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Wednesday, March 21st

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Has an edge to warm. He's been back enough Andy Dalton is their franchise guy he filled and probably four games should've won a playoff game an unfortunate fumble that they were down fifteen often believe in the fourth and he brought him back may be through and AJ green we watched every throw is and what he did and thought he gets real good things thighs got upside that's what he'll do he'll come and here we got him and Nathan right now on the roster in those two guys who compete we'll see what else happens between now one and that first game. Friend indeed on AJ McCarron. The bills newest quarterback. Joins us on the AT&T hotline Jimmy lights up but you with you here AJ good morning it's a Jeremy and sell our yeah. It. I was going through your Twitter profile just you know trying get can an idea of fun we are what you do when I saw you were you were chirp Rick Kyle long about I racing dot com. And I wanted to ask you about that Larry what you are you big racing fan when it comes to NASCAR and also like. Simulators mullah. Yeah we we. We do a lot of blood in probably. I'll always been a huge. That carpet. And but then you know all right I got into this simulator anything in that they have and found out problems Florida bitten. Loved it Bo. We have got up met each other. Well back before and it's been fun. That born in Alabama you go to Alabama and then you know your career in Cincinnati and now now buffalo do you do you find it. Indeed is the offseason a good time for you to to kind of reconnect of that did you do you go race is a meanie altar on the country when your free time. Yeah me. We look we look favorably. Go to a good bit of desperate as well we can't. Actually Talladega here back in Alabama but. I mean we we've also we've we've you know a lot of short track racing we have that are also here in Mobile, Alabama where Earl. So. Yes we were just huge trade fair and. Your favorite track to go to and on about a favorite track on the simulators it is a more fun on the on the short tracks and on the big ones. Period between really every I look super speedway racing. All of you know old married in but. A look torture rape in here in mobile. But you know it comes to NASCAR probably super speedway racing. To go to just because. You know but to my buddies that are very. In the NASCAR series hated. But it's always fun whatever you can either at big Greg at the end and would think argued interesting nonetheless worry about laps. Now top have you ever awarded the Pope on a minute just near kind of bond bills fans give that sentiment we are diverted chance. To take off of one of the cars like the delivered on that I would imagine like the war or whether it's the Richard Petty driving school or just have won your friends that you take one out. Have it but. I mean I've been altered. We're. And I've driven though they have the ego driven they. Street stock series. Down here and well built other net. Nothing along the and that are cute characters or anything but. You know hopefully. Buck it up in the future. We yeah. I so AJ take us through the the free agent process how how went for you in terms of ultimately landing with the Buffalo Bills. Oh I think it was you know religious. The wake game. Eric stood part. Another crazy process that. Of god through. And go boy and we've started talking. With the build. Just. We feel like it was a great opportunity to. Show. Go there in BO. That you built big goal for mark felt was start. And so. You know we just flickers a great opportunity to. Compete in bella and hopefully achieve that. Your conversations with the bills about starting is it. Was it important you. Did you ask about being. In a competition but about I'd imagine anybody your positions gonna look at the other teams and and see the stable of quarterbacks are what their plan might be a quarterback or questions. Did you have and and what they tell you about the position and and how it might look come training camp. Not a I really did best in Austin. It I'll always been taught like even when I was an Alabama never. Repeated begets. The big guy. Always really competed get it felt they had to bail because. They've been sort dummy like. If you view yourself as the best out there. There's no reason to compete against that backdrop like to compete against yourself to be better each day whether it. You know today. Are. Going to complete Bob Moore pat. Lower a partner of Perot the year yes they're a group you're searching today. Well they under two it. You are destroyed the previous book sell so are really worry about the other guys. There are a bit of always done that in so. That's just the way are able situation. AJ how many pairs of shoes do you own. Albeit a part of it underwear probably a little bit I. I read I read you I think penchant for owning issues in your like an issue connoisseur or something like that is that right. Yeah yeah and a slew of issues. Do you go through their lots of pairs of cleats in the season two's huge issues. Not that Larry. A battle go to Britain Betty Buckley worrying. It's just cleats are harder to break kid right. They're biggest in the trillion feet but. Of that plea every debt or just personal plea to the. Now when you grub you're mobile you grew up. Is that something and almost kids come on you Groban Mobile, Alabama and you gonna play for Alabama that's incredible for you is that the goal when you're a kid did to go to Alabama grown up that. That story and that's the hometown team and that's lifelong goal. No. Not really. I've never really grew up