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Tuesday, March 20th

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A. It's always Simon and Jeremy why it. We have the teams Cleveland. Definitely will probably the quarterback if not a one which I think they've willed maybe afford the jets we believe are certainly taking the the quarterback the Broncos really only locked in her case she's the one year with this contract and the American Circuit Court that Arizona want to come up from fifteen to do it Miami's thinking about it where there's so there's enough. Sheen's that are in the quarterback market and they all know they have to get ahead of the bills because Evernote to build what ones so yeah I don't think sitting at twelve way to get the guy you want to shoot. I say the priority with Kirk cousins and being beat that didn't happen they happen at some kind of plan of action to get one of these coveted quarterback that's why they had this. Packet January PD case. Carter wasn't satisfied with that you know I. It's the only that I try to make an aggressive play a little bit distracting it in the buffalo kind of leapfrogging all these feeling getting within striking distance. 21 of those coveted top force. That the act apparently enough trying to help I became active with his foot on the accelerator. Obviously this is a target. Josh Alex is the job that they want. They're hoping they can get their twelve. Probably back who have they have to look to get wasted just self non WG ER Sports Radio 550. Former bill now working for NFL network before him and he's met up from the New York Daily News jets beat reporter Thomas yesterday and for him. To be quizzed on the stand Rosie O'Donnell from espn.com. I am I'm at a better place that yeah I think we all should be not because it's the first day of spring and its nineteen degrees outside I item was gonna grill today to. The first is spreading anti I thought about grilling yesterday not that I like I wanna Grohl today. But the thought came to my mind since it's lighter out later yeah I thought. Then he awaits our ground that they don't don't you go on the winter I do not I growth back decks clear. As I get to the grill on the back deck and there's no snow and the dugout for a second during the steak or go back and no I still do what am I loved growing yeah I mean hell of grilling too would to me it's more of an experience about like. Being outside and do all the fancy stuff going in and out. I don't know we've got maybe it's the three dogs that make it's every time trying go in and out of the door on the back. Again it becomes they'll wanna traffic jam ya right maybe that's part of it as a now I'm I'm I'm a better place I think everybody's in a better place yesterday felt like we are all kind of cranky. Myself included I know I was yes I was in a bad bad bad mood just stressed out about what's gonna happen houses sought gonna go down and how how could have possibly still be like six weeks away. Yeah well five come Thursday. Okay five weeks from Thursday. And now it all look I'm not does that place and I don't have a specific reason why am I I looked at some mock drafts were all of sudden quarterback's football and to the bills at twelve. That and have to give up anything and they can get whoever bode well usually is not Rosen of Arnold. But may fielder Josh Allen are I don't know I I wanted I was and you put out the quarter pole and I I put out the last night we don't know what your dream draft scenario for the bills I'm still sticking with trading up to two. And the browns don't take a quarterback at wide and clear my dreams and your dream scenario includes getting getting the pick it collects up and get the pick a letter and I whoever I want you more than happy. To shed but picks I have to shed to get up to number two I just don't care about picks anymore than that terrible. And that desperate so that's my dream scenario for a number of people on Twitter last night the dream scenario was leaning towards just stay at twelve you know one of those guys is going to be there. Well I you don't give up all the things I put up pull onto it just now about this and Murphy had one yesterday to the John Murphy Joseph Carter Khaled what you want to bills to do. We are in a very straight mean I don't it's strange is it normal to be. In a place where the majority of the fans want the team to goad the top three of the draft. That's not something that is often even considered a team you don't often have. A reason to wanna go up that high you know there are only two quarterbacks you might understand why. 50% or 60% of fans wanna get up there it is only to read and there are there's a good handful here in the first round and trying to break who's going to be the best one is difficult it's not impossible it's difficult. So I'm not surprised that a lot of people wanna go there I kinda am surprised though that its sole hi. 52% early on saying aim for the top three. I'm I am surprised and another 17% saying move up a bit outlets like 70% of the fans from the at least vote in this that say. I've got to get higher I didn't look at the actual numbers on on the tweets I was getting last night but if I had to hazard a guess I would say in light of the jets trade. There were more people comfortable with staying at twelfth and not giving up the proverbial king's ransom to get in front of the jets whether it's one or two. And there was speculation yesterday that perhaps the bills had contacted Cleveland about one and LaSalle reported according to a source it wasn't true. I I felt like there was a change yesterday that more fans were leaning towards you know what. Let's not go nuts I like being at twelve you know what I think this scenario is now one that a lot of fans are talking about. Lamar Jackson or Mason Rudolph will get a guy at 22. Go use twelve to get an impact player somewhere else sit at 22 or maybe move up a few spots from 22 and you'll still get a quarterback but. I I had people tweet that don't use twelve as a