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Here's presented by. Concussions said. Lots and lots of milestones to talk about here on the investigators today we got we got a 600 go. All. Milestone. We got a 400 win milestone for goalie of ago Warren. Angry French man right here ever. It's very day around here. Nothing on the as the gators I just could this. The the first time that's tonight's and against the Gator history. When Marty bear wrong walked in and he was he was eight machines talk. It's like there is just going to you know there's a subtle violence knowledge there was something going on line when he spoke to me when he walked in and was speaking French and English. And I my life like that I've tried to pick up one on what he was trying to say I had no idea all no there was does speak it. Fire is higher who's got any work your callers or six that's intentional that's like the book talk. As the boot that's like when the pants are tucked into the brutal and the lock off an accident. I mean he walked in the other day and I was as you are off if off. A job. It's bells Jon. Will call him off in July Joffrey offer offerings and the one leg bruise you know what don't we it would. It is my. Is that IAE US the question on Twitter repeating. And you said will will be reached Gretzky is 800 in 94. Interstate 9494. And I put it a gaffe of Simon Cowell from the from American idols then. Ethanol from me and then people have been reply and what they've been putting gifts. On top of it so one is lag yeah hats and off for me dog and it's. Yeah. Randy Jackson Jack thank you JJ and then but then there's one it's from the I dodge ball. You know they did that color commentator and dodge ball he says he won't be able to seep through and anything with the the thing and it. It's awesome I can't sit on the air but you go on on my Twitter feed. And you know would you say cotton like yeah it's means all of that would put us multiple prediction their Cotton Bowl prediction their god. Andrew Peters Craig reed day and mark and beer on here means to gators it's Tuesday he's Marty Bure on 43 he's actress ruby 52 IMAP site Craig and that's only relevant today because. I sent out a Twitter poll and that would report involves hours of questions 600 goals tonight. I don't know the exact wording of the Twitter poll but it something along lines of do you truly believe very -- does anyone truly think Avastin could pass Gretzky with 894. Goals. 80%. Are in the know category 20% say yes of those 20% just got in at 5 AM they aura blues on nights of their their. You'll come around later on it and realize what they said any 300 goals right at 209 you forget what that's just but it like in round numbers were easing. 300 goals. So he needs sees just five years left on the steel meets six seasons fifty. To get anywhere. He what is he third B 230 to thirty. The green maybe three maybe maybe let's call thirty fiscal 3330. Howled how long can he play. He can play a long time apology neatly at that level what you wanna keep it natives at low lying or seizes a 455. The goals. You know now we can spread out after that another four years of maybe sprinkling on a few twenty goal seasons and I mean my math is -- rates and even I don't know what that puts a map but that's got to put him right in the ballpark. Well whit Ayres thing you talk about and I'm certain that last night and think it with infants like you scored thirty in the National Hockey League you're really good school score right now I mean. Top goal scores to escort thirty. What's the difference between a thirty goal in the fifty goal when you talking about reaching 600 goals. It's eight years. It thinks you're twenty years at thirty a year or twelve at fifty that is. So big of a gap between a thirty goal in the fifty goals course and that's why Ovechkin to meet. Is in such a special class to be able to have scored fifteen many many times in this day and age. Dad he blows the 35 golds a year type players out of the water yeah. While he's been very consistent throughout his career there's no question about that but you know I guess I don't see how he can do this you know for seven years let's just say seven years to put the medical forty years of age. He's got to score forty goals and every one of those years and he still to get will be forget he'll be fourteen goals short. As of now well depending nominee gets but it recipe and you have to do you have deported and you know injuries. He's getting older. You know you're still scoring forty goals. In in in for the next seven years forty goals a year. He is going to go down in the history books as without question the greatest goals scored ever plan and like what he's done up to this point in his career. Is really mine Bob. Sides it is mind boggling and and I was asked the question the other day they. As a goaltender with. Wits scared you about it Atkins Lincoln mean and we all know the one timer in the partly one timer is incredible right B but but to meet that's not the scariest part because a one timer shot daddy could be over etched in our stamp goes. Or are Jack Michael Weber. It's about positioning there's no way you can react quick enough. Four with the speed of the shot to say I'm making us it's about positioning in a little bit a lot. But to meet with scares me is that first goal he scored again against Winnipeg last night at that sweeping we are shocked when he came in one on one. In a game against me or many other goalies. All when he stopped the pot and he puts them behind them any corrals it in any let's go like a slingshot. You're