rooting for Alabama. Out of Miami hurricane fans. And and so. But when it taped to the recruiting process. But it healed well learning about a bed and everything it was pretty gay recruiting me but I felt so. Just so love university they'll love would abate. Airing in coaches bed just thought it was the right. AJ McCarron on the AT&T hotline you do a couple of teammates. That are coming over with him Russell bold nine. And there's a linebacker help me sell who is it. No authority they interview the other pet Mansur was at her visit to doctor of his service that Ed yet you know anybody else on the team like as you come to buffaloes or someone you reached out to right away and asked. What it's like with the coaching staffs like with the fans alike of that with the with the buildings like. Are really. Very yes. I know. AG Carol Madrid is because we had they made it so that rocket inhale bit. It's. Other guys. All of they're going to be you know all that you guys so. We gotta solve their candidate. Group chat just talk it and give the bill for each other and so. He they. Is just derby off the process terminal to where we kids. Really ill be around each other larger today is really alert they know each other. And he can't really talk. X.s and those necessarily until that window opens up but obviously have to get a feel for your new offensive coordinator. A bright able what do you know about Brian either through your interactions with him or what others have told you. It's yeah I mean he's just the way. A great all that. You know. Doesn't really good job that the scheme. For his players so. It really all I really though about. As. The just can't wait to. Suddenly get. You know giving up there are being able to really. Learn the office. What one of the things that impress media that nature press conference was when you were asked about the team possibly drafting a quarterback. Hi in this draft in the you have to share the room with a person that obviously they would feel that can be somebody for their future on how do you approach that situation you've always been. The back up in the younger guy in the room out now own you're gonna compete for a job of course you wanna start. But this team could also bring somebody in who they feel very highly of coming into the NFL. Yeah it that you are able. You know like a pro and though it. Their Bible a lot of people you know what director goblet. You know this is relative unknown about me. Directly to got to college there's a lot of little bit too so. But. He you know that situation best spot would be just would you be a great teammate. If you can't control the thing she can't so. There's no reason to worry about it. If it happens that's why he's part of family's important things. You help the best way and and get this thing rolling. While Asian economy TC how light one less question Asia Europe part of that. Bengals team that while changed the fate of of bills fans and by. Helping put them in the playoffs with the that that doesn't pass Randy Delmon water but your view of that as you saw Natalie. Your part of that dangles team and also. A part of that story was what bills fans did in donating to. Tell eighties charity elected debt in anyway give you am I know some sort of appreciation for the for the fans that are here and when. You know you when your agent decided to make buffalo home for for the time being is that something that that played into it for you. Bobby yeah. Everything you hear about the organization. You know like I said Barbara proper is really feels like. University of Alabama it's weird to me. Not the weather but the but the the band may the action they have ordered. I did it really isn't something special. It's all to be a part of I can already tell you go out special there's been remotely. A lot of love being a college. It just gets you excited football let me. It is eight we give up. Two buffalo was we just felt like all of that everybody's blood. Just some that they brought forward that. Just can't wait we get up there. Really just prove to the city. The organization. She believed everybody else. How are working. And so that I am not a lot of oil so hopefully that is you know what their fate to be in the I can't wait to work. That show. You know well how special this week they. Tonight AJ McCarron on the eighteenth the outline AJ job thanks very much and not go look it it's not welcome to town and all that. I'm AJ McCarron bills quarterback on the AT&T hotline if you join mostly confined and on demand at WGR 550. Dot com. When it. Once one's one's a two days ones rookie camps while is as anything happened but we literally don't have the schedule yet when they're gonna first get together usually mid April. If you have a new coach of the bills don't this year it's a little bit earlier you did a week head start on teams and an extra week there. So I'm guessing mid April is when we're gonna first see these guys in the field doing some stretching. And some you know light stuff. Really no football activity allowed and then you really start to get into more of the OT eight type stuff as you get into. Midday. There is an interesting article. The New York Post. About the giants possible draft plans with our scenarios. Laid out I including. If they will or should it. Trade down. With the bills or even the Broncos. And it also talks about the more likely. Think the most likely thing that gave Gelman will do it why that is it tries to read some tea leaves with things he said that. I wanna read you what this article says this was written by Paul Schwartz of the New York Post this is why about the way the bills have to get the six so didn't kind of neutralize the