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First the news from one bills drive Andre homes is now in the fold as a member of Buffalo's wide receiving corps homes agreeing to terms over the weekend it's reportedly. A three year deal for the six foot four receiver Holmes has played his last few seasons for the Oakland Raiders as most productive year came in 2014. When he at 47 receptions for 693 yards and four touchdowns he's expected to compete. For a top four role. In Buffalo's receiving corps elsewhere in the NFL the New York Jets freeagent quarterback search continues the jets are set to host free agent quarterback Chase Daniel today. Daniel visited with the saints on Sunday the quarterback as the Eagles for his release last week. After they signed free agent quarterback nick polls according to NFL network's Ian Rapoport Marshawn Lynch would only come out of retirement. To play for the Oakland Raiders now the task becomes discussing compensation for the Seattle Seahawks. Who still hold the running backs rights reports now say it's much better than 5050. At the soon to be 31 year old running back plays for the silver and black in 27 team. And CAA tournament action saw some unexpected teams advance to the sweet sixteen is March Madness lived up to the billing. Seven C South Carolina ousted number two seed duke in the east regions seventy Michigan upset number two seed. Louisville in the midwest region other upsets were turned in. By eleven seeds saviors they routed three seed. Florida State in the south region NET Wisconsin was the first to jump a one seed beating defending champion Villanova. Here in buffalo. Coming off a shoot out win against Anaheim on Friday the sabres are back on the ice in Detroit to take on the red wings. With Taylor for June Cody frogs in both unable to play duty injuries the team has were called. Brady Austin in Casey Nelson up from Rochester to join the lineup. Against the red wings face off set for 730 it's a national broadcast tonight on NBC as an. Also going to be Buffalo's last game at Joe Louis Arena which is closing its doors. At season's end that's your sports update Chris brown and for John Murphy here on a Monday edition of the John Murphy show along with Donald Jones. And time now for us to head to the subway fresh take outline where joining us on the line. Is bill's new wistful that two time pro bowler pat DiMarco who is probably all wrapped up in March Madness right about now should as his South Carolina Gamecocks have done it the unexpected. They are through. To the sweet 161. Time in school history. They have gotten this far in internment. Pat are you waving. The crimson and black proudly today. Our electrical outlet yesterday afternoon pop art of were loud crowd. And I ansari it's Garnet and black it's not for incidents guarded Noah but that I have to really think you in use who. That's. Packed app that I have this. Think I have a lot of two friends now personable. At the same time I want to thank you guys you did animus that my bracket but at the legacy the legacy you're glad it's out of I have a lot of things would do things in the taught me to talk smack like all right so since he's out there and beat them last night was the best they use the best thing. It really made them. All men coolest thing so there's always an on going battle returned him to hell Carolina go to. It watching people who are watching. North Carolina fans. In Greenville, South Carolina cheered on the gamecocks. Put the only time they unified care I don't truly. But it was pretty cool to Cuba's leader on the income. I don't know if you saw this on the television but. There was a shot of the stance. When you know Carolina was going on that run and they were staying ahead it do they weren't let them climb back into it. There is a fan in the stands where in a North Carolina Tar Heels Jersey and I've never seen a guy happier to be. If for South Carolina that he was in these high five in this south South Carolina fan next to him. I mean it was like Carolina harmony deceit do go down it was really is up in his seat. But my question that is. You know when you are on campus playing in there. What is you know the cross border support light on campus I don't think a lot of NFL fans and bill's fans here in particular. Really can grasp. The level of support that maybe you know football has for basketball and basketball has berg. You know whatever the primary spring sport might be it that's who can just maybe shed some light on the level of support that maybe in your instance at South Carolina was like. Com and it just you know they'll step through it is like Carol. Top you know crosscourt worked so well and local policies and then go in and go what are your basketball. Guys turned into color. You know could also return to all ma. At steady talk currencies duplicate their goodness earned their policy. It's it's just a respect thing it wants. He's not a policy and an admirable for political life and Carolina actually get to concede. While they're playing football on the on the best vocal we. Toward we have yet Kentucky knows what he's looking well so. It was pretty cool just to see and and now wants them went to erode as it was. He's the first time in thirteen years and they've made to the tournament yeah. First whatever first ever back to back wins and just a touch of first going also a lot of excitement Columbia, South Carolina now. As the man. I like assessment thank you thank you we I guess. I don't get into some football talk now so for as well welcome the buffalo. Sergio and interview emotions and everything right now at this time in the contract and known to gonna be coming up in buffalo. Armed com. So excited as applicable back screen cannot decide what the leading rushing team over the last two years home. You know mom Margaret Truman blast too much on his. I'm so excited blocked arteries just gonna play makers entity stepped on appeal you know talent. Mike Gillis these young guy who's you know cure some really also still on Dayton in the got. Refer their entire auto malls without Mike Tolbert then I'll so. It's cyclical extremes in there and you know which side of the plate first and they have you can't turn around and. Oh how much. A scheme carry over do you see here just based on the conversations you've had with coaches and and the like here you know and you know there's a tie between the Shanahan family in the coop reacts so you know you've got. Rick Dennison here who comes from that Kubiak coaching tree. And quite frankly has worked with Mike Shanahan also back to their days in Denver you know you guys had Kyle in Atlanta. So do you see some carry over some similarities that'll help you hit the ground running when you get here in terms again acclimated to this team. Yet if there's going to be a lot of period over which is not on the local properly but also. At all I've always been such a student of the game that. You know I think the thing I can pick up and learn which is mr. trump in my game the better. Openness to the brink Soledad to buffalo elk brought tradition of about two younger guys are the guys who haven't caught on to campus to even. It really kind of jump started them and help them help them anyway and lacking. Hey that's it you know I tell these guys votes I know you're fullback who wide receivers at once we put the and stadium boy. Yeah known as as the guy who really has applaud the back do you really want the receiver beyond. See what went on line up in the slot in the peaceful nation I feel like last week since the anecdotal and you know if my opportunities quote Chris Coste went rather plant Curtis Sumpter. You don't you don't conduct continue to play makers are typical all these are there. You know and and here's the thing that that I want to get from you pat is that. You know when you keep you going to free agency and you know a lot of people are gonna talk to about a lot of different things and so that comes off as genuine and some of the makes you wonder a little bit like easy just tell me what I wanna hear. Because they want me there or is this guy given me to be straight and to a man you know everybody that signed here through the free agent period. Has just been nothing but impressed with how genuine. Coach McDermott is was there so maybe you can just give us something that you came away with from your initial conversations with coach. That stuck with you instead I can play for this yet. Oh yeah war I particularly open against tonight Carolina for a few years. What an incredible defense say that in just about I've met Luc can that Thomas did so without a sense. They couldn't speak highly enough about cook them so that was kind of the first thing that must get down on my visit and then what we're kind of office. You know we ask now how that all he's going but. The coolest thing was the first to shut down and says that something that you tune him out under media business never heal a one year old couldn't stop them. You know coming back to him when you're in you're kind of how you can borrow them. Know that I got an hour's completely knocked off my feet or doesn't go bald. It wasn't. The last book about the kind of a battle last year Liza but it was. The Obama family and I was just kind of blown away and not just kind of things were. I think that the mania is it just me the characters trying to bring two to buffalo then just. You know just just to get that from his first impression. It was pretty credible. And then the last I've got for it you know training wise it starts to ramp back up now for a lot of you guys at. No and and your season was longer than most so you were probably taken at least half of February if not more. To rest your body. What we're out where you in terms of rampant things back up training wise. And what are you doing like at this point in the off season to be ready knowing that veteran mini camp is just about a month away less than a month away. Yes so I about a week and perhaps we saw that to you before and it just. Good massage out of character it was it was you know it was. Got to try to. Lou my body back are you ready for turning. Off the bit on out of these life and of the travel a little bit just to. It would cripple or enjoy some downtime but. You know Monday through Friday at its its we're going back to work turned to replace your Orlando after the last two years. Ryan's goal could give up. Don't do it for days reported equally. Three days of these features mean in. One day we go Pilates now. Yeah Obama opensocial general buffalo and to Doug Chapin and that is show