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Fantasy Football Podcast
Tuesday, March 27th

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What's up everybody Jody the Aussie nick both announce he's joining me here the first. Winning eighteen addition of the WGR. Davis football but yes yes that is going to. Our theme song go. Yes I know it's my name and its little what over the top over the top I think it's great it's. Personal TU. It's personal to GO it's gonna be my myself the populace are. That's right break Sal was in Jacksonville for the playoffs and as people crossed the restaurant shouting his theme song Adam. That's what I want. Any time it's also my work here they bring up the cell got you theme song honestly so we need this to become the next sell pot you theme song that is actually the was. Written directive. He direct music produced produced. Written produced played by my buddy Trevor Weaver and the disciples of smoke. That you work in an audio industry shinji noticed produced. Moving out all right let's let's let's jump right into it it's a little bit early march 25 it's very early were probably what five months away from draft season you've her autograph that wants average after once that was a very odd league February fix league and with Mike show and others at WGR that is the very strange week. And I had fun with it though in my teens. After these and these free agent. Landing spots worth about one of them that I and super exciting with its excited with the running back. And they are you hurting to have an idea of who want to know exactly who lives because it will cool we'll get to look at it. But let's but that's what's happened with the bills start pushing for an up and in the bills was just going forward in season. It's gonna be myself Jody B Osce here hosting and are going to be joined sporadically by Nicklas out ski here as you what you laid end up being my most regular. My most regular co host here because on the best for a while the or you might just be the most readily available bull will probably more than I went my brother who DB Osce will also be joining at times there Kramer. And they gear you probably pop in once in awhile policy meeting get Mike show to be on here and mobile he's huge fan senior so we'll get we'll get to all of that stuff let's start with the bills though. They really make any giant free agent acquisitions and off once they mimic a giant free agent position they guests are too late but qualifies that but on offense. They get cornerback AJ McCarron a past that it's not really much so it's our McCarron. Right now looking at his consensus rankings right now between all experts so far that made rankings in fantasy football cross the interwebs McCareins ranks. 34. My instinct on hand was because of the factor the unknown to be considered between the twentieth and 25 best. Quarterback going and fancy dress. Let's if he starts all next year. That that's a question because if the bills were to draft a quarterback hide that they wanted to. Eventually put in the starting rotation the way the bears did with the mr. this deal McLennan when you're gonna do situation where McCarron might have a strong first couple games fantasy wise if teens on three. They might pull plugging go to Josh Rosen or whoever they get at that spot Sam Arnold hopefully not Josh Allen do that I'm on the that we change though if it's Josh Allen rather than Josh Rosen a lot of the sentiment out there is that. Allen is the the brisk guy the project guy wears Rosen is and usually tag is like the most pro ready but any of these quarterbacks I wonder that would change. How much the way that McCarron might get going into the season if you really starts at all because of its Josh Rosen. I don't know McCarron serie a game. If bros in his court wrecked the bill's shoes let's play the if game though let's say McCarron dust are let's say week one he's the starter they got a rookie quarterback in there. And their lurking behind but McCareins gonna start. So going into the season. Does that change any opinions for you. I net dollar bills off at the weapons whether it's Kelvin Benjamin. Charles clay even the Shawn McCoy McCoy you're probably taking around the same no matter who's quarterback is but is McCarron being the starter instead of Tyrod Taylor meek and need these guys less appealing which argument as weapons yet. You like these guys they've ejecting Kelvin Benjamin does AJ McCarron being the starting quarterback for her help and it management's. I think. That. It really depends on how he does in general right physique that sounds like an obvious argument the Tyrod to do well in general Baldwin. His weapons when necessary we do well around him at all times of the pits and he likens are Kelvin Benjamin last year. Where and humans not last year. And well fans fans got it right it's I think if McCarron. Is producing like that. Tyrod level it could mean better for the wide receivers can mean more positive things for the wide receivers because he didn't really have that same running aspect attire dead. Or at least not as he does have its fleet is but it's not like defiance even if he runs and it's scrambles say they're not running like designed runs are runs past outings or things like that so mean if he's producing at the same level the tyra did last year to be good for the receivers. But if he's just like an absolute disaster. Then I don't know what it means for the receivers to whoever they bring in teetered back up the care whether it's a rookie or they bring in. Another or is Pearman right. That can be awful for the receivers that could be its its McCarron is such a wild card because it's. We've always seen him play three games like one of them playoff game right that yeah that's why I think right now I'd have him ranked around the 25 because there's just that wild unknown. But if you're stuck looking for our nadir to deeply naming it a sixteen team league or to court correctly and eager booking between Joseph Flacco and AJ McCarron sure odds