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Mardy beer on Craig of hey Andrew Peters and see gators WGR Sports Radio 550 and amnesty obviously. Ovechkin now hitting 600 last night I think is now probably. Probably the biggest news in hockey today because I think a lot of people are a lot of people I mean I did Twitter poll. I kind of feel like that got squash is because some it was overwhelming how many people said no but. Could he potentially pass Wayne Gretzky I don't know how anybody could possibly think that he could. The rate that he would have to go. Who is next to Gretzky. How. How I want 786. Can he get a 186. Goals in the rest of his career let's not. That's not the pick Gretzky out of the equated to an idea eight. Whenever is crazy can he get a 186. More goals. Five years. It. 355. Wright is a hundred needy that's totally do honored by weight according how how many goals. Seventies are you. What's wrong with you are 786. While that's just in age now. With no it also is six is with the Detroit red going sorry Gordy Howe eyes yet. AD broke his record that gorgeous backhand and yet you had no access to all of it wouldn't boom or denied it true. Always I just read this but of Detroit Red Wings so we obviously played with the Hartford whalers. Where he needs 540 goal seasons. He needs 200 Eagles. Plus with Iran and you want to iTunes and I might be able to do that I think that's as of possibility. I think 800 goals is definitely realistic for robots and I think 894 or the when he gets said he hundred goals if he gets it you'll be what 38 maybe. I don't know that he'll be able scored 9094. Goals and you know three or four years by the time he gets that. That'd be 25 goals around per season but I think. I definitely do believe he could be the number two goal scorer of all time high ugly again he's an easy having this year I don't know how great it's not as Hillary's. Is that how great of a season do you think of it in having this year. Like statistically you're just per like bio watch you have a great season and I think it's I think it's just one of his normal seasons but he got 42 holes right in. And 69 games. Willie get to fifty. On the third inning games to get eight goals. Yes I think I'd be exploring and so you know what I considered a great ER for Alex Ovechkin. At whatever age he has right now which is 32. Can he do that decorate. And beat just barely getting to fifty. For the next five years to try to get. 200 to 225. More schools I think you'll get. Right around fifty this year I think he probably will have another fifty plus seasons somewhere in the next few years if couple forties. Whenever there's a lockout in three years. Any DR Horton. You know we didn't have locker protect families gusher that are out of say 20/20 120202021. Is a potential lockout or in a shortened season or whatever it is. Now you're talking about a 35. Going on 36 years old that is just missed a full season probably playing in the cage I'll buy out. Dots 45. Goals may be your taken away from a mention of that season doesn't happen. What's your ideal Stanley Cup matchup like you go away from the because like it is never good it's just a terrible. And why we even discussed the work stoppage in like I would just try to get something done early to you know we're not talking about it because that's that's come out there. I would say. Your question I wanted to change change gears here actually hit the hit the old powerhouse rankings in the theaters tower on nine WGR Sports Radio 515 amnesty and guest. Before we get to now muscular what's your ideal Stanley Cup match up do you have a matchup that you. I have to do you want to see in the finals. Like for different reasons it's not this or that it's this and I just need one or what is the reason for the ideal location. For us to go and. And enjoyed a good son they'll enjoy the area stop thinking selfishly. Okay for yourself and think about the broad picture for hockey will just be the best match up for all parking. Not just these gators can we go conference finals first sheer. A giant and Maarty Leunen and then go to our finals circle. I'm gonna I'm going with I'd like to seek Pittsburgh Penguins play the Tampa Bay Lightning. I think though it I think that that matchup there could be just legendary. And now the star studded talent that's on both teams. I would love to see that matchup. For the conference finals and east. And for the last. I wanna see Nashville. And I wanna see. News peg is. Heidi just. There's not enough for me there's not enough. Star studded talent on there for me to kind of go Gary to go. I like Vegas vs every have a start team past beat the past dubious first I'm gonna go with Nashville in Winnipeg. I'd like this need them. While they could they can't measure went into a data have one of all would have to fall out of the central division and be a wild card. And that's not gonna happen has happened in marketing at that and that's why like. My