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Howard and Jeremy
Tuesday, March 13th

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At the eyes feeling a bit you know I think that he's gonna get that feeling watching what you've seen directly or just talent and all these guys that I got a I got up here right now. I would rather have a guy who is going to be more prototypical who's gonna take your mind off and outlined I've seen so much got talent and I still just don't understand I figured well wolf the pyramid scheme by pinnacle general managers I don't understand. It I think people talk themselves into it that inevitability incumbent upon the poll trouble if you are writing an entity adjunct or because a meeting controller while analysts complain and about better debate that but he's good wrote that he net I don't know if you're ever gonna be able to really harness that and you're going to be able on at that time I don't know people picked up the. That is can Carman from 92 through the fan in Cleveland he was knowledgeable like yesterday about Josh Allen. He can throw it a mile. But if he doesn't throw it accurately does it matter if he throws it about here's the thing that you don't it's cold it's windy in Cleveland their right off the lake to got to have a guy with a strong arm go forward John Doyle beat. Take Josh Allen Davey. Begins to. He's got eating and speaking of which that way we can get Rosen Arnold move up to work. Tweet I did sand. Last night L Robinson on why he selected the bears quote I like what coach Nagy did from an offensive standpoint Kansas City. Meet me being able to see would be against city being able to know what he's an offensive minded coach and seen what he's done before helps me make my decision. So if you're keeping score at home. The bears have traded up for a quarterback hired an offensive mind now paid big money for a wide receiver in free agency. I also like to point out it is cold in Chicago. Yet yet and windy here to bskyb against the bears. Traditionally franchise that never throw look I like like the bears had never throw a ball and and what have they done lately to the whole argument of guys Pete guys don't go to losing teams OK Alan Robinson just left the team that were granted he was injured. But just less that left the team that went to the AFC championship. For the bears who have made the playoffs how many times in the last what ten years. Many thought the minute so for those you'd think guys. Players don't go to these places Chicago's not exactly a great place you know to go to in terms of winning football they just fired their coach. They've got. I got to look at up I swear I'd they can't what do they have how to play a person last ten years. The bears are gonna look deceptive and really go here fully but as well here's my point that one of the top receivers on the open market. Just pick that franchise. So for those who they're worried about you know you can't get this you can't get that guy this guy that can. Whatever you never know whether it's money whether it's the quarterback whether it's the cold stay like who knows there are different reasons why different guys. And of going to different places it isn't just. We're gonna go where they're going to winning Kirk cousins could go to the jets. I mean what are the jets done. Forever. So don't rule out you know don't look at trades since they were never gonna get this guy that guide detailing gonna go to the best teams not necessarily a case Chicago. And the class in 2010. OK so one time in the last ten years they lost the Super Bowl 2006 season right went to the Super Bowl. Lost to the Indianapolis Colts Rex Grossman since then the middle class one time. They've had hill who winning records in that time anyway and so I went off on a little tangent so and so I got cold weather Alan Robinson. It is cold there and they are going to end well and are going to throw it dare I say it's the windy city. That's like here. So they told me this is where someone Texans it's not the windy city I don't know whether it's called the and it's you can do this because the politicians back him much in nineteen or eighteen hundreds or whatever that's right I like it being the windy city because of weather and I've just live my life that way anyway we're talking about. What a fabulous day it is again bills fans and other really really tremendous move by general manager Brandon being. Moving in that span of a few days a second player who probably didn't figure to be on the roster long term. Getting out of the look what what was then the largest cap number on the roster and moving up to twelve in the draft it is a fabulous morning bills fans look at a member ahead it's that for the bills that were dead last in the NFL. Passing in passing yards since 2003. The bottom five. Both those teams are today. The bottom five are Chicago today traded up core of this game. Cleveland. Traded for tired and we anticipate them taking a quarterback won the jets. Probably well to make it play for cousins we'll see what happens got the niners Judy. And the bills. Towards the corner there cooler lower back I don't know. But I know they're going up and going up higher to get the guy the only question is. Are they get in the top quarterback off the board. This is that it's really that's I think I'm really impressed with everything pre being has done he's got twelve now. He's got. All the draft capital he didn't have to give up a pick in the top three rounds to move up. He said got a five got a six back moved up nine spots and traded according Glenn. Who were all sitting here going he's been injured his