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Tuesday, March 20th

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Fingers coming away again in over the line I felt. Alex down there are a lot of first big moments of the game last night the sabres were shot out eichel had some nice chances though and one of them that funding just blew right around. The big moments of the game as I brought you by first Jewish for the moment your life go forth. 21 we'll we'll talk some hockey coming up with Paul not only about the of the game last night but also the. It's ours ligament strict treatment green directory got hit in the yeah. Nether region I talked a lot of karma ha yeah if that's right evil little bit of kick guys they are you get it back and sometimes you're a foot sometimes your sometimes the foot gets you expect the and yeah ouch. And so Paul's comments are GM meetings they they'd there were talking about goaltender interference among other things so that's coming up at 730 south come out of an eight quick thing on you mentioned the Ramon Humber report and south trying to confirm its well. If the numbers you just pointed out to me at the numbers are correct the bills didn't have much money left in free agency. I think that they think that both dying deals like two years for five million which are believers would glorious making. And sell mentioned at the numbers there and Wilson is treated doubt about numbers you are correct it's the veteran minimum for a nine year player so it's just. It's a bare bones contract in the cap it is like six or 30000 which isn't much you know losses of bare bones contract is Teddy Bridgewater. You see the details on the record contract glanced at it this morning I didn't gas are you gonna to fill me in an all that I did it there was. His salary is not guaranteed for the year. It's a one million dollar guarantee that one okay and he's not guarantee for the year. So he's definitely worth it well is deadlier. Kennard to get caught right but it is worth it for that take a look at tip the guy can play at all I can't believe that he couldn't get anything better than that. For a team that signed Josh McCown and is gonna draft the guy. And they gonna have Bridgewater there and pay him that money or they just gonna kinda cut him loose. I take it you look at him in the summer and see if his knee is okay and whether he can play in a fee is it still utmost what five million dollar one year commitment for them now and they had they had haunts of cap space today I thought it was a really good idea to take a shot at him. A question about the bills for you. What is the give me an answer what is the process. She teacher wanna ask anybody out there that wants to tell us what you think it is what what is the process because. You know as as they went through the whole year kind of became a little bit of a joke and McDermott what kind of smile about it and the bills say it and when a quarterback prospect. Talks about the process of our own little. Trust the process for the process what is the process caring if you're asking me my opinion includes a number of things you ready for the list in no particular order. I think the process includes. How you build your football team I think that is the whole DNA chemistry finding the right kind of guys to join your football program my current. I think the process from a GM standpoint includes. Cleaning up your cap putting yourself in the correct business financial. Being made ads as brand to be said to the coolest gimme two years. Any step we're gonna need as much money as we can right now this offseason because we want a clean up the cap. And put this team in proper business order I think process also includes Brandon been saying things like. Let's not chase free agents let's have our list of guys ready on the eve of the free agency signing period and guys. I'm chasing free agents stop me we don't wanna spend two out money let's stick to our value chart I think this is the way I think that's part of their way of doing business we find the guys we want. We don't overpay hale were stockpiling draft picks to rebuild Iraq to through the draft lab lab black I think those are parts of the process so it's nothing unique. No okay this is like the patriot way I have another patriot way story for you this more talk about Danny shelf I'm not ready for it yet and what are yet you are not ready for any way I what he said is basically what other teams don't true so the process to me is not something germ is not. Jermaine knows Germain the right use here yeah it's not something the bills have cornered the market on and they have a a book they hand out the process and nobody else in the league knows how to do this wouldn't advocate and that's what I've what do you think it is. I gotta be honest like throughout this whole process I thought to what degree trust the process was we're gonna dump players that are good. In the interest of completely remaking this team and I am I kind of thought quarterback. Isn't the process nor the cornerback is it's kind of interesting to me that they moved on from Taylor. So. Not so willingly like we thought there gonna cut him then maybe you were gonna cut him because they were gonna pay in the roster bonus but. In a little bit this feels like they're kind of flying without a safety out of there whatever on the fifth