03-12 The Nightcap with Ryan Gates HR 2

Monday, March 12th

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No effect river river. With Ryan geeks love football and. For the red shirt college kids love the food the guy is cruel but clearly don't look for the good place. You're not gonna be little Clinton's love food looked good so please stop. All right back here I'm the nightcap another hour to go. Alia tomorrow. And Wednesday both days I'll be on some and mindful shells. And then if you're going to be looking for in the saint Bonaventure point game against UCLA. Or at Syracuse. Plain game. Against terrorism staple of those games will be over. On ES PF 1520 of course. UB basketball will be on ESP 1520. As well but let's get insight from Matthew fair burn New York upstate dot com. About the Buffalo Bills and her recent string of moves he's ready behind the AT&T hotline. It's it's going to be busy for your right now Matthew the other in the making work in the off season. He had picked up pretty quickly here the last couple days you know Brandon being. Basically since the moment he's been tired and kept this pretty busy. Some odd times but obviously this being one of the busiest you know weeks on the NFL calendar and and the bills really didn't waste any time making too. Signings and Vontae Davis and Chris Ivory and now to trade. I'm Tyrod Taylor recorded onto their highest paid players are now off the roster obviously shaking things up. In a huge way of impacting you know what they're going to do in the coming months and at at the Tony eating an apple crap. Yeah I think it's interesting what they've done and I've really enjoyed. The the reign of freedom beat and Sean McDermott so far just because everything that they do it seems. Is done with a plan that there's some conviction behind it. And you move on and terrorized two players I think you and I sitting out here in other fans and media. Two players that they've viewed as expendable already that had. Big salaries and end up improving their chances to maybe move up to get a guy or just get more draft capital and the process. Yeah I was. Pretty surprised that they were able to unload Tyrod Taylor given the fact that like you said. I think a lot of people on the outside shot you know. They were going to move on from Tyrod Taylor anyway and so. You know to get a third round pick and not just the third round pick but number 65 the first pick in the third round. You know that's a great asset to get from a guy that you probably wanted to move on from anyways and a guy that. You know now it take you some room under the salary cap. By trading and the man to turn around today and trade courting Glenn move up you know nine spots in the first round of the draft. Dion docket played most of the year last year at left tackle they were facing a situation where there are either going to have to. Moved according gland or beyond darkened to right tackle for of one of them sit on the bench and so. You know tackle that counted at court eagle one and don't grow on trees. But at the same time you know he was expendable because of the way Dawkins played. And given it injury history and the fact that the injury he had. Had a tendency you know recur a little bit. You know it's a worthwhile risk to move up and position yourself to get a quarterback so. These moves like you said you can follow the train of logic pretty easily now. We're going to be his reputation. Is going to rest solely on. Whether he has done that quarterback you know I mean you can get all these picks and have all these assets and make a big trade. But if you end up picking the wrong guy nobody's gonna remember how Smart you were to gather the assets in the first place so. This but you know some pressure on brain indeed but at the same time he's now on a much better position. To have some control over what he can do on draft week. I think that's what I like about it too is the fact that he. He he came in and he talked about the franchise quarterback with you guys pretty early on or before you you all had that meeting with him. But didn't come out publicly. But it came out. Slowly. He talked about the franchise quarterback there and is it just seems that he recognized. I think most people can recognize that it's if not the most important position in sports one of the most important positions in sports and that. He had to get this right and he's banned continuously taking stops. In order to ensure himself. That if he was not an assault position to be able to really have a choice of who we want it through the draft to be able to make moves to position himself. To give up there and be able to have actually is and it just seems that. Having that long term plan and building this amount of assets. It shows that he has come in here with a plan and he has been able to for the most part executed. Maybe now flawlessly. But if he hits on the quarterback I think people saying pretty much flawlessly. Exactly I mean there were some times where they probably strayed a little bit from that trading at third round pick. For Kelvin Benjamin was veering off course a little bit but. At the same time you know there are position now they don't totally control what they can do. But they do you have more control than they did one and you know everybody woke up this morning because. The whole time you know during this pre draft process in the buildup to the op seasoned. The main question I had was you know who we're gonna get the trade all the way back into the early twenties. You know because going from the top five into