arm Flacco is prodding and give you more. Good fancy. Factor of unknown that we don't really know we're gonna get from and where is that Flacco we know working if you're having this or Joseph Flacco and fantasy football you're not a good spot with your quarterback Kerry and there's at least a little bit of hope I think that he can come out and do like what he did in that steeler playoff game a couple of years ago where he can come out in dealing illegitimate quarterbacking and file. Late I think maybe we could see another Tyrod Taylor situation where he comes in here and is actually pretty decent. I was about from the bills though. There's not a ton interest thing going out the right now fantasy football wise but we will having no other show probably post draft. To see what the bills have done and we'll dive deeper. In to what they look like going forward of course new office according to bring people's well hopefully we'll know more about him by Dan let's dive right in though to free agency. And move. Meant around the NFL there were eight on. Alone players around the league that moved I think you're going to be very thing for things before ominous start with the guy that we kind of mentioned a few minutes. You own him in our 12 player he released the view and it is former vikings running neck Jarrett McKinney former Georgia State quarterback. Now for the southern quarterback here we record these cookies option quarterback to quarterback Alex. For those that you re trying to bring a team event these offense which though. A B which is that that's not what you mean George attack no I mean Georgia southern they also run yeah. I don't understand it make up for lack of talent. So is that a bad departure and well he wasn't very tilted his quarterback OK makes sense so Gerry McCann and comes into. San Francisco 49ers off switch for the last half of the season was awesome. Kyle Shanahan is running the show they've got Jimmy ruffle and as of right now Carlos had gone we'll get him in second. They don't really having another running back to speak of that it will threaten McCain in word care median net Rita. Steals. Three or four gain and it didn't hide. But I do McKinnon is any super good spot now I know for a fact being the inescapable answer that I am. But you've gotten calls on him from multiple teams yes anarchy. As a keeper. Yes in my my strategy is actually terrible for everybody else around me that I'm super U guys like that would ever is that nicks that say here do not listen I'm content to let him go to the draft because I've picked sixth in the draft and deepen the draft pool is the more likely I am to get a better picture better player in the draft. At six. Flawless logic by me so after we can signs Kyle Shanahan who of course ran that offense in Atlanta we were too. Viable face running backs viking Freeman in Evan Coleman Shanahan. Says he thinks we can and can't take that divide Heath Freeman which was the more premier. I'll see you so I think going in right now I think maybe there's some talk that it spot Barton were all he needed niners could read him I don't really think that bodes well for either one of their fancy guys. Maybe they get spun Barkley probably not I don't think he hauled in nine anyway I think the probably ends up happening Sampras goes draft another running back with the use legally in the writing these early the second or third round. I don't really think they want to read it to be that second guy so I wonder. If they're gonna invest in the top running back in the draft and Selena shelled. There is a second round guy is you have a child living in mostly things I'm not well I'm not sure to be honest I would I would probably rather have. Child Uga job yeah. You probably fit better in team dependent more acute it's not it. It's 59 he's stepped back that works great used offence to sixteen no I mean he put on a little bit away dad I wonder if they think he can actually he read down back. If they don't bring in another guy think he might want him to be three down back he's. He's had good stats throughout passed the average for your experience career average and limited touches in Minnesota 570 yards last year. In the 150 touches. 51 receptions and that's where I think his money's going to be BP Pierre leads at half when you hear leagues I think his dudes in game seven catches. Stuff coming out of the backfield the plight of the wide receiver I think sitting here today he is eight keeper worthy player is in I think he's top 25 he's a top 25 overall things like going into the season as a. I would green and actually some of the things you decide about San Francisco. Bring in another running back with. Value late second round value ward drafting Barkley at nine here while there I don't really know what it would do that he's got to a bidding war jets over here McCain paid quite a bit of money. Why would you continue to invest more capital into consideration it's boring and you can bring it should. We yet know about that's OK so if they bring in the guy. From let's just say a mid major school in the fifth rounds city bring in Donald comfort to any mistake I don't think he's you're at least threatening pertussis. Some but not like the way traditional backup running that it OK I don't think they're gonna bring in the guy. You don't very academic team in the kid you don't think they're gonna bring a guy good enough to make it. No I think it's good that whoever they bring in whether it's free agent at. This latest stage or whether they draft a guy higher rent a draft a guy later in the draft that thing's going to be for specific role third down blocking that third down short yardage back which could be bad for going situation. I would expect him again. Wright preach free agent we are going to decide whether we think they're fantasy value was helped. Hurt or stays the same with their need to it goes up and down receipts so for chair we can save discuss agreeable agree on this I think his face value those off going for. Yes and I think about its highs