03-13 Daryl Ruiter (92.3 The Fan - Cleveland) and Ralph Vacchiano (SNY - NYC) with Howard and Jeremy

Howard and Jeremy
Tuesday, March 13th

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So the bills have moved up from 21 to twelve. I think a lot of Mercer anticipating another move up a little higher in the draft. So it's time to revisit now we're gonna be talking to some guys have been kind of demolished again because we tested them a few weeks ago. To see if the bills can get up from twelve to somewhere is in the top four. All the Lima this right now. RE TT hotline is there a writer from 92 trees standing Cleveland. You know to talk a little bit about whether we can convince the browns to move out of one of those top forcefully and we asked before. But now we've got a better offer yeah now we're not at 41 they derelict soured Jeremy I don't. I'll do it good the problem for the bills they have the number forty which is like the black. Cloud of gas and clean. It that meant so we got nerves so we gotta get out of twenty to buck up his. Yeah John there are greatly. Equally yeah I keep KG. All correct one it sure. OKC and yeah we have to move to OK so let's not even discussed when he too let's just talk about twelve and some other picks. What what a cake yet laughter had John you know you're you're pretty you know it's guys forget about Cleveland in terms of moving up there. What about one for either one and play and does the did to the bills going up to twelve. Help any chance the moving into when Cleveland spots. Well I think it helped the built in to move into the top spot no question about it I don't know that the browns will. Be willing move not forward but it's not all well knock their socks up but the fact that. You know ballclub has. First round pick each year so all we're. Is certainly important curriculum that you're not to repeat to. To think about considering the browns drafted later in the first round you're little. Opportunity presented tell them trapped three you have letters yeah ground warn. For a second consecutive year. I don't want I don't believe this and play. I do believe that buffaloes moved yesterday. Put some pressure on the ground to take a quarterback without first pick in the draft dot risk. Players coming off aborted sitting waiting till you see what's available for. So basically that. The browns know the the bills won a quarterback and the browns would then know that they can't trust number two New York number three Indianapolis to hold their spots. And predict what they're gonna do so this move by the bills maybe makes it more likely to Cleveland goes quarterback and number one. I think showed all ducking that could impact the decision but they're bad bad apple we crawl ball. How are seeking quarterback with the first pick in the draft but I think it's in five. A decision fortuyn course that he's going to have. We want the sport guys that are earning. The kooky thing could be that quarterback because. Your computer gonna take Dequan Barkley or quarterback or tree out of the number two spot in Indianapolis. There's a lot of conversation that they really are wrapped up. They like me who are a little bit of cool oh. They could be looking to move on and peppered pretty they're four spot was gonna apps are the. Is only that we would yield for a book or there's two other opera ball or get into that top I think your order back in front of the welcome. Let me let me ask you this year let's say a case let's say Cleveland takes quarterback at one now there'd be interest in Barkley right but let's say. He's off the board somehow. The bill seven moved up you guys get to quarterback a won Barclays off the board and and the bill still haven't moved up now they're on the clock at four. What is Cleveland need it force there are guys there that you would say. Luck as much as offers are gonna come it just to stay there and pick this guy or. Is it more likely to get your quarterback and bark is off the board that's when you get up to four. Yeah out while I. I think reporters Tuesday that are currently guaranteed. One of three guys Burke would be wonderful in that scenario you saw the order so I think it fits Patrick. Is there a quarterback from Alabama the ground that he secondary now looking to address that right now in free agency but depth that the problem. Where witnessed an architect implement that are undervalued grab each outlet that the COLT broke up a he's spot. And it chocolate we're John Dorsey. Gregg Williams bought vote that torture and you really get after the quarterback in Italy trapped while ago. I can only imagine how all of brown truck would be if you got support gay. While Peter. Wrap and chill danger able to rotate in and out of the lineup you ain't no art but at that or he got hurt last year. That would provide equipment cart with quite departure. You know again with with the one with the first Dickey said it's probably not available so they stayed there. When when they traded for Tyrod