quarterback use that for another position in you'll still get a guy you like Qwikster second first round pick and this what you're not given up draft capital. So I I I'm assuming if there was a shift that's because the jets went the three now fans don't want that goes to give up everything to go to to know well that there's a lot of. Different debates at work here first off let's throw start with this on. Is it a total crapshoot. Portal no I wouldn't say total definitely not total but is it but not for it's not. Strongly predictable but it's not a total crapshoot no and it's it's uncertainty right that's what. That's what has you scared here if you could make this like the NHL draft to say which traded to the number two spot you'd say yes right yes I know that players. Likely going to be even the worst number two pick is still usually pretty go to play a thousand games. So it was just different. I I don't look at a lot of these cornerback Oracle's studies. Charts. And I think there are so many variables. That it makes me uncomfortable to to sometimes. Try to get any sort of talk conclusion for instance. The jets the jets straight up to number three. And immediately there's you know trading upper French as quarterback is worth it and it has worn shark. Who wrote but it's not worth doing it for the got for our quarterback you pick up third and then they compare them to all of the quarterbacks picked at number three. Like the Internet is its its director is different right quarterbacks is differed in some cases the quarterback is the third quarterback in some cases he's the first quarterback right. I mean they're going back to 1970. And then I just kind of wanna say. Any study about the drafting of quarterbacks should not include anything before 1990 life. The game has changed so much much. Scouting is changed so much everything is so different how they figure out with a right corner more back was in 1970 you etiquette and the ball off meant he was tall and white. But it really did we'd try and design offenses around a guy and his skill set it's just it was sold long ago that sometimes a look at the stop and think. I don't wanna see that that the guy at number three has anything in common with Matt Ryan. Or Joey Harrington like the other guys that have gone third overall Achilles Smith I assume they pointed out absolutely and then I've seen stuff to that is well look it quarterbacks drafted one and two vs quarterbacks drafted three to twelfth. It's different every year some years there's a year like this where you have six that can go on the top point so because. Lamar Jackson is in a class with these other guys he goes twelfth. Instead of last year Lamar Jackson might go forth. In all there are. Six other guys in there with a like it that the class matters filled the legal matters the teams at the top matter. The fact that if you get one of these guys your not gonna draft want right now it feels like were in a spot where more teams then. No maybe not an ever. But the number of teams that would watt one is very high because you've got an old guard threes. Brady a geyser Roethlisberger rulers of those are four. Mainstays of the league law to all all kind of aging now. Right about now yeah luck that that the quarterbacks for me one thing I try not to do is site I don't just. Well you can't take an Oklahoma State quarterback don't draft mesa Ruoff what LaBrandon read the stock I got that email yesterday can't take USC quarterback I'd let's not take baker mayfield why Landry Jones never turned into anything right. Right Landry Jones Oklahoma didn't played Oklahoma sounds right sure. It's it's ridiculous you know all right if we're talking about whether the bills were in position to take Arnold. You wanna go Carson Palmer or Rob Johnson on the can on the comparison hey Carson Palmer's go to USC quarterback Rob Johnson not so much. So I don't you know what. UCLA. OK I've if you wanna use Troy Aikman or UCLA quarterback could in development anything. What ever I mean any any little larger don't take big twelve quarterbacks don't take this. I I don't care about that stuff I don't care about you know well traditionally guys at three in these are the guys that have gone three and that's not a good group. Each quarterback class is different each player in each class is different. I and as I said. I just trying to watch her for who they are I don't watch. Lamar Jackson and go one wait a minute Brian Brohm played at Louisville and never really amounted to anything in the national Pope league I value it Lamar Jackson for Lamar Jackson and that's it. I you can make yourself. Raised the issue candy and factor in all this others and relentlessly. Every single point made about the drafting quarterback has a counterpoint no matter what you say. I'd like to get the topic or you want to Marcus Russell. No I don't want JaMarcus Russell. I'd like to address the quarterback Ty actual I got yesterday Trent Dilfer won a suitable I mean every single point. Has counterpoint to what you gotta do is trying to figure out what's the what's the most likely formula for success. And if there are six quarterbacks do you think the team that drafts first of those six is the most likely to have success. I don't know yeah I wanna say no. Wanna say the it's they're probably of more likely to have success in the debacle sixth. But we don't really judge on that if Sam Arnold has a 58%. Chance of succeeding in Mason Rudolph has a 42% chance and Rudolph ends up being better. Then for twenty years it's O'Hare member Rudolph was better than Arnold. Even though it's not really provable that was the most likely scenario. Silly you just try to figure out here. What your best option is and I am very much of the lead to trading up as often release silly. I only think it's worth doing for one position and that this is the position you would do it for and my. I can I guess I can't quite decide because I I really am someone that believes in. Unpredictability. And a lot of randomness. But am I gonna sit here