if they don't they can pick about stuff. I don't think so either especially over the coaching staff and please aren't moving onto the guy he's replacing. Carlos Hyde. Signed with Cleveland Browns you can Carlos Hyde's failure went off down remains the same. With the Cleveland browns' physical well is gone he's but you've just. Unser means same. I would because the browns are looking to be at least an improved offense who knows how many teams are actually gonna win. No probably will probably be more than zero people so he's probably going to be. The top back there unless the brown Africa are we have four. Or one depending on what their stances on a quarterback is you never know organization feels about certain that you guys but. So consensus rankings has Carlos Hyde ranked. Right behind Kenya entry in genomics injury in front of fun Barkley hasn't yet. And GH IE in Philly and AM 1001 accident that. I think that ranking is a little high for him you said sees same I think this might hurt his value a little bit like the offense he was in San Francisco. If it stayed they're going forward. Not that your people wanted to bring him back or maybe he just went to Cleveland for more money I don't know enough about the situation but if he had stayed in San Francisco I would have liked him. I think you're going to profits in Cleveland where year after year hue Jackson now has talked about going to run the football. They haven't been able to do it's because they vote trail. Like they wanted to do with crow while last season in the word behind in every single game and they weren't able to do it now this year they should be improved by how improved they can be. I mean Erica come out in the lakes and nine and seven football team they're probably still going to be like a 45. And 86 win team which means there's still going to be trailing majority games I don't know how many opportunities we're gonna see Karl tied to get. More than a dozen carries in the game I think he's also not a great pass catching back right I'm not that awful at either. But he's bright he's Qaeda linked him Johnson would be ignited they're gonna look for in those two or if they're down 21 in the second half duke Johnson's gonna play more snaps and curls. I think is value goes down a little bit I can see the argument though birds singing sees the same because it's not I mean he's good he's still going to be the starting right. In AIT the offense was good last year it's if it's going towards the end but they were still largely a losing team and he was producing where they can think of 660. At the end. But those first they were owned tanner won in nine or something like that and he'd. Had okay production during that time finished as the ninth best running back in the so RV one of well an RV one. The yea your right double digit points in its first four games. Five of his first six. Coupled when he linking this and things. That's like you care and yet for him. Let's see if he did it he only had two games under ten I guess out where I would push back on my own point would be the San Francisco while now winning games last year results and more competitive. Ones. Even though they were also when 91 point when he yet when nine and 09 while one of it if it is it would. Or nine in the 156 in 60. I don't think grapples losses starter undefeated Jimmy G so I would've had to re O intends he has lost when he thirteen was a trade deadline is now and got to the down. Around lately. Week twelve and art to Carl's side nick says value stays the same I say that it goes down to another running back Dion Lewis goes from the patriots. DOR Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Titans he joined there carry. And there Henry owners shake their fists to disguise as they thought he was finally going to be the guy in Tennessee and know they bring in Dion Lewis I think. Its value will go down. I agree just you can't leave that Patriots offense but it tightens fantasy owners didn't get really production from either Henry or DeMarco Murray last season. And I think probably this season. How many of these New England plugging guys that are just generic players that come in producing New England in the lead to cash in on a contract and made me. Don't perform very well. There's a lot of those guys the one I don't necessarily like the offensive wept offensive weapons are totally different that way but let one guy that has anything gone elsewhere producers anyway yes but he also got injured. Right doing and it's good that way guiding the best years yes that's that. The unless Tennessee Titans ice people say that it goes down but to another running back. Art what Jeremy L for a New England Jimmy hill goes the patriots I think that this just confuses now. I don't know what that child is doing but I know what they're doing Belichick likes to have a pointer right next week and confused and is it definitely does Jeremy hill Mike Gillis we James White is still there Rex Burkhead was re signed. Does your dole had any chance of carving outside. Going Kerry's going to years he's the biggest of the bunch a guys that is anything illegal up down or is it. Never Cincinnati was the third running back got to go up from there right I don't see why New England would bring in a player from the outside like that their trees that established player to not have at least a certain role and I think he could fill there would hear what role where we'll gear on top men running back he led the league in rushing touchdowns copiers though it is seventeen yeah. Policies these same and he was a relevance Cincinnati I thing needy New England toss them out there and see if you canceled out what Earl it's here and so I think he's in and be benched or immediately cut at some point medias and make it to the 53 man roster. And until sleep you'll quickly similar rules so I don't know why they need to those guys will see that and icy to these same he's cheapening deals Leo. Fairly certain senator cheaper deal. Utility if you're the patriots looking for value continues