03-21 Newest Bills quarterback A.J. McCarron with Jeremy and Sal

Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, March 21st

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Has an edge to warm. He's been back enough Andy Dalton is their franchise guy he filled and probably four games should've won a playoff game an unfortunate fumble that they were down fifteen often believe in the fourth and he brought him back may be through and AJ green we watched every throw is and what he did and thought he gets real good things thighs got upside that's what he'll do he'll come and here we got him and Nathan right now on the roster in those two guys who compete we'll see what else happens between now one and that first game. Friend indeed on AJ McCarron. The bills newest quarterback. Joins us on the AT&T hotline Jimmy lights up but you with you here AJ good morning it's a Jeremy and sell our yeah. It. I was going through your Twitter profile just you know trying get can an idea of fun we are what you do when I saw you were you were chirp Rick Kyle long about I racing dot com. And I wanted to ask you about that Larry what you are you big racing fan when it comes to NASCAR and also like. Simulators mullah. Yeah we we. We do a lot of blood in probably. I'll always been a huge. That carpet. And but then you know all right I got into this simulator anything in that they have and found out problems Florida bitten. Loved it Bo. We have got up met each other. Well back before and it's been fun. That born in Alabama you go to Alabama and then you know your career in Cincinnati and now now buffalo do you do you find it. Indeed is the offseason a good time for you to to kind of reconnect of that did you do you go race is a meanie altar on the country when your free time. Yeah me. We look we look favorably. Go to a good bit of desperate as well we can't. Actually Talladega here back in Alabama but. I mean we we've also we've we've you know a lot of short track racing we have that are also here in Mobile, Alabama where Earl. So. Yes we were just huge trade fair and. Your favorite track to go to and on about a favorite track on the simulators it is a more fun on the on the short tracks and on the big ones. Period between really every I look super speedway racing. All of you know old married in but. A look torture rape in here in mobile. But you know it comes to NASCAR probably super speedway racing. To go to just because. You know but to my buddies that are very. In the NASCAR series hated. But it's always fun whatever you can either at big Greg at the end and would think argued interesting nonetheless worry about laps. Now top have you ever awarded the Pope on a minute just near kind of bond bills fans give that sentiment we are diverted chance. To take off of one of the cars like the delivered on that I would imagine like the war or whether it's the Richard Petty driving school or just have won your friends that you take one out. Have it but. I mean I've been altered. We're. And I've driven though they have the ego driven they. Street stock series. Down here and well built other net. Nothing along the and that are cute characters or anything but. You know hopefully. Buck it up in the future. We yeah. I so AJ take us through the the free agent process how how went for you in terms of ultimately landing with the Buffalo Bills. Oh I think it was you know religious. The wake game. Eric stood part. Another crazy process that. Of god through. And go boy and we've started talking. With the build. Just. We feel like it was a great opportunity to. Show. Go there in BO. That you built big goal for mark felt was start. And so. You know we just flickers a great opportunity to. Compete in bella and hopefully achieve that. Your conversations with the bills about starting is it. Was it important you. Did you ask about being. In a competition but about I'd imagine anybody your positions gonna look at the other teams and and see the stable of quarterbacks are what their plan might be a quarterback or questions. Did you have and and what they tell you about the position and and how it might look come training camp. Not a I really did best in Austin. It I'll always been taught like even when I was an Alabama never. Repeated begets. The big guy. Always really competed get it felt they had to bail because. They've been sort dummy like. If you view yourself as the best out there. There's no reason to compete against that backdrop like to compete against yourself to be better each day whether it. You know today. Are. Going to complete Bob Moore pat. Lower a partner of Perot the year yes they're a group you're searching today. Well they under two it. You are destroyed the previous book sell so are really worry about the other guys. There are a bit of always done that in so. That's just the way are able situation. AJ how many pairs of shoes do you own. Albeit a part of it underwear probably a little bit I. I read I read you I think penchant for owning issues in your like an issue connoisseur or something like that is that right. Yeah yeah and a slew