and say that no person and football has any idea who's gonna be good I can't say that. Seriously I do think a lot of them don't know a do you think a lot of them are wrong all the time. And to say it's completely random is wrong because the first round produces the most quarterbacks that are successful. Followed by the second round followed by the third. So it's not often that a guy sneaks by everybody five times and ends up being good you know there are your Brady's junior Russell Wilson's. But there aren't many. I. I'm not a trade up guy I I don't know if I've ever ever ever espouse the idea of trading up and of those draft typically I'm not a trade down guy either quite honestly I I usually approach it as. Figure out whatever slot Iraq is a guy you love on the board just go get up you know don't. Say you know but if we move down four spots we might still get him and we get an extra second round pick him and typically to stay where you are. Look I'm I'm so tired of talking about quarterbacks side at this point you know BJ didn't pan out and that year. I was all in first first round quarterback we I mean buddy nix did a weekly show us. We pounded support guy knew we were I was practically begging him. To guarantee he was going to take a quarterback in the first round of the draft that year and it blew up because none of those guys in that class were gut. But it doesn't scare me a by the way there's another one well you know guys. First round quarterbacks in the bills J. P. Losman and you know EJ Manuel and let's let's not take a first round pick. I put as much as Manuel finger quotes blew up in his second season u.'s bench and they won nine games. In all lake. You can't do that it'll kill your franchise and it's fine I don't think he was good knowing Utley wasn't may you know who knows that he kept playing maybe would've gotten better I I don't. Think so I think he was just bad. But it again I'm just got a point right I'm yes I am desperate and I have followed. It's almost like a tank discussion for me a few years ago I. I have always followed the Credo of which I was raised you know defense wins championships you build your baseball team with pitching staff when asked the Mets about that. You know I've always you know. Don't trade up don't give up extra draft capital stockpile picks used them to get more players. I'll throw it all out the window you know. That the sabres tried to win the conventional way for for whatever forty something years all the so they realize you know what let's just get rid of everybody stockpile picks go to the top of the draft. It hasn't panned out that they made the wrong choices and building a roster. You try to the other way and it never worked so glad tank go get picks if it works. I'm I'm not trade up guy and I'm I am yes stockpile picks use more pics get more guys script trade up Brandon you have my blessing trade up. Give up whatever you got to give up. You know I would give up the entire 2018 draft class like all nine picks to move up at nab one guy. But you know you gotta get up pure ones or twos and throw in a three or next year too great given up because it's time to get a quarterback we can. And I'll take my chances I know it's a gamble. I know there's no guarantee. In you'll call up and say guys. Nobody thinks Andrew Luck is in this class that's right but nobody thought Andrew Luck was in the class last year and to Shawn Watson looked really good we'll see which Robiskie does we'll see what. Holmes does for I actually got into a conversation with the reentry or sorry about this like a listener response the article Ira which is about other holes to fill. And I guess account I kind of want to understand if you or someone like this and I mating call Austin let's let's talk about this. Our our other some people that are really. Never comfortable doing it because what you'll do is you'll say there's no Andrew Luck in this class I've got other holes to fill okay let's walk comment once you fill those other holes at the end of the season AJ McCarron is disappointing and the bills finish seven and nine and you think got to get a quarterback it after the bills are drafting thirteenth again. And here we go this is the provocation they trade up no don't know that's too risky I've I've got other holes to fill. And why can't I take a guy in the third round hey look Russell Wilson's been successful you go through another draft you take a guy in the third round. All of a fifth round like neat in Peterman and you're just endlessly on that carousel yeah so. But I was when I asked someone like that wind would you ever do it feel it it seems that only Tammy ever do it. Is if you had a season like the giants just had right which is expected to be competitive and everything blew up and down taken second so I might as well that's the problem with the entry relaxing and that's that's again this goes white suit this goes back to at this point I am desperate and I'm willing to give up what it takes to move up. If you're going to say guys. Let's not over let's not reach let's not overdraft because it's quarterback you know let's not give up all that stuff. Because and again one of the reasons is. I liked some of these guys but no one really blows everybody away OK so you're going to operate on the on the idea of we're gonna look for quarterback when Andrew Luck is there OK how many draft classes do have an Andrew Luck maybe there's is there one guy and that class maybe there are two Andrew Luck in that class and also us to coincide with the season and were you just won two games and you're at the top of the draft how offered of the bills at the top of the draft not up we talked about yesterday. Pick door as third the pick Mike williams' fourth so in the in the seventeenth. Season drought. In a drought where they never make the playoffs for seventeen seasons they pick in the top five. Two times neither one was number one in any year where you wish they were number one thing at the third pick in Cam Newton with the Carolina Panthers so