hoping. That it's gonna hit you yeah and when he hit through it hurts but you're hoping it's gonna hit you because. It is one of the most dangerous weapon daddy's other. And to me that it there's nobody else like ovitz and making commit to one on one pulled apart bind and then let it go. And a follow through basically goes right Florida defenseman. And knocks him out of the way and a puck is in the Bakken and now before it like that appease its more account hacked is that goal even go. You know only overmatched and man for that matter I was saying. Could score that goal it's on the ice did that go the pox flattering and the thing goes in the net kicks out all the time. That'll softly on the defense and let's but goalie is look and thinking there's going to be a one timer so he stays deep when he comes over to be able to face a one timer and also and its library irritate. Enough shots. They're going to eat take enough shots and you can score goals are benched they're going to go in I mean look at is look at the goal they scored for 600. Miceli that was one of those you know patent to go question one timers are of the one of very. Falls to the ice and shoots him behind his back you mean he was he was at the side of the who's at the side of the net you know digging for a loose park and he can make sure a lot of shots but still you do you know always shooting percentage over his career. One I don't know issued percentage no knowledge and I just look. I'm looking it up right now it's twelve point 4%. I mean worms. And with that I was because I'm a case so and in his best years. He was at 14%. When he scored 65. But everywhere else you know another one near 32 goals and 48 games was fourteen and a half percent it's all been between. You know twelve Kendall 1011. To fourteen and a half it's all been in there it's not like San ovitz in all of us and add a year we shot 22%. And it was crazy he takes a lot of shots but he scores on a ton of them too I mean that's that's just your map so given the were talking. But Alex about skin and I potential passing Wayne Gretzky did a Twitter poll today Adam majority say Knoll but I mean he had 600 last night so you gotta talk about it. Given the air are right in the gold you know in the goalless Eric has if you wanna call it that. Would you say that he's the greatest goal scorer ever. And I. I would see him make the argument knee and make the argument against a top three. Maybe top three top five I mean there was some I mean even wink it's the greatest goal scorer of all time. That's a tough question I had seen I have one in my mind I know and I don't argue until I'm blue in the face while you don't have to argue that he's the highest goals per game average at point 762. Mark. Mario is second. Notes are at 54 Brad don't go come Icahn you don't know it's. We're thinking the same diaper shirt greatest goal scorer of all time. All time. He will not stick out that you and he his career. I think we shortened due to injuries. Aren't the greatest goal scorer all time. The big. Lamar tanker car I can't tell him tonight that they Carl Levin. Fifty goal seasons all my boss might buy. Gas I mean part over here. And you look at that we scored goals like it was it was a pure sniper absolutely your snipers scored more goals per game than any player in his he had league 600 and some marked 650 something goals and like around 700 in some. And nine. Oh yeah you're right Mike Bossy but there's another stats that it was very very. Impressive. Is that. The fastest 573 goals and 752. Game that's crazy and that is you know but he didn't get to 600 but still 1150 Eagles season is last season Marty just so you know he's he played 63 games obviously cut short injury at 38 goals and that's that's insane. Like when you think of them like struggling through god and we scored but when I was gonna say is there's a stat yesterday and I send it to you guys and an email and I I can pull it up but. The fastest. Players to reach 600 like from 500 goals to 600 goals the amount of games it took. To get that those 100 because it's obviously older. You know you may not you may get from one RE zero to 100 a lot faster and you get from 500 to 600. And Mario LeMieux I think with number one on the list it only took him like a 125. Games ago working on fourteen games to get from 500 S 600. From 500 goals the 600. Maryland you it took them a 114. Games to get a hundred goals as this boy at that he did all right that is off the chart. Off the charts so you know you know everybody you sit there and he start to kind of realized like is was Gretzky really the greatest player to ever play the game or was Mary LeMieux. Or was it might buy her. Bobby or now. You don't think Bobby or I don't know our when's the last time a defenseman led the league in scoring day RA last time at a defenseman led the league in points. Now I understand he changed he changed league team. I don't think Bobby yours the greatest defenseman to ever play well. That's. Offensively they're not gonna go to Omaha I was angry. When I came in this part that's I softened die it just lets really get me angry guy I can say I have a couple guys listen Tommy who they are. All without my question number number one is for me nick Lidstrom. Longevity the I think I think efficiency. Points minutes played. Cops. Leadership. These are all things about your had. But you know I just feel like nick Lidstrom. You know just as he doesn't have that the numbers to go along he has. He is by far the greatest defenseman to ever claiming he had sixty points. In an era where defense from were barely