the build popular. Sounds good so listen Patrick thanks very much for the time join us here today. Good luck to your gamecocks they've got Baylor up next. I think it's a Friday game. They can be up at Madison Square Garden that's going to be little for those kids today. Well yeah. Mattel I don't root against that. If the yeah that the use of the ability of and obviously these. All decade. You know is that insane at the U the it was just you know undisclosed again. I'm well pat I look Florida senior up here in the not too distant future in the meantime stay healthy get strong and we look forward senior here in uniform. Opera are all right Patrick DiMarco bills Pro Bowl fullback signing him free agency just over a week ago joining us on the subway fresh take top line. You know you look at what he's going to be able to bring to the table and you know not to compare him but. It's hard not to mean Jerome Felton was here last year and I was good in short yardage. Jimmy Key clean linebackers out of the hole without a problem. I think if there's one thing that DiMarco brings to this line offensive line up. That may be felt including he's just a little bit more versed in there's more versatility. More options and so when he comes on the field. I don't think that the opposing defense comes up to align it says it's Iran guys I don't think they can say that with him on the field you have enemies. I'm looking at I think you you really have to account that is because you know he can test the blog activity as well for four career touchdowns right now. You know he's a guy who can get out of the backfield. And do things you know and he can do things in space as well and it's over as well you know also when both of these guys get on the field. You're talking about. Now you have to account for every one and you you know you have to account for it for stadium might ghostly. You know you have to account for Tyrod Taylor. But now you have a fullback who you have to make sure you have a lot of back and I can cover that dies well and I think it just adds to how dangerous offense can be. When you haven't gotten can be versatile and do so many different things. Now you said that you did not have South Carolina beating duke admitted that in haven't in my bracket either. My wife. She had a dinner I'm not gonna tell you right now on it tell you right now. I've never seen. My wife more excited about any sporting event on the planet. She was about this game last night because she knew she picked South Carolina. So you wanna talk about a vested interest it was that ten people are I mean she was so proud of herself this country especially as the thing. She's got to win it and I'll got to beat Baylor in the next round. Might be a little steep but as best and they're on the role they are there are crawl now let me ask you speak. How does he do first what you know perfectly don't picket here's the thing she went to graduate school it's your views her first year there. Was when they went to the final two and lost to Kentucky in 96 the pitino Kentucky. John Wallace that Holden and so. She's on campus for that Ron I mean if you've ever been on a college campus when a team is doing that in turn it in its finance. And so she got wrapped up in that whole thing and became a college basketball and it's like as a duo Jim behind something with that I I would dead of a gratitude for that because she will willingly why I mean she was with me at the games on Thursday here in buffalo and we're just count Watson join it together so it's nice that she got hooked on happiness Natalie if this thing I love on. So yes or she she has some semblance of knowledge I mean she's not watching big Monday program has been an or anything but. She keep the casual like to it it's funny. I think this is a this is a woman things she's not gonna sit down and invest two hours and basketball team to be like if there's two minutes left and it's close to get it into that except I thought you might as bad as I do another day you sit on the looks you walk away once you heard that South Carolina was up ten on do it is that I know she she watched the whole second ad rates if you like screaming in at all now she's she's not a stream while lest they start screwing up NC it's meant as you speculative peoples so. My. I haven't and I'm Siemens and Pennsylvania and when I was playing on my cousins we all played football together all around saint meets. You can hear her. Screaming on the field you know how hard it is I mean you know it's very hard when you're playing on the field due to hear one person. Heard police and so it sets of outings is oh mine you can do is here my. Failure out of bill likely is if you screaming you look over the issue like that my is gullible as though. You know when she's at home watching games football games if she's rooting for a house basketball team she screaming in the same way. As if she's actually act a game and it's like you know we're actually all sitting. In the living room right here with you. What are you screaming so. It's so bad the want to do and I top. And I think if you're looking at this year's tournament the one thing that kind of turn the thing on its ear was. There weren't that many upsets in the first round to rest most of them were in the second round to go to the sweet sixteen that's where out more of the surprises. Happened and it usually doesn't go that way usually somebody surprises somebody in the first round somebody hasn't played a week they're there rusty and they have a bad shooting game they lose to some twelve seater something right and we really only saw one of those is that it was Middle Tennessee State that won the 512 game. But against Minnesota but. Other than that there wasn't a whole lot and then you get to this that Iran is like the ones this to his guy that Jews got like holy. How it happened at it's last night. When I got back up here from. From New Jersey. I turned on the UCLA game late last night you were up I didn't make it I got back I sacked. On the ball. Is yes if it isn't crazy how how little pac twelve basketball. You see on the right post you know it's it's it's set. I I made a point Trent Lott were packed twelve this year just to be more familiar with those teams and I really liked orient. Coming into the term it and then they lost their big shot blocker. Boucher yeah it's also scores like 1012 points a game he's their big rim protector and I think that's gonna really hurt them and move forward but. Whether they can take your Michigan here I mean they they technically got a gift in getting seventh seed Michigan but their hot team. Yeah any of those you know packed. Tax impact world. You talk about any US Cole so like the warriors. And footballs look different because of the waiting games are scheduled. You you know what time gains are going to be used lead the West Coast games enforcement team for thirty. I'm on a Sunday. But in basketball it's tough to watch those West Coast games and so you don't get to see guys like on the ball you you start to hear people. Talk about them and it's like who was a student I've never seen him play because on sleep easily by the army now on step curry and those guys but I don't get to watch them really play until. The playoffs come around you know and is because their plane at 1030 at night nobody's been up the last those gains with. And that's. The thing is he's the only beaten Kentucky extra that I get anybody to if I hit that game I think area. I think we're gonna heavily upon people to. As that that blindly yeah it took Kentucky just from what they've done last several years so well see that's I think you know Kentucky with a young team and but. I don't perhaps this year drive freshman class and at me every it is like how do you have by threatening note you definitely I got a thing. Just extra work that takes. Is that the turnover yes like every year he's got to 55. And the tie guys talked. As crazy as there was a time two years ago. There's some of the kids it stayed an extra year to. He had nine McDonald's all Americans on his fifth and I asked them this treat the bands and you guys have anything like. All Americans that are sitting events. Behind other freshmen all Americans it's is insane but you know what when you look at these big time college programs now. Alabama's football I don't know Kentucky has this but I know Alabama now has like astounding department. You know in in on the football side. So I would think that he probably has a scouting department that's going out and fun and right guys he just comes in sits down on the couch he's closer right he closes it closes the deal and they in the coming Mears he has another five top us. So look will reset the table here or just have a little fun with some NCA talked as it's been a fun tournament so far no question about it. But we directory set the table with respect to the bills and what they've added in free agency obviously the three wide receivers. Most recently are the headliners they did sign a quarterback. In Leonard Johnson. You know so it's not all on the offensive side of the ball. And you know you look at. The quantity. That's been addressed at wide receiver and you say well am I wondered that knocks it down the list but I don't think anybody feels at least gotten Twitter Landler Twitter poll today. That. Wide receiver is off the list of positional priorities I think people want to know. That this team has a proven modified. Playmaker. To add to the receiver position and the guys that they've added. Are certainly capable NFL receivers. I just think all three of them have been devoid of an opportunity to show everything that they can do on a football field Holmes is probably come the closest. With 47 catches for almost 700 yards and four touchdowns. But he's three years removed from that season back in 2014 with the raiders so. You know there's been some separation from that production can he recapture some of that. In an office here in buffalo with Tyrod Taylor I think that's a big hit and if that fans don't feel all that great about. Until they see the proof in the putting. And coming to a new system. It's gonna take some time. And that's why I think NFL ready receivers is still high on the list for the bills and are in the 2017 dress. You know that the biggest thing with me is. Finding in if so ready receivers in the draft this time. You know because you just don't know how these guys are gonna translate transition over to playing this game in the NFL. The way the college game is now with so much passing this is these guys to spread out and