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Andrew Peters Craig Rivera a WGR Sports Radio 550 amnesty where these gators. Sabres in Detroit tonight 730 park drop on and BCS and and WGR 550 in the radio side of it. OK so all a few years ago. With the standings the way they were in the draft. Lottery being the way it was in the a lot of people. Would be rooting for the sabres lose this game because of the standings the importance. Of the draft but I don't think. And we talked about this before the showing your answer kinda surprised me because earlier in the year when you were joking about tanking. And I said you today says. Screaming earlier in the air. I don't know where we heard like abysmal at the start of the year in didn't play out case we I mean we have lost a tremendous amount top ten players. Very hard to win without those guys and years and years in your lineup. Knowing that it's going to be a real tough. Upwards battle on. But you were kidding orient my I was definitely kidding because. If you're our viewer asking the two in three years ago a boat. I hate the word tanking. I was happy. As a fan. That the sabres were losing hockey games. Reality. Because I knew. With losing you have the opportunity. To get a very strong hockey player. We did it for a number of years read one year was Jack cycle another year samurai in her. We have the opportunity to pick a wrist a line in eight the overall. In order. To be a great team I think you have to start at the bottom and build up ports. Now. A my happy that the team is losing now. We are not in a situation to be that tank team anymore. This is the team that should be. Moving forward and what upsets me is I take for example last year. Last year this team. The last thirty games of the year they played fantastic. They played as a team you could see upside in their game. This year. The entire year has been a roller coaster. And that's not what I like to see I want to see more consistency. I wanna see. This team I know they had a a struggle at the beginning of the year they lost a lot of top men players. They have some young guys come in and play very well and try to hold down the fort but now this team's been healthy. And to me. I'm irritated and upset watching them because I don't see the team making its stride moving forward. And that's that's my biggest issue. So. You're gonna ask me that question do you wanna see this team lose tonight against Detroit. All known and I don't know I don't know. I don't I don't think I was I was asking that question I think I was I was really I was and ask that question I was asking that would put us on the symbolic that. How I was asking more like are we the are we. Not are we rooting for part because the draft lottery and if you finish last I mean is there silver lining for you I guess when it comes to. Where the team is in the standings and you just you just answered it really elect as you are blotter Jersey wanna see progression which means you exactly. The draft lottery to me it's not gone man. This this organization. Has stunk offer for years. We got our Jack eichel Sam Reinhart wrist the line now hey. Let's get going let's make this team better I want to see here's it's that you expect your team go this team rate. Here is not gonna win a Stanley Cup this year or next year they want not what I wanna see the team progressed as a team. This year. I don't think they've progressed as a team you don't wanna see them lose to teams at the bottom of the Stan I don't wanna lose anymore looting has done musings done for me we've lost. For a couple years. But that's the hurt of the progression of of having a strong team acquiring. A top end talent like Sam Reinhart Bristol line and and and and it jock Michael that's the reality we have lost. Now it's time to get better and and make this a team that's going to compete for years to come. Your your asking year looking at Detroit on what they're 25 if we lose this team we might be able to drop down and get a better draft pick. That crap stunt man. We'd I don't care about draft picks anymore. I curable winning hockey games now moving forward. You understand why asked quite totally understand totally get it in totally understand it and it's a great question asked and my answer is. Two years ago three years ago. I would have absolutely wanted to lose every single game the rest of the year ago now I wanna win every game the rest of the year I want to see this team. Start to move. In a winning direction and it starts with on the ice and how you play the game right now. They go to San Jose and they get absolutely blown out because there their look like a minor league team playing against an NHL team. You look at you look at LA they lose to nothing. Just knock it off they go in Anaheim and Elvis and you're like. What he is playing here tonight. They look ten times better. They need to continue to improve. As a hockey team. Sabres recalled Bree Austin I think he'll get his first NHL