guilty that much last year so you it to me if you're in one of those two guys you have undermined now make that the premier assets they had more likely begin Leslie because of this cap it. Think I get a look at this cat that he sent them here that couple months ago. Looking due mostly in defeated candidate to be cut by the patriots before word when he eighteenth season I preachers captive went down it very I think front and contract but I'm not sure that was capitalists. So I think you might be right and that. Some. Doug Martin goes to the Oakland Raiders IC stay away IC its value goes down. Even though wasn't very high to begin with because he was kinda in the doghouse in Tampa Bay but I see Doug Martin Oakland's. Is really goes down and so does Marshawn Lynch. F.s Oakland becomes that those two players the demeanor in being largely. On reliable throughout the season and now I don't even know if you can take a flier and a guy like the of the students dealing Rashard demands. Washington the under watched under Washington I don't really think your position I think flier either one of them I think this kind. Makes their backfield a little murky. I'm staying away I see is that goes down let's go a huge Jonathan Stewart who signed with the New York Giants the giants have the second pick in the draft. I don't know if they would takes upon Barkley I don't feel like there's a lot of talk surrounding them with him and I have some mock drafts were they take Barkley. Jonathan Stewart right now. Would probably penciled in as the starter or would be in patents timeshare with Duane Allman of the poll Perkins on the outs they're so winged Allman. Jon Stewart whether or not it bring and other guys have seen this job and Stewart's daily go up and down or remain the same mister Christian McCaffery. The same he's gonna find himself in the same situation who's in Carolina words you tell me Dwayne Coleman loses. Good is Christian it. No but they're both they're just gonna split McCaffrey was better but they don't have these booklets here. Oh quite a bit Kerry's vice quite a bit McCaffery I think. Had very few games with over like separate areas McCaffrey was basically a wide receiver last year he had eighty some catches. So Christian McCaffery only had three weeks. With ten carries last season and one of them was week one where he had thirteen carries for 47 he hasn't yet really produce in that role having of one game. Against green day's twelve carries for 63 yards averaging five point three scary but. Other than that it was a mediocre rushing performance for McCaffery last year so a lot of that was going Stewart for now I'm missing Stewart's daily goes up just because I Seymour an opportunity for him to start. Before the draft of course more so than he would that. I mean I can't disagree with that logic I just feel like Duane Allman is going to have. A decent role in that offense and Stewart getting older played the combination of Stewart's productivity going down and Ullman also. He never got the opportunity certain. Yet look like what the one year couple years ago they do into Williams was always there in. For ever it was a dart when they get a kick and I hear jets to give Jon Stewart Marines. It's never. He's a career right feeling a lot of fantasy owners meeting word wanting more. Only because of what you're saying that he never really had a chance to go solo and I don't think he will now either towards the end of adultery or gesture the all right let's move to wide receivers Baltimore and the couple thoughts are with them they signed Michael Crabtree who was released by the raiders. And let's Ellis throw John Brown in here Q what what do fancy valiant patience for Michael Crabtree and John round going to Baltimore they feel up. Down or remain the same look at your mind quick here. And Infrant trees go down because I thought he I'd I'd get a good. Rappaport with that there are in Oakland I don't really know Joseph Flacco is gonna continue that for John Browne I think is value goes up. Flacco is more happy to fall guy and he's ever had Arizona messing better than Carson Palmer for instance but I think Flacco much more willing to throw the ball downfield when that job around. Just flying a links I'll I'll say John Brown value goes opposite. I would agree with you and in mostly down Crabtree that's kind of where I met with John Brown's only goes up but it's more incremental. Workshops taking his way it was almost nothing last year. Right job he did nothing where we're Crabtree left what was really good situation for him. Means cut. But not to really get situation. In Oakland where he was getting targets despite having a Mark Cooper news that case so it's that it's. He really when you draft Marie Cooper of the thought is that Michael Crabtree would begin to be the second secondary guy he would not allow that to happen he continued to. Demand it would display continued demand number one wires your targets and production. He's just good and with the deer car in in in that offense and I don't see the same thing happening in Baltimore black goes to he's just a lesser quarterback the offense to this is not as dynamic of an offense deep balls. They do that but it's not they're they're not put enough. They're not efficient offense now which is what Crabtree really needs to realize that because it in slowing down on the key he had speed I would say a couple of years ago and I think he doesn't have any now would certainly not seem receivers they must report. You make a good point I mean Derek Carr watching the raiders the past couple years ago when he would get in trouble he would throw the ball someone whose poverty and Crabtree on everything. Every single and you only throwing Cooper if Cooper had a step on somebody or if he was a little bit old but it if everyone's covered and the ADRs under pressure he's thrown a ball much. So I wonder how that's gonna change with Jordy Nelson. Who is now open to Jordy Nelson will be opposite MR Cooper in Oakland IC Jordy Nelson's value is gonna go up and not because. Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay but Rodgers is her last season. And Nelson has had injuries and he really hasn't been in the industry wide receiver ticker at two years ago he was. The two the last three years he hasn't won is because injury what was because of injury Aaron Rodgers so I think his values gonna go up. Just because you sell an effective last year when Rodgers when. I'd say I'm seeing a more because circumstance not necessarily the but if you stating greens are so I guess if it stating Green Day. I would say is valuable. And valued at higher yet but it's but attire are you may ask is typically land. Here that have beaten to do beauty but in general I think it's. Not the best career like not the best place. And end up in his career just because when whenever you leave your router side is your aging. Possession receiver. Going to be there and in called east a lot of on the ground and pound fighter to Ivan and it tight ends and I don't I don't I say is why two banana. Spider to liven him that if things do not know that mean now it's an elite level mean John yearning quarterback camp I don't remember what year would quarterback was. Feel like kept slowing down the footage that would give this letter do you lab and I think. And it was just like it was amid what is your luck because that Stanford used to run an all time where it's a play action bootleg leak tight end. And you know had a tight Ender at wide receiver running. Deep in junger was he'd love that plane it's like we level John you're beyond disappointment you know I don't you know who's replacing Jon Gruden and TV can't. Do. Makes me sad Russell Wilson mr. uninteresting muscles. That's going to be very good thing future New York Yankees Russell Wilson that's dive into one more scene I didn't. I'd. We need to cannon ball in two Q let's cannonball. Let's. Freestyle. Hundred meter swim. In two Sammy Watkins former bill who's in Kansas City and then after reading and analyze locked into kind of like universities. Watkins goes to Kansas City and the big contract. Is quarterback we'll talk about a little bit coming up is going to be pat homes. So that's going to be interesting. Watch begins becomes the number one receiver their number one receiver. I would think it's the most targets I wonder if Tyree kill might get more touches than and that's because he gets more. He gets himself out of the backfield get a run jet sweeps with him though Ron little pop passes with Rem and they'll be on special teams they're he'll have more touches I'll say Watkins value will go. Because I think Kansas city's offense is similar enough to Al Leesburg this creativity to I think it's efficient. On the quarterback. Is going to be different because I don't know how what you're getting Adam homes. I think there it's a less crowded our wide receiver for. You've got Terry killed there and that's about it whereas in LA you had to deal with Robert Woods he had to deal with tape on Austin. He would deal with a cop pharaoh who for. The tight end Hague he was getting a lot of touches any Q Travis healthy with the that is well. You can make an argument that a lot of those guys were getting touches because of the way recovering Sammy Watkins and now teams don't really have to do that so do you think that will happen in Kansas City as well. Where he becomes about it. I mean really you could argue he's the third most analysts weapon on that team behind Tyreke Hilton's house. Needing treatment our two teams are more likely to rule double coverage over the top of Tyreke held in the would be Sammy Watkins and knowing them knowing what I know okay this is. And informed. But in formed at the same time because knowing what I know I lost. After knowing what do I nobody Andy Reid and the way he coaches offenses that he puts his players usually in the best. Circumstance they can succeed right so if you if you watched them homes in college you would know. That have homes offences at Texas Tech would say. Theory offense but a lot of the times in those area offenses there's a lot of screen pass to wide receivers. Sammy Watkins a great. Why receiver screen pass catcher. And I think that that to be really doable for Iraq is of course you have other other. You can learn all targets that he can do all the idea he's gonna really excelled there would it would screen passes and other. Plays like intermediate route that a lot of tennis career has he finally has someone across from him. It's an equal threat to. So they can't double cover bowl. That that's also my memory pulse right. They've got. Weapons yeah I think I'm and then it's still think those I'd like that there at city I think it's going to whaling watching him pre season. How great example prediction on this for the finish of the top ten things you receiving here and say yes top ten top ten. Of the top it to that point with you there and aren't black and scan the city evil because value goes up nick thinks it's skyrocket so let's go to slip looks like you're some of these other free in here. We'll do quick answers Alan Robinson goes to the Chicago Bears is that we go up down Hermanson thought he looked portals. I will stay in school. A lot of people a lot like what they see through your business here I'm not I'm not. The guy that's really qualified to sit down and watched they could tell you the greedy of what I thought about that you know didn't really seem completely free passes. He did a lot of a lot of that that's a great third there was a lot to like there that you missed in these developmental project scripture but. It could be better than he should be better than Blake or not a large jury that jump over. Jimmy Graham goes to the Green Bay Packers valeo up down or means. I'm gonna say goes up Rogers yes. That's generally meant he was really good the second half of last season for it and he was being touched down he was almost getting a touchdown. And where do you think is rates going into the season so out of tight ends are overall