Broncos. I think so I think you're right here is what needs what the colts which we've talked about a little bit America first he talks about the difference there he says. Giants are not likely take a quarterback part one giants are not likely to court like artillery actually felt like he doesn't believe the giants are really going to take a quarterback which I've also believe I'm listening he that he says they really take a running backs Ohio no says sure why not any talks about why they might. Is what the browns take Barkley at one the running back then what and he says they actually be. Really content with Nelson the guard or child pass rusher who apparent that he says after that all right what about a trade down. Quarter Regis you. The notion quote quarterback or else they must trade out and quote is not spot flying with the giants again. Go back to get a man who stressed you can't be too cute here you see a player with the potential for greatness you take them. Now the giants get blown away by the Broncos sitting at number five did you move down they definitely would considerate especially if that number five didn't get Nelson. Here's the part you need to pay attention to now folks. Sliding all the way down to deal with the bills could bring back number twelve in 22 in the first round. And in the second round 53 in 65. Plus a 20192. Round pick. However he says it is believed settlement would hold out for more the bill would have to include their when he nineteen. First round pick on top of all that that's about the giants would have to consider but the Smart money. Is on them staying putts and taking it player they see greatness and. That's a lot. To the Utah you're talking much this year is. To first this year is two seconds next year's first and second that's basically what it's saying. They're insane. If they turn it down take quarterback fine I used I don't. What I don't know I believe that though that the bills have to. David two number ones two number twos next year's number two they you have to keep hold out for next year's number one else was off. I don't know the way you read that holding out might mean the first incentive instead of the second next year. All I understand it's I don't erect belongs to Jews and next year's one instead of next years to yes poll he would hold out for that. And again like one of the things I get that the team it'll do to offset that. Brandon being if they're gonna strike to do the giants consider are trying to you want that number one that's fine. We want your third you know we want we want something back because when he needed bodies in here are from this guy I am. And so heart. I am torn on whether other bills will or should. But I'm not torn on this I'm not afraid of price. At all not afraid that you say that I hold out for next year's first I just don't. I'm not so moved away from the idea sell by all couldn't couldn't mixtures for mean you get all the way to the doorstep. And say. Knack can't DeWitt I just I just can't it's not it's not scared me away the price doesn't scare me away I know that it's a risk and know that it's a gamble. It's further because it is it's the only. It's the only position you would consider doing it for. To get to the top and take the second quarterback. Probably the second quarterback there's a report today that the browns are working out Sam Arnold and Josh Allen. So those might be the browns' top two choices and who knows with that with it's it's it's also my got to be out that I I I love this a lot on the conversation I'm loving all the speculation. In all the bills wanna make a move today to get to six. We think we start all over again now one now with the giants want sixth and 22. To move down force spots like. Sounds good to me. But did you cease. Com Barkley has pro David did not work out aren't you don't lie wanted to do. He said because no running back coach was there. So why thank god there's no running back coach here like what what what's the point basically and I think that that's kind of where evidently that's what happened. But here's the thing. Does he really need to sickle Barkley really doesn't have to do Prodi does he not of course not exactly so he wasn't worried about is I got a bushel up for it I mean you guys don't like it. Yet I just got a little way to combat. So similar amount same reason that Donald didn't didn't throw to come by a one thing I think it was going to be. He was not hyper or topic shape made the point that YA don't you who if you're Arnold why don't you work out the com I know the answer is. He's not a perfect prospect he's got a little bit of a loopy delivery and if you let scouts put your delivery up against all the others. It becomes more obvious how looping your delivery is if you're the only guy throwing there's no to compare to and his pro day. A realist and he did say that we did this he did say if you wanna catch some passes I'll do that he's like you know he. I like this kid like these gays and I think he's gonna be very good in the NFL. But I also think that very good players in even great players other than quarterback. Don't really mean much unless you have a quarterback. Yet I'll say I've said a few things throughout this process I'll say that these two things again. I believe the bills covet darn old and would covet him more than any player in this draft. And two I will believe that they want Josh Rosen when he is holding up the Jersey. I will not believe it until that moment that they want Rosen. The Allen stuff I don't know I can believe that he just do not believe they all want Josh Rosen as soon as they. As soon as Roger real announces his name I'll still doubt it and then when he holds up the Jersey art. I guess the bills like him I think they would I iced the they would stay away my personal opinion Mike in buffalo Oreo line three for Mike in buffalo. Jeremy portrait all of it for if they don't know who or. Yeah go ahead you're on the air. But we wanted to talk about what it would take to get to four. Yeah yeah I I got to. Shoot yet she chute firing Carla. All I'm here now you are on the air sure. What that I would ritual it's an Indian. That's what happened stop about number war. At Cleveland problems. We clean that ought to twenty. And maybe they're at an even at number one of next year. And that's when we still. 