Iran and Britain and I don't run a full route trees so when you get a guy we talked about a guy like Corey Davis who you know can run Iraqi because you see him run routes museum actually. Do that over a guy like Mike Williams and you haven't really seen run a full route tree you know it's tough for these guys that to come. From college into the pros and even Corey Davis coming from the Mac. It's you know what you're talking about a guy coming from the match can he come over into right away it might be able to be we know he can run routes but now you're talking about running these same route against. NFL DB's that will run the routes with you you know it's okay you catch the ball when the quarterback's throwing. On time in the quarterback to throw it before you come out of your break. In the dvds or breaking and before you come out of your break you're never openly honestly as a receiver you know you have because the bald guys hang in all will be on so can you cast the boy that's a we talk about win. Trend transitioning into an NFL wide receiver and for me rookies you know even if you take one high he just don't know what to do it. We don't want to do and there's talk about NFL readiness here's the added element for Corey Davis of the ankle surgery right he called it minor. All I know is the guy at two torn ligaments that had to be fixed that doesn't sound minor to me. He missed the western Michigan pro day he still wasn't ready obviously didn't do anything to become line. So he's April individual pro day. Is going to be huge for him yet because NFL readiness also means being able to participate in OT games training camp all the things that are in the lead up to his rookie season. He can't just say. Good September. The wreck I mean. That guy GM or coach wants to hear that so I think what happens in what he's able to do in April. Is probably gonna say a lot about where he's gonna go on the board peace can be ready till July. And August. OP's top ten pick any more because you can't take it to 89 attacked and this can be ready to go year one that's a huge investment so I. It will be interesting to see if he slips a little. If he's healthy he's still a question mark as it pertains to being wrapped ready to go September 27 team. We got to take a break here on the job Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts we go back on the other side wanna talk a little bit as some of the mock drafts that are out there we'll bounce some of the picks off each other that. People have for the bills not only around one. So people are going as far as round three and four. That is ambitious with in March it but wields. Will dive into it and see if they make any sense whatsoever. On the other side here on the job Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills radio. Here on the John Murphy show Chris Browning for John Murphy along with Donald Jones and the reason I'm sitting immersed here today is because he was the recipient. Of the lifetime achievement award from the die college in annual awards out there and for aren't as G viewers they're seeing a photo of or actually accepting his award as and the guy tweeted out a congratulations to Merck. For a his lifetime achievement award in radio and television play by play broadcasting so congrats to him. It's well deserved so nice on a firmer and a deserving day off as well. The death that the deserving Deo look at the numbers and it. That one of those terms that's been taken into Pennsylvania is that one of those now. Is like big debates about you know when you're keyed ski in the war because it is the part of team. That participation rate. Now call it now come on now they gave out like the area high I'll. It is today Monday if a guy's name or their views in the car now with yet to play B is still hear about it tomorrow obscure. 8030550. To join us. 1888550. To 550 I wanted to get into a little bit of the mock draft talk because. They're flying in fast and furious all over cyberspace. And some you take with a grain of salt. Some cannon is you shake your head like what is this guy's name again this is this makes no sense for the bills. And and others academy keep those things that making them cat thinks note. You know I think get Chad Rooter from nfl.com. Is a guide it is plugged in to the level of talent. From the college ranks and has been doing this a long time and yet a three round not there was recently posted on FL dot com. And I found his draft rather interesting as it pertains to seven oppositional these we've been talking about here on the show today and how things may or may not have shifted. Based on the free agent signings that buffalo has made thus far. Three of them being at the wide receiver position to with a safety position they've got a corner and Allen Leonard Johnson. Who comes in from Carolina. Who have coach McDermott knows very well. Got alignment invited cost they brought that George mills so you know they've been busy. But how does it impact their draft. Means in May be what they might be targeting now. As opposed to before when free agency opened so I'm gonna run down his picks through three rounds threes now and then. You tell me what you think so at ten. And I should preface this by saying. He's got Corey Davis off the board at five in Tennessee Titans but it picked tan he's got the bills taking Mike Williams wide receiver at plants in. And then second round pick 44. He's got the bills taking the Florida quarterback teased Heber. Who doesn't run superfast but is seen as a pretty good cornerback and then in round three pick 75. He's got the pills taking the Alabama linebacker Tim Williams who has some off the field concerns. But has a pretty good resume as far as college production goes and could be a fit. For that weak side linebacker position so tell me what you think receiver corner linebacker first three rounds that is a grant. I mean it is. I would be. I guess OK with that the Mike Williams picked I'm not a guy who is this how Mike Williams coming out you know I kind of put him in the same class as wood on it will come and out. I don't think dad. He's gonna be able to get into this we can do what you did in touts I think he really has a lot to learn about. Playing receiver in this league in run routes and being able to get separation. And I don't know if he can get that done. As his size in his speech. If he can come images spots guys out and and be a jump ball got us all good and dandy but just talk about taking a pick at number ten. I would like a guy that can do everything you know so I don't know about that it. So if that happened where Corey Davis is off the board five man trying to get out of ten he's trying to get down aboard each I out of there. For me outside to get out anyway you know I'd rather see them get out anyway but if you taken some audience and I'd rather see takes a muddy on the defense and solvable welcome. You know it's a linebackers it to DB. I'd rather see you go there if you take somebody had sent. But he has a Mets and you know I'm not really comfortable that they. So I 44 tees tabor he runs a 46 wanted to come time right which you know. I don't know that necessarily sets off alarm bells to say he's seen as his own scheme corner anyway. Which is why this guy probably has him mocked the bills known asking the coach McDermott plays how does that one grabbed if if if it. When terror. Two the bout that there was static Monica and about that there is sucked out pops up with a lot of shade below while ago with the hook. Okay I think when you look at at that corner coming off a 44. You know corner you need to be able to catch up now I know this is own steam and all that stuff from him it's more about. Beanie being quick in being Smart but I still want a guy who can catch up. And so for me I'm not an expert in corners you have to talk to some money like Marlon there were warned of a corner the DV coats or something like that but it. If you run for a six I can probably get. I could probably get past you and I don't know if you're going to be advocate to you know so he's known as a good corner and he got it done obviously in this CC. Yeah I mean early in the in the pre draft period people were talking about him as being a first round here and then you know some of these measurable came in. And they're looking at his production I'm married in the whole body of work together and you know did not do all that well become lineup that that should be the end all be all but I think it did give a lot of teams that play him and scheme. Some definite pause right. This guy's private at a first round pick for us maybe is for somebody else but. I don't see here itself. You know and and sonar image she viewers are looking at the list the quarterback prospects now and tabor is ranked as 45. In the draft. I mean that puts him squarely in the cross here's where the bills are going to be around to pick 44 yeah. You know it if they take them you just hope that he's Smart enough to be able to play in this scheme because the one thing about playing in this league dominance receivers it's the B. If you lack in speed. You just have to be Smart enough so that you get to the position where you're supposed to be. Before everybody else you know so if you have a guy who's run in the fourth sixth. He needs to be Smart enough to understand where he's supposed to be at all times so that he does indeed beat over the over the top so that he doesn't get caught out of position where he can't catch up. You know that forced six as something that coaches scouts Indians there really got to look at that and say you know do we want this guy this early in the draft even at 44. In Obama ran his own scheme he might be able to fit into that. And then Tim Williams a linebacker at 75 in round three the Alabama product who gets them off the field stuff. But can run and hit knees is production is unquestioning can run in Haiti can cover. So personal linebackers something that you were talking about last segment bills need a weak sideline that. We need somebody used the distance speed over there you can talk about the two guys with guys like this you have an insulin. That are on the roster none of them are speed guy none of them are guys who can say. One week in week out basis can cover on a basket advertisements are you need a guy who's who has since the a guy who can run and has been known gates I'm on the sideline and also he can you know he has some coverage of those just as you have speed doesn't mean that you can cover. So that's something he's gonna happen learn as well off the field stuff I don't