the twenties is a huge ask it doesn't matter what. The price you give up. There might be a team sitting there that says we're not willing to move that far back when there's a team well you know it's at about twelve or thirteen that's willing to move up. Now the builder at twelve and moving from twelve into the top five it a lot easier than moving from 21 and 22. And they don't even necessarily have to give up. Number 22. To get all the way out there they could go to the future first they could throw and one or two of their second round picks. And maybe still get out there into the top five the price. Might not be as steep you know come draft weekend as many expect it to be. But on the flip side you know. They still don't totally control what's going on. Can't Arnold could go one to the browns and have to. Giants really want to they can take Josh frozen. At two and that means you're picking for Josh Al baker mayfield and Lamar Jackson you don't necessarily have. The pic of your guys but I've a feeling you know brand to be making these moves. Friday event today. He did so with a quarterback or two in mind. And did so knowing that he could strike a deal with either dated Gelman in the giants had to work first Ballard in the call at three because. I think you know to get up again. One of the draft top quarterback that's probably where you have to go there's a good chance for those guys could be gone by the time they're picking at twelve so. They're gonna have to move up and it's just. Going to be fascinating to. You know see which guys is that they come. Yet you fair burned New York upstate dot com joining me on the eighteenth tee I'll outline. And what the trade so far they were able to maneuver to get to that twelve which might help them get up and that top five pick if teams did not want to move down. Can that 2122 region. Without having to. They they swapped picks they move up in the first on the swap a fifth round pick first sixth round pick but they didn't lose the amount of Peck's. That the hang out as of yet I am assuming to move up to the top five they would have to do that. But to be able to maneuver around. Epic for Tyrod Taylor and then not even have to give up any picks to move from 21 to twelve I think has been a great job so far to put yourself in a position to get to that top five tech. Right and made things can still have a relatively normal draft if they don't you know. Package all of those picks to get up there and they shouldn't have to do and secondly do you live well you know maybe still 21 round pick. Maybe it's at worst a one a two and a three which is the normal draft and yet they sacrifice some steps to do that they didn't you know just. Get all the way all these picks and and move all the way into the top five for free. You know they they had to give up court declined they had to give up their starting quarterback of the last three seasons that the about Sammy Watkins they had to give up Ronald Darby. So you know a lot went into this. But at least from a draft pick perspective they should still have a chance to clog some of their other holes. Where is the remaining draft picks that they have I mean about it if they can get into the top five and not give up picked 22. You could land a legitimate. You know starter at defensive tackle you could land a big time wide receiver. Maybe athletic linebacker to plug and play it Preston brown leaves in free agency not to mention the fact that the secondary. Is pretty much intact from a year ago there's holes on this roster but. Most of them seem like at the moment. You know there on the offensive side of the ball you know what quarterback wide receiver may be right tackle and then you gotta fill the front sevens so. I think you know. They now have enough assets were you don't feel. Too badly about them moving up because when it they were kidnapped 41 and 22. Without that extra third round pick. You move it up you're looking at basically getting a quarterback and probably not much else in this draft. Now you know they have a chance to fill some of those other holes and potentially grabbed you know got the most important position in only. And now moving into free agency which will officially opened up on Wednesday. They already at some players and Vontae Davis Chris Ivory to take care of some of the holes but when it comes to prost and grown EG gains. And Kyle Williams who are all players that will need contracts. They've added a lot of cap space that are now at about 39. Point seven million in cap space green spot track. You see dollar needs your bringing any of those players back for me Preston brown. Depending on the price maybe he's brought back but I think he's not necessarily fit for Sean McDermott wants to do. And eighty EG games prices and self. Out of buffalo but what do you think about now that they have a little more cap space to work with the brings some of their home players back. I think he gave gains is gonna test the market. And probably like what he's. Quite frankly I mean. It got its got to command more money than I think the bill they're willing to pay at this point and that's probably why they went out got Vontae Davis. And you know tried plug that hole before you can open but. Preston brown there's still a chance you come back and now he wants to be back if the price is right but. He's not going to be offering a hometown discount necessarily. To the bill then. You know the legal tampering opening there's Benson interest and and so I don't think. The other bill they're gonna have an easy path to bringing him back