03-13 First Reactions - Bills moving up the draft board after the trade of Cordy Glenn to the Bengals

Howard and Jeremy
Tuesday, March 13th

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He's always Simon and Sharon might have to be. Your rookie quarterback for young quarterbacks in the NFL is not simply because they can't play at all because that brought into action to do and I understand. Bet and it felt he would whether it's not pressure from ownership pressure from fit date. Win whether it's repeal the war you know be. Promise of the young quarterback but I wish him god had a chance to grow and develop a terrible thing and that's probably never gonna happen. This is almost what they have. To deal that they're gonna have to make two moves in the first one would have to be well before draft night you can't wait until draft night to make a move. Like this that just doesn't happen you're gonna have to make one before draft night I wrote about this a couple of months ago what I did say was the bagels with a team I identified which would get them into that sweet spot where they could move up now they've actually done that. Every team in the league. And needs at quarterback who noticed what buffalo did today coming up to number twelve. If sent shockwaves through the NFL world and I think everybody in the league. Who's paying attention from the draft just got a lot more interest in good buffalo is looking at twelve. On the prowl for a quarterback. On WGR. Sports Radio 550. It is still 44 days to draft just killing me. I don't want to rule out defensive back from just bomb I don't wanna and running back. Dice knocked. You on the walk on our Yorman wait listen you know who don't wanna talk about smoke screens. This will be the smoking is smokescreen that ever small and unknown don't know they drafts my hopes that you like my hopes to sky high right they get your replacement for Vontae Davis not you know I and you got to hope for the idea safety because your employer's gonna commander pretty. Hefty salary Micah Hyde you know like hmm you know. Have you gotta have holes to fill not killing my buzz and maybe I'm telling ya I was like I was on air yes like on cloud nine when that trade came down the funnies thing about the trade for me was when you found out according Glenn was traded right. You sought. One. Like if someone had asked a hundred people like family feud so what do you think the returning strikers that the knew the story that when it came out. They didn't have the swapping first round picks yet we just pay the bills dread according got the bank yet and I thought. Current fourth round fifth around but Everett but part of party wasn't just thinking fourth round I thought. And I tweet this or not. I have no idea what anybody's worth anymore yeah is this a fifth round pick because he's injured or and I put it this is this an elaborate play to move up. To the twelfth spot I never even thought about I thought it now I have been fairly fast and in the news came out shortly I didn't think about I thought OK they wanted to get rid of his contract and got a mid round pick. Yeah well never thought about the ones being in part of the point was I but if they order a trade Jerry Hughes today I go to the same exercise and say. I have no idea what anybody's worth anymore now is this a first round pick or is this swapping spots in the second because they're just trying to. Shed salary so you trade the guy moved up nine spots in round one and didn't have to touch any of your. Play six picks in the first three round and unit to touch any player that was on the field for a ride the real coup here. Is that the bills have two players that for better or worse they were likely to move on from yet. And they ask us to let and they were the two highest cap members deceit and they slid up nine spots and got a third round pick for these two moves in Kansas City fifteen million dollars in cap space it's pretty impressive I can't tell you how excited yesterday. My government I mean as happy as I was Friday really. They get the first pick in the third round for Tyrod and don't let the pay the roster bonus. I'd take it up another level yesterday when I heard what they swapped first round picks. What that the the bills up to what one of their true or not while I mean hey give this a nice feel for the vandals do they get they get a guy they believe is they're starting tackle and even if he's not what was the cost in it yet they did it I thought I summoned tweeted out that if they release him after 2018 to zero dead cap for them and there's probably case. Sure right I mean it it not just that it just. It's. More teams should be doing this all take a flyer on a guided dropped nine spots in you know. All trade a player you'd remove opera down six spots in the draft Saturday and use of this. Potential starting left tackle makes good money you need a left tackle him. Really what's at what difference is it to you to go from twelve to 21 if you're getting a roster player out of and I think it's a really nice deal for the dangles. If he stays healthy they might be viewed as winning the trade. But bill's fans are not gonna be upset because well we seem to be singularly focused and this gets you closer to that goal like everything is now. It's almost like we have to start over again. Because all the mock drafts of 21 point two and now it's twelve and wanna do right now you can now