know exactly what is all the field issues are. I feel like there's so many guys have all the issues coming into this league some guys and a much better people once they dignity learn you know by other guys so this is structured place and it's either going to ask beasts are not being close McDermott and and Leslie Fraizer. Guys that he's a guy that's really been known to be not just a coach elect a mentor I could Tony Dungy in in those types of coaches my Tom now on Pittsburgh. So I think having guys like that isn't structure will help out a linebacker that has some talent. But for me you know those second two picks I'm OK with. The first one might Williams mountain. So OK I go over to another one now this is Walter football just the other day this one was put together. They also have Mike Williams going number ten. To the bills' second round though it changes a little bit it is a quarterback but it's that UCLA kid Fabian Rhoden who ran like the wind and the sound by and he ran for 33 or 436 something like that. And a lot of people had. You know him a little bit further down on the board with any runs fast and people get all enamored with that the fifth on. And we via the MSG viewers are seeing him listed at 27 in terms of an overall rank. Which are put in at the bottom of the first round I don't know if he goes there. He's he's got a track background. You know obviously and his agent and say well he's a football player who run press tracks are not attract guy who plays well it's not that always goes. Slightly you know not a big frame. And he can run like the win but beyond that Communists say I haven't done my homework on him I haven't seen enough film on him to really pass judgment. It's uninteresting picked there it makes sense to go corner especially if he's. You know if the bills again receiver first round but. I guess from the speed perspective on life. This from a from a speed perspective yeah you have to like that pick but the biggest thing is once again. DBs in the zone scheme have to be Smart now for me when you look at that conference and what they like to do out there's a lot of speed and their conference on the football side right. That's what they do they just throw the ball all over the field. Arizona. USC have been using have good receivers. UCLA. You go up or did in Washington I mean they throw the ball all over the place and so you have DBs coming out of those schools. You know this typically they're there they're okay Stanford typically they're okay you know also because you have to be able to cover those wire receivers. He's well versed in man coverage and that's the right up on him. They like is certain I'm just read an office here it's as they like his size fluidity in open field tackling ability. Weaknesses. Are not turning PB used in interceptions so maybe his hands aren't the best is that he had only had one heavy duty four and one interception and 25 starts. And they throw the ball like crazy packed routes though. You'd be like once when I don't know if that's a maybe it has respecting you know or you're yeah or maybe doesn't have the ball skills. You know where he's high poignant. Maybe the other and he 6206. Though the crazy thing is. That's not considered big in this draft last. There's like eight or nine corners that are 62 or taller there's a couple of 63 guys in that Chris Samuel kid from Ohio as their Kurdistan if Ross state. 62 there's some the dues those Colorado kids are woozy he sits three and a whole macro IV. One of those kids walked bias in the media room. At the com nine. And I'm saying this I can you know get a crouch and back pedal that's my thing at the NFL level and. That is who I think with these with these taller corners because the NFL now we know as a copycat league and we know that. You know they've been going into these these taller DB's. But you're talking about coming in and have in the play against Antonio grounds of the world. Here arsenals these the shift the receivers or receivers in the lead and not be like that you have some guys that are very shifty. And it's not my Gaza 63. Can you really get into a stance and be able to cover those guys I mean. I would think that those athletic can make it and let alone let alone flipped their hips in turn right not lose speed you know in transition exactly so it's. It's hard I know everybody it's a copycat thing and everybody's going to the bigger corners. But buyer beware when you're talking about these bigger corners can they really cover. These receivers is not that easy when you're talking about having covered the smaller she's the receivers. Can they get it done I don't know. I'm waiting for the time where it starts on the other way. Where receipt or start seeing more of the smirk receivers. Going NC super tall corners when it went does that turn happen because everything went bay. And it's been going that way for a long time bigger faster stronger I mean that's what the sport's all about. Does it turn the other way hoping every it's never coming back now think it is. Alma you know because you look at the receivers now on the Julio Jones isn't AJ green and Dez Bryant's all of these guys that are that are bigger guys that are really. Have transition into being able to run routes and run and I mean it seems like it's going to be you have slot receiver is that a smaller. But there are select few guys that actually can get outside and relocated them like Antonio Brown or just needs Smith Iraq. You know so everybody's going bigger DBs are going bigger. So that's it sucks for these guys that are not since the war. And who I know the feeling. They don't 3055188550. To 550 is that number to call jumping in with us we just talk in drafts a mock drafts present a lot of when he can and all around. We'll also have Sam Johnson from pro football focus coming up at the top of the hour. We'll discuss some stuff with him with regard to the free agency moves not only here in buffalo. But around the league is well that's all coming up. Your brother John Murphy show isn't about NAPA Auto Parts from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills radio. We're back with more of that John Murphy show. Chris rally Donald Jones here on the John Murphy show fill in for her today as he gets a lifetime achievement award from a guy Kalish congrats to him. And we're talking draft we're talking mock draft that in give you a third round pick and am not draft we were talking about the three round my he had the Virginia Tech tight and Bucky Hodges. Going to the bills around 366257. Lot of people called an over grown. Wide receiver. So I don't know how much easier to offer in the blocking department kid ran force 57. At 66257. Passes for as. Movement as moment. If you can test the ball and he's the guy you're talking about you can line up outside you know and I wouldn't be surprised that they go. Tight end and in any of those first three rounds we've seen them be be linked to tight ends in the free agency market. And also to our south will rise surprised if you see tied in promote the board in those first. 8030550. We're gonna go to the phones now all start with mark in New Jersey. Mark wants to talk a little draft with a cellmark would you have Forrester. Napoleon market appear hold on a second. Areas mark when he got force. I do records of your soccer guy and ordered by the let us just yet. I won't do it is Donald. On yet the draft I remember last year McDermott they hit that you'll rookie corners down in Carolina after the whole Mormon all out in. I don't and they they were detonated factor they got shorted. I don't think he's gonna wanna deal with that again on. I'll also if you looked at their linebackers. There are also a lot there outside linebackers were also Collins CE. Check on the Thomas Davis bogeys some folks who liked to talk about position versatility and flexibility of not I spoke. It's going to be hard in the trade back this year but is it Brown's waltrip factored back I don't think she wouldn't on to part with those in the context to restore the construction more later on with them. So I think the discount to take the best player and I hate to beat this horse but I think go to Howard going to be that player. And just one more thing Chris what do you think. Maternity like what he'd be McDonald's and Wendy's says Monday through Saturday starts to and about lacking luster with the on the previous stops. But yeah I'm changes. Yeah and thanks for the call mark we appreciate it I think you know what we're talking about here is a daily. Accountability. And a daily approach that doesn't waiver. Because. It's Monday or just loss yesterday. I don't feel like you know really put it all in and he wants a guy that. Is so passionate about this game. That come auto workers fought that come to work is something that guy looks forward to. So he might take a guy. You know it's kind of like college recruiting in anything about these four fights are players but it sounds like coach McDermott might take the four star guy. That sleeps the reason he's football rather than the ultra talented five star guy that never had to work harder Dana's life because he's so talented and and I think. That's what he wants he wants. Guys with the blue collar nose to the grindstone mentality. Because he doesn't wanna have to babysit. A roster of 6162. Players you don't count your practice squad guys are 63 players. His left to babysit people is supposed to be a professional there's certainly have to carry yourself and there's a certain approach you have to take in the NFL game. To be successful on Sunday I mean the margin. You know trying to cultivate an advantage in any small nook or cranny of this game. He's fought for. At every inch so if you have guys that are put everything into every day that you prepare for game on Sunday. Coach McDermott believes in probably a lot of other coaches do believe you're gonna win or have a greater chance of winning with that kind of uniform. Unilateral approach by everybody in your house. And I think he looks at it that is his mentality his mental breakdown is or mental make up is to. Eat sleep dream pink football all the time you know and especially in season might it comes late July or August when we get in the training camp. It's all football guys like offseason is offseason message timed it in Julien going vacations and stuff like that we're in season. I want you working every single day you know and and that's how he is I think that's what he wants his players to be so that's what he's talking about. And he does bring up a good point trading down is not going to be easy. Especially at the top ten and just knowing what it takes the investment that it would take to get up there. Analog these teams know how deep is draftees. There are more than happy to sit down there at 192025. Knowing that there's going to be quality talent falling to them there that there are going to be more than happy to take off the board. So what gets them up to ten. The only thing that gets them up there is maybe if one of those quarterbacks that they love falls to ten. You know maybe Arizona at thirteen. Who has made it very clear they know of any quarterback this is probably Carson Palmer's last season on NFL field. And they got a group somebody for the future. I could see Arizona trying to move up to ten LeapFrog Cleveland at twelve. Provided in LT quarterback won't first overall which all indications are that they won't. That's a team that I could seem moving up their their only move in three spots they're probably not paying any king's ransom. That's a team. But I think certain things have to happen and certain players have to fall for that take place. 