to meet a Smart deal and now the bills are as. I think equipped to make you move up the draft board if they so desire it's eighteen in the NFL right now they are all the draft capital they have. OK so how hard or easy would it be for Brandon being to move higher up like get into the top five. That part will be very difficult and that but but it's not that it means that not feasible. So you know I think we saw last year what he. You know comparable price to move up. Fifteenth spot was which 25 and the chiefs obviously shipped a first round pick and seventeen ball the first round pick. In 2018 to buffalo guys well know. The Buffalo Bills that you first round pick up a bunch of extra draft capital as well. That is from a variety of trade. It could be expected what if they wanted to move up to let me pick your worry it might take. Open their first round picks plots a background electric third round pick maybe even more than that it's going to be really expect. But did they always say and I think it's worth repeating today. There's no price too expensive to pay it each player that you are acquiring any and music franchise quarterback. It's just the way it worked in the NFL or so are fine they're beating when you have won it. You see their album recently whether it ballet ramp Philadelphia Eagles. Whenever you have one you'd just bought them and you'd think early your front office requiring immigrants in the back. I'm free agency wanted to talk about that because the bills. Were as much as we talk about the draft free agency comes first now the bills have Nathan Peterman on their roster and that's it. What none of us here are thinking the bills are going to get in on the cousins derby you're that he might even wanna sign here so after that. And field operate here as if you're going to get a quarterback in the first round somehow after Brandon being. So taking that into account as well what kind of options do you think the bills could be looking at in terms of a stopgap slash mentor free agent quarterback. Yeah I think it's really don't want a horse directing team that type of quarterback this year like I wonder like today. Me I don't think in and people that I've spoken to run in a populist they're wearing like I don't think it makes sense. Builder and a good band aid on the quarterback spot on signing. Our name out there stamp rat right because. What was the line to pick up I'll never forget. Is it. But he was maybe a comic I comic Dermot had a plaster like night and that and not the goal weren't likely to just make the playoff spot long. Great short term it was a magical run last year to eliminate a drought. I don't think you wanna get stuck where young quarterback it's just could not get to play out not good enough GQ further and further than that. And if you are unwilling to pay 31 point Tyrod Taylor sixteen million bucks this year like I can't imagine. You could do a deal first with him wrapper for less than like ten or twelve million dollar incentives built in. On an annual basis electric into the build of anything like. It what guitar of course it would Josh McAllen where the price wouldn't be as prohibit. That makes that. Otherwise what I think I would just be prepared to ride it out with a quarterback Nate and humid and perhaps one of the quarterback brought in. Four competition. Not right after who obviously recently hit the bay. I read about a player along those lines when I mean with a clear obvious backup a guy who that there Q you know mentor Ed babies don't a couple of. As we're learning about this regime Brendan being in Sean McDermott we. We have questions that we have about them that we haven't had answered yet one of them will be how do you feel about a rookie quarterback jumping in and playing right away. They didn't go to Nathan Biederman clearly. Wasn't ready but to me that that was an indication. They were willing to try guy that was young so maybe they're willing to go to a rookie quarterback and I wonder how the landscape of the league has changed minds whether it's Shawn Watson going in and playing well right away or mean golf in winds fairly quickly. Able to have. You know be a part of an offense is successful. I don't know about this this this group and how much they would be willing to. Turn things over to a rookie quarterback but the league certainly seems to be more willing to do with in years past. Yeah I kind of wish it wasn't that way to be honest guy to get that think that some of the failures of rookie quarterbacks are young quarterback in the NFL is. That's simply because they can't play but also because that brought into action too soon and I understand that and it felt teens whether it's pressure from ownership pressure from their date in the wanna win whether it be a lower. You know be. Promise of a young quarterback. But I wish he's got a chance to grow and develop and Cheryl and that's probably never gonna happen. Mule who knows perhaps it's a always a way we get about guys like. Blake portals who works we'll start right quickly portals was posted on the bench for full year right and then he starts right away for the Jacksonville Jaguars. It never happened that way but I think it does do a lot of good for a player CB gained from the ground level as a backup prior to actually starting. I want to see the end result is for a player like mr. Rickey in Chicago I thought he was actually OK last year despite. Pretty pedestrian numbers but that was good for him the opportunity to see the NFL. Without ever rock in the game action. We one of the NFL regular season. It could happen with a bill that they trade up and grab a quarterback picked up Corsica between government there's lot of value to a guy have been doctored it. Affiliates of the us from ESPN I wanted