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Howard and Jeremy
Tuesday, March 20th

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Re are going to our AT&T hotline it is time for the five hour energy coaches hotline brought you by five hour energy. And on the line with us is a steep opposite joining us here WGR Stephens Howard Jimmy good morning welcome sir hi Dylan. Undergrad I go I'm good listen. No offense to nova beating Georgetown because you were on rowly mess amino staff but sixteen beating one trumps that right. Absolutely part of all you know I. I look at that people call that the greatest upset at all times of 85 game. We bought them like to invite sick that year we had three pros on our e-book. Is great I don't call the greatest upset ever. But both. Ed and I'm saved cut and you're in the same conference you know it's not like a lower level conference beat a big east team at the time revolt in the at least. Yet we weren't worried about it all archive and he picked it as sophomore had a 26 point four to rebound games tactic Q and suddenly it got yeah I. You all act it was not it though quest. How would again first off I assume it did you always feel at some point we were gonna see a sixteen beetle one then. How shocked were you at UMBC beating Virginia. I said it many times on the record I said it's gonna happen. Away and I try to predict. Who but it's gonna happen look look at college basketball today you look at a team like Virginia that like applying for Apatow because. I don't know to to have any pros on their team's big. You'll probably my hat with a Q got hurt economic Kyle guy I drove up and I players but. Is and let they. Like at sixteen beating the war in the nineties in the nineties when you had guys that seniors that were closed you know that the united. More exactly. And ends up all the way Bill Carter and those guys don't do that it was C UMPC will be then there's little way. But nowadays because it's gotten much closer together it was gonna happen there's no doubt it was gonna have. We'll over the weekend it'd it seems that this has been a season of of people talking about a lot of upsets and top ranked teams falling. Over the course of the season. We've lost to one's true true true trees and three fours prior to the sweet sixteen are you surprised at that having said that thing about the upsets. No because I hit from. While ago that this could be your worst said the great she went to check each I mean that's the kind of year that we're looking and obviously Villanova still looks strong. Do still looks strong all of but the attorney I really believe that we're seven rate equal with a title so I'm not surprised. And I think this is where college basketball to it because there are less and less. Great great. Teams that have experience and great talent around thirteen to have great experience. They're king did a great count whatever you keen to have great spirit and great gala I think but. Okay then let me go to this question you mentioned the seventh seed you've got in the sweet sixteen you've got to seven in Nevada you got K state and nine. And a couple of eleven play Roland Syracuse out of that group who do you think would have the best shot to. At least get to the final four not actually win the title. You know I'm gonna say right now obscure tunes because this routine that used to playing. At. At that you don't agree and I had a high level and that's why I think that it beating Michigan State so obviously it was an upset. You guys are going to be intimidated they play in the ACC they play against great players all the time in great skiing on an essay because he. Or are you that got the position you know they have five guys they wanna play it sticks. And but but that goal is top of reaching people are shooting the ball well at it's always been very effective offensively upping your cues for now let you know. It could get that. Yeah and and of course they got to go through duke I was gonna ask you one other thing I want to bring up this Kentucky. And their path which looks really good with how things have fallen out in their bracket I think there and whether a seven and nine and eleven at this point. Yes it looked out and you know it's funny it's not Joseph Perry was complaining about but the draw on the spot and I. With the when the brackets came out I thought the Hart did rack it. And certainly don't the worst cold or warm seat was Virginia wrote in the south. Well but I never would have thought that the 123 and forward all people you know I don't it was a chip it you know a couple of them could be corporate the first time ever. That we quote it was sweet sixteen and a region has walked before hot seat belt. It's unbelievable outlook he played through this thing a lot it's got Gallup prayer now that they can exhibit people really look. Well we'll see how things play out with the sweet sixteen will look for some more upsets and I believe we're talking again next week Steve so thanks again for your time on the show and enjoy the next round of the tournament. Thank you you bet thank you Steve rapist we thank him for checking in on the five hour energy coaches hotline don't miss any of the great college basketball match ups in March grab a five hour energy and get that feeling of energy and focus. To watch all tournament speaking of the sweet sixteen there's tonight we will have. NCAA games right here. On WGR.