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Update comes from one bills drive the bills busy again today with the free agency opening up tomorrow. They decided not to allow people to tackle Kyle Williams to get to the free agent market. The bills agreed to terms on with cal Williams on a one year deal the day before he would become an unrestricted free agent. The bill's talked about resigning the five time Pro Bowl defensive tackle. For several weeks now the two sides finally came to an agreement today Pavel turned 35 years old in June. He has been a five time Pro Bowl performer for the bills. Last year's sixteen starts late 60% of the defense of snapped. How Williams agrees to come back the one year deal with the Buffalo Bills meantime the bills tomorrow when create zeal with the war. Are said to be ready to sign a defense have to echo star looked to allay a five year contract according to ESPN. Starlet to relate played under John McDermott in Carolina when he was the panthers' defense of Courtney. On the quarterback front Kirk cousins reportedly ready to sign with Minnesota visiting there today. Terms maybe already in place for Kirk cousins did and his create team go to a Carolina the Broncos have selected case Tina. As their quarterback free agent quarterback he'd expected cent of the Broncos went free agency officially opens tomorrow he is thirty years old. I'm the draft brought the bills with that trait yesterday sending accordingly into the Cincinnati Bengals buffalo now improves its position. As the bills at the twelfth and 22 selected in the first round. As well as to a second round pick. Into the third round picked Sammy Watkins former bills wide receiver intends to sign a three year due to Kansas City Chiefs went free agency opens tomorrow. The chiefs also resigned free agent linebacker. It that he kitchens from the Dallas Cowboys. New Orleans Saints have bury the hatchet we Drew Brees Brady despite him or they have sign him to a contract extension and guard Andrew nor well it's expected to move from Carolina to Jacksonville. Ready to sign agreed to deal with the jaguars tomorrow. Site but amateurs record setting NCAA basketball season continues tonight when the bodies but UCLA in the first four. That's at 910 tipoff at University of Dayton arena. In Dayton Ohio that your driving game you should leave. Right now he should leave the. Our our whenever technicians. One of our be it editor that we came and finalist. I've got criticized for all tech news news what is George a no food specialists that are. The studio production assistant in large coordinator Georgia last night tremendous. Saint by Richard and still agonizing during the break he sees a leg in. Dayton. George you should moderate way. Yeah to his time person knows you relax and he went to blue jays game in and those last you know two years ago he went to booted game. And came back the blue team that won the playoff game came back and he had a set season. Like Thursday that they want him towards housing gains. Was and I are a good game in the bonds would be UCLA and without the gain. That. It at that armada and report to date go right now you can. Seven hours ago now we get there right we have right now right now. Write letters to execute the seven hour yet so uniquely now down from Orchard Park to date or it's. Note to suck it's too late in the middle as soon and we. But. We're going to be talking with a Robert Mays in a moment he is a long time pro football writer. For the ringer doc army's been a lot of camera on the NFL he has some thoughts on. The quarterback market it's unlike anything we've ever seen before. In the national football he will get Robert mis thoughts on that he riposte that went up today about now this offseason quarterback market unlike anything that came before. We'll get there Robert mis take that. The defense to tackle market got a little interesting for the Buffalo Bills today you may wanna talk about that. The lights open 8030552. Or three. 1888552. By fifty or can do it on Twitter at geography choke how Williams coming back agreed to terms in a one year contract extension with the Buffalo Bills. Also starlet to allay. The offensive tackle reportedly signed by your view with the bills tomorrow. Quarterbacks that are what talking about quarterbacks are what we've been dealing with a lot over the last several weeks joining us. And yet. Robert Gates is ready to join essence Robert Gates who covers pro football. Whether ringer dot com joining us is post on the ringer this offseason quarterback market. Is like anything that ever came before Robert John Murphy and Donald Jones here in buffalo thanks very much for joining us hours to. You were doing great and we've been doing great following cornerback market you're right nothing ever like this the confluence of pretty good talented group of for a about rookie quarterbacks and a pretty talented group of free agents all come together elective for five weeks man is pretty into seniors and. It's great here are accurate ratings like if you look at black and you know obviously you had a couple guys enough orchard the respect overall person rookie quarterbacks the average and in. It's creating nothing like the one scene now. Mean think about it a couple of months ago. For public or expansion or America was treated. You have all these quarterback who could it shifted location Philly teams looking for them and they were actual option. Now its stride up now your buffalo. Obviously they're trying to do is much ammunition as they can't move up big guy. But if there was a point where we didn't know who would get an error. Tyrod Taylor wood pitching option for some teams. Adult content if it