cuts no one's going to be behind her on buying ground in front line health there. He sat. Really he's also behind crock Kelsey sectors. Greg Olsen had an Ingram and Clinton. Yes I can't really argue with any of those years tight I would season that's seen here as Henry Ingram. Tight end was a Laker was a weak position for some years in the NFL and it's last year it was great yeah it's it's it's really getting better. It really is tied and is improving Jordan reads the eleventh ranked in communities in part that's. It's healthy. Yes there's a bunch of them. Stick with tight entry Burton sitting in Chicago to respond with them Trey Burton goes Chicago he's beaten them went and there Trey Burton we can both agree is only goes up. But do you think he's tight and one. Probably low and tight and one I'd say because there's so many others. Good guys out there are so there's so much talent the tide and just because teams are finally utilizing tight ends more like wide receiver tight so blocking last month's. Yes all right Paul Richardson wide receiver goes for the Redskins. Up I think adding he's gonna get more targets in Washington in Seattle I would agree Albert Wilson wide receiver goes to Miami. Same probably I don't see too much to really hard to replace those three yard passes that they're playing. It's gonna be hard and I don't I don't know what to expect from sand hill really is part of the reason that struggle that so much actually is because who knows what details can be mean if if the offense is great that weren't even ready. He should be. It's I've seen some question what meeting ID and that means it's more because their thing Roger. See now if they if they draft a rookie if they're able to get their hands on the field or someone that I've heard that the dolphins like. Then you know perhaps is really a lot that he never lake with a receiver. Quarterback their summer Santangelo also signed some some of these guys are coming in and their ready if they're better than the starters in the NFL right now. They feel that other guy where if he works in the NFL he's gonna work fairly. There's not a second neat for years ago so my dress me field and he comes in there and starts you know lighten things up kind of maybe I performance of Shawn Watson. Our quarterbacks Kirk cousins goes to Minnesota was up up Minnesota has great offensive weapons. Rates. Case keep them in Denver I'm going to see down the house. And argue sentences great weapons Keenan's utilized that second half last season's good fan as quarterback for half the season I don't see it in them. And Daniel Sanders and mayor Thomas again older don't ever running back. That's really year and half good. I guess the bucket filters might get something. I don't even know if I and is there a line stinks and thinking in the setup I think he can set up and not a very good season. I would agree the rosters just you know. What's in dispute was worse. Sam Bradford in Arizona. I'm hissy up because I think that Sam Bradford Alex checked down a lot and I think he's got David Johnson there and I think there might be a bunch of Tynes. Sam Bradford Texas down at David got an exit for 1015 yards or even that house and I think that's gonna. I think it's gonna give Sam Bradford a lot of and he points he's not necessarily what's got to go up anyway he's in play last year he barely played last year coming. Three games he played he played the opener got her in the opener and he came back for two more meanwhile more and had a player up and who's done so is really has to go up from there. Are you what he has no. Let's view it that you treat kid to trade guys for Cleveland Tyrod Taylor in Cleveland. I think his value stays the same. Our Odyssey finished product largely as a quarterback he is would he is still produce reproduces it viewpoints running the law. Yes and you know 180 passing yards two touchdowns one interception one touchdown no interceptions. It's going to be that that's what Tyrod is the reason I will say that tire. LU is going to go. It's Taylor's best fantasy games last year word. Games he was getting blown out other than New Orleans game where he would. And he he would racked up stats in gains are down they that you and comes comes to mind is that there is in making against the jets. Where they're down two scores almost the entire game tyrant with the 300 some yards. Couple touchdowns I think he might give more opportunity to do that Cleveland just I think he's anymore garbage time. And it was here in buffalo. So I think despite that. Point alone I think it's gonna go up a little bit not too much. What was easily he was a really low and quarterback one. Probably more quarterbacks you I think you probably see me blowing. If it. Hoping to questions that you can trust Taylor. If he's the starter as. Lake you know I think you could trust him as the number one. Couple more topics before we had out here. We'll have another we'll have another FaceBook or podcast right around draft time which is one month from tomorrow what do you. From six it went for it. Let's start with Pavel Holmes talked about a little that we talk about his weapons. Stature of healthy that's and you watch things get tight you know if we punt. Laughs yeah. They David talk on of these have twenty guys here ladies of the strong offense around them they put him in a position to succeed after Richardson I think if for great weapons and a bunch of what these. Like Dave dot to do so I think they've sat holds up and it really good spot I think he's gonna come in here tonight really could easily. I think he's gonna come in and I know he was a raw prospect. And I know he was in the air raid offense at Texas Tech a very quarterback friendly offense at Texas Tech he sat a year. And he's got the army's that the ability to do it and I just think eighty Reid is so good quarterbacks that he's gonna find a way to make my home's front. I think what I said earlier pollster with my homes that Andy Reid is gonna put him in a position to succeed. He's gonna give them a