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Tuesday, March 13th

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Yeah. Think the loss just lips and not see out hours ago now. And I seen this I used to watch his show on TV it's on. Yet the bill to move and on up and gets called fatal 30551. Another it's a great morning to be a bills fan lays into element the drought ended. The GM is moving contracts from guys that we're probably gonna be here he's getting value for them there move it up in the draft and around 1 it's a fantastic morning. 8030550. You asked about Drew Brees in Rappaport is tweeted out. That the two sides made significant progress yesterday on a two year deal. That it sounds like the belief is that going to get a deal done today for priests to stick around they're up on a deadline to there's. The way his contract was structured here's a deadline that they don't get something done by a certain point I think the world takes like eighteen million dollars in debt cap right away and so they're kind of pressed for time. In terms of re upping with Drew Brees so again it sounds like. That they're going their working their way toward a new two year contract he is technically in and. Restricted free agent one of the highlights of the day yesterday Zach Strief. Saints offensive tackle yeah retired I think he retired right I think so and part of his speech was. Crying and remembering. Drew Brees and what it was like to play. Not only with him but for him he said basically this primary motivation was not to let him down. And he's the best leader he's ever been around really really cool stuff I saw a clip I guess Brees was at the press conference and he was tearing up now. So Drew Brees he's been through that I saw somebody point oh yes and different when the things that Drew Brees is about to leave the saints are goats from Brian B enemy. He is. He calls himself the Bret Hart of sports talk covering the NFC south three SP a New Orleans are related to Eric I don't know but he pointed out. Drew Brees went through bounty gate and stay yet through it yet three straight seven of nine seasons. And stayed here. In a playoff from a young loaded team and possibly getting even more weapons. You think he's gonna leave any state through the defense that was historically horrendous and stayed there. So yeah I loved and I've never believed that breeze is gonna leave New Orleans and any point. But we'll see if we get that done and and vikings can go full on for Kirk cousins. What ever whichever team gives Kirk cousins a fully guaranteed deal persona non Grata at the next owners ruin they will not be a popular. Team not be a popular G camera player beater or owner because. The next guy's gonna Alex on it fully guaranteed that trek up you break the fully guaranteed. Nearly break that glass here but you'll put that barn door what do. They say yeah and you can't close it again yeah I I think you're right I think teams will be although you know what from a player standpoint the short term deals. Are really great idea because you know what if Kirk cousins signs by the late Tuesday we're talking about the bills and trading up Dave Hyde who writes war. Sun sentinel in Fort Lauderdale and I didn't read your article and is looking at that the link to the article. Scaring treat that's scary news for dolphins have pinched at mayfield was another Smart move buffalo ready to pounce. So the bills move up to twelve we're talking about according Glenn and moving up twelve if you put quickly on the short term contracts. Let you know let's say cousins. Term Howell just cousins 29 I think let's say cousin signs a three year deal. He'll still get some prime quarterback money in the next contract Sammy Watkins was this is put it up or Ian Rapoport so he's going to agree to a three year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs when that contract is done 27. You know flaws he stays healthy he's still in prime of his career and can get another big contract on the open market in three more years so. I don't know how teams feel about him but maybe the teams like that flexibility when it with a shorter deal you don't have to worry about. Varying base salaries and larger cap numbers in the back ginza deals and then you have to restructure and push cap money down the road even more and pro rate bonuses and all that maybe teams like it to I don't know but I think from a player standpoint. Because of the guaranteed money might see it it's only a three year deal that a five. Look at amounts of money they're getting the signing bonuses the base salaries guaranteed Jamie's getting. Thirty million dollars out of 48 guarantee. So sign me up for three year deal I've got thirty million no matter what and I'm on the market at age 27 and the players love this stuff. And yet the fully guaranteed contract man that's like that's like hockey. Knew you sign a guy right are their contracts fully guaranteed in the NHL your stock now so you sign a guy and it doesn't work out for whatever reason. You're stuck with that full contract I think owners are gonna really be an happy about that. Comparing the situations for cousins from Minnesota to the jets to Arizona. I would put Minnesota as the best landing spot. Arizona would be in last place. That division is now the rams the niners and the Seahawks who are all. Competently good if not very good yeah depending what the view from here. An Arizona has an unproven coach in Larry FitzGerald is at the end. I don't think Arizona is a good idea for him on and how the jets on the bills and dolphins are. In a bit of change yeah I don't know where they're gonna go the patriots rain eventually England. Someday when 'cause I don't know. Sure thing and I think honest suitor Kirk cousins and you wanna make a case for the jets it would be. Brady's had to stop playing so and you know