cap numbers too high the end Dawkins is fun at left tackle it was a brilliant series of moves between Tyrod Taylor according glad. Only question is how high it is being think he's got to go. Is he trying to get to too busy trying to get to three I'd liken to get ahead of Denver in the jets slight likened to get in that 23 range assuming that Cleveland's one is not for sale and they're gonna take a quarterback. Can you get to two and get the second guy off the board. I am fired up and I'm probably have to wait 44 days for the answer to that question. You asked why the three year deals yet Albert career. Agents want three year deals one reason. To get young guys another bite of the financial apple. If you do with three year do you allow your free agent in the first offseason of the next collective bargaining oh okay. A look at him so that's why Smart. Free agency next time there's a CBA that's knew who knows what the landscape it's going to be okay. Well look asset from the players standpoint it makes a lot of sense you know. We'll see what you know whether yell Alan Robbins got three Sammy got three it makes sense year of 24 or you get a three year contract you're averaging. Sixteen million a year to good deal that's a really good deal. Thirty million guaranteed when you're 27 you're not stop. If you're a wide receiver you can still get another sizable. Free agent contract in a few more years so from their standpoint. It makes complete sense I'm just wondering about the note teams and how they play this out. Especially when it comes to quarterbacks. This cousins getting a three year deal or wooded team like the lock him in longer than that. 8030550. So according Glenn and move it up. All the stuff on the table this morning whatever else but in my we'll take your calls too. At 8030550. And we'll get in some tweets to about the bills to Greg and anti Iran W jogger right ahead. Hey Howard I don't want to talk about but I before you get it up the area want to shout out to luck. My favorite school saint Bonaventure I've been waiting when when I saw the draw that they were gonna play UCLA and 59 years old I was so excited because. And awaiting the 1970. When they Bonaventure shouldn't wait UCL a in the finals but of course Bob Lanier went out injury a game before that. They weren't able to do it they about a major would the national champion that your. So I know the first round they note the first war but a relief but at the end UCLA weekly Bonaventure in the NCAA tournament tonight. You know longtime waiting and no I I think it's great and I know there was you know there's probably a little bit of of a mixed feeling. You know you got the bid which was awesome you know with the crazy reveal they had the other day by the way the the women's tournament selection show I watched last night just seat QB got in. They did the old fashioned reveal the brackets it was much better. But dumb he got in and then you realize you're in the first four so I'm I'm sure it was a little bit about mixed feeling for bond offense. But Hank you're in and hopefully soccer's OK and can play tonight you can knock off UCLA and the move on to the next round take on Florida NC where goes from there. Will talk more about bunnies Benoit in only twenty minutes or so. Gary niece long term employment Plame and it's gonna join us so appreciate the call Justin tweeted and according Glenn love the move with the numbers they have in the draft that could potentially keep 22. Trade next years first and use the acquired picks to move up while still filling holes in the top 100 of the draft. DN treated in and he's wondering if the bills moved back with a 22. And get more assets used to twelve. And other and I'm paraphrasing her interest we use the twelve and other assets to move up and then when 22 comes up move back and get more assets look he's gotten a lot of flexibility that's. One of the many great things about all these moves. He's put himself in position now where you're not all from 21 to the top five you shortened it now you've gone from twelve top five. They certainly have with two picks in rounds one and two and three they have plenty of points on a matter of whose chart you're going after to move up. Even if you don't wanna use next year's one I think you have enough points this year the package picks and move up and by the way. Who's to say there's somebody else on the roster that isn't available for trade right you're the one who. Talked a Jerry Hughes tweeting out all these highlights of his plays yes maybe Jerry humor is up for sale on the trade market the package in something who knows I mean. I think what we're CN. You know with the trade of Tyrod Taylor with a trade of according Glen with moving up in the draft and all the stuff you've done. In innings possible you know Brandon being traded Sammy Watkins last year and Ronald Darby who were pieces we thought going forward. Anything's possible you never know who can be traded what moved they can be planning what they're doing he's very aggressive in getting what he wants to get in it sure looks like it's a quarterback. And I think in the top five so. Yeah anything that they they could move up with twelve ensured they could keep toy tour they can move back. Again they have tons of picks this is a fantastic spot to be and he gets six picks in the top 100 and didn't have to move. Get rid of any of them to move up nine spots yesterday I I love everything brand being done to this point. As I said I wish I don't wanna wait 44 days site I wish the draft was today Tuesday a push to draft was Thursday this week we could find out what the bills are doing. When