lot of plays that are easy for him you know to understand me personally insult comic book like you just things he's used to running. You know I mean and I can try to confuse them and make him do all this you know this is coach this my way of doing anything that can work. To his strengths and I think that's gonna bode well for him and he's got a lot of weapons Iran really does have to be raped rate. Like to be productive because if Kansas city's offense line holds up well. And they have all those weapons around him I mean look at the depth press got that for the cowboys a couple of years ago on the deck is good but he's not. Amazing amazing. At least we haven't seen that so far from alas he's got his offensive line there and see there. Then deck lights up and I think like my homes to Venus in what situation where he doesn't really have the means he got. That means as of. Right now have homes and Joseph Flacco and the homes on potential and salary I was kind of team I'd rather have homes just seasons cheap homes are gulf. Same thing homes the homes of Tyrod Taylor homes the homes of their card to your car. For now. There's Darrell Arthur group homes Ellis Smith. The whole homes or Marcus area. I would say. Marcus Mario for now. Homes games what's. I think Ingraham homes. The homes are carried off. I would rather have golf right now. Give you one more here. Homes. Or Jaime Roth. Drop OK so I think you've got him a little bit higher in the rankings I'm looking at half and ninety. Right primary go to Matt Ryan sent. For they've Winston rivers off debt crisis got they have added Smith. In the had a car that an entire. Don't I think. In nineteen probably fair for him to court equity sitting mark Patrick Holmes really good. Number two quarterback one quarterback needs I don't know necessarily if you should be owned. It's probably right fringe there depends what can be your your relievers keep which threatened. We're back so I'm figuring stuff if you're gonna get hurt. Go ahead do it I think that offense can be great I don't I think my home's worth noting the second quarterback. On your roster for sure worth noting is that we're back he could even end up being your starter. Mean that's very often to me really he is the author yeah right let's move to Q1 draft topic here before we had out. Squad Barkley what you were talking that he is. The best prospect in the drafting most sure. Fire prospecting draft the best running back prospect to come out in years you might be the first running back the first overall since what 95 or something. Are we agree pro day getting her entry entry com bind I don't think he really worked in worked out this prevents very. He's been rumored to possibly the one to Cleveland possibly to the giants. To the right to the colts to I mean really everywhere he's been mocked in the top ten so. Best fits force Kwon Barton Cleveland we get the giants beat the colts the F Tampa based sitting there at seven they don't have a starting running back. We got the bears floating around they probably wouldn't take in making their find Jordan Howard. The niners. Maybe we talk about them a little bit the jets' starting. Quarterbacks they're not in that next. And then you got the raiders got a couple of aging running backs me they would do so looking at those teams in the top ten is thirteen that sticks out to you is the best fit. For squad Barkley in a fantasy points. If fantasy purpose. I would say the colts. Because that offense the danger luck it's healthy we really don't know that beyond essay he sat out all of last season with a shoulder injury you don't know what he's gonna come back as well you know this is the Sumi comes back in decent form. I was always a great offense. That was missing. Running back peace. They never had really reliable running game Frank Gore was added to record and play with plot was was it two years he breaks a record played c.s with locked in means they pay two seasons ago. But francoeur was limited is older age it would be nice to see laughed but the legitimate running game in a prospect can view. Poll carries out. Back field and also catching passes that what's funny about gore quickly as little off topic but he had his second best season or in provable focus last year. Which was the year. You sense that well. You sit colts IE. Think in the browns' I don't know whites and I just feel like if they pick him one. It's more about what their planes. Hugh Jackson. And senator wants you were on the macros high health I'd injury prone and not really too worried about him how wise things get fantasy back if he served Cleveland. I think if they drafted to Kwon Barkley I think they're gonna force the ball out. In the league meeting right away I think he's a guy addicted averaged when he when he touches in game three it's thirty topped. I think he comes into the Cleveland Browns and what Tyrod Taylor. But it went Jarvis injury Josh Gordon really load up that offense with weapons now they wouldn't have you quarterback unless it takes and Arnold to. And eighty cents Arnold becomes that guy but. All those weapons that are around indicate we key in I think I'm one player so I wake eyewitness that in Cleveland and the colts are good that is well more so for opportunity. But the colts and it just never shown an ability to run well. And just adding the running back isn't enough I think you need to also have the offensive line you need to have the mentality that. Frank Reich is he a guy it's gonna run the ball alive means scenes like it was quarterback he's accord ex coach and that is against and one pass the ball. 4040 times a game and the Eagles had a decent running game last year they did that the split it up so much and wonder he took notes I mean how many running these five. It's a thousand index they did they core core met. They I don't know he was the First Amendment. They had the Garrett one. GH IE. Coequal mad rated purge hiding there in the ninety's they'll want them Wendell small what. They Darren Sproles in any bearded Kenya on Varner