tight rope about a safe United's AJ McCarron Nathan Peter and I think. Around the NFL the bills would be listed as having the worst two quarterbacks of any team in the NFL well it's okay goes with the wide receiver corps right is there another group that's worse. The browns at Tyrod Taylor now the jets have Josh McCown is more proven. The Broncos aerials and The Who has Bradford Broncos are just as bad Iran has got Bradford and Lennon didn't and it's not good yet. Oh sure Broncos have Ximian lynch Chad Elliott it's just meeting a minute of Ximian anymore college of the trip and ultimately they've got keen and so that that's right forgot Emanuel it's okay. So ours are zona. You know and the bills and nets about it it's definitely one of the worst quarterback groups in the lead. Yeah I'm tribes are spinning through teams in my head and even the teams that missed the playoffs you can say the quarterback group is an does that mean you don't fault was in Cincinnati Flacco to Baltimore. It's inching immediately or after become a written account is the veteran that we talked about maybe they could get in McCarron is the guy they get instead. Perhaps the price in. Less you know less commitment and he's got less experience. Two things one account I would have liked the count I really would of I thought that would have been a really good bridge guy and and it wasn't. An and I thought it was a big part of mentoring the young guy and ensure. You know. AJ McCarron has been in the league he's been around for years I'm sure he can help in the quarterback room but I thought a guy like McAllen would have brought. An extra value. To the development side of the young quarterback in the room so I it's too bad I would've liked them to get Josh McCown and I think they you know they could still be competitive with McCann on a quarterback. Because like he played better than I thought I was gonna play last year. I think quarterback as part of the process you know the process me like I said. It's the if you put like. Or I don't know of trying to think may be empowered to do a tree like at the top of the tree and then there's branches coming off. The top of the trees trust the process and there's a bunch of branches coming off about. You know find the right guys for your room and clean up your cap and build through the draft and blab and all this other stuff. The quarterback is in trust the process I think part of trusting the process is. As Brandon being has said numerous times since he got the job finding a franchise quarterback. You know and by the way your process works a lot better if you have a franchise quarterback behind it but I I think quarterback as part of that. And you know I don't know I mean I don't know when Sean McDermott got the job. I'm not sure what he said that to the pogo is I don't know became and said look I'm gonna try Tyrod Taylor for a year I don't think he's the answer at quarterback. But we'll try it see what happens enamel. Will move down in the draft it will work everything to tripped up by the way mr. mr. go look. There's going to be a lot of quarterbacks in the 2018 draft we should start thinking about stockpiling picks for next year. I don't know they of those discussions. But the process would include quarterback that that was that's a big part of building a successful franchise finding a top notch quarterback that's got to be in there somewhere. And our high up on the list but it's got to be in there somewhere. That's got to be number one I I think I think there are a number of things through the process but somebody tweeted and David tweed in the process is a fancy way of saying rebuild. No one likes the word rebuild our current yeah I okay because that would of the bills command and do. They rebuilt they brought in a new coach that brought in the new GM. Trust the process we're gonna get rid of guys that we don't seat being here going forward we're gonna trade Sammy Watkins and you're gonna go what. One trading your best receiver. Trust the process where were getting out of big contract were bringing in another draft pick that we can have for capital that we might need to move up in the draft. We are you know where where trading Ronald RB wait a minute he was a starter. But it's you know it's he's not the player we wanted our room for whatever reason so trust the process they think is rebuilt now I'll buy that because that's essentially with the bills came in and are still doing here with this team you know rebuild. All right. I hear a lot of trust the process and I I I do understand that it's a buzz word but. This team if they don't draft a quarterback early this year don't you have to say when will they ever do it. Think you know I got another tweet here from this comes in from Jim. No one worth that they're better off bringing in players at other positions that can make an impact. Well Jim I was an honest question. When will you ever draft one once again this is this the question I asked to anyone that says none of these guys are worth it if you can't find one in this class that's worth it. Will you ever. And if you ever find it got its worth it I got news for you he's going number one. Might like Angela Q on the next Andrew Luck are able he's there and you're not the worst team in league win would you ever do it this team is seventeen years eighteen years. You know finally