03-20 Sal Capaccio with Howard and Jeremy

Howard and Jeremy
Tuesday, March 20th

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Shall brought to us by a outlet liquor need to stock up shop there's only Allah liquor. Hello sound about Joseph what's going on man. How much guys it's fun doing math again early this early this morning he also Saturday Saturday. When the trade broke about ten minutes before I went on the air. I just simply try to do the math and said what did what did they give up if we were using their value chart as a reference and I get it I know that it's not you know you. You don't really use it necessarily afraid of being themselves that senior ball. That it is still a reference for a lot of teams I mean obviously still have your own way of doing it get your values your side but there is some value in using that and what I figured out was the jets went over by like 400 points to get where they want it that simple with the bills have to do. To get to 3000 because number two or 2600. And when I came up with was they have to give up twelve point 25365. In next year's second now that would be to be the start. And any time anybody asked me I was out of trot already official actually said. What do you what do you think they have to give up to get that you and I said. The two firsts a second a third in next year's second. Now one thing you have to always remember. Next years picks if you're going a year away. Our valued around lower. So the way GMs do it is what I've been told the way GMs do it is. Next year's purse has basically work this year second next your second is basically where this year's third so. They look at it as you have to give up. You know higher rounds equal the value of this year's round. Well OK I didn't know that. Because I am thinking even though you just said that I don't see a scenario where Brandon being gives up the the two ones this year and throws and a one next year. Feel like you that's where I'd wanna get that much about right yeah. Well that's why I didn't say that I said nah that's why secular ones that I hear it a second or third this year and next your second let your right. They may say we are next year's first I think that stuff I. I also I agree with you Howard I have been of the mind set all along I could be wrong. That the bills would the way they operate they'd rather not give up next your first because it's the other about the long term vision as well in the process of building this. Organizations so that's what I've felt was Jeremy is also. Right where wait what you do is in the trade this happened in the RG three trade idly Jeremy ware you do get picks Bakley try to balance about CC well. If you want next year's first we got to eat your second or something like that you know you try and balance. Everything out so there's. Generally it's not just a straight up like the colts jets did generally it's we give you this much we you have to give us a couple things back to kind of even it out to. Let me ask you this somebody called earlier about this out the fact that they are cleaning out the cabin and they look right now to have a lot of cap room next offseason. There in today air aggressiveness in terms of what they give up in the draft this year to move up knowing that. Okay we're in we might have a few less picks but we have some holes good news a year from now we have a whole bunch cap space if we have to get into free agency more aggressively. I do I think gum I think that there are so methodical in their thinking that those those kinds of things come into play. Where you know there are three ways to replenish your roster there's three ways to fill your roster. Free agency the draft in trades and you don't always have to have. Knowing you're never gonna have them all the credit equal one you're obviously illustrates always that the least likely but you always have the ballots out drafting and free agency and I think that's a way to look at it which is well weak either replenish this year through draft or free agency that you're gonna be the draft it appears how are they might wanna get that. Bomb next year might have be more free agency when you're talking about. Wallet quality vs quantity in the them about a dollar you spend and things like that so absolutely I think that's got to be part of your process of thinking. Of where you are the other thing that's interesting is you know lately and despite being normal but it has been pointed out. That the last few days they've been kinda unless signing spree here would you guys some visitors at least the other. Made a lot of signing but they've they cite some people here couple days go players here over the last point four hours they they had some visitors in and you wonder. They're trying to get ahead of themselves. To make sure they have their depth set before they make any deals to give up picks in this years draft. Let's get a moment about codeine and and new house 8030550s. Now on our AT&T hotline. Bart in buffalo earlier on with Sally RW jogger right at. But it has. Okay mobbed Russell boat died in Marshall Newhouse Sal what are the bills get in those two guys. What you listen this intimate bagel stands they were not fans of boat died in his play I mean I don't know I have not gone back and watch them so I think that lot of those things. Can be impacted by a lot of factors of course