and they'd probably set their price and are willing to go over it. Even with the added cap space that they have I think the most interest staying free agent is Kyle Williams because. Most. Basically throughout the offseason most people assumed. Kyle Williams wasn't really true free agent he was either gonna come back to buffalo or he was going to you know retired. And now it seems like there the doors open for a third possibility which would be Kyle Williams going somewhere else and it's 4018 I don't know. How likely that is but you know the fact that the bills. Hadn't really had much contact with a and they thought he wanted to play but. Weren't entirely sure what it is situation was going to be. That leaves the door open for him to play somewhere else and you know obviously have a couple days. To get a deal done before somebody else could sign him by. To me he's the one to watch I think DJ gains is probably going to sign elsewhere Preston brown will probably end up elsewhere. But Kyle Orton is the one that they could kind of go either way it. And with what quarterback. It to me it's pretty clear they're gonna try to get a rookie in here remove all. And you need to get a top five pick took to bring Mac guy you end. But you've got the report out today from Tom Ellis are all of that the bills maybe interest in Sam Bradford. I was curious as to what the price they would be willing. To pay for one of these types of bridge quarterbacks would be considering that they did have Tyrod Taylor here under reasonable type of contract. And now all you've got to got capped it with him. You've got its about you save ten million dollars with how much of that are you willing to. Reinvest into the quarterback position for veteran bridge type guy. Yeah I think that's the question because you know lost and not a lot of this you know movement to build a pat in the last few days. Is the fact that. Brandon Gainer has essentially cleaned out. To build our nineteenth salary cap and I think. You know the fact that they're sitting there would about a hundred million in salary cap space in 2019. Granite and only about 35 players under contract. I don't think he's going to sacrifice that long term health of the salary cap. By eight you know. Signing a big. Quarterback free agency because. You know then here committing a lot of money. And you know those quarterbacks aren't necessarily the answer you want a guy in the draft that comes on a rookie contract. You know has the chance to be a franchise quarterback. The Sam Bradford in case Keeneland you know have had chances to show what they can do and teams they're letting them get free agency for reasons. I think Sam Bradford is somewhat interest staying as they can get them under ten million dollars but that he's got a long shot in this quarterback climate. Right now so. And I think maybe more likely that a move for a veteran back up you know the map mores of the world. That cheer a player makes more sense for them because you know like you mentioned it if they wanted. You know just a stable guy at eighteen million dollars they have that already in Tyrod Taylor and collect any of these guys is huge upgrade. You know breaking the bank doesn't make a lot of sense now they may weigh what the market play out. And find that Sam Bradford or Teddy Bridgewater comes at a reasonable cost and if so. Then you go and pull the trigger but I wouldn't expect them to be the ones. You know overpaying them can break in the bank to get one of these guys here because they've positioned themselves so well to address that need the draft. Are in for a much ago Matthew VN CAA tournament. Coming up here Syracuse. And they get into the first four I think I was a little bit of of a shocker took it to me at least. What's the what's the word up in Syracuse how's that being said obviously people are happy up there. Yes it is it's one of those seasons for around you know a lot of people. I haven't really had to I have expectations the other team hasn't played too well and so. But we've seen this before where they get. You know they sneak in with a lower C. And it makes a noise so. The interest it to see how they how they do I mean it's interesting to me you know it's. A team like Syracuse gets into that. That first order and buy it but then go to saint Bonaventure. Played so well yeah all year and seemed to have earned a little bit more than that but you know Syracuse gets so much of the benefit of the doubt because of their reputation and then the conference they play and so sort of a tale of two teams. With the same fate but I took two totally different paths to get there. Yeah I find that instinct to I think especially around here and this year I think maybe more than ever. That the messages being sent by the NCAA tournament that there there is a huge bias on that committee. That Europe power five team I look at Syracuse look at Arizona State look at Oklahoma. These teams that. Either struggled down the stretch or even with Syracuse. We have great marquee win her anything they have a and the nice when that Miami in Iceland at Louisville. Wouldn't even end up making the tournament. And then have a team like saint Bonaventure who did raise the toughness of their conference schedule this season. But still I ends up being in that that last four yen. These these mid major teams now essentially have to be perfect or one of these. Par five conference teams who may not even be 500 in the conference are gonna get it over you just because they have so many more chances to get these. Q1 sees these clock on when's