04-14 Paul Hamilton with Sal Capaccio


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Cole Hamels CN. Well Rick Jenrette. And the reason why he's sitting on top football Hamilton it's national grumpy day. After all today. You G aren't Sports Radio 515. I wanted to welcome all Hamilton and here on the eighteenth the outlines of pot you live today at the seven. Annual Seneca LE RE showdown here at peace. Allegheny casino in Salamanca poll out here this is you know it is. Beautiful. I'm turn to urban settlement. I don't really know and I don't think it's a may have to ruin that I don't think I've actually been there. Well I just a title spent to date on if he can't announce a beautiful drive. It down here this casinos beautifully and now we have all these. RVs out here but it will be down nearly broadcasts though to be out here. Tomorrow as well Paul I I just gave some thought I don't know if you heard enough about what I and what night. Think about his comments in Writely and it when I heard everything was look. I appreciate his honesty I'm not attacking him when I say this but I think once you get to the point where he's that if you're Jason bought trolling. You know going for you they always now question whether or not this guy is really into it I just think it might be better for the sabres rhino rightly so career. If they parted ways and and I think maybe you got that point with this player where you gonna have to try to move him and it says something in return. I was actually they're before this actually. You know Phil Housley. What he wants he wants a team that can skate and that's what Jason botched roll wants to win. They've got Ryan are they've got a post so they've got O Reilly they had Molson. They have too many people that don't fit that bill and I've been being chastised for probably over two years now. Where many many people wanna rhino rally as the captain and I kept saying he is not a leader after law said he wasn't a leader in Colorado. And there are just things that I exceed that any includes. Beating himself up even after wins. And they would win a game and he would sit there and beat himself up it went 51 he be beat himself up on the one bulls were against them. To me that's not leadership. You know he eats he said earlier this season because I watched tape. I don't even recognize number ninetieth on the ice I don't know what number nine he's doing. He any any he goes I just guess I gotta work harder he was just at a loss. Well why he didn't have his game and I think that's why. I've said this a couple of times on the air this week I've maintained and he agrees with me a 1000%. He should score more points than any guys. But yet he's right around the high fifties low sixties every year so there's no. Statistical. Proof. Redick would support that statement. But I he goes into streaks and he is talking about this that his slumps last longer than most schools scores do or points people. And you deceive yourself there's too many nights where you leave going. He what was he doing in the overtime goal there. What was he doing here and there are a lot of courage and leave me say get a really good game he was the sabres bass player. But they're not enough for those and that's my problem with mr. and not enough of those nights and if there were more of those nights and he was more consistent. There is no doubt in my mind he would be consistent seventy point player. With the salary attached I think that's where because more problem talk about a fight it out here Paul. No way he's paid to be one of the best two way players in the game he's not bad that it. And and people say well how come team Canada Watson but when he gets in a situation where he doesn't have to be the guy. He has to beat the guy here in kinda had to be the guy in Colorado Q. But on team Canada it plays in the fourth line. And he can excel. And he has a lot of good players around him and if the sabres were to get good. And you put him mr. third line center. He might get to seventy points he might be the player were talking about. But is that what you signed him to do is be your third line center behind middle stat and Michael can't can't do that. Exactly that that's not what you paid him to do. Soul. And I'm not talking about trading him for a third round pick. But if you can get any decent defenseman or a decent forward with speed. Your heat and me there if if they're gonna trade him there asking a lot Jason but Terrell said. You know part of the program Mir may be trading part of the core. He didn't say who. But rhino rally does not fit the Ohio six dial. You know as as a team that wants to get up myself back up up ice fast. And wants to skate. Soul and in just the self deprecating attitude constantly. Is that what you want your room. What's he doing behind closed doors is that just for the meeting has been a bit. Or seem open around behind closed doors too I might gaffes. Is he's opened behind closed doors to is that what you wanna what are your leaders. You own it sounds like it sounds like I'm not trying to psychoanalyze here but just from. The periphery Celtic are more deep rooted things going on. Ryan O'Reilly and the. What appears in case maybe what we see what we hear from him we talked from what you said about leadership from his own admission really is what it sounds like here. Exactly exactly I mean he he says himself he's not a good enough leader. Said it again and the other day on Monday. He goes I have to be more vocal I have to you know say things and be willing to say things than. But he doesn't want it and I said to look at it from what I'm hearing here would you like a change of scenery. And he said absolutely not. He said I really want any part of the solution here I love the city I love it here and I call it home. And any talk about what a great city it is in this city deserves a winning team. And I believe that I don't think that was just lip service. I totally believe that. Do you think that his trade value took a hit because of the things he said publicly. No I don't think so. You know he. There were some things setting Colorado went to Emory where it's all gone all thinking that he had gotten a superstar to weigh in one of the best two way guys in the league. There and it paid him aside so. I think. There are a lot of teams that would be interested in minor rally what they'd be willing to pay. I think depriving the same as they're willing to pay. May be a discussion happened before the trade deadline. There's a bottle so there were a lot of discussions about different things even hockey trade he goes which we can build on now. As we move forward towards the draft in the off season and those types of things. So. I think you there would still be value their I would not trade him just for the sake of getting rid of him. But. I would trade him if if the right deal came along. Well it isn't here at me on WGR you know Paul's funny and I know you would you're not wanna talk about here but the majority of the you don't get the peek behind the curtain. I think there's a juxtaposition here that's kind of interest in between where I don't rightly was a couple of years ago or