the idea of guys. Mayfield Alan Rosen to Arnold dump these guys is Andrew Luck. You might be right. But you can't run a franchise saying I'm gonna wait for Andrew Luck and I'm an a hole that year I've got to pick in the top either first. Or second. Or I can get op. Course which trading out if there Andrew Luck is in the draft you know my that's my point basically you can't wait for the perfect scenario. Sometimes you gotta take a chance sometimes you have to go and risks some things and I think were added they just traded the starting quarterback. Who was on a team that made the playoffs they brought in the guy who has for NFL starts on his resonate. And the other guy on the roster is a fifth round draft pick who had a cup of coffee last year and it did not. And it burned and that's the other part of this the report from Peter King that they were interest didn't count count similarly I'd like to feel a little better if they had McCown and AJ McCarron got it's got four starts I don't really know what to think about. If they wanted McCown this means that McCarron was a back up plan so. Our item under one backup plan at least some and then the draft and I don't wanna get to three and not gonna go to another backup plan. Here's the thing about backup plans like I mentioned every point has a counterpoint. That the cowboys won the Johnnie men's elm talky owner out of it took deck press cut so it's like. They want how to cook and instead took deck press 'cause at the same Mir with a red Kerr who might thinking often. Maven Karl Rove got a group of seniors press got point is look you never find out when these teams don't get what they want and then succeed anyway so like I've always been. Mindful of that that the Packers whoever Aaron Rodgers they might ahead Alex Smith higher on the board but Alex Smith wasn't there are so they take Rogers and they're geniuses. So it's just. I I respect how tough it is a respect all the points in the counterpoint with the same here you're OK good so that that the cowboys wanted jutting and Celek Connor Coke and came away with duct press got. And the bills won a deck press got waited around an insect can golf cart O Jones yeah. So picky just get caught in these loops of then what do you do with office. It's scary what did you get calls it's scary. Sometimes. That's that that comes along with the game and you gotta take some risk 8030515. To join us 888550. To 550. We'll start in Clarence Steve here on WGR welcome spring and go right ahead. All I'm anchor you guys I'm tired arm up or back. All right it'll ever have a good point you keep saying how great scene bat brought the world the outreach team if I've shot that a guy don't date of by. How many starting quarterback were taken at the top and that are absolute but you just brought up Aaron Rodgers there's also Kirk cousins who's taken late. Agree mistakenly. Judy grow up blow it in the background that poll taken late. Late you don't go that far off the by Allen did not that is not not anymore. So it yet but just currently. I know we don't always bring an awful lot actually ordered a one. We have a quarterback ever certain bet I'd Eli Manning met at work copiers and it picked it up pocket after. I went to an eight EC championship who currently putting it up for a. I'm loyal to dollars in Thomas. Yeah I'd I'd rather not get to that plan. You know. Nobody thought. That would be planned K. Upper both our senate. You know yeah. I know that the first point Steve you're right I yet right there are there are quarterbacks who are very good that did not go in the top five for the top ten right. But that's again it's all I mean it's if you get a call in and tell me guys you never know about the top ten right you know that there could be a quarterback. Trent Edwards was a third round pick he's not Russell Wilson but like him to make this point that you can do it I've got football outsiders 1994 to 2016. So that's 22 years of quarterbacks being drafted in the third round you want the notable ones. Russell Wilson nick falls match shop Brian greasy four. Or not to say that yeah it's not an anomaly it. It yet is there and Wilson's clip I mean that of that group he wants the other guys in the third round that should pitched Josh accounts third round pick. Trent Edwards Charlie Whitehurst Chris Wright and Michael and Andrew Walter Bobbie point Brock Huard or Brodie Croyle Crist sends debris cone David Green. Geovany come Ozzie Jonathan Quinn Stoney case care Grayson Sean Manny and Kevin O'Connell Ryan mallet. Jacoby percent Eric desire Charlie Frye Colt McCoy and Cody Kessler was a big advantage of on the Camara that's. You mistake in the Brady point two years a third round hours you've got four guys that are considered anything and only one of them is really great. And Russell Wilson right. So yes it's still not an anomaly. The odds are you get one of the first front and the other part this kind of what I was mentioning about Drew Brees let's say drew breeze of available on this track tours ago. Because top ten the league has changed in. Fifteen years. And you have more quarterback hungry teams that we be talking about his lack of height we would we would write we pour over his lack of height. But he would probably go top ten and if you wanna talk about you know toss out some of the guys Russell Wilson I don't know if you would but. If there had been a Russell Wilson's success story may be Russell Wilson himself is more likely get drafted higher rate isn't Russell Wilson's success part of what. Leads a team to say about baker made an absolutely hate and Drew Brees still like hey we have to worry about it that much it's still a concern but we've seen it succeed. We've seen offense is built around a guy like this may be used in UP. It's just it's just every points gonna have a counterpoint and I try to figure out what the best plan is and what that's why all the bills to do. Execute the best idea I think depending on how you feel you'll make the point match up to how you feel OK if you think