output. Answering a landscape. Before it all kind of start all it was really hard to reconcile what you get certain Michael it was the back court records noble last year. I haven't picked up a lot of since Friday. About the timing of all this too in a particular I mean it did kind of start and didn't well I guess you know Rick Alex Smith but. On Friday it seemed to me the bills at a pretty definite strategy in mind that they wanted to get things going. They want to turn the page and they made the trade Friday night. Tyrod Taylor going to Cleveland what do you think what aspect is timing yet to do with any of this do you think over the last reported. And I think that's it that's not something different in what you're really understand your at it. Trigger you're out and got. I don't feel like Tara knows court yeah on the bill proctor at a I think Europe arbitrary order rose slightly if not what caught my. The fact that it is the fifth overall pick for them. I mean it's cute and pretty much a second round pick there so I feel like. They were pushed action because other teams were interested in making it you're kind of getting things in life or street start. Revver what about. Just a tree in general. In the and if so what do you eat I keep saying is do you feel like this is a trend that is we're gonna see more more trades every year vehicles that we did to operate it and death. So I think so I think it's it's great herbs in different kind. I think or what kind of trade. They are looking at them what to the markets streak right you're looking for a guy that is that individual contract will get a lawyer. Ought to look you know you can get a little bit cheaper that you're gonna get guys will. Knock out there are many years. At a rookie so that is kind of a calculus to teens attacked and and I see that it's kind of a market actors. I think you know the legal political front last ridiculous Ronald. Your sir our I have to give picked but I know this guy can. So if you're saying I am getting proper law but it's a 100% guarantee the player works. I think that the cable that you or the altar type of tree it was seen that the warned for a guy like Robert quick for a guy like or. Where the captain has risen so dramatically. That even guys on workers aren't aren't contract things got more about turn over our office but garlic quit. Who is our owners deal. Going to be you move the ball mallet await you would have been fighting yours teams can withstand adding that contract because they have so much caps. Certain Olympic two elements in place and along with I think it seems or not. Maybe you entry draft picks like column treat the rink is bordering unbelievable it BP. Held up and your for your life. Draft helpful that way more. I think they see draft capital where the browser is now where are we're getting sick in order to use those picks are better players players whatever. It's just sources now rather than. Precious gemstones are rookie contract. Well I would Robert May staff writer for the ringer he's written oppose this offseason quarterback mark it is like anything that came before Robert. I'm Kirk cousins get ready decided peers with Minnesota Vikings for a three year apparently a fully guaranteed contract. You write that that's a paradigm shifting the moment for the league why is that what makes its home port. Mean you've got to Derek and Carter and NFL I think it prepared to. Act. Because other position market at this sort left. In one card cut in Washington and make that won't be viewed as pretty nice extension or you can planned attack. He's and at I don't care adding injury rip at leopard or read the quarterback's going to be able to push for these guilt in ways other guys are now. You're Aaron Rodgers and yours there right now. I mean what they're actors. If Kirk cousins can get thirty million dollar your peer. If Roger something and it keeps track of every dollar which a lot older guys dull but the fact that does. Asking price 3540. I've actually seen your price now at what these quarterbacks because scarce it's still real. You're you're belt and that's why Hackett got caught in probably Kellogg at best cornerbacks. Years. Now Robert what about your dad like let's just say and Donald who just won defense and indeed you know defensive player of the year. Everybody thinks he's the best defensive lineman in the game right now. What about these guys may be taking less than a five year deal take that down to a two year deal now you can make this fully guarantee. The other thing I mean big contract. That we provide here are. We've always known that attracted hurting shorter and are fully guaranteed. As big deal might be fully Garret keep label about the we might be the owner Donald. And you're. What is he 2526. Years old probably right now you treat sick or not. You're looking at a new contract let's say I want your deal because it's our point here and create a guess thirty you can cash in and. Or that contracts so we'll be I think that there's a chance to go position guys. Value security instability important they've hired extra added against your injury such a real thing. The guys I think he's got a lot outside of work back if you the only person in my market's coming you. Beckett actually say I want whatever your. Here. You're talking about guys with big money we're looking at. Kirk cousins in the fully guaranteed deal. We've got a guy like Aaron Rodgers you know o.s come and he's gonna say he's didn't fully unity out hopefully guaranteed in the actually deserves it. Our bench and to this stadium I don't know I think if you literally can ask for whatever. And I think that's where we are with a guy like that and the single. Aaron