anytime we see a mock draft it's that shows baker may feel dropping to fourteen you think. I mean if the bills don't move up Dorgan we quarterbacks you don't give Biden the twelfth day now I I can't tell you how jacked up by what I saw that I mean. To sit here and talk about 21 to two or three. Seems like I mean it's it's seems like almost a Grand Canyon esque leap. Okay now you've grown from twelve to two or three or maybe he does. Maybe he has to do another move right Philly went from thirteen to eight to two I don't know if he's got another move in him to go from twelve to seven to two. But you're twelve you kidding me you're you're you are within sight. Of the top five pick now you know now if you if the giants want to move down at a colts wanna move down that gold from two or three to 21. And he may be getting convince him to go from two or three to twelve. I can't tell yet this is awesome I mean I let the moment they announced the trade of Tyrod. Well go go go back to last year when he picked up the extra one we all started thinking OK they're they're start to stockpile to go get the quarterback next year. And then they end up having a good season and they're sitting at 1222. Instead of ten and whatever. The traded Tyrod started me on the like OK there and they're going all end. He set twelve he just went 121 to twelve and I don't think that's the last move I'm sure is gonna trying get a higher. I can't tie our side and it was for that a luck. Again the same thing with Tyrod Taylor you you know you as you just pointed out there's so many levels of why this is really cool yet you're. You moved on from a guy who is day when healthy. All good left tackle. Yes really go left very good but you use seemingly have a guy in his spot now India undock and who will cost July heck of a lot less money. The bills are trying to get their clean up some contracts that they inherited right Daria was traded Sammy was traded Tyrod was traded. Glenn is traded they're getting rid of that the higher cap numbers on their roster. They move up nine spots I mean come on this is. There is the guy who we thought you know Dawkins I think has his job unless you're gonna switch one of those guys to right tackle and say you know what I would've kept according Glenn and move docket to the right side. Gotten rid of Jordan mills and I'd feel better about an offensive line I just think with Glenn's injury issues the last year. And his three years and thirty million dollars left that the bills didn't wanna deal with that and again you moved up nine spots without getting rid of anything. According glad obviously you know. You know you got you moved to five you got a six back. And you didn't have a six before yes and I got it now that you've got picks in every rally have to pay attention in the sense not in the seventh round you're going to be able to take the sixth round off I was I get to stay longer I was just gonna turn off the draft after round five now you have to actually that is true the guys the top of the draft for probably elect Lincoln were done after route would not here after five I'll sit there like what the cover of six or set. No fault going to be there for six not yet. Yes Seoul all right I am pumped there's a lot to get to case Keenan appears to be signing with the Broncos cut which I would look at as. It's fine yeah. There's a report dole from unit from Ben Poland yeah. That Boston Globe he is a place solar while they figure out if Paxton lynch can beat the guy CA treated something out about about whether or not. Yet -- he thinks Keenan could be a place holder well they figure out if packs the lynch can take the job and go with it and I'm thinking boy I hope that's right. As I would still be putting Denver in the market for a quarterback even with the signing of Kate's Keenan at at five overall yeah if they're doing this and I hear I keep hearing John Elway in my head saying. When he was asked about you know they've missed on a number of quarterbacks in the time he's been running the franchise would be set. I'm gonna keep swinging I don't care fight miss somebody keeps swinging for a quarterback to meet. K scheme him is not the answer at quarterback so. I hear the whole I'm gonna keep swinging and even if they signed kingdom I'm thinking well Elway still gonna use the fifth pick in the draft to take a quarterback if they if their. Train of thought is we get kingdom. Buys us time for Paxton lynch and if that doesn't work then we'll end up getting quarterback. God love to Denver please do that because either you're gonna take another position at five or five is in play for a trade down. Then probably wanna address offensive line they're gonna sign maybe Neitzel were there a lot of you know of the candidates to sign him to a big contract so that would help their last tackle spot in. You know I've heard Denver talking about taken to guard the fifth overall spot so maybe they gave Clinton Nelson from Notre Dame. And they say the art genome to offensive linemen were good ago. The and in the bills do have lots of holes that will no one's disputing that in nine. It's funny when you want to draft a quarterback you get shouted down you can't do that if too many holes and we have multiple holes filled its wages Decourt cannot. So I think this never ending portion poll. The bills need help in one thing we have to talk about his whichever quarterback they get they've got a