all deem and Casey Nelson from. Rochester so that I was little over who the heck is Bree Austin. Brady Austin is a six foot five defensemen that played in Belleville and was treated to London. To use a fourth rounder he's played I think this might be his third year pro you know it. You'd be impressed by in my I don't you don't this was this was prior to to use starting your. Broadcasting gig but no he was. He's a big kid. Com. A little timid I think that's the problem is that the heat shies away from. The nasty side but there is much nasty anymore in the game but he's a big kid he can skate. But I'd I'd like to see what he can do what what are you looking like Jeffrey got the bug guys. He shies away from he got only doesn't know that's the probably was away from the nasty side now he's got a nasty kind of player for his size he's not his nasty is what you would. Wanted to be is that fair. But he might play a little bit differently in the NHL I mean you never know I'm not. I'm not sure we'll see him tonight or not him I'm sure we'll know more as Dan Viles month. And morning skate slightly on these two guys up who's who's injured I'm sure will probably find that out to. About it that I don't know but to one. All right. Rick ceiling coming up at 1130 talk what about the abuse championship yesterday's sabres in Detroit tonight. Not going to be easy game I expected to be. I expected to be of a better game for the sabres in Detroit I don't think Detroit's plane that while right now and finally they wanna you know Lori and how to be quite honestly if but Sidney Crosby nets. Patrick and they play him tomorrow night he regains the goal lead so we have to do by cell trait would Sidney Crosby gave Beisel trade. Actually presented you by buffalo sports. Beisel trade re you can go to buffalo sports and buy sell and trade good new and used equipment on McKinley parkway. So go check that out and stop buy sell trade Sidney Crosby who will lead leaking goals because he disguised relentless. Marchand takes over seems like Crosby slows down and Crosby goes cross via a little bit of a cold streak there for awhile. I'm. I believe right now it's a two man race for. The goal. Beaters this year with Sidney Crosby in March from our Sean has just had such. Such a strong year for for for Boston he's really really made that team tech. That being said for the scoring. Leader in the National Hockey League. This is a four man race Sidney Crosby. Economy David Brad marsh. And that our course that guy that Newell an easy even tock and a vote. Patrick Kane. What about that backs you don't think peaking eaten catching heat EE needs one game to be back in the hunt there you know why. I will say no. Is because. All that skin. Has had kind of a bit of us leap year. Sleepy year and in order for backs from. To win a scoring title he needs all that and to be at the top his game and will be is not at the top all right so buy sell or trade. Cross through lead league in goals. And points. Can split him up and to two or now. You saw it I mean I saw your grace sounds like you're trading it you're gonna split it up money it up you're not very I'm gonna trade it. Because I believe that Sidney Crosby will win this scoring title this year. But he will not win. The points title this year. Really yeah I think he's more likely to win the goals. That he is the points. We dissent. I'm compete. Where do you think I think he'll lead league goals but I don't think awarded at least it's I don't know would you say is are we set. Lee children receive points over goals they just told you. I said he's going to win that the goal title but he's knocking the wind Altria sorry had I had a confused I thought you said he would lead in points I don't think he's gonna lead always knocking a lead the points pocket. I think so I think one of those guys. Marchand Cain or meet David will overtake. Crosby for the points leaders this year but he's he's is he the best goal scorer in the game Polk city cross even always lean illegals know. Who do you think is out Sebastien no questions still about school scored a court to not Patrick lining now. Now Alex election is the best goal scorer in the game today is he having the best goals best year this year the answer is no. But that doesn't take away his ability to score goals. He he he's incredible how long do you think you think we'll ever see Jack in that conversation of the top point guys in the league like eighty points by this time. Where would Jack B if he had. A full season under right now. Well there's a few things that need to factory in. 44. Jack to be. Amongst this. This group here number one. And the problem either the most important is for for them to try and identify who's gonna play with. Who is gonna make Jack. A better hockey player we always hear about Jack eichel trying to make everybody else better because the hogs the puck all over the urgency dog park that's were wrong terminology. He he he demands that puck all over