got a long way to go odd couple good tweets here from the Twitter account at yards per pass on to mention a couple things. So the chiefs have made two big moves signing Sammy Watkins in the maligned back from Dallas he points out why are they able to duties. They've quarterback and a rookie deal. And then it points out that the chiefs the cap hit for Patrick Holmes a series three point seven million. The bills have a dead cap of seven point six for Tyrod. Dawn are the days of drafting a young quarterback killing you financially it is now the Smart thing to do it and if you win if Euro from that contract quickly and it doesn't cost a lot and then if you think. Oh man I really blew my draft in the kid cosigned your case camp you know cosigned your name go trade for your Naples and pay a lot for it. But the rookie quarterback is the Smart financial decision these days well and. We'll put around let's say the rookie quarterback turned out to be really good really fast disliked. The rams are paying Jarrett got 25 million dollars a year he's cost control these under his rookie contract and after they wanted to tear it up ice balls and give them an extension they could but. You've got that guy. If he doesn't turn out to be good he doesn't eat up twenty million dollars and bedroom and if he turned out to be really good. He's cheap he's a bargain because stick he's on Shawn Watson turns out to be great for Houston this coming season. He's on his rookie contract you know pain and when he thought. Case kingdom is gonna make eighteen to twenty million dollars which chair got Macon from the rams this year and you have it for four years and in the fifth year is finally on the proper market value. It's totally worth it. In 803055. Of one of lookup when I'm Jared golf pride make and something I assume around well no I'd be a little bit more than mold that's inside the draft. But still next to nothing Jared doctor Redding now 2018 his pay salaries two point nine million dollars. It's capita seven point six there's your franchise quarterback Quinn in Los Angeles. Coming in at seven point six into the under contract for two more years in the twentieth when I think is the option year. Missed another point is gonna make some Twitter. Oh. The pop up up up. Eddie tweeted in the bills need to get number one or number two at worst they get to three. Still gives the chance someone else to move up to two snagged a quarterback right for us if we go all up. All at yellow that's why we wanted to talk to these guys again we had a guest on from Cleveland's morning Carol writer from 93 defend he doesn't think once in play. And we'll see about number two with the giants but I think that's part of it yesterday when when the trade was announced and we heard that they had. Flip picks. After going. Mean after being really excited to build your twelfth here I start thinking about is another team reacting to you know Miami's eleven if they're thinking about a quarterback. They're all thinking. The bills just moved up from 21 to twelve there must be a corresponding move the gonna go up further right the jets are going to be thinking that the Broncos will be thinking that the dolphins will be thinking that if Arizona. Loses out on cousins. No they might want to draft a guy right there at fifteen they're gonna have to move up now so you do have to worry about other teams. Other teams are caught if the bills are called the colts in the giants guess what. Other teams are calling the colts in the giants they're they are likely spots to try and trade up if you're trying to get ahead of Denver or the jets to get second quarterback off the board so yeah I'm I'm with you Eddie. It's one of the things I've that you think about the good news is no again. Being is well positioned to pay whatever it would cost at this point trying to get himself into the number two spot. Couple are asking if there's a physical according Glenn has the pass a physical. I wondered about that too so we would would mean I would assume it's part of it but it. I assume the bills put up all traders some kind of medical all trades are pending a physical you know the Bengals will have a different physical on the bills would maybe yeah. I don't know I'm not I'm not gonna worry about that. That that might be something that's an issue but I'm just not gonna worry about it hey Jordan Matthews goes to pass the physical here even though apparently there were two separate injuries that were misdiagnosed in Philadelphia. I assume courting them enough to pass a physical and I'd also may be the bills did. Some kind of medical work with Korda Glen knowing the trade was in the works just to see what was going on to make sure he was okay. And I and another Texan wanna read to your tweet that I want to read they'll all hear his Benjamin all right we're gonna try get him on the show right yeah he's been right on a bunch of stuff. He had Keenan go to Denver and that moved it happened because he tweeted old yesterday keep an eye and the bills and colts. Now it feels like there's a big difference between number two and number three right. Yes could be you could be talking about the third quarterback off the board it could be the first quarterback at number two could be the third quarterback and number three. Like still a lot has to happen the bears did trade from number three to number two right. So you could trade a three. And then start talking to the giants to get to number two if you really want to. You know it but say goes dark old rose in bills on the board at three. It's between mayfield and Allen at that point probably. Yeah and again this is assuming