Rodgers. Toward the quarterback Matt Ryan has it about leverage how much work to how much you could pay. And again quarterback in the auctions that are above average quarterback can essentially name their I think that's where we are. Robert May step ready for the ringer on the lab with a talk about the quarterback market never been anything like it. It cousins it appears is gonna get a little bit less than thirty million a year fully guaranteed 2720. Million may be. Due to the vikings plans to to get better in other areas having that that fully guarantee contract. For Kirk cousins helps them they got a quarterback that can count that but it handicaps and a little bit too and they've got to make a decision. Is this quarterback and maybe especially this quarterback Kirk cousins is he worth that sort of restriction put on the rest of the roster. That's the calculus B you have to make it get worse not an. Racism at work but actually not keeping together this or that is among about. Show. This year I feel like 100% this makes total because. We have a neat if you're Minnesota. You look at that roster spot in their suck to lose or role players. Terrence you in the third quarter they have turned the alligator apart. They. But not organized player but guess your star is these are third third or work where. Cheers when things are in that because now. With carbon in the old I believe we're gonna have about 35 million currently set. You talked me into any bark the Arctic air Hendricks and you'll. You can't get a guy with 35 million dollars. So because you now have Kirk cousins you're gonna have to serve as. Erica did your Minnesota their audits. I don't windows are rare and they are small and we are or you everything. And come maximize art and enact this year. And next year they probably won't be as good as he concede that but it's worked its in its work going after. I think of Kirk carpenter that we are your contact with the jets. It'd be criminal act like it mixed note that because ourselves so far to go why can't stream your ability to build a roster. The vikings article several. The vikings or will be formed championship caliber. Content is a lap. And I think that's what makes sense but it only makes sense for a very fine I'd our medical meeting this situation and could last only one. While so so do you think you know Kirk cousins deal with it if it's three years. And has to say in three years I mean if they do let's say when a Super Bowl. Or continued it to be in the playoffs and deep into the playoffs the rest of those guys are gonna wanna get paid and so those guys. Will either. Divide in low pay them or they'll be somewhere else they might not have the same team do you see Kirk cousins being there long term or did you see him actually somewhere else and a couple years. I think it seems some are also a couple of years the vikings are an interesting spot because for the most part big guys they're gonna wan side are coming up and back east. Everyone else program essentially has re yup heard news. I've ever seen Griffin's. Relatively I think that was a year ago or so you know they just signed. Eric as a peacock or just card reader wrote to give that a lot of these guys already respected contract so the horror is gonna you around. Rudeness cousins era and won't need your record order those years the problem is going to be back for next year. America you get any guys and now. Are going to be. Up one content historical. So it's really at its core group. Of guys are gonna lose that occur there were. Going to be on the. He went back years because they have got off. But will debut the cock deep team they can beat this year no they get beat there's only so much money to go out. Robert Mays is what this from the ringer Robert bomb. Let's I wanna get back to the bill through for really to go here in bill's likely when we talked about what he did draft a quarterback maybe move up and get one of the premium quarterbacks. But I am and I think in the next 24 hours they're probably gonna. Sign of better. What about the next year now you know a cousins and most likely gone Tina most likely gone now we're looking at people like who Sam Bradford AJ McCarron. Jasper county Bridgewater. What do think the market will be for that group with a B would they be highly sought after quarterbacks in the next point 436 hours and how much money you have to pay if you just wanna guided. You know hold the seat for year to. Everything new cultures. Stopped coming in any sharp spot spot I think that makes somebody over pay the bill I don't think. It was prepared that last year you were better struck me. In particular got fifteen million dollars has been out at second overall it it makes you wanna throw something on wall. If you're gonna do I think you were there or not a lot you can Brian Hoyer. Court burger place holder why use the opportunity caught salary cap space on the pretzel recorder. Understand a guy like. Eight human error in the bill because it is still silly it's about not your long term answer I helped. You almost 10% of your salary not for a year. I don't think it's work going cheap and then draft record as it. Of course except CNET these successful lot. But I think that's not making any money could remake retool and stock correct the roster. Good point. Robert as this when it's in wouldn't let you go out just leads you back to the vikings what about that back up quarterback situation I mean it I don't let all the guys ago. Now you bringing Kirk cousins if you if you're giving him fully guaranteed contract you already paid a bunch of other guys. I mean your back W why don't you might be paying 500000 dollars a year or something like that who who they are