lot of work to do to get him help rate now at receiver. On the offensive line on the right side. Maybe I make Vegas the other two didn't running backs and ivory McCoy so. Ice Charles played and a stay healthy I hope so nick O'Leary look like a pretty good player for them so old I need a receiver any help on the line. Other than that at least one receive at least I think you could be better retired and I think in need at least one receiver Adam and I might wanna think about that guy taking the place of Kelvin Benjamin long term I don't know what Benjamin's going to be still lot to be determined there. As soon as they move that salary of gland and I've heard that next year and able hundred million in cap room billing at 35 guys under contract but right now it's a 10900 million cap room all of a sudden. And I wasn't really thinking about trying to sign Allen Robinson but the pop in my head yet may be could get creative. He's gonna go to the bears I don't think you bringing back Sammy Watkins know you really could use a guy like Sammy Watkins right about now from someone that your. New quarterback if you're gonna draft a guy can throw it to Benjamin Zeta-Jones. Dionte Thompson maybe go after Paul Richardson the guy from Seattle okay we're talking about him blow geez I forget the numbers they were speculating on him but. I think like eight million of them might be low because the risks that the receivers that are hitting the market now. The numbers being tossed around are all over 1210 million dollars a year for Sammy for Robinson and all these guys. So who's their guy. This is like the next stage of the conversation I twittered out to the college quarterback club which is. It's funny how this all played out you know we started a tax club to tell everybody when the quarterbacks played on television I would send up of tax on Saturday mornings. And I clubs still exists rile send links and articles and videos and draft breakdowns feels like I'm gonna pay more attention at a college quarterback club because. After a whole year of watching them play the bills have made moves to position themselves. To get one. And figuring out which one they like. That's. On court or took off part. No it's fun part of the fun part of the tough part to that is the fun part it gave me what a Twitter pole up which the quarterback draft prospects do you think the bills might be targeting in a trade up. Rosen to Arnold mayfield and and I have Jackson Alan Rudolph all the same because Twitter only allows you had to have four options and I think those three. Are the least likely. I maybe not I I editing wanna say who the least likely out while the Twitter. The tweeters to vote him and the three. Headed attack of Jackson Alan Rudolph is in last place OK so I don't think that's a function of how its position I think that's. But let's put it this way bills fans overwhelmingly expected to be Josh Rosen. I was surprised that it was not overwhelming it's easy to try sent earlier of surprises that hi I'm I'm not surprised it's. It's. The three guys are at the bottom Allen because of his completion percentage Lamar Jackson because people think he's not going to be a passing quarterback. And what's McAuliffe Mason Rudolph because I think most people consider him the sixth of six guys in the draft on not surprise those guys with the bottom. A thud Arnold would be at a rose and quite honestly and I and I'm not surprised mayfield would be first that think there's an element of the fan base that does worry about. He is he's too fiery he's too competitive vis a little too much swagger for me. Yeah you know I was looking for the next time I hear bigamy fields to firing too immature. Was gonna look I look for today video of Brett Favre doing the throat slashed gesture on the field the NFL made it. Against the rule is that because Brett Favre used to throat slashed his opponents at. I didn't want to trash talk guys we like getting to eat an important steps face one time at all Lawrence up and down a million times a million times are pretty low and everybody he also did the you rescind the degeneration X rosling move read through the thing deer head crossed yeah he could. I like that Brett Favre and an NFL uniform doing that to the opponents so exciting here that about baker mayfield you know. Funny guys have been out fiery. Rose and Arnold main field and I'll Rosen is out in front as who. Twitter expects the bills or would predict the bills are targeting may be Eric elk who was right. The guy from optimum scouting who we had on the show I don't know who three weeks ago because you've tweeted out the bill's love knows what these the apple of their ally and that he sees them trying to move up to get Josh Rosen Benjamin Albright says it's all for Josh Allen. A -- little less. Which I feel more nervous about Josh Joel Marino treated yesterday if they do all this for Josh Allen lord help me up I feel the same way. That they've been I'd be more nervous about Allen as the one that means. Did yours you worry that they're falling in love with a guy who control the ball into the Mexico boy yesterday what they have on yesterday and had a guy got to find it Brayton was the guest this afternoon show ahead on yesterday. He referred to Josh Allen as a pyramid scheme. The he said he doesn't get it. And he will find the contemplated some point today I was listening yesterday afternoon I think it was ten Carmen that's