break the drought in you still have I. It's a sometimes it's tough for me to understand what you mean. Other positions. This team has been adding other positions for fifteen years they're the worst passing team in the NFL since 2003. But the fewest passing yards they're near the bottom and touchdowns eight. This is who this team is and I've still got people think in all their impact positions like what Stephon Gilmore he was an impact player like. Ronald Darby and be with an impact player like CJ Spiller like. Marcel arias he's been he's got overall impact players Sammy Watkins that in throat and enough. Where the impact players are less fifteen year it was the most impact a player they drafted. Doris. Yeah pretty good player. Jerry Hughes a trade Mario Williams is free agency. Offensively mean Eric once weekly senate. Courting Glenn the on Dawkins they Jones who's the most impact full. For all of the on premise and tackle in terms of like actual wins. Right Boise motor individually good players as is we collect when we start this when Jim Kelly retired don't worry when Flutie left like what are we start this 2000 when Kelly retired since 2022000. It was because they. After Kelly they Bailey saw them at the class are you artist and been out there and they had a quarterback they looked for quarterbacks they traded for rob Johnson and in in the time that they have been doing it this way. Who's the most impact full player they've drafted. If you want I don't want a quarterback I want you know on use those six picks immediate impact guys are right. They've been doing that a lot yeah the most impact a player the bills have drafted. Is it. Should you have to think this horror. Mean Kyle Williams in the fifth round in 2003. Or whatever you know he's been impact full. It's tough but nobody's been tackle again in terms of turnaround prospects of your franchise they've drafted running backs that have made an impact Marshawn Lynch was in and tackle player. He's gone eventually chief Schobel was good Jason Peters is probably going to the hall fame on draft he was undrafted Schobel was good. Gerris burba gets in tax coming on this Jerry Byrd was and it was a packed full and then he left. They let him go just they didn't mean it could've signed me they didn't they decided he wasn't worth it radius white is an impact player correct yup. But where it like a handful of guys over a dozen years. Even if you hit and got. A draft where it was previous white and Kyle Williams you'd how many games you expect to win with AJ McCarron quarterback you would think in. I guess McCarron doesn't come with high expectations. Yeah I don't I honestly I have no idea what the season's gonna hold I haven't even thought that far down the road because there's still put on the roster together but I. I don't know why would you have high expectations for the season because you have no idea what you're gonna get out of the quarterback position right yeah you have no idea who is the quarterback right now. Like com opening day week one so I I respect the point about. I don't want a quarterback right now. I wanna get the positions but I always wanna follow up with when will you ever take one the problem if I met the target are other people that say that's are they the people that think. I'll just keep playing journeyman until I strike gold in the fourth round. The data were ordered the problem with that is the bills have done this before. Try and build the roster. Around the quarterback and then hope you strike it with a quarterback someday you just kind of live in right in the middle forever which was the bills have done. And try to find the the missed the miraculous quarterback which had been tried in different ways Trent. Tyrod right JP was a first round pick it didn't work out EJ was a first round pick didn't work out Trent it was a it was a third round guys didn't work out fifth. Such as they shot it fits in for a little while it was a nice little story but it didn't work out. So they've they've try this and so many different ways and and I get what you know why. You don't get that it is tough to find that it's the toughest position to play in the league and and it's it's really difficult to. Franchise guys right I know don't fall off trees and this is why we talk about it all the time and it is difficult to get this guy but the so easy answer might be exactly. Whatever would lose a text or tweet you god. The easy answer might be is let's not worry about the toughest position that might cost us the most to move up and take in the draft in terms of giving up assets. Let's find. A wide receiver let's find a linebacker. Let's find what else with the bills be looking at let's find another let's find another offensive lineman. Right the easy answer is guys don't worry about a quarterback we have other holes let's use all of our ass let's let's not give up picks and we'll put the well and winning and get a quarterback. You dear cross your fingers and hope AJ McCarron turns out to be. Meet if not gold at least silver. Let's let's let's get some weapons around AJ McCarron and hope that the guy turns out to be good Pete doesn't deal. Or are. You know. You wanted to send out the I'll tell Jeremy to send out to the quarterback club does the 2019 list of quarterbacks in the draft you can start thinking about those guys went. What is the time this