hopefully within the next couple three year who knows he's got. It's gonna end eventually and you're gonna come here and we're gonna turn this thing around we got tons of cap space. You sign let us guess what sixth pick in the draft we can now. Use that on an impact player we can trade out of that and get more picks in their act. Well I think they're at like ninety million dollars in cap space but if you take out cause and you still have. A tonic cap space shall come here. We we you know we can beat out buffalo we can be got Miami the question is new England and at some point Brady's gonna hang it up or retire. You come here will turn this thing around we'll build the franchise in New York so. It firing him. Especially config in the short term deal. I'm not sure that taking a three year deal with the jets would make sense is I don't think you're going to. I don't think Brady's retiring in the next two or three years so I think you're still looking at finishing behind them in the division if I assigning a short term deal. I got a three year window you would think now would be a perfect thing for Minnesota. I've got running backs I've got wide receivers I've got a good offensive line I've got a good defense I've got to a coach who people like playing for. I would take I got a three year window in Minnesota I can win the minute I stepped into that complex and I and I'm good for the next three years I'm not. Building a little bit with the jets I don't think the jets are gonna win in 2018 Minnesota showed content for Super Bowl in 2018 so I think it makes the most sense. For him to go to Minnesota. But we'll say will see what the jets offer may be Minnesota's not willing to do fully guaranteed contract and the reports and Arizona are. Maybe the maybe the cardinals think their third in this race they're offering like five years and a 145. Million dollars. And their I guess they're open to as low Kirk cousins out of the water with a contract they're offering him. So what are the bills do. Who's the favorite move and on up who is the most likely to be. Their quarterback. They're number one the guy we talk about the most. This coming season. A put up a Twitter poll about this way it is this your renewed NASDAQ with who's acrimony I got I just try to figure this out if you wanna launch or who exactly gets in stock. You know get some prices on these guys. Rose in his appeal has got to be the most expensive stock because most people think that. He's the guy that's my guess that this 64%. Of bills fans voting in my quarter pole there 3500 votes 64%. Rosen. 70%. Arnold 14% mayfield this isn't we want this is what do you think the bills might be targeting. And 5% say Jackson Ellman Rudolph that's probably getting less because Jackson Rudolph have long been mocked bull lol the only two top five or top six Allen. Who knows the guy again and I love the guy yesterday from Cleveland join Mike showed in the bowl log that called him a pyramid scheme that nobody really likes them but throws kind of pretending to. So what's most likely. What about if cousins doesn't go to the vikings would they do they call for they're out on Keenan the name called Bridgewater back. What you think. Wouldn't they have felt they were Gannett the they have a nudge nudge wink wink with cousins agent it's like Keenan walk away. Because Bradford in Bridgewater still common injury issues I know that they love right Matthew was up Matthew collar. Former what is your producers that ESPN 15100 Minneapolis who's ominous the other day and he's he's talked about how they love branch Bridgewater and and Mike Zimmer. You know loves like a son and they love all the attributes about him but it's an injury risk wouldn't. Would you think if Minnesota decided not to tag Keenan. And to walk away from key them apparently he's going to Denver that they would have a nudge nudge wink wink and feel pretty good about the getting Kirk cousins but they would have an indication from the agent. That they're going to get cousins if not. I don't know what they do. They're down at the bottom of the of the draft so I don't unless they loved Mason Rudolph at the bottom around one I assume then they would. Re someone of their own guys Bradford now or Bridgewater. And may be still go out in the market looked for somebody else. I I wonder if they're just think in maybe they just know that they're gonna get cousins. Unless you know I guess I guess it's also possible. That. They didn't want that case Keenan eighteen point one million dollars a year. That maybe they didn't think what he did was sustainable. That he ages came in to a perfect setting for him. And he's not worth eighteen to twenty million dollars a year I feel like Minnesota would probably think they're gonna get cousins. And to meet to me I'm curious about that I don't because I don't Arizona I've anchors about that because what the jets to the other kind of betting on and a big way because of the don't get him right it did they just say. Maybe they signed both guys maybe they'd sign Bradford I'm Bridgewater. And stick with that plan and and and to see who's healthy and who wins the job at camp keep developing Teddy Bridgewater is a long term answer. If he's ready to go he has the job of not Bradford goes in apiece helping maybe it's both guys at that point. We're gonna get a free agent signing for the bills any time in the next. Well three days wore on day one was at high Porter and then what. How bush got you know who else to Cox. The missing somebody was there another signing last year probably amiss and another guy. I would think the bills and will get I mean they have cap Patrick DiMarco Patrick Marco thank you. I would think that they'd be looking for they that I would expecting an early signing for the bills that got. There's plenty of wide receiver who could choose against the party signed