that the Broncos are the jets don't try and do that you know if they if one or both lose out. On cousins or they they sign a quarterback but they don't think that's the guy. That is our long term answer. Who says that Denver doesn't call Indianapolis for the jets sitting there at six maybe they love baker may feel that they're worried about somebody else moving up. That they don't call Indianapolis. I'm gonna trick about LeSean McCoy. CB treated it was so much youth on the team with the focus being on getting young quarterbacks now's the time to trade shady and Hughes. What are the capital vacation to betray one or both liking I'll get to that but pay and a follow up to fit to Connecticut it's about reports of and then Vinnie treated and just afterwards would you give up shady for number one or number two. Like in a package the package package that this is Rory if the slowdown yet. This rookie quarterback. Will need something around Chris Ivory will need some help yes and in all likelihood as much as I want the bills to be a wide open passing attack. I don't exactly expect that in year one well I might want them to lean on the run game to give him good opportunity to make plays and says. Whether it's build confidence or just learn the NFL learn the system. I can't trade away every piece that's got value in an effort to get to number two if I have nothing around him yeah I'm gonna crater his career like maybe David Carr did when he got sacked 76 times as a rookie. So I still have to find a way to have people around him that can take a little bit of the load. I think and and again we are talking about an offense that still should have the running game at its focal point and you are. Talking about the offense. You know a year ago at this time we're saying there were two guys on the offense who couldn't get hurt LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins one of those is no longer here. So of the most important player on this offense is LeSean McCoy. Sean McDermott I think it was Sean McDermott at Columbine said you know there's still planning on record being a huge part of this offense in the 2018 seasons so. I'm all for moving up I you do not have to move if you're trying to get up to one or two by the way you don't have to move LeSean McCoy to do that there are ways to get up from twelve to two. Without moving the guy who is the best player on the offense right now. Hughes might be it and it is a different issue blocked. If you're gonna do that look the bills don't have to movie either guy for cap reasons okay. They they have cap space not great but it's not you don't have to move either guy and you can move up in the draft without moving either one of those guys. If you move shady you open up a huge hole and you really hurting your office if you move cues you're trading your best pass rusher. And on a defense right now that needs one if not 20 starting defensive tackles and perhaps a defense event. Based on how you feel about Shaq loss and you would not want to open up your opening up another whole trade according glad fine. Dion docket as there is taking your left tackle spot trade Tyrod Taylor okay you open up whole real anticipate the bills are going to sign a quarterback. And draft a quarterback you'd trade McCoy that's a big hole you'd trade Hughes at the big hole you don't have answers for either one of those guys on your roster. Now your adding to your other list of things to do this offseason and eating up more cap space or using draft capital. So it doesn't make sense for either guy to be going. I have not a guy I'm never gonna Betsy to flip flop again I got some of us feel as strongly about that I wanna say and I need to stop. And need to stop reading. Stop saying the colts are gonna trade Andrew Locke. Who said the colts are turning people would see the bills and colts is draft partners' interest they discover a guy to work for quarterbacks you gotta help me out here. He got to stop saying it. Frank Reich didn't take the job there and in his introductory press conference refer to and from what Andrew Luck as quote. Magical. And that's magical. To trade him for picks pay when he interviewed for the job do you think maybe the colts would have said paid by the way frank just you know we might be treating Andrew Luck. I don't even taken the job he doesn't take a job that isn't call Andrew Luck magical. So please. Stopped. Suggesting that the colts are gonna try to trade Andrew Luck a retreat at the bills are trading from 19 on and get a million tweets but there's no it's not happening let me get to unless it's some sort of magic from Brandon being this because that would be to trade him magical beings who. And UBS nice. Carlton in Atlanta do something with the magic bean stuff you're on the WG yarder right ahead. Hey meg. Like that they ought to big I bet you guys are that they're who lived in Maryland that you guys every day quick question. Check all that well or any word on what to do what I mean think Mikey got in the bit of dark out with them it. Back in slightly the property week of pop will be able I got lifted back dart. Sir but that have to do anything I mean he's under contract it's not a big cap number it's like two or three million dollars totally cheap any and and I think the issue which Jack is just for me personally. I decided have more sacks. You know I I think a lot of people tell you that you know in terms of settler edge on the run he was fine but the pass rush wasn't where I thought it would be I just thought he'd it would be. More of an impact him and Jerry Hughes for that matter overall the pass rush was not as good. As I