getting sixty points and he did it in second last last season of his career at like. Forty years old I mean I I am kind of I don't know what you guys that kind of impresses me a little bit. Now I mean you know you're going to a soft spot there can I really like Nicholas and to not pay don't think Lidstrom to hit your heart I'm picking nick nick Lidstrom because I truly believe that. When someone says the greatest greatest defenseman of all time I will see Bobby Orr has the greatest offensive numbers for defenseman but the greatest defenseman ever play and darkening. And he's Collins chalet I wanna say it's always hard teams to compare generations to generations because you. We didn't get to see Bobby Orr play I did not sit in the stands and see his dominance on the ice. To be able to appreciated. So it becomes it becomes. You know. On circumstantial. Whip with what you have to. To apply to your own experiences that in thirty years from now people may say dichotomy David. Is the greatest hockey player to ever played because. Did did the memories of Wayne Gretzky. Will only be on video because a lot of generation will be. You know older and won't have. Any based suit up comparison other than the numbers but then there will be changes in the league that more teams last team's new rules. New equipment so yeah I it changes over time it's it's just normal that it does. So it's from retired when he was 4134. Points post. Never missed the playoffs yet but one. Never 263. That Detroit playoff. I mean stale and they wonder congress your about a personal audio captain a winner Bobby or in his last last healthy season before retired. At 46 goals and a 135. Points in eighty games. I the year before that he only had 122. Points. The year before that a 101 points the year before that a 117 points. You're so I got a hundred doctor Nigeria at sixty easily point out a hundred wade had its 1970 Saturday having. 245. Points all through we're gonna do I guess -- I can do that for syndicated show because syndicated would have 8000 point total grant if he played it back ready and his aero. If he's just not that is what I think. No that's exactly what let me ask you this question let me ask this question honestly okay let me ask this question Wayne Gretzky today. What's he do statistically honestly. What's what it was numbers translate to what is stored it was style of play I mean. He he wasn't the biggest guy it was in the strongest guy he wasn't the fastest guy. So I feel like there are other players from that generation that would have translated this it and rather than go today you know autistic there rocker Sheridan put him back in the seventies and how Lydia perform in the seventies and you know let's take let's take all the old. It is what it is I mean what you can't have the I think for every circumstance where it got there but there's you all make there are make an argument for every aero. If that player played in the area work or two behind him. Hewitt he wouldn't even be a player it's like you're telling me that Wayne Gretzky right now would sit there and going Wheeling deal in today's game. I don't you won't even be able to make the miners. Come. I'm bar like a proud and say I've had that's part that's a little extreme that's a little bit extreme. With your degree it's instantly sending seven windier DD we come party unity retired I'm just this. That's almost 140 years. Got. Four years ago. Their training. Was vote doing a little bike ride for for fifteen minutes and maybe doing a couple pushups and sit ups. These kids nowadays. Are machines. They are machines they are not normal. Day would. Gretzky would even touched the puck right Imus I'm saying all. That's all that reality I'm not saying he's at each year he was not a great player for years ago in his era. Okay that's reality you take you to take Alex Ovechkin. A six foot. 3240. Pound man and going to stick them back in the 1970. He would have 500 go through here thousand goals. And guys he he would be unstoppable gets so big so strong. That he wouldn't it dead accomplices sticks like I mean everything like. There it did it that's just the way it is and I can just make a point at a slightly when he 2030 years from now we're going to be looking back at Sidney Crosby the greatest player of his aero and your gonna say he wouldn't be a league he would be a lean planes as strong as this race I strongly disagree just Crosby takes a beating. Crosby you take cross Crosby the greatest player to ever play in the National Hockey League here. This well Wal-Mart got a forgot Murray and Haas we're good to be able to compare players. And in with nary got to compare to what was going on in dad air okay if you that that's. They go so you two's QC I'll be given achievement of etched in 600 goals is. Compared to all the players that entered this he's dead at 20052006. Seasons. Since. Boat vets in Crosby whenever entered OK so. You look at Ovechkin got 600 goal the next closest in that era. Is Crosby at full life. So let's go back to cry it to Gretzky when Gretzky got to 600 goals who was closest in what was the deference to see how much of a dominant. Lawyer Wayne Gretzky was so Gretzky before it. And I Cheney eight no the 888788. Season. Was at 583. Goals. The next closest with 397 that was Marcel Dion and I'm Bachmann goalies were beached whale but but I'm just in is that Gretzky. That doesn't matter and not all the mine know be liked I don't feel like god because you know what Blake. There was clutching grabbing there was stick across the back and had it was a completely different era but