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Tuesday, March 13th

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Robert Gates is ready to join essence Robert Gates covers pro football weather ringer dot com joining us is post on the ringer this offseason quarterback market. Is like anything that ever came before Robert John Murphy and Donald Jones here in buffalo thanks very much for joining us howry today. You were doing great and we've been doing great following cornerback market you're right nothing ever like this the confluence of pretty good talented group of rookie quarterbacks in a pretty talented group of free agents all coming together elective for five weeks man is pretty into seniors and. It's great guy I ever rating like that you look at lack. You know obviously you had a couple guys and up orchard respect overall person rookie cornerback Patrick it and it's creating cost nothing like the one scene now. Mean think about it a couple of months ago. For public or expansion or Erica was treated. You have all these quarterbacks could shoot it. Location goalie teams looking for them and their actual options. Now it's right up now your buffalo. Obviously they're trying to do is much ammunition as they can't move up picket guy. By its there was a point where we didn't know who would get where. Tyrod Taylor wood pitching options are some teams. Adult content if it output but we were answering a landscape. Or it all kind of start the ball it was really hard to reconcile what you consider Mike why it was the court record noble last year. I haven't picked up a lot of since Friday. About the timing of all this two in particular I mean it didn't try to start did that well legacy although Rick Alex Smith but. On Friday it seemed to me the bills. At a pretty definite strategy in mind that they wanted to get things going they want it to turn the page and they made the trade Friday night. Tyrod Taylor going to Cleveland what do you think what aspect is timing yet to do with any of this do you think of this list reportage. And I think that's it that's that's something do with him when you're really understand your debt it. Triggered a lot about opening ducks will. I don't Buick cart knows court yeah on the go Procter. And I think in Europe aren't straight orders rose slightly not like it caught my. The heartbeat of the fifth overall pick for him. I'll bet I'd be tutored pretty much a second round pick there so I feel like. They were pushed action because other teams were interested in making it you're kind of getting things in life or street start. Robert what about. Just the tree in general. In the NFL would be in the I keep saying is do you feel like this is a trend that is we're gonna see more more trades every year vehicles we did to upgrade disease and death. I think so I think so I think that the trade herbs in different kind. I think they're what kind of trade they're looking at similar to the market street right you're looking for a guy is at the end of his contract war. Like here. Auto we'll keep you all you can get a little bit cheaper that you're gonna get guys open market we're not there are many years at a rookie so that kind of calculus teens attach. And I see that it's kind of a market actors. I think the Eagles that a couple times last ridiculous Ronald. You're saying are I have to give it. But I know this guy can. So if you're saying I am getting hot that long but it's a 100% guarantee the player works. I think that the cable that you like the type of tree that was seen at the warned for a guy like Robert quit for a guy like or equal. Where the capital region. So dramatically. That even guys on workers aren't aren't contract they got more about turn over our office but garlic. Who are our owners deal. Gonna be you move on now and what you would have been five yours teams can withstand adding that contract because they have so much cap. The Olympic two elements in place and along with I think it's teams are not. Maybe you entry draft pick like column treat the rink is Lord of the Rings unbelievable AP they held up in the here for your life. I don't think draft or Utley more. I think they see draft capital where the browser uses now where are we're giving it in order to use those picks are better players players whatever. It just sources now rather than these precious gemstones of rookie contract. Well I would Robert May staff writer for the ringer he's written a post this offseason quarterback market is like anything that came before Robert. I'm Kirk cousins get ready decided peers with Minnesota Vikings for a three year apparently a fully guaranteed contract. You write that that's a paradigm shifting the moment for the league why is that what makes its home port. And you've got to Derrick Carter and NFL I think it prepared at the moment. Because other positions are gonna have to sort left it on Kirk cousins went in Washington expect or do you view it's pretty nice extension or you can planned attack. And the fact I don't care adding injury risk at leopard or read the quarterback's going to be able to push pretty deal delays other guys are now. Edgar Aaron Rodgers and yours there right now. What they're actors. If Kirk cousins can get thirty million dollar your peer. If all Rodgers something and if he'd tried to look every dollar which a lot of older guys don't let the fact that does. Asking price 3540. I mean you can actually mean you're right now it's on these quarterbacks because cares it's illegal. You're into our belt and that's why Hackett got Kirk cousins. Probably our best quarterback of years well. Now Robert what about your dad like let's just say and Donald who just won defense and indeed you know defensive player of the year. Everybody thinks he's the best defensive lineman in the game right now. What about these guys may be taking less than a five year deal take it down to a two year deal now you can make this fully guarantee. The other thing you're right I mean big contract. That we are yours are. We've always known that are hurting shorter and are fully guaranteed. As big deal. Might be a governor McDonnell. And you're it would 25 sixers all probably right now you know treat sick or not. You're looking at a new contract let's say I want your deal because it's not your free agency gets thirty you can action against. Or that contracts they'll all be I think there's there's a chance to go position guys. Value security instability import their direction today against your injury such a real thing. The culprit got he's an act got a lot outside of work backward if you the only person in our markets calming news. Doctor actually say I want whatever your. Oh. You talk about guys with big money we're looking at. Kirk cousins in the fully guaranteed deal. About a guy like Aaron Rodgers knows coming up he's in the sense you didn't fully unity out hopefully guaranteed in the actually deserves