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Tuesday, March 13th

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I'll go bungee ills. Go bungee don't sound gut punch yields down coupons GO. I'll go Ponzi don't sound good Lazio on WGR. Sound coming up in the moment you don't real fun you can join us. If your reaction to the trade according Glen and the bills moving up from 121 to twelve. In the first round. And whether you're convinced the brand mean is. Headed for another move up inside the top ten inside the top five. 8030550. Join us plus free agency is that contact period is underway were always talking about the draft we got to college basketball tournament. Starting tonight with the bodies playing UCLA so a lot to grab a line and talk about and we are going to the no we're not going to be too. Cell has left us he'd dead he's boycott of the show. And has decided he never wants to demolish again because he hates our guts. We're gonna get two of the second. 8030550. To join us Dallas brought to us by outlet Laker need to stock up shop New York's only outlet liquor I thought maybe you were never coming out this against now. That's okay like you guys OK I was just telling everybody you believe I would tell him what he hated our guts and that you never wanted to Marlins again. Copyright you're ready Iraq general and herbs semi on time so okay. I hated the clock are let's start according glad. Sal. And I'll be honest we you know we we we jockey other day about it yesterday actually about Tyrod and I said. I wasn't convinced Brandon being would be able to trade Tyrod Taylor. Honestly. I wasn't convinced he was going to be able trade according glad let's start there with the just trade of Puerto Glen what you think about moving him off of the roster. Well and for the second time in 72 hours the bills traded a player they had no intention of keeping it when he eighteen. I think courting. Let me be. It would have been on the roster more chance that the Tyrod Taylor because he is a valuable piece of the office of line and he has a pretty big contract number of the cap hit. But they never had any intention really having according Glenn once the Dawkins proved to be a capable left tackle and accordingly could not get on the field as the season went on a they've always wanted to move out according let me try chopping according Glen before last season let the trade deadline and this was a move I think that. Was really coming at some point just didn't know what I expected maybe this would happen more towards draft night. I would suspect that it could be part of a move up in the draft order gain extra draft picks but. The fact is for them to go as high as they want in the draft it was always gonna take to move you guys know that we've said I've said it many times there was no way any team. Is going from 23 or 421. You have to make. Two moves and this is the impetus to really get up to the top five of the draft I'm absolutely convinced this is what the bills are gonna. Yeah as we Jerry are talking about the south so here here's what happened yesterday. First I see the story that while they traded according glad I didn't think they gonna be able to do that Bono got like fourth round pick whatever. And then the few minutes later you see what they they show a lot first round picks and erupt twelve and I was in party mode right there. Yeah I totally understand that according Glenn is a good football player who's young. And he can help any team in this league if he's healthy the bagels just gonna have to know. That he's healthy they're gonna have to know and he convinced that he's going to be able to play. But it if you're a Cincinnati fan. And you need a left tackle this is a good got to have a look at it they dropped out the first round I mean they drop down I don't know their situation specifically. But they drop down nine spots that that's that's a pretty decent drop what they're getting a real. Player are also picking up a really big cap on the flip side. Yeah the bills are going to have to eat some money here in the cap this year a lot of money they're gonna get a little bit of relief. But my goodness guys what does this team do it for 2019 because of that suddenly the bills have close to a hundred million dollars available cap space you know it's what ninety after they clear the decks from all the debt money this year this is a this is one of those short term slash long term. Moves for the bills where they have the short term mine because they're trying to get up this Isaak and the draft I'm convinced that. But they also are doing this for a long term because they are they are really loaded for next year as far as money's concerned. I was looking at him do you talk about reshaping the roster and reshaping your contracts in your cap. You know Sammy is Dontarrious is gone Tyrod Taylor is gone and now according Glenn and you look at their top five pick the guys of the five highest cap numbers for next season. Two guys are in a one year deal. In cog NATO and Benjamin and the other three guys only have two years left on their contract cues McCoy and who's the other guy it escapes me at the top of my head. Like so there rebellion in in terms of cap and where they can go in the future being is creating some flexibility in their in great shape. Yeah I mean this is something I started. You guys know we talked about it last draft last draft night. Last year's draft excuse me. The deal to give strategies and I said look I I believe this deal really is about getting their preachers court next year. And take off these days any blocking experts that run Darby for three ultimately. Africa and replenish Tyrod. Every side has its view for really eleven months now. This team is gonna do