right that's right from Arizona can Carmen for colonel from. Cleat Cleveland thank you. Can garment from Cleveland because they're you know asked him can the bills get up to one in the bills get the four and Mike said. The trade for Taylor looks like the Michael Barkley won an Allen for ya and can karma said no chance that's not gonna do okay they're gonna take a quarterback and number one. Go ahead of them man should. That he goes on talk about Alan and this this would make sense to me. All these scouts are all these GMs are nobody on record. Is gonna tell every one that Allen's so good. But they're not gonna take Josh down there he saw at its first ever heard Josh held for two is a pyramid scheme and kind of liked it because they can't find anybody. That really thinks he's very good but everybody's gonna build them up to the media he's Higgins Alter throws it hard in this you know to come by and he while some people by thrown a ball seventy yards. Okay. Any good Senior Bowl its second half okay artery he did look good in the I would given that but it's in and stuff like I'll be the first to admit Josh on he might be great. But he makes you nervous he makes you nervous like Josh Allen here's here's one you makes me more nervous than some of the other actually here's the difference okay. If you're nervous about mayfield well the guy grabbed his crotch and planted a flag OK it or you or charge you might be nervous that he's six foot three eighths. And lost tight from the Senior Bowl to the com line. I would always shrinking it frankly about a guy shrinking yeah that would by the time the bill draft we could be 57. If but if you're nervous about mayfield it's got to be either but the height. Or the personality if you're nervous about those in my guess is you'd be nervous about personality if the concussion issues. Anyway my point is which Josh Allen if you're nervous it's hey guys the guys got a 56% completion rate like there's an. Actual football performance reason I honestly. As I said you can bring up height with mayfield the fact he's not 626364. But I bet if if you are. Leaguer if you are worried about mayfield of the bills draft him you're just worries a loose cannon and if you're worried your main concern about relative to the bills drafted him would be. This guy's really opinion dated I don't know these people are Tellme doesn't have the passion the desire to play football. It's personality driven stuff if you're worried about Josh Allen it's a football issue. It's of this guy can't hit targets he's an accurate it says it's an inaccurate and he's an actor when he played up any says he had. Horrible games when they played up in competition any says he's really accurate yeah writes that's he's inaccurate. He says he's accurate that it's his. Eight that are the problem and that can happen for sure you go to college and you have to go classy arena professional football player yet you're marketing. All of the coaching that you're gonna get what she get to the NFL level. So that's why a lot of college players coming in somewhat raw. But Alan I just I just know how people are talking about this draft and the team's draft Josh Allen its fans are going to be. May be beside themselves with the year about what this could be built quickly talk themselves into RIA he's big he's prototype he's got a rocket are. He'll coach from the work on is technique in his fundamentals and his footwork yup all that stuff. 8030 by the feds come odd man holy Moly what is going on around here and all the stuff bread and being. Is moving up the draft chart he's stockpiling assets he's clearing out cap space. This is one of the most exciting off seasons we have had eagle 30550 would be your thoughts on the Glenn trade and moving up in the draft and we'll get into the whose death good all the quarterbacks stuff so grab allied. That I do that hurt no idea I had pointed out campsite Craig you're on WG jogger right ahead. I got a title at great man. You know what I got a little animals who are fifty years old but it was it that you guys. Our every morning in crop at all year goal to work and and I'm await all the platelets that. Our children of all thought I'd love you. Beat you guys are right out at my question is. And the big college football I love watching college football and I've been keep it up badly. Oh quarterbacks that are coming out. My question is the quarterback that outlook and what the. But I wanted to know cheer me and you color what quarterback. In draft. They won the heat in a bill who's your by the way Greg who's got the you'd love. I I I want baker may feel him. I do I eat it because I think you know I don't care about is quite OK Russell Wilson and Drew Brees. Fantastic quarterback I think go all hot speaker mayfield is a leader. Eat at a Johnny Mandell Egypt cannot your mind right now I'd be going to be at. Great core back a modest yet still more plain and simple and I'll bet my idol. Yup. I'll answer like this try oh give you creative way to as this you don't mind. I think of them like vacation spots in this what I mean that I don't you know Rosen darn old mayfield. And Lamar Jackson to a degree to him those are like to meet Caribbean. Spots that I would just just to me that the mere mention of going there sounds great Josh Allen's like like maybe like Boise. It could be great but your real work but I soon as I got to go to Boise have Iger and ours