03-23 Phil Housley Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Friday, March 23rd

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Post game thoughts it's it's over. Maintenance. Yeah I'd I think you we have the start we wanted. That's the response of looking for we came all played. Oh really solid first period and it's stuck with the game and pucks in net. The crossbar. Just were right now it's ours scoring. But then in the second period we get away from. And that's the thing I've talked about the past about handling success we have good success realized wreck in what. What we did in totally get away from work force pox or turn pucks over. We have a little bit cheap and camera on the wrong side. And that's what happens you know even notes ones you'll gain their soap when it in the game. And force things that are there is that a tool they did it wasn't anything in my Treo that is what we didn't do once again. Think. It's about time leadership groups that stood out. Challenge them yesterday definitely was responsible for. Yeah I mean you're. If you look at percentages team that scored five entries using its success and that was a perfect time for us and lack of execution. Lack of stick and put the game plan as far as what we're looking for a 513. But you know. Some guys like to put things in their own hands. And think it's gonna work we'll have.