what ever it takes to get their freezers quarterback wrote about it that each year fight that the dot com if if you or convinced. Previously by having two picks in each of the first three rounds. You have to be convinced now this is why they're doing this I'd be I'd be stunned at least it's well. In this draft to take it in. Where they are now their gonna try to do whatever they can mean at this point. I would not be shocked if they had designs and getting all the way to the top I don't think they're going to policy it is. I don't know how high they wanna go but they can pretty much goes is they want now and what they want. Yeah I was looking at the point that there are so many different points charts out there for draft value and all that other stuff but state that it's it's. Really you you can reach the formula going up to two quite easily right now when you don't have to mortgage the 20191. And there even some computations were you might go to hang on to 22 overall this year. Or or you move enough picks and you'd still have one pick you can trade up to Q and still have. One picking each of the rounds 23456. So because they have all the section stopped around two and three well. I do think it's a bit I do think it's a bit dangerous though to start just using the numerical formulas because. This is not like any old draft you know this is gonna be different they're more teams that want the money and and it's more likely that. One team is really hell bent on getting one guy yeah I might not be the bills might be a team that just. Needs to get baker mayfield like Dick about how committed Kansas City was to getting Patrick Holmes right. You know I gave him first to a 717 spots almost anybody else did they loved him for two years though they've been tracking for two years so. The the draft chart I agree though if it's definitely much more believable now sell the question is are the teams there motivated. Yeah that's right but look there's no way I I think what clearly happened here to me is. They've had conversations with the giants with the colts whoever it is in those teams have said look we're actually now. On late we can't do that. Yet we're sitting here pretty right it's worth two or three there's no way. Get in the top 1213. Let's talk Mary and you get to there. We shall we can justify. Moving down at that point so you write about that you guys remember. What I wrote back in January about how I had this thing makes it all the bills could maybe get a top five in the and it could still keep there their bull. Execute keep number 22 or thought that was possible. But this is kinda the way it would have to happen in a slightly out which was you'd have to basically will opt in since it wasn't he identified because to me it seems like it's in the. Okay that probably packets at quarterback. They're probably are they are pretty cool at their roster. I didn't according and it's part of it but the second part of the deal now to do that now that they're at twelve what I wrote about the second part of that would be. I'm going to four in my scenario. And saying. They could trade twelve and 56 to Cleveland for like 4161. You can do that and still keep 22 I don't think bill because it would juries that is right. Because investor. Because of the quarterbacks. I don't think that's possibly probably have to available for Schroeder's. Salad this on the AT&T hotline if got any questions you want to share an opinion on that the Glen trade the draft talk. Free agency to which you wanna get too as well with the contact period under way 8030550. To join us sort. 888550. To 550. Sao Dion Dawkins I mean you know if you're a fan of the trade it can be for a number of reasons. One of them would be you're not worried about losing a good left tackle in courting Glen because you're confident the undock and will be able to step in and beat the guy at left tackle. I was operating almost as a given on that so tell me about the undock and stepping in and now taking over that job. This is risky new let me look they. They have a left tackle last year who did some really nice things he has not played the level according to land according to tell. According healthy he's one of the better left tackles in the league. I would say this yet docket surprise a lot of people including myself with the way he acclimated himself who was able to handle that spot but he certainly was not an. An all pro by any stretch of the imagination he was just good enough speed he did a good enough job. But he's also going into his second year he's going to be a rookie contract. And he did such a nice job that they feel really comfortable with him going. Going into his second year he a lot of experience last year so. Yeah when they're both healthy according gland is the better left tackle that doesn't mean that the Dawkins can't be couple according Glenn was within the next few years I mean that's why you get this court he started his rookie year. He was good. And then my second year or all like hey this is a franchise left tackle. Maybe that's the idea docket so welcoming there's risk involved in this move there's always going to be there's no doubt about that. Also say they're pretty thin on the office of winery now guys I mean you think about it. They only have DN Dawkins Jordan mills. In Conner McDermott under contract at tackle now that doesn't help the guys that couple reserves. At the end the year. So there'd be in the market here for a left tackle at some point and I don't know you just wanna go get one in the drafting you count on those guys I need to know what they think about Conner McDermott they might really like them and thinking it's our right tackle. But at some point after that that you think about. Eric what is gone