22. And a third. And we get a court and that wraps it equally it would go. And we still. I need to with the grass this year we owed that much and even as the number one next year I think because. We hundred million dollars in dumped so accurate it's. June 3. My one thing that's pointed out as a potential model the bills could follow. The bears right the bears when he got their quarterback last year and he's not a lot of talent around him some. This year in and play and he don't play right away you know he sat for awhile he'd play a little late there's some good signs there this year. They spent a ton of money and filled in around him they added tight end they added two receivers. The bears didn't have that on plays and look at the bills do they could to make it trade a bunch and draft of the top. And at the guys sit perhaps a seasonal learn learn get ready and then next year in the offseason spend a lot of money infill and around him. So could they move to for sure and he can we talk what these for these trades to sell and someone says. What if you could hang on a 22 or what if he can hang onto your to a second round I don't I don't think about hanging on any of these pics I am not. I'm not we ahead to next year's first I'm not and I don't care about the thought that I don't care about these fixing no they have value. But one thing I pointed out a couple days ago was you could trade. 22. 53. And sixty minute effort three where there two picks in the second round sticking through 65 okay finger to the six are already 350 so you could trade 2256. And 65. And that is really good value for anybody. And the overall picture acquired from other teams. So the the bills have there's a good chart to illustrate this if the average and average draft capital you have based on the chart is 100. The bills have more than 160. Points they basically have enough picks in the right spots to have more than a draft and a half. So pretty when it says you can't keep your whole draft the way you wouldn't. You can give away half of it but it gave away 80%. Or whatever eighty points it's like eighty left. So that doesn't mean spend Willy Nilly and get careless it just means you have plenty. To do it I wouldn't I wouldn't worry about well we're gonna give up too much and at any hatred brown needs to be mentioned the thirty have a million pecs and by the way. It might mean nothing right now but just to. Based basically make make sure people know. The bills actually have nine picks next year already. They have two extra picks lecture them on board the seventh and compensatory could come in right and I think by the way I think it's gonna be hard and I've been the first person to tell people believe me I've been the first person tell all of you. The brain and being a. Definitely thinks about the compensatory picks because he's told us that yes said that although I think that the way things are gonna free agency it's going to be hard to get a compensatory pick. They basically have to lose to quality free agents earn good deals in the way it's going. They already had five qualifiers they've. Signed available only lost three qualifiers they've that. Out the door so it's gonna be hard to do that so as much as I tell you is that you don't really does care about that he does monitor that. It doesn't mean it's the end all be all for him it's going to be tough for him to get any topics next year the way it looks right now but next year they'll do have an extra fourth round pick from Kansas City. And he Reggie rag and deal and they also have an extra seventh round pick. I believe it's the seventh that was in net. Trade was that and I have to go back and looked at seven object that was in the. Killing clay heave on Seymour illegally. All right to Kaelin clay trade the asphalt. Are 8030551. We get back for you Lamar Jackson supporters Paul Rodgers play by play voice of global cardinals will join us we'll talk to. Rogers about Jackson. A final bit more about Jackson the person we mentioned he was at the come under out agent he does not have a full PR team pumping his tires telling Herbert a radius. So let's find out from Paul Rodgers that's on the way next first though Briton Wilson has the wind cash code. When some money yes thousand dollars when cash code word and then seven to 81 offered to Dave cattlemen to trade something with the bills that could help. The hurt tax your code word is holed T Ol Al deal like I told Jeremy hey do the wing cash code word before we go to break. Text told you did to seven to 813 chance and a thousand dollars message and data rates may apply. And the nationally just contest on WG. Okay now. We talent and we ask beaten certificate Matt. Deficiencies are caught up protection what was in front if you got a bit which he can neutralize that what is what is that what discipline. It would get support from the perimeter. He can make plays and can we gain at or your bank enough witnesses in the backyard and stick to the culprits are. It can be a very good quarterback