8030550. To join us for coming up on the other side of the top of the hour we've got Sam Dotson from pro football focus get a break down. Some of the rankings that he's put on the free agency moves across the NFL thus far including. Those all of the Buffalo Bills. This is the job Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills radio. That is it one bills drive and Andrei homes is now in the fold as a member of Buffalo's wide receiving corps homes agreeing to terms over the weekend reportedly a three year deal. The six were four receiver Holmes is played. The last four seasons for the Oakland raiders' most productive year came at 2014 when he at 47 catches. For just under 700 yards and four touchdowns he's expected to compete for top four role in Buffalo's receiving corps elsewhere in the NFL. According to NFL network's Ian wrap up war Marshawn Lynch. Would only come out of retirement to play for the Oakland Raiders now the task becomes discussing compensation. For the Seattle Seahawks who still hold. The running backs rights. Elsewhere in the NFL the New York Jets free agent quarterback search continues they are set to host free agent quarterback Chase Daniel today he visited. With the saints on Sunday. NCAA tournament action saw some unexpected teams advance to the sweet sixteen is March Madness lived up to the billing seventy South Carolina ousted two seed duke in the east region. Seven seed Michigan upset to see Louisville in the midwest region other upsets. Over the weekend were turned in by eleven seed Xavier is they ran a three seed Florida State. And eight seed Wisconsin was the first to dump a one CB beat defending champion Villanova. Right here in buffalo. Coming off a shoot out win against Anaheim on Friday sabres are back on the ice in Detroit to take on the red wings with. Taylor for doing Cody frauds involve unable to play due to injuries the team has recalled radio Austin in case you Nelson from Rochester. They will join the line up against the red wings face off set for 730 to national broadcast tonight. On NBC. And sand that is your sports update here on the John Murphy show Chris Brown in for John Murphy. Along with Donald Jones and at a talk in some mock draft over the last hour but joining us now on the subway fresh take hotline. Will be lead. Football analyst for pro football focus and laws were gonna talk to him about some free agency moves around the league. He took some time to kind of rank those on pro football focus dot com and you look at all the activity through the first two weeks and a lot of big names have gone to a lot of different places. Some of the names that have been most uninteresting have moved via trade. Brandon cooks for example from the saints going to the New England Patriots. And it was a tree that was in the works for a while. Lot of people thought that it was going to be Malcolm Butler going to the saint and that's still may happen. Because he's visited with the saints over the weekend impression on patent is that the other day at impress their defense. Improve their defense I should say. But coached in New England really I mean the rich get richer while acting. I mean we all know the rich keep getting richer in this country in the patriots are the roots and it keeps on happening for them. It seems like they do is make all the right moves and I keep your people's news. But it really does seem like they made all the right moves in this guys like men so. You know what it is he now fit into this system like. Somebody has to be falling out some money has to be falling back the odd man out I would think Amendola. But I don't know maybe just add to the roster and he's a guy that is the deep threat. They have got Malcom too right is his name the receipt right yeah the rookie from last year and he had a pretty good season up you know and a good a decent playoffs and Super Bowl you know also I don't know what's going on the analysts guys that are piling yeah every. He's gonna take the top office before I knew he is I mean that guy. Gets behind people. And it seems easy and they haven't really had that. Since Randy Moss now you know in we remember the years they have won the cup leaders they had Randy Moss but that one year would be scored a million points and they notables include Johnson and wells but you know. Well Randy Moss did to that office he was able to take the top off the defense they haven't really had that since been. And I'm sure now that they got this guy like me well Brady threw fifty touchdown you're right mean. Forget about all the rushing touchdowns they had fifties us through the years. So now you're talking about a team that still has good running backs. You know they need to sign one but so they have their running backs we still have the rest of those receivers you with big rock is gonna come back hopefully he's healthy but added tight end I mean there really stockpiling. Guys over there it's like an unstoppable machine like who do you guard set off that you you have no flu ago. Now you see violent draft quarterback some Britney. Even though and it looked like that and thank you Harry I don't Florida for a couple more callers please. But joining us on the subway fresh take ally now as promised is lead NFL analyst at pro football focus its and months and as he's gonna. Trying to help us through some of these free agent moves that he's evaluated over the last week or so Sam thanks for joining us good to have you. Any time I think. So why don't we jump right into the move that we were talking about Donald and I and that being the branding coach straight to New England. You know we kind of talked about it as an example of the rich getting richer but in terms of what they gave up for what they got. I mean face value where are you on that. I think it was a pretty good deal for both sign. You know that the patriots who have obviously decided that they the lights being able to evaluate receivers when they played in the NFL. You know the whole deal about the spread offense is everywhere in college it's it's making it really tough for teams to evaluate. Pretty much every position on offense to not just quarterbacks with receivers those guys are running different right trees they've got different rules they don't have to. Make adjustments in the riots and all I can I think according to the coverage it messes up running back. You know those guys that are dealing with a lot more space and have a lot more room to play west that they don't have in the genocide it's grew up offensive linemen you know those guys are not making. We kind of Bennett felt blocks in the NFL process that everybody wants to make so. I think a lot of teams not just the patriots are taking a look at certain parts of that puzzle and saying. You know what it's easier to look at these guys in a balance cigarette they fit our system or not and maybe we'll pay a guy a bit more. In terms of contract value but we're better off knowing that this guy can play in the NFL then we are taking it shot on a guy that's a rookie. And getting in cheap contract wise but really now having no idea if he can get it done and up. So I think the patriots have looked at a guy like branding cokes and not production and you're in that New Orleans that. This guy the perfect cure for our system he's got. Speed he's got shipped units she's got quickness and short areas he can be a productive receiver here and beat it kind of deep threat big play guy that we don't have here otherwise I think to be honest the first trip because it pretty reasonable. Price to pay for that especially given where there it is in the in around. Now Sam you know since we're on the patriots and on the rich keep getting richer the patent through the I mean it's it's. Not something that we're used to seeing from the patriots indeed these big contracts. And bring in talent in different areas of the team so they end up signing stuff on do more to beat you. And resigning Donta hightower to a big deal. They brought in branding cooks I mean what. What's going on there is their window to window closing and that's why we're seeing them and now these big conference. I mean I think the branding coach what makes sense for for the reasons we just talked that the interesting deal there I think is the Stephon Gilmore won because. It's not even so much they paid big guy big money its that they chose to prioritize. Bringing in Gilmore over Malcolm Butler potentially. And you know we saw from last season Malcolm Butler had a fantastic year he was. I think PF that say that first team all pro cornerback. His numbers were not amazing but his play when you look at the tape was. Think fantastic you know he was he showed the ability to go one on one refused with the receivers they use can track some of the best receivers in the game. Annie held up doing and so they have a guy in I assumed the top tier corner. And instead they went out there Gilmore who. At best I would say it's a sideways step and it's probably a little bit worse then. Ben Butler Gilmore and these guys who irons. The ability to do everything but he's never really put it altogether. For consistent period of time over you know a year or more he's always been this guy you'd think there's a little bit more. Left in the tank and maybe the patriots in ping get that but. It's interesting they paid that much money to bring a guy and I its site to do that. Looking at the you know bill situation obviously they had another receiver over the weekend in Andrei