Gretzky at twice. Almost twice as many goals as anybody else and air to. And over again. All the great. Is in home waited 33%. More goals then again. You know then the next guy though there's there's Wear and there's that there's like risky is that much about Gretzky was. The greatest late because back in the day like the fourth fifth sixth defenseman on every team in the National Hockey League couldn't skate. Literally could not skate and they were big. You know they they didn't have the skill of today's game I mean. There's defenseman natter in this league right now that state bat better like half the defensemen skate better Gretzky in his prime. Well Mike and he wouldn't be able to help the pocket longer than two seconds where he was fifty doodling around the rink and going in as little circles and poll in until dragon. Yeah you know what he'd be in the next role if he did that today's game by the that's why I'm saying like yeah his body he was it was what six feet tall and 170 pounds soaking wet that was like there's no muscle on him. He didn't train properly UT Gretzky and put him in today's game he wouldn't last two seconds well even in the NHL listen but. I understand it I mean in his ear he was so much better than every single player but he he left her in Gretzky is the. Lleyton. You know late eighties early ninety's that we that he was in the seventies and using all week and playwright the guy smoked. A pack of cigarette Hideo whatever and as small on the French prime deadly day in the locker room like I think it's easy to say that and also at the same thing about but. There Gretzky would his talent was a fourteen year old right now he'd be doing all the right things to be able to dominate. Hey that's it I would. And that's what I was saying all of us translating. Yeah we are translates into the tie arguing that I'm arguing taking Wayne Gretzky his. Crime in the National Hockey League. And how he trained in how he what he did to prepare you would be able to play in the national park so I remember Marty just matching guys smoke has nothing to do. With us with what. What he gated in and they're the same time if it was that easy to score goals and not worry about your fitness now that. So why he was he had 650. In the next closest was less fortunate Apple Stock right they're maybe that's the problem with hockey maybe these guys are hungry to get to shape. Maybe they heat up whoa ho why. No they sit there were way way more goals back in the eighties but that was. Again we're not gonna go in that debate of rich and score 600 in an era where. Gil scoring fifty or sixty goals is like scoring 75. When Mogilny did it or whatnot and Endesa as we it is and that's a great achievement here at Wayne Gretzky scored what 92. I mean I want to go and look up how many guys scored over fifty goals. And and where you have a look at Alex Ovechkin and what he's done in his career up to this date. You're gonna understand how good out of business. Because there was nobody scoring 980807060. Goals this season were in a situation right now in this era. Out to bashed and who has been the number one goal scorer for the past. 111012. Years. Every cannot order went in that order. Right. He he he continues. To be the best goal score of his generation. Like it's it's so impressive what he's done. In this in this aero and I'm not taken anything away from Gretzky because IIK I don't. Get a Gretzky scored 92 there was 1050 Eagles court here. And a close us with 64 bossy. Then there was said this man America it was at sixty. Dino it's it's early necessarily at 55. Ricky viva 54 and what what was the lowest goals against average. In matter it doesn't matter I'm just curious to know it. What kind of numbers were goal he's put in putting up back then that means that you don't mean like I'm just here I'm just curious not arguing with you I'm just curious and all like. What what what numbers led because now guys are. What Marty what's good low twos. Yeah I mean. True. Can one use fifteen to Finley is like tops if you element to 35 to forty Europe. In the middle range on mark are called up today we know that in this marker call up they speak goaltenders NC percentages in theaters Andrew Peters is all right art and guys. Through 64 to 75 Billy Schmidt threw 97. I mean. Then next I was 32 when you have a bunch a guys between three. And 39 and those guys are guys that hit. Conversations that season for the best he's ever agree here he's only three late forties. You're 47 goals per game where the guys at 847 in his sleep now he's in the much he's he's in the east ghostly enemy so my question to work on his radio show let me ask that it. And apple you guys this question he had doubts about finance terrific Condo that I and let's just say that Alex Ovechkin finished his NHL career at 750. Goals where's that. Third third day 750 goals now Gretzky has 894. Balls. Would you consider. Oh bashed in a better goal scorer were rescued better goals. Because now you're taking in August the you know. Gretzky was shoot nine Ani mode that we're doing OK don't save. And no questions shooting on go look at how many gold rescue scored on Daniel birth human and Tommy did an affair now investor with. Again listen Glen Hanlon wit and Blake who you're gonna knock Gretzky down because of that. He's got more assists than anybody else's points he's got more goals than anybody else I mean it's it's insane. I don't care what your competition is. You you can lay near you play and you you know that's the way it is you read you redefine the game each. He changed the way it was played