thought it was going to be last season so I don't. You know in in talking it to to us sell about this I don't think there's any feeling around the team like they're going to move like he's such a disappointment that. The for sale sign has been advertised call us with your offers for Shaq Lawson. But it's a guy you would bring up and say while you're looking to move something out may be package some guide helped. You know move up in the draft you gotta gotta gotta what assets dad he's a young defense today and who is on a cost controlled contract too doesn't have a big cap number and at the if somebody like them coming out of Clemson that would be. Someone who would be appealing to demonstrate I don't think it's a matter of the bills are are doing anything they can to move Shaq Lawson I don't get a sense that disappointed. It's just to name they came up as. A guy who you you would take called seeds see what's out there some was as good what do you what do you offering but again. If you remove him as well you are now adding another spot you've got to go addressed that defense events but in particular I like getting Yarborough. I like Ryan Davis there are some good rotational depth guys would be traded him you're now opening a hole on your defense and adding another list of things to your needless. 830550. Join us okay let us get you a code word. And it's also Tuesday so we're gonna get some Tuesday trivia. The first able to text is secret. So SEC. RET. Text secret right now 272881. If you do that you have a shot at winning 1000 dollars as we continue to play our national win cash contest messaging data rates that apply you have until 10 o'clock. To that text. Secret 272881. Good luck with that shall bullet more congress this afternoon and it's Tuesday Solis too little tribute. Alexander Ovechkin scored his 599. And 600 career goals last night. So Alex is the topic Tuesday tribute today wanna know. How many Hart trophies Alexander Ovechkin has one in his impressive NHL career gave the number of our trophies for. The great eight. 6449878. If you got a I guess in mind. Call now celebrate no clear up contest line to start caught five to prescribe collar if that's you. You win a 25 dollar gift card descent towards pizza pub and grill it is good at either location. General contest rules apply 6449878. Number of Hart trophies won by Alexander old that's it that's our Tuesday trivia. I am not free agency continues to get to saint Bonaventure pled employment Gary Neeson just a moment. The news of the day we've had some not signings but some deals agreed to Sammy Watkins to the chiefs. Alan Robinson to the bearers. And Kirk cousins still. Still out their case Kean and the Broncos appears. We just don't know term. On that but speculation on the cost like 1820 million dollars a quick note on Shaq is someone treated and current about the caller the last caller. It cost the bill's money get British actor either via trade or at least not happening it does although. If they release of yet it's over 3.2 million dollars in caps face that would make no sense whatsoever again the bills or not. The not Miami like Miami is desperate for cap space that got like three million dollars in space. The bills have 39. Ish. But if they if they were to trade Shaq it would cost them but it's 34000 dollars so that's. You and me that's a nickel. In the in terms of the bill's cap so they could trade him it's nothing much but you wouldn't make sense to release them. 8030550. To join us 88552. For fifty. Tonight NCAA tournament begins with the first four games we have all first four games to tonight to tomorrow night on. ESPN 1520 that includes the body game tonight in Syracuse game tomorrow night on the plays at 910 hits in Dayton hopefully you are making the trip if you're Obama fan. And we are joined by longtime play by play voice of the bunnies Gary Nissan are AT&T hotline. Gary it's Howard Jeremy how aria. They were doing great in Dayton I don't. Good great in Dayton that was good I like that actually not a are we gonna see a pretty good Bonnie contingent tonight making the trip to Moline and the Dayton. I believe we are and we came down basically wrote an entourage yesterday with the saint Bonaventure athletics that department staff the cheerleaders and players there was. Over a hundred people at showed up yesterday just in staff and a family. And there and a neat story I don't know that they've reported it or not but the saint Bonaventure alumni. And so out and donated 50000 dollars to paper tickets and transportation for three busloads of students. And it just you know it just shows how this team travels I saw so there's been there's three buses heading for Dayton probably as we speak right now. So I about the Gary I know I saw tweet guess simulate Georgia announced he was one of the alarms you and and may be his wife I think dead dead donated one. Yep yep micro Carl the New York Times poll writer he's he's in town he was talking about a last night sales yeah so I was great gesture on the part of the saint Bonaventure alumni and there's quite a few that are making the trip down today so. Should and end what we're hoping for the little bit of home court advantage yeah Dayton being in the Atlantic ten when the bodies Heather open practice last night they introduced each team is they. Came out on the floor for the forty minute practice and nice round of applause and it was a Dayton Flyers fans and in other words do in the applause. Well I don't were hoping. I'm psyche been erupting I don't know if it'll it'll mean an advantage comes when in the game but hey Gary at the very least there's no having to get