homes. You know certainly not a guy that's had the opportunity. To challenge for a number two receiver role in his career and obviously was stuck behind guys like a Mari Cooper and Crabtree in Oakland. He comes here now. What do you think is a realistic. Option for him in terms of what he can compete for here at least on the surface now knowing. You know we still have a lot of free agency to travel in the draft as well where there's deep receiver violence. Yeah I mean it should increase. His opportunities if nothing else you know they show what he can deal last year he got targeted just 23 times which is. You know it's really nothing in the with a greater scheme of things the guy in front of him and in Oakland Marty Cooper was targeted a 127. Michael Crabtree under in 42. And stepped Roberts with a third wide receiver Darren got targets that need to fight time so. He really just got this ground is about four wide receiver there. But he did pretty well he caught 60% of those caught fourteen passes for a 126 yards and three touchdowns. Which is you know go to decent numbers mean that are a little opportunity had actually do anything driving him both slow which it's vehemently. C a few more targets come his way and it's going to be up to him to see you know he makes the most of those or he's going to be a guy that. And it slipped further down the pecking order yeah I mean he wasn't he was further up the previously in Oakland back in 2014. He saw in ninety targets coming this way and unique about 50% of those did not nearly the same production. You know drop flights ounces so he's the guy I think that has had opportunity before and hasn't quite delivered an. And so this can be slipped and the debt Caroline added talent but. You know he should get at least one more chance in buffalo to get seen increased role and just see if you can do something mall. They sent. I want to ask you a little bit flip over to defense this well we're gonna stay in buffalo though. Micah Hyde comes over from Green Day. A team that did DB's were awful this year they really were and he was really like one of the the good the better guys on that defense so can you tell bills fans you know what to expect from a guy like Mike. Yet mica I it is a guy that is. He's played all over that defense really he's been a slot corner then he's been a safety prevent inflated that I side is that true boundary corner and he's been pretty good. All of this you know he's one of these guys if they get. Term vs Tyler and a bit of a match up player a guy you can line up in the slaughter strong safety and haven't covered tight ends or receivers or running backs and he'll be able to do all that a lot of signs. Who were first allowed gets thrown you know what guys see you just do a lot of things and they don't necessarily do any of them particularly well. But I think like I did the guy that does do everything he does reasonably well he gets you know he's a solid. Option in coverage of all those different spot than your lies you some flexibility of fear that bills defense now you can you can take a player like him. And use him at that time ever first match up player on defense to go up against. A guy that you might not have been able to go before so they're Rob Gronkowski you know. He's he's not going to be as good as the Rob Gronkowski released Yunnan note that the guy you could put on him. Am all game long and you're not gonna get complete because I buy. We're personnel group formation of the patriots to run and suddenly you're left with a linebacker on guard guys. I know and by the way folks were talking a lead NFL analyst at pro football focus and months and here on the subway for a state hotline. Just about free agency moves and kind of ranking and to some extent and evaluating them and Sam's done that on the website at pro football focus that I county also. I remember you wrote an article couple months back about Tyrod Taylor and why you felt. That they should keep him here in buffalo. And obviously that's come to fruition now so how do you look at it now. Along with what's been added on the offensive side of the ball albeit value additions. You know Andre homes being the latest version of that. How do you assess. Taylor in the fold in this offensive system. With some of what's been added to this point knowing what's gonna be run under it Dennis. I think it's a great look Tyrod Taylor for us has been one of the top. I think he's been in the top ten gray empire grade in the in the NFL for the past few seasons there but not top pennies right on that kind of 101112. Borderline for each of the last two years and I get why people don't like Tyrod Taylor because. He's not the finished product you know he's the guy that it never going to be the next Aaron Rodgers he's never gonna put up. 5000 passing yards just not back and a quarterback. But the things that he does are things that make him. A viable. Winning kind of players you know he doesn't turn the ball over much of an extremely low. Interception rate is a pretty good touchdown rate he's the guy that will score points and you won't put the ball in harm's way too much and you could limit that you know they're even if there are things that he doesn't do well. I'm of course you have that added dimension. With what he can do on the ground as a running threat. I think the most encouraging move the will the bills made this off season was bringing in Patrick DiMarco the fullback. You know if you're gonna go the other way to the way every other team is going with these crazy. High octane passing spread offenses. You're gonna try and do things a little bit different with this quarterback that is a little more. High percentage. As low kind of volume passer but he got a running threat and you gonna bring in. I guy that's been one of the league's best blocking fullback if not the best blocking fullback for the past couple of seasons. And you're gonna say okay we're gonna do you think a little bit differently were already well. Of the best run rushing team in the NFL. We're gonna go. You know completely a 100% in that direction we're gonna use this X-Factor quarterback they're gonna bring in one of the game's best blocking fullbacks. And you're gonna have to really do your worst to try and stop this rushing attack and then we have got like Tyrod Taylor you can. You know you don't play off the bank about play action and then you know be just sufficient enough that the concert to get things done. Sam one of terrorize weapons his favorite weapon from last year Robert Woods is not here anymore. He acts as well obviously you know he signed with the rams. He replaces Kenny Britt. Does Robert Woods become their number one receiver mean they have tape on awesome he's not really number one receiver he's morbid as it guys that is rapper was becoming number one threat. I think he probably does by default and they're paying in to be that guy you're gonna see if he can. Step in that role and do it I mean he's never really shown. The ability yet to be that guy but that doesn't mean he turned you know the interesting thing about woods is. When you look last season at the few occasions where he was really heavily targeted any became kind of a number one option he stood up you know he got big yardage he scored touchdowns when that happened or scored a touchdown happened. And looked back at least shows signs of encouragement that when this team. Passes in the ball more than ten times when this team does use it and number one target. He's been productive but that's a lot of money to pay me to project that going forward it's going to be interesting piece he can do that. And then looking elsewhere in the AFC east here sedan and you've got Kenny stills who wanted to re up with Miami and go back there rather than venture out and find another job somewhere else and free agency. I cannot a look at the move I understand that you know he thinks he's part of a successful. Team that's headed in the right direction after their playoff berth last year but. Yeah can't deny that Dovonte Parker is going to be up higher priority agenda item for this offense. Knowing he was a first round pick in Kenny stills so where does he fit. Coming back into that receiving corps down there knowing Jarvis Landry is the number one. Well I ski lesson learned he is. An interesting player because he's he's been number one target but he's the guy that plays a lot in the slot and he never going to be we can have the B Trent and I am. You know that the impact Randy mosque and a number one receiver so that position for the dolphins is still there to be warned. And it's you know it's going to be between Parker and spills in the do you have a lot of invested in Parker in terms of the first round pick. But they've also clearly been a little bit disappointed by his development so. I would say that that is a fair competition you know Kenny stills nine touchdowns last season more than double the amount Dovonte park it is. Wasn't a whole lot behind in targets and receptions and I kind of stuff so. I think that you know that that job is there any one if you want to go right there improved he Miami's number one receiver. I think he has every opportunity you do that I got like Jarvis quandary. On it you know doesn't prevent him from being that guy because he's gonna be. The high volume. Underneath Adam you know receiving threat and on offense so I think this space for both of them and Parker. You know what prevented from being that guy piazza then. Lead analyst from pro football focus Sam Johnson. Talk at all and anything NFL. Free agency is the last step he's been dealing with right now he's got I think coming up on tap Peterson and that fans need to know about. Yeah we're we're now full swing in the draft mode so if you go to pro focal focused dot com you can find PS that dropped to any of you guys that work. Upset at PF that shutting that shutting down a little bit unique stamp and signature stamp we have. We are applying them all you the draft you can buy. A subscription. You get whole load of ridiculous stance presented for everybody it's going to be yet and you any the year team's going to be looking for. I'm very good Sam once as always thanks very much for the time we appreciated I'm sure that's Murphy and Donald check vacuum of the year before the draft comes around at the end April. Anytime an extra guy. All right that's NFL lead analyst Sam Johnson from pro football focus and they always have great stats over their son you have to you know pony up the cash for those guys do a lot of homework so. Now given away for