ideal match up would be template Toronto in eased. I'd like to see but it's not gonna happen because they're in the same division so they meet in this first or second in his second most likely. But here's here's Beattie I'll tell you guess my ideal match up. For. Revenues. For dub buzz that it would create would be Winnipeg Toronto. And all Canadian match up in a finals. I think you'd be amazing to digest go that route completely different we haven't seen. You know a cop in in Candice since 93 to Montreal Canadians. That's going on 25 years I think it would be it would be fantastic. Now selfishly I would want it to be now has built Tampa. Because you get let me tell you something I wanted to know it's just as annoying as the Montreal Canadian winning the Stanley come. Charming we've been winning the Stanley Cup and did did I want and where I live to win and where I'm. Now what was I prayed like river last time and one and we bring them. We got me so I think that he believes that the I think I do I want Winnipeg I think Winnipeg is a great. Team me and I'd be crazy if the Winnipeg jets would win the cup so yeah that's that's where I now it's likely. Forward that point alone. And Winnipeg Toronto would be it would be pretty crazy aren't. National temple would be nice sort of bill Pittsburgh would be. Like to Syria not so it would be great. I Nigel Pittsburgh rematch defense so rim what's your what's your desired final. I would like Pittsburgh Nashville. Just go right back to smash built because they are the greatest posts. Ever. In all of the lead times ten and it was really truly amazing. Divide. In Nashville on what they brought. Two into the game and I'd like to see it I think I'd like to see the same thing happen. You know honestly I call back caravan. I know I while we're paid he'll win I don't know where it's going one ST LA I wanna see sandals they. Wanna see. Nashville I don't know which one trait which ones Hank. Myself every got me myself and prevail over here. You talk about Nashville being great hosts did you see last year with the give DeWitt the put on the press box and every. Reporters spot the ability and a press box you have basically. Assigned seats and you walk in you look at this dead at this seating chart like a camp spot 55 and Acura Scion workplace and see. While last year game one of I don't know if it was a conference final. But the push it a little baggy dad at earplugs in it and it says you mean one word yes it gets loud in here. And there was a via a can of Coke in a little bottle of Jack Daniels right next. That was for every media member that was on the press box that. Just amazing just good idea and it just makes people wanna be here. You know now don't break it open during the game maybe he has some issues by. You know that's pretty good it'll tickled gift after don't think there were. Who is one of the media members that just kind of started walking around asking for a unit during and then just. Collected all of them and got bombed during the game with a dog during the game but I think there was somebody says if you're not gonna take it ought to get a lot dole would like fifteen little bottles in his pocket. Hockey experts call them power rankings as the gators call them power house rankings and we're live on WGR Sports Radio 550. And on MSG. We'll get to to the point and we won't get too. Beisel treatment we get to a powerhouse rankings. Marty did you submit your power house ranking into the fray Tom on the back nine submitted it to JJ connect axles hopefully hopefully the pack are passed on to Tom and what did you. Who are you're powerhouse rankings from five to one clause five or the bus and. Ruins I think the for the Vegas golden knights were just some. Andy continue to win team and play really well. And top three to me are the top three teams in the National Hockey League Winnipeg jets who lost a overtime game to Washington last night but are still. I believe a 63 in ones and their last ten and could could have been way up there. Nashville is 90 and one in Tampa what I believe is that nine or and one as well. And just winner of five straight so those are my. Power house so whatever you wanna call it so Tampa Nashville Winnipeg Vegas and Boston from 125. Boston Bruins lost its officers are decay rift what he got it. We're doing our powerhouse rankings you're top five powerhouse teams. Powerhouse teams right now Nashville Predators they're 90 and one in their last ten games. There on a five bio for those listening went five yes Nashville who won like nine games in a row. They just lost in overtime the other night but they're still completely on fire. Tampa Bay Lightning last ten games 90. And winder on five game winning streak. And those are by far the two hottest teams in the lead. I have Colorado Avalanche sneaking up in in my powerhouse rankings because their 51. In four. And a move themselves. Into a playoff position their plane fantastic hockey. Florida