you've got to have a quarterback who 66364. You will say. When we said Robert Clint go on the show the other day from MM QB he's still he's done the big series she's doing a series with baker mayfield one of the articles what she sat down Darrel bevel. The former offensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks who knows what it's like to coach a quarterback who's not 64 Russell Wilson. Any any talked about me fields height lack thereof I think you make the point fit due to what you believe if you think you needed taller quarterback and you're gonna say. Yeah guy sure Drew Brees and Russell Wilson and that's that and you'll trot out a long list of guys who were under six foot one. And never really amounted to anything in the National Football League it's the same point Steve just called up and said. Look guys you can get a quarterback who can succeed in the third round. You can write and you don't Russell Wilson is the top guy and that list other guys who played in the NFL one games in the NFL. I think one or two of those guys you mentioned by the made the playoffs but they're not top caliber. You know franchise level quarterbacks even why what I want even if they weren't there's that. 47% chance in the first front in a 4% chance again third routers are gonna drop you can't say. I'll take my chances in the thirty years in the bills have drafted third round quarterbacks up and they've amounted to nothing. But the reality is this is where you remind us that drafted first round quarterbacks have amounted to an often yeah. Now one of them was the middle of what middle the first round and the other guy who is. Little bit lower than that. Oh meant. I thought relate might have just you know go later be later wolf what does it matter at this point with the ball assists it's probably gonna fire me anyway Jason your on WG jogger right ahead. What are they call there and figure gonna be tough to remove Oslo and I think you're kind of want to running back. I think by now they're bright they go I'll work on everybody and have removed. Of soul. You actually look much more clearly and I don't know ONN media or you get popular giant balloon out you're going to be quarterback they get a and it running back we'll build reader program. We're not I don't know Marriott's they all look the market economy you mama tiger or another quarterback. When you really up to now. Lamar Jack's idea has always been a good idea to me I'm not gonna be furious at the bills don't move up I kind of got in Lubbock the idea because it's on the think about. But if they take a quarterback at twelve I'm not gonna be upset if. The giants ticket could take partly had to. Great yeah I mean get on the phone to Cleveland get on the phone to Denver. Get on the phone to the cults of the giants don't take a quarterback at two and quarterback goes at one quarterback goes at the rate. Great as the giants take tried you can try remove obstacles that debate take Barkley to we should fire everybody let me out in the entire building I'm I think they should I earned a BA master stroke on their part time to. If Cuba at only two guys drop the board. 4567. And I if you're Brandon being get on the fall of all those guys now maybe it goes in the other direction maybe. If a quarterback doesn't go at too. He cements staying at twelve and says I no longer and get a guy worthwhile at twelve now that the giants didn't take a guy but I I would be on the phones work with everybody. Trying to move up and get just behind the jets get ahead of the dolphins. And mean may be stay ahead of a team like Arizona who might be on the phone trying to move up. Eagle 30550. Join us 888552. Factor to which your dream scenario for the bills draft and would you be happy at this point they just stay at twelve after the jets trade do you think. And you know the move up to twelve with the Bengals. They should just stay at twelve and 22830550. Join us 888550. To 550 on WG. You don't think you're guy's gonna be they're twelve and you need to go up to the top two or three or four together and you don't know ordered call straight to get ended up spending 32 round picks to move up three spots that you wanna talk to giants down to twelve from two pregnant have to sell other extra. First round pick NN war so I think that's what I did doesn't necessarily change their strategy but I think he'd give them information about what the likely cost is if what they ultimately wanted to do this to jump over dejected that you spotted that one spot to make sure they get their guy. And you just don't. That is then Grassley on or from. SPN. Is everybody's talking about what's going on with the draft order after jets made their big move dam was on with John Murphy the John Murphy show. Yesterday if you missed the interview. It is available and on demand audio at WGR 550 dot com or on demand audio brought to you by north West Bank make the switch north let's get back to living NASA beat the sabres for a nothing less than during the game I tweeted that the sabres look. A little bit kind of the littlest bit good. I don't mean they're actually good because there's still last. I guess what I mean is there a little bit more watchable. Because Michael's back and and the right arts playing relatively well and bullies on the team this old mark was in net. In that third line they've got right now one to watch yes yes now goals would be better yes we'll they have but had chances last night in all seriousness watching Baptiste and Bailey and Rodriguez. That line got good speed Baptiste is like a breath of fresh air not the he's at least last night that he was relentless at times and the sabres have not often been like that last. Wanna know five years. So. A little more watchable now than they lose tomorrow night to be Bibby may be better. You know Arizona's in town 7 o'clock face off tomorrow night via NFL the bill signed senate Russell vote 92 years. Marshall Newhouse one year. Marshall Newhouse looking forward to meet him talk and him is social media is