used to an arena. And getting used to shooting in new arena they're very familiar with playing in Dayton. Yeah and. That I guess most importantly as Jay Adams has had some of the best games of the body right here on the Dayton arena. Remember him scoring 34 points one night stand up. One of the few times we've come out of here with a win. So why he is so very familiar with the floor and the hope that that gives us just a little bit more advantage. Gary mentioned the fans are going out to Dayton. The last couple days what's it been like and only end because. You know they get into the tournament so you you have the little cyber chief there and you're excited to be in the tenure in the first four. Has has it been a mixed reaction her offense though pretty pumped up. The standard pretty stop pumped up by no that'd there was a little deflating after you know there was Riley said they had selection show party and everybody jumping up and down when they assault upon a local on the on the big screen. And but almost immediately they show their purse for pairing and and there's Bonaventure and I think it it was kind of sobering to the to the players and I know what to coach committees this. In the press conference afterwards mention the fact that you know we went thirteen straight games at Beagle lost one of those we wouldn't be in the NCAA that's that's how close that was. To not making the turn immensely beast but to. To a player and to coaches they they're very happy to be here he said there's 300 other division one teams who would trade places with a right now. Where with Gary knees he's the bottom play by play man you have been doing these games furlong time I'm not gonna say and onto the sound old but you've been around the team and doing games for quite some time. How does this team and this season stack up with the others you've been around. This has been an exciting season and they they they can have built to this point if you remember two years ago they thought they were going to be in the NCAA. And they got it's now basically. And okay and I apologize for cutting and glad Jeremy starlet Julie's gonna sign with the bills. Okay five years cloud defensive tackle ESPN's Adam show after starlet to allay signing with the bills went free agency opened. That's nice to get a better suck so big at our best car out I didn't want to know one moment yeah that's big enough to say absolutely okay Gary. Nobody sorry. While a this this office I'm sorry Gary I know I just this offseason just keeps getting better and better this is incredible anyway I know I'm iPod has got just we were just talking about. We'll we'll talk about this in the second go right ahead. Yeah it gave a couple of years ago when they got snubbed you know you've got just couple of guys that are still left over from that team and and aids they know you know hall hearted what what needed to be done. Last year they they get it was a little bit of an entry by Gerry Adams went down for a few games and you know they were hoping for a postseason bid didn't get one. The this year when he moved when they looked at this squad what they had come and back. And and the one big Gary I guess the one big part they were missing. Was Courtney Stockard and he had missed the last two years with a foot injury but he came back healthy. Now that's starting to to play I guess what you call for at least not concerned about the footage more. And it's starting to show on fortunately we didn't have them Saturday when we played Davidson in the semi finals. But he looked good last night in practice so they're gonna have a full compliment of players tonight yeah that was. My last question there's curious if there if he was going to be able to play tonight at this point it does look likely for him to play. It is does that he it was only forty minutes they did you know just a few drills they weren't going polls or votes he was moving a pretty good. And I guess the big concern those afterwards how he would feel after practice. Have not gonna talk to anybody at this morning we've got to practice coming up here in about an hour and a half. And that's going to be the key is peaking going in that shoot around. Looks like he'll be ready to go tonight so keep your fingers crossed on expense. Right Gary thanks and good luck tonight thanks for coming ominous this morning. No problem go bills yeah amen to that our rights aren't at that this is not Vontae Davis this is not big. Is a big commit Chris Ivory this is starlet to allay who is a very good defensive tackle yeah. And of course what a play for McDermott what a play him for being. Then this is the numbers on this deal lasting impact that's right the yes this impact defense of this isn't it a move where enemy you might have been seeing the bills. National folks aren't too impressed with the quality talent on the bills' roster they have a lot of other holes to fill yeah. This is one of the holes well this is an anchor it's it right middle of the line it's not just filling all hole. Yeah. He's he's been good yeah I want to Cuba Republican as some of the stuff at the Carolina Panthers website space heating defensive tackle this is the guy who. You actually had a big. Look when you traded Marshall Dario he's order for bad you opened up a big hole right he's not it he's not been as good as Daria as one dar races and has lasted so numbers will be important here Sam on some probable focus just saying this that. He's been maybe heading downward and doesn't have high grades are generally trust probable focus and annoy everyone just seems to think everything you do is right. But and they have the backing of a