going to be there are back. I think that's just respect user restarts you try to find and a third or fourth round that you know where Kirk cousins. It makes the most sense because backup quarterbacks that market. Right now. I mean you've got pregnant or that it's seven million dollars you know what they cannot be I don't think that it I think what you spent on your quarterback room that. And that's why because then you'll could be a little bit more palatable if you wrap the back. Because then you'll get an act got a couple hundred grand that your quarterback correct total Italy twenty million. That's a lot more hopeful that 33 or 34 when you consider that you don't have much cap space after you've got. This offseason quarterback market unlike anything that came before it that's what Robert Mays has written it's on the ringer dot com your absolutely right Robert it's fascinating read we thank you for coming out today to talk about. Thanks Robert Mays from the ringer after I've got to read this because it's separate votes published today. Which means to deal with content deals with human deals with the Tyrod Taylor trade from last Friday and it's good it's good reading and it might be updated by the Michael. That's right the way things are an editor at this point Robert Mays by the way join us on the subway critic like subway eat wrecked. His point about what a waste it would be. Any significant money at all played so quarterback we think it through your report. Yet happen you got them back please make ends. But maybe that's. That's what you do after court I just think that might X I almost look at it is. You want to invest a little bit in the starter for the beginning of this year in most of this year so that. You can bring along your rookie and I believe me I am totally in the bills need to draft a premium rookie quarterback and I think that well but if you jump into it. And if you just hire a bargain basement plea Spiller maybe go to that rookies sooner than would be good for him for T. That's why you go to ballot count. Now a diluted is coming off of the decent season and the guy was a veteran who knows. Knows his role knows that he's probably gonna be in a competition even if he wins that competition. You know he he's. He's a veteran he's a leader he's got to hope that de young to aid even though he's would be starting if you as the competition he's still gonna help that guaranteed. Come along and he's a guy at 38 years old to not paying. A lot of money to and so for me he's the guy that would fit that type situation with that situation at the bills are in. It's an equipment. How waves could join us at 230 today just got word about that catalyst agreed to terms on one year contract and buddy minutes away from having him. On the subway fresh take out I would just take a call here from Jimmy and hammers go ahead Jameer on the air. There. Are known. I got a couple things to say. I'm glad to see Kyle Williams common bear you and are still has a lot of our new plays with a lot of pension. The end job. He he's probably gonna do very good this year in on the other hand. Arm I don't watch in this op incumbent careful. From eastern Tennessee State. Is name is Alex Rios she spoke 65300. Pounds. And he's not follow what Poland offensive Garrard. For them this year he graduated last year. 65200. Pounds or three under. 30300. Abruptly between nine and ounce look at any stick by. Hand. He's a very good up. On my toddler guards him in your room off. Color guard him. Apple. Don't know you know about that though. Don't know I don't know but the offensive line position. Is it to sting. I mean you're you're looking at do they want to upgrade there offensive line when you look at routine. They tied me though you look at. Glad to pass on the other side you look at the grinder is going to be the senator but you need a backup. And you look at the right tackle the right guard position. The date they wanna upgrade there. Maybe fairly early in the draft. Somebody pointed this out to me. Austin Howard it's gonna be released. Can't move by the Baltimore Ravens. Interesting guy. Some thirty years old started every game last season with a knee injury he can be guy you look at may be indicted in the Arlington free agency. Nine and at the pay a lot of money. And couple million dollars or something my day to day guy let's go to appalling to MRI Paula earlier in the year. Acute fertig and bike saw her. I knew he was dialed that AG we care and we're fit in with the bills. And I also noticed. Under completion of this if you add up. Kong cabinet do you see you will be signed it anywhere. Can't predict what you think you've said for months the topics they made it out thing and about it because politics or because of the ability. Because. Companies have yet to the termination of the talent happened it was when he was when he was hot. He was hot and then teams caught up to what he was able to do. And and so he he he wasn't able to just run around and make all little's place. And then you bring in. The the the anthem stuff and politics and that really just sealed the deal for an am I don't think you ever played in this league again let's go to. Bill Conner from Hamburg a little bill welcome. No and hell. Ontario. Says the limits grief. A walk away I was wondering if have you heard that. Knoll who was going to be a free agent quarterback Nash cheered because I think we're getting two point appear only time. We're definitely we're definitely drafting a quarterback. I think those cheap for the better. And then this rookie doesn't work out we're gonna have a a pile of cash to buy a quarterback who can lead one. Yeah I was looking at that list them. Matt Ryan is going