is what the bills have done. For ever you know they have not addressed the quarterback aggressively they have gone and build around the built throughout the quarterback and hoping a quarterback would turnout and it doesn't happen in the new. You you know you move up and draft a wide receiver and you draft a deep into tackled at third overall to put this team together and in the sit there and got. Her you know we have a quarterback who is in good enough to win football games for us now what do we do. Hey maybe we should move up in the drafting a quarterback which it's the circle we just were chasing her own tail all the time so. And I really don't wanna. Let's not take a quarterback now. We're just extending the debate about quarterback here another year or two you know it's the same. I we get the occasion tweet about you know someone gets upset because all we talk about his quarterbacks have no way. Well yes that's what people care about the most because it the most important position on the football field in the gulf and that one in what eight years. And until they get one we're gonna keep talking about quarterback all the time. And that's why we do it and but. That's why it's good to me it's worth the risk. Text rates and they're going to draft a quarterback you all know that. Stop acting like they don't. I'm I'm I'm fairly confident they're gonna try to yeah. But nothing's a given no I'm sick I would say innings again and mean of them was at that it was with the afternoon show that. Miami Arizona on my New Orleans is pro teams that might wanna jump ahead of twelve you can have five quarterbacks going is ahead of them yet but Arizona New Orleans are both behind the and they can easily jump up the charges may be that I don't think they will but the chargers could be looking for a quarterback it's a heady quarterback year. And the bills are in. Good position to take one yet still not great better than where they wore. Yeah I I think they'll take a quarterback yes to the text dried I do whether they trade up with a date take it at twelve. Whether they take that 22 I think they will get a quarterback in round one I really do if if they don't. I am gonna wonder what they're in business for like what is the planet you tell me trust the process okay. By and if they don't take a quarterback and around one someone tell me what the process is at this point because I have no idea what they're doing. Well my poll are you happy to hang out. At twelve and snag a quarterback. The options yes maybe move up a bit no aim for the top three and stay away from cornerback to twelfth. The number one answer is. Aim for the top 3152%. Aim for the top three I didn't think that many people would be about 17%. Maybe move up a bit. 26% say yes I I would be in there. All the the first time I'll be more excited if they move up because. It's exciting it's fun yeah it's scary but it's exciting while I like Rosen and I roses not a twelve so when it comes when one of the things. One of the reasons why I will sit there and tell you I will take the risk and gamble to move up because the guy I like. Is not going to be either a twelfth right in all likelihood Josh Rosen is off the board. Somewhere before but no later than the rate. So the jets maybe if not. Somebody's trading up and I just don't think Josh Rosen is on the board at twelve but if we're talking about twelve it's Lamar Jackson and and and again I'm not. I don't have anything against these guys I like Rosen it's the mark Jackson's Mason Rudolph may be its Josh Allen. May be its baker away field that's part of this frustration slash interest of all this is. Think he's the betting lines on which quarterback goes first who is going to be. Would that Arnold you would backed Arnold he has even had as Prodi yet right Mario ethnic strife that happens tomorrow and I think the forecast is for rain yes and since he didn't go to the com bind he's gonna have to stick it out in the rain today said he still planning on throwing and in the rain prediction. His stock soars because Cleveland's gonna like a man in Cleveland you can play any elements of cut a path. Right yeah right. Good no summer we'll bring up if he has a really good day that he did it in the rain or PS of bad David lateral to complain Cleveland isn't it was it. It Paxton lynch you had a really good day on a really windy day like he threw the ball really well in the wind and people were talking about how. Love Paxton lynch that if you're if you're in the northeast you got a draft Paxton lent she threw really really good football's on a windy day in Memphis now it's ridiculous. Champ tweeted I'm begging them trade up and draft quarterback nothing else matters now is the time to take over from the patriot this is. The the one thing that is insisting to me about how bills fans were so into this idea so yesterday. The Dan Patrick Show Dan Patrick reported he said the bills have called the browns about the number one pick yet. And then south about shield ourselves about Joseph and in addition MG's Kirstie the Buffalo News both. Disputed that a source telling each of them does not have the same source. That's not true right so what I do when I see that is are today and Petra reports the bill called the browns and the bills. Told people that all get it out there no we didn't yet. Pool wants us to think no they didn't. And