the ice and he distributes that puck and makes plays that. These there's very few players in the league that can Buick Jack does that being said Jack has not. Pat chemistry and consistency. With any player on on the entire team I know that he's played a lot with samurai her but there's also been games that. Jackson played with for Leno and Gionta and he's played with he's literally played with everybody I didn't those two guys are the number that too. That you're going to play together for good right Jack and Sam. Not necessarily only their chemistry is gonna have to say that that's a natural fit. No I don't I don't believe so I believe that Jack is a lone wolf and if you can try and identify players. That not only jocks can make them error but they make. Him better with the way that they play and then after a the most important part they gain chemistry they start to understand. And they had like jock we'll get the puck in the ice and hill are dirty no where a guy is because the guy goes there every single game and Jack doesn't have to think anymore plays are gonna happen so much quicker. Once you find that chemistry. Jack eyeing an Italian with a noted go will be in the top five. With no question I think Sam. It might be San might be one of the only players that can play with Jack. Because when Jack gives up the park to Sam Sam is probably the only player that can really figure out what Jack Michael's going to do. As I guess he plays like jackets because he just thinks the game is such a different different level and then he makes plays that are. That just most players can't make it doesn't matter what pick overall you are. Some guys just can't make the plays a samurai Harkin make yeah gathering passes I mean we we referenced Tim Connolly is past the human LA the reality. You say I am Reinhardt in order for Jack Geico were just talking Jack rate in order for jock I called to be that guy that's going to be in the hawk and scoring. Top five in scoring. Samurai and hurt needs to be better he needs to be a sixty point player in seventy games. If Jack's going to be an eighty point player and in seventy games than you know everybody needs to be better and you know what. These guys will be better Jack is going to be a better hockey player for this team next year Sam Reinhart. Is going to he's maturing he's got skills. He is gonna be a better hockey where they need to find a fit that is not gonna be every single night a roll of the dice you're gonna give this guy five games and we're gonna give this guy five games and give that. There we're gonna go back to the guy that we gave five games twenty games. It is there's no consistency in the lineup so how he's posted if find chemistry Donald tweet. Justices honestly I think the best fit for Jack is Evander great finisher speed gets into the dirty areas which actually made a pretty far on our cliche bracket the other day and he frees up space. Fair tweet. Very fair. You know what I would just like to see them play together for four games fifty games I want to see a line play together I know you're gonna go through. Hoff patches you're gonna go through street that things aren't going as well as what you like but you know what. You look at Chicago Blackhawks. At the same lineup and Aaron and he some off and Cain did Cain have a great start to a season this year now. It was terrible. Wasn't terrible for our standards for hammer terrible for his standards for my standards he's having the greatest year ever and mr. hockey. For his standards it wasn't good. The line wasn't good. What do Quenneville do. Switched top rated. He kept them together all there ready to only keep lies the other. They kept them together they work through it now you know all those guys have been absolutely on fire for a long time Chicago's playing great one of the top teams in the league. But they stayed together because the guys are going to figure it out. Instead of ten calling ping haunting guys all in and out of a lineup in and notably different lines I mean there's no chemistry on this team whatsoever. Different circumstances don't know I mean you're talking about a team that's won three cups in nine years and you're talking about a team that desperately trying to find what you just mentioned chemistry amongst their lines. Don't you find the chemistry by vice flip flopping and swapping guys around owners it too much. Because I'm telling you right now I don't necessarily agree that it's Evander I personally as I am personally would like to seize them guess in that MRI's early this and our games if you want to ask me that question. How both this question. There's been two years. Two years of lines changing every five games. Injuries have affected that. Injuries of any injuries have played a huge part that I mean you can't you can't try and have Jack and Vander and Sam together when. Jack and commander are out for the first. Nine games for Evander in the Jack comes back to what gain of twenty