it. Chris Ivory and Vontae Davis but I look there's puddle holes there are wide receivers I think you're defensive linemen they they can do pick from this list. So like I do expect them to sign a quarterback and then address one or two other positions in free agency. And go for the old you know value deals responsible spending like they did with. The guys last year although you know hide and to get the what was it 56 million a year I do I think they're gonna sign one or two guys beyond quarterback thing handle some of the other needs. Matt Moore would be cheap. They should be he should be a that's that's like the next level of showing us what's gonna happen right is how much money they pay their necks quarterback. Case Keenan the Broncos for eighteen to twenty million I don't think they're gonna not because they think they're putting their stock in the guy they're gonna draft so why would you put. Why would you spend twenty million dollars on a quarterback which could lead you to a Bradford signing which would be lots now Bradford a one or two year deal you would think Bradford account. Matt Moore for sure. Lot of these guys would be a lot less than twenty million dollar season me and I assume Bridgewater too because there's an unknown coming off the neat. You know 12 year deal stopgap guy. Eagle 30550. To join us 888550. To 515. Jim you're on WG jogger right ahead. I did you might have just answered my question but that I looked a little bit. They don't jump they'd like he's wearing an. Annoyed that pocket after yeah. Bet he reminds me he got that's kind of like everybody wrote in an interception that. I don't see too many 300 game 308. Or anything like that doesn't ever make since I am assuming it's what you can get a map. Now yes felt a part of it it's he's got a good armies pretty accurate mean he's up first from picked it at one point was tagged the goal close to number one overall. I have to say I agree it's caller I. I don't really know numbers yeah. I I'm gonna what what Matthew set with us the other day Jim Otto appeared when when Matthew cholera somebody said what they liked about him up there was is he's got a good army can make all the throws he's been an accurate guy. Got a really good football smarts high IQ can handle everything you throw and Adam they didn't ask him you're right they didn't ask him to just go out and throw forty times a game. He was a complementary piece of the offense when they made the playoffs and Tony fifteen if he's been apartment she pulled up the stats are now is on a C. Ron to pass ratio. What Minnesota did with Bridgewater in his rookie season. Minnesota. Was in terms of their passing play percentage. Twentieth in the NFL right so there Ron heavy to run them is Chevy team and in 2015. They are. Run pass ratio scrolling down twentieth and then thirty goodness so right. It breaks your record comparison to Taylor he doesn't run as much as Taylor he does throw more receptions and Taylor he throws. Fewer touchdowns than Taylor and he's been part of a run heavy offense so. I don't understand it either if there's pictures you're buying if it's a skill set to try if it's a cheap bridge guy gotten that. Is a different style like is he more. I'm is he more. Speed and skilled as he morph a better fit for a quick passing game that. The decisions are made quicker and fewer deep drops is he better at play action in the but I don't see Bridgewater as somebody that I I'm thinking about a long term thing with his. An analyst quarterback rating analyst QBR I don't I don't really like any stat to try and tell me anything about quarterback. But. I'm looking at a I got I got a was not asked to sling it could he do it maybe and maybe Tyrod can throw it more than he has before me you'll see that in Cleveland. But for Minnesota's two seasons they go eleven and five with Bridgewater to Helm he makes the Pro Bowl. In a season where they are thirtieth in pass play percentage via. But he made the pole because they want and that but they want in large part because from their defense I think. And and and and an offense that had you know was running the football didn't ask him to win games yes so anyway the numbers aren't eye popping Jim but I think you'd be you'd be banking on. Skill set and you'd also still be banking on upside ceiling I mean again he he was. Beginning to show some promising signs and then he gets hurt in 20163. Season in camp I think it was. So you're you're still banking in large part on on skill set an upside for him what you think Teddy bridge order can be but at the bills printed in Bridgewater. Again I would think you would be. A flyer one short term deal one or two years she which you have you've still draft a quarterback and then honestly. If the quarterback you draft comes in and and we hope. Takes the job and runs with it and bridge quarters helping you can move him or just just let him walk in free agency of its short term deal. Can't Anthony hit chins yes we're gonna bring cowboys linebacker nine million per year to the chiefs to their defense the Mike wrote act. From this covers the bills for espn.com. Tweeted out that it could set a market for Preston brown. See ya. I just have I wouldn't go any higher than like 45 million Macs for Preston brown he's getting 78. Nine million dollars there is no way the bill should pay him that kind of money you'll be in the market for a linebacker edit. To list of things you're going to need to recover and it whether it's free agency are more likely draft. Because that's just a stupid linebacker price I'd just no way I would pay for Preston brown. Put it on the draft list. 8030515. To join us 888552. For fifty I got a name on it structure and get your reaction to this. So. I was reading a piece this morning the SP and they would do and a speculation piece on where Ndamukong Suh could end up and one of