Panthers with out question by far one of the the talk teams. In the league right now. 81 and walk on in their last ten games. These guys are a very dangerous hockey team. Look for the for a Panthers you can continue their push. And last but not in it but just got to their problem little parliament and auto off for the victory last night over the floor panthers' medical off a little bit. The big two points for those sirens. You know like you enjoyed that win idea and Florida Panthers were the hottest team in the National Hockey League with eight wins in a row. I seen a drop the ball with three minutes left in the game and you know that those were points that they needed to continue their you're toward enacting these yup MacKenzie lawyer and then you got the senators who are a race for the bottom sort there's there's draft percentage on the I want in the Florida Panthers to get in so I was happy with that but. My last but not least this is gonna raise some eyebrows here. There is on coyotes. Yes I said it there are 63. And one in their last ten teams. Com. As much as they are the last place team in the league. They have played much better in the last ten games you have to give a little pat on the yet they'll head back with it may be 25 and eaten it. In your house I'm talking about what they've done lately Marty and right now they have one of the better. Percentages in the last ten games than most teams. On one with the with my boys owner's market I wish I hope that they it's important I hope they stay hot let's keep my eyes your your point there. Pity the other power house. Thinking. I do have a powerhouse her ranking going from number five it to a number one org or the Boston Bruins got to love the B is right now there Oren. The Winnipeg jets probably gonna win the cup Pittsburgh Penguins probably gonna win the cup. Tampa Bay Lightning most likely to win the cup and Nashville Predators probably going to be in the final. Where's Vegas you always they assume that biggest from the dean. He that this season started on your power housing yes and I don't have the power to fire anybody otherwise JJ would be in serious trouble because I heeded my power. For a Petit said. I do whatever just put Vegas number one. I did so is this maybe your cute fifth sixth that's that's the biggest one and and it's Nashville. Tune it but how do you. Not credit what Vegas is doing right now look we talked about them all year long if they were typical expansion team we beat just. Probably saying told you so told you so. But they just beat Philadelphia last night Philadelphia comes back lately thirteen minutes left they tie it up Tutu and and they win the game. I mean come on they're beating everybody they beat everybody that's required in order to get everybody everybody twice Nashville they spank five nothing this year they're beating everybody. They really are in their. Insanely impressive what's more impressive bubble Vegas golden knights is this. Goals for 235. Goals four and a 187. Against backup plus 48. Goal differential that is what. That's fifth in the league. At fourth or fifth fourth or fifth in the league it is absolutely insane what it what this team is doing. Unbelievable story season. Can you imagine they would Stanley Cup can they really can they. And then ask for Seattle. 800 million dollars because adults and make it a ray of Dana beyond any personal groups they. There's a bottom line is about on the line what you want of that group that planned march and. I'm Brian it all right as a grown on the all right now we're playing. The are behind Nashville so the it would lead Dallas. Dropped a locket done. You'll thumped Dallas. On ski now. That's in that it would. I'm just in the playoffs started they have and the boys in the back thank you supreme Dallas channels they would play LA that's in medium without your magical series Winnipeg. Ash or Winnipeg Minnesota that's the Carlyle easing those are those matchups that would be insane. That would be that's why I yeah I got a question for all the guys look like fellas Sony's step that are. The east. East would be a San Jose LA in the first round yeah I beat Tampa New Jersey. Boston Toronto Washington Columbus Pittsburgh Philly rate. Pittsburgh Philly would be on. Believable that would be that would be nice Boston Toronto would be great because the last time Boston throttle played each other we on the opening games of right Tampa New Jersey that are obvious sweep bossier violated it caps Blue Jackets language flyers what happened last trial. Boston Toronto bought all the 31 with like ten minutes and they want to sell one might think 4187. And seven. And then complete meltdown in real and how many hats there's only like a year in ten minutes left there is a great YouTube clip out there is basically these Toronto fans are filming each other these set up a goal pearl read on dubbed it TV. And it's their reaction. And their high fighting everybody. Parents we're going it