lot of teams that read a couple things went our three and all the different freeagent previous chairman with with look too late whether it's ESPN NFL network wherever there were couple notes about. That he doesn't make a lot of what is it like high impact plays like he's got good athlete the schism he's an anchor in the middle of the defense of line plot. For the money that he might you looking for in the market we'll see what he gets by the way that he didn't make enough big like targets was. You know big impact plays victorious could be a guy who stopped the run and he also messed with the court of ours is one of the Bastia monies when he's playing he's one of the best it did darts have like a double digit sack season yet here the tool is eleven and half career sacks right so he's not a terror like dar is the top of his game not a prime news if if you're fighting this to be a good thing. The number one reason it's a good thing is because. It's Sean McDermott's defense he's building it. Right and look to allay is. A lynch pin is right in the middle Uga beat that you're lacking that peace because even if Kyle Williams re signs. He's here for one year probably and that's it you've created you've got a lot of issues inside you have what that the drama but the depth chart now adult as Washington is in there. I apologize and by the depth chart memorized I should but you had a gaping hole look for in front. Pet that's a position a lot of people with a mock drafts were saying now that's for the Eagles have to go on row one you've got to get a deeper to tackle okay well you might might if Kyle Williams retires but. You might have heard his name starlet to allay recently. Because Maurice Hurst. Who has been modest the bill's many times has the same heart condition that literally has and look to allay has been able to play through that and been productive through. Drew Brees. Don what the saints two years fifty million yen. Well that's it to me I think. You know again you're adding an impact guy up front in a position of need. And you know if you believe in the process and McDermott and dean and culture and all that and chemistry. Clearly they're familiar with this guy they had him in their room and Carolina so you don't have story about how the guy gonna fit is he gonna get along is gonna buy and it would've brought admit that they didn't think he was gonna do all that stuff. And it's about needs right you'd think you just tweeted it out the list is long in terms of bills needs. Check another one off you know backup running back was one starting quarterback was another granted short term options with both guys. But this was a big prime need upfront. Check it off now you can look at maybe go may look like after a wide receiver in the free agent market. And it's one less thing you might have to worry about it it in the draft at this point at least got up high in the draft you know. Well that's I'm very happy I'm glad to get look to allay through free agency and would be very happy to. Now one of the other holes ago if you're gonna draft a defensive tackle put more focus on a receiver in the draft room. I mean receivers. They get expensive in free agency whether it's Robert Woods or. Marquis Scotland just got money guaranteed sent a three year twenty million dollar contract so it when a guy like Richardson there were talking like Robert with money. Which was. Seven year. Report what's got what's got 36000004. Years right. The pressure is for your 36 hole OK so. Shoot like nine million a year yeah so yeah receivers are gonna come cheap in this market and the market went up when not in a woods was five years 39 so eight note real estate millionaire showed you be looking at that for that. You know Paul Richardson marquis Lee area. Not the fourteen year but it's not cheap either it's funny guy that's weak my heart stopped when you said Drew Brees don't want to send us a well you met over okay like not keep going back up this off now I knew what he goes to deal does don't get done Michael writes in PF probable focus has in the 109 ranked interior linemen last season. Look I just don't I mean I'm Italian. I could not care a world were pro football focus as good or bad yeah right so I'm even if they said he was the first air rugs for five touchdowns gave from a negative grade. End of story. What are you judging they often release grades before releasing felt like I just. I don't have much for pro football look at it sorry if I don't I'm not saying they're wrong sure I'm just think it's the same when someone sends geographical intruded guess what was the best coronal league last job like I don't believe it. I don't believe pro football focus it's my own maybe it's a blind spot I don't care what they said I think by two quick things one. Dolphins are going to be signing Albert Wilson free agent wide receiver for overly formally the Kansas City Chiefs and parents 03 year deal. I think this is what we beat but three year three year deal like everybody's getting three year deals. Three years 24 million if the bill's gonna sign a receiver. I think that's where we just talked about about eight million dollars a year or so banks seven to nine million if you're looking at our receiver crazy look if you've gotten to the point. We got through the season and YouTube trust believe. Whatever by end. To McDermott and dean. Then you would look at the starlet to Malays signing even if someone tells you pro football focus had a raided a 109 whatever well here's the thing and say well these guys know everything about his game good and bad. He was around him ever they were around him every day. Here's