03-27 Minnesota college hockey analyst Pat Micheletti with Howard and Jeremy on Casey Mittelstadt

Howard and Jeremy
Tuesday, March 27th

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We'll go to the AT&T hotline to find out more about Casey metals that. Pretty excited about the news coming down yesterday that he has agreed to the three year entry level contract we are joined. By pat make a lady pat is a College Hockey analyst in Minnesota also does wild postgame radio work as well these were this year. On WGR pat Howard Jeremy good morning thanks for coming ominous today. Regular guys that you so well first off before it into what you saw from Casey this past season with this the golden gophers program. What what's the thinking up there but what what about whether or not he was going to be back for a sophomore year. Well I think pretty much everyone knew going into the two going into this season that you'd probably be a one and done. If that was you know typically when you were number one pick and a guy who went as high as it's Kiki did in this good a player. That he has that more than likely armed they knew that it would be here you know we got to put one seeds and it. Let's see what we can do it now men and then now obviously you guys probably know all the coaching change going on here. I don't know that had anything to do with it first day. But. But you know that ended up you know make that decision and is moving out of the Buffalo Sabres. What are some of the things you saw from Casey had in in his one year at Minnesota what stood out. Well I actually I mean you could just tell that he was not bothered by the Australian a look at it statues you're units and well. No where where are those stats well I can tell you. I mean there there were nights where. I mean the kid was just so unbelievably good he does things you guys are. This may be harder to understand that he even he just makes plays at some of these college kids are not ready for. And you better be ready when you're playing with Kiki medals at that it has been in a split second part is going to be on your stick. And you'll have an empty net goal or a breakaway or or some type of play that he sent you lopped. And it's and it's just it was incredible to watch. Now are there are some deficiencies in his game that he obviously. Has to improve on there's no question about it means he's still a young young kids but down. But I tell you what he does things that are out. Are still in our head above everybody else's it was a pleasure to watch. About size and strength durability anything like that because of the come I need to make some headlines are not exactly being its. Supremely developed at that point but he young kid and we've seen that happen before so. Do you know what was one of the missions that maybe the sabres gave him more Minnesota gave him tough to add some bulk to Essen strikes. Well you know he did it mean you look at a ridiculous hour Carter needs. You know there's never injure sat on them and not in need to ball I mean if you watched it in the US juniors which ensure you get right up a lot. Candidates try to beat him up a little bit and that and there was none of that happening. And and yet when when when he played here this year. There was never any problem walking am handling himself in the corner in front of the net. He wasn't afraid to get to those areas. He handles himself just fine in and now. And you'd be surprised. At the strength debt that he gets scary. Hurricane hit side. What you know you talked about you know how you have to be ready any and all these things his hockey sense like we saw his when he played in the juniors pat you could say his speed his skill his hands what about this hockey sense his decision making and and may do what you see from that. Up the charts completely off the charts I mean he knows where to be knows he reads situations very well. Popped out with a point on the power play a little bit I wish it would apply them a little bit more up to airports. But he of the and he reads the play and that's why don't start well versed on the eyes. No he'll make a pass and you better be ready for yet because he's seen a step back at I mean that's what he sees it as college level and out. And and down he just has that. He has that ability to nowhere and that is. And he gets issuer uses. Uses I've never seen a guy while it apps Hewitt not not that many. Where he uses a defenseman as a screen so very well and and then a nap one opt out. You know he's got some goals this year that we're just terrific in and sell. You know again it's gonna be you know I don't I'm not saying you know walking the ball well tomorrow night or where your place first game and well lighted up you'll seen. Once you start playing it. I'll give it good example com if you notice what progress circuit this year obviously get. Brock went into the NHL and we all know the NHL a little bit more structured. And so you basically have to get your spot. Don't like it is certain areas and then and then play your game and that's brought pressure that you look at in Egypt in those open spot someone gets in the park in the back and K he's gonna be you know you'll be playing with better players obviously. And in the structure of the game I think will suit him and his game. I'll just terrific game and so you you're Kitna. An absolute yo there coming into account. It was she. How did they use and senator wing where exclusively won a mixture. He BP played mostly better you know get up a little bit as I won once so they didn't want taking some drops and stuff like that he played a little left when it. But you know got that caliber can play both arms but he played mostly in the middle all lob all season long. I'll for the golfers. What do they don't ask it in a moment ago you were talking about guys you've seen and I mean he didn't he comes in as a freshman and up in a good legally that and to put three teams in the frozen four. In your time covering Big Ten hockey not just Minnesota but the league how is there any way to stack up what you saw his success as a freshman in that league based on other guys you've seen over the years. Well. You know there's been a lot of good guys come through obviously and then you just you know what I I looked at that I cover. You know all the teams in the country and you know certainly the Big Ten had a much much better year than it it has had in the past. Mel Pearson takes over Michigan and now you know bring debt that team I was struggling early I played much better in the second half Ohio State. With Steve Wallach you know they're they've got a high enters that are mr. will be the National Hockey League. And that's the league and itself. Was where's was it possibly this year almost got you got better didn't play very wealthy but they got better Kent State certainly was better. And so you know Minnesota winning it winning the conference. The previous five years and then I think finishing fourth this year. I'll just tell you where that conference is getting to and not an obviously with three teams going to be up to date found frozen pork this year. Pat blessing a non metal that question did you get a chance to see will Borg and in Judd Peterson they decide what the sabres and if so can you give us any thoughts on those two guys. Brought it up well Morgan is going to be an absolute peace or you are there was a key early February with Europe and the loose. Up claiming young people that tour also an appropriate for and they locked on Friday night and and then they have lost to roll all year and they wanted this Saturday night and will Morgan absolutely took over the game itself. And after the game our. Not goat head coach sending him and I think that was your best game is it's a collegiate player. And and all of a sudden. You know I kind of felt like that a delicate turn the corner and since that game. He was a completely different player. In terms he's always had a nasty streak he always was a great defender but he put some offense into this game and I tell you guys. He could let it go on the point he can really shoot the clock. And skates well and now he agrees that there or did he just he plays he plays right on the edge look at people's needs. I'm also caught while skates well I think again another steal for the Buffalo Sabres had and he can help this check Peterson. Is that guy act. If you want. Play a 200 foot gain. I can skate like the wind power and keep playing at any situation. His biggest problem is he can't find the ocean then you'll be the first one to admit it I mean it's yes. It down you know he'll skate so well in. There's an IQ so many breakaway but he just as hard time finishing by. You know I know he's going to Rochester sound they're now and enough in the great kid he's a great leader. And now hopefully they'll help them in a play out since. You know what he may develop into that third fourth line guy. Kills penalties we could trust out there because they're real Smart player and you know it's a great locker room guy so. You know armed when you have those veteran news this. He guarded there's always a place where insults you know maybe they'll try to play hard at some point in time but you know he can only eagle season first. Pat thanks for the info thanks for giving us your time this morning. Great guys anytime thank you.