and work at win the cup and their mood after every goal and it's not safe for. Children. It is fantastic. Dead. Did depression that overtakes that room is is amazing so now. And but ate it has questioned in this Louis blues. Sneak again. They just beat the Anaheim dock the ducks last three in a row Saint Louis is ceasing. Colorado. There a point behind they're chasing the stars are three point minus. You have got sick if they think basically three its destiny. It's as we're not giving anybody. And we are on a downward spiral we're not good in their way through and that's how faster than ten now rocky ride when he was our Paula Cramer is fighting there are paid eight. Out the door right now I point. Behind Colorado Avalanche. They beat the docks yesterday a really really good win for them for two. Can do it this weekend yeah they could sneak in soak in Anaheim Soka Calgary went out there right now it's 2.0 of a playoff spot. I mean Calgary's. It is going to be Geiger is subway is two points out but. Colorado's got two games in hand on top rate I Calgary's got only twelve games meaning. I want the avalanche to make it soul badly here really asks. Because they may mechanic can really be considered for the Hart trophy yeah anti did you pull out there yesterday needed. It and yeah you have to make the playoffs to be considered for hard yeah. And I don't think you have to meet a playoff to be consider. But I would not put you as my number one vote if your team doesn't it aka. That's a quick Beisel trader presented by got one topic for buy sell trade. Presented by buffalo sports go to buffalo sports on McKinley parkway where you can buy sell and trade new news sports equipment. So by sultry for today Patrick Kearney will lead the NHL in goals I mean last night was pretty unbelievable. Showing able beginning two and a 600 many artists. He got the kid whose idol scores a 600 school so he goes and gets one and Patrick line and so their what 42 and 41 for goals this year yes. So by cell trait Patrick lining will leave the NHL in goals a US asked the same question yesterday. Not media. I didn't are ma'am and master but aren't on the we did the same by some tree yesterday. It's exactly what we did yesterday. You asked me if Patrick lining is going to be the leading goal score. And I said no no I think I ask you if he was the greatest goal scorer of all time now. You asked me if he's gonna lead the league also you know what the here's the question let's see if you're consistent with your answer benefactor and the answer is going to sell this just like I did yesterday way to go jade mine and I believe that you know why would I just pick. Patrick Linehan who are because they're great goals are what you've got. You've got you've Getty Malkin is is sitting right behind these guys licking his chops you've got. Obviously Al Sebastian who is still considered. The greatest goal scorer of all time but you have. You know Eric Staal is still up there I mean there are still guys that are in the fold that you have no idea who's going to be the leading goal scorer in the league. I am gonna. I yes. I think Patrick Lenny will lead to wide because at the ease on that complete care rate now he's got within their goals since March 1. He's a guy he's second in goals since Jerry first only to have getting all akin I think he's got six more goals or seven moguls and Ovechkin. Since the calendar turned to when he eighteen. I think aligning. At the end of this season he's got twelve games are thirteen games left. He will pass over etched in and will win that rod do you think that idiom the the addition. Of it's obviously. Paul Stastny do you think that he's the one who's gonna get him over the hump. I think you can view your your plan with Nikolay is Ehlers who's he's like a water bodies like a speedster on skates that's absolutely incredible can you tell me what point totals and goals he has it here healers is is. Absolutely incredible for for this team and I just find that Paul Stastny. Really really puts that line together yeah it's 53 points this year 47 ghost when is that this seven greatest thing. Mark safely is not with the Winnipeg jets right now so who's gonna get. Those lived apart played time and maybe stayed a full two minutes is going to be Patrick lining. Who's going to be double shifting if there's I mean it's gonna be Patrick lining I think pat and you'll get so many more opportunities. Which Shively out and more responsibilities. And he will perform. Two I think a higher rate eat up an Ovechkin. In the finishing. Twelve games of the season 1213 when a but he. All right coming up next to the point presented by Jim stick a stick around see if they were all five of the same questions from last I Mardy was on odds are they probably are. RA WGR Sports Radio 515 and MSG we'll be right back. Back with more of the investigators. With Andrew Peters at great look. Welcome back to the against the gators in front of a live studio