them suggested the bills no chance right. That's what I thought. No way well first off right there's. Unless he comes for like a buck 75. And even then I'm not convinced person battle like coming is a dirty football player but. He'd have to coms so cheap like there's no way. They are going to pay endowment cons to anything on the defensive tackle you got to come here as they said for like minimum wage. And I don't think that's going to happen but I. I don't like the fit because I just think he's a dirty football player anyway but at throwing out a check it's a need position. They had led the argument was he would be a perfect fit in the 43 scheme here. And they traded guard yes you don't know what's happening with Kyle Williams that Suh would be. And answer to an area of need for the bills which he would be I was surprised that that I just didn't think the bills would. Be mentioned in him and I don't think Google's open and Donald consume them thinking he's gonna try and in the market. Spot runner by UNC Wichita. We're still wait and colleagues violent. As we get into free agency I I kinda thought there would be an answer. By the time the league year opened up tomorrow because. The bills need to know what to do when there and how to approach the defense of tackle spot there's one spot open for shore but there might be to night I thought we'd have a decision on Kyle Williams. By 4 o'clock tomorrow to the bills could figure out where their goal with this thing. Still quiet very yeah. I'm Kyle Williams him immunity. A nice move freight they announced that the job I mean yes and but you have to know either way you know whether he's under contract or not because again if be isn't. Maybe you're looking into. There are some names of interest in the defense of tackle market again what's the price and I don't mean sue but guys like starlet to legs are done Tariq pol. I I mean I don't think the bill should touch Sheldon Richardson with a twenty foot pole his name is out there on the market I'd just think he's not worth the trouble. But while the issue she set off the field with the jets. And then of course you at the Seattle but there are some free agent options in the deepened to tackle mark and I think you got a nose calendar contractor or not is he here as he taken up. 5000008 million in cap space the bills don't have a pair of Rome. But they don't have a ton of room so I think that's a really important decision and I would I would assume that being would have needed to know one answer before they get into the signing period. But as of yet again there's been no word about whether or not Kyle went it's going to be back I think that and wide receiver quite honestly in free agency. Quarterback someone is signing here they're gonna get a veteran quarterback I think then you look at wide receiver and defensive line help in free agency. And guys like you know Richardson and you brought marquee sleet is out there and Taylor Gabriel and you know maybe Donte' among creep I know his numbers dropped off the last copiers and indeed there are depth with some options out there and it'll beat these guys are going to be getting. Fourteen to sixteen million dollars a year that Sammy Watkins and Alan Robinson got so we have intimacy with the bills do I I do expect the signing of two behind quarterback. Jonathan in Indiana text in I like this as a point. Now that we're back in a familiar draft spot at twelve to a few can we consider according glass and the price of ending the drought. His point being. For anyone that says ending the drought that's cough could it now your dreadlocks one count drafting 21 honesty I might have expected to be drafting around twelve got you. Like if you could have told the bills fan yes the day before the season pay your picture twelve and 22 we've been like a guy bill's twelve and she's 42 right. That's probably. So instead you make the playoffs you end the drought and for the price according Glenn back as I figure you're going to back in your comfort its Labor Day you're telling me OK Howard here's the deal the bill's gonna end the drought. But you're gonna have to give according Glenn to get to a spot where you normally are the draft. Okay well you window that you know what you know starting as you say you will might not SM well starting left tack until you knew Dion Dawkins were trying to coming in until I don't still. Think I would tell you I would take the play after out ending in moving up to be in a more appropriate spot in the draft if you told me. You're gonna be at 2122. Or you can be up at twelve UN the drought but you've got to think about according gland. I would think about according Lennon cross my fingers that the on Dawkins was going to produce as a left tackle at that point that's a good it's a good text or like that point that that the net cost what do Wallace yet that courting Glenn. Dawn. And set a cap casualty there might have been captains generally traded to only targets the expected pick in the draft yeah that's part of it too. No if you if you need who knows maybe that number one pick in the third round is part of the next move up. They lay up always open at Cortland trade and we're getting your reaction to that. And the bills moving up from 21 to twelve in the first round just put the yeah. Offseason into a little bit of a higher gear and whatever else undermine NCAA tournament pockets which kind of quiet sabres don't play again until Thursday. But if you wanna talk tournament on this plan that I have the game and ESPN 1520 we can talk about that as well. And other moves around the NFL Sammy Watkins going to be going to Kansas City. The Broncos working out a deal with case keep them do you think that takes Denver out of the quarterback market at five of the draft I don't think it should. 