03-23 Oklahoma State sideline reporter Robert Allen with Howard and Jeremy on Mason Rudolph

Howard and Jeremy
Friday, March 23rd

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Round holding on to Morgan calls eagle Treo 550. We wanted to talk a little bit about that while continue our talks about quarterbacks in today. Talk a little bit about Mason Rudolph Oklahoma State quarterback who most mock drafts will not have going in the round in two in round one. Could be it would certainly be available at 22. And might be available at 53 who knows or somewhere around two. Online this right now owner AT&T hotline is Robert Allen Robert is the sideline reporter. And the cowboys radio network and does that adjust to talk a little bit about Mason Rudolph hey Robert morning it's Howard Jeremy how you don't. Yeah to have our area doing good thanks for coming all of us appreciate your time with us this morning so listen as you breakdown Mason's career let me just start with kind of an an overview of what stood out as you had you if you had to describe his career is Oklahoma State's quarterback. What are some of the things that stood out having watched him as many times as you did. Not that you are consistently. And in the Garrett. A week you know week out. Delivered. You know I don't think he has popped in a city. He's got a good arm it's not new we had a guy here has played Little League good arm from catastrophic yet they have more credit for. But he had a lot to do with starting in Cleveland the brand leaving. So that spoils you a little bit but but the thing about race and he's very accurate. He is very. Into the gang he's written a ball. He we want parity he wants to know the defense wants to be able to read it at a top level. And he delivered that four years this could gather data is richer or. With three game will really with two games let him see because of injuries. They had to pull them out and play first game on the road against highly ranked Baylor coaching this oral favor. Debacle started. In the ring and ram. The arguably toppled they've had a little more talent with that team that had a chance to win again. I mean he became mountain replica. Not like a freshman plane's first game. He looked like a veteran quarterback. And I think it's because of his ability. To to study situation study team. And do a good job dissecting. So. Came back veto you the next week went to a bowl game and beat that Washington can that would. That was good base. Between broker Peter and eventually got the out oil. An Oklahoma State beat him in Arizona like you know nobody didn't. And this is a kid displaying their college football so he could progressively got better. You know of the and I don't kind of brag about it there there are the C yeah. He had struggled some with the intermediate passing game. Is deep ball than believable but. I think he's worked on that in fact last week guys. I don't. I don't know how the NFL draft works I don't know a lot more about college football recruiting. Because that's what I deal with that the neighborhood I live in but Adam. I've got to think scouts and coaches saw that worked out last week and in still water. Have got to do walked away going wow that's pretty impressive. Where the but I'm sorry I bought it there's no question are you mentioned you mentioned deficiencies out I want to unleash not a specific deficiency his game Robert let me ask you this. As an outsider to the program you brought up Brandon we'd know okay. When we're when we talk about Mason Rudolph when when there's a discussion about Mason Rudolph one of the things you'll hear is. Yeah I got some really great stats and really eye popping numbers it is it just a system quarterback. Where. No that but I think the thing with with what Oklahoma State then. I am not you know what I'll I'll pay you Mike Gandy was direct compensation or bill scalps at that pro day last week. And the the build out from usher who works but. It was obviously from buffalo would say that men. And you know Mike explain it and it in inner voice system. They give the quarterback kind of read. He does a lot of the manager of the game. On his he makes a lot of calls on field. A lot of calls the line of scrimmage. And could you gotta be really Smart. To be our quarterback you can't just walk out and count operative coordinated and delivered the play each time and and just go and do your job physically you've got to be mentally into the game. And I was watching my car to the bills cattle mark okay. Yeah I understand that because I understand Oklahoma State system. But I'll walk in the Buffalo's. Nobody was reacting to it. I walked literate and honestly guys that can. Buffaloes really really interest in this guy I've had other call you're not the first group from buffalo that I thought. So I'm really excited I think buffalo would be great place for Mason Rudolph. You know what. Yeah I don't have a dog in the hunt so to speak another an NFL they have have a habit oh green. I looked out Tucker for guys local state. And hope they find the right spot brain and we did not that was debacle. I think your brain that we did not good different who had a lot of success. So I'm looking forward makes and complex where can have success really in buffalo. Would be good but so we'll see what happens that other things about Mason. Aren't you that is character you can choose what you know is do draft process includes. Research. Dock in the police stock and former coaches teammates whatever trying to figure out of this guy is any bit of an issue what about that side of masonry. Not not an issue. Kind of stay driven. Grandfather was a preacher. You know very good about it is say. You know now I do think this I thought the first couple years. That makes him kind of let other guys lead and and I'm a believer that I don't share your freshman or sophomore. If you're the quarterback. You've got to be a leader. The quarterback position command. That you be a leader. And I think the first couple years he kind of in auto drives and man. And I thought that was a mistake but I think wouldn't get in his junior year. He said okay. And he he he became the leader. Aren't really so you know that's not an indictment. That just a kid that. You know I was around a lot of veteran players that time and part you know what. This is they're killing. But I do like the way he started that yet opinion not the best interview of the world. I mean he's ready to close the gap but lately and I've noticed this just since the end of the bowl game in his senior year to year. He would go on the defensive inning he went on to your room and climbing up to be the best quarterback liquor. That may have been agent driven. But it would come buying and neck in interviews after the pro day. He is released on defensive. Playing this system. He's gone to pentagon playing defense is that. Work and Iowa and you know you stood at the Mike Mayo market senior holes. When it the second. You know we we played some teams like you know like Virginia Tech he go play Virginia Tech defense. You know. That that amount of an Iowa defense. That defense plays in that cell type system. So I like the way he's become a little more edgy with this comment not disrespectful. Not boastful. So to speak but. Just defensive. And defending himself his teammate in the program in place. Robert thanks thanks for giving us a little more insight on Mason thanks for coming on with us this morning. It.