the talking about now. Yeah that they get more chances to get those impressive blend and quite frankly. You know the NCAA knows you know who butters the bread noted that keen to have a huge following weekend. You know that they are the ones who make big money in football and things like that. I mean around here we know the type of passion people for saint Bonaventure but. Nationally it's not the same drugs Turkey's Jews or you know some of these other big schools. They get those those same sheets so. If you're fighting an uphill battle of the mid major. Partly because you know your schedule and you're at the mercy of these teams wanting to scheduling it is so it creates. That dynamic for me as well saint Bonaventure can only play any team. That alone to play against there's so you know they end up in the top spot where they can only you know beat who's in front of well. And had this amazing here and they still are gonna have a bit of an uphill battle but you know they've you know they've done it before. You know and they're we've seen eleven seats you know. Pull off some some pretty crazy stuff. In recent years so it would just make the run that much better for them I guess. It is a shame when you look at the latest seats well sometimes to see. You know some some. What appears to be clear bias that play. Yeah and it. It's it's just tough because you do saint Bonaventure this season this is one of terror all time great historical seasons are setting records and each time when setting records in just regular season wins. And that should get. I like it obviously not snubbed but I guess. It just seems that there they have to be so perfect and to think that even after that season. Winning twelve straight if they blow a lead against Richmond's. They're probably. Our determinant. Bob fraud should go about Missoula getting Michael Porter junior back but the and they are losing their second leading scorer because of some idiot stuff. So I always think about them to determine your your your your alma mater. The other tricky because. You know one Michael Porter junior guy heard that first game of the season. It was pretty you are right tomorrow but they it they played pretty well throughout the year and they were. Really strong toward the end of this season and then it seemed like. This unit Michael Porter junior you know the rumors or. And come back and he'd be in the lineup for the SEC tournament and at that early exit from the SEC tournament in his first game back. Not to say their worst team with him on the war it's just they haven't had a lot of time to figure out. How to play with him on before and he has had a lot of time to you know play college basketball is only there's really its first bowl game. A college basketball he's crazy talent they've got a little bit more time now to figure out how to fit and then but. Point 89 game against Florida State. Even if they went that Iran and dole won seats so. I think it'll be interest staying at Michael Porter junior is. Ready to raise his level of play and indeed they got that they recruited. They have a chance to make some noise but it. I don't know every year when I pick my bracket I'd pick him any of the 819 'cause it always seems you know. There are those underachieving teams that you expect. To rise up and return them but. So they rarely beat the one seats I don't know what I'm trying to guard myself against Clinton do on the switch. Today it's coffee you've got your own bias you're dealing let's it's more of like a little bit of Bob Hope. That your your your kind of trying to will them into the sweet sixteen even by picking them that's what you're trying to do. Yet and keep in mind. Carol I can't remember the last time they won a tournament game they didn't want to turn the game while I was there. They lost my freshman year at Cincinnati. They lost my sophomore year but it was a two seed and a lot to Norfolk state in the first rounds. And when I was a junior I was covered them and I believe it was another 89 game they lost to Colorado State. And then after that day you know they were pretty terrible for awhile they. I think they actually lost it and I seeking in my senior year I remember the only game and lots and had actually indicated that I mean bit. So they've spent some tough times for for the basketball program I lost another big game in the SEC tournament last week's show. I don't ever have a tremendous amount hold true tremendous basketball. Well hopefully things will change for you this week and in the a lot of them give you some Hulk Hogan real spark or something makes for coming on Matthew appreciate it man. Absolute obligation. All right that's Matthew firebird. Net fair and on the AT&T. Hotline always good to get insight from New Hampshire will be talking with them. As draft time approaches as well wanna continue talking about the the seeding. Of the basketball tournament. And I'll get a little in doubt there I'll talk a little bit about my experience this week and going to the 810 basketball term it ran into some some issues down there that did not make me very happy guys so all talk about those coming up as well you've got thoughts on UB. Saint Bonaventure their seeding I kind of think people got a little bit screwed bugs him. Miami just a guy that isn't the athletic director of par five conference school. It's the nightcap are trying gates this is WGR. Yeah that's right. Large parties going on all over the place. I mean what's what's not to like you've got Howard and Jeremy they're going to be paying you know places. Break in and shell