8030515. To join us we have to get you an under a code word so that I tell you the forward for this hour it is bolt. So text bolt PL LT right now I'm 72 it won the action at 11:9 o'clock but you know it another way for you forget. Bolt. Messaging data rates may apply if you take that into 72881 year in the running for the 1000 dollars cash prize and our national wind catch contest. We'll have another code were coming up about an hour from now she opened bulldogs have a more co words this afternoon and we continue to play this game. All through the month of march again the code word now is bolts text that the 7288 and for your chance to win a thousand dollars. Thanks Scott throws it to them want quarterback I don't think he's going to be the first quarterback drafted I mean you look at these huge quarterback class they've gotten the most NFL ready they've gotten the most accurate the guy who really get to between the years the guy who kind of lived up to expectations. This year or came close to being up to expectations on the field with Josh wrote it that we just wrote that it. He's got a personality that rubbed some people the wrong way he's not a quarterback for bunt and he got injury history that not a good combination I mean it was healthy and if they're not questions about it personally as far as I'm concerned would be the first quarterback taken I don't think you'd be the first quarterback taken that you'd think that chuck Allen of Wyoming will likely be the first quarterback taken possibly number two in the New York Giants. What draft not coming up just a moment we'll see if we get to those little higher than twelve in the draft that was Tony Pauline from NFL old draft analyst dot com. The bills traded according Glenn distance or will be trading charge the official the trades cannot officially be. Announced. Until league year begins to march for what they are planning have agreed to trade court glad to Cincinnati the bills a bagel also swapped first round picks. So the bills to be moving up from 21 to twelve. In addition bill sent a fifth round pick to the Bengals they received a sixth round pick back from Cincinnati so. Terms of the draft right now the bills would have two picks in each of the first three rounds. And one pick in each of the following through rounds four through six. I ESPN report Sammy Watkins will be agreeing to go play for Kansas City GAAP three year contract for the eight million dollars thirty million guaranteed. Alan Robinson. Is going to be signing with the Chicago Bears three year contract for 42 million dollars case kingdom. Reportedly will be signing with the Denver Broncos. Still no exact terms on that although there is one report that it's an average eighteen to twenty million dollars. The Houston Chronicle reports that Texans are listed in bills cornerback DJ games. The dolphins are going to be releasing Ndamukong Suh. And the agent for Kirk cousins spoke with fourteen yesterday there's erupt report out of Phoenix the cards are rated offer Kirk cousins five years under 45 million bucks. Hopes tonight NCAA tournament Bonnie gets another game against UCLA that's a 910 match up in Dayton. And we'll have a four over and ESPN 1522. And watch it on TV it's gonna be on true TV and congrats to the UB women. They earned a spot in the NCAA tournament new place South Florida on Saturday those few headlines next update coming up at 9 o'clock. Believe is at the seven year anniversary of Rick Martin's grass roots mistreated and I didn't check it but yes someone to just sounds right minutes ago and another anniversary I'm meant to mention this with soaked pod GO. It is also the anniversary of the Syracuse UConn six overtime game at the big east tournament shown it on ESPN classic today. Hell of a game that was an even emotionally tied into that game so the bells and moved up from 21 to twelve. I think a lot of Ers are anticipating another move up a little higher in the draft. So it's time to revisit now we're gonna be talking to some guys have been kind of Ramallah this again because we tested them a few weeks ago. To see if the bills can get up from twelve to somewhere is in the top four. All the Lima this right now RE TT hotline is there a writer from ninety to three defending Cleveland. You know to talk a little bit about whether we can convince the browns to move out of one of those top forcefully and we asked before. But now we've got a better offer yeah now we're not at 41 it careless soured Jeremy I don't. Under our good the problem for the bills they have the number forty acquitted Blake beat black cloud of. Guess simply. It does that then sell it we got nerves so we gotta get out of twenty to buck up his. John Mayer are greatly. Pretty equally well yeah I keep KG. All correct one sure. OKC and yeah we have to move to OK so let's not even discussed when he too let's just talk about twelve and some other picks. What what a cake yet last time we had John you know your your pretty you know it's guys forget about Cleveland in terms of moving up there. What about one for either one and play and does the did to the bills going up to twelve. Help any chance the moving into when a Cleveland spots. Well I think it helped the built in to move into the top five no question about it I don't go to the. The rounds will be willing move not ordered by itself are well knock your socks off but the fact that. You know bought what has her stroke next Dijjer. Offer. It's certainly can't collect and curriculum that you're not repeat murdered. To think about considering the browns drafted players in the first round you're little. Opportunity presented tell them that perhaps we year letters yeah ground warn. For a second consecutive year. I don't want I don't believe as a play. I do believe that buffaloes moved yet eight. Put some pressure on the ground to take a quarterback with the first pick in the draft not risk. Players coming off