something. Take the first 25 games this season and I can see your point. Absolutely. But once that was over and your end of that into that bulk of the season. The majority of the team is back. I mean there is then literally rolled the dice every second third fourth team. On who's gonna play with Jack. And then samurai and heard is now off Jack's line he's on the third line you put. Justin Daly up there and Justin Bailey is playing on the third line with O'Reilly in a post soul. And yet have full Leno who's a third line. Left Winger is now playing on the first line with Jack for ten games doesn't score one goal I mean. What is going on. You you put lines together and you play them and that's it I mean you you put them together these guys that are sport to score you goals these are the guys are gonna win me games. Put them together. Our team doesn't lose it's because you guys are not performing do you think that they going to Chicago and they say. It cleaner. And Aaron needs to mock you guys. You guys just take the night off wool will let the fourth line trying to score goals force no. Chicago wins and loses with their top players. Crosby. Pittsburgh they win and lose with their best players that they don't play well they don't win that's that's that's what every team is going through you think San Jose would weird. Would be where they are they didn't have on. Joseph Orton and Belsky scoring goals. Your best players win you hockey games. That's the bottom line and right now it's you know I don't think Jack has found any chemistry with with anybody except for I would say sale. But rate now there's too many there's too many a revolving chairs on the team. If you a lot of people agree with you right now I have a lot of tweets here saying too much change in the lines unique consistency and some lines you should be able to put your top two lines together. They're your top two lines what I saw two lines it right now I don't think I don't you wanna do it I'm not gonna do that I'm not playing games and not trying to be GM here today. Yeah I've your top two lines. These are the guys are gonna win hockey games. You put them together and you keep it together 34 line if they're not produce and bank Audi here get me someone else. The third and fourth lines. If you don't do you're asked to do dawn get me somebody else Rick ceiling is somebody else he's coming up sabres first rounder back. In all was it 1990. And gas and nobody wanna had a Mike Bossy. We'll talk to him about that Rick ceiling head coach and general manager of the buffalo abuse the champion. Buffalo abuse they beat the Boston pride yesterday we'll talk to him. Rick ceiling coming right up here WGR Sports Radio 515 MS tedious to gators. We're back with. Instigated it's presented by MP Carol hardware. Welcome back to investigators Andrew Peters Kregg her favorite ceiling head coach of the buffalo view to general manager will join us in our system editor to. Talked to him about the championship this team won over the Boston pride yesterday. But also some news sabres have recalled. Casey Nelson and Brady Austin from Rochester Nelson were familiar with him. Played sixteen career and it's our games of the sabres and this is Brady Austin's first NHL game if he plays tonight but his first NHL recall. Seoul. He's at least in the and it's a check anyway right so you don't wanna I wanna I wanna mention something from your cousin name please. MacKenzie wieger MacKenzie wieger was called up last week the Florida Panthers hasn't seen any time yet. But you know getting some time in the NHL and he conversation the Stanley at all about the to gradually wearing number 52 by the way yeah. He he's had a real nice he's a right handed defenseman. And has he's had a real nice he's new was a went to the all star game this year com I think was a starter for the all star game. Got got a call up aironet plaid coats. With concussion now symptoms and MacKenzie got called up and now he has not been able to get into a game yet but hopefully he can now. Get is. You get in his first NHL game that would be that would be great. You know please. But loves it I would be. Unreal because he skates. Just like to. But faster. And better hands. And better. And better shape but other net net. He viciously. Who can put his nose like 6. Last morning skate at Joe Louis Arena today for the sabres in Detroit. Any memorable. Memorable moments and you talked about a little but the one thing I remember about being in Detroit the first time. I think it was 20034. Season they had unbelievable team obviously and the team focusing on in morning skate on the back boards behind the Nat in missing in that intentionally. Defensemen shooting the puck wide. Because of the kick out that the and boards that do. Do you recall that well if it wasn't you it was we we definitely did work on that because. There are ranked at Joseph Louis the boards the little yellow peas that are a boat to eight inches high. It was almost