audience this is Marty beer on Andrew Peters and are trigger very here on WGR Sports Radio 550. And MSG let's get you to the point present Biden Jim staked out lets get thirty seconds on the clock I've got to. Five topics here fellas five topics to get to not the same as yesterday or last time Marty was in Seoul. First problem was the first. What have her or had Marty day I'll take it. First topic to the point present a much at stake out Saint Louis made a mistake at the deadline. No. He did not make a mistake he saw an opportunity get better it's rated Stastny away. And really when you if you look at Saint Louis getting in the playoffs. They've been in the playoffs that the ultimate goal is to win a cop or at least get as far as he can. They weren't gonna go that they would have lost what five or six general right before a deadline he needed to be able to look at the opportunity get better be afraid it's that's the way. Got a good return. That's fine by Amy and it rolled the dice and hope that you can there's a season strong may be dip. In the playoffs but now think of the future. Ol' man river. Okay so the question is did Saint Louis make a mistake at the deadline. Do I think they've made a mistake I say no. But they did not give themselves ammunition. To make a run. And get better for the playoffs they were already into the playoff picture at that time. And they treated waiter number two senator. A guy that puts up sixty points every single year that makes everybody around him better and they didn't replace him with anything. So I'm gonna say yes Saint Louis did drop the ball. By not going out if they're gonna trade away stashing that's fine. But trying to get someone back there could be younger that you could use for years to come our next topic were doing to the point presented by agents take a we kind of touched on this discussion earlier but in a different way. The the greatest goal scorer all time we talked Mike Bossy and some other guys Mario LeMieux had com you know goals per game percentages by. Comparing eras. Would you say that Alex Avastin is the greatest goal scorer. Mario ahead. No amnesty no we talked about Mike Bossy I think my bus he was. Eight your school's corps he is big name of this game was to put the puck in the back of the net. And I Anderson of the vets and has may be a little bit more then just put the puck in the net he's got the musicality. That comes in the play but I mean I didn't look at at a young as eight pure gold score right so. No mention is not to be the greatest goal scorer ever. I think in our generation yes but not. Ever. River comparing eras is of best in the greatest goals for ever. The answers no he is the greatest goal score ever or just like Marty said but he's not the greatest goal scorer. Never played this game I I believe that Mike Bossy. Is is it true sniper at 752. Games played. He scored 573. Goals that is unheard of you know if it it it is a key federal never ever be done again. So I'm gonna have to put my boss he has my number one greatest goal scorer. This was in yesterday's run down and we didn't get to it in a lot of people are now starting to talk about because he scored again last night which consider Seth Jones for the Norris Craig start with the. As of right now I would probably say yes. I think that he I think that Norris. Trophy. Right now is completely up for grabs. I don't think that there's one defenseman that is stuck out this year that armed that you would. You know point your finger at you say this is the guy who is going to win it and is guaranteed to win it I believe that there's players. Like Victor Hedman. I I think her our our our players that you could be. Putting in the air Seth Jones is is a defenseman that. Is there that had a nice and to his season but I don't know of the year he's in the Norris trophy candidate. Mark passed. When you consider such a loss for the Norris were going to the point present I would take I consider him in my eight top five and if I had to vote obviously the voters have a one. Q3 45. You know can list any submit that list I would adamant my top five the us now do I think that that would be enough. Four said Jones to be ultimately considered in the top three which is what you know when you go to initial word stated that the top three. I don't think so but. I mean look at them can elect our Brian McDonough a few years back that is like just on the cost or. Of being one of those double B and a discussion every year all willed gold may be more dead this second group that the guys. And so yeah. As of right now who would be your top three very very difficult because I wouldn't I wouldn't have Kleinberg who's leading at a wouldn't have John Carlson to these minus seven. I wouldn't have Brent Burns he's minus eighteen. I wouldn't have air Carlson he's minus 27. Book your top three scorers in an instrument to start in river witching Austin spare no I don't you and Victor Hedman Victor Hedman peek at