I've. You know listen let me go like level five here on how far and go look in this. OK I've got an idea go ahead the bills wanna kind of just cool everybody's jets habit via easy. We have not called about the number one pick Brandon being. What's he trying to do is try to cool ever once jets guys I he said he wouldn't be cultural taking a quarterback at twelve because he isn't what the long enough yeah. He's not yet ready to pull the trigger and so here's been kind of as much as he's not saying anything. His his message to a degree is. Easy guys. Easy so there's six weeks tale yeah I don't know what I'm gonna do yet it was good to get to twelve we thought we felt there's impact players that could be maybe not quarterbacks there. That everybody just kind of calm down yeah I think that's what his Friday press conference when he might. Be wise to do that based on how many people 52% say. You bettering for the top three. Yeah I is it weird that I thought maybe the giants would want that out somehow like they don't want anybody they don't want anybody calling Cleveland for one. They want everybody calling them for two. Like I upon. If I'm clear I would want an out if I'm Cleveland I mean John dorsett to come by and stood there at the podium and said hey guys call me. He you know dig the here's my phone call me let's talk about the number one pick. So why would think Cleveland want it out I agree I think the bills would be the logical choice to. Not want that out to everybody calmed down and as I thought is it possible I mean the giants they wanna be the team that drives everything. They would I'm sure the giants would love the browns to say yeah our one's not for sale okay to pay the bills the cardinals the dolphins or any. Denver if you're a team that's desperate for quarterback and the brown said we're not Purcell and you think the browns are taken a quarterback you're on the phone with Dave elements though. I would think element would like it out there that the you know. The nope nope nope nothing but the browns close felons. And let me critically important in Q the break we will go to James in buffalo James you're on WG -- that. I guess it's about. How important is gonna quarterback adds you know I'll be going to be traded we traded out of their top pick up like that. I don't see why it would be treated for them dejected quarterback oil and graphical and racquets or like. You got that one you know I mean as many as one later portrayed bay you know. I don't see why the builder turned up either but I just don't see why the you know it's out of question might Cleveland shouldn't take it or red or airport. It's just not important and men. But it is filming at that fluent or and so like that do so I don't know what she does think about that. Yeah I've I've been thinking about like let's say you're the browns and you do love Alan. You could take Donald first hole peace slides to four maybe you know always gonna slide for. Maybe you know did jets want Donald the giants like I I was thinking about it. The giants' Eli Manning Philip reverse thing what happened there is the team that was at one. Took the guy somebody else won it yeah. And full full and NBA draft which is sure you'd take a guy knowing full well that there's teams listen you take amenable trade for right exactly we -- one Europe for bowl week you like the guy at one and we like the guy for and we can't let number two and three get in the way so what we'll take your guy. You take our guy yeah. Mean the browns could generous an area where they take somebody else's guy for and then say it are right let's work on this deal. Sure. It would they can also say. Will take them. Will take Alan because the jets law Allen and then spin him to the jets once the giants don't take the guy that we want and then move down the there's so much and. Trying to figure out which ones even gonna go first is like the hardest part. Because there's still so much that has to happen I would tend to not do two quarterbacks I would tend to do one of two things one I would keep the pick and take another position that I desperately need. Or trade out of four if I get my quarterback at one trade out before they. Gerri have a ton of picks anyway but maybe they would wanna get some more. I don't know I think the browns have tons of picks based upon broom I'll I would take the best player available at four and make my football team better power over the browns. Pulse coming up in a moment 8030550. Football sabres hockey NCAA tournament whatever else to undermine the Wii at the main ones when's our next guest the prospect we even doubly undo all day yesterday conceive you pull together fully 820 with sound kind he wants that way I don't have to guess. I get Q a code word and when cash contest to disband BA ND text that right now. 272 rated one and if you do that you're in the running to win thousand dollars. Messages that are its may apply you have until 8 o'clock. The code word this hour band BA MD. They treat texted. 