team made rules because of the Edmonton Oilers and Wayne Gretzky. A dead air they the haven't made. A rule I say it all weekend we can't have four on four hockey because Gretzky and healers are way too dominant you have done that four events in or around and Ovechkin didn't have to get hit. I'm actually gonna walk out I seriously I candidate in this morning and your guys are making me angrier. Believe that's more. The union is is English right over there. Marc-Andre Fleury 400 ways I looked at that on the other side of the break because we go to school year French school he. Comes in upset after the hour we talked to the other day. Get this 400 wins cell. Each. Kind of fish rip. Sell sell selfish all right Marty Iran in studio that's Andrew Peters Gregory May investigators. When we come back to that point and a little Marc-Andre Fleury discussion right here. Avi GR Sports Radio five if you amnesty. Back with more of the investigators. With the Andrew Peters head grade was. All right welcome back to the investigators Andrew Peters Kregg Avaya and marked and beer Ron relied on WGR Sports Radio 550. And amnesty I've been holed. But I have to say that Bobby yours the greatest defenseman. Of all time that's on the voice. From you know that's from this that's mergers hear it over literally ER. Sit in their way out very very old school guy just can't like oh you know Bobby Ortiz. How do you guys like I mean it's not even in Holland now you're sucking up to the boss and I knew said that Bobby you're the greatest of all time yet how many hundred point seasons I mean he is clearly a genius on skates. Carried Jean is on skates necklace from 01 of the greatest batsman ever played one of a set one will agree with that we're gonna get to the point. Marc-Andre Fleury finishes last night with our career win number 400 we'll talk more about that but. He rumor that I don't think I really our players understand yet Todd Jeremy right judge does morning. It in all this football stuff my sabres guy says looks like Jack may be back on Thursday. And that all market become an opt for a bit and then Linas hallmark I called up obviously did the sabres for the press release out there. So. Having Jeremy is intolerant he's he's doing his job and then listening to what's going on in. You know so we Cendant as a chance that Jack comes back wit with. You know ten games left to to play which would be. Put them at Wendy's miss fourteen games now fourteen or fifteen games so that's. L a month. A month of hockey that's for five weeks about you when you say when originally they said it was going to be 63 weeks and a high ankle sprain could be twelve weeks you don't know I think just that amount. The rest of the year this and I gonna seed this ice some practice the other day and he was doing some three hard cuts. And in a corner and tight turns and acceleration. And he was on the race with. With. Dennis Miller and you know in full gear and you were going to and I study looked really good and he felt he said he felt good itself. I don't know I mean. This is there a chance that we see Jack were. Sooner than later again I think there's a there's a big chance of that too I think you'd be poor is they and I UIORM Marty. What did we say when that an injury happened we said if he's a 110%. Fine but if he's ninety I say no. I got to text somebody two days ago that premium that that Michael plays Thursday. Okay how you look at camp and that's what I wanna know that would have given immediate indication. That if he can move on both legs are not in all the fans are fantasies so. Yeah I'm sure that's exactly what third teaching his return on it all they had champ performance he he walked in a walking boot for. And eighth at most I think. And usually could be four weeks in a walking boot there's there's a lot of good signs for Jack from the get go. I Karzai said if these 80% 90% 95% don't worry about it but it is a 100% and ready to go. And the difference to his win is a 100% if he's a 100% with two games left this season don't even worry about it. Have we seen more I know Jack's had two but have we seen more operate coal sprains it's high ankle sprains. It's just in recent years and the reason why I ask that is because I've nor does BS the won these states are getting stiffer and stiffer. And or stiffer more stiff or better and their almost bewildered better but their meat with a different material now whereas before these be made the flight. Arnold some lather and some other you know pieces where they would buckle. You know insider outside if you put enough pressure aren't these guys are 230 pounds and putting a ski boot on covering up your ankle. You know the only the only area to give is above the boot line where they've lace up the skates and those skates are buckling mark. But twenty years a goal and ankle sprain was an ankle sprain was an ankle sprain now you can have three different type of ankle sprain you can have. In elm much more in doubt. Of where this brain is how to treat that area where to do with it I think that's the first time I heard. Those guys a high ankle sprain where is he B eight years ago and never heard of anybody that's our marker and won in 2002 which was. Sixteen your sixteen years ago but he probably walked around this is I've got an ankle sprain. And since they have a high ankle sprain there's I ankle sprain after his bat but I'm just saying is that we. We never used to hear Ike I like looking into Baghdad days. He's playing like he's watching a tennis match right now he really is what right why don't you wait just. Taken it in IE you know. I