right Roy is your best swing and he steps in the center. Who'll Wear your backup guard coming from your back up interior guy because you got glad you got John Miller I don't know where how that shakes out there have to add. A couple linemen here I I wrote about some things heavier pocket dot com a week ago Jeremy adjustments and injured or will he was on that list. The bills are gonna get and he's gonna be the highest paid guard in the league what's he goes to Jacksonville. But that was a guy gonna buy the other guy had analysts and I'll tell you. Chris Hubbard name that I would not be surprised he's 27. Yes starting exportable art and tackle the Pittsburgh Steelers the Steelers really want to keep on let. You know he's gonna go to the market can probably be a little pricey but there there's that there's got to be a guy like that they're probably had to be judged it. So you mentioned Conner McDermott knew what they think of them. One person likes Connery German is Josh Rosen. They're friends ex former teammates friends and last time we talked to Brandon mean he had said he had extent it. Lengthy conversations. And any kind of back off but he stop these things well not that long but he said he had been seriously think that happened he said you lengthy conversations with comic they're trying. You know ask about Josh get to know Josh. The thing were wondering today in bowl probably wonder for the next seven weeks is which Gatti think they like. There have been reports about Rosen has there been reports about Alan. You know and by reports I guess I mean rumors because. People don't put their name on this kind of stuff. What do you think like who are ivory Clark it's always been my opinion is as long as we've been watching these guys that if they can have anyone who wants Sam Arnold. Soul that's where I'm gonna stay. Because. I think they've value makeup and personality and personality fit and of course he's got you know he's got the skill to may be woo them. Do you have a hunch do you have a feeling dirty yet they are you still just kind of trying to feel about. I have no no it's told me this and reporting it when he mistaken for that but if I had it on I think it would be rose. I think that he's considered. The most talented quarterback in this draft and I think they want the most talented guy. It it doesn't surprise me it should say it's shouldn't be equipped its anyone. These moves are happening after the come mine with a can finally sit down with these guys talk that. Maybe that puts them over the top for a guy like Rosen who. Obviously has the personality it's a question marks that you wanna make sure so now you get those question marks out of the way you make sure that's the guy you want. And then you start making these moves after you do that but it but Jeremy I mean it could be Arnold. It can be Allen and I don't think you do this view that hyper bakery field but maybe that's the guy like I have no idea but I my hunch right now tells me maybe rose. Do you think that any reports about who they like let's consider how they used to be you know they leak things before verse is to be leak things now. The Bengals trade Vick came out of the vandals right Cincinnati. Media got that first so I think they run a pretty tight ship over there and I wonder if bring in bean is the kind of in a Wheeler dealer they can trade to assets. That they were gonna have on their team next year more than likely is he also the kind of guy that can block relief well. Question now. We'll see all that works out you know they were. They did exactly tell us that grey there what they're gonna do it Tyrod Taylor but their their their words spoke pretty loudly right I mean they were never really shy about letting everybody knows it. Tyrod wasn't going to be part of their plants and when he AT and a lot of great things to say about over the never committed to a you know they could have been laughing and said yeah I mean our budget he's part of organ failures big part of our future they never said. Anything like that and I don't know I'm not necessarily saying it's got to go down that road. But I think that if you really pay attention you might fail to find some things but I don't think. That's really going to get out of as a outplayed now we're still guessing here a month before the draft. Then we'll probably still be doing that and as we get closer you'll get a good feel if they jump up into the top five. I think that's when you're gonna find out people start to really realize because that's when those. Those really the card in in that type of you know stuff starts coming out of their super interest in the guy and they're gonna do their. So much due diligence Sammy Watkins has signed with the chiefs. Got Ian Rapoport reports of three a three year deal Sammy Watkins to the cheeks. So that and the Sammy come back to buffalo that that would EI and that gives Patrick Holmes of big weapon that that they need so watch in this chiefs there's some talk that maybe get a one year deal you know just kind of figure out what's going on May be drive value up again until three years he could probably do that again I mean three years is not a heating use nuclear option picked up so he's had a long career. Sobel Alan Robinson and Sammy Watkins read your three year deals and Robinson got 42 Rappaport referred to watch gains as the top free agent receiver. So we'll CD gets more than 42 worker gets in the same ballpark at Watkins. He's gone to the shops a sixteen million a year six Rappaport saying. Citing sources saying it's roughly sixteen million dollars a year which is about what is what cell with a fifth year option would have been like fourteen. Arrow right here so this is the proper value for Sammy Watkins mean that the