to be a free agent next year I wouldn't look for him to get away from the mountains. Tyrod will be free agent the polls will be created next year. Fitzpatrick. There's not a whole lot of big games this would seem to be a better year but Trevor Simien would be created next year this team knew you better year for creating quarterback so. If you're gonna make the move it seems like these might be the guys he doubts among some late models coming in by Twitter is free agency continues. I Danny Amendola in a sign with the Miami Dolphins goes from the patriots though it's okay but here's the big one and a chapter. Sam Bradford intends to sign with Arizona according to ESP. When that. Well I think it's a great opportunity for him he didn't go up there and start right death I think you will. Amended their president in draft form but I think he would probably. Be looking at being a started to start this season with they trade up to get a premium guy and I'm sorry he's decided he goes from one dome team to us to another. Warm climate hopefully is Nikkei and he can keep it together out there and we'll see what happens. Sam Bradford get ready to sign with the Arizona Cardinals according to and show after Danny Amendola making the move from the patriots adults. Some rules in me these are interesting times cowboys come back to the Buffalo Bills and he's gonna be on the line with a slide when we come back my back for that. It is John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts like at one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills rate. John Murphy she. I'm Murphy Dow Jones 230 come on cue from RO one buffalo student on the front and a the F pro sports training center been busy for the bills the last couple days and one big piece of business got to care just a couple of hours ago. How Williams agreed to terms on a new contract a one year do you with the Buffalo Bills. How Williams joins us right now live on the subway fresh take outline from his home in Louisiana cop John Murphy and Donald appear congratulations next coming out of us here today. Thanks guys and if you did this go down to the wire you're about 24 hours away from free agency it's about down to the wire as much as it would want you again I would think. Yeah you know we kind of we've been working on that or for awhile now. And really it's got to a point where I illicit let's get that done then and where everybody can be happier which excited and didn't create it over or are all. At what point. Did you decide how wanna play football you know before the money becomes in the play but I do I won a political fortitude. Well but you know not been decided for awhile in the upper that are both sides whether. You know make it my decision I'm not gonna put that out there and let everybody you know mop off minute minute but that that discussion with Brandon and so on in the what had you know while back and we've been kind of progressing at this point or are for quite awhile. Why do you let everybody ask you about retirement the last couple of deficit is at the door to get tired of those questions you could you could snuff it out you could just not that last December. Well they and it I've not about but yeah I'm gonna play in the and it turns into up create a question about leaving goat somewhere around. You know really like this poll rabbit hole you really don't like now comment and I just you know rather than. Answering one question and then had an answer by up to. In dozens more closest site I am not talk about that out more about what we're doing and really at at that point that all that I was concerned about. Or about. Retirement I was worried about going to another team outlook or about contact sport about I let's go in the last couple games in the playoffs the act. Yeah that's how it worked out he bills on for the last six you've managed to squeeze into the playoffs I wonder how much. Last season. Plated your decision child you know the way things went pretty well here last year and in the playoff drought and you played awful locker on the field an awful lot that was at part of your consideration like what you were doing here and on the field for the bills. Well I think everything. Comes in the play. You know obviously. Help how I feel I am way. When I look at our football me you know some of the things we're doing. You know try to figure all of the whole scope of everything and then they come down Brandon short and just. Believing in their visit my share with me. Public be connected Condit to lock groups do. Kind of bring their message in there and I hate this direction work go and and really you know. You know building a culture and a foundation of of what they're trying to do in a Buffalo Bills for my whole career. And more than anything you know check in Monterey you know I haven't fulfilled my dream and having it off the mark felt that person up. And and it's a lot is that I'm gonna continue to play a lot and it and the red white and blue and outlook due and our fans awful. You know I know I you linemen aren't you guys want the ball and effective to actually got to score a touchdown in the Miami game today at play. Apart in their decision to come back to the right man maybe I get the score couple more to us. What other there's. Aren't correct cloth in my contract. That the United States. Every time out touched the ball often but scored. You know maybe you need to give me the ball a little bit more you know look at or out I closed doors. Figured all that out like a that I started articulate it well but here. Cells and are not enough to get out and I'm coming after fading in that you're my year I got a lot I don't know how long way to go but up elect I get