free and we. Understand why I mean given away any somebody's gotta repay somebody ignorant piece of me. You know they're gonna number crunch for a lot of these guys that are out and Mike and he's in Dublin yeah their overseas and yet so it's. They're doing the American football star and it's that's the weird thing because these guys over the years and now you know their overseas but there. Studying American football you know and that just goes to show how the Americans will always care about now and then you're being. Soccer got a threat so. You know. I am happy to watch your big soccer guy with you also study American football right when I don't know would you soccer got. Well you know you get a dabble in bull that you're gonna get by this country that. But let's try to squeeze a call and really quick is Manny and Hamburg has been waiting so. Many Romulus thanks for holder what he got forests. Well thank you very much think of taken the call. My question is now. It has been 99 different since I get to politics in this Indonesia. Most teams don't have any. Possible beckoning you have to do my first question is do people make a 53 man roster. And also how they it was a movie of the DiMarco it was a as a tight end kind of a thing or just how exactly will they use them. Taking a wait and see if they do work if when Quebec rocky one running on its third and one or fourth and one they should be extinct. Anyway owning up I don't think they've taken the call. I thanks Manny yeah I mean it's. I mean Sam Johnson just touched on it I think there's that concerted effort to buy into what the bills do well on what they've done well is on the football the last two years. And they wanna get the best fullback that they feel it's more of that running scheme now. There's going to be more stretch more plays to the outside seeing somebody's little bit more athletic and I think DeMarco is that but. I don't anticipate. Him being guys in the lineup are tied in any time soon he's only six feet tall 235. Pounds. So. You know size lies he doesn't really fit the role of the position percent. Yeah I mean you look at it Tolbert you don't notes over will leave in the on the roster you know like I don't think there's any guarantees there right. You know so I mean you gotta look at this being big picture obviously how many guys on this roster right now you gotta get to ninety guys you know on all the guys have been signing or not. Going to be on the roster DiMarco signed a four year deal I think there's a long term plan for him they there's any question I think he's okay when you look at the money and everything. Invested he's gonna videotape with Tolbert on the and for me you know he's battling for possibly. That third running back you know I don't know how confident they are and Jonathan Williams moving forward. I know you know when he got in the game. It really proved to be that explosive in any foam what I remember in the San Cisco game when he needed him to do was really hold onto the ball. You know they look at things like that and hey dude there's a running back you gotta battle. You have to yet the battle just I mean asses out is to neighboring and a guy like Tolbert who brings he's a veteran. He brings a lot of leaders at the locker room a lot of personality locker room but he also can help Donald specialties and I think that's a huge part of it is well with him you know also those guys I would think would battle for. A Thursday and run event as you know it's over can actually run the ball and be right running back. Goal line guy right short yardage guy no question 803055185525. If these numbers to call to get on board with us. So Jonathan and all the injustice in Rochester hang on we'll get you guys on the other side of the break this is the John Murphy show. Presented by NAPA Auto Parts one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills radio. Chris Brown in for John Murphy here on a Monday edition of the John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts along with Donald Jones and talking all things draft all things free agency concerning the bills in the work that they've done thus far to answer their roster ranks. And we've got the Twitter poll out today and I didn't think we're gonna see this I'll be honest with you. It's basically the way we ask this was receivers been the most heavily address position by the bills and free agency from sheer numbers standpoint they've signed three so far. Philly brown. Corey Washington. And then over the weekend Andrei home so we decided to ask with wide receiver the most heavily address position and free agency what position on the moves atop the it was for the bills. We are in it almost dead heat here between cornerback and wide receiver. With wide receiver barely ahead of quarterback what does it say to you what does that say we've seen those numbers away there. To me it says that. People want first of all we know what people want to receive of people look at the receivers from last year Abdul was hurt. Tyrod Taylor and have anybody who eat you can trust to get the ball to he didn't have that be playmaker. And to Sammy came back and Sammy was all but you know fraction of itself on the field. So I think people want receivers and I think you even have to be beside. The DB's weren't they good last year either Israel they were getting burned over the top a lot and I think they don't Gilmore is out the door now. Jim was out the door so you know they look at those two positions as obviously keep positions. In today's football you need to have. A lot of corners you need to have a lot of receivers. And look at the last in line man we don't have any of either and especially now would do more walking out the door. But. You know you just got to look at the big picture at receiver. It's tough the fine go one in the draft that could come in right away and be a difference and really used to tough tough to do that and it's the same at corner you know you can find some. But you got to draft the right guy you know and and I think that's something that they have to be Smart about I think they're gonna draft. A corner in the draft fairly high. But I have to be the right guy and has to be a Smart guy not just. Good ad man to man yet to be Smart. And we need to it is when your plane zone there's a whole lot more decisions to make a whole lot more reads to make the let's go back to the phones Jonathan and Alden waiting patiently. And I think he's got a player in minded might make Donald pretty happy. So let's join us at Jonathan in all the join us here Johnson when he have Forrester. Take or pay into and out on I think I'd do that but Cory David on what question Michigan because Eddie. Keep happening should be right up if you need that. My question for you are encrypted on out there are about all of our quarterback any and all I'm. Dot balance armor concerned should ignore the quarterback position on because ennui is pirate Taylor but I did little late Tom reed army the division and what we have court back you do the ghost of the quarterback forty Buick John Murphy and album. Yet and all right thanks for the call Jonathan let's address some of those things right now so he Q we are. I've always been a proponent that you draft a quarterback every year now the only F six picks this year and you you have some holes to fill. You have carte LJ on the young quarterback that you can mold to develop. And see what you have there so I suppose if you add a veteran quarterback is your third. I could see not drafting one. But I always like to have. A quarterback in my draft class because I've seen the teams that have made that. A common approach the Philadelphia Eagles and handing Andy Reid as their head coach they drafted quarterback almost every year they can keep all of them. But they use them as tradable assets. M cannon I'm not oh I remember I remember now I was worried it was never this guy's name but they drafted AJ Feeley. As a quarterback when they still are Donovan McNabb still had you know 34 years left in his career they had a back up on hand. The draft AJ Feeley two years later they flip them to the dolphins for two and a fine. Anybody remember reaching feeling. No but the point there is. You can draft guys and even if they never set foot on the field for you in any. Major capacity in terms of contributions to the offense. There's still a train a blast it just sometime by virtue of the fact that their quarterback. And if they're being groomed by good coaching staff which bills certainly have here they've set up the good structure. I think that helps so. I guess it's around about way of saying I'm still a proponent drafting quarterback every year I'm not seeing need to draft one high this year. But I never shy about adding one of the most important position on your roster. Why not add to the position. If you have the opportunity to do selling the values right that's kind of where I stand on a career. For me I'm more pretty veteran and because you have Tyrod Taylor. You have cargo Jones behind them mostly one quarter. Or maybe half well not fourth quarter collective four quarters in the NFL. Pumps up like you need to have a veteran who's been able to win a couple of games in this league knows how to get it done. Just in case something goes wrong with Aaron Taylor or Eagles Dallas on them like that for game two. It got really. The economy and take it down for you I don't know if if car notes Jones who is there yet you know him being so young not to like you need to have. A solid guy behind tyrants that knows what. 8030551808550. To 552 wanna jump on with us let's go to Justin in Rochester. Who's got a different thing in mind at ten for the bills. Are we doing there are good. Our car comfortable to play in the world player merely a group of observers it's very. Is most is mr. Skinner had Michigan right. If you look at what are we Mosul where don't cook leader Ratko Coca was covered by this thanks. The receiver Randy could burning car. I mean to bring in our secure having you have to check out. And it look at this guys off the field on the intangibles and look at a football IQ. When I look at that I feel like every Lewis there every leader crow court Alibaba quality. Tiger really change equation our defense in order. And that they would tyrant it would put seventeen or one point gain some term commuted defense I can. Score points in OK you know demeanor can change the equation that is being Jibril park is bigger. He in the return game injured his pocket chart like well by acute changes and. Writes it I'd just and we appreciate