03-21 Newest Bills quarterback AJ McCarron on the John Murphy Show

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Wednesday, March 21st

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I mean Steve Keating wrote this article for ESP and we'll talk more about this on the most dominant NFL player the last twenty years but. I'm gonna take a break and talk for a minute with. The new quarterback for the Buffalo Bills just about a week Google's announce that they. Had signed AJ McCarron to the roster. At a member product in his fifth year in the NFL AJ McCarron joins us live right now on the subway for his take out like. AJ Jeff Murphy and Dow Jones sorry mister last week when you're in town but thanks coming on the show that's here today. They pay 88 before we get into the nitty gritty stuff you heard us talking about who the most dominant. NFL player over the last twenty years who who would that be your opinion. Appeared. On radio talk about the episode got to expect that path that. I'll make it any doubt about that we are near it okay. In no knowing it played a game for long can be that dominant but routine you know. In that situations. And we'll deal with gold win every year and it's unbelievable. We are trying to figure out how they got to Peyton Manning is more dominant do you get any thoughts on that agent. I don't know aren't paying you know their. Two of the best. In my. I think. You know maybe if they're saying all those little. Didn't have any injuries the neck injury maybe he'd play longer and you never know let it go off. You know and all that had to go off you know who go play and we've been in that situation remote then. I think it's pretty hard to argue against them. I agree. We're with AJ McCarron new bills quarterback on the subway fresh take I'm with a AJ it's been a week since you signed. With the bills what he's done that week how does it feel what have you learned about the Buffalo Bills and about this new new new offense here. But I haven't I haven't learned anything about offense yet. All have been able thought they offered to submit follow up there but. I think it's about the organization. Weren't from the history. And then it's about the city you know. Like art press conference you know from farmland that built fans. You know. Of this show very love and support we really appreciate that you know mile wide then. They're the sole authority than. There is thought that it really filled budget. I'm back it University of Alabama. That the in that city. Before all of it's something special and it's utter a blessing to be a part of it. You know I'm like that are a little workbook fell off. I know you know in light therapy goblet or are so off to a group of organizations in city double what else. Hey AJ I don't wanna give into you know the nitty gritty. Your situation in in Cincinnati and how you got out of there but Murphy and I were talking and the one thing that I do like is the fact that. You know how you win about everything and that whole situation it made me feel like you really feel like you are ready and you want to be a starter right now yeah we're. I Agee we're talking about how you'd give filed a grievance did to get that you know get rid of that. Claimed that Cincinnati may have thought they had I knew you were kind of determined to get out this year right. What. In a little bit at the business. If you go. You know like a who love what I'm probably organizations. And they're airing. On the ground. For everybody I mean their organs they put their credit they were brought to. You know first but after all of them. But it you don't look at yourself in certain situations and and try to you know achieve what's best for you then. The bingo account what's best for them so. Hey you gotta be able to you know some are fighters if there's no are doing. I mean there's there's you know no bad blood and all this is the business than. In the I thought the whole situation handled. First I mean I always had the support of the organization always was truly thankful and everything but. Or my my opportunity to go and beaten. And try partner in a bow and that believe I can do something and no I do and I've done it before we're double game and so this one has the chance to show Orton to a more. AJ how disappointed were you outlet down where you last. October win the browns had the two and ran to the medals at the trade are set to go and it didn't get done how we will let down when all that fell through last October. No I mean you know you want it's it's there's the probably don't know that competitor. That you talking about it through no me afraid. Eight salute or they're like where. I really do. I act act. Actually a label white than any board games card game. Who would it salute so you know it. Is it something within me. What you wanna you wanna compete but at the same time like. I'm a Christian man. Why is an absolute Angel and she always built me. You know god as a player you know that the human one everything that happened on our own time it. What except quick in more money clinic yeah and everything you know they want to achieve in life but. It is always that the work album art and since they're going to be facing got trapped there in the I think god keep your faith strong in and know that yet playing in the ultimate goal of this plan work itself well. It did talk about you brought up you know you had a chance to do within a couple of games you you were pretty good in those couple games. Talk about those gains and really. How that made you feeling your mind at U plays so well in those four. Games in the one even playoffs start you played so well personally. And and and how that made you feel moving forward like man are right now I'd I know I can do that the slow. Right you know I it was just the situation you know basically that was my rookie year in your before all the doom you know with the the situation. Had agreement case against probably able to practice or anything. No my rookie year in. You know it's that they differ organization able to think different but like to back up in Cincinnati doesn't get any route