there. They got some citizen parents that. Try and pick out what if anything did you mean you with the news and it's not official yet. But the news that the bills are ready to sign star look to the late tomorrow when free agency opens up did you think about that at all you know him well. Well I you know I I know him as a player and you know obviously you never. You never start of those things until until it happens so we'll see what goes down all are but I am all or haven't hit many good players is as we can get. You know in the area in Iran and in working with these guys go to where we ought that's like a chain. Al Williams says signs a one year deal with the bills things have changed your college and already. Erika woods is gone. Mike waffles on eleven defense of like coach bill terribly this year what do you think thought about the changes the offseason changes to bills have undergone so far anyway. While some of those can be helped some of them you know obviously you know. Lawful retiring in in built taken over you know he was in our room last year Vilma great relationship yeah a lot of things side. Do they get to work with him and what they are obviously the unfortunate thing there. No warmup more must favorite playmates but sometimes those things happen on that. The costs do business in the NFL. As far as the other thing you know you pay. Does it close with guys he's been armed with a neat live like it you. Great to see him go and you're gonna miss them but yet the cost that change this thing is. It's got movement in and out and you know trying to embrace new teammate. Trying to bring them along what you're trying to do get that they get them to vote you in no cure all about. And like I said earlier more than anything instructing and vote for candidates or vision. For what RT and really believe in and that. Makes me call when I go to bed at night that I you know like how we're gonna ask to complete myth. It just do what you always done and that gave your best possible effort and you know ball in the. They talent sewers and says dude you know you it. Felt like you wanted to still play football awhile back at decision was made. But now that you've actually signed in and you coming what you you agreed to you do you're coming back. Do you take up or vamp up going to work outs. I mean I think my workouts will cracked like gradually increased. As we go through this spring and into the summer. You know our I'm you know I'm not gonna go earlier than people and it out in March. They aren't trying to hit peaks and valleys with my body at market close that they did you know I'm. I'm older than do that it will become a thirteen years now so I. I'm all Obama's steady climb where outlook is headed in the trying to incident at the reason. And that's where my eyes. Which Robert does what I'm doing around building and building and building actually. Ramp up and go down ramp up until now that's not something that. The dominant they're dominant. Haven't had a process the last few years under the belt you know what we've done with our strength staff so there ya know and how lutherans. It's different things and they are so I'll just continue to build. And I'll look to see. You know it isn't in September when when they sit around and it Wii is ridiculous both Alter. So he's got going on man in me what you would lead dog down there in the southeast and daddy daughter dances a mean what's going on. The air amana do at all like not the oldest daughter's birth date day ahead. You know I had lunch when Eric got to tell my my two older dollars or go back to buffalo that they were extremely excited about it there. You know all of it norms but you heard about it in harper say it today simply got. Daddy daughter stuff going on I got to act up. Serious business of hinted at they're behind property got real work is they are I'm totally stressed out right now I don't know how to live up. A cab to talk about your process the last horse and I have where you get ready to play obviously you've do you know what to do and here I was looking earlier today. You played you played all sixteen games last year you were on the field more than any other player on defense 60% of the snaps at age 34. Deep into your career. Why and how do you do that you can you do that again under UC maybe just had a throttling down a little bit that you come into one more year here with. Either I've never I've never come into play that they cannot allow all of flight left that's not. That's not in my mentality has bought out by about things so. Imam Abdallah the way I think we're a better football informal deal stuck trying not built up about belt. What that thought ma it's our allied did you know I was raised down here in the red clay dirt or we yeah I'd like all a bit different. You know we start getting more and all you more nor police in the gut. Her baby is why it is another one you know wait wait wait we gonna get the job done but yeah and I mean it really comes back to how it how are trying how. You know coach takes care of me through this seated at their training camp that. In like a bit just trying to ramp up to no end you know wins when to get your hard work it when they get the rest. So acute vomit perfect formula to did you play 70% white power what are the Senate's plate the sixty day and an oil. Obviously got it figured out and it you can probably imagine most bills fans everywhere and we hear from. Is that it ecstatic that you're coming back up dancers and a few minutes with us here today congratulations again we look forward to seeing up here earned what about a month or so I guess to get them back at about a month right. Well yeah out there would argue no I cannot wait