in the national football salute to play early which should get a fix that stuck to put up plants. Mark Schofield. Inside the talent thank you. Inside the pilot Mark Schofield. Good work done on Lamar Jackson by Matt Waldman at Brooke rookie starting portfolio. And gets Matt Waldman RSP dot com he does. Don't breakdowns of all the quarterbacks and has one very good one comparing. Lamar Jackson to Josh Allen. And Howell. The truth is the jacksons the better pocket passer and more composed in the pocket and Josh illness. So stay tuned reading a global play by play voice of Paul Rodgers and Simone talk was about Lamar Jackson. And we are stat of the day was on mr. Jackson as well from Steve tells all all pro football focus who pointed out. That only 27%. Of Jackson's career rushing yards at global. Came via scrambling 73% was designed runs so if you think well is it got to just drop back and ran around. Not really the case when dropping back the past he had 9000 plus passing yards and 12100 rushing yards this is the guy. That threw the ball lot. The reason the rushing yards or so far up there is because they had lots of designed runs as you would do in college football. On the AT&T hotline joining us right now Paul Rodgers play by play voice of the global cardinals Paula good morning it's Jeremy and sell. Aria. Thank you so tell us about mr. Lamar Jackson I I was I did someone point out to me the he didn't sign an agent at the com mine and I find that to be interesting like maybe that's why we're not hearing it. Teams connected to Jackson because agents usually kind of put that stuff out there and Jackson just cannot. Ruled on his own so. Do you think that decision indicates the kind of guy that he is or or or what can you tells about Lamar Jackson made that decision and and as he approaches the draft. Yeah very much indicates the kind of person years I think eventually he'll probably have to get a page of additional security get all the these high dollars not right now is mother excellent acting or less as a consultant. In regulation put his mother she deserves a lot of credit for making him look. The whole boy young man he has put doesn't but the football player he is a lot of the kind athlete that he real treat to watch him play. Are anxious to see if and how his pro career plays out we don't all the questions that are out there are but. I personally. I think he is legal going to be a productive professional quarterback. Watching him play I can remember the first time I some player was at the Carrier Dome against Syracuse he lit up. My orange sells a Syracuse crowd as well. Lit him up and I I thought I remember thinking this is the best player in college football you burst onto the scene pretty quickly and it wasn't just. On the run it we it was with his arms so as you as you watched him go from his junior C I'm sorry sophomore season he wins the Heisman to his junior season. What did you see different because they I think NFL evaluated were looking to see differences in his game and growth. I think he was more refined and I think he still has some some waste a goal that to you saw that Syracuse and I agree with you that was brought a breakout moment and Eddie House validated at the next week at that big game against Florida State but he just. Small player who had this uncanny ability. To avoid tackles with great speed great illusionist. That a quarterback who ran like we are very few quarterbacks ever happened in a way that maybe this little played against him because I think. The perception of laborious you don't running quarterback and certainly that's unique skill he has got up to get overshadowed his ability to scroll ball as the improvement and throwing the ball as says he went through this past season is judgment got better. His understanding of the game of coverage has got better peaceably to bad girls have been some bad decisions and and frankly quite often disrupt him because he wasn't getting wrote that protection brought. But if you watch you cleared closely scroll ball. He's got a great arm very accurate actually I think more accurate downfield the book brought picky he's also proven on. It was short hurled touched hurled a little swing past settled back a little guys and girls but he knows that still work on a then there's coach Bob Petrino here is that the best thing about the bars he's gotten close to work at Los to be coached. That said his completion percentage obviously wasn't as high as you like to see from a quarterback of the collegial W said he did have improv made it went from 34 at the six to 59% here's my. Biggest question about Lamar I would think can you tell me if I'm wrong about this. I would think if you're coming from a Bobby Petrino type of offense with the way that he designs plays. If you're gonna thought as highly highly recruited quarterback for the NFL you would want that percentage Brit to be a little bit higher you would think it may be a guy. Of his ilk would have a higher percentage is that a fair criticism the question that. I think it's a fair question yes and to be honest with ya they get to bomb the treat all while to figure out exactly what did. To deal with assault could send LaBarge action because he'd never had a guy quite like this. An and I think good give a lot of inaccurate. Inaccuracies were caused by a poor protection upfront they who scrambled first like quite often. Oh. They had their record Rex go after Michael's at a person no doubt about that again it would eakins. This week comfortable pocket and throw I think he could be a very accurate passer. Paul Rodgers on the AT&T hotline how about his command of of of hoddle command of the room