aborted sitting waiting till you see what's available for. So basically that. The browns know. The the bills won a cornerback and the browns would then know that they can't trust number two New York number three Indianapolis to hold their spots. And critical they're gonna do so this move by the bills maybe makes it more likely to Cleveland goes quarterback and number one. I think showed no I'm not playing that could impact the decision about that apple crawl ball. How are seeking quarterback with the first pick in the draft but I think that amplifies. A decision fortuyn of course keep that he's going to have to between what we're considerate earnings. The kooky thing could be that quarterback because. Eagle or computer gonna take Dequan Barkley or a quarterback or trade out of the number two spot Indianapolis. There's a lot of conversation that they really are where a truck. As a parent or they like me who are a little bit of cool oh. They could be looking to move on and peppered pretty they're or spot was gonna have opera is quite. In public that we would yield republic or. Other opera ball or get into that top fighting there quarterbacking under a rock. Let me let me ask it is journalists say OK so let's say Cleveland takes quarterback it why now there'd be interest in Barkley right but let's say. He's off the board somehow. The bill seven moved up you guys get to quarterback it won Barclays off the board and and the bill still haven't moved up now they're on the clock at four. What is Cleveland need it for Zurich guy there that you would say. Look as much as offers are gonna come it just just stayed there and pick this guy or. Is it more likely if you get your quarterback and bark is off the board that's when you get up to four. Yeah well I I think reporters. That the girl interrupted with guaranteed game one of. Three guys Burke would be wonderful. In this scenario he saw the border don't think it fits Patrick. Is there a quarterback from Alabama around that secondary now looking to address that right now in free agency. But gap that the problem. With this an architect implement that are overvalued grab each outlet that the cult group a spot. Indicated chocolate there John or. Record book go to cartridge and you Billy get after the quarterback no richter a while ago. I can only imagine how all of brown truck would be if you got the ball get out. Wild gators. Rep channel changer able to rotate in and out of a lineup you ain't no art but at that or he got hurt last year. Provide Cleveland there with quite departure. You know again with with the one with the first Dickey said it's probably not available so they stayed there. When when they traded for Tyrod Taylor you know Darrel there was some speculation I'm sure you guys have talked about it on the shows in Cleveland. Are they still taken a quarterback at one or is it possible they would say Tyrod here. Bridge guy whatever you signed Jarvis Landry hey let's go get the running back and really make a really good offense how convinced are you they would still. Go with a quarterback got one. I'm very convinced and quite frankly I don't think that there are at exit one Barkley on the order. Because we have other in an apartment that British approach of course they squat. He's a great player. No question about why the eight he jumps off. The problem that is running back and so the value they were already shifted this. There's the good the 60% of the I'd say absolutely Barkley he can't go number one it would not at all fatigued. You brought back is great plug in play good mutual and there are so many other as Kirk looks pretty 35. It can get they're running back there. The gotta they ought to ask you about is the reaction to Tyrod Taylor to the trade. And Tyrod Taylor joining the browns what would've what's the reaction been the last few days. The next obviously. Or positive. Negative. Red. Shall grow green eyes out there about well I don't expect there. Everyone out here with Greg accordingly are quite relieved that includes a that our quarterbacks go what I. I got a good deal or or it brought over a miked up to five. It's. In the traps so they they don't. 83 route that. If they're popular now technically second rounder. I'd like to you know. One year. Equally up out of their pocket and it. He brought Scott whether that group. Billion bucks to about he played them black belt. Either in a week sixteen billion dollars for a guy to beat their pro quarterback Dijjer we know what were they what. A portrait he'll skiing I like them a spot it was a Smart move by now of course we. I'm lucky at all dealers it do for the well the new look buffalo that's just what. Court intelligent football I'd look at fat guy that turned it over after watching shall I do it about birdie I don't I don't question your. I'm actually increase the Buick are right when. Where we are very happy with the 6065 pick in the draft so you. Kept banks. I illicit thanks again for forgiven assured time and you know hopefully we'll have the bug again before the draft. Beth thanks John had a nice morning. I that is there are reiter joining us from ninety to treat the fan in Cleveland on the AT&T hotline were what we're doing is accused joining us we are once again. Working our way through the top portion of round one the top five specifically. The COK Brandon beans move it up is that twelve and I think most of us believe he's not done. So how high can get browns have one in four. The instinct plays so let's say it dipped Jerrells right now I think they should stay at one they think they should take a quarterback Dan. All the focus turns to two and 31 of the giants do when there. The reports continue to come out of of New York that the giants are not going to be taking a quarterback. And certainly Indianapolis would not be taking a quarterback in Cleveland would neither quarterback