issue being Victor Hedman. Victor Hedman to me is going to cement and in all all the years the right there any of that yet all the years right considered it not have a Ryan Suter a year to win his Norris trophy this is what PK Sudan and noise discussion he's not even of those team. That's your opinion Marty I I don't think less I orbiter roaming Joshi is a very good defenseman and he has ten goals and 45 point. Where. No I've done is get our I attire right now they said I will I'm gonna go rattle him it's not even a lamb this this player win it will win the Norris trophy and his name's Victor Hedman. They could aren't anyone Bure. I think it to get right at the plus 2749. Points and eleven goals he is the best shut down guy out there. I think Henman as my guide to I think RT I've gone yet. Yeah I did okay. Next topic for to the point present a margin stake out how many teams will make a coaching change before next season Marty was thorough review while. I don't know that we have all the information on the coach's contract to be able to always on expiring contract who knows that he can people walked away. But I would say eight. He just. Read it think the real coaching changes that reality of his or Nazis be you know one of them. Yes I indie stuff and no. I don't I don't think so I don't think that's really what the the New York Rangers would want to do. One that to me is on on the hot seat. Is. Bill Peters with the Carolina Hurricanes made it look like they had all put together and boom there went completely. Sideways so I'd that's not what I think three. All manner public coaching change is what we see going in the next season. I think that we will see. To coaching changes that. I believe that only being the only as much as I believe that he's been one of the best coaches and the national hockey league for a very very long time. Starting with obviously Montreal then going out to Vancouver and having tremendous amount of success. Going into New York having a tremendous amount of success I just think they need. A new start and new vision. Coaching their sway believe that Alley and you will be let go and I agree with Marty. Carolina. Then the owner of that team is. As of right now looking at new GMs for next year once that GM has picked you're gonna see a new new head coach. Just talk about the GM's surgery in Carolina I yet. No but I'll be off the open adopt to anybody send your resume aid there's a link on their website you could be. Says rich or that yes and gore has that would be fair that you should send your resume in river I'm not even kidding could you imagine being determined that the care language to be guest on the show probably not now. Would you give us insight information. Definitely not. Do you like us. Some days. Today we feel the same we believe to America what with the players the hour today higher IA I I just love this overall vibe I love seeing Marty for the very first time. Us being able console him you know he's needed that. You know he walked in with a purple jacket today I pay full. It Burgundy. Rob we're on number aggregated aka. It's got a nice. Cabernet tend to. And it it's like deal looks at Harvard jacket. A comment that you like you went. OK final Topper for to the point present of I was really gonna get that goal and you know last one. In an NHL player bracket. Who would be your one seeds. Mr. The one seed it's not too easy because you guys will think differently as economy David he's number one in my bracket. Have a there's. There's four words former. And I know it is division who they're real marquee need for harm Seoul a city Crosby in the metro. Comic David in the Pacific. Who in the F clinic. Would you go with this new plan you know with Nikita who trough. And in the central. I'm gonna say. Mark safely. I'm mindful sites Lima David couture of and. It. OK with that good I was right up the that was pretty good Marty I'm gonna go with the Atlantic I'm gonna go with that new Nikita could draw off leading scorer in the and the Atlantic Division the Pacific I'm almost comic David. And the central. I am going with me McCann and which leaves. The metropolitan. I'm gonna go with Sidney Crosby. K and that we and I weigh in on this absolutely all right metro and long closure room Atlantic and go on Patrice Bergeron. Central I'm going made McKinnon and Pacific. Going William Carlson. You want to laugh so hard right now and yet it can't because you know you're just doing if that is good enough Exxon pay they're good enough but there's no away. Did that but at Harvard and Don let's karma David done it lately. Not much. He's not on the best team in that. In how much it's got 84 points in sixty games average could say William Carlson is maybe Hart trophies. Can you give her rest on us right now I can't use I'm the night on us and I like coach rose to act. Well I mean Crosby common. What of all how can a market you know I I thought their pick Crosby thought oh Crosby but you know