04-06 Phil Housley Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Friday, April 6th

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What's over the second period how did you guys get back in the game it looked like maybe once can Della stood up proposal you guys got some spirit from you did a great job kill the penalty and took off from there. I think you know I just we talked about this morning both start on time and I think we were ready to go and even know we are down 31 we found a way to. Get back in the game and even an up and and that it can't afford to that would that one point but. Yes second period since gaining just sticking up for teammate that are special teams are really good tonight. In a power play was better penalty kill cognitive. That penalty and scan these and then at the end of the second goal in the third. But you know we found a way to that the the good thing is you know you know case in Minnesota scored his first call. The underscores first ovals are great things for these young kids playing in this building against that team. And are they did see we face if found a way to get back in and we we kept plugging away we didn't. We have stopped working and we get a one goal lead and that's just a critical times in the game the you know that happened earlier in the season that. It's unfortunate that that we get that lead. When they get them over a couple opportunities to get pucks deep and we lose a face off in coverage and in the game's over it's. It. Yeah it was great I mean and especially the way we started in the opening shift and and on and and and James passed earlier we would just you know we would certainly gets the attention and the guys that. You know the guys rose up to the challenge that was the great thing they responded in the right way because it was a this time of adversity that. You know cases where hopefully. Alex it's a big goal or if it's great to see those guys contributing. Yeah. I'm I'm glad expenditure in the pocket we're talking about that if you find that lane take that shot all those other things have come and play after you. You've established that in. He found a lane and about those guys played good I mean Alex's. You know we had a couple of shifts in the third period that. You know you can live with the effort that the bottom line is the guys played real art you know and that's it's unfortunate because it would have liked to win they came up because the guys. Has scored their first school system the way we responded in in certain situations throughout the game it was there for you when it's 65 you guys missed a 210 and then Rodriguez with a goal to pull it almost. So here you have a couple of opportunities are tied for the guys fought to the end against a really good team I mean. They're missing their obviously there is one of the big stars but you know on the play in this game the last home game just everything that. Goes into that the environment that the guys really handled themselves really well. That's good the way good to see them respond and keep fighting to the end.