it for either. So polls three spots for sure to them you would think realistically in play. Four rout for Brandon being to move up now from twelve again he's not on 21 to 221. To three. Now he's going from twelve to two or three. To get perhaps ahead of for sure I think the jets. But even Denver's well we'll see what happens in free agency but I think you still need to get ahead both those teams. So the giants we we talked about that a little while ago we're gonna revisited again. Might even throw mud jets question was Ralph back you know who's joining us on the AT&T hotline Ralph is with SNY sports net New York's a TV. Hey Ralph it's started Jeremy haven't talked to a long time how he then. I didn't didn't know what you Patrick did you yet heard from us and a good two maybe three weeks so you know we were due to budget once more time. Are. You on it and you knock off two teams of interest for us that's a nice thing. OK so Ralph since we last talked now the bills have moved up from 21 to twelve and 22. So let's revisit the idea of trading into the two spot the giants and I guess get us up to date on what kind of rumors are circulating in New York about the giants willingness to. Trade out of said to spot. Well. I would still be surprised if they're willing to do it had I camera exactly what we talked last vote that the bid last year herd up in treating. Came from the general manager Dave gentleman himself out of the scouting combine we talked about the possibility. You know when you're sitting this high in the draft. To be yet remember what is don't get too cute he'd be called mid east cakes are gonna drop down and all of you players. Really drops and the second thing is he really believed that the top of the draft and these were his words. You're looking at hall of fame caliber players you bet it would get the top fives so. It didn't sound like a guy who want to get cute cute and drop too far when there's potential at a halt they've. When I know I heard that come into my reaction was. That sounds like some on the might be afraid to pick up that spot because if you put the tag on that guy has to be a whole Famer or should be all favor and then he isn't. Been a kind of reflects. On you by by making this election. I don't I thought it was a strange thing to say to just automatically assume that the second overall pick should be hall of fame Kehl a player. Look what he does. The pressure up on it and look at the first round it becomes a bust. Bully bewildered at truck hold aimed at quickly on a court kit to what it did gentlemen stay at. But I think from his perspective and probably most people in the NFL. That each side that we. You know I had them most of yet a great deal and they're the smartest guy in the room and I can find. That'd be guided nobody else he'd like on Al title these go into thinking. Gee I hope what you might call eight caliber player I think he still look I don't like it all and cal or player and he's definitely take a bullet. I don't think he's. Great to me. If he stays it to. Ralf and knees looking straight hall of Famer. What what position they addressing at that spot. What a good question you know two little roll this active quarterback is 37 and possible. On the decline they don't he did it did so at the moment. I think they. And Britain they've said publicly any either privately. I think that quarterback. Court records futures on the begun to seriously think about they know. Hope that this is it rare opportunity for the end of Q. You know there are a lot of quarterbacks could get a chance that you franchise separate Yankee rather than be on a constant quarterback search. That speed. The key to that is. QB in one of these guys I am this can't all talked Roseland. Our franchise helped record an early answer that at the moment if they really think one of the special built seek. If not on my guess would be speaking to a subsequent bar repent stated everybody doesn't. That it just walked out apparently their top free agent target injured or well because Carolina. How ridiculous are the jaguars. We'll quite know that the guard Sydney at the top of the draft as well at notre date so he has to be considered an option to. Yet I was I should've made that was my second question admission admitted the first what percent percentage chance or gut feeling you have right now because. Even if they don't trade out. At two and trade out with the bills Ralph if they don't take a quarterback. I'm still feeling good up here because that thickly even goes quarterback at one the giants take whatever it too and I'm work in the faulted Indianapolis to go up to three and get my. My shot in there at the second quarterback on the board so what would gut feeling what chance do you think they they take a quarterback at two. Less than 5050. Yeah no exactly Khalid higher than I've got to believe you may be 6040 million or thirty. I'd have to believe that. This court top quarterback separate scope state. I don't think it'll have met Kirk that's it for these guys go in the top five. If they're at it everybody's dad hi all these guys which I have to be in love with the one that got somebody there and. Have to you know call it that Eli Manning here everything I know that which. Is. They don't wanna be open to it that this team of course but no it orbit yet. It is constant search for all where we get on their quarterback. They wanna get a guy just walk them it also remember. In the year after you'll see him as a key route eighty canal grant. Visceral look QB Kerry Collins put out not a good year with a dual port possible and that that was more or any other position. Quick jets question for that you go what are what are the chances they get cousins and if they don't kick cousins what's plan B for them. It appears that decent chance they get confident that it probably under the Q percent. Everybody