pretty funny. There are a couple pictures of him playing airborne sideways helicopter NBC's. But a picture and offensive linemen not supposed to get errant airborne sideways with the ball underneath him like maybe he fumbled. And now he simply caption his own picture with mistakes were made so I think he's you know got ahold of those self deprecating sense of humor so. That's kind of cool I like him Niemi took. The the bills are reportedly resigning Ramon Humber and a free agent linebacker Kevin minter visit yesterday as the bills and Bengals attempt to switch teams. Right every from Bengals is coming here nobody from the bill's going to Cincinnati with Preston brown. And accord decline so those are sports are ones along with QBs when you be women blew out Florida State 65 go to the sweet sixteen to play South Carolina on Saturday the teams in Albany. And if if somehow. They can beat South Carolina which is still at call Florida. The defending national champs they would likely play UConn. In the regional final which could be pretty cool if you're UB have a shot at UConn. 80 trailed 550 to join us 888550. To 550 if you want to share your thoughts on the bills the draft the sabres the NCA tournament. The NHL GM meetings we'll get to that a little bit Paul's gonna be with a 730 they talked about goalie interference yesterday and of course medical unit for a challenge in the game last night that's always X. It talked about adding a two minute penalty the same way that it Rauf side which has led to a drop in the number offside challenges and not enough of a drop not enough putts right so we'll kick that around too so whatever else on your mind you could always join us so let me ask you this about. What an obvious trade up I am actually I just agreed to be in a dynasty fantasy football league I've not yet been in one of these. And I'm excited to elect from wanted to do that. I'm not exactly sure on the format and all but. Think it seems to me like it's the most like actual football because you draft players and you keep them. Let's say you're in a dynasty fantasy football league power right blitzer you want the bills to go up to number two and take quarterback. If you're a dynasty fantasy football league and you had like the fifth pick. Would you trade all your capital. To get your pick of the quarterback might not I mean I'm I am this is why this is weird for me you know me I'm a cautious guy by nature I am not. A gambler trade up picks move up and all this other stuff I just happen feel I'm so desperate for quarterback but I would do that a from the bills but I would probably not do that what you just laid out. No that's just so you're different it's not in my being so that in real life. You want the bills to do it yet. And in fantasy football you'd just say yeah because that's my money you can see Pope to Celtic the fifth draft board probably yet. I'm as I said I am I am not a gambler I'm not a risk taker. But if it's someone else's money like if you give me house money in Vegas let's don't play in the dollar slots. But if it's me yet I. And as I said I think I think with the bills honestly I've just reached a point where I'm just tired of all the stuff so. You know you can talk to me about hey guys we can get an impact linebacker at twelve. And then we'll hope you know hope that a quarterback ball to 22 if not we'll just go take Kyle let at 53 or Mike White and or. Luke falcon round three it will cross our fingers but let's not give up. The future just to have a shot one guy who has a 5050 shot I hear all that stuff I really don't care anymore. So look at that how I feel I'm excited about the dynasty league. I wanna be able that I thought it was about the old TV should I wanna barely hit on a gallon magic get Watson who puts up that monster season you feel like I got him for a couple years yeah. So I've never got to dynasty league draft isn't like. A month or two baby June. So yeah I'm excited don't don't draft Chris Ivory print and she can just wanted to just a little bit of advice there. Justin in Virginia thanks for holding on your on WG are right and. Got it yet entered do what you do. Moved out here about two years ago and keep me and listening to lose everything even though. The sabres are. Awful just wait criminal that. On well I would thank you we only had talked about moving up with a twelfth they keep and we kinda like forget about when he got candidate they like oh that are straight up. Well what if we traded of the 22 in Chile we would have been tough a novelty of having all 21 point you back to back on the court what have we moved up. Using twenty cute too late thirteen I mean we can treat it like. 53 and 65. He did op with like the thirteenth pick might be like near the value chart and obviously paved. All the pay a lot even more to get the giant apple just. I hadn't thought about that quite honestly it's not a bad idea from the standpoint. If you feel that you can still get your. Quarterback at one of those two spots and now based on what Brandon beans said the other day about how. One of the reasons why went up from 21 to twelve was to get an impact player. That did the guys they really liked just weren't gonna fall to 2122. So he moved up to twelve if you can move up the other two. Great if you can still get a quarterback and move up took thirteen fourteen wherever and get two impact players fantastic I really thought about I'd love that idea. I'm not an event coming up and the only reason I'm trading up this for quarterback yes the only position I would go to war. In other bills showed last year previous white Nicky give a little later the Sammy Watkins trade and and a wide receiver heavy draft. The scene trader up proceed Jones you know could the next guy I've been had. I'd rather have the picks the the only time an entertaining this is for quarterback. Or. Quarterback and that that's really yet sometimes you can get a monster defensive and if you know he's gonna be that good but still eat even so. Could they could they move up from 22 would. Fourteen. And then trying package twelve and fourteen. 