there there hanging out places and we get to be here yeah Howard. Sell they're going to be at Santoro is Howard noon to three cell three to six Jeremy Jack casters noon to three. Rate in the air three to six money can Chris the army down at 716 obviously to sabres. Game nights. So we'll be there 3 PM to 7 PM. And you before that date so that's nice. You know we should just we should just impromptu giving out studio. And just leave we should just have an unofficial GR watch party somewhere on the be having an unofficial watch party somewhere Thursday night and and maybe tomorrow night and just want to watch this environment to bonnies. But no one's quite a while known invited aren't going to be yelling at my team in the aggressively during that game so yeah Bonaventure they get stinging and the return men hands. For me when I was watching I went to Washington DC for Saturday either game against Davidson. Down Courtney Stockard who is their third scorer on the team and really important piece to him. On defense as well. And it's Eagles down. About halfway through the second half ten minutes to go in Friday's game and there's almost this huge comeback by Richmond and I was worried about that game because I thought if the bodies lost that game. They're turn and could be in question a lot of people want to tell me that DeRozan is good enough through what they did in the regular season. And I was I was always worried but once they beat Richmond I thought they were pretty safely. In the tournament but it turns out they might back a little. Less safe than even I thought and I thought I was being pretty pessimistic about it. May end up being one of the first fourteen Sen along with UCLA. Arizona State. And it's it's their cues which I thought it was a pretty big shocked at Syracuse. And and then you have other teams. Oklahoma is going to be the team that really really grinds my gears. About that being in the tournament. You listen to what the committee chairman was saying he he made the rounds afterwards. And one of the things I was listening this morning and I think it was. What he was saying about term and a book committee most things that he brought up is if you are running the committee he just. What have these long questions. Would have the director go out there and answer the questions. Because he just I have to say really is. We thought this team is better. That's like on the tournament. Oklahoma gone tournament over Oklahoma State because we thought there the better team and thought they deserved to be there. It's just frustrating because. When I think of the tournament my favorite memories of the tournament. As the first weekend. When it's the buzzer beater is the Cinderella stories. That tend to come out of those games and usually they're not these long extended Cinderella stories every once awhile you get one width. Teams that now put themselves on the map because of VCU was a team that did Butler was a team that did that Wichita State was a team that did that. And to ignore some of these mid major teams were having excellent seasons. Kind of ruins that and you've created this system now where you use the RPI ranking. As what constitutes a good way and what constitutes a quadrant one win. You don't use that it actually evaluating the team you start using all these predictive. Things PPI can pas. The sag raiding the start using these predictive ratings as opposed to what the resonate actually this. And I think that's what is this what you're supposed to be selecting these teams for is what they actually accomplished during the season. Mid majors are now any deep disadvantage. They always were to begin life but I think it's. The sign that you got from the committee. Yesterday is that there Adam a bigger disadvantage than ever first of all par five conference teams. They don't have any incentive to play these teams really. If you're one of these mid majors you get into. One of the early season tournaments holiday tournament. And you usually get some good opponents now. You're able firfer this year. You'll be played Cincinnati that way saint Bonaventure played Maryland and TCU that way. But it's not that Maryland scheduled saint Bonaventure TCU didn't schedule saint Bonaventure they happen to be in the same tournament. So that's one way that you're able to get opportunities to take chances at these power five teams. These are five teams they they don't have any reason to play these teams now why paying money to a mid major school. To go play them when you might actually just be worse than them. And especially a team like saint Bonaventure who you'll never get a team like that. In to the Riley's honor because it's known as a hostile place to play a very difficult place to play. So you'll never get teams to actually. Show up there sleaze mid major teams UB did a fantastic job this year a schedule. At one of the hardest in nonconference schedules in the nation. Syracuse Texas say in them Cincinnati in that tournament. And forget. Either way. It's hard for these mid major programs. They have to go out there and make make an attempt. Mike was telling me earlier that Saint Mary's had the opportunity. To play Rhode islands and another one of these. Pretty pretty decent mid majors but they turned those down. In Saint Mary's was 125 in the AP poll. The final eight people here and didn't make the tournament and that's because they didn't play anyone in their nonconference schedule their only got wind was against Gonzaga. In their own conference. When your team like saint Bonaventure or UB. You play the