chiefs are box score scouting that he didn't release. Put up huge numbers with the rams. They know all the weapons that he is in fact last time he played against that you see Lamar pretty well all right a little. Whether rob is gonna happen Tyreke he'll opposite yeah actions that. That's that's pretty Chelsea right now the metal idol sugar and and the running game with the kid from Toledo again very hot cream hunt. So he got a little more than Alan Robinson in the ground about forty movies yet upstart team it's over all their rosters she's done this thing out you know they really. They've really overhauled the roster you think about what they did markets Peters Alex I had been bothered us now so this is it's an existing chiefs team logic that a nice job here to try it really revamp themselves are good for me in a if I had great I'm glad that he found a spot that really. Lights and valued him and I think this is really nicely spot young quarterback and he can grow with. I think it back on is going to be good Biloxi and by the way I never leave Jack signs me. Even all that mental and and well and all that while at Watkins want to why did you ever go to a team with a coach says he wishes he could never throw it like. And why yeah. It's the door locked out after allegedly when they traded up 4 AM played him in the pre season when he had banged up Reyes would have and why would you want to play for the guy next question sell them to get to bolster appear on holding on the bills I think the bills. Desperately need receive help nine dole. That some are hoping that Kelvin Benjamin turns out to be true number one I'm not exactly optimistic about that Mickey's ice red zone target and can be a good player for them and say Jones can be a nice player but I think they need a guy. Like a Sammy Watkins. It does have this really be that much money may be draft picks somewhere along the way that tie I wonder about cam Meredith to. Can't merited his aide relatively big receiver that had a good rookie season in Chicago got hurt. Right he battled pretty serious leg injury they've put a tender on him that is the original draft spot which is on drafted. So. I just want all they have all the right for right. So if the bills were to turn poach a guy like that you signed him the bears who just paid a ton of money to Al Robinson might say well. You know here's Europe. Receiver that. Yes sure we don't know him that much I just wonder if it's what the bills will do in free agency receiver Paul Richardson marquee sleeve you know Taylor Gabriel like there are options out there and I'm I'm really hoping that the bills are. Are thinking about. Free agency and draft pick it receiver because I think there that lacking. Yeah out only fourteen games last year came Meredith had close to 900 66 catches and that's with. Mr. risky you know they had basically what they have a quarterback really all year out much much mystique about it later so. You know he's nice guy that I wrote about that identified in my column was Paul Richards. Paul Richardson's knee would fit exactly what the bills it downfield threat they need speed at wide receiver here say they need a guy they can get behind the past that threaten the defense. On a consistent basis there's nobody on this office right now that what a defensive coordinator goes to game plan he says quote we have to stop from getting behind us that's that's what he would represent. And now he has had injuries early in his career. He's 26 years old. But last year he really had basically kind of his coming out party 703 yards sixteen yards a catch which was top ten in the league. I'd be fine when Meredith I'd be fine Paul Richardson. We'll see I think they do have to get into the free agent market though for a wide receiver at some point and less. And lest it feel rod streeters that guy I think that's dangerous again going down that road and they're gonna draft somebody an outrage or. Because there are gonna be value guys in this draft later at wide receiver there's just not that high end guy. I guess a couple of it is it's not like some drafts in the past. Me get to as Jacob out in Sacramento bureau with Sally are WGR a red Jacob. It McCall thanks. A I just want to kind of event definitely self said he was talking about the possibly trading out needy. With the giants are grounder cold anywhere in the top either. What do you think about the possibility of them. Instead of trading bowl this year trading one this year and one next year so there was still have. 221 round this do you think one of those teams in the spot would consider doing things like that. Any time people bring this up I would I always think. If find the other team YMI interest in doing that there's one reason to do it you think the bills are gonna happen they're gonna slide back right. You think that next year's bills pick will be higher than 22. Do you think that let you think that's what the bill so can't sit. No all but that was a team that. Mean the bills are getting an extra for that there are choosing between a first rounder this year and a first rounder and next year. In this case it's you want to when he June this year or wherever the bills are picking up next year if you're the other team. What are you thinking there. Well I think it's it's had that job security to right I mean like if you are if you're the colts. And your credit re setting you might want to hear you might say like welcome Chris Ballard is gonna get fired in frank writes if fired. So maybe that's something they feel they can do. Maybe that's why the bills that with the election have to stick where they were it's time to be patient or next year to be here a couple years I think it depends on. Who is running the team over the giants do