like it was cement. So when you shot the puck and there was act kick that came note. That would drive that talk radio in into the slot and I remember many times. And the guy who scored one loss on on us one night was Chris Draper. He came in the park with tons of speed in his own. He took a slap shot from center ice knowing that he he didn't shoot it on net he shot it for the boards. Took the slap shot and then sprinted. To that spot where he knew the puck was going to be and it was almost like a tap in goal to himself is incredible. Sabres play their last game tonight in Joe Louis Arena game as an NB CS and and you can hear it here on WGR. 550 game starts at 730 Rick ceiling head coach of the buffalo abuse in general manager. Of the buffalo abuse and champion with the buffalo abuse joins us on the line and I'm sure you had memorable moments in. In Detroit wreck or anybody. I'm doing are well thank Andrew in my struggling here on one hour's sleep but there. Very happy to Ian in that position. Miami got some what was the late night side. Now we had a bus trip back from Boston last night and good got to bust I'll try to plot to buck and had to be worked today. Tell us a little bit about the the game in the season and then. The success and power of the girls do and how are they feeling what's what's the vibe. Well you know that he actually put it up renowned Peter Forster or transition going on so I'm sure to lead the league didn't newly going in its second year and now have some growing pains but how they survived well com. Jeanne we each we have had a chance to have our collections together because of that it was kind of spread out. If players that that would commute in from our goaltender in a couple of their community and from Pittsburgh which. It's where I came in from Columbus and so it was very difficult for us all year long to get the ball getter on the experts. This past week and we're that you saw and I've got the first time Boston Herald team in the working world. Not only additional one of our graphics. Local product Haley Camara. She is rapidly last year it junior in college that our interns and signed her late. And Tina local school girls lying in another. Local products. Girl I am originally got. And who came out of mercy Hurst they say they grow up together. We put those together those two together and I think is probably had a vote. And point between them in the last two beach. You know I'm look at I'm looking at the S standings right now in this Boston team that you played in the finals Boston pride. Had only lost one. Team all year. What did your girls have to do in this series to it to win this game against obviously a very strong Boston team. If bit that scene there they've got eight players that are in the US national team player but you're actually in in the Olympics representing US they're very strong treatment. And we is that you're going in and arm you know my again matter at all court but on the call coach. Craig immunity is the other Coco needs we coached together in the ball very much the same philosophy and long and the what are. Why that explains the championship then sought the guy's got three of them and harbor senator cop by the way well. You know and and get that really don't you know you don't live to celebrate whatever is doc came from now. Lord Stanley's daughter. Illegal inning so credit union had his name on the Stanley Cup three times on his daughter cup now one cut. I didn't mean Harbour Centre Reiman to what's the one that you're planning coming up river. Corporate challenge he has a corporate challenge since he's a natural champion and that yeah that Craig Muni pay sold. Brie and McLaughlin named MVP unbelievable performance or what. Yes last year when he lost in the championship to Austin. She was the best goaltender you didn't get the recognition work and I told them for the game and said look not to make time you get second opportunity. Last year should have been the MVP. You outplayed us and gore at thirteen and whatever gains she got a now it's not sort of stand up in chief itself. Let you know what we and then we'll see what they had a Democrat or are we don't clear the good hundred. Iraqi multi site. The last. Compliment on the got a triple it would they pulled the goal in our power play and they got inside and increase in opportunities for. Okay my girl for the most part kept the shots on the perimeter. India allowed Rihanna you got. Pace are where do you see women's hockey going. Not about. Not in bowed out and in the registration check your hockey registration. They've they've gone up after the Olympics one of the last Olympics he saw a boys and girls were descriptions in the pot. That the girls to promote and support. And watch I watch you play. I mean that level at which can keep climbing and climbing and don't you go party it is it really is. A growing sport in the what I love about program. The league worst grounded and ration it could recruit young girl