Taylor you know Darrel there was some speculation I'm sure you guys have talked about it on the shows in Cleveland. Are they still taken a quarterback could want or is it possible they would say Tyrod here. Bridge guy whatever you signed Jarvis Landry hey let's go get the running back and really make a really good offense how convinced are you they would still. Go with a quarterback got one. I'm very convinced and quite frankly I don't think that there are gonna take that what Barkley on the order. To beat. Because we have other in a aren't that bush broke of course they want. He's a great player. No question about what the eight he jumps off. The problem that is running back and so the value today at all it's a bit. There's the good the 60% of the I'd say absolutely Barkley had to go. Number one any quit now laps all fatigued. You brought back is a plug in play good mutual editors so many other as Kirk brought that looks pretty 35. You can get they're running back there. The gotta they ought to ask you about is the reaction to Tyrod Taylor to the trade. And Tyrod Taylor joining the browns what would've what's the reaction been the last few days. The next obviously. Or positive and negative. Directly. Now group could die a hero but we'll I'll expect there. Our street everyone out here with aren't quarterly and are like you technically. Quarterbacks go what I thought a good deal or or it brown over eight miked up to. Five that happens. In the traps so they they don't. 83 route that high in their pocket even know practically the second round earth. I'd like to you know. One year. He barely walked out of their pocket that it. He brought got one other point two billion bucks to an audience played them black belt. Either get a sweet sixteen billion dollars for a guy to beat their pro quarterback this year and you know what where it's like a portrait he'll keep like the a I thought it was a Smart move by John source whole week. A hierarchy of all he ever do for the ground there who buffalo that's just what order. Helmet and football I'd look the fact that doesn't turn it over after watching shot I'd do it about birdie on the critical question here. I'm actually pretty that you're at right when. Where we are very happy with the 5065 pick in the draft so you're welcome. Kept banks. I illicit thanks again for forgiven assured time and you know hopefully we'll have the bug again before the draft. Beth thanks John had a nice morning. I that is there are Ryder joining us from ninety to treat the fan in Cleveland on the AT&T hotline were what we're doing is viewers joining us we are once again. Working our way through the top portion of round one the top five specifically. The C okay Brandon beans moving up the exact twelve and I think most of us believe he's not done. So how high can get browns have one in four. The instinct plays so let's say it dipped Jerrells right now I think they should stay at one and I think they should take a quarterback Dan. All the focus turns to two and 31 of the giants do when there. The reports continue to come out of of New York to the giants are not going to be taking a quarterback. And certainly Indianapolis would not be taking a quarterback in Cleveland would neither quarterback it for either. So polls three spots for sure to them we would think realistically in play. Four rout for Brandon being to move up now from twelve again he's not called 21 to 221. To three. Now he's going from twelve to two or three. To get perhaps. Ahead of for sure I think the jets. But even Denver as well we'll see what happens in free agency but I think you still need to get ahead both those teams. So the giants we we talked about that a little while ago we're gonna revisited again. Might even throw mud jets question was Ralph Becky out of who's joining us on the AT&T hotline Ralph is with SNY sports net New York's TV. Hey Ralph it's already Jeremy haven't talked to a long time how he then. I'm in our review after did you yet heard from us and a good two maybe three weeks so you know we were due to budget once more time. I am pop you well and you and you knock off two teams of interest for us so that's a nice thing. OK so Ralph since we last talked now the bills have moved up from 21 to twelve and 22 so let's revisit. The idea of trading into the two spot for the giants and I guess get us up to date on what kind of rumors are circulating in New York about the giants willingness to. Trade out of said to spot. Well I. I would still be surprised if they're willing to do it had I camera exactly what we talked last vote that the bid last year herd up in treating. Came from there gerrymandered these gentlemen and help out scouting combine what you talked about the possibility. That you know when you're sitting this high in the draft. To be yet remember what is don't get too cute he'd be called mid east cakes are gonna drop down and all of you players. Really drops and the second thing is he really believes that the top of the draft and