it. Earned our bench and to this stadium I don't know the guy he literally Castro every. And I think that's where we are with a guy like that and the single Maryland Aaron Rodgers. Toward the quarterback Matt Ryan has went about leverage how much work to how much you can pay. Annika quarterbacks in the auctions that are above average quarterback can essentially mean that I think that's where we are. Robert May step Fred for the ringer on the lab with a talk about the quarterback market never been anything like it. It cousins it appears is gonna get a little bit less than thirty million a year fully guaranteed 2720. Million maybe. Due to the vikings plans to to get better in other areas having bet that fully guarantee contract. For Kirk cousins helps them they got a quarterback that can count that. But it handicaps and a little bit too and they've got to make a decision is this quarterback. And maybe especially this quarterback Kirk cousins is he worth that sort of restriction put on the rest of the roster. That's the calculus you have to make is it worse not at places is that we're we're actually not keeping together this core that is among about excel. Air this year I feel like 100% the next hole because. We have a neat if you're Minnesota. You look at that roster the bottoming actors such who was a role players. Eric Eric you in the third quarter they have turned the alligator apart. They have got is he's not organized player but get it started these results are third or fourth or where. Cheers and things argenbright. Because now. With carbon in the old I believe we're gonna have about 35 million amid the current set. You talked me into any bark the foreign gave Eric tender and you'll. You can't beat out 35 million dollars. So because you now have Kirk cousins you're gonna have to serve well and I think if your minister noted that audits. Title where errors are rare and they are small and we are court do everything. And come maximize art and I. And that this year and next here they probably won't be as good as the market concede that but it's worked it's at work going after. I think of Kirk carpenter writes we are your contract with the jets. It could be criminal act what it takes note but because you are are sold four goal why can't stream your ability to build a roster. The vikings article that. The vikings or will be formed championship caliber content is the last. And I think that's what makes sense but it only makes sense for them very finite amount our medical meeting this situation and it could well apple. While so that you think you know Kirk cousins deal with it if it's three years. And us or save three years I mean if they do let's say when a Super Bowl. Or continued it to be in the playoffs and deep into the playoffs the rest of those guys are gonna wanna do it paid and so those guys. Will either. The vikings will pay them or they'll be somewhere else they might not have the same team do you see Kirk cousins being there long term or did you see him actually somewhere else and a couple years. I think you could get somewhere else and a couple of years the vikings are interesting spot because for the most part they're dying they're gonna wan side coming up and back seat. Everyone else heard them essentially had re yup heard news Il than ever seen griffons. Relatively likely out a year ago or so you know they just signed. Airspace that the country we just aren't bigger road to give that a lot of you guys already respected contract so the horror is gonna you around. Through this cause in the era and won't need your rest order those years the problem is gonna be back for next year. And that they get any guides and now. Are going to be. Up one conferences or call so it's really at its core group. Guys are gonna lose that occur there were. Going to be on. He won an adult years because they have got off. But will they be the Coke beat team that can be this year no they get beat there's only so much money to go around. Robert Mays is what this from the ringer Robert bomb. Let's I wanna get back to the bill through for really to go here in bill's likely when we talked about why he did draft a quarterback maybe move up and get one of the premium quarterbacks. But I am and I think in the next 24 hours they're probably gonna sign of better. What about the next year now you know a cousins. Most likely gone Tina most likely gone now we're looking at people like who Sam Bradford AJ McCarron. Josh McCown Teddy Bridgewater. What do you think the market will be for that group with a B would they be highly sought after quarterbacks in the next point 436 hours and how much money you have to pay if you just wanna guided. You know hold the seat for year to. Average commute cultures and stopped coming in any shot but I. I think that it makes somebody over if you're that they'll I don't think it would compared to last year you were better struck me. To get a doctorate in dollars and throughout aspect and overall it it makes you wanna throw something at wal. If you're gonna Uga I think you were there or not a lot you can Brian Hoyer. Orbit. If you're gonna place holder why use the opportunity caught salary cap space and grateful recorder. So I don't understand a guy like. Eight human error in the bill because it is still silly if that's not long term answer tie up. Almost 10% of your salary cap for a year. I don't think that we're going cheap and then draft record because it. Court except he's seen that these successful lot. But haven't got it's not making any money could remake retool and stock arrest the Iraq. Good point. Robert as this league it's him within let's go out displease you back to the vikings what about that back up quarterback situation I mean it kind of let all the does ago. Now you bringing Kirk cousins if you if you're giving him fully guaranteed contract you already paid a bunch of other guys. I mean your back W my will you might be paying 500000 dollars a year or something like that local they've got to be that. And I think that's just respect user restarts you try to find it and the third or fourth round that you know where Kirk cousins. It makes the most sense because backup quarterbacks that market. Right now. I mean your government won't make it seven million dollars you know what they cannot be I don't think it makes sense I think what you spent on your quarterback room back. And that's why couldn't you could be a little bit more palatable if you wrap. Because then you'll get an act got a couple hundred grand. Your quarterback correct hopeful Italy twenty million. That's a lot more mobile it's 33 or 34 when you consider that you don't have much cap space got it got. This offseason quarterback market unlike anything that came before it that's what Robert Mays has written it's on the ringer dot com you're absolutely right Robert it's fascinating read we thank you for coming out today to talk about. Thanks.