as a as a leader of a football team you know there are some. Quarterbacks that are going to be mild mannered they're gonna some that are going to be fiery. His make up his personality his work ethic his his drive like deceit strive to be the best as he. Get emotional it is he is you cool cat like when you when you think about the player that he is an in his in his make up. What would a team that's getting Lamar Jackson beginning. He's absolutely. A fiery competitor and a guy who desperately wants to be a good player he works hard data he puts a lot of blame on himself. Take full responsibility and accountability for mistakes and and maybe to some degree goes global over the top all of that because signal bar that wasn't your fault it was that law mate. But he's he's a guy who has great command of the global players a lot of they love the way he'd never and that goes for just just Brandon and friends friends of people around the near this all the time he just didn't carry himself like some big big shot. He'd loved the all the field he loved being with this team makes. He loves practicing. And then no would call Paula is ego take charge and and then due mostly to other at least try to do the right thing. There you go have surgery now read this there are few other guys in this draft from Louisville. I know trip on young is an edge rusher the bills have a need for that I don't even offered to tackle in this draft use. Consider pretty. Highly rated tell us a little bit about maybe distract us outside Lamar Jackson and maybe some guys that teams might be what they might be getting. Ultraviolet young as a guy who has great speed had been proved to be at the assault outside outside Russia alarm and I think you probably are free to Gerald Christian thinks he's a guy who started every game. Starting as a freshman year big big guy. Good sides had a brother who played tight end here and he's a guy who's got a bloop double barrel in all preceded you working also like his quickness like his ability to. But it could use his body administrate. I and the armed not a world most Paul what person to. So critique all the sublime but that it had double bullets at a ball too much but he's he has solid player at a very good young man think teams are political take a shot with a. Paul Rogers an easy jalla and all right well. What he would what's your take do you do you do you have a a team you'd like to see him go to Gibbs of the gut. A head coach you think you fit welcome back to the Marchex important what you go you have. Any hunch on this and I'm sure you've you've been on a budget different stations around the country tell them what you think of the guy. I imagine you're rooting for a boat you know when when you when you think about a good fit. Is it sitting for a year is it's an offensive mind that's had success before. I've been trying to think what he would be a good it's forgiven him because of his style. I'd I don't know necessarily do the right got port that is. Personally have great on this for buffalo for a possible standpoint that. I think the world Derrick would I don't how much he enjoyed his time at buffalo wild blue wolf fertile slopes and it's not a buffalo guys that are already here for years just. Sleep like the city's much like it's now. Like to support an event that W bridge players and players like that community diagonal to draw personal standpoint. I would not say Labarca buffalo Ottawa a guy from Miami feel like a look awful pulled him right. But. Well we're not heard him telling them you know who reject any he played college obviously Miami but you know he's he's from. I'm in Pennsylvania that your right to me it's it's a shock to a lot of systems but once you get here you seem to love it that's the thing Paul. That's what I hear from people it you know it may be Lamar will be the next guy you know. I'm Paul thanks very much in if he is the next guy for the bills and Cheryl talked on the line. Hopeless so I thank you Paul Rodgers on the eighteenth he hotline from. Global play by play voice of little hole. And also had Preston brown who's now back in his hometown Cincinnati played from came with a would obviously to buffalo jump. Are right in Israel 551808550. To 550 to join us it is Wednesday it is sabres and you oats tonight you asked a question very early in this morning show and I and I have an answer I have not. Had a chance to get back to you on this are you ready you asked the question you wonder what the longest tenure offensive coordinator. And who that would be in the NFL because guys get fired guys can head coaching job at third to gut. He too good get a coaching job too bad you fired. While the if sir and I think we don't know we should count this guy anymore the answers Josh McDaniels and it's by its quad bike quite a few years he's been there since 2012 would knowingly but. Aside from that he no he did leave he definitely didn't try to leave a second time that's right. Here's the answer though which is interest. So. You have some guys who bend their while the longest tenured. Is a guy who actually doesn't even call plays its Pete Carmichael in New Orleans it's easier when you don't call plays and Sean Payton does and then. Scott Linehan for the cowboys and Tony fifteen to get out but he doesn't. Doesn't. The coach or call plays it and in Dallas. Jason Garrett decent Arabs aria. I don't know I think you might and that you have bill Albright who calls his place. He's got escorted in head coach and then you have to get to so here's the point. Really its Jim Bob cooter and when he fifteen with the winds Bob cooter inept at these the only one who actually calls his own plays and less I don't