these were his words. You're looking at hall of fame caliber players you bet it would get the top fives so. It didn't sound like a guy who wanted to get cute cute and. Drop too far when there's potential to add all they've. When I know I heard that come into my reaction was. That sounds like some in the might be afraid to pick up that spot because if you put the tag on that guy has to be a whole Famer or should be all favor and then he isn't. Munich had a reflects. On you by by making this election. I don't I thought that was a strange thing to say to just automatically assume that the second overall pick should be hall of fame cal reporter. Look currently does. The pressure upon and it looked at first round it becomes in bust. Believe you'll that it brought all aimed at quickly on this as a cork hit it toward that these gentlemen stay at. But I think from his perspective and probably most people in the NFL. I don't know that each side that we. Either of them most of yet a great deal in business smartest guy in the room. And I can find this that'd be guided nobody else he's like on Al I don't go into seeking. Gee I hope what it might whole patent caliber player Nikki gill looked at bill like the whole thing. Cal player at least that we can take a bullet. I don't think he's. Great to me. If these days it to. Ralf and knees looking trade hall of Famer what what position they addressing at that spot. What good question you know the overall this active quarterback is 37 and possible. On the decline they don't he did it did so at the moment. I think that. And burden they've said publicly any easier privately. I think that quarterback. Court records futures on the begun to seriously think about they know. Hope that this is it rare opportunity to beat them Q you know there are a lot of quarterbacks could get a chance that your credit check or get keyed. Rather than be on a constant quarterback search. That speed. The key to that is. To be big one of these guys. Am at all taught throws him. Our franchise caliber course early answered at the moment they really think one of the special built seek. It's not on my guess would be it seemed to look subsequent bar repent stated everybody doesn't. You know he just walked out apparently their top free agent target in your goal well because Carolina. Cell that he's been solid the jaguars. We'll quite know that the guard at the top of the draft as well another day so he had to be considered an option to. Yeah that was I should've made that was my second question admission admitted the first what percent percentage chance her gut feeling you have right now because. Even if they don't trade out. At two and trade out with the bills Ralph if they don't take a quarterback. I'm still feeling good up here because that thickly even goes quarterback at one the giants take whatever it too and I'm working the phones with the Indianapolis to go up to three and get my. My shot in there at the second quarterback on the boards so what would gut feeling what chance did think they they take a quarterback at two. Less than 5050. You know exactly current higher than that I've got to believe you may be 6040 years or thirty. I'd have to believe that. This poor hot quarterback separate scope state. I don't think it'll have met for us to export these guys go in the top five. If they're at it everybody hi all these guys which I have to be in love with the one that got somebody there and from the goal at that Eli Manning hearing everything I know that which. Is. They don't wanna be open to it that this team of course but don't be orbit yet. It is constant search for all where we get on their quarterback. They wanna get a guy just walk and it also remember. In the year after pill it was a deep route eighty canal grant. It is reluctant to Kerry Collins but not at Goodyear eagle it would avoid that possible. That it is more or any other position. Quick jets question for that you go what are what are the chances they get cousins and if they don't kick cousins what's plan B for them. But I think there's a decent chance they get carted note that probably under 50%. Everybody seems to think. He's going to Minnesota Vikings candidates are holding out hope that they can offer him more money. It might be one of the team that are talked a holy guarantee a year deal. Over cost under billion dollars for head yeah they're definitely it'd. 88 feel like there's. We kept at it and that the runner up. If they do I believe their plan B is going to beat sort of patched together. Quarterback they're gonna look at caddie Greg water. Obviously he's Kamal the devastating injuries he needed Sharon to Becky. Probably would be Josh McCown got it back and. Mentor. And I would rule usually your article of a store rollout that ticket quarterback 61 they'll. I will be calling again about that when okay. Good mile Poulter thanks Ralph thanks for coming on again I let it aren't doctors should drop back get a joining us from S and light TV in New York.