I do know that sees. That in this league for years and he started sixteen games each of those four years he started 64 straight games at center. The bills with the departure of Eric what his retirement. I think a lot of us obviously anticipate right Roy being the starting center. But right Royce also us swing interior lineman you bring in another senator you at least have that depth. On those three spots where maybe if there's an injury right Greg can play guard or navy boat nine pushes to start at center may be. In a new offense of the new office according to earn his scheme maybe they are and they don't like do costs are Miller as much or maybe grow way. It's look at art I think it it just creates options you know I think that's what the bills are looking for here and adding new house does as well. You know heat when he started his career on the left side actually started I think sixteen is the Green Bay Packers there 2012 and then. He moved the right side actually played some guard and 2016 for the New York Giants and guess position flexibility which we know the bills value. And with the trade according Glenn with the departure shot draw Anderson B of free agency. They have some depth issues it tackles I think the X-Factor tackle is Conner McDermott don't know really know what the plans are for him. They picked him up off waivers last year before the season started he stayed on the sea and the team all year I think how to McDermott might be a guy that's gonna push that right tackle job but now you have. Marshall Newhouse Conner McDermott in Jordan mills. Who can all fight it out and then whoever doesn't win that maybe becomes a swing tackle. And you know you'll see where the third guy is left so I think that more than anything. What these sightings really did was create options not necessarily. Give you all there's a starter for us but at least to create some options and position flexibility. OK then look on that note let me ask you about what's going on at linebacker there's an unconfirmed report that Ramon Humber is. Re signed for one year Kevin minter was reportedly in her visit will Compton had been in for a visit what's going on linebacker what are they doing at this point. It's a great question I I I wonder I think. The way I look at it is they're trying to you'll fill the hole as best they can't hear with whatever you know the options that they've identified whether that's come to term insert a command and he'll play for a year and then or may be on they signed them and an eagle they draft somebody. In the draft I think the linebackers one of those positions. Where. Teens feel that they can get a guy on our rookie contract to be. And you know a good contributor. You know like I got like Preston brown was for four years you know even though he's. Even though they they allowed a walk over four years he started pretty much every game he contributed to lead league in tackles he was on a rookie deal that. You know it's one of those positions we don't value so much and what you do with the you have to buck spent a ton of money so you're comfortable with having. You know somebody there for a year maybe a lower level guy. And then maybe drafting a guy can play at a rookie contract so much that she and a terrible you know they like Camelot but we'll see exactly. Where they go to camp with a sigh I'm just didn't that's Bobby's I think that becomes an interesting spot once we get to the draft. Yeah I was I just keep thinking about that spot with the draft sound like Kazaa it you know the names were talking about in free agency right now I think our guys you would put in the mix. But I keep thinking I got Matt Milan know I've got not an every down player Lorenzo Alexander and I keep think in the draft does say is a prime target the gonna try and find a guy with one of that one of their. What first four picks in two rounds. Yeah we'll see if they states well I mean. And if they do are they taking a quarterback there may be I mean you know. For all the talk I still believe I still believe in some way shape or form to take a quarterback early this draft when then twelve removing up. But you know let's say stay at twelve and a rogue once and it is there and that's a really interesting option for a team like the bills and I mean I know there are a lot of he'll believe. At the NFL level he's not quite the 43 middle linebacker on maybe because he. I.s that it's that little rough getting off some block sometimes but you know he's super athletic and can and can do a lot of things. At that position but I still I don't know if that really that's in the plans because I just. I think the quarterback seems to be where you're targeting here with the way that they've they've they acted but the other other linebackers in this draft and you can go down and you can get one a little bit lower like a setup because about position value as well in the our record doesn't seem to me to be around the league not just what the bills are on the lead. Really position where teams are. Really gung ho about valuing it as much as they do a lot of other positions we've seen somebody get thrown around this offseason I get that. But it just seems like teams are willing to. Plugging guys you guys had a rookie contracts are not overspend there. It's now thank you is always there and will will keep chat with you. Our guys thanks a lot.