that. And the jackets because. Get on the need to win now he feels like he does at least because this team that was ready made. It really under achieved last year so I don't think he's gonna say I LT picks actually wants. Improve his roster as quickly as possible just light probably accurate quarterback. Roll eyes so it depends who is running team what their jobs curious. We get to Matt in Albany X Matt you're always sell here on WG jogger right ahead. They sell high you know I'm a huge fan man and I'm sort of a date when you have your drought during the week. I should work. However he's had a busy and that's that's that's that's I just got a question about road and I understand he's like you know it's probably up our quarterback out there. But one thing I never really hear people are benign at Stratton. He spoke to lose series can cautions that amnesty bill and I remember. Saying that they come around on top of each other. He comes from a lot of money you know he's got other interest my biggest fear is that if you get another concussion or two in the NFL. You might call it quit the early in his career and then it like that where does that leave us and just. I'm always hearing what caucus about help build spent a lot of Rosen and it's like. I did wish you know you know I hope more people are given that far and I just want to know your thoughts were about it. It's something I've brought many times about is the second part of that as much concussions but. Some exit several times as with all the seat east up not related specifically make a plea for years a lot of money say. I want a public office someday your stomach that he's a thoughtful guy he does best interest but again let's go back to. That's what the cop might export it start to feel for these guys that's like these guys have talked to everybody like McDermott like there. College coach Weis will coach was in. I don't know I think that everybody wants rose in your bills and there are a lot of people want another player Roger. Sure and just rose. I would also say this like any time I hear Willie got two concussions which NFL quarterback doesn't. You know comedy is Ben Roethlisberger at seven how it is Tyrod Taylor have an appeal to say tell he had to last year. Mean they can Peter and suffered a concussion and that's been the colts game so he's one away from Josh Rosen. I think I understand like he's you might be concerned he decides to hang it up. But I can be true of anybody who was niners player of the linebacker that hung it up in just Patrick Willis certainly think you know crew. Critics don't interment he had no weird that you just walked Chris Borland in Chris Borland and the bills had a guy sell was it. Yes lined back linebacker JH area. Egypt partly AJ sharply I think when you drafted that guy you probably thought. This guy loves football need probably still does love football so I I understand the concern it's really tough to figure out what to do with that. A quick I was correct that's where I apologize instantly Lester that injury it was two years ago yet yours on my apologies that I am human I do make mistakes and times thank you for all the view I'll point out well tell this is why you don't have your own show yet I'm gonna. Well I. I can't I think it's ever happened to anybody else out there but. I looked is 2016 members of my apologies he was hurt last year but the but the point remains the same that he did it without a really good. Yeah quarterback. If you want to if you wanna get to this show. You gotta make a lot more mistakes than one a day you got you go along way to catch up to me man he did it with Kotler than ha. Civilian experience would like a jerk core backseat that while the Rosen have a connection I'm kidding. I'm kidding I. Eight real quickly plug the off season tracker. Yang and Keenan looks like you could ever catching a lot to let's I think audit and ask you about him you know that well let's just say the big key that will be. What term they give them money. Supposedly at what Denver's gonna do here. Are just gives I'm sorry in Europe sell the that we haven't seen term but pro football clock. Treated out there hearing an average value of eighteen to twenty per season but no term at this point but probably. It's it looks like it would be a short term deal. It's still in the market that. I think they're still in the market I mean I can't believe I hope they say we I am not drafted a guy. I have not thought at all this offseason that they would draft a quarterback I've always thought they would go free agent because it's the John Elway playbook I'm good enough to win now yeah. I'm gonna I'm gonna take a quarterback in that allows me to either trade down to get a couple extra picks I can use now or take. The best available player on the board to help my roster. Good just that's fine it's one less team I got to worry about it think that in order to take a quarterback. Plug the off season tracker south. Are actually go to the PG our fight to the dot com book market retreated out yesterday. Everything is there from the bills free agency they side who leads to go somewhere else all that trades reported as of right now. All their re reserve futures sank so far everything is on there it's those freed tracker I try to update daily but bringing him in the way he's move it can make it challenging for. This year and I it's now we're gonna be in touch thanks guys all right salads on the AT&T hotline brought you by now that liquor need to stock up. Shop New York's only outlet Laker front holding on we are talking about the according Glenn trade. The impact of the move up to twelve for the bills who feel like Glenn trader not a iPod. I assume most of you're happy when it. But I should you know I'm sure there's. One person whose word about the offensive lines like put up a web Paul the WGR 550 dot com feed about what to think of the Glen trade love it. Cleared cap space moved up to twelve or no Glenn no load I'm worried about our offensive line. We're talking about that we're talking about trading up quarterbacks. Free agency you can know share an opinion on Sammy Watkins is gonna go to the Kansas City Chiefs chiefs are on schedule next year they are now and they're not that would have been fun. 8030550. To join us here's your court seeking to quit tauzin box text credit. 