was faltering touchdowns with a sixth running back. And they all we're just mashed into the pot of nothing for fantasy football and the colts don't have that it marlin Mack right now and that's. If you awakening. Reawakening. Of Christine. Michael be ready they're not a daily there on Barkley. Because they have Christine. Michael Maloney audiences got Michael. I think Barkley would be great at the browns if they draft a quarterback one. Adding about a that you begin Tyrod Taylor. I'm sorry you went to the UB Hu rate with Tyrod Taylor. Unity takes the quarterback for the year I think it. Tennis Holtz I just don't see. They've never been able to on the football but it the easiest thing that's let me start with the special you have to rumbled in touches. Barkley can run fast and he's he's good he's a good. Catcher of the football and he's he's a good runner tuba like. I'd say if the browns to quarterback at one. And then if they are they take partly for because that the giants are probably extremely GP Peter prelude Jeff Brantley job defensive work there in Spain or tree down. Or trade down or tree down and the jets are there for quarterback. I think then if you get a quarterback a running back with young receivers around and it can all grow together. Maybe you were provide the most immediate returns. But that could be a good long term place department now we've talked about the round potentially having success at any point ever. I think are raking them right now it with the browns won the colts to be able wide gap. Tampa Tampa's while Tampa would be good place if there if quarterback in place and they don't have right now. And it showed that it never running back in Charleston are known to was Rodgers yes and that they show also think that they will run the ball right. Right next to it touches there you know doghouse or Martin it's. At a very you know right now I would play. Round one colts to. Buccaneers three. Rock goes for just because. Now that you're taking him by the brightness and I've more than an after race Vincent Barkley it would have no offense really at the moment by default. But you could still be starting right back and or what's the right things their way. After that I mean the jets but they're not taking. That it is those fourteen. Also the niners. He says that nine falls behind them any ID in a perfect world that offense pairing Barkley with McCain and I think how she and him if you. If there's one place I really would like to see him go it would be Detroit Lions. He's aggregate they're exactly get the money. But I like to see that there at the trio there have yet it Eritrea but it's not gonna happen but to me like if I'm playing you know. And she GM I would love to see that happen because Matt Stafford has never had running here it's been since when Amir dual. It's consistently thirteen to 101000 your roster. It's pretty much. To cook political you know I mean that's like that it be cool not even a surges from fantasy perspective I do you believe that the but it will be cool to see like the Matt Stafford with a run game. You don't want to stealing your. But they don't use him that way it which means I I feel like they don't think he's so. He's got it easy they limit him. You don't Eminem adding dealer adding eleven dollar as well I don't know are. You think they limited Reggie Bush be a thousand yards that Reggie Bush was largely listen Reggie Bush those couple years was a thousand yard rusher in Miami to keep these. Mr. Reggie Bush was good that it became a negative yardage guy. I had more rushing yards Reggie Bush won season and it's true. Like you if you have the same what you have more I could say on your resume like you 2006. Time person of the year whatever was when it tested you and it was a mere on the cover you get everyone listening to this podcast right now. Can say on their resonated they had more rushing yards during NFL season and Reggie Bush did. In 20s16. Let's Reggie Bush listen this gives you cancer. Where wrap of the show here. WGR face of a podcast can find us on WG RI dot com of course you know that because that's probably were listening to it. On you can also find us on iTunes. Should be getting that up soon meeting at this episode that future episodes at least helium finest on iTunes as well on the spot and I'll listen to us Alexa enabled WGR. You just ruined a lot of people. It's probably dead. I think we met we went through that with elects a couple a couple months ago done here you can follow nick at nick those enough ski one underscore. Nick underscore the Scotts Valley blessing to PLO ZA and over the SK guy. You follow me at TV Osce WGR keep an eye out for more phase content on the web site WG RI dot com as BA. Closer to chronicles the training camp we'll get more stuff rolling after the NFL draft will be back in. Few weeks. You'll do another episode pre draft we'll definitely view episode. Post draft we'll see what the bills do you guys squad Barkley goes on Michelle. Job. Full jobs. Now operates. Niche outbreak. In the Georgia right now yes it job. We'll cover all those guys have to issue a correction. I called her shot penny Donna Humphrey because I'm confusing my super productive San Diego State running backs was dial poultry. He's a running back for San Diego State who Irina no where it plays in the NFL now. It was last year I was Finley from it was last year and so I'm certain his career and and after one season and he was though one of the all time. Where did the all time leading rusher instantly history. Decade. Maybe I mean Colt Brennan Lleyton has records for. For audience Italy and passing them. 2000 yards he's in a city a steering their top mobile will continue this discussion right thanks for listening fake YouTube disciples of smoke. Far incredible theme song and talk more about that. As you go forward in the season we've talked to them on the hot there's got that. For some point in the future. Get that going. Thanks for listening WG air and it's football podcast Jody the Osce Nichols I think we'll.