games that are on your schedule you tried to schedule. As best as you Karen. But saint Bonaventure this year had one of the historic seasons. I know the Atlantic ten is down they still managed to get three teams in the tournament. A Rhode Island is a good team they beat you Rhode Island Davidson. Is a good team. They beat Davidson at home. And they classify these squadrons. Using the RPI system. While also completely ignoring. And Oklahoma as a team that was 49 PR PI. If you beat Oklahoma at home. That means it wasn't a quadrant one went. Saint Bonaventure. If you beat them at home what do Bennett quadrant. So how does that make sense they are not going to reward teams by using the same metric but you measure what a good win this. It makes absolutely no sense. Well there's only one way it makes cents it's not a good way of course. Put together teams and he won in there the money right and that is of course. What is everything right it's it's what it's all. It's a shame because. Everything you're talking about that first weekend. I like to think that is controlled chaos it is absolutely that's my best way to phrase it's the most fun like you would set I am the most fun with that first weekend watching those big seeds just. Ball in their base and all the brackets get blown up and everyone is in despair. Yet everyone laughs I mean well not the people with their brackets but I'm even the people what their practice law I mean I love that everyone else is bracket is. On up to right so it's it's always fun those weekends and we have a team that goes deep and are no I just think if you watch saint Bonaventure this year. That's a good team that's a good team tiger watch the watch him. UB was a good team and the reason why I want to see you people in the Atlantic tennis cause I thought they would be. If you'll be listening intently on attempts probably setting forties UB obviously wins the conference tournament as representing the Mac. But they get a difficult relative. UB gets difficult draw because. The committee met seeds. Another team at Arizona. Who could've done a three seed. Probably shed about three seed and now UBS thirteen. They are punished because that team was missy. Salt. They think the controversies. Surrounding some of these NCAA schools has. Is one of the reasons for this sort of thing of course Arizona's not one not the only one you saw. Teams like Louisville and Oklahoma State. Louisville Oklahoma State USC. And USC had a pretty decent resume as well. It's all it's never going to be perfectly 100% fair. Because you do have these low level teams that get in. Teams that really don't ever automatic bid that's the only way they're gonna get and there's also no doubt that. Those controversies. Played the role. I think so because that air saying it then I'm not caught using I don't believe anything they're saying it was funny last night I was listening to the eve mad dog and serious. Satellite. I'm finally back home from Washington DC. And he had on the director. Rasmussen director of the committee. And its. As a as a person that you know was a little hurts and I certainly have my bias toward seem picture now. But he was asked a question. About saint Bonaventure. The director was straight up asked hi Chris Russo the mad dog if Davidson winning the Atlantic ten tournament. Affected saint Bonaventure being. In the first four. And after a time second pause and only answer. The directors like oh sorry I missed that one and then it's asked again if Davidson. Had it won the eight time with that affected. Saint Bonaventure seeding. He says now now. And every other answer he had gone fairly adopt about the resonate of the team of course he was going super adopt. About the resonate of Oklahoma saying please see the we we we look at the whole picture look at the pitcher the entire season we look at the entire body of work. And their entire body of work they had good wins the beginning of the season. We don't look at the fact that down the stretch they want to an eight. In their last ten games and got bounced out of the big twelve tournament in the first round real look at any of that is the entire body of work. But he didn't have anything really to say about seem out of interest me at all so I was like this really about saint Bonaventure. And and answers about say about that he's like well there. They have the third smallest enrollment. In do you want. So oil and how much do you really need even though their fans travel well and along I am already. Don't he had 40000 dollars to the school you wanna talk about the real wall which bomb yet it's remote and I'll skin is white donating 101000 dollars to the school. To help. Get tickets to the game to help kids travel the game to pay for a watch party at a raft scholar. And they've done there's blood donations flooding in from alumni to help assist. Students get to the game which is really. So I was talking my one friend who ease of bonds along and he talked about how well. The last time they made the tournament in 2012. The game was in Nashville against Florida State. The CEO of delta. It was a bomb along he organized cheap flights from the buffalo airport to Nashville. There was shuttles from the school down in Nashville blocks of hotel rooms are super cheap so that students can get there. The one good thing about. Are about your being in the first four is that Cindy. And date and as a fellow Atlantic tan. Arrival you could say they're an Atlantic ten team but once you get into the tournament. You kind of wrote what's forward bass for the conference especially