you were you run out being and that it's so. To be thrown into there you know into that situation and not have any reps all year not having problem with god about but. It went well you know things for and we say they work play great at I've seen what he says the was. You know at home. They were played pretty well that you're there and allow anybody over 41 point. I think we have 41 in the first half and then you know what are really felt great about my game in the elected. Is that all although we we look forward won't play the next week let me and I hope audience member. My first you know really cold being trying to figure out of there with there are vehicles dropped from afar played you know really well you know. Always you know play better but. For our myself to go in that environment and into that situation and then. Forward came down to the the play help you know proper rating up ever played in. How great it is deflate so many Palestinian. We're never played in the game there was just poured rain and so. It took me a little bit. You know to be honest they did you how to throw the ball. Being wet you know we're involved and now we're above then. I finally found something you know we're involved I don't like that -- comfortable with then I thought it was just a good job. Oh purple that it just battle and not let it release I guess that means in the younger guys and battle through it who. You know we had a chance to win the game and you know the bad things happen but that's part of football. Oh you do is keep your head up and go to work the next week and whatever the next round series boy. That game the wild card playoff game do you view that is. If you're you know first four years in the league you're your signature moment a Jamie do you view that is maybe gave you learn a little bit about yourself you're down fifteen an epidemic came right. Aperture. Like you know it did help it's been not been in unbelievable team like Pittsburgh. So it you know but oh what an over. You know the game before that. I think in it's so it was a it was definitely you know on the south to where we put in but. I felt good about myself the balance early you know it. That is is that a big big a lot of little puppet. To build a battle there you know things went Sutley during the game where there aren't going your way I mean he. Just can't being to get anything going your way and without a lot of good job at you know at the scene but thought we nobody panicked they're bright they pulled it really felt like true seeing more and don't know the last. Minimum whatever so but I mean it was just saw the situation in this I mean. You got though any that you can play. That it's played a playoff game it's big bully I mean it. It could be that it's crazy to think about it but in this city everything that both plot. From a regular season game we got like harder and faster. And so you know it was just a great experience be a part of. And I talked about playoff game obviously you guys hope the bills keyed into a playoff game. So what was. I'm I don't know if you realize what happened once you guys won that game what was that reacts and like once you actually saw it on social media and everything. They do it you know on such think the best guards in the past and you know from bill mafia building to eight year flight very. Charity and mean just special moment to the you know it spurred their foundation but. From the support from. Organization our mandate from. Built up in so. We were real I mean of course we knew you know we warned. Baltimore result of what was and so. There's just that's the deathly to see that all you know unfold. AJ what are you spend your last season are you in your hometown Mobile, Alabama. Yet there are we here and clearly it's fun. Lou out of breath but we just got done working out we're up here at south Alabama that were worked out you know vs south Alabama and so and I got a little bit of us. Hold it up in this from the pollen we have them here with some like. That ball in the air so it it is built me a little bit with the. Love mobile we go they're usually every year for the Senior Bowl Donald my partners sick in army talk about. How much I love mobile it's great it's a great city got it's great small city when my families and America AJ he talks about it. And I've been down there as the player I've never been down there where I can kind of just relax you know what it's like fur as a player you don't get a chance to relax them. Aperture. I mean you know. I mean I grew up for real you know the Senior Bowl week. Did what they not hurt and didn't get the play in it but. You know it it's unbelievable experience that the player but yet you're definitely bit you don't get to delayed but. Talk the coach they're quite talk about. Went old down here but. Opponents whatever yell luck come down here after the season connecting the ball they'll make it that everybody to. What I think about the food but. In the city and are two of the best and so what not to do that for sure. Is that going to attack commitments I gotta put that out this. Opera update as little talk about Eminem and I think it's you what's when he got here a couple of weeks to get going on the offseason program right middle of April. Yeah up. Early. And and get up there and it's that the whole living situations. I'll be up there we currently in. An economy where it. But vote a couple of the guys in the art bought and then on the you know get a mindset going off and the what are we have to do is be successful both. You know we got some plans in the works and it's like you wait you know get up there and get this thing known. In the family you have a elect Obama two year old son right. Yep yep we've week it's two months and will be back here I think the licensing. Some warmer whether it's like. That needs something yesterday that you want. And the army it's Marlon I've been bigger if they don't hear from the. And Smart Smart move there and AJ we wish you well thank you spent a few minutes out of all of us here today reported senior couple weeks thank you. Of course got that up so much thank you.