272881. Savers plus outside Nashville for nothing. In this Omar got start 28 saves he actually put up battling gave up two goals and the final few minutes on some breakdowns. Defensively packed arena it was on his game 35 saves in the shut up Gallup polls are returned to lineup the sabres play Arizona tomorrow night. Coyotes won last night you're sure NHL standings update brought to you by Arthur press midwest to New York's Traficant DW I attorney your ticket to justice. Sabres last 58 points Vancouver and Arizona both have 59. All three teams have ten games left in the season and the coyotes are here tomorrow night. Average which quick tweet from column about the sabres and their positioning were announced. And okay it's arcana Katrina fault tolerance and I FBI I for won't feel so much better about how awful we are this year because we're not this bet on purpose the fact that we're maintaining our honor while getting wrecked at night in and night out makes the losing and lack of scoring so much more bearable aid cripple that this market. That's from college just to tweak. Good tweet there from Kyle honor losing with a lawyer Lola forgotten. Bills news they signed they said there Russell vote I get to two year contract he had started every day in the last four years for Cincinnati. Brought an offensive tackle as well Marshall new house one year deal had fourteen starts at right tackle for opened last year there is a report unconfirmed that the bills have resigned. Linebacker Ramon Humber to a one year contract veteran minimum. And there's another report that the bills visited with free agent linebacker Kevin minter yesterday. Congratulations to the UB women there in the sweet sixteen for the first time in school history day. Rival Florida State last night 86. 65. And the bulls without play in Albany on Saturday against defending national champion. South Carolina those headlines next update coming up at 8 o'clock on Hamilton stand by the AT&T hotline. Feel like we haven't talked to him in like seven years Paul how are yeah. Think guys how we have then go to Paul and guided it it it feels like it's been forever Paul brought you by Lowe seemed NG Buffalo's workers' comp attorneys working hard for hard working western New Yorkers ball this. You you've watched every game you have to watch every minute of every game they are more watchable now is that would you agree. Absolutely they are. Mean we saw why the national predators are the best team in the national hockey league for much of that game buffalo. How played Nashville. But national has not coronet. And grenade did give them three golden opportunities he's getting at some point this scheme you're gonna give a golden opportunity I'll just give you much. But they didn't capitalize on any government they were gorgeous chances and one came right away when Bel Air where and on the back tees. Got a puck to the go to the decrease. Bailey was right there but the parks in the area trying to knock it out of the air. He couldn't it's a wide open net if he could knock it out of the area you've got a goal one nothing lead right off the bat. One is supposed slow start the third period on the power play he featuring a cleanly hit the post solid. And then go the next one is in the third period when Michael is right in the creeks. And puts the puck through the crease to the other side where Jason palm goal standing there for Tappan and he can't handle pass. And that one goes by the board so he did give me three different opportunities. To basically put the puck in. And you you didn't he didn't take advantage of any of them and then he shut you down the rest of the time when buffalo again played very he very well I mean. That Christian and proud of their first period they came out there after the first seven seconds where we can break away and all market making great save. But from that point on they came out I think they outshot and I when I went down to do my interview I think the shots were tenth two were 103 buffalo. And they were earning them live their speed was driving especially the Rodriguez line was striving national craze of the guys who do their speed. Michael went around Superman late so Bender played hockey before. I mean he turned on the jets and and just flew around him and went into force remain to a great save. And you say illegal in the yet we feel good to buy yourself zeros there at the end of the first period you rob played him for a lot of it. And things are going well they continued on into the second but. The predators of the predators for a reason and you saw why they are. The best team in the league because when they get a chance it's in the now. Even though they're not playing particularly well I'm sure Laviolette wasn't happy with the way they were playing at the time. They find they find ways to be Q and he certainly did against buffalo. Ball that third line is what people are starting to pick up on and pay attention to Bailey in Baptiste are you. Are you seeing a marked differences in their play is it because they're they're together are there with Rodriguez there's not released. But doesn't appear to me to be any dead weight on that line is just a pretty good speed line. Yeah it's gonna say don't forget about Rodriguez he can't skate as well Baptiste and daily duties in the escape. And maybe he's not slow by any stretch of the imagination and you know they drew a big they got together later in the Chicago game a clicker actions got injured and drew the Blackhawks on their mind. And then. It was interesting to watch them play the best team in drive them crazy I mean they have the puck the whole time and were in his own and worked very Baptiste in Bailey after Bailey chance Baptiste