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Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, March 14th

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AM thirteen forty in Denver and Benjamin is on our AT&T hotline Benjamin is Howard and Jimmy good morning thanks for coming on today. Donald brought traffic Benjamin I can't take the drama anymore tell me lure the bills trading up with him where how high are they going. At that but that's all right Lastings much. Well I'd I'd at all they I mean I can't bailed out should we will trade for at this point up but I completed made phone calls go to Cleveland Browns and the and it Indianapolis Colts try to get treated for so. You know they're they're put in the frameworks and what it takes to you know to get out and it made no secret that not. I think it would be successful ultimately I think probably the culture likely destination. So you mentioned three and four does that mean two is not in play. At this time I have not heard. With two hits and play at not repeat that there was any kind of conversation there that this and we don't come that way to communal change but that's just not. Can report Latin hurt you know. And then you also had a treat about the bills telling teams that deliberately I believe is the word used earth would tell. To make it jockey als aware dad tell us about the Josh Allen to. It's one of the things you know last year like afforded to draft a tweet out but it got text message that. Look certainly computer into the Buffalo Bills. There's there's definite interest this year that same source came back to me this year that you know Josh Al Dutch shell abduction Alex. And in not by net interest that they are hammering out whole obviously the guy was switched. Was with the king was correct last year. This year you know I think there's a gut feeling in their that this may be too good to be true or quote. They may be floating met together teams to think that's the direction they're going. But it's interesting to note that they've been very very deliberate Google would sort of did their very deliberate in Josh Allen and that. I hadn't mentioned anything else to bite us immediate speculation. Yeah how much I mean you know an edge you said this time a year you gotta be sift through all this stuff you know you gotta have like. Detected there to figure out whether it's a smokescreen or legit what do you think what you got talent isn't you deal with sources and deal with people around the league on a regular basis. My gut tells me that a little bit too early to be hammering that home especially with no dealer framework in place so. You know I I have remained skeptical about saying it's long it's one of those situations where I'm tend to be a little more cautious with a. I got to imagine Cleveland a four let me bring this up because someone got a couple guys tweet about this tonight I never got to it. So the thinking about Cleveland is they're gonna take a quarterback with one of those and and try and may be trying get Barkley with one of those. So they signed Carlos Hyde what why would for being play against gonna get into. Yeah they're they're they're not really gone on board is what I think people think they are. Total waters probably either you know their first move and our I think stick ball or there's an awful lot further advanced thank you mr. You know most teams up there on the copy of our secure running back to big money deals well that's the charts with Jon Stewart to browse Carlos Hyde. And the niners that your kid and so. I I don't Rico's hide debt and I think he's probably in there and excuse me open or did you think yeah I go to camp and there's probably is destination that. I'm sure you look for could be imply I think they're actually the browns went back I think they won't work the corner. Out of Ohio State didn't look at a quarter drew heavily create its internal list called himself or so. I think they really weren't actually secure the cornerback position and I think for my basic white guilt to Heidi reps together like. We've asked you about 23 and 41 of the reasons why we got John here you're based in Denver is five so the Broncos are bringing in case Keenan. What do they do it five now how does this impact of the idea of maybe taken a quarterback there. Or. Susan below that red. All of a lot of them we lost. Well gotta get him back. Because I'm really curious about what Denver's thinking there's talk yesterday from a couple Brock as a former Broncos personnel guy and also Chris Harris junior look who is a Kwan team. Saying he said they'd be surprised that your quarterback but we got Benjamin Benjamin we lost your right at the end of the question about what Denver's thinking at five with quarterback. Yeah I guess attend of people writer Jim and Michael didn't that is out there. Not jump kin of I think she got. I think that there were rockets are still on the quarterback mark I don't think they're out of it at all. Under obviously that generally that shows that oh contingent actually down. Last night they're Oklahoma skirted it skeptic mayfield. Look Gary Kubiak whose senior advised a the personnel department and got a Yankee Stadium is really a pushing baker mayfield John of course really likes Josh Allen so I don't think they're out of the quarterback market and get their quarterbacks on by five you could see them make a move that may be equipped Nelson or trade back and try to get my McClatchy. You mention of so at their quarterbacks are gone by five who would be on the short list like so. You talk and Arnold Rosen. Mariah to quarterbacks they'd be after Libya illegally Beatrice and Arnold the two doctor Rosen. Baker mayfield and Josh Allen would be under on the short list of those guys are gone and their they'll probably go to supply and. Okay. What about six. You know I don't think anybody's gonna look at the jets and go they've solved their quarterback situation they bring in the count they bring in Bridgewater. What about the jets at six taken a quarterback or well they would move over the bills anyway but what about taking a quarterback there. Well they're very much in play for quarterbacks. You know shutting Teddy Bridgewater reduction account when your keels does nothing to soccer. The quarterback issue and embraced caddie and I shall candidate who's not even a quarterback he's really chic geek. And and Christian Achtenberg don't solve anything anyway so. They're very much in play the problem is their right at the Harsco that position where there's probably not going to be anybody available I'm so I think the whole war and polls and their lap and they don't there another candidate for trade back for the team like. You know about slow where all our somebody like that. You got to treat this morning about McCarron cute and others are there are report out right to the patriots have offered him a contract. What happened AJ McCarron on the free agent market. Well he just didn't have a market you in the polls so that warn about for a couple of weeks that I tweeted out yesterday that keep an eye on the patriots at the price is right in this morning yeah I think at the yacht is reporting that team that he got the offer last night. You know I don't know which has -- they're necessarily but he just doesn't have a market had a glitch you know what I think you know teens aren't sit around saying you know hey anytime we have the opportunity to sign a guy who couldn't beat and Andy Dalton we got to do it sorts you know I think it. People gotta remember that the hype in the production are so touched your perfect. We're getting calls about pulls this morning Benjamin about whether. You know the market doing what it did yesterday it Eagles can talk about trying to get a one in a four but is it possible the price unfolds would have gone down maybe the bills didn't. Agreed to terms with anybody yesterday because they're trying to trade for falls. Well let's hope that possibility I can tell you the Eagles will receive one call for 82 round pick and that he has already moved on. The you know social ourselves that the market for Nicole she's not there nick is not ought to people riding the hype that Super Bowl run actually really come down they also it's really simple but at all that's sort of they still put up a lot of points you. Acquitted but there really simple platform and there are a lot of teams realize that the polls to probably translate across the board to a lot of teams. In terms of long term success is brutal spot starter Philly it's a fun story that he he's not the guy you want leading your French as long term. Benjamin thinks it's always nice to have you on our show we always appreciate you giving us some time especially early morning mountain time so thanks again for coming on us we will keep following your tweets. Actually they care.