an opportunity to expire meaning you wish you a lot of players. Now dislike like now hockey players they not to neglect or development and playing for your caller we have a caller. We might see the next next Olympian that maybe would have been overlooked. But then a year to complete the play because after college they're really don't click play for girls hockey. And I think a lot of girls would have an up could not you represent their country whether B cantor RUS. Or don't let that European in the league as well. You are all ones from Japan. Goaltender in Japan so we're now. Given them a place to play a place to develop is that it is the opportunity. And we made to help develop more more future olympians. And I see humor interior and that's possible. Sophomore can you tell us about Harrison brown if you're just joining us on the line. Well he corrected co coach will call him head coach because he's on the line right now general manager. Rick ceiling of the buffalo abuse what can you tell us about Harrison brown. Well arson was I mean I'm. Definitely you know he transgender pocket where hasn't gone you are in the process could there right now but is one of those ones you know. It always in your face it's always a 100%. Only knows one way to go that that that that would you have. I'll harassing knows what we have big goal the other night one not Connecticut. It is lockup the third place spot here in Connecticut. Mean dark and they'll take shot I have the cute picture anywhere for a goalie Reno inherit. You know always been called interface and player again that occur you wanna play with Pete he he really is that what you wanna play. I'll take you back. Oh yeah the state. Rick ceiling joining us on the line talking about disputes championship. One of the so when's the parade side. I just cut out of but they're gonna Andrew were still waiting to find that out there. And you're going on not so well we're we're we are making contact with that city on eBay get a proclamation they got it from the all. First special. Eight championship that I loved you both. Paid out one more question for you what's the agenda for next year you back to you and Craig both back what's going on. Ardently and we are we we have really haven't gone that far and we've talked about next year of our prospects. That's an ongoing process and news international players which we national player on the team this year our local product and we felt alert captain Beckham Boldak and their financial. And Lou lose them because the Olympic program it go to with the cult centralization. All the Olympic players. Big big altogether for the year after the Olympics and stand there. So it's yeah you formulating a number of players like the last game was that we haven't caught the last game actual change tiring. Are we able got a number of players that that are going to retirement. And so we have to continually be looking. But the the nice thing is like last year that 1428081. Female hockey players that graduated. So you know looking at that players like garage ego looked at Amanda the value. Really carry the mail or in New York it is into the championship. Egyptian and our goaltending duties she was a rookie draft two years ago. You get from two years ago. From her condition this past year. Now we've got a lot of local talent that that hope we will be able to step up until. Work. Did I asked you about any fond memories of Joe Louis Arena yet. I can't remember. Joe Louis Arena is it is. I played their career racial my lap my career there. And Joe Louis Arena where it it was a good meeting place it really is. You in warm up they let all and down into mobile. And it just so horrible. For warm with a sell by the glut. And that will only when that he would go and it all go back up to the street c'mon everybody that was all before it was just a rock in place. Really watch. I wrong about one plainly in the old arena before Joseph. I was there until Lou it was new and I was. The only thing that effectively save that a voter and he probably remember that how to eat the step where aptly. Saw pre season game there this year with our team was in Detroit. And saw the hawks play. A pre season game and I ended up sitting up near the top and it's but still that old traditional style building saw they don't they don't make them like that anymore you know. Yeah I mean I remember when Boston built their groping and got a complication animals children that you know. You're gonna find a different atmosphere still Boston gardens and other restart on copying and Libya are here about all they do it creates a much atmosphere. And and when they take it mixed but the band's back to kind of take the pan out of the game. And depending on how how they have children who want. Arm that could be different atmosphere on court but Adam told me after the first year there that he's inaugurate the first regulations. And they're not loud they're not quite on top anymore they're not involved like