03-19 Linus Ullmark Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Monday, March 19th

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Users. Aren't they clinched a playoff spots that are fifteen. Minutes on the challenge should you feel Fisher got the piece have you Rudolph somewhere in their. I'm a relief it kind of happened so fast and on what happened. It's. We wanted to hear a challenge it and now unfortunately hey dad it was a goal. He really got the game quickly for seven seconds you've got a guy bearing in on you may save it mean does that help you when you get a new game that early and and make a great save like that. Now well it's different confidence in its content like you said. Get to BS and get that first shot quick and now obviously are going to be be prepared right from the Cohen. What's that. Its first game went itself right I look at the goals I don't think you really have a huge my chance and I mean any of really. How did you evaluate your game overall do you think. In tough to say. Meehan niners gonna look at it tomorrow. There really valuable with and with that knowledge Syria off our streets today. Q3 weeks. It's been. It's a tough question. Well first of for a safe when it going game's virtual and just wanna show. Hard to go possible and that's a person.