46. And then try and move from sixth and there's a lot of work that they can do I I can't decide what they should do. I constantly Russell with. Its sole hard to know who's gonna be good verses. But. There's still. An element to the guys that gold and copper probably gonna be better. I think there's not a guarantee yeah but they're probably going to be better. The thing about moving up to six like when you if you could go from twelve to six you wouldn't have to give up when he too right could you move up without having to give up. Well and well jets moved up with the jets move up three spots I wonder if the bills if the bills tried to move up to where India is if they can do that and still hang on to 22. You do that I'd consider that as well I've still got. I've got capital I got 53566596. Tons I've got some other picks I gonna move and still hang on to 22 I made two point yesterday in the few people got. Not upset or made reps confuse the point. That they have almost a full draft or trade away and still have a full draft yeah because they have so much. It's. It's tough it's tough decision on what to do me ask you this I get a tweet from the listener and I wondered this too this is about the bills and what they might be too from Franco. Yuen Howard believe that it's possible that after all these trades and draft capital that management has now accrued. It's making them gonna show I am pulling the trigger and moving up because of doubts yes. I think what happened with this team. Typical back over the course of last year. Brit NB shows up he probably thinks he's got a six win team. Right yeah five to six win team there over under was socialists was six and a half look at the moves they made him and they they made trades based on what not we don't yet we're not expecting to win a lot right now but they wanna win right now they're gonna say but right. You probably thought he put a six win team and they got an extra. First round pick in the draft Lester they got an extra second for Sammy to got a third for Darby. Then they win nine games and they're at one meet 122. And it becomes. All right we've got work to do to get to where we thought we would be they probably thought to be taking in the top ten so now there at twelve and 22. My question is. Do day stick to the initial plan which was probably to draft the guy Heidi probably thought they'd be drafting ninth and they have Kansas city's pick and they might be able to get up the top three easy. And now the landscape has been laid out and you have to decide are we still gonna go through this are we gonna change on the fly there. Allen & Associates chicken now but the plan was it seems to go up and get a quarterback this year. And their season made itself that that plan got changed and you could probably throw and other factors. With the landscape of other teams and who needed a quarterback. Don't know that we I don't know but I'm trying to think if if anybody would have anticipated what happened with the giants would. Would we be having a discussion about the giants. Having to replace Eli Manning because they just had a really crappy Tony seventeen season we probably still would have been talking about the jets needing the quarterback. We would have been talking about the browns needing a quarterback. And don't know about commitment maybe Miami if Brian can help doesn't get injured in training camp and the dolphins make the playoffs or have a better season than they did we might not be worried about Miami at eleven so. I think things have changed but. In old stockpiling picks because there. Afraid or hesitant to whatever I think Null I would still I would still think that Brandon being as aggressively trying to get up in the draft. And get a guy that he loves it quarterback which are we're gonna it's going to be some TS and finished evaluations I don't think it would have changed. It just might not be doable I I don't think it's say. I guess my point is tight it it's for me it's less about Brandon being looking at the quarterback's going. I'm not real I don't have a strong conviction and more about I can't get where I need to get. Or I don't want to give up that much because we have other holes to fill in all the other stuff that we always talk about I don't think it's as much about. 16. Guys that I just not sure that any of these guys there are any good I don't believe that. Eagle 305 dip to just get a quick break and Ronald you know get more to call tonight forgot to give your code word that's really. Stick in my part good news that you can text it right now seven to mediate won the code word his salary SAL. A RY. You have until seven so like thirteen minutes text salary. To 72881. Mets data rates may apply to text editing have a chance to win a thousand dollars as we continue to play our national. Win cash contest for the rest of the month. On WGR. Alex. One of the top players that basically steals now. Did to herself to the basket they got backhand long and a little flights from Sierra at Dillard. UV women's basketball. Pollen Florida State yeah impressive. I was flippant all of it put back and forth between the sabres that game last night red calling ESPN 1520. So they out first ever sweet sixteen tournament spot for our first ever sweet sixteen landing I should say for you base so congratulations to coach we get Jack in the ladies on that. They destroyed the cute they are eleventh seed they beat South Florida by 23. And they beat Florida State. On their home court last night by 21 and dorsett was at three seats so this is really impressive what they've done the first two games of the tournament there. It's it's been an amazing season for both the men and women at UB men and the women like the men very deep team really talented. And they can defend but man they can put up some points to in Sierra delegates had a great year for them so. You beyond to Albany the place South Carolina the defending national champions. After real really an impressive showing last night in their two games down in Florida. 