they were in the old style building cheering on top. The ceiling coach of the buffalo abuse champion coach of the innocent manager we thank you for your time today sought. Don't they don't be a stranger I don't be sorry come on here and you know talks and savers with us and I know you're dodging. Uga Uga number man and I have my number you're the dodger are right thank thanks for the time side we'll talk to our but I sing again Barry. Rick ceiling former buffalo sabre first round I said 75 that's woman's life is that adds two years to his age of 77. Is a first round pick fourteenth overall. At a pretty impressive career to yes he did 738. Games. Lot of games you played 1992930. Some there nine point 92930. Sabres play the last game. Joe Louis Arena it's been a tough year for Detroit period that the fans they lose mystery much. Mr. hockey or how the rink is closing. And the teams dead last in me has been quite that changed there over and in Detroit sabres and BCS and game tonight and you can catch it here at 730 on WGR 550 pregame show starts at seven. We'll be right back the final segment Andrew Peters and Kregg vague about Detroit Joe Louis Arena. Our thoughts all when we return we'll be right back. Of the instigated it's presented by MP Carol hardware. OK final segment of the as the gators today Andrew Peters Craig evade. Thank you for joining us good. Twitter response couple phone calls John Murphy show coming up next. Op Patrick DiMarco the new full back rip loves this player he will be in at 1 o'clock. San Munson. Act Mon sun. Add to Clark. I believe and Ruben Brown off the top of the show the John Murphy show that starts at 12 o'clock so. Chris Brown is also filling in for John Murphy soul. A stick ramped up Ruben Brown right off the value one great radio you want honest analysis you want humor. This guy's got at all charisma talent. Just like you riff. On he is pretty your eyes. That's a fact. Rumor has it. There's going to be a winner classic game involving the sabres just a rumor I think for right now maybe I don't know. But it's going to be at Citi Field supposedly next year New Year's Day against the Rangers. You played in the heritage potatoes how'd they pick what teams going. His location has any ties and their Rangers and buffalo partied in and a winter classic not against one another. Warner both the islanders yes. They've been someplace I think they were worth the islanders acts. Yankee Stadium a few years ago in the play game Yankee Stadium to. I was stadium series not a winter classic card so winner this is the Internet highlighting this is the January 1 went either way I a I hope for that it's always always exciting to watch buffalo was that would be Buffalo's tenth. The panic tenth anniversary of the winter classic if I'm not mistaken that was here at at the time was Ralph Wilson Stadium now under field but. Slug it too. Com that's just an honor you by. But that's ten to ten year anniversary such help probably how the sabres get involved in them but there's also the world juniors. Going on here to next year so I'm sure that. Probably takes those sabres comity a backseat to the world juniors texture super exciting having the world Jews in juniors in your backyard you're gonna get. Get to watch some great hockey best players that are not to. You know the young up and coming stars Italy excel. I look forward as urban city feel different in those fields have been and I have no stadium yes. You're yank stating yes line. Probably vote. Foreword. For five years ago with a group of guys from here in buffalo and it was. One of the guys I was with Kabul. Under some like that. We'd. Caught a caught this and how that sounds hotter grounder but he kept grounder. So it was a harper. I thought you had to let that slide okay so what I would probably you're out because I you didn't let slide the fact that I misinterpreted. What you said about the Crosby's goals points that you out what you're thank you you wanna pay attention to. On sent useless nonsense. Anyway you know what it's all wanna say it hasn't nonsense vs one. I don't know I'll be exciting to see buffalo in in another winter classic. At Citi Field supposedly next New Year's Day if you had to pick one of the other. You choose a war would you choose world juniors a sabres game and in Citi Field. I I really enjoy watching the world juniors I think it's one of the most exciting. You know young tournaments out there so. Canada USA here are you serious it's going to be going to be unbelievable idea late tonight that game when it was us vs Pittsburgh and it was ridiculous is going to be amazing. The atmosphere for Canada USA is unreal. Speaking of on real root of Brown's gonna be armed with Chris Brown to start the John Murphy shows a stick around for that I'm Andrew Peters Gregor they were back tomorrow with Marty beer on. And the sabres recap and they play the penguins tomorrow so we're gonna have a full shall for a tune in tentative thank you.