03-20 Paul Hamilton with Howard and Jeremy

Howard and Jeremy
Tuesday, March 20th

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Paul Hamilton stand by the AT&T hotline kilogram tucked him in like seven years Paul how ardea. Think guys how we have moon could Paul and guided it in its feels like it's been forever Paul brought you by Lowe seemed NG Buffalo's workers' comp attorneys. Working hard for hard working western New Yorkers ball the sabres are in last bought. You you've watched every game you have to watch every minute of every game they are more watchable now is that would you agree. Absolutely they are. Mean we saw why the national predators are the best team in the national hockey league for much of that game buffalo. Outplayed Nashville. National has not coronet. And grenade did give them three golden opportunities he's getting at some point this scheme you're gonna give a golden opportunity I'll just give you much. But they didn't capitalize on any government they were gorgeous chances and one came right away when Bel Air where Nam back tees. Got a puck to the go to the decrease Bailey was right there but the parks in the area trying to knock it out of the air. He could so wide open net if he could knock it out of the air you've got a gold one nothing lead right off the bat. One is supposed slow start the third period on the power play he featuring a cleanly hit the post solid. And then go the the next one is in the third period when Michael is right in the creeks. And puts the puck through the crease start to the other side where Jason Palmer bill standing there for Tappan and he can't handle pass. And that one goes by the board so he did give me three different opportunities. To basically put the puck in. And you you didn't he didn't take advantage of any of them and then he shut you down the rest of the time when buffalo again and played very he very well I mean. The addition of proud of that first period they came out there after the first seven seconds with it right away and all market making great save. But from that point on they came out I think they outshot them when I went down to do my interview I think the shots were tenth two were 103 buffalo. And they were earning them live their speed was driving especially the Rodriguez line was striving national craze of the guys who do airspeed. Michael went around super am late to Bender played hockey before. I mean he turned on the jets and and just flew around him and went into force remain to a great save. And you say illegal in the yet we feel good to buy yourself zeros there at the end of the first period you rob played him for a lot of it. And things are going well they continued on into the second. The predators of the predators for a reason and you saw why they are. The best team in the league because when they get a chance it's in the net. Even though they're not playing particularly well I'm sure Laviolette wasn't happy with the way they were playing at the time. They find they find ways to beat Q and he certainly did against buffalo. Ball that third line is what people are starting to pick up on and pay attention to Bailey and Baptiste are you. Are you seeing a marked differences in their plays it because they're they're together there with Rodriguez there's not really. But doesn't appear to me to be any dead weight on that line is just a pretty good speed line. Yeah it's gonna say don't forget about Rodriguez he can't skate as well Baptiste and Bailey believes in you skate. A meanie he's not slow by any stretch of the imagination and you know they directly they got together later in the Chicago game after actions got injured and drew the Blackhawks are there lines. And then. It was interesting to watch them play the best team in drive them crazy I mean they have the puck the whole time and were in his own and worked very Baptiste in Bailey after Bailey's shift Baptiste Billy had two great chances in front that Renee stop them both that was bam bam play. And it's not just the speed going nowhere which just has tended to be there a mole. It's speed with a purpose and there are they're the first to the pocked or they're winning battles. They're getting pucks to the net Baptiste produced two goals against the Blackhawks beat because of it was a mess. So early speed was speed the god of that but he went to the places where goals are scored. They continued to do that but they didn't get rewarded. You know they were they were around them that they were lower goals were scored by. They either missed the cancer packer Renee was up to the task and would make the save. But. For two games now they've they've been really foreign but it it's it's more than just up and down speed I mean. Anywhere not anybody but there I've seen a lot of players in to skate up and on the ice and have some fairly good speed you have to be able to. Do something with that speed and that's what they've been doing for two games now. The seasons come down to just trying to find reasons to be a happy about something. Michael getting back we certainly. A pleasure to watch him play again you guys you guys were just talking about that line and hopefully. All three of them turn into something develop into something ghoul is a guy Paul. Casey medals that what's going on with him any any idea how this is gonna play out here culture. I can I can weigh in in this big and the guy that gives me the Scopes says the sabres are gonna triangle the Lauren skier out with him. Which is but and HL PTO with a guarantee of one NHL year how doesn't exactly work I I get Fuzzy sometimes I'm like burning an entry level year my guess is that middles that would want to do that. Come out and play to Bernie are off as he LC. I don't see how we can or the European science and ATO because he's not signed with the sabres Friday it would it would burning here beside an entry level you know write what I and you can't go to Rochester besides that the entry level appeal what do Columbus do with Gretzky he went to he went to their minor league team first ever that's not advantageous for mills he's got to know I'd argue that I agree like what the sabres want is to do that. But I think what he'll want. If he's gonna come out. And I urge you mentioned yesterday that Minnesota's changing coaches too so what's going on with the ball that could be I Eric you write it right I'm sorry could be there's lot of pressure on that coach. All I'll meet with the AD today action yet there are a lot of moving pieces if the sabres wanna get him out it might. Cost them. Giving him in the lineup right away tempering your residential Contra operative that. Happens and he can't go to Rochester. For the playoff run his agent I'm sure would push to Burma year. What's best for him is to be able to sign the eight the tryout contract in the American Hockey League in which he wouldn't be able assigned in the NHL. That would make him eligible to play the rare rare rest of the regular season and in the playoffs which would be better for him. But then he would after the season's over signed the big contract with the sabres. And the year wouldn't be burned off when you have a three year entry level deal. Which I'm sure the agent wouldn't be happy with the but that's what I think would be best for him. But he's got to decide that's best for him if you go and and financially that would not be best for him if he goes straight to Rochester he could play and in the playoffs. Only if he signs the eight TO OK and outside with the sabres notably Roger here's what about gotcha. You wonder if he would wanna play hockey you know like hey there's only ten games left in the NHL season sure you get the NHL burn a year or. May I mean some players are some players know that money's coming I'm gonna get it eventually and they decide that their development is is more important at the time. So I don't know I wonder how keen they are on getting him out of school either way. And they may now model leaves school I mean mean he he may want. Maybe you know it he may want to stay for another year who knows but as a coach I think would have a lot to do the coach is no longer there. How much incentive would he have to stay in school for another year and and that type of thing so it will be interesting to see if if botched roll can convince him. That the Rochester route is the way to go and I there's no question in my mind that reports accurate that would be Jason but kills them all. Totally that he would want him. The deal finish the year Rochester go down there be part of the playoff run and that absolutely for from hockey standpoint that absolutely would be the best thing form by. Willis agent while he has never date him I guess we have this all eyes are right sir death would his advisor be agreeable to that. How does it typically work. Would would the sabres Paul the advisor. And trying can and see and feel about so to speak or to date that it that he usually have the play error advisor called Abbott today. My guys pinched it in leaving Minnesota and read this I what you guys. Technically. I'll look at the advisor after almost neighbors okay. Technically I. OK and we use that word loosely yeah see Jason bottle sitting by the phone like come on bring I ran out. Okay thanks for clearing that up right everybody else can I do use it nudge nudge wink wink rather area okay. We will it will given amongst friends fall we'll go any further that you get everything okay anything all right just not do well how about you. And in their Paul who's it will mean invites you somewhere yesterday and I don't go anywhere I don't remember what I was you know Paul I don't have a solution they said he would decade ago so they want me to pay for years ago while the camera that's different if you're buying then let's talk to let me know what that is not past my bedtime and you're buying I'm all. And there's food involved I'm definitely Oprah was a counselor what it was right you know they want me. I'm good with it you just let me know. Have a nice day which Hamilton that your guys hi Paul thank you.