272881. And that mortgage in the running and our national win cash contest it's very easy tax credit CRE. DIT. To 72881. You have until 8 o'clock to do that message and data rates may apply. But if you text did you have a shot at the 1000 dollar prize as we continue to play our national when cash contest. Couple more code words coming up without more this afternoon which opened Bulldog were planned all this month. On WG. Yeah. Florida acquire our campers Damien tight like for Josh McCown type player. Or focal point type player like again these are not supposed to be named it. Buffalo Bills it should be super inspired by the idea is merely that like you're looking for a guy that is not what the BH. Correct we rookie quarterback to be a long term starter. But ultimately it all gonna cost a ton of money that might be the area the target as opposed to AM wrapped her four. In a gimmick care and or. Goodell maybe even a Mike collided. Still gates and ESPN nominates yesterday talked about free agents free agent possibilities bills quarterback. You can scratch case keep them off your list if you were in in case skiing and we'll get to that and a second you can also take courted let off the bills' roster. Traded to the Cincinnati Bengals. The two teams also swapped their first round pick so the bills go to twelve in Cincinnati goes to 21. They'll set a fifth round of the Bengals they got since c.'s sixth round pick in the deal as well so now. They'll have two picks in each of the first three rounds. And one pick in each rounds four through six Sammy Watkins has a new home reportedly going to the Kansas City Chiefs in rap port now tweeting out final. Terms of the deal three years 48 million dollars thirty million dollars fully guaranteed at finding. Are you surprised by those numbers gets a liar and I thought again I'm not surprised by that at all now I nobody I try to get a little bit less the other day I I would be talking like around thirteen and I super talented receiver there at Illinois it's absolutely. Tough to deal with and makes the team better by signing and so I am thirty million fully guaranteed. For Sammy Watkins L Robinson got three years 42 million. So that's going right for a number one receiver but be about sixteen million dollars mean if Watkins ensign is. Fifth year tender what do men. Fifteen with Portland was like fourteen deaths so not surprised at all and I I think it's a nice move for the chiefs of if they of the room to do it. So watch in science the jaguars get Andrew nor well they guarantee him. Thirty million dollars a year case cure the Broncos are going to be official details on those numbers yet but that's like what eighteen to twenty according to little small talk yeah that's who they treated out. So there ego that we have our offseason tracker to track everything it WGR 550 dot com it's been an exciting offseason here. I liked it this is much more fun in the NHL trade deadline by the way honest stuff going on I expect more announcements. As the day comes along I thought this one. I woke up at 3 in the morning and checked to see if the bills and traded up again. But that's. Adam Chester had a report about case Keenan and it hit me like you know what a lot of these teams and agents and players are gonna be having dinner in talks late into the night. And then first thing in the morning it's gonna get out who signs where texts or writes how these guys signing before Wednesday they're not there are green but they're not sign. And does this that Connor rogers' history as I was thinking the same thing Sammy got sixteen what's Beckham gonna get. 1818119. To twenty sure. Mean look what Mike Evans got Mike Evans got 555382. Was it 35 guaranteed occur. Yeah so. O'Dell's gonna be the highest paid guy would think. 8030550. Does get some calls and some folks wanna share some opinions on the Glenn train on the quarterback on moving up to twelve. Curtain negatives into peculiar on WG jogger right ahead. Morning guys and actually there are okay it it says dirt on the screen and I thought it was that type also blame me. I'll not know our old. One exaggerator opinion on. The way these quarterbacks and as far as like mayfield. And Arnold. How they dropped back from point where they get the ball. The point where it they release it. As far as like who in your opinion. There are more similar to and yet all right now notebook and that I like yesterday and I have. Look that many highlights. The. There were a lot of drop backs a lot of the stuff was in shotgun I mean I know Rosen took some snap I don't have a breakdown for your girt Rosen took some snaps under center. But a lot of the stuff was in shotgun for these guys. That that's what I meant and that that was ours. Little book as far as start locals watch as well he looked impact Billick air out on Clayton blew my mind or economy curious on. It certainly will go home think they've got. I'm gonna guess that the play that Arnold. Do you saw remind your Aaron Rodgers with him throwing on the run. Upgrade that that's the thing that Arnold does. Incredibly I'll be better than the other guys in the class yes yes or throwing on the run he's mobile enough. He's