to see you I'm excited about. And these hearings units backed up. With Arafat and coming back thanks coming back for another year the Buffalo Bills Kyle joins us. On the subway Crissy out like subway eat fresh Kyle always accuses us mean particular that keep them on the line too long deep you know the reason too long. And I think that's what that last shot Wallace can't wait to see. Ten minutes it's that's what we do me edited ten minutes. And gave to lose his hunting property into all of that couples there are you gonna get out there do what you think I don't know what's going on out and says. After a series business attentive. Scared how Williams happy to have him back. One of the most and I'll say this team arena that we like. One of the most honest players have ever come across in all the years I've been around here. One of the most forthright players when it comes that I'm telling you exactly what he thinks is exactly what he means to do. And and I have to think to go on you can speak to this when he talks about it he said a couple times played for coach McDermott to bring into being. Part of the value. And how Williams I believe is the example he sets. For the rest of his teammates and demonstration he makes of what they want players to be what they want players I would think when Pina McDermott sit down with the red pens and figure out how much we pay in this guy how much repair in this guy. Besides starlet to allay we're gonna do this and that they get the cow waves part of that red paint calculation part of that red pen calculation is. What does he bring to our locker room and what does his presence mean to the rest of players in that room and I think that's. Is it suits. The first thing is can tout still play and I think he still lasted any could still play sixty snaps in any of you right there for and so he he definitely showed that he can still play. In the the one day is the leadership. How important is that leadership in the locker room necessity if you don't if if you might lose a guy like depressed and brownie you know guys who. Our leaders are you in your locker room if you're gonna lose a guy like a Tyrod Taylor and as a leader you locker room a guy like air one's a leader in your locker room. That leadership is huge for coach McDermott and Brandon being and so. It was important to get power back here a guy that everybody kind of looks up to he's been doing it for a long time. I think. I think it was Smart to bring him back at the right number I think he was happy to be back here I don't think he ever wanted to go anywhere else if he's gonna play football and wanted to play football here. And so I think everybody on the team is happy to have him back you see the tweets throughout the army to up the team guys tweeting in you know happy to have Kyle back in so. You know I'm sure he's ready to get this thing go and those guys are ready to get this thing going everybody is excited about where the bills are going in the moves that they're making in the offseason reportedly. And so these guys are rated ago more snaps than anybody in defense of like 68%. Here is deal calling from Niagara Falls -- Dino you're on the year. Hey guys let's hear you guys rarely talk to him while I do you know Alan cornerback is good today. Take the ball all the holes they know what they're doing Sharma termer counts in the playoffs the first year. And burn them being knows exactly what they're doing you're gonna move up again and quarterback who can make ball all number one overall in the AFC. Are you while you guys know you are when your comments about it Buffalo's hunger for quarterback then guilt they want. Okay thanks DO. I think it's big signing for Pat Williams he was a no we tell a couple of times if he didn't come back to be a whole book to be dead of avoided if the bill. As I on the field in terms of a production deep cuts production meeting come back to be an even bigger role in terms of leadership. And a model. Teammate for the rest of the. I think it's routes I still think this marked the draft one high. You know I still think this marked the latest as we tackle yes hi back on the the office Washington haven't Beckham I still think you need to get one because. While Kyle is here. He can teach a young rookie of you end up getting a guy and in the second round or something like that he can help to bring that dialogue so by the time can we Cowell leaves whenever that is going to be. Decade is ready to take over and you have decade low to lay you haven't office Washington. Right deer in the mix and ready to step up and take over so I still think the draft when I would be Socrates if they come draft. I. It seems to me we got to get to break it looks to me like the bills before they you know free agency starts tomorrow before they get to the draft they seem to be. Tried pretty hard to plug the obvious. And it's the right button and that's why I think there's court recommend in the next 24 maybe 36 hour closed seeking a quarterback. Well the reports are Sam Bradford is a one year deal here Rappaport. Is you know one year deal worth twenty million with an option here it's going. So. With the bills we looking at something like that in terms of record of one year deal. Worth whatever. With an option year worth whenever they feel like that the young rookie is not rated come along and that's Smart play for the cardinals but I'm still think they probably trying to time trying to draft a quarterback and I think that would be the Smart type deal for the bills in terms of if they sign of better and create. OK but two it's a talked a little bit about now if if keep him is out in it appears scheme is out on the Denver Broncos are causes