the call it it's an interesting debate here's my problem. And I think while it yet at ten is problem number one. Because. At in the top ten and quite frankly in round one. When you're using a first round pick not a player. You've got to know exactly what you're getting. And where you're gonna use them and I don't think you can answer that question. In the form of Jibril peppers I don't know that he's going to be a first round pick I've I've gotten in arguments with some of the co workers down the hall about this because I think. When you're making a first round pick you wanna be as certain. As you can be about who you're taken off the board there and what they're going to be for your football team. And I think your pearl peppers while he is a phenomenal physical talent. Is a complete unknown. In terms of wing air and what he can be in your defects. And he said at the count nine. I'm a safety and that's that's all well and good that may very well be his best position fitted the NFL level. Nobody has film on safety nobody knows if he can pick up the instinct necessary to play that position make the reads. Ron with the receivers. If he's got to come down online coverage slot guy can he do that can he handle. Going against a guy who's got a two way don't want them I don't know. And you better be darn sure the scouts don't know either. The draft is already a huge projection. With players whose positions are completely define this guy's a ride receiver who plays on the outside this guy is a tired and who can do everything can block and it. You're still that's still a projection now. Take the defined position at the equation and tell me you're gonna put a first round. Great on that guy when you don't know that there's more unknowns about your Borough peppers. Then there are unknowns the things you know about him are he probably has the athletic talent yet. Suitable to play in the NFL in some capacity he's got return ability that's proven on fail. Aside from those two things and maybe his character and intangibles check out for. So those are three good things that are working in his favor but. I I think the projection. That re heart to me harder than most. In this draft pool at safety for your pro peppers and that's why I am not convinced even comes off the board the first 32 picks you know he has one more thing known for. Note that is he's from yours I'll calm all the display and I thought wow with its own Jersey jerseys than that no listen there are. There are a lot of because this trapped so deep at the seat the position. And corners. That you could see a guy like two broke peppers slide just for that reason. Because they have other guys I know this guy's a state like I know we can come down its currency the price I know this guys appreciate. I know this guy's a corner. We don't know what to grow peppers is so you might see a guy like two broke Sampras and up in the second round. Just because of those reasons just like you just say you know so I would love to see him go in the first round because he's from Jersey but I don't think it's I don't know the map. I don't know if it's gonna happen either and like I said there's a whole measure of. Having as many certainties about it you wanna check it as many boxes as you can because that makes you feel. Better about making an investment the magnitude. Of the first round draft choice. And I just think there's too many unknowns. Because what is the thing about this. What are scouts always say they go back to do when they're unsure. Though the OPEC the tape. It's a good thing you know you don't. There's a political bat to enemy yeah anyway at some coverage responsibilities. He played a little oriented coverage responsibilities at linebacker when he played there. And you know he was on the field on third counts and there were some coverage things that he did but not in the same way that a CDs gonna have to do that can cover the deep. We don't know into the deep and we don't know do you play quarters and we haven't seen the I don't know how to get there and say that first round pick. I I can't get there and I'm not even it's out there. When you have a guy who hasn't. Had a defined role. He doesn't necessarily understand. What he's supposed to do in a defined role and what an office is trying to do and that's a cerebral position I mean there's a lot of positions that require a lot of thinking. But safety you get guys lined up back there that. You've got to know what's common right you have to understand what it is that you're supposed to do what everybody else is supposed to do they do that a quarterback of the defense. And he's never done CNET. He's never even watched it from back here now he's gonna do it at the NFL level I don't see how he's a first round pick just don't. See it at all I've got a question that's been sitting here on my Twitter and and you couldn't fire off questions to me at Chris Brown bills if you want. I don't get it's it's too it today I'll try to get it in my Afghan Friday count that we run every week on Buffalo Bills that come on the blog page. But this guys asking is Roy Chet is asking is Ryan Roy going to be the new long snapper. They released Sanborn if Roy can do it that is. Two roster spot say. I understand what he's sane to for one you get alignment can play across the final by the way to launch that I've seen Ryan do it. But I think it's become such a specialized position. You want a guy that can do and by the way he is on the roster right now. He three Ferguson. That was the kid they brought in as an undrafted rookie last year he was seen widely seen. By the NFL scouting community as one of the best long snapper is in last year's class a prospects heating get drafted but the bill signed him as an undrafted player. I think looking ahead to this year and he didn't make the roster Sanborn kept the job. He didn't even make the practice squad but in late in the year. They brought him back to the practice squad and then at the end of the year they signed him as a future free agent in January so he is on the roster right now. And the odds on favorite to beat his team's long snapper Danny cross the get a long look at him in training camp it. They brought him back at the end of the year brought him back into the fold worked within the last month of the season. And they re sign him as a future free agent and oh by the way get across from the still here's a special teams coordinator so I think he is the odds on guy. We launched. That's a position where. Like you said you wanna have a guy. That does that every single day and it Bryan Roy is that guy. You know he's not doing it every single day because he has the focus on being alignment. Ryan grew would have to prove it can't that he is way better then. Partisan. For him to be able to have that position because. People really overlook that as this people you know because when you think specialist you think the honor and the cases and and the whole bit. When you think the long snapper. It's not something you really think about it till the snapple's over the months in Iraq is if you do go out of my bulls. The long snap. But I remember watching him in training camp Lester he did a nice job for rookie you know wet behind the ears rookie and if you wanna go back to callous statement LSU I mean he did a really good job came. Out of school with high marks so. I think you know. They should be able to handle things with three Ferguson in there at long snapper if not they'll find somebody else but. I think they're really encouraged about where he can go in these league at that position us. You lost that family it's a great loss that has to be able to get them feel they cover. You know it's not just about snapping you've got to really get them really don't expect run through the snap it and run down a bill to cover. I don't know. OK fair enough that we're left to generates with him and you see who can run the system offensive that live feel good about that. I don't and 8030551. More segment to go here on the John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts. From one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills radio. And what are we to show. Presented by advance alarm providing Western New York homes and businesses with the finest in security and home theater and the preferred alarm and home theater provider. All of the Buffalo Bills well the first thing we learned came from pat DiMarco who gave us his first impressions of what impressed him. About coming to play for Sean McDermott. The coolest thing was the first thing shut down certain that something that you don't but I am not under our studio business level. You want year old couldn't stop them. You know coming value Cameron you're in you're kind of how you can about the know that I guess now it's just completely knocked off my feet or doesn't go all it was a the last work. About kind of a battle last year closet or whatever it was. We Obama family. I was just kind of blown away and not just can't stand her I think to the many years that. These characters trying to bring two to buffalo had just. You know just just to get that from the first impression. It was pretty credible. And we also one that's what we learned on today show here is that filled in for John Murphy pleasure to do it could be in within the last couple days here now as we wrap things up we also on our mind failed bills fans. About the Buffalo Bills schedule challenged slip a little different this year but go on Buffalo Bills dot com. And you've got a chance to win a pretty nice grand prize. If you win the contest to 2017 club's season tickets to on field passes for the home opener and won. Autographed helmet just by one in the bills' schedule challenge go to Buffalo Bills dot com. For more information. So the leak hooker he's just out of surgery he's already jogging in backpedaling says is ahead of schedule. What else is the innocent. Yeah. It's what's ahead of schedule how is he backpedaling like that slow motion like walking backwards they don't know if he's got to be ready for any pre draft workouts after Lieberman right answer bills it and no work out and all that stuff that is a tough pick to make but some people think he's still going to be. A top ten pick we'll see is the closer and closer. To the draft. Our thanks to our producer JJ to Reno and production assistance provided by George last Jeff holt and act Tom Hollander and James Donovan. Our intercom board up is Rainn Wilson myrtle be back on Tuesday it's that John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts here on Buffalo Bills radio.