03-31 Phil Housley Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Saturday, March 31st

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Pro lomb first return to eat and how is it. He's doing good. You know we haven't talked to their doctors don't know normally more tomorrow but he's doing as far as I know he's doing well right now is here is he in the hospital he went to the hospitals and world. That's all I know right now I've spoken to her doctors and trainers. Lot of mood swings in that game and obviously Victor for personal reasons aside from occupied. The rest of the mood swings and talk when your team's ability just stick with that is you talked earlier through. That was tough you know we've faced a lot of adversity today and and we fought our way through it than. Unlike the last game that it goes to a terrific job you know when I was 21 in 31 at that point in the second. And guys rallied around you know reading in the fourth which was important or special teams that are terrific job tonight question of third period. And a power play with awesome you know after that hit it and the guys rallied around the Victor. Two minute point to come out and that was the difference in the game. Time. I saw alive I you know. It's unfortunate to that victors and had to approve a hit like that. But you know I think given more importantly at the thing that really struck me as their guys threw Israeli ground that you know it felt forum at Penn and you know those powerfully goals changed. That change the game at that point that you feel was dirty. Not gonna come on man I'm sure that show look at it I'm just worried about Victor my concern was. You know as he was going off the ice that this. In the message from our trainers and doctors doing good. But the battle for goaltenders won't talk with the players but that's a game that easily treat one can get away from anybody in this building in this atmosphere just the way that Chad and offices in the first rodeo on this story. Yeah in it it started with a power play at that point you know I think we really took across auto. Period there. And and and Johnny made some huge things of violence through the forest tree that's six on war. You know he. Think he gave up four goals on sixteen shots anyway pre entry came after that I was. It was awesome movies that I. Over your emotions when the predators fans honored. It was it was great you know it it's just weird and you know on the side. You know of that door. Between a locker rooms just that. You know I'm. Really proud of our guys have said that to them that there was stuck with that and we got a huge win here. Many teams can say that can do and I was really proud of our guys that we of the respondents the players that you thanked him analog if you were in this building obviously ideas I mean he did it to win in this building as it is it's hard in final bid for the fans and eighth in the league I have to provide energy for the team but. Erica start with that you know they just stay the course and I think he won those 31 there and they they really dug in and it was great response from our team and I'm really. I'm that's the fatally some very very happy right now. Your veterans led the way and Jack with his five assists on the night franchise tying franchise records. That's a guy who and you're counting on from leadership on the road was tonight with a nights where he kind of took the reins and said. Let's let's finish this I think I think the leadership group. But in general I think is the off contributed and in the semi running hurt but. You know Ryan O'Reilly our power play in Jack was terrific tonight. You really led the charge I think Johnson really had the answer for us one was critical look at that time in the game.