8030550. Join us 888515. To particularly get through your calls. Is said Jeremy I had to step out and in the lobby. In the break there how inquisitive argue I I get out the lobby I'm actually approaching the doors to the lobby and I hear music. They're not okay and what's going on some dislike playing music town hall and a walk outside and I find about a dozen guys singing. Like acquire like to standing there they got. You know. Papers you know sheets of of of the lyrics of government to stand in their singing and it's not a normal thing at 6:45 in the morning to see a dozen guys standing in the lobby. When there's typically nobody in the building but odds singing. Should I walked up to lemons that hey guys who the heck are you and why are you out here singing because I'm really curious about what they're doing out there. I assume they're here for one of the other stations but it's kind of walked by the sound of gut but just felt like I. I got in one a look at them like stare at them with I thought you know it's close to do that but there's there's a dozen guys singing in the lobby outside a Christmas that probably doesn't happen where you ever part of acquire. No I can't say I was enquirer in middle school we Seattle we sang in music class but did I specifically gold be part of no I'm Terence. Throb high school. All throughout high school which showed good well I heard your singing on this station so you're you're actually do a nice job. Me I can't carry a note so I just saying in like school place when everybody else is singing and I discussing really. 8030515. I'm just really can or should get. Let's go to John in the falls next John you're on WGR to read ahead. Good morning guys you don't hear a lot. Anybody I I understand margin above all are or your a lot of people talk about all this cap space to be saved. And we're going to be able to spend next year that make you more inclined to or pay a little bit this year and he. Q are aren't free agents. It's a secure quarterback completes you know what brings the wide receiver position like. Are you ought to be having not I can't speak next year. You know something bad you don't calculated and all this as far as opened the whole thing at the cell media timeout. Suck it up this year and just saying RA you know middle America. Have all distressed kept both got to go get archive by. You know we you are out. We're going to be quite the players in free agency next year and hours. Just curious why bad. You know why it doesn't get talked about it much it's just strictly about draft assets and everything. Not it's a fair point at the year they will have the ability to sign a bunch of guys next year so that might not need more picks. And the compensatory. Formula works in this as well the last couple I mean not these last few but the very early free agents Vontae Davis and Chris Chris Ivory. If these guys make the team play and then go to free agency and signed somewhere else. The bills could get compensatory picks threat so maybe they are intentionally trying to game the compensatory pick system which I think would be very Smart. The other thing you can do is how many players that we watched in the last. 48 hour 72 hours traded for seventh round picks and six from Texas they elections go back and forth and so the bills are really. Missing any pieces they could just trade six and sevens from players for guys like Corel Paterson met and then who's the other guy just mentioned today there's a stood a defensive back it's on the the Seahawks CJ Smith from the browns for us conditional seventh and 2020s yet. There are roster players you can probably get like that. It really does like the bill look like they're completely set up to make this move and guess what comes down to is are they gonna have the guts to do it. Or they can decide it's more prudent to say. Now we're gonna twelve actually what will get a guy here. I think the cap space is a nice fall back John I I don't know that would be. Eight that I don't know the bills are any teams would necessarily get as a primary way to build your franchise but it's it is a nice fall back if you say. If you you look at it gul were going to be aggressive we're gonna trade up gonna trying get the quarterback OK that's gone now remember in terms of picks. They do have more than normal they have nine picks him even if they trade away three picks for produced a five or six picks in the draft so it's not like you're going from. Seven picks to three they still have a number of picks they can use but. I think it's a cushion. Again I wouldn't necessarily say. Don't worry we'll just go by five starters next year because we'll have to on the cap space I'm not sure that's a prudent way to operate. But I think it's it's a nice safety net you know it's and it's nice for Brandon being to know that if the gonna. Give up some picks and have less players drafted because they're moving up to get a quarterback. Depending on how things play out if were you know if we need to replace some guys in the market next year yes they should have a lot of cap space I just. I would sit her and go market down. You know don't worry about draft and our receiver don't worry about trapped in a linebacker don't worry about Jeffs and quarterback will whatever things we don't which is gonna buy those positions next year in free agency. That's it's a risky thing to do honestly I haven't even looked at who the free agents are next year what the price is going to be could be very expensive. I think that that's a fall back it's not a plan to use that. Nash at 8030550. Gone holding out we got lines open to talking about. The bill's talking about the draft your dream scenario for the draft and would you be happy if the bill stated twelfth. And two double A tournament sabres played last night what else the NHL Jimmy's will touch on with Paul at 730 does anything else you wanna talk about. Phone lines are open 8030550. Grab a line and join us here on WGR.