think winning and does. Calls plays as an offensive coordinator. Who's been there for more than two school years Jeremy. Other than Josh McDaniels as I said we're gonna leave them off there. Everybody else we sixteen or later they were hired crazy it's just a spot that has so much turnover in the reason we talked about it earlier. Is. If you draft a quarterback. Because of the offensive coordinator what he might run. Then all you're really doing is doing that for a year to. Because the two position turns over so much. You draft a quarterback to be your cornerback. For a decade plus. Not because he fits into an offense that you're up to coordinator whose only going to be there for two or three years on average once Iran. You just don't do is just not Smart in Britain being said at the come by and he's not going to draft a quarterback simply based on what Brian Cabell does. And what I tweeted that quote out of the copper mine a lot of people said yeah that's great that's Smart. Just as many people said how hot that's stupid that's why the bills won't succeed. I don't agree with those people I thought why would you why would you draft a quarterback do you intend on having for over a decade. Simply because of one offensive coordinator who might not be would you two years down the road. Doesn't make sense to me you know opposite Tim on a celta. Good morning. Good morning guys. All right. Burris. Or you go to Google and I don't know which court America's cup year. Maybe you can go to court course reported. Would become an acute. Pretty good quarterbacks. If you're it did Barbara they are they're. Any other corset worn it. If the bill that sought to do you do here. Where they are in our goal at cornerback. It'll eat pizza or what quarterback. That year. Will it be okay well. Because a lot of people begin at quarterback become acute birds were movie would usually get are gotten. Here's the problem first evolved first of all I'll get to your 2019 question and a second here's the problem with that thought process. Every year there are teams it's the only quarterbacks and the teams that don't take them this year what about the giants won about Eli in Pittsburgh what about Philip Rivers in. With the chargers I mean those teams at some point they don't take when this year they're gonna need one next year may be because those guys are getting all there are always turn over there's always turn over ring guys. The things that the question I have for that when you do it you do when you have the opportunity to do what you don't wait until. Because we this is what this team has done every year that kicked down the road they waited they waited they waited you wanna wait again I don't. I don't wanna wait again I'm tired of waiting until next year. No but well. You read the book you do it. You're always gonna have also felt it only has holes to your always gonna have also fell. Say next year the same argument can be made when you call us next year at the end of march the exact same that you're saying now because they're gonna have holes next year to. Guys contracts are averaging cut needless contracts up at the end of the year next year so was Ryan version an offensive line help cowlings is probably played only one year get any help there. Eat Vontae Davis one year deal you get any help their next year. What's going out the linebacker position probably gonna get a guy may get a one year Dili in any help there. Every year you're going to need help to it's your question by the way on the 2019 clasped. I have no idea I think drew Locke is considered like the the top diary now from Missouri we'll Greer Clayton foreseen is that its name from northwestern I think I know. Sure. Everything is a few guys so they I'm not sure push it off to next year there'll be an angry mob outside of the ticket office at one they'll strike Tammy and I cannot pushing it off every day until next year every year. Now they have the now they have the wherewithal to do it go do it tonight. Obama looked. Listen read. No I don't us. I think to get you to record set a sports on a light on WGR. Breaking sports news bears first here. GR Sports Radio fine. Flaws some assembly got. A minute half a minute. Break and yeah not cannon me. Gimme a battle auto show today. Bal lot to show some serious talk some stuff about they Jones some bills talk. But tonight. Then tonight I was gonna say this you know why we need to build the trade of record back and forth to work. Because almost everything has broken us even good plans have been wasted like the tank. Was a great plane and it worked and then afterwards the sabres made a lot of bad decisions and there are still the bottom. Net stinks. And I take my opportunities the stark and here it is. So tonight as of yesterday Dylan stroll home. Was going to be called up and might play for the Arizona coyotes. Dillon strong all due respect don't stroll like don't Strom just fine and I hope he has so wonderfully fruitful career but. Does look like that's going to be the case is yeah not yet. And you know pulled up candidate and even on the line for it and had like an even know the Smart start and ergo don't point is two career points. Thanks for the overtime winner Sam gone yank. I was on the glass. And it was great. Thanks cam Atkinson thanks Jonathan Toews. I'm glad we're not calling up don't strong tonight and asking for his third career point and instead we're mad that the sabres have wasted a great player. That's all. Pomona and get a little into the little windy morning we'll start you cannot not. All right. Self thank you yeah no problem like this up or delete your 550 dot com draft they Jones all that stuff generic.