of issues. Do you go through their lots of pairs of cleats in the season two's huge issues. Not that Larry. A battle go to Britain Betty Buckley worrying. It's just cleats are harder to break kid right. They're biggest in the trillion feet but. Of that plea every debt or just personal plea to the. Now when you grub you're mobile you grew up. Is that something and almost kids come on you Groban Mobile, Alabama and you gonna play for Alabama that's incredible for you is that the goal when you're a kid did to go to Alabama grown up that. That story and that's the hometown team and that's lifelong goal. No. Not really. I've never really grew up rooting for Alabama. Out of Miami hurricane fans. And and so. But when it taped to the recruiting process. But it healed well learning about a bed and everything it was pretty gay recruiting me but I felt so. Just so love university they'll love would abate. Airing in coaches bed just thought it was the right. AJ McCarron on the AT&T hotline you do a couple of teammates. That are coming over with him Russell bold nine. And there's a linebacker help me sell who is it. No authority they interview the other pet Mansur was at her visit to doctor of his service that Ed yet you know anybody else on the team like as you come to buffaloes or someone you reached out to right away and asked. What it's like with the coaching staffs like with the fans alike of that with the with the buildings like. Are really. Very yes. I know. AG Carol Madrid is because we had they made it so that rocket inhale bit. It's. Other guys. All of they're going to be you know all that you guys so. We gotta solve their candidate. Group chat just talk it and give the bill for each other and so. He they. Is just derby off the process terminal to where we kids. Really ill be around each other larger today is really alert they know each other. And he can't really talk. X.s and those necessarily until that window opens up but obviously have to get a feel for your new offensive coordinator. A bright able what do you know about Brian either through your interactions with him or what others have told you. It's yeah I mean he's just the way. A great all that. You know. Doesn't really good job that the scheme. For his players so. It really all I really though about. As. The just can't wait to. Suddenly get. You know giving up there are being able to really. Learn the office. What one of the things that impress media that nature press conference was when you were asked about the team possibly drafting a quarterback. Hi in this draft in the you have to share the room with a person that obviously they would feel that can be somebody for their future on how do you approach that situation you've always been. The back up in the younger guy in the room out now own you're gonna compete for a job of course you wanna start. But this team could also bring somebody in who they feel very highly of coming into the NFL. Yeah it that you are able. You know like a pro and though it. Their Bible a lot of people you know what director goblet. You know this is relative unknown about me. Directly to got to college there's a lot of little bit too so. But. He you know that situation best spot would be just would you be a great teammate. If you can't control the thing she can't so. There's no reason to worry about it. If it happens that's why he's part of family's important things. You help the best way and and get this thing rolling. While Asian economy TC how light one less question Asia Europe part of that. Bengals team that while changed the fate of of bills fans and by. Helping put them in the playoffs with the that that doesn't pass Randy Delmon water but your view of that as you saw Natalie. Your part of that dangles team and also. A part of that story was what bills fans did in donating to. Tell eighties charity elected debt in anyway give you am I know some sort of appreciation for the for the fans that are here and when. You know you when your agent decided to make buffalo home for for the time being is that something that that played into it for you. Bobby yeah. Everything you hear about the organization. You know like I said Barbara proper is really feels like. University of Alabama it's weird to me. Not the weather but the but the the band may the action they have ordered. I did it really isn't something special. It's all to be a part of I can already tell you go out special there's been remotely. A lot of love being a college. It just gets you excited football let me. It is eight we give up. Two buffalo was we just felt like all of that everybody's blood. Just some that they brought forward that. Just can't wait we get up there. Really just prove to the city. The organization. She believed everybody else. How are working. And so that I am not a lot of oil so hopefully that is you know what their fate to be in the I can't wait to work. That show. You know well how special this week they. Tonight AJ McCarron on the eighteenth the outline AJ job thanks very much and not go look it it's not welcome to town and all that. They promote this.