out. It appears on the Minnesota Drew Brees is out. And now you're telling me Sam Bradford is out the list of free agent quarterbacks. You know who's next and these are all just predictions that records don't Arizona and the official yet. It Bridgeport AJ McCarron. Just account I mean the list is it's gravy is easily in net it is it's crazy because who like a couple of days ago yeah like man has got to create an order that they write it is allotted to freezing quarterback now in the last twenty. One hours. Those four vault. Sort themselves out west and day out so now you're at an average what are you looking man. McCarron you're looking at test account. It the other names on that list. Slow talking general Gregory that's why I go back to. But and it's still think the bills are gonna need a veteran although our guess Robert measly point. Why about the spending any money at all of that contract to rookie OK you know put that in right now I don't want to that's way I look at what's up and leader. Veteran free agent cornerback in the next four attitude at the sun battered U. Happy that it's Smart to sign a veteran. Even if you draft the tee and you're like man this kid is ready to go you still need somebody behind him even if Nathan Peterman is you feel like he's really a number two. You need to sign somebody make this competition. It was in stuff we're gonna take a break welcome back immortal moment John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts W lied from one bills drive this is what we'll do tree. Huge. Sports Radio 550. Thinks he's not John Murphy show. And now what do we learned from. Today show what do we learn presented by advance saliva running western Europe's homes and businesses with the finest and securing home theater. We prefer a lot of home theater writer the Buffalo Bills things happening quickly around here and are on the NFL today. You talk with Tyler Columbus former offensive lineman for the Denver Broncos earlier this afternoon we talked about the reports that case Needham. Free agent cornerback is ready to join the Broncos tomorrow and free agency opens his wits out of Columbus. They're fair reactions and not clear about. What apparently. You're not very pretty people are excited about the group put it got it out franchise user. No I don't think they're what unity in the long term career start. The Albert city you're you're at in particular that it's gonna be a two year 36 billion dollar deal. Horror right. So that's certainly not a contract which are given their franchise guy I would imagine that they're here he support the ballpark. Or five billion dollars. There's still we've got our best guess and in the future you well really you're here you know these are never out. Rather Columbus tender radio hosts also on the show today we heard from Robert Mays earlier this hour. And a co writer for a his website the ringer dot com. Robert Mays talked about Kirk cousins guaranteed deal with the Minnesota Vikings and how it's it's opens up a new era in the NFL. Mean you're prepared Carter and Al prepared to vote. Because others are gonna have to sort. And Kirk cousins. Washington in the is that what you viewed as pretty nice extension or planned attack. And the act out here adding injury risk and the leopard currently in the quarterback's going to be able to push for these yelled at ways other guys are. You're Aaron Rodgers and you're there right now. What they're actors if Kirk cousins in its thirty million dollars here here. The questions raised by Robert made stops happening quickly now our poll today dealt with the bills in the dress that made the are all seems. Outdated now because we cooked up this morning when. Before vote locally. News game now before Williams. Before somebody's recorder exciting but look at the rookie quarterback wanted to know you which quarterback is on your radar is the bills appear to be moving up. In the draft and a Twitter most of you thought it would be. Josh Rosen he's the only quarterback to beat by percent attributable started 22% to baker maybe 60% six and 07%. Say. Josh yeah. And that's one aspect of which make it free agents now and think about what's on exits we began the year for three hours now. You know earlier this morning that free agent quarterback class was pretty full but I mean the chairs again scooped up now. It appears that Kirk cousins is ready to go to the Minnesota Vikings. That free agent quarterback spot will be on Drew Brees. Re signs with the New Orleans Saints and so he's off the tree to market that he was gonna get there. Sam correct Bradford reportedly according to Ian Rapoport Sam Bradford ready to sign a one year deal. With the dome. Who'd eagle with effort old Arizona when you're you're one million dollars a case keep them. Broncos going to the Broncos. There are reports out there that Teddy Bridgewater might be ready to go to the New York Jets. So I talked about dome is dwindling yet. Who's left for the buffalo. The free agent market sound like account. AJ McCarron meant more. Yet we'll story yet one of those or a 100% anyway. Stick around eleven or other children are free agency actually opens tomorrow in the bailout talk about. If you missed I think today we need to be Williams you can pick up on the website and through our presenting sponsor NAPA Auto Parts by your local Napa store. Online in Napa online that. Production assistance from GG to read or George blasted call nick Thomas colander our producer. It was much going on tomorrow we did today we meet our demands that that a lot of names out there yet another position the position quarterback a sponsor fallen in place. Note with John Murphy show from one bills drive. Well what do three.