always had the feeling that Jack would come back. I think that you need do in this situation with you know obviously this team is not playing for anything what they're playing for is to build the build those qualities in your team moving forward and Jackson big part of that I think if Jack can play. I think the gonna warm back in that lineup by I don't think they wanna bring him back at 90% or 95%. But if Jack has pushed himself. Really hard in practice deserved better got all those things where now you're in team practices in your really getting banged on and he's having to put. A lot of weight in push off that leg and he feels fine. I'd be better for him to return for fees healthy than Toronto home. I don't think it matters to me so this is going to be the first practice he's back. With the team with the team and then likely Wednesday. Night and they play Thursday. He's in peace tees and really that's too early. I think that you need. High ankle sprain situation. You do not plan for anything you'd need. Did take the time to make sure that he's a 100% there is there's a big difference with Jack eichel playing at a high and pace getting. Getting pushed on and beyond by the defenseman. You know other than you know the person that he's training but to me is doing. A tight turns like I said I'd seen him do left and right not just one way not just turning on his left foot. But turning in his right foot as well ankle as well. But it dubbed the body contact is where I think dad. Dieters added stress when you get hit and Alison you come back on one leg and it may not be perfect. When you battle for parks and six or in between this heat ducts that those good things that you can't really duplicate in practice you can have. Battle drills and you can up across and all that. But to be able to take a really good shoulder and to bounce off a bit it's not a voting in taking the shoulder hit it to. Bode jacked going in for a pop with a guy on his back. Jackass dude do you deal loose of move where he's moving his legs in his ankles to basically make that fake tight moves to week and though it. It it doesn't seem like a law. But when you have a high ankle sprain he's subtlety OPEC will just send out excruciating absolutely and if it's not if he's not ready you're gonna know it and he house to get pushed on. He house to make sure that you tell us that and they have quite the stir. Coming up to two days of they have to Thursday at their home beliefs. Saturday at their home to the hawks Monday their home in Nashville. Wednesday next Wednesday at their home to Arizona. Next Friday their home in Montreal than there at the Rangers and back to back in the gold who drawn on the plane Toronto on Monday mean they've got. It cold weather where crazy games here come. We're at thirteen. So they've got nine gains in the last. Sixteen days of the month when you consider starting so early days. So it actually seventeen days he got nine gives got more day and every other day for the rest of the month. It is going to be taxing now. I mean there's all these home games coming up. Could you take and no bit of an extra two days to really get through to progress the progress of it then and plan Monday night if it feels really really good. Absolutely. Played Thursday demean. It it. That's a conversation you have between your coaches your GM your player and the trainers and doctors to really see. God it would be 100%. Because I got one game. Could mean missing the rest of the year if you wait 34 days you could still play nine games of the season. And another strong finish so that one game knowing when to start. And I'll to approach it is so import. Yep I I just look at the schedule on I just. We had talked to vote you know. Jack not even playing a game this year the rest of the year and for me I'd I'd just look at this and say. You want Jack to play. You want him to go and make sure that he plays games there this year but. More more important making sure that he comes back when he feels that he's a 100% there's no need to rush him back right now I think. Making sure. Through practice. Routine practice. Give Jack the time to to really hone in in and know that his ankles a 100% so when he does come back he will not re entry. Is the gators Andrew Peters Craig re very in marked and beer on. Will do to the point will push it to the little bit later but wanna get back to Marc-Andre Fleury. 40400 wins us so we'll keep you posted on what we hear about jacket practice and obviously. He can hear hear throughout the week to be doesn't know playing on Thursday obviously you'd think he does player doesn't eat too early I don't the place Marty. It. Because there's today tomorrow and am in morning skate Thursday. I think if every practice comes up a 100% thumbs up I think he global. Because the only reason he's it would be practicing with the team. Is because he would be nearing a return if he wasn't he'd be on his own like Ivan Rodriguez was on his own. And really they. That's that's if everything is good along the way like a practice that that. At 10:45. This morning. In all have a practice tomorrow morning skate Thursday after everything feels right I think he'll go but. I do not endowed conversation I'm not in that meeting obviously don't have the doctor's report so I don't know where. Is ankle is not where it's been the last two week. I'm gonna say he plays even if he's that eighty years 85% to simply because there's another almost a month left in the season if he tweaks that they just say you're done you're out pseudo for the rest of the season by the time the season