seems to think. He's going to Minnesota Vikings and it just holding out hope that the they can offer him more money. It might be one of the teams that are talked a fully guarantee a year keel. Or cost under billion dollars for head yeah they're definitely into. 88 feel like there's. We kept at it and that the runner up. If they do I believe their plan B is going to be sort of patched together. Quarterback it look at Kenny Britt to water. Obviously he's Kamal the devastating injuries he needed Sharon to Becky. That probably would be Josh McCown covered that and mentor. And I would rule usually your eyeball of a store rollout that ticket quarterback 61 they'll. I will be Cong I again about that went okay. Oh thanks Ralph thanks for coming on again. I talk to share drop back get a joining us from. S and lied TV. In New York by the way the bills offseason tracker is up at WGR 550 dot com you'll finally got our home page it's been a busy off season so far. Signings before free agency trades before the league year opens up. A different look in terms of the draft structure what picks they have where they are. And does south put it altogether for yes so anytime you wanna figure we got he's got the rundown on reserve and futures signings that they announced. Everything going over the bills this offseason any move they make. With the roster we've got it all wrapped up Korea and you can track everything. In the offseason track for the bills. At WGR 550 dot com. 8030550. Join us according Glenn trade get your reaction this morning moving up to 12888550. To 550. On WG. Centering pass just out of reach robots you. Disputed toward the front of the goal. Good to drive good. And. Still the. Alex Ovechkin is 600 goal pull up the C Marc cannon. I know what you think it I feel like. Here which narc or is it going to be quite seeing one of I league it's also a good eight which dark you're going good snow are where was he drafted. Or eye sockets that are being. I'll do this once I'd like 600 goal to really nice accomplishment but I really don't feel like we can acknowledge it into the NHL goes back and reviews the previous 599 to make sure they're on site. Because it's important. It's important to get these goals and these calls right right. So that you saw little last are gone as I look aboard the initial posting. The updated number. Later today 572. Yes right when vehicle's been taken off the board wins vacated. Yes. Did they review that goal. Would have been a really nice and all eyes have been nice to sit in that moment for good five minutes while they review and if like if they may be stopped the game just on him briefly and while they were doing that the officials were huddled over. At the box there are looking at dual tablet and they announce that the golden count. You regret tonight they stopped the game and bring out like a car congratulations. The Zamboni entrance Alex McCarty scored 600. Fans we look at the replay dogs idol didn't council did you don't think our car off the guys go back on the badge there's no 600 pick up the confetti at. Seven at length on Alex Ovechkin since you brought this up mr. stark Canon guy. Status they brought to buy expressed are not your average convenience store out of it and did his 600 critical score his. No tournament scored a 600 per goal last night. He is at 32. On pace to will lead the league in goals but on pace to be oldest league leader in goals. In new. Four T three years phils did on 197475. Well vaccinate thirty to appeal holds off. Shoot for the who's second in goals rail line and I think. If he holds off line and wins the goal scoring title. Oldest man to lead the NHL in goals since 1975. So that is our stat of the day my contribution to the show now I can go home. My country in the show is something I heard on the investigators yesterday. Pizza shoes. You can order pie tops I should say this for the body knicks game but people would have known about it. So Pizza Hut is selling shoes. That you compare with your Smartphone. And when you press a button. You can get a pizza delivered to your location it's been ordered by your shoes. Yet. OK I tops. Polluted technology in order pizza by pressing a button on the shoes with the pairs of your phone and that orders the pizza. And once user trust about the app confirms to order and the address. So you can Wear shoes free press a button and that orders of pizza does that order wings and they ask me issues of I want rancher blue cheese that's a good question you probably are able like save your signature or and then just press the fly. Know what it is very time yet come in with a okay. I'm gonna say this is something that society did neat. My favorite part of the investigators yesterday was the Brad Marchand discussion about the Haiti had the other day. And whether or not he should be suspended. And Craig were vague came out and talked about why he wouldn't say it was the buyer sell segment and why he wouldn't suspend him. And an injured Peter has basically said. Like gave like 47000. Reasons why Brad Marchand should be spent our hates his guts and Greg surveyed said. Essentially you know era in the gulf by Joyce missed aleris it was it was an enjoyable ride home yesterday listening to the investigators love the guys you were fantastic. I come up a little bit more about the trade we're. Where are the bills are going how high they have to get up who. That that they apparently are moving up to go gamble speculate when we get back also. Bond split tonight they are playing UCLA in the first for the NCAA tournament coming up a little bit after 9:30 this morning will be chat with Gary and east longtime play by play voice. For the bodies they're in Dayton if they beat UCLA. They want to play Florida in the next round of the NCAA tournament that is coming up as well 8030515. To join us 888550. To 550. On WGR.