barely had two great chances in front that Renee stop them both that was bam bam play. And it's not just the speed going nowhere which is ten has tended to be their MO. It's speed with a purpose and there are there first to the pocked or they're winning battles. They're getting pucks to the net Baptiste produced two goals against the Blackhawks beat because of it was a mess. So early speed it was speed to god of that but he went places where goals are scored. They continued to do that but they didn't get rewarded. You know they were they were around them that they were lower goals were scored by. They either missed the cancer packer Renee was up to the task and would make the save. But I'm an effort to games now they've they've been really foreign but it it's it's more than just up and down speed I mean. Anywhere not anybody that there are seeing a lot of players in to skate up and on the ice and have some fairly good speed you have to be able to. Do something with that speed and that's what they've been doing for two games now. The seasons come down to it just trying to find reasons to be it happy about something. Michael getting back we certainly. A pleasure to watch him play again you guys you guys were just talking about that line and hopefully. All three of them turn into something develop into something ghoul is a guy Paul. Casey medals that what's going on with him any any idea how this is gonna play out here culture. I can I can win in this big in the gut it gives me the Scopes says the sabres are gonna triangle the Lauren skier out with him. Which is what and HL PTO with a guarantee of one NHL year how doesn't exactly work I I get Fuzzy sometimes I'm like burning an entry level year I guess is that middles that would want to do that. Come out and play to Bernie are off busy LC. I don't see how we can currently here besides any TO because he's not signed with the sabres right it would it would Bernie here beside an entry level you know write what I and you can't go to Rochester besides that the entry level deal what do Columbus to a four rents he went to he went to their minor league team first but that's not imitators from mills he's got to know I'd argue that I agree like what the sabres want is to do that. But I think what he'll want. If he's gonna come out. And you heard you mention yesterday that Minnesota's changing coaches too so what's going on the ball that could be the guy Eric you write it right I'm sorry could be. There's a lot of pressure on that coach is all I'll meet with the AD today action yet there are a lot of moving pieces if the sabres wanna get him out it might. Cost them. Giving him in the lineup right away tempering your residential conference rated that. Happens and he can't go to Rochester. For the playoff run his agent I'm sure we're pushed to her that year. What's best for him is to be able to sign the eight the tryout contract in the American Hockey League in which he wouldn't be able assigned in the NHL. That would make him eligible to play the rare rare rest of the regular season and in the playoffs which would be better for him. But then he would after the season's over signed the big contract with the sabres. And the year wouldn't be burned off when you have a three year entry level deal. Which I'm sure the agent wouldn't be happy where's the but that's what I think would be best for him. He's got to decide that's best for him if he'd go and and financially that would not be best for him if you go straight Rochester he could play and in the playoffs. Only if he signs the eight TO OK and outside over the sabres notably Roger cares what about gotcha. You wonder if you wanna play hockey you know like hey there's only ten games left in the NHL season sure you get the NHL burn a year or. May mean some players are some players know that money's coming I'm gonna get it eventually and they decide that their development is is more important at the time. So I don't know I wonder how keen they are on getting him out of school either way. And they may now want to leave school I mean mean he he may want. Maybe you know it he may want to stay for another year who knows but as the coach I think would have a lot to do the coach is no longer there. How much incentive would he have to stay in school for nobody here and and that type of thing so it will be interesting to see if if botched roll can convince him. That the Rochester route is the way to go and I there's no question in my mind that reports accurate that would be Jason bottles MO. Totally that he would want him. He'll finish the year Rochester go down there and be part of the playoff run and that absolutely for from hockey standpoint that absolutely would be the best thing form by. Willis agent while he has never date him I guess we have as all eyes are high sir death which is advisor be agreeable to that. How does it typically work. Would would the sabres Paul the advisor. And trying can and see and feel about so to speak or to date that it that he usually have to play error advisor called Abbott today. My guys inched it in leaving Minnesota and ready decide what you guys. Technically. Well look at the advisor as to almost neighbors OK technically. And we use that word loosely yeah seed Jason bottle sitting by the phone like front ring I ran. Okay thanks for clearing that up right everybody else can I do you