the other thing if pro football focus has them rated lowly. Most teams Italy have contracts were culpable focus so hopefully they are if their rights the money shouldn't be too much here. But I wonder what the money is I'm curious couscous that's he and I think. You know he and Don Tariq Paul I think were were considered the top two free agent guys on the defensive tackle market so. You know traffic some of the projections 191011 million dollars a year I think where they were projecting out for starlet to allay. Ten thing probably around around that for pollen cures with the bills had to pay for him. The ravens are not picking up the option for right tackle Austin Howard a right tackle started sixteen games on the market and thin position. The bills could definitely use help at right tackle new upgrade area. Okay. We see this on to that I mean you were just it's stuff star general here it's great love this stuff so Benjamin Albright he he had. Case skeen and the Broncos he had Alex Smith. Had cousins of the vikings. Says the Broncos are not out of a quarterback marketed draft at all. Good and he believes they are adding I don't know that that they are big after baker army field are okay he also believes that the jot that the bills are after Josh Allen. Up. If he means Josh Rosen pay bills. Just a heads up even though you might be right. Going to be a tough sell. Yes whoever drafts Josh Allen cinder as the hardest sell of the bunch that. I hope you get the details on this us starlet to lake contrary the bills. Have they intend to sign and look to allay intends to sign a five year deal with the bills. When free agency can't be round opens this now the ones that tell people I'm looking at it that's that doesn't know from that it received a clear what is it what do. Now that this a tweet from 1043 the fan Broncos contract with case Keenan expected to be two years. At least 36 million her they must mean 36 million toe hold yes there's no way he's making thirties it's by far so that would be eighteen million dollars a year that was what was. So again another. Two year deal for case Kean and yes Denver still looking for quarterback. 8030550. Jonas okay breakage extend a sports wrap up shown a moment. Breaking sports news airs first here. GR Sports Radio. Don't know if lots. Thought OKMR bean what's next this is fun the offseason continues to go up in intensity again the reports are that the bills. Have will be signing in free agency can't tell anybody officially until tomorrow in the league because 4 o'clock but will be signing star. Look to a lay my hands which means Kyle Williams could still be in the mix they do not play the same position. He can rotate defensive tackles in the tool I might play more of the nose to like five years in the league with Carolina Panthers. Let's see would start at all but four games five games in that stretch of fairly durable. A ton a sacks eleven and a half. At maybe a little bit of a down year last year his numbers were down sacks tackles across the board and oh. Yards for pass is treated out something that his better. Productive seasons came when McDermott was the defense of coordinator. Up through the sixteen season and his numbers dropped off last year when McDermott left still wait on money which if we're being honest. We're gonna pretend to care about that the salary cap you can always work around it you can always reach for restructure. Its more about move morgue whether not a guy's gonna reach the end of his deal. And how much he's he's. Think it might be wrong to think about the I'm trying to spell would truly Google it ironic thing about Pat Williams here. In that. Pat Williams had a good career in buffalo. And was then like I always get to be too old an played forever in Minnesota it was great sometimes defensive tackles can play for awhile to Ali's 28 right so you're paying him 28 through age 33. I mean you know. Yeah and he had you should still get good years out of that he added down here and you hope that it was more about McDermott leaving and maybe whatever didn't fit well with the tool that last year than than anything else so. Hopefully you'll be reborn man if you will last minute of play and we don't have the when does that make arms we can make up you wanna create terms. Just make up I don't care. Five years. Fifty million they go. 25 guaranteed I'm Noah Adams pulled the founder and hey we got some else talk about tomorrow. Only Alex that starlets who they isn't going to be a bill it's you know whenever and wherever they go neck I've edit another move Biden has gonna say where it let's go Brandon being. Such an offense like bandits you know you if you sign an offensive lineman you might get a couple more people to swing over the draft him at quarterback thing if you. You know you draft the address bowl the defensive and offensive lines I wonder about wide receiver summoned tone out. Albert Wilson has like no stats he's got 15100 total yards receiving in four years in the league. And he just got eight billion dollars a year from the dolphins. Like I wonder what happens in the wide receiver market maybe the doses won't even touch wide receiver and we'll save that for the draft now pride tweets in what would you be. We'll be country you're happy with my answer is I don't care I'm a I don't pretend to care about the salary cap when it comes to defensive tackles really. They got out from under they're not given our hundred million dollars in government artist that government or Watkins the government to Tyrod the runner to land there's a ton of room next year. I'm not gonna worry about too much to be tomorrow he's on the team.