when your one of these mid major teams there was another team in the Mac that was there along with UB. Other people for their team just as much Bebo for you be more obviously you Bjork play that team pull for UB. But you pull for those teams too because it's good for the conference the conference gets a paycheck for that and a paychecks right around the conference. It's it's tough. It's tough because it's true historic seasons. And it's due to. Mistakes and oversight by the committee may be VP and a little sooner than they showed. Every off by 51888550. To five to dvi thoughts on the seeding of saint Bonaventure and UB. I'll take you hear me I'll ask all coming up to be last call talking about college basketball bid for best right here in the nightcap. Also on Thursday and Wednesday Arizona humble for lying under 47 at John great AP. One of the great players and America taking a look Buffalo Bills. But back and won. Six bad faith and good season for the bills. They get to the playoffs and they win the mid American conference when the processes and enough. Incredible. So and stayed there from injuries. So we are talking about a UB. I'm about your biological and eight point 20910. PM tip off from day and you'll be able to listen to that game on ESP and 1520 last call here we do half of Ian here Ian you're on the accounts of men. Pay what's gone on paper fraud got to forgive Ernie Johnson and yea I would Dodd chuck Barkley too much stuff. The sense of humor is kind of robot arm so I I didn't marked as eating. You know yesterday it was awesome CB Ahmad you know would you be allowed. But I was looking at the bracket this morning and that worked and no matter what. You know these committees know how to rip these its heart out and because Oakland. Upset Arizona. And they win the next game you know they say. The next game I believe one overall. Yeah I can hear Kim Goldman. Yeah big big big states Virginia up. The number one team in the country the number one overall. A lump. I'm not a law mom just I'm just very keen observer because I just have a lot of friends. OK well they're ranked in like the top 25 a couple weeks ago and now they've barely dipped into the tournament. It's it's just it's it's not right I mean god I hope you beat. You know drive the nation great elect George may have been dead a few years ago was not I mean. You know I'm wit so implied. I mean what I saw that out this site. They had a great key to these kids don't like. Don't stand a chance and I mean I hate to be negative. Yeah I mean it's hard not to be negative when you head out you know one of the players the years and Arizona a guy who is potentially going to be the number one overall pick. In the NBA draft. As one of the guys that. QBs gonna have to defend there would actually play the winner of Kentucky David Simon and probably get Virginia after that but I still. Kentucky bear Kentucky just one SEC tournament so it's not like there're there are again easy path. And with Bonaventure they they do of the port in games sell it I thought it was a little rough on Western New York teams and then you add the fact let's just say that. These team is still about Roger advances. The games Thursday night at 940. Thursday night at 957. Think that's that's late for these East Coast teams so now favors no favors done for the last New York basketball fan. Exactly and I mean and then you know you've got Kentucky had a down year or whatnot but they're consciously putting. You know talent into the NBA so. Yeah it just. You know and with the whole Oklahoma saying are you talk about that at all about that trade young because the goal you know reference to old to be. The next step Currie and it's it is complete garbage yes. I hear thanks for the call and I appreciate it and yet definitely when they talk about Oklahoma on their they talk about their whole body of work what they're talking about the talking Montreal and the talking about the superstar. One of the top picks in the NBA draft they want that guy on TV. So it's not always about who's most deserving because. It's. It's it's who's gonna draw the most ice to the TV. Is that our team when it comes down to it and eyeballs equals money yup and eyeballs equals ratings which equals money from the advertisers. I don't know. I want my supposed to expect. We're supposed to expect here. All right if the NCA exactly the NC missed most expect it enough. Note cannot I will be back tomorrow I'll be back tomorrow with I'll probably talk more about Bonaventure they're gonna have their game. Will it. UCLA tomorrow night nine time tip off you'll be able Alyssa and honey I spent 1520 get the latest on court Stockard who injured his hamstring from what I saw at the A ten tournament he was limping heavily. And I I'm not hopeful that there's positive news coming out mark Schmidt saying that he's gonna be game time decision. A source telling JP ball where all of the only in times herald that's more positive than negative that's arguable play. But he's he's a big cog to that saint Bonaventure machine has really him. Urged in the second half. Are there of their season to give them the third scoring option. And is that he's a heart soul kind of guy he's a grinder he does the dirty work so he's helpful on the defensive end as well of the talking and more big four best ball tomorrow. You beat Bonaventure some Syracuse. I'll be back Wednesday as well sell will keep it will keep it real here I've got to get out here. I'll be back tomorrow Derrick he won't be on you he'll be back at some point I'm Alan Mario later.