ends. To be a 100% that are rolling in the offseason for training a world championships. Marty 400 wins for Marc-Andre Fleury last night where do you see him finishing his career. I've been looking at some of the guys ahead of army's thirteenth right now out 400. He's going to pass names like Chris Osgood at for a one. Grant fear at 403. Glenn Hall at 407 all probably this year. Let me maybe not quite a million are gonna at all but he'll get to eleventh and he'll pass cramp here who is iconic. Then you're looking into the Tony yes Z knows he's still chasing Lundqvist but then shock plot Terry sock chart. Curtis Joseph I mean how high do you see him getting up in the all time wins. I think with the way the rules are set now with overtime and shootout in the fact that Marc-Andre Fleury is a very. Active I've goaltender at three on three fits them really nicely because. He's he's quick it it doesn't have to be structured in front of he's a really good shootout goaltender. I think you'd be east 34. Years old. Are going to be 34 entering next season I don't know when his birthday he has but he is an 84 Bert the year. To mean. I think you can give them a next throw. I would 300 wins. He give him forty next year for that 835 like I don't know where they guess is gonna stacked next year but 35. 35 the year after and maybe. Come down after that when you had the 36 year old so you give them another. Maybe nine AD wins. The highest may be a hundred after this year including the 45 and you might pick up again. There's your 500. Pay 500 you know there's only two Coulter under an all time that have gotten over 500 grand rightist Patrick won Marty Brodeur all that's been out Angel have Longo that are. Along with that 467. Where does Luongo get to Marty as his owners left and deal he's not like the gold getting those 33 wins is going to be tough. Lucky is a great story and all but he pulled is his groin hip whatever was this year is an injury on a routine save. He had hip surgery last year on the is no spring chicken and listen. He's not playing until he's 42 years all I've taken a year. For Longo. That's going to be that's that meal at the end of that so he made I get to 500. Long quiz. It's 430. He may get an next another seventy like if you think. He's gonna play at least 34 years I've got 313 at thirty wins here is now 353534. Yeah. So I mean. I think worry and long quest after me have better a better chance to get to 500. In and long goal was 33 wins away. While. Seek going into today I I had I have Luongo pay for got a little probably play out their contracts in Florida you know. I don't think so and I think. The one big downside of it for the Florida Panthers is that cap recapture. If because he's making a million boxes last two years or whatnot and as cap it was four and half million. They're going to be hit with a pretty hefty cap hit four. You know if he retires for the rest of his contract and then it will can Google Wave but yet but you know it is. I walked in and I felt I felt bad for Marc-Andre Fleury I'll be honest its last night everybody's talking about a batch in 600 goals 400 wins four gold Izzy. Big big milestone. One that is only been achieved. Thirteen time in the National Hockey League how many 600 goals or do we yeah. We're more than thirteen. In all so I'm like god is to me that's a I guess it's a bigger achievement because it's it is obviously us to do with that team pitcher on an Ovechkin 600 goals is crazy. But it happens the same night in which a flurry. They yeah they got a little. Time on nine NHL network went to a Kevin weeks a buddy from our forward with great but then they already a sort of that was over. Well exhibition got cute and I got to 600 let's start to over it and when we come back and it's like and make. It's just it's it's unfortunate because that is used my muscle for gold and. So you could still lose 39. Right now yeah how many more years do you think that Lou play one. Yeah you'll think he'll just play next year next year. That's a that's what I think and and any old bill what still is your thing he has an ability to catch Ed Belfour. Which had Belfour at adulterated or 48017. Guy has ability to keep catch him do I think. It all depends a fluke and stay healthy obviously but I I think that. Well we don't yet and he's got situation with primer. Primer is. You know. A pretty darn good I would even call my backup right column. A one a one B. And he's and he can play he can play for Florida analogue log big minutes. No he can definitely play. I'm not saying that but if you look at that the wide then the long ago. He's played that she played forty. You know the year before daddy still plead sixty I think to get. Thirty wins and a year you get a plea 55 to sixty games at least. So for a long goal to this year he's played 26 I mean that's you know he's he's not gonna get. 33. Wins playing only forty games a season so. So old they did they have a mean he could he could get to seven wins Marty between now and the end of the year. You know Marc-Andre and and and move up. Jack eichel according to Paul Hamilton is on the ice and will be practicing with the sabres today so. And a little run what does that mean for the sabres and Thursday night washed away in siavii great return what's up as you say in another tweet from Paula idol. And says none of the goalies are entered in mean it's Linas hallmark getting called up as Jason volatile said on arsenal. That guys are dead earn a call up will come up goalie came up now all market's gonna get a chance that's. Part of the plan he didn't wanna call anybody