03-31 Kyle Okposo Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Saturday, March 31st

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Iowa. He had the very most associate teammate go down like that and have to keep playing hockey or were when you don't know yes. Yeah it's. Those are free shook up you know straight there and initially I didn't think that it looks that. But anyway he just does reprehensible words and to a scary. Both sides penalties just constantly teammates and you know on the power plant. Had to really come around and plan for so never lets you know put in on them pretty good response. So you didn't and got the three goals on accurate they have all people when you guys nobody knows he has five goals in the period and at three on the power play. Big difference from what happened in buffalo the quote I think we just up bodies so that thing first goal in the weight. You know power Banc one in there and and we believe it that's life and you know we've we've rolled from there and apartment a pretty good job just. Using different options using. Using different threats sin and Ria kept simple and shots parks and to prevent it from going south when they took 31 lead. Registry authority really just sick of their game plan make their decisions and you know we are crucial phones really do tonight. And so you know I think that that's a big key to success I think we get teams have. You know walked around neutral zone of success that way in. And they make their transition game on the protective it does mean a lot for your coach to be able to command here and when this for your coach I've felt that it definitely am not a lot and so is accretion. You know that's it's been off form you feel good to me and you we talked all season it's been a really rough season for you and commodity with two goals and win it up against a good team that has to be very gratifying to you debt feels good now. For the grind and Ingraham and this the short as far as I can open finished I think our line played really well tonight. On vacation was really you know Europe playing well at lot of good looks. Now cases definitely special offers to play and so look forward to vote move forward with those guys you count.