nudge nudge wink wink rather area okay. We will it will given amongst friends ball we will go any further I get everything okay anything all right yes I do well how about you. And in their polymers and it will mean invite you somewhere yesterday and I don't go anywhere I don't remember what I was you know Paul I don't have a solution they said he would unpaid goes they want me to pay for years ago while the camera remote that's different if you're buying then let's talk let me know what this that's not past my bedtime and you're buying I'm all. And there's food involved I'm definitely an auto four was a counselor what it was right you know they want me very well hey I'm good with it you just let me know. Have a nice day which Hamilton that your guys I've Paul thank you Paula this on the AT&T hotline. And abroad commandos in game two bottles were discount returning African art for hard working two New Yorkers. Get a job pretty juicy rumor that I don't really believe the source but never when sending it to us yeah am I actually emailing some people right now to work on it I think it were that we're looking at the same rumor yet. We'll talk about it I don't think the source is the least reliable but hey I don't care. I'll talk a popular talk about value betrayed would it be enough for the bills to move to number two sort of then top via. Why don't like holiday coming up animal gets what I did Ted's hop player yesterday so we'll tell you once again this time I'll remember to give it away in the next hour hopefully. UMBC Maryland ball. We're counting you know they beat Virginia sixteen G once he got the idea idea so we give it acute call for the heads up play and we remember you and BC. If you're the cracked collar when we give it away right now you would have picked delegates are content topics Torvalds. Now I'm number nine this used to be the niners pick but you know we believe buffalo will move up. Josh Allen the Wyoming quarterback 65 to forty best arm in the draft. Buffalo had the small athletic quarterback they've had the Harvard quarterback they wanna get their big band. They wanna get their flak though it's it's brain and sideways. Snowing horizontally. They want their 64. 65240. Pound guy with decent mobility got a cannon played in Wyoming. I think he's a good fit for buffalo. Long live it's raining sideways during football games in buffalo. It snows sideways once last year it is once and Joseph Webb was to have. Winner in that game you know in the big quarterback blue which are Kobe percent. But they lose that game if Adam Vinatieri hit to kick her. Tom. The high up that and get an in line about I do. Red Sox yankees should not be in one's pump up its Red Sox yankees you can move any other series got issued playing like I'm a hockey rink outside some right should. They're playing hockey stadium. So I went on Broadway stars but like I mean you want to. Fine you want to move a regular season game moved the Dodgers in the nationals you know put to other good. Red Sox yankees belong in Boston and belonging Yankee Stadium it's the greatest rivalry in Major League Baseball. Dance club go to those games just fine to other teams if you wanna really put games in Europe don't pick Red Sox yankees that's mentally that you can. All right. Yeah I don't know monitors went about. It's spring and it's still the total winter was over winter you didn't trust me now he's beautifully few weeks early if they ruined that. I was close that little snowstorm kind of shut me down all that on that but it is spreading at like noon today. Gotten grill have a good time at the although I think it was like ninety degrees and Edwards when he exposed economical rest of the week and whatever it's spring. Megawatt about the NHL the league the players know the players are saying hey we hate to goalie interference rule and NHL's like. Yeah goalies he stopped diving. I was gonna bring this up I don't know what time to get too it's like to mention it now. You should be happy with Gary Bettman. She Gary Bettman came out and said it's a terrible idea to expand the playoffs oh god so they didn't get in and out changing the format buddy came out and said. That would be a bad idea if we actually added more playoff teams so good for me. He got something right for change the story wrong and ongoing efforts historic house I challenge they still have to Newark stoppages even left let's go in affairs they got the call right. But still took longer than it should take you should still take it out of the hands of the officials they should switch the platform Michael back to one vs aid in the conference but. He did say. We do not like the idea of adding more teams to the class system would not be a good thing for the national hockey and the store run in the Olympics that. But I'd and I wanted to pointed out it's actually dial the time when we get back. We'll talk about this rumor. About the bills in the giants and the trade opera released talk about this that it's realistic trade all right it's a rumor from an on reliable source but it's pretty close to something Sal wrote on our website so will play a little bit of who says no it's to get to number two cells coming up to our wireline brought you by the mirror group winder eighties the promoter group one of the week is the Walking Dead. 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