op. Before to trade deadline they want them to get that the development in Rochester but now's a time to try a few things and guys. You get guys called up. Because you don't have roster limitations so don't get to play guys on the plane is getting called up his player play I think if he's here please remain on the way he made up late Thursday night ready he'll play. Maybe for sure one of the next two. Who sits out. Doesn't matter doesn't this thing coin flip as there's not. There's always you're doing it your personal statement being made by which guys it's out he promised that runnerup. Johnson's America. Have you won your two in Europe three. Soul if did three plays. And the wind should be backing up and at two should be in the stands. Mean as a road map it doesn't it doesn't seem thank you it doesn't it doesn't really matter I mean a four talked him our team that's vying for a playoff spot they did this they probably wouldn't do this. If you darken the Edmonton Oilers in game one of the Stanley Cup finals against the Carolina hurricane. And the anti cock and as our back up because it was just time to back up the rotation. In. Although it back those six Marty ball that was of war what do the worst coaching decisions of all time. To rotate. The back up you get going gamer is I get the other game because we won a key bull guys dress in and part of the team. But when did they Dwayne Roloson got hurt the had the wrong guy back in up. Now the guy they wanted wildly when he end and let in goals and they lost game one. You get one guy. For one game right now we're gonna talk about who that guy he's aligning aero matched it in this or that coming up here. Next segment was marked and beer on it to Peter's Craig reed day to EGR Sports Radio 515 MSC. Hockey talk that kids these these these investigators. With Andrew Peters had great repaid. Welcome back against the gators. Andrew Peters and Craig remain next to Myanmar to Iran in I came in a little Ingrid this morning but this segment always puts the spotlight they threads because it is time for this. That and we've got a great one for you guys this morning CD but the phone down riffs stopped writing listen to what I've got say if you had been. To pick one of those two players for one game right now not like in ten years ago not like in five years ago or five years from now right now. Yet I think one of those guys would you take Patrick lining or elect Alex Ovechkin. This and it on ago. My boy OV I think that he has proven to be. That guys that can put the puck in the net and I have to go with a guy that's been doing it to for thirteen years instead of a kid that's Jennifer to let me answer this what if there was a playoff game. What if it was like playoffs because we all know all Washington had their moment. Where they haven't been great the playoffs and lining is a pretty good success internationally wit. World juniors Finnish team the world championship and his team. Would that make a difference. Well it wouldn't make you death difference to me because if you've done your homework on Alex Ovechkin who everybody thinks he's the reason wider not getting it done in the playoffs. He's got what ninety points in 96 games in the playoffs 46 goals he gets it done I mean he's he's continuing to do it in the playoffs it just so happens that. The overall. Vibe in Washington and the camaraderie. They just haven't seemed to get over that hump and I still believe in Allah to bash and he's one of the greatest to play the game and a moment over pity but one game network one player. Lining. That's over in over. I heard everything over the one game all the in. In the playoffs. When you guys are born because it while it's about it's about disagreeing sometimes so yeah I'm going all is well so. I don't lining I think is a great player but all of me. Scares the be Jesus out of me when he came down and he still does that same feeling when it seems in council paid this or that big concert this summer. Daisy. Beyoncé. There come in to January of bill. Yet to pick one album to go see. Are one of them to hang out maybe what would it be easier on us or. He won if you win one of the UN on a combined three one in the middle. And I am I I would want to go to either one okay about if you could be why I got I I'm problem then Marty is why and if you he or could be beyond language you want but for the sake it gets her dad yeah I'm gonna answer. And I'm gonna go with beyoncé. No I'm not an I am not the rap. Guy I'm not the JEZ. You know a cloud you know I'd rather just chill back in and and let beyoncé viewers thing and dance up the storm and. Yea me on that but. Quickly I gotta love one last one I need your answer on this one so. Beyoncé because I have to pick one. Just because I wanna. On anger of that yet you're going to others in the industry calls a concert really would like to see it was last nine it was Our Lady Peace I take our leading peace or Canada you went to a city leader asylum at the rapids theater few years ago it was the greatest concert I've ever been in the in the little song from they just are they now have V. Now biggest break deleted these things are all weighing in the rainy all. Shoot low eighties. I'm gonna have to listen treatise you again we'll listen to our lady now is when I got back from I'm not elaborate on I Indians got a home. I think now that we're gonna think he's in line and that some people I got to drive off the road with that. Those terrible this or that you know another one no go to Europe it's coming up. My update is coming up here WGR 550 amnesty will be right back.