not gonna be talked about as you know are crazy the athlete but just like Rodgers on the run very precise. Yeah I hit the he's very good at keeping plays alive so mayfield I think in a different way I don't have any I don't have any comes forward I can't tell you that I. I've watched all these guys play and like I honestly couldn't I've never really good about comparing like I you could watch like kid's play College Hockey and go this guy reminds me of I'm not if you have one Jeremy go ahead and I'd really good at that. Tell me I try to avoid them again I think that they I don't have one for you do a disservice to trying to tell you what guys like because. In this this is an example like Tony growth see who covers the browns in Cleveland has decided that baker mayfield is Johnny Mans up. And every single thing the baker mayfield does he says you know wealth to that giant Johnny men's. So once you decide that you're gonna make a comparison you can kind of ruin your ability to be objective so. You know what they remind yup. That's different you know I can't tell you that Arnold plays like Aaron Rodgers but that play surely if like in my head that I can see. But I don't wanna consistently tell you that he does things that are Rogers like. People say that Rosen like Kotler why. Because. He what he always sends them a movie guy I don't get that one what else about Jake color a men sell men's Ellen baker may feel I watched them in college each of them in college they're very different. Mean I don't ammerman Zell calmly moving about the pocket and throwing downfield yeah I remember him being. A crazy play making he would run basket case he was a dynamic player when he threw Mike Evans all the time this soul. Are there comparisons sure. You're gonna have of course get the Lamar Jackson comparison to Michael Vick because that they play a similar brand I guess but like I don't like to do that. I think Jackson's better in the pocket then most people given credit for is much better than Josh Allen. At a good here's why it's dangerous because I would of Mason Rudolph. At times I won't hear a Ben Roethlisberger comparison why it's easy at all and he's not the most mobile guy he can move around the pocket he can escape. But he's not a big time. Runner but Andy Andy's got the frame and the size of a guy like Roethlisberger OK but then if you give me that comparison amen and amen automatically translate into a you'd think he's going to be Roethlisberger holy crap the bill should go draft Mason Rudolph so. I only look at the guys and I tell you whether I like what I see from them or not I I don't typically. Watch a player and say who had who I think he's going to be in a project out to be so like that's why I'm sorry girl I just don't have guys to compare for you but. I can tell you about which guys I like I just don't have any NFL comps to to match up with them. 8030515. To join us. The. Tony in New York City you're on WG jogger right add. Good morning good morning are there I think I think the last air during the he's been pretty good and who are. Arnold I'd at where you that you think there are the bad bet for buffalo or at least in terms Bob McDermott personality. I'm I think we're side arm hair I think there may be moved back to make it opposite Arnold. I really like me they'll certainly I think vote that their personality crap with art but it McDermott. And our our front office but what worries me. Doctor Ellen I think there are they're they're up on Margaret are physical they play him off you know I think the only quarterback. Our first round but I am. That that were being fired are so that the world Greg our I think the giants might buy it on a leopard next year. We know that they're gonna probably. I'd make what I have brought it our but it bat belt this year has their part in a bit tonight we are it's your move out. Our average person out here are your head start on our our. I have a marker. All right. L the only guy lieutenant Chan's its troop in some of the stuff. There's attention and there's he's six foot five he throws it seventy miles an hour. There was seven yards in the top seven yards come by and. The Darnell podcast remember you bring that yeah I was one of the reasons why you always felt. Like the way he sounds in the way he talks you thought that's a guy the bills would like the personality of Arnold is something that would seem to match up well fit if you will. With what Brandon being in and Sean McDermott might be looking for their quarterback yeah it sort of with the giants you might be right NBA they are apparently all in with the Eli for this year show may be a tune up your moving up from twelve to two and you you got to give me or twelve he can hang on to 22 this year. And given your one next year that might be sucked the giants should be interest today and because they might be moving on from mile in 2019 and looking for some more picks at that point in round one. Worth it absolutely worth the that the call I'm sure they've been taught I would assume that and talked the day government and trying to see with a giant changed it and how. Far down the giants would be willing to drop in the draft 80305 picked John struggling I'm gonna get more recalls and according Glenn trade bill grew up twelve. Free agency period somebody. Moments signings agreements are coming out this morning including Sammy Watkins to Kansas City and get your thoughts and on that true. What a line call of the day coming up in just a moment. Blogs what are reminder about our watch parties the attorney starts tonight. By the way we'll have all the first four games tonight and tomorrow night on ESPN 1520. But join us on Thursday for our 515 game time triple watch party from noon to seven. Will be