was. Yeah like a man I don't awful go to Boise. Now could be beautiful you're willing Boise I could you don't well once I'm going to Boise you have no China choice and I might fall look at that idea once I'm actually invoice in the you know what this is not better. All okay. Mason Rudolph is like going to. Don't say anything bad about it let's go to Syracuse and I looked like there today for vacation tonight. The nice trip no offense I would picture cases that they Katie ice picks in place have never I haven't been before it could be Saint Louis OK okay. Middle America I could see the arch sure there's some stuff going on there them but. To me like picking which guy you want is about which one actually excites you because. Evaluate and who's going to be good is really difficult so who what I love to see the bills uniform Rosen. Mayfield. Jackson Donald door com. The thing about Arnold and I had a couple people asked me how can we don't talk about him more he didn't throw to com line and he doesn't ever saying anything violent at. As I said I hadn't thought about him because I'd always and I would I've always been thinking he's going one to Cleveland and the bills are getting up to one. And you know the browns a shouldn't trade out of one. And the browns beat shouldn't take anything but a quarterback at one I honestly don't think about I mean I've I've watched the whole bunch USC games. I I watched Arnold probably as much or more than any of the other quarterbacks but I haven't really thought about it because through this entire process I keep thinking. He's the guy with the upside he's the guy that everybody talks about it in glowing terms. Without flaws you know the point out his his loop in his delivery holds all the Maloney had turnovers this year. I just always spot Donald's gone one to Cleveland in the bills or get up to one so I really don't think about Arnold I think about the other five guys. My draft starts at two. Can the bills get to two or three how high can they gave up get up. And I would say I like Rosen you know. He's not Disney World like Disney World there would be the out that the really exciting vacation. But I'd say Rosen is you know a week in Florida mets' spring training. Which I would be very happy to do. So I like Rosen if it's mayfield I love I'm as the season went on. You couldn't help but fall in love more and more and more every time you watch baker mayfield play. It's electrifying if they draft baker may feel I'll be happy if they get rose and it's a different thing it may abstracted there's a different balls level there's just a difference between. Signing. I don't make him Terrell Owens but yeah he's he's more interest yet and meet its its its Rosen BI. I liked this guy it's a really good choice mayfield is just. I mean it's just it's a whole different sideline that you know side story whenever that comes with baker mayfield so. Yeah rows and be the guy you know that's that's the guy I'd I'd like if they go up and get him great. I think we covered this question who. Yeah he asks who we want and it changes. Today I wake up and it's. Rosen tomorrow mentally competence mayfield pro football talk reporting that. A source with knowledge of the talks expects case Keenan is going to get between eighteen and twenty million per year. How many years is it that sounds like a move from a team it's not drafting a quarterback. Here's the thing on casino getting all that money in something about Elway. They. John Elway poll fame quarterback from. Proof that you don't really know what's happening when you're drafting quarterbacks. And they're gonna pay case keen on eighteen to twenty million dollars because they have a feeling for a baseline. And they don't get a feeling like that for anybody in the draft. Well supposedly an answer now supposedly they did have some contact with Kirk cousins camp yesterday. They won't want to care Ortiz not gonna get and I think they felt that either they were going to be that they. Kind of felt I I assume they can't afford. Like whatever offer they were going to make. Was not going to be good enough for cousins and they are going to be willing to go where some of the other teams are going there to report that. We mentioned in the update that Arizona's willing to offer five years and 145 million dollars there are reports that. Minnesota. And the jets ma I think it was the jets maybe it was. One of them was gonna be doing like a fully guaranteed conduits like three years 91 million we gotta talk hire only guarantee which has never. Being done at this is the NFL that's the restricted free agent offer sheet me NHL yeah that is that the move that as soon as that happens. The teams can't win when you're GMs are going to be the owners are gonna get really mad at that bright as you just never guarantee a contract fully. 8030515. We all let's open let's go to Carlsbad to let it talk to you your GM is moving up in the draft according clinch and be glad where they can knock glad where that you thought you know you can still have a really good offensive line recording gladly gives your thoughts on that. Move up to twelve. Are in now convinced that they're going up even higher than that to get the quarterback they desire. And whatever else is on your mind free agency. Drafted guys whatever we're here all morning and ready to talk to you NCA tournament bond is planned that I whatever else you wanna discuss. 8030550.