Jack Nicholas and now with AR today as far as their leadership whereas. Randall Reilly we didn't know necessarily maybe you would see some things but. I think people thought he was this leader when they got is going to be this guy was gonna you know kind of take charge of the Romanian as in the case where is Jack is arguably. He wasn't at the time but now he's be calming or that did you did you sense that you hear that from him from Jason actual. And what you saw Jack Nicholas leadership really start it's starting to seem like. He has really super matured to the point where maybe he deserves a captain's next year. And you knew we would richer financially and in talked about it even as public feelings. You know you know hall was last year and there was none of that this year. Maybe once in in the everybody has a bad day I mean who cares. But there was none of that this year and he said I gotta talk to you guys every day we might as we'll have a good relationship. There's no point there's no point in being the way it was last year giving one word answers and any even. Went on to say that. And this is our. Our way to talk to the fans. You know let them know how upset we are with this and how they deserve better. Than what we've given them. And so he had he he definitely has matured. I think what he needs. I think maybe one of the best moves the Toronto Maple Leafs made. Was picking up Marlowe. Now because he scored 27 goals that's great. But because that's the guy Matthews can Leon that's the guy martyr and lead them. He is just I guy that has been through the wars. Played so I think what was it a 178. Playoff teams now I believe that's correct. He has all sorts of experience going yes it won the cup but he has all sorts experienced he's well respected. He still can play the game. That was such a good signing for the Toronto Maple Leafs and that's what buffalo has to do doctoral desperately has to get somebody of that caliber. Beginning here and help samurai guard. And help Jack Geico and help Casey battles that. Because there's none of that right now. That's interesting you bring this up so I mean because bottle talked about how. Public use they have which they do how. Nice that is put it simply need to mix it may be that veteran who's been around used to think that. I don't Brian Gionta was on this roster but you know he's he's so long that you that he was gonna be that guy but. That's it trustees say that that maybe that's really where this team needs to go is instead of focusing on how young they are maybe they can get a little bit older and it can improve this roster. Just a couple of guys that have to be the right guy. Because. For whatever reason and maybe they were just too immature to figure it out. They didn't show Brian Gionta any respect at all and he's with Patrick I am talking about. Now he could produce at the same level that some Barlow still producing. But this is a guy that's won a Stanley Cup he has scored over forty goals in this league. He is a solid solid human being. He mean he just lose his leadership but. The youngsters they'd wanna hear. So that it listened to they showed him the respect. So that's it so there was really any need to bring him back and I thought there was a slap in his face. Buy it because they had bad guy here. But they got to find somebody else that can. That these guys will respect and I think now that maybe they're a little older in their little more mature or. Able look at it. And I and I think Jason botched roll wolf if if he sees as not being respected pulled into the office and that'll conversation about it. I don't know if if the regime before did that they've just kind of let it go on just George's is a great leader but. They just kind of it's kind of laughed adamant. That those two guys should not be laughed at because they've been through the wars of the National Hockey League and our great leader. Right now you have me searching. Look at guys like Rick Nash or Paul Stastny and I don't that's too rich for their blood it may not now having treatment that you just said. They have to do in addition to getting better players. And finding some better defenseman in and and that's a what do you do with Zach Bogosian. I mean Zach Bogosian. I don't know if he's ever played a game at a Buffalo Sabres uniform Rhee has been injured he's either played or are banner. So I don't think we have seen the oceans bats but can we afford to wait for it. When it's a guy who just keep consistently getting hurt and getting hurt I don't blame him for that. But if it's a fact the life that it's just somebody can't count itself. Is that a salary that somehow you find a way to get rid of is that your buyout is that somebody that maybe you have to make what looks like a really bad trade. To get that off your books. Because I don't know if we'll ever see Zach Bogosian play the way he's capable playing so that right there is a big problem I think for Jason bunch. Real quick all the trilogy go anything surprise you so far about the first several nights of the NHL playoffs or at least just any observations. It right away I've I wasn't expecting Philadelphia to respond from a seven nothing pounding walking to Pittsburg. And almost the same thing to the penguins in what was a five to one I believe what was the final score and so that except that surprised me a lot I thought Columbus being down. And then being able to come back and win the first game quite honestly I have them being swept. I thought that was a huge surprise considering where they weren't how well group Bauer have been playing going down the stretch right. That just seems like with the capitals do. It's it's it's their nature and it's that that that one's surprise me to. Looking at the other ones in Winnipeg is is that is taking apart Minnesota I totally expected that. Vegas and LA are playing about as close as you can and I expected that night. I kind of body and I would get by -- San Jose we get by Anaheim it's only one game we don't know that's going to happen. I addled thing when Bryant going tonight to San Jose in seven and need to Anaheim in seventh so. You know we expect that to be a close series but that Philadelphia linking to the way did maybe the biggest surprise I've seen. Four games today a couple of 3 PM it's Colorado national managers in Tampa and at 8 o'clock to nights round Austin definitely team's latest. San Jose and I'm Paul a great job all year we really appreciate it. One of these years we're gonna talk about playoff hockey hopefully sooner rather not talk long. Since we've been able to do that during during this time a year but I appreciate you coming on every time you do run the show Hampshire and talked yet as the draft gets closer as well. Well thank you very much and I've seen nothing from adjacent bathroom changed my mind that he's the guy they should have fired I think he's the guy that may be to get them out of it. In May be miss Mitch trades like you talked about like the Buffalo Bills now. And that is trying to rally rates rates of talent that doesn't necessarily figure program. And network for the Buffalo Bills. Are all things like catch up okay. All the sabres.