at three different locations Jack masters in the gallery evolves and Torres on transit road. And 716 in the harbor synergy get a five dollar and fifty cent pint of death 550 game time. Plus if you're at Jack pastors or the I'm centauri is transit road location. You can also enter to win a fifty inch roku TV courtesy of dirt cheap TVs to get our 515 game time triple watch party. Thursday from noon to seven by the way any day is a good day when it comes to 515 game time here. Disturbing. Are charred almost. Serbian I don't know but. Our general manager. It all over twenty years we've been waiting for or charged quarter well to be out of your former users we've been waiting for a offers. They're ordered the capability. And it got some more immediate sale to do what they're got the bill or give us their quarterback. There'd be here you are com swagger and it has your start everything off and you're a general manager repair Roy Moore. From gulf and everywhere are being. Are you only so I ought to do. There are over yet but they're all fired all of better. Whiner line. In all its glory. Our call that a lot of what brought you by the Khmer group. Line made easy the from everybody that we gets bare foot missed Gado just 899 for a 750 milliliter bottle it is only five dollars each when you buy two. During premieres dollar sale it's also brought to buy prepared gourmet Buffalo's craft your destiny. So why are we hearing nick falls enable them more. Coming devious theory that. And FL coaches should be afraid of nick pulls. Because. If I'm a coach. And I train for nick foals and the net to give money yeah. And I don't win the Super Bowl. I'm the idiot. Nick pulls on the Super Bowl yeah. You know it's it's not exempt so doesn't look good right it's not exactly Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl nick Fultz came in at. And the Eagles in the span of three weeks turn and I'm determined turned him into a really good looking quarterback in any won the Super Bowl MVP there he doubt it's amazing how he was shaky when he first got the job. And then by the time he hit the conference captured game we look at that amazing so if you are the cardinals new trade for nick pulls your Steve Wilkes and your offensive coordinator doesn't get the best out of him. You look stupid it's you know if you put this way if you are coach that wins the Super Bowl he made for life right. If you don't win it again your team's not good to quarterbacks not good if you're cornerback you don't necessarily get the same treatment but. Recent C the fact that we all watched him slay the patriots. Day and it Buick you could've told me a year ago can skins can make twenty million dollars a year priority said new not on based on what I saw against the bills when he was with the rams now. In case keep him if he flames out it will be well that was just a flash in the pan yet. But if nick pulls goes to another team gets paid big in flames out. The coach asked aware that a little bit more I think logic is sinking in which Justin wasn't sustainable weight there was Minnesota it was a perfect storm he had mean it is they had been receivers seemed ready said for foals but it just. It hits you differently like if you if instead of balls you take AJ McCarron. You know there isn't a section of your fan base it's predicting. The super welcomed it and have it and it would polls and not enough decision darts at anyone to think full is going to win the Super Bowl there'll be. Fans of the team that acquire false let's say that the bills acquire falls and they go six and ten yeah. The offensive coordinator is going to be well that this thing would happen in the cross I mean you're viewed here in Denver hey we know pat Sherman made the sky look good why can't you wherever the office of court there is for France Joseph these days. He didn't win the Super Bowl yeah. He scored seven points on the road a playoff game. The Phillies are seven he put up a ton in the conference champs to game against the world and they won on a fluke play it did pretty good points and game two they were going to be one and done via. They can win the Super Bowl didn't win the MVP and cut. But sure I mean you can you get one of these guys your fans are expecting at least forty did. I'm just not a big fan of nick falls like wouldn't go in with that with the expectations that high would let another trade stuff to go get nick so you don't like him. And if you bring them on board. I wouldn't know the fans some are your fans are gonna think. Super Bowl MVP Tim not me. 80305. At the age. And as you're on owning a gun opened segment coming up when he gets some of your calls as we talk about the according Glenn trade. And move it up for a quarterback the bills are now at 1212. And 22. In the first round of the NFL draft after this swapping a pick to the Bengals yesterday. So we're talking about moving up and but you are a 100% convinced. The brand and being has another move left him in left in him to move up even further. To get that quarterback report go to break we have. Tickets to giveaway. Two. Goes she Dirks Bentley with special guest Brothers Osborne. That's going to be at the Darien lake camp theater Saturday August 4 been indicted prizes fifty dollars courtesy of live nation general contest rules apply. What a call now on China Winston tickets dial us up to 6449878. We got a pair of tickets give way to caller five will give a pair of tickets. Think I should presence in similar to love there are some countries around 6449878. College five and six. Each of you get a pair of tickets Dirks Bentley with special guest Brothers Osborne by the way. If you don't win tickets tickets for this concert will go on sale Friday morning at 10 AM. At live nation dot com.