like you getting Malkin this year is exceeded. All expectations and one point behind to draw offer for the lead. It'll be do you not think that these guys are bearing down right now they want to beat they want that point two. During mountains quote yesterday. If you win them scoring race you in the scoring race if not there's always next year I get it next year. Ladies that he's like I'm thinking about it and if I don't win that I when it next year. Aren't gotta love. Like pure honesty in late you know what I'm that good I will be at the top of the scoring race every year but you don't want them there could also be the language barriers and Ernie could you what he meant to say is there's always next year I get it. Let it secure its August into the family we've got to. Max and those guys like owls go to league used to say you've passed me Park School goal yet there was a student language barrier there but it was fantastic is honest. Opinion of himself was I'm a better goals scored and you you passed me pocketed school. Cairo broccoli was a rookie in Rochester here called up for three games in buffalo had an assist. Comes back to Rochester has to double up on the on the bus and hook on a buster when he goes to Willie secretly got yours. William most point game guy and an H oh I can't even get my own seat on the bus. Pregame one point almost like a game. But but I I this that I get that there's a language barrier and I about the deal would it as well but. It's it's pure honesty and it's raw and it's fantastic. So that's what I like about market. You know and in his is willingness to share some of that race but don't you like it do you do you feel that he he says that. But. When you're in that situation. You want to be known as the point leader. If that that is a huge cost taken a picture with the Art Ross trophy and all of that that's the big accomplishment. On the my needs something. For the future Q. Yeah. Wanna come back the Buffalo Bills trade courting the land and the 21. Pick in the draft for the number twelve there. Yes. We're gonna some football talk clearly and into the John Murphy show right here on investigators. Studied GR Sports Radio 550. And MSG. We right back big week in the NFL. Hockey dog. That here so this is the investigators. With Andrew Peters had great web page. Welcome back to investigators Andrew Peters Craig we're very in marked hand here on John Murphy show coming up next noon to three Steve tasker Donald Jones and John Murphy will break down what seems to be. The craziest week or free agency period that I've seen in the NFL maybe ever. It's great very active trades and no first really first year GM because he wasn't here last year is as real as is playing with his computer and doesn't know where to volume as but no first year really at the draft or just general manager and being so. Very active I love. Allie to third. It feels more like the NHL Giannone mean like I almost feel like. The NFL for so many years has just been stale I mean I don't know. I don't fallen off for the history of the trade deadlines and stuff like that but you just know wiser for years you wonder likewise or even a trade deadline in the NFL there's never any guy. I think that draft is really where all the action happens at the NFL level and the NHL is going more and more towards like the big names that. The contracts that are about to be signed as a free agency it's. I'm did draft is really good the big production. I'm forty NFL and it is four DN HL's turn to be more more like this week. We have sixteenth raids and trade deadline day everybody's in taught me it's gonna happen on draft can happen at the draft so obviously. That is as we were tied but the. It like for the differences say the bills captor 21 and 22 pick odds are you draft a player or whatever position they'll be on the team next year they'll start. In the NHL you draft a guy at 20/20 one. They may not be in league after four years but you're looking at 34 years so I feel like you know that the value of a first round pick in the NFL as we more than any child. But it's different because Europe miners are basically called to write and you don't have. Europe you're hands on anybody is playing in the minors it would be like you could draft players out of the American League. Your first round pick if they were out of the American League. If there was at thirtieth overall would you were playing in the NHL that picture. Has completely different that that that age difference. Eighteen compared to drafting twenty year olds or twenty when he holds a completely different. All right there's the music the academy is our kicking us off and John Murphy show coming up next Donald Jones Steve tasker. You're gonna hear a lot you know you heard the sports update there's a lot of movement going on in the NFL free agent signings. Trades. Draft coming up draft picks everything Buffalo Bills in the next right here WGR Sports Radio 550 MSU John Murtha sure next.