to I wanted to get to maybe linebackers are wide receivers of which you're afraid C but just follow up when your comment about the the quarterbacks. Let's say the bills decide. To get a veteran guy who's just competition and maybe start to gamer too and they decided you were gonna ride this thing out with a young quarterback. Of the again. This is going with the idea that being would be able to move up and get the guy he wants. All the quarterbacks that are available who are the best candidates that could be thrust in sooner not later. I mean there are hot and there aren't high enough means that come to mind you're like okay. Fact I would make that as a potential back that you were talking about. But he wanted to try to acquire a trap or it means tight like. Four. Against Josh McCown type player. Or a Colt McCoy type player like again these are not supposed to be being a couple built it should be super inspired by. The idea. Early at like if you look at her guy that is not what PH correctly rookie quarterback to be a long term starter. But ultimately ultimately cost them money. That might be the area the target as opposed to AM wrapper or. You know in a gimmick care and for Goodell maybe even a Michael wanted who might still be able to capture him but what I could be an example guy that. Maybe isn't quite. As I able this year albeit by able it was last year but could potentially be available on a short term. We we had there are a lot of holes here we wanted to ask you a little bit about wide receiver and and maybe even defense of line the bills certainly need bodies that both. I'm not sure how willing they would be to spend big money on any of those spots but wide receivers. Fielder they're ready good values in that area than that not bring him back Sammy Watkins Sonoma they're not gonna go for Alan Robinson anybody in their. Yeah it stated that we argue we can rule out on the block it we we know that he's not gonna make your return. To buffalo but. You know what I'll say it this is. There are some interesting names. In the free agent market at wide receiver adjuster yet again how much will it you know do you retain Jordan Matthews and you know some of the comet the yet maybe he could beat. On the next orbit base they paid actors one year in buffalo. There's some guys could make a lot of money though and free to overture that nice player yet the aux. How much gonna make on the open market into can be that he kicked it way up there you know 567 million dollar proceeded marquis Lee and Jack go Jack or the other. Former back up at that same crap out of Alan opt in could be available in a Terrelle Pryor they'll remain at terrible year obviously this past year Washington. But it'll be a lot of the physical traits that you likes to be compelling market right now it's not eaten by the Buffalo Bill. I think in the opera watchers here because it's not a great draft class this year. It for specific wide receivers but it is really at that I was at that last year at the gate and it doesn't look that way out of this here. Okay and then defense of line maybe specifically tackle we're still waiting to see what's going on with. With Kyle Williams but after the Darvish trade that's an area of need for the bills. There are some some big names out there there's. In starlet to allay there's a guy who you know the guy that Brandon being in Sean McDermott would know but I I assume he won't come cheap what about beeline. Yeah I mean look and Iraq are some blue chip players the defensive line. This year starlet to allay fantastic player. Well to Carolina Panthers there's certain familiarity shall director for the adult Epoch of free agent the team does really wanna work hard to keep him around but. And Robert Allen out of work just three hours and forty minutes away from people scampering period. Anything can happen doc are Apollo finished the past year. With the Atlanta Falcons at a couple two apps back nearly forty tackles 27 years old big physical guy you could play a bunch. Though that some of the names keep in mind you god there's a bunch of teams apart bunch of players that. The value of them for AG it difficult to assess on the outside. Specifically the beef at the line because a lot of their job is not to pile up you know twelve or thirteen sacks. It's not to make a budget back or it. You'd create space for linebacker that they themselves if indeed that the dirty work of some of these guys that you may not know them by household names. Could be appropriate target and a lot of that. In the last thing I wanted to ask you about you mentioned the legal tampering period starts in and it noon today how all how many teams like. You pretty much know you're gonna get by now when I get how what's the contact like field before the legal tampering period for teams can get an idea of we're going to be able to get him what it's gonna cost them. Yeah I mean. Don't know what Moyer start today at noon it goes until 4 PM on Wednesday it. But an extension of what an afterthought copied eve of the good article in Burke are respected players and agents and that's the way it works right back at what's happening so. But you know it's good cheer you should talk number Morse specifically. I don't know of anything really that effort again like they've been talking these. Agents are for weeks for months now that's the way it works but an opportunity for that he's so any legal manner that no. Repercussions for them it. You know the NFL would catch